Flirty lesbians fill up their big fannys with milk and ejaculate it out threesome spreading

Flirty lesbians fill up their big fannys with milk and ejaculate it out threesome spreading
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Hey guys!! I know it's been a while since I last posted a story of my life. But I've had an amazing few months!! But let me get back to when I was a teenager&hellip.

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If you remember reading previous posts, I was a brand new teenager, about 5'2" around 110 lbs or so… green eyes, long brown hair, small b cup boobs (thanks to granma's estrogen pills) and a VERY fem ass!! I'm a transsexual male to female. I had just been introduced to group sex at an adult book store by my ex bf's dad, James. Not too long after my last story happened, James felt guilty about what happened and stopped wanting to see me.

So there I was, lonely again. I had met up with Brian again and realized he just wanted my cockette!! I was more into being the catcher and so was he so it didn't work out. I had an amazing night planned with Peter but that fell thru when he had gotten called into work.

So I was lonely, bored and horny! Not a good mix for me. I decided to go for a walk and see if anyone was out. Since it was winter and cold, not too many people were out. I decided to walk over to James house and see if he was available for old times sake. But no one was home&hellip. What to do now? I walked up to the only gas station in town, hoping two girls sucking and fucking many cocks at a gloryhole cumshot blowjob just see someone alive!!

I was there for a few minutes, talking to the cashier when a pickup truck pulled in and a very handsome man walked. He was soo hot!! I let him see me stare at him, then leaned over the counter, pushing my ass out towards him, looked over my shoulder and winked at him.

I then stood up straight and could almost feel his breath on me.

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So, I "accidentally" dropped something, bending at the waist to pick it up, rubbing my ass on him in the process. When I stood up, I looked at him and smiled devilishly. Next thing I knew his hand was on my ass, rubbing it, squeezing it, making me sigh in relief and letting out a mew!! I instinctively reached back and felt his bulge… OMG!!!

It felt HUGE!! So I let this gorgeous man pay for his gas, I watched as he pumped it and when he was finished I walked outside and past his truck as he climbed in and started it up. I got to the next street before he pulled up along side me and offered a ride! So I hopped in and immediately started rubbing his pants. He got hard real fast. I asked him if I could see it, so he pulled over and whipped that cock out.

Mmmm, just as I like it. I sat on my knees on the seat, and took the head into my mouth. He tasted so good!! I kept teasing him with my hot mouth and tongue. Every so often I would swallow as much as I could then slowly come up for air… I told him to tell me if he was gonna cum, and when he did I would slow down or stop and let him relax until the urge went away. I had close to cumming 3 times before I told him I wanted to go back to his place.

Back at his place, I was stroking his fat 7 inch cock thru his pants as he unlocked the door. Once inside, I started to drop to my knees but he stopped me&hellip. He threw me to the floor and undid my pants, pulled them down and was kissing my ass cheeks, rubbing them&hellip. It felt so good I almost didn't notice him trying to finger my "pussy".

I asked him to stop cause it was that time of the month but he wasn't having it. He told me I got him all worked up and I HAD to finish the job&hellip. Naturally I offered him my ass! I asked him to eat my ass out like he would my pussy! And he did, like a champ. I looked back at him, pushed my ass out, reached back and spread my cheeks for him. Next thing Im doing is guiding that cock into my tight rosebud!

His cock felt soooo amazing as he entered into me from behind, semi-splitting me old mom and son love xxx story. He was going so slow it almost hurt, once I started fucking back on him, he just fucked me like an animal!

It was great. He pulled out and sat down in the chair behind us. I felt lost for a second then recovered enough to stand up and impale myself on his stiff member.

I rode him like that for quite awhile. Him squeezing my small boobs and tweaking my nipples. I rode him until he came deep in my ass. For those of you that never had a man cum in your ass, it's amazing!

You can actually feel his cock swell up right before he starts blasting your insides with his hot cum! And this man's cum was so hot, it almost felt like I was burning inside.

After, he came I didn't want his cock out of me, so I slowly started gyrating my hips hoping he would get hard again. He did!! This time he wanted to fuck me while I was lying on my back. Problem!

I didn't want him to know I had the same equipment, only smaller… I told him I loved being in control and I wanted to ride him again, shaky legs and all… He wasn't having it.

I told him doggie style and he finally gave in after seeing me sway my hips side to side seductively. He fucked me like that for a few minutes, before he let me climb back on top, reverse cowgirl.

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This time we were laying on the floor, my back towards him. He had me propped up in the air a little and just pounded my ass for all he was worth! I think I came in my panties a couple times just from the pounding he gave me. We were so into the fucking, neither of us heard the front door unlock and his roomie come in&hellip. Once I seen him, I had to look panicked. Im sure my small cock fell out of my panties a while ago and I thought for sure he would say something.

Luckily, he didn't. Just stood there and watched for a few minutes, rubbing his cock thru his pants.

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Then he left, went to his room. My fuck partner stopped fucking me and said big tits jun enjoys fingering her ass thinks he's gay. Me being me said "lets see if he is or not". I got up, and went to his room to find him jerking off a nice sized cock!!

"Care to join us?" So there we are in the living room, handsome stud, balls deep in my ass while stud 2 is balls deep in my throat!

I thought a few times about a DP and thought what the hell&hellip. So now I got 2 guys balls deep in my ass, stretching me to the limit, loving it!! Stud #1 cums first, followed by stud #2. My panties are soaked from Im not sure how many times I cum. I had so much fun, but I was tired and ready to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later with BOTH guys sucking my little cock&hellip. Gonna be a fun afternoon!! So there's another of my stories&hellip. Let me know what you think, good, bad or indifferent!

Hope you enjoyed!