Katie learns who her new daddy is hardcore and teen

Katie learns who her new daddy is hardcore and teen
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Seven: Illusory Passion Chapter Eight: Passion's Illusion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Knight-Errant Angela The Lamp My tongue passed the honey-covered date back and forth to Saniyya, the dusky-skinned and citrine-eyed jinn. The flavor of the date sent a heady rush through me, fogging my brain, making me relax as she lifted my arms to her bed's posts where golden manacles lay. I was in her lamp.

I entered it to.to. The date tasted so sweet. Her lush body writhed atop mine, her breasts soft, her nipples hard and caressing mine. She undulated, tribbing our clits together, sparking such delight through my body. I moaned, surrendering to the hedonistic pleasure.

.my queen. Memory of Sophia bound on a bed, writhing, her small breasts jiggling, brown hair framing her innocent face appeared for a moment through the haze of my thoughts.

Restrained, squirming, submissive. To me. My slave. I.I. Saniyya pressed the date into my mouth. Just the touch of it on my tongue sent numbing bliss shooting through me.

I moaned, our lips moving together, kissing her as she inched my hand closer and closer to the manacles. That was bad. Right? The lamp's interior was a small room, walls covered in frescoes of mostly men bound by gold manacles to walls, to beds, all with worshipful expressions on their faces.

Submissive. They had submitted to.to. The date tasted amazing. Cold gold brushed my wrist. .My Queen is so strong. .so dominant.

Dominant. I was here to.to. Saniyya's tongue moved the date around inside my mouth. Everywhere it touched—my gums, my inner cheeks, my tongue, the roof of my mouth—numbed with bliss. It was potent, guy with big cock gives double pussies licking. My pussy still itched from the dates shoved inside of it. My blood boiled.

Her kiss was so sweet. So much promise. She wanted me to.to. Surrender. Like Sophia. Who was trapped. The thought knifed through lust's mist covering my thoughts. The fog billowed, gusting before the remembrance of why I was here. Sophia and Xandra were taken by the efreet Riad. They were in the Mirage Gardens. I had to dominated Saniyya. And I couldn't do that if she manacled me to the bed. Cold touched my wrists. Saniyya purred in delight, her citrine eyes flashing.

I jerked my arms away. She wasn't expecting it. Her grasp was light. She used her innocence and hospitality to lure me into the lusts churned by her dates, to distract me from the purpose of why I was here.

To dominate her. Saniyya broke our kiss, breaking away. "What is wrong, Angela? Why do you resist the delights I offer?" I licked my lips and put my hands on her. I pushed her off of me. She didn't resist, rolling onto her side, her body stretching out on the bed. I stood up, stretching, my pussy burning with desire. But I had to be in control here. Not her.

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"Is something the matter?" Saniyya asked. Her legs spread. Her pussy, stuffed with honey dates, beckoned. A few of the brown delights peeked out her labia. "Would you like more dates? I have seasoned them with my honey." She laughed. "They are such a delight." "I'm just bored," I sighed, walking away, staring at the walls. "All you have to offer are dates and wine.

It seems so poor." "Poor?" she gasped. "Name what delights you want? I will conjure them for you. You can feast on oranges, on coconut milk.

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I will give you amazing delights. Let me feed you. Let me please you. Return to the bed, and you will have all the pleasures you could want." "Your bed is vixen sex next to me kendra sunderland I told her. "Why don't you change it? Instead of silk sheets, how about linen? More like home." "Done," she said, blinking her eyes. Mist rippled out from attractive petite cutie gets her soft muff and little anal screwed, engulfed the bed, and it changed, the silk sheets vanishing replaced by plain linen.

"See. Just like home. Return to the bed. Enjoy my delights." The commands were lace. Soft, almost requests, but never inflected as an order. It was so seductive, so easy to fall into her trap. "I changed my mind." I leaned against her mosaic. "Come here and feed me delights." "What sort of delights?" she asked as she rose from the bed, her breasts jiggling. She stretched her back as she strolled to me, her body moving with such grace. Heat boiled out of my pussy. I took a deep breath, fighting it off.

I was in control here now. Not her. She stopped before me, dark hair falling about her face. She cocked her head to the side, a smile playing on her lips. I reached out, shoving my hand between her thighs and plunged my fingers into her pussy.

She shuddered as I plucked a date and pulled it out. I held it up, covered in her juices, glistening in the soft light permeating the lamp.

"A good choice," she purred. "Eat." There was that command. She had to learn I gave the orders. I brought the date down to my pussy. I rubbed it on my lips, shuddering, clamping my thighs about my hand as I let out a wanton moan. And pretended to shove it into my cunt. Instead, I palmed it as I moved my hand away. I held my arms over my head as I rubbed my ass against the mosaic tiles.

Saniyya licked her lips, staring at my pussy. Excitement gleamed in her citrine eye. She knew the effect the dates had. They were covered in an aphrodisiac. Something subtle. Enough to make it hard to think. To remember my purpose. Make me compliant. Easy to manipulate. To let her have her victory. "I want you to fall to your knees, lick the date out of my cunt, and then bring it to my lips," I purred. "I shoved it in there deep.

So you'll have to work your tongue to fetch it." "That's the treat you want?" Saniyya asked. "Oh, yes," I moaned. "A date coated in both our honey and fed from your sweet mouth. Slutty blonde has her tight asshole annihilated pornstars and anal, that would be ecstatic, wouldn't it?" "Yes, it would." "So kneel and eat," I purred, using the soft command.

Saniyya knelt. I kept my hands over my head, resisting the urge to seize her hair and yank her into my pussy. I need them over my head. I had an idea. I shuddered as her hands stroked down my belly to my thighs. Her fingernails scratched as she pushed my legs apart. Her citrine eyes locked on my shaved pussy.

"Yes, yes, that's it. Eat me. Lick my pussy and find the date." Slut. I held back on that word. Not yet. She purred as she leaned in. She inhaled my musk, letting out a soft sigh as her fingernails scratched again.

And then her tongue licked up my inner thigh, reaching towards my pussy and gathering my juices which dribbled out of my excited depths.

Her tongue rose higher. I let out a moan as she brushed the edges of my vulva. Her tongue licked around my slit, teasing me, pleasing me.

I moaned, undulating my hips, savoring the texture of the mosaics sliding against my ass as her tongue found my slit.

I gasped, her tongue sliding through my plump vulva and caressing my folds before brushing my clit. I bucked at the surge of pleasure.

She giggled and licked again. "Is this what you want?" she asked. "Oh, yes. Eat me. Devour me and find that date." "Yes," she answered. "Yes, what?" I asked. "Yes, sexy." She giggled again and then probed her tongue into my pussy hole. I groaned as her tongue swirled through my sheath, questing for the date.

Her fingers parted my labia, letting her dig in deeper while her nose rubbed on my clit. My fingers clenched and my arms shifted over my head.

And brushed golden manacles dangling from the ceiling. I moaned again, undulating my hips as she explored and nuzzled. Her tongue probed deeper and deeper, reaching to its limits, aching to find the date. Her thumbs stroked up and down my labia as she kept them pulled apart, her eyes locked on my large breasts heaving before me. "That's it. Find the date, you slut," I moaned. "Mmm, yes, you're just so eager to please me. To give me what I want." The jinn purred.

Saniyya's tongue flicked and swirled through me. She moaned, her head moving from side to side as she nuzzled me. Her nose brushed my clit. Pleasure trembled through me. My nipples ached, begging for attention as I rubbed my ass and back against the tiled wall.

I loved the feel of the individuals mosaic tiles on my ass and back. The sensations rubbing across my skin sent wonderful delight through me. My neck arched, my eyes lifting up, staring at the golden manacles. They were open, waiting for a pair of wrists to be locked in them. I brushed them again as my arms moved. Her eyes flashed up at me, eager anticipation in them as she probed and searched for the date.

I groaned again. Her tongue was amazing. My pussy, heated by the earlier dates, clenched and relaxed. The pressure built in me.

"So good, whore. Mmm, yes, make me cum. I want you to drink down every last drop of my pleasure." She pulled her lips away. "I can't find the date, though." "Then you need to keep looking, slut." I shuddered as her thumbs stroked my labia up to my clit. "You wanted to give me delights. Find the date. Now." "Is it even in there?" "Are you calling me a liar, whore?" My left hand, not holding the date, shot down and seized her dark hair.

I yanked her face into my cunt. "Now lick. Find it. Eat me. Make me cum, whore." She moaned as I ground my pussy against her face. She tried to pull her head away, but I held her in place. My clit brushed her nose and lips. Her tongue licked out, caressing my folds. Submission. She was bending to my will, wanting to please me. To give me what I wanted so she could dominate me. Her submission wasn't real. Yet. Her tongue thrust into fellow assists with hymen checkup and plowing of virgin teen cunt, searching in vain for the date.

Her tongue fucked my cunt, sending flutters through me. I tightened my hand in her hair. She didn't fight any longer. She busied herself in sunny leone xxx bww big lolle for the date. In eating my pussy. "Oh, yes, you naughty whore," I moaned. "Oh, that's it. That's how you eat cunt, slut. Oh, ram that tongue in me. Yes, yes, yes. You sexy, submissive jinn." Her eyes flashed up to me, but she didn't stop probing. She knew I was dominating her.

I groaned, her tongue caressing the inner walls of my pussy. The pleasure trembled through me. My eyes rolled back in my head. I came on the jinn's hungry mouth. My pussy convulsed. Juices flooded her mouth. She swallowed them, drinking my passion like a good slut. I moaned, my tits heaving as the pleasure reached my mind. The wonderful joy of a slut's submission. I ground on her as my body twitched and spasmed. "Yes," I growled.

"Oh, yes, that's how you please your mistress." Her head jerked violently away from my cunt. "Mistress?" she hissed, her face smeared with juices. "You're not my—" I acted. My hand jerked her up by the hair as I twisted my body away from the wall. I shoved her against it, pressing against her. My hands shot out, seizing her wrists as she gasped in shock.

I yanked them up to the gold manacles. I didn't move slow like she had. I wasn't patiently drawing her into the trap. I moved fast. Hard. I slammed both her wrists into the gold manacles and closed them about her. They sealed with magic.

"I am your mistress, slut," I purred into her ear as I rubbed my body into her back. Her ass was so shapely and round, rubbing against my crotch. "I own you now." "You don't own me," she sneered. "I am Riad's. No mortal has ever tamed me." "I bet no mortal has ever manacled you." I licked her ear. "You were so good. You lured me in with your submissive act.

It was perfect. You had me off-balanced, and before I even knew what was happening, teen blondie veronica leal sucks and rides fat cock drugged me. "Wonderful. But unlike those other mortals who tried to tame you, I have dominated a woman. I have my own sex slave, and your master took her from me. So you are going to submit. You are going to open the way to the Mirage Garden for me and my friends." "So you can get the piece of the High King's sword?" asked Saniyya.

"Las's foul cum, how do you know that?" "I know everything about you, Angela," purred Saniyya. "From your pathetic crush on Lady Delilah, to Kevin, the knight you love." "I don't love him." "You forgot about young miu kimura blows cock in sensual modes, there's a difference." Saniyya undulated her hips.

"But you still love him. That will never change." "If I loved him, I never would have given up my memories of him," I hissed. I stepped back and cracked my hand on her ass.

The smack echoed through the room, the handprint red and bright. She laughed. "Oh, you are a fool. You gave up your soulmate for the prophecy. How pathetic is that? You could have been happy with him." "Liar!" Crack!

"Spanking my ass won't change the truth." She wiggled her hips. "You can spank me until I bleed, but it won't change reality." I drew back my hand and. Stopped. She wanted me to spank her. She wanted me to lose control. A dominant controlled her submissive. She was not controlled by the submissive. I took a deep breath. I had lost control. Again. I frowned at the jinn. She had a smile on her lips. "And, I suppose, you can restore the great love of my life." "Well, you get a wish.

It doesn't have to be to go to the mirage garden. I can restore Kevin to you." "But I don't want him back. I want Sophia." "Your lesbian acolyte? Sworn to Saphique? Well, she won't be for much longer. If my Lord and Husband hasn't already rammed his cock into her, he will. She'll be his whore. She'll forget all about you and Saphique. She'll live and die in the Mirage Garden, her every thought bent on pleasuring him." "Like your every thought." Saniyya shuddered.

"Yes. He bent me to his will." "Shame you'll never see him again," I said, heading to the bed. I sat down on it. "I will." "How? You're manacled to the wall. Like all those people in your mosaics. How long before you're one of them?

Before you're trapped in here forever?" "You're trapped in here, too?" Saniyya said. "I just have to wait you out." "I thought you knew everything about me," I laughed. I reached out to the silver bowl containing the dates on her bed. I grabbed one and popped it into my mouth. I shuddered at the sensual delight rushing through me. "I already have my exit worked out with my companions." "No, you don't." Her eyes narrowed. "You know my companions. You know what they are capable of.

Faoril is almost a master mage. Are you saying she doesn't know the magics to break in here and set me free?" Saniyya frowned.

"I.I don't know. She isn't in here. I can't." Her face frowned. "You believe she can." "I know she can," I said, popping another date into my mouth. "So I just have to wait for her to rescue me. Big boobs whitney westgate taking that massive cock hard pornstars and hardcore then you'll be stuck in here forever." "You won't get Sophia back if you do this." "I won't get her back if I let you dominate me and trap me in here." I took another date.

I shuddered as I bit into it. "Mmm, these are delicious. Thank you for making them." She yanked on the manacles, her dark hair flying, her shapely ass shaking back and forth. This was how you dominated. You had to be in control. A dominant wasn't someone that overpowered a person physically.

It wasn't someone who raged and shouted and inflicted pain. No, a dominant projected power. Calm, authoritative power. And the submissive responds to dominance with surrender. "You can't leave me like this," she said. "You have to free me." "Why should I free you?" I paused, rolling a sticky date between my fingers.

"Unless you call me Mistress." She shook her head. "Riad is my Lord and Husband." "Pity. I guess he's losing out on one of his jinn. His harem's a little smaller." I popped the date into my mouth and let out an orgasmic shudder.

I fell back on the bed, arms outstretched over my head as I stared at the top of the lamp. "I wonder how long Faoril will wait before acting?" "You really believe she can break in here?" "I have no doubts.

She is skilled. Intelligent. Smartest woman I have ever met." I licked the honey off my fingers. "I just have to lie here, relax, and wait for her to rescue me." Saniyya swallowed. She pressed her cheeks against the wall, eyes closed, thinking. I breathed in and out, slow, relaxed. I studied her, the way she trembled.

The way the chains rattled. Her ass shook back and forth as she warred within herself. I had already won. I just had to wait for her to realize it.

I could almost see the ideas flash through her mind. The various scenarios she imagined and then discarded. With each one, her hope died and her anxiety rose. How long would Faoril wait to rescue me? I believed she would. She was considering how right now.

And with her skill, she would save me. Every heartbeat brought Saniyya closer to surrender. She glanced at me, and I gave her a mocking smile. I arched an eyebrow, letting her know how unconcerned I was. She chewed on her lower lip. Then her hands yanked hard on the manacles. "How did you know they would hold me?" "Educated guess," I shrugged. "Aren't there always a weakness for magical beings in the stories? Some way to overpower them, usually using their own magics against them.

I assumed the manacles only open for the dominant who chained the submissive." "You're not my dominant," she hissed, defiance in her eyes. "No, I guess not." I shrugged. "Well, it shouldn't be long now. It was nice meeting you, Saniyya.

And thanks for the dates." I grabbed one more and popped it into my mouth. "They are orgasmic." She let out a frustrated groan. She smacked her forehead into the wall, eyes closed. Then, in a whispered voice, she said, "Release me, Mistress." "Hmm?" I asked sitting up. "Release me.Mistress," she said, her voice strained. "And what do I get by releasing you?" "I will take you to the Mirage Gardens to get what you desire," she answered. "And my friends." "Yes, I will take you all," she agreed.

"Mistress. Please, release me, Mistress, and let me serve you." I felt it as she said those words. The lamp hummed with the power of her submission.

She had surrendered to me. She had given up on being freed any other way. I smiled, standing up and walking to her. "See, doesn't that feel nice to submit to me?" I purred, cupping her chin. "Yes, Mistress." I kissed her on the lips as I reached up and freed her from the manacles. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xandra The Mirage Garden The silk felt wonderful beneath my back and rear as I undulated on the bed beside Sophia.

My feet slid across it as I stretched out my legs then retracted them, shuddering at the glide of silk against my soles.

I moaned, my eyes fluttering as I drifted on such wonderful, lusty desires. My entire body trembled with need. The wonderful Yasmine and Zaina had prepared my body, anointed me with scented unguents and adorned me with sensual perfumes. They painted my face, transforming my innocences into wanton beauty. My pussy burned, aching to be filled. My fingers ran up and down my thighs, fingernails scratching, the wonderful sensations rippling through my flesh.

A man appeared. His flesh crimson. I gasped, blinking my lush eyelashes in shock, fearing another man to see my naked body. I was a married woman. Only my husband should see me. Only Chaun and— The man was Chaun. I somehow didn't notice. But between blinks of my eye, he became clear. His pure-black skin, far darker than Yasmine's ebony flesh, glistened with perfumed oils. His cock stood erect from his forest of silvery pubic hair.

His smile, so roguish and wicked, graced his lips as his violet eyes stared at us. "My husband," I cooed. "Lord and husband," he corrected, his smile growing. "Yes, yes, yes," I answered. "My Lord and Husband. Look at him, Sophia." "Uh-huh," she moaned, pierced tongue licking her ruby lips. She was beautiful, too, anointed and glistening.

I reached out, touching her side as she masturbated herself. "Oh, yes. This feels so wrong, but." "You want to please me," Chaun said. "Yes." Sophia shuddered again. "Then please me." Sophia's head snapped to her right to look at me. Her green eyes were lidded with passion. Then she lunged over and kissed me. I moaned, her tongue piercing rubbing on the roof of my mouth as our bodies turned, small breasts pressing together.

She hugged me, hands seizing my ass, pulling me close into her embrace. Our bodies rubbed and undulated together.

I felt our Lord and Husband's approval as slutty brunette office secretary blindfolded fucks boss big dick watched us. It made me so happy to please Chaun. I shuddered, undulating my hips, my nipples brushing Sophia's. "Such beautiful wives," Chaun said. Wives. That wasn't right. Luben allowed only one husband. One wife. But Sophia tasted so wonderful. The cosmetics painted on her lips tasted so sweet. Blood rushed through my veins.

I didn't fight it as she rolled me onto my back, settling atop me. My hands stroked her sides, sliding down to her ass. I squeezed it, pulling her against me. Her belly piercing rubbed on my stomach as she ground her clit into mine. Such wonderful pleasure sparked through me. That was all that mattered. Pleasing Chaun and enjoying my body. I didn't need to think about Luben and his vows. Only pleasure. Sensual, beautiful, wicked pleasure.

My tongue dueled with Sophia's, her piercing exciting. Her hands slid up my side, cupping my breasts as she lay atop me. Her ass clenched and relaxed beneath my hands as she ground her clit against mine.

She broke the kiss, resting her forehead on mine, nuzzling our noses together. "Oh, I love tribbing a sexy woman. Mmm, feel our clits kiss? Isn't it the best?" "Yes," I moaned. "Especially with our Lord and Husband watching." "Lord." Sophia blinked her eyes. "Husband.? That can't.be." "Just writhe," I moaned. "Don't think. Grind our clits together." Her smile grew. "Oh, you are a wicked one, Xandra." We kissed again, hot and passionate.

My fingers dug into the cheeks of her ass as the pleasure built inside of me. We humped and undulated faster and harder. The pleasure built between us as we pressed our flesh together. Hot and sensual. Our clits ached and throbbed. The unguents rubbed into my skin warmed my flesh. My blood pumped hot, bringing the fire to my pussy. It burned. I trembled, bucking up into her clit, moaning into our kiss. My cunt clenched as the pleasure smoldered and crackled.

Sophia shuddered atop me. Her hips ground hard, rubbing her clit against mine. Pleasure surged through my body as her juices flooded across my pussy. She trembled about me, kissing me so hard, her eyes squeezed shut. She broke the kiss, moaned, "Oh, yes. Saphique's sweet snatch. Yes, yes, yes. You are so wonderful, Xandra." "So are you," I sang, my voice trilling. Sophia's trembling body ground her clit in slow circles on mine. My toes curled. "Oh, Luben's sacred vows. I.I." I came. I caught a glimpse of Chaun's violet eyes.

He was closer to the bed, watching us writhe in sapphic pleasure for him. My pussy spasmed as the heat exploded through my body.

Warm ripples that made me tremble. My nipples ached and throbbed as they kissed Sophia's. She spasmed atop me then slumped, her eyes fluttering. "So good," I moaned, biting my lip. I stared at Chaun as he moved to the bed. He stroked his dick. "Are you ready for me, my Lord and Husband?" "I am," he said.

Sophia rolled off of me, a huge smile on her face. "Fuck her, Riad," she moaned. "He's Chaun," I giggled as my husband touched my knee. His hand felt larger and rougher than I remember. I stared at it, blinking. No, it was Chaun's hand.

Midnight-black, nails neatly trimmed. He slid his hand up my leg, sliding into my inner thigh as he moved over me, his cock so hard for me. "Take me, my Lord and Husband," I moaned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx The Halani Desert "What is taking so long?" Chaun asked, pacing, his lyre clutched in his hand. He held it with a desperate grip, his face twisted by worry for his wife. He didn't look like the type to lose his heart for a woman; they lost their hearts to him. And yet love-sick fear covered his face.

I opened my mouth to say something when smoke poured out of the brass lamp lying on the sand. A moment later, Angela appeared, dressed in her armor, a dusky, naked woman kneeling beside her, hair dark-brown, eyes the color of citrines. So yellow. "You did it," Faoril breathed, standing up and brushing sand off her red robes. "I did," Angela nodded, a smile on her lips. "And it was all thanks to you, Faoril." The mage blinked. "I.I don't follow." "Well, I knew you would try to free me and it convinced Saniyya to be my slave." Angela's hand petted the kneeling woman's hair.

"Right, slut?" "Yes, Mistress," the woman answered, her voice breathy. It reminded me of Sophia moaning, "My Queen." "How was I supposed to save you?" Faoril asked, her brows furrowing. "With your magic," the knight answered, blue eyes flashing.

Thrak laugh boomed through the night. "She had no way to save you." "Yes, I have no theoretical girlfriend swallows it all tube porn to enter an extradimensional space. I can only conjure from one." Angela blinked. "Oh, well, I assumed you could. And that worked." "She can take us into the Mirage Garden?" Xera asked, her ears twitching. I smiled at the excitement in my elvish companion's face, the specs of gold dotting four-leaf clover tucked behind her ear reflecting starlight.

I wondered where Siona was? I hope the fairy made it home. I hopped to my feet, dusting sand off my knees. "Well, let's go get the High King's sword piece." "And rescue Xandra," Chaun said.

Angela glanced down at the jinn. "You know my will, slave. Fulfill it." "Yes, Mistress." The jinn closed her citrine eyes. Smoke poured off of her like she sweated mist. It roiled along the sand then rose in the air before us. It turned into a curtain which parted to reveal a lush garden, green plants growing beside small ponds, paths meandering.

Songbirds sang sweet melodies, their colorful bodies flashing as they flew from perch to perch in the canopies delicate trees. Flowers bloomed, a riot of colors. "Beautiful," Xera whispered. I whistled, blinking. "Shall we?" Angela nodded her head. She yanked the jinn to her feet and led the way. Thrak and Faoril fell in, with Chaun rushing past them, his eagerness obvious. I smiled at Xera and arched an eyebrow at her.

She smiled back. A flutter rippled through me. We walked across the sands, leaving the cool, desert night air behind and stepping into. .a room full of treasure. Not the beautiful, lush garden I had witnessed, but a strongroom filled with riches to beggar the innocent girl is gaping yummy slit in close up and having orgasm. I gaped, whirling around.

It held more wealth the the Great Vault of Raratha. Statues of gold, cast in the shapes of comely women and handsome youths stood among huge gems carved into prancing unicorns or soaring griffins. Stacks upon stacks of gold coins and bullion. Silver goblets. Crystal plates. Alabaster mirrors. I reached out, scooping up a handful of gold coins. There was a multitude of them, from nations all across the world. Some were ancient, no longer in circulation, with images of strange men or monsters upon them, words written in script I couldn't read.

I shoved the coins into my pockets. I wish I had something to carry more in. The wealth of entire nations was in here, and I could only take a fraction of it with me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak The Mirage Gardens I stepped through the ethereal curtain and froze. It was still night, but I stood in the waist-high grass of the tundra.

I ran my hands through the stalks, frowning as I looked around. I was alone upon a hill. The chill of fear ran across my— "No, no, please," screamed a woman. The voice was heartbreakingly familiar. I whirled and froze. A group of orcs, tall and swarthy, wearing the pelts of wolves, ripped off the clothing of a pale-skinned human. Her pierced face twisted in fear. Their swarthy hands squeezed her round breasts. "No, no. Please, you don't want to do this.

My husband will—" "Do nothing, human-whore," growled one. "The Red Eye are weak. But we are strong. They hide from the Ghost Wolves like reindeer, racing in fear before us." My wife, Serisia, screamed again as she was thrown two lusty babes fuck hard outdoors masturbation and big tits the grass.

This was how she died. She never told me about it. Her spirit had always held back, but I knew the Ghost Wolves had stolen her, raped her, and mutilated her body. I found her broken body in their lands. I killed so many of them that night. And now they were raping her again. The orcs laughed as they ripped off their kilts, their dicks thrusting long and hard before them, weapons to violate my wife. She screamed again as the first leaned down to mount her.

My greataxe was in my hand. The rage surged through me. I bellowed and let the berserker fury take over. My vision dimmed red as I hurtled my greataxe. It was not a weapon designed to be thrown, but the rage fueled my strength. It hissed as it flew through the air. The crescent blade struck the orc mounting my wife in the head, throwing him to the ground. "I am Thrak of the Red Eye," my rage bellowed as I rushed the still living orcs weaponless.

No, my hands were my weapons. They turned to face me. Weapons appeared in their hands. Not the graceful, Valyan steel my ax was forged of, but swords and axes made of cheap metal, blades pitted and rusted by age and use. They spread out, laughing, mocking me, their cocks still hard. The first one lunged at me. I seized his wrist and sexy plump wife fucks first big black cock a contemptuous twist, breaking bone.

He bellowed in rage as my hand reached down, seized his cock, and ripped it from his body. His howls cut off as I shoved his severed dick into his mouth, choking him with it. A sword hissed, slicing at me. I pivoted, throwing the castrated orc into the weapon's path.

The sword cut deep and caught in his spine. I threw the dying, choking orc to the ground, disarming the sword from the second's hand with a brutal blow to his forearm. His eyes widened in fear. His woolly hair, gathered in snake-like braids, shook as my hands seized his neck.

My thumbs tore into his throat, ripping open his esophagus. Blood spurted, hot and wonderful. "I am Thrak of the Red Eye," I bellowed again. "You think I cower before you." I heaved the dying orc into the third as I pivoted and charged a Ghost Wolf holding an ax. He trembled, his cock going flaccid.

He faced a true orc. Behind me, a woman shouted as I slammed my hands against the side of the scared orc's face. His skull cracked beneath my rage's fury. He fell thrashing to the ground.

I turned, bellowed, and killed. I ripped, I maimed. My rage swelled through me. I threw the last dead orc to the ground, my head snapping around searching for something else to kill. My eyes fell on the woman, pale and wriggling on the ground.

She said something, but I couldn't hear her. A part of me shouted warning, pleading, struggling to take back control, but the rage wouldn't let it. It had to be fed, glutted. I advanced on the woman. How she would scream as I. Her legs parted. Her hands rubbed at a wet, pierced cunt before sliding up her belly, leaving a trail of juices that glistened in the moonlight.

She pinched her pierced nipples, pulling on the bone shoved through the pink nubs. Her moans were wanton. My cock hardened. Lust and rage warred for control. Lust always won. I was on her, thrusting my dick into her pussy. She was so wet, so hot. She squealed beneath me, fingernails clawing at my chest as I rammed my cock all the way into her.

She took my dick with ease. Her thighs locked about my hips. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me," moaned Saoria. "Ram your huge cock into my cunt. Oh, yes, you are an orc. My husband is the orc. Yes, yes, yes, fuck me." Every thrust of my cock sent waves of bliss through me.

The rage died more and more as my balls smacked into her taint. The woman, my wife, writhed beneath me. I came back to myself as I loomed over her.

Her tits bounced beneath the force of my thrusts. Her pussy clenched and relaxed. So hot. So silky. So wet. Lust burned in her brown eyes. She looked so delicate and small beneath me. But she wasn't. She may be human, but she was as tough as any orc woman. And she was alive. I had her back. They didn't kill her.

I saved her. "Saoria," I moaned, the pressure in my balls building as my cock slid over and over through her hot flesh.

"My Saoria." "My mighty orc," she moaned. "Oh, damn, yes. Oh, fuck. Ram that cock in me. Spill your seed in me. I knew you would save me." "Always," I growled. My eyes squeezed shut.

Such bliss to be in her again. She wasn't gone. I leaned down, her arms wrapping about me. She undulated beneath me, pierced nipples rubbing on my chest, her lips kissing at my collarbone.

Her pussy convulsed. She shuddered and moaned beneath me. I savored the writhe of her orgasming cunt on my dick. Her depths massaged my cock. Such sweet bliss rippled down my shaft. Consuming hot babes babes and slimy blue soap. My back arched. I grunted. My hands tore at the grass. "Serisia," I howled.

"Yes, yes, yes," she moaned. "Cum in me, Thrak. My husband. Please." My balls tightened. My dick slammed into her depths. I growled through clenched teeth as the first explosion of bliss erupted from my cock. Hard, powerful spurts. I spasmed. I sucked in mighty breaths. Such sweet rapture. It gushed out of me. I shuddered on my wife. Her pussy massaged my dick, squeezing out every drop.

I hugged her trembling body then rolled onto my back, carrying her with me. I held her light form as she rested on my chest, stroking her hair. My wife. I had her back. She didn't die. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warlock Faoril I blinked, staring at the ten-pointed, magical circle blazing before me, holding back the writhing mass of the eldritch horror.

Its tentacles battered at the circle, struggling to break free. I blinked, shaking my head. This wasn't the Mirage Garden. It was the Island. I cast my gaze about, spotting the black-robed Master Mages critiquing me on the test to join their ranks.

How was I here? I glanced back at the abomination I had summoned. It hit at the circle, but didn't break through. This wasn't how it happened. I lost control of it when my magic ran out, the lemure's cum improperly preserved.

It had fucked me hard before the master mages rescued me. And failed me. It was like I had another chance. But. &hellip.yummy flesh. .fuck. .enjoy.

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I shook my head. This wasn't real. Something had conjured an illusion. "A mirage," I whispered, stepping back. This was the moment of my great mistake. Where everything had gone wrong. If I had prepared my preservations spells right, then the lemure's cum wouldn't have gone bad.

It would have been strong enough to contain the beast. I would have attained the black robes and. Never met Angela. Thrak. "This won't work," I said as I looked around. "I know this is fake." "Why do you just stand there?" Master Mage Evolia asked, concern on her motherly face. I rolled my eyes. "I am not an idiot. I know I am in the Mirage Gardens." A derisive laugh echoed from the beautiful, haughty face of Master Mage Laorlia. "Always so confident, Faoril. Always think you are in control." I rolled my eyes.

"The magic circle isn't even draining my powers. Because it's not real. If it was, I would have to fight to keep the eldritch horror contained.

And I don't have to. Because, again, it's not real." I reached into my vest and pulled out a vial of Thrak's cum. "I have to swallow this to even have magic." I downed it. The power reserves flooded through me.

"See." "You have to keep it at bay," shouted Lord-Mage Alorian, his gray hair peeking out of his hood.

"Journeyman Mage Faoril, concentrate. If you want to be a master—" His words cut off as I engulfed the illusion in fire. He wavered for a moment and then vanished. The other master mages recoiled in horror, shouting accusations. I rolled my eyes. How stupid did Riad think I was?

Who could be fooled by such obvious lies? My magic flowed out of me. I struck at all the master mages, throwing back some with wind, swallowing another my husband and my neighbor spycam earth, wrapping a third in water.

Fire crackled through air. I sent hairy milf sucks on big pounder japanese hardcore at the eldritch horror, watching it and my magic circle billow away. The illusions melted before my power, revealing swaths of the garden we witness through the veil.

I shook my head, my magic rippling out of me and— Thrak bellowed in pain. He fell smoking out of the fire burning the edge of the Island. He crashed onto the smoldering plants of the garden, shuddering, swaths of his red-brown flesh cooked and charred. His screams of pain knifed through my body. My heart clenched. My eyes widened. The world spun about me as he fell to the ground and went still, smoke curling from his cooked body. "No, no, no, no, no." Memories of Thrak thrown back by my magic in Baraconia struck me.

My knees buckled, I collapsed onto the garden path. I should have thought before sending out my power. My companions were still with me. Nearby, concealed by illusions.

And I let my magic burn wild. I killed him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela A plinth stood before me. It rose at the center of a plain room, the floor made of marble tiles, the walls gray, undressed stone. On the plinth rested a black, velvet pillow. Upon it lay the bottom third of the high king sword. One end was the tang, the slender length of metal which would insert into the crossguard and handle.

The other end was jagged and would mate to the middle portion of blade in my pouch. "Why did you bring me here?" I blinked. "This is what you desired to find in the Mirage Garden," Saniyya purred. "Just like we agreed upon." "No, you said you would take me to Sophia." "No, I said what you desired." She touched the pillow.

"Here it is. The next piece of the High King's Sword you need. Only one more to go, and then you can reforge the sword and slay the dragon." My hand trembled as I reached out and touched the blade.

It hummed with traces of power. I had felt the same in the other pieces. Even now, they vibrated in the pouch hanging off my sword belt, responding to the next piece.

I stroked the adamantium metal. It was real. "Behind you is the way out of the Garden," Saniyya said. "Your wish is completed, Angela. May you have happy days ahead." I turned around as I slipped the piece of the sword into my pouch.

Beside Saniyya, I was alone. None of my companions were with me. I stared through the curtain to the desert sands. I could see their footprints with mine, walking up to the entrance and ending. "What about my friends?" I asked, snapping my gaze back to Saniyya. "Where are they?" "In the Mirage Gardens," she answered.

"Just like you wished. I brought them along." "And why are we separated. Where are they?" "I told you." She smiled. "Here. Forever." "What?" "Only one invitation was sent, Angela. One lamp. One jinn. Only you can leave with what you desired. My Lord and Husband gives you the sword in exchange for Sophia and Xandra." "And my friends?" "Are trespassers.

They will be punished." Anger surged in me. "No. This isn't what we agreed." "This is exactly what we agreed," Saniyya laughed, her citrine eyes mocking. "You didn't ask about the way out. You didn't ensure your friends could escape. Leave, Angela, or you can spend eternity trapped in here with them." I reached out to seize her as she stepped back.

She wavered like heat dancing upon the dunes and was gone. I was alone in the son force mom for eating her. The only way out shimmered behind me. My heart beat faster. I rushed to the stone walls, pressing on them. Solid. "No," I shouted, banging my fists on them. "No, no, no. This isn't what we agreed upon!" The only answer was my voice echoing through the room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia "Wow, your forest is beautiful," Minx purred as she bent over to smell a flower adorning a blackberry bush.

I blinked in shock. We stood in the Deorc Forest. Tall trees grew around us, their canopy spreading across the sky. Beams of sunlight penetrated the woods, glowing in the twilight.

The wind rustled the branches, mixing with the song of thrushes, orioles, sparrows, jays, finches, and more. My ears twitched as I breathed in the fresh scent of loam and life. "Thank you for bringing me here," Minx smiled, stretching. She was naked, her small body curved with a woman's beauty. Her breasts small but round, her legs sleek, her pussy wet. I could smell the scent of her lavender juices. "This is impossible," I said, cocking my head. "That I would enjoy the forest?" Minx laughed.

"Of course I would. Just because it's not the city doesn't change how wonderful it is. How happy it makes me that you're sharing it with me." She moved to me, stroking her hands up my thighs until she grasped my cock. My cock. It throbbed in her tightrope. I frowned. I wasn't in heat. She licked the tip and flutters of pleasure rippled through me.

But they weren't quite right, the pleasure.off in ways I couldn't quite describe. My toes curled into the soil. It felt cool, damp. Like loam should. But not the loam of the Deorc forest. The songbirds tweets were off by a fraction of a note. The smells weren't right. Not even Minx's tongue was quite real. None of it was. All an illusion.

I closed my eyes, ignoring what I could see, and concentrated on my other senses. Faoril's voice whispered on the wind. Not her true words, but the sound of her magic. I could hear it. She was casting spells.

The ground trembled beneath my feet, a stunning sorority pledge attends her first college orgy vibration, as she worked her magic. I turned, pulling my cock from Minx's mouth.

"Hey," she gasped. "Quiet," I snarled. "you are not real." I focused on Faoril's voice and walked in her direction. And smacked into a wall.

A solid wall. Not a tree trunk. Not a rock, but an artificial wall. My head throbbed where my forehead hit it. I reached out, touching it, sliding my hands over it. The wall was real.

The forest was not. I walked, my hand sliding along it, and searched for my friends. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun Three women, dusky-skinned like the jinn Angela had dominated, knelt before me in a room strewn with pillows. Their eyes were each a different shade of gemstone—ruby, sapphire, and emerald. They were naked and lush and so inviting.

Each shone with the same white aura, the image of their husband and lover dancing in their thoughts: An efreet, skin the color of crimson, as big and tall as Thrak. The women reach out, unlacing my britches, pulling them down as I drink in the room. Heady scents filled the air. Bewitching aromas. My cock hardened in an instant. My concern for Xandra waivered against the touch of their hands stroking my cock. I set down my lyre on the floor and pulled off my shirt as they removed my trousers and shoes, their hand skilled.

"What a mighty cock for us to please," the sapphire-eyed jinn groaned. "Oh, yes such a gift for us to play with." "Yes, indeed, Fawziya," groaned the ruby-eyed jinn. "A pleasure," the emerald-eyed jinn nodded then leaned forward and licked the tip.

I closed my eyes, mastering my lusts. They thought to seduce a changeling? They were skilled. Their fingers' touch left fire across my skin. Her tongue swirled about the crown as the ruby-eyed nuzzled at my three balls.

I was even more skilled at seduction. The appearance of Riad was clear in my mind. I let my body relax into it. I swelled, growing taller, my shoulders broadening. My thin, lanky body grew muscular and strong. The black rippled from my skin, replaced by crimson. I stood over them, knowledge flooding my mind. "What are you doing, Nida?" I asked the jinn licking my cock. She blinked. "My Lord?" "My Lord.

what are you doing here?" Fawziya asked, blinking her sapphire eyes. "I thought you were.the interloper," frowned Peculiar czech chick opens up her juicy cunt to the extreme. Her ruby eyes flicked up my body.

I sensed confusion in them. This deception wouldn't work in any other place since I transformed before them. But this was the mirage garden.

A place of deception. I sensed that their master played tricks on them all the time. I fixed a typical Riad expression on my face, strong and stern. Zaina shivered, dropped her eyes, and bowed her head in submission. "What game are we playing today, my Lord and Husband?" asked Fawziya.

"Does it involve your new wives?" New wives. My heart quickened. Xandra. "It does," I proclaimed. "Stand and lead me to them." "Don't you know where they are?" frowned Nida. She licked the tip of my cock again, tasting the precum. Everything about me changed when I transformed, even the flavor of my seed. "Of course. But we're playing a game." I snagged my lyre. "Lead me by the cock, my wives. I am eager to play with Xandra and Sophia." "Yes, my Lord and Husband," the three purred.

"We love to play games," nodded Fawziya. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sophia "Yes, yes, mount your wife," I moaned, my fingers dancing through my thighs as Riad lowered his large body across Xandra's form.

His cock was hard and red. I should be disgusted by the sight, but I was eager to see him ram his dick into Xandra. The avian's pale body trembled, her soft-blue hair spilling about the pillows.

Her breasts rose and fell as she stroked Riad's muscular body. "Yes, yes, take me, my Lord and Husband," sang Xandra as his cock nudged at the folds of her pussy. I shoved two fingers into the depths of my wet cunt, eager for my turn. I moaned, lust pounding through my body. My clit throbbed beneath the heel of my hand.

I licked my lips, watching the tip of Riad's red cock press at her folds. He thrust, burying his cock into Xandra. The avian squealed, her eyes squeezing shut as she shuddered in delight. Her Lord and Husband claimed her cunt. I groaned, my pussy clenching on my fingers. And came as I watched. To be continued.