Ball sucking blonde gets pussy diddled and cl

Ball sucking blonde gets pussy diddled and cl
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Over the summer I decided sexy brunette slut stripteasing and seducing for fun on webcam visit my old friend Ray in the neighborhood I used to live in a couple years ago.

I haven't seen him in a long ass time so it was good to catch up with him. I finally got to the house after a long four and a half hours of driving.

I was ready to get some damn sleep. As I was getting my bags out the trunk my eyes caught some sexy ass white girl washing a car in a tiny jean skirt and a bikini top. That's when I grabbed Ray by the shoulder. "Yo Ray, who's that?" "Oh that's Stacey. Every guy on the block got some from her." He had a light smile on his face. "Even shaved wet crack for a meaty pecker I'll hit it before I leave. In fact I'll talk to her now." I said confidently.

Then I walked across the street. Her back was facing me so she didn't see me yet until she turned around. Damn this girl had ass, it was round, big and tight. Personally I was an ass man. She had light brown silky hair to her stomach and milky white flawless skin.

What made her ass look so big was the small waist, in fact the rest of her body was small. She had perfect thin long legs.

She looked like she was around 5'5. She turned around and looked at me. "Wassup?" I asked. She set the water hose down and walked down the driveway towards me. I was now face to face with her. "Hey. Do I know you?" She had one of those cute high pitch girlie voices, now that I was able to look at her close up she had light blue eyes, like ice maybe.

She had perfect dick sucking full lips along with soft facial features. Not only that she was almost busting out that tiny bikini top with her big tits. "No you don't know me. I'm a friend of Rays I came all the way out of California to see him, I used to live in your house." "Really?

Well Rays a nice guy and a good friend so if you're anything like him, im interested." Every time she said a word with "TH" in it she stuck her tongue out slightly between her teeth. In a way she was letting me know she had tongue skills. "I'm Marlon, and you." "I'm Stacey." "Pretty name, but obviously so are you." She sweetly blushed and turned her head away from me. In some form of embarrassment. "What baby. You don't believe me?" "No not that, I just wasn't prepared for that." She it said giggling and her tits bouncing.

And me looking. I noticed she had a habit of running her fingers through her hair and letting it all cascade back down. That was sexy. "How old are you?" She asked. "17." "Me too." There was a long pause "Do you wanna come inside?

You know, finish talking." I knew and she knew that we weren't gonna just "talk" this girl was easy. But why? She was so beautiful.

Its usually the ugly ones like that. I knew that the second after Busty francesca le gives blowjob and gets ass fucked slept with her all this interest I had in her now would be gone.

I wanted to stay and play for a few days. "Baby, you know I would but I gotta finish unpacking how bout I catch up with you later." "Okay, do you want my number?" "Lets see.

Let me come over at around this time tomorrow." "Okay! Bye Marlon, it was nice meeting you." She reached over and wrapped her arms around my neck in a hug. At first I was surprised but I went with the flow and wrapped my arms around her waist. Her body was warm and her tits felt good pressed up against my chest. After the hug was over she sweetly smiled and went back to washing the car.

I went back to Rays house. And told him everything. At least everything he didn't see out the window. We were in his room setting up the air mattress. "Shit I forgot to bring my condoms!" I said "I got you covered." Ray said as he pulled a box out his drawer. I got up and grabbed the box away from him. "Man, you know I cant wear these small ass condoms. I need the large ones." Of course I forgot to mention Ray was white. He had brown hair and brown eyes, and an athletic build. Although we were complete opposites he was still a best friend and a good person.

"You black guys think you're so bad with your "so called" big dicks. When it really depends on the motion of the ocean!" He began moving his hips around in some rythmless geek way.

I began to laugh. The next day after going out and buying condoms that were actually my size. Ray and I went back to his house and I got ready to go over Stacey's house.

I decided to go for the hardcore thug look. I wore a black du rag on my head, a whitebeater with black baggy khaki pants. By the way im darkskinned 6'2 exactly 205 pounds, athletic build and brown eyes. I walked back into his room to hear head throbbing rock music. "Turn that shit off!" I yelled as I rummaged through my bags and threw a G-Unit CD at him.

He looked at it with dis interest and threw it back. I turned around and walked out the room and out the house as Rays mom looked at me like I was a crime suspect. I walked up to Stacey's door and knocked, in no less than two seconds did she answer it. "Hi Marlon." She opened the door and let me in. She wore tiny white shorts and a matching white midriff that tied up at the breasts. This outfit could seriously fit a six year old, but it looked damn sexy on her.

"You look nice." I said. "Thank you." She walked in front of me. Half her ass was hanging out those teeny shorts. It was meaty and juicy as hell. I was tempted to slap it. I didnt realize I was licking my lips and staring at it until we hit the kitchen and she turned around completley catching me. She ran her fingers through her hair.

"I'm gonna fix us a drink okay." She softly said. I sat down on the stool in her kitchen. My old house looks way better now than when we used to live in it, i thought.

I saw her open up the top cabinet to get some glasses. She had to be doing this on purpose, standing on her tip toes and reaching as high as she can. I don't even think she was wearing panties.

That big ass was all I was looking at. She grabbed the glasses and fell off her tip toes quick and hard makikng her ass jiggle. I was ready to lose my mind. "Oh shit." I accidentally said. "What was that?" She asked while walking to the fridge.

"Uhh, with ice." "You got it." She fixed the drinks and walked in front of me handing me my glass of soda. I took a sip and realized she was getting closer. So close she was now between my legs. For the second time she ran her fingers through her sunny leone xxx vidoe mp4 low, letting it all cascade back down. Looking at me with her longing blue eyes.

She pressed her lips against mine and slid her tongue in my mouth.

As she wrapped her arms around my neck. I began to kiss her back exploring her mouth and caressing my tongue up against hers. My hands started on her waist but moved to her hips, then her ass. Once I had my hands on it I didn't wanna let go. My fingertips pressed into her soft ass. With one of my hands I took it off and re grabbed it. Almost slapping it. I loved how it felt.

She kissed me harder after that. I knew I could have her now but I wanted to save it for later. "You wanna go upstairs Marlon?" She asked. My hands still on her ass and her arms still around my neck. I looked down at her large breasts and then back into her eyes.

"Not yet, Baby I've only been here for about 7 minutes, lets watch TV." She gave me a strange look and walked toward the den as I followed behind her, still watching that ass. We sat on the couch with ample space between us. She had the remote and flipped the channel to one of those disgusting plastic surgery procedure shows.

Looking at it with interest. "You watch this shit?" I asked after sipping my drink. "Yeah, It prepares me." "Prepares you for what?" "Next year I'm getting a boob job." Huh, I thought. This girl already had to be packing D cups. Why the hell would she. "Why. You know they're already big." That gave me an excuse to look at them "Yeah, but I don't want big. I want HUGE." "Those are enough to satisfy any man." I added. She scooted closer and closer to me until our bodies touched.

"Enough to satisfy you?" She asked in a sexy voice. She fondled with the tie on her midriff and untied it. Her large firm tits came free out of her top. She had perfect and perky breasts with pink areolas and nipples. She watched me watching them. Her top still on and untied. "Are they enough Marlon?" She broke the erotic silence and my observant staring. I looked back into her eyes. "Y-yeah." I said stammering. "You can touch them if you want." Stacey was good.

She knew how to play the game. She wanted it now and this busty blonde slut craves cock boss film her way of trying to get me. Licking my lips in lust, I grabbed one of them gently as she arched her chest out lightly smiling. I moved down and lightly sucked on one of them, at first I had most of it in my mouth, then I moved to her nipple and began to separatley suckle on it.

I continued swirling my tongue around the rest of her breast. Her arm went around me and she began to caress the back of my neck. Then she moved in for another kiss. Once again I felt her soft lips up against mine and her tounge in my mouth. My dark black hand still squeezing her other creamy white breast, feeling her hard nipple in the middle of my hand.

My other hand grabbed her other breast. I just couldn't let go, they felt so damn good. She started laying down expecting me to get on top of her.I did.I was laying on top of her, in between her legs.

My dick now touching her pussy. I was now propped up on big tit sexy babes fucked at work elbows as she continued to kiss me grinding her hips up against my now hard dick. Feeling the slight mound between her thighs. And her arms still around my neck. "Mmmm you feel so big." She moaned referring about the size of my dick. "Fuck me Marlon." I got off the top of her, sitting up to my former baise en voiture devant voyeur. "Is there something wrong?" She asked getting up, her top still full and wide open.

"Stacey, I didn't wanna just jump to the fuckin, lets just take this slower." "Wow, Do you have a girlfriend or something?" "No, I just wanna take this in steps." "Steps?" She asked running her fingers through her hair again for the fifth time by now.

"Come on I haven't even seen it. I'm desperate to know if its true about black guys." "You will baby." "Can I still suck it?" I wasn't expecting to hear that.

"Yeah." I said casually when I was exited on the inside. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my zipper and pulled it out. That's when she got off the couch and onto her knees.

"Oh my God, it's soooo big." She looked at it with a smile and with no further questions she slowly slid my dick into her mouth. Her lips were so soft pressed up against my dick and her mouth was wet and warm. Her mouth looked overstuffed with my dick inside it. She sucked on the head then moved down to get the rest. That's when she took me by surprise and effortlessly shoved it down her throat. That's when I groaned and palmed the back of her head pushing it down on my cock. It was going in and out her throat at a quick pace now.

The sensations of her wet mouth and throat felt like heaven on my dick, so i rested my head back and enjoyed every moment.

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I anticipated the moment I'd get to cum deep down in her throat. "That's right, suck daddys janie summers evan stone in fly girls scene 1 "Yeah suck on it real good." When someones giving you real good head anything comes out your mouth.

"Don't stop sucking my dick bitch." The encouragement made her even more passionate about it when she took it back inside her mouth and sucked it like a vacuum. That's when I felt the cum rise up from my balls, travel up my dick and squirt three giant squirts of my blackman seed into her mouth. My climax was sharp and intense.

Some of the cum got on the side of her mouth, but the rest of it she swallowed down like a pro. She licked my dick clean of all its creamy white contents, gave it one final suck and stopped. "Damn Stacey." I said putting my dick back in my pants. She giggled and then took a sip of her soda. With her shirt still opened and untied she sat on my lap and rested her head on my shoulder. "There's a lot more where that came from." She answered running her fingers in circles around my chest.

I grabbed one of her tits and began to massage it while we talked. "How long are you gonna be out here?" She asked "I got three more days." "3 days, im really going to miss you." "Me too." Not after I hit it, I thought.

I looked at my watch like I had to be somewhere. "Baby, I gotta go." "But why?" I let go of her tit, and she slowly got up. That's when I noticed her knees were red. "Will you come back?" She innocently asked while tying her top back up. "Yeah, tomorrow at around this time." I walked toward the door with her behind me. While standing by the door she grabbed my hand and kissed me. I kissed her back. I looked at her perfect image one more time, opened the door and left.

Once I got back to Rays house I told him everything of course. Stacey was a whore, I knew that and every other guy on the block did too. So why was I constantly thinking of her and treating her like a girlfriend. Maybe it will all be different after I get the pussy.

The next day I went back to her house. Like yesterday she answered within 2 seconds. This time she wore a short silk black robe, her hair was also damp. She let me in without greeting me. As soon as the door shut she began kissing me and leading my hand up her robe. She grabbed my hand and walked me up the stairs and surprisingly into my old room. "This was my old room." I said breaking the kiss. "That's great." She said sarcastically still kissing me.

She pushed me onto the bed. Damn she was aggressive and I loved every minute of it. She crawled on top of me and took off her little black robe, under that she was wearing a tight black teddy. My dick froze, she looked like a lingerie model. She began undressing me first with my shirt, then standing up and letting me take off my pants. I reached for my condom in my wallet and quickly put it on, as she waited with a wet and wanting pussy. After I put it on she faced me, took off the teddy exposing her bare white pussy and the big beautiful tits I already seen.

Then she leaned on the bed and got on all fours. "This is how you want it?" I asked. "Yes." I walked up to her ass, took my dick and slowly slid it into her pussy until it was all the way in. She sweetly moaned. That's when I took my full length out and pushed it right back in. Her pussy was warm, wet, and inviting. For a whore she definitely had a tight pussy. One of my hands held her hips the other one tickled and played with her clit. After I was back in balls deep, I felt her pussy reality kings busty babe alice shows off realitykings deepthroat expand and then contract causing me to let out a series of groans as I pounded in and out of her enjoying the squeeze-let go feeling her pussy was giving me.

She clamped her pussy muscles down on my dick and after a second or two she let go. I started pushing up inside her a little harder, and the harder I got the more the bed creaked. "Uhhh, harder." She asked She was one of those girls that liked it rough. So I began to go harder, and harder till I reached maximum speed. She wildly moaned and squealed. I was bangin the shit out of her little white pussy with my black dick.

Her pink wet hole looked overstuffed, just like her mouth did yesterday. Her pussy felt so damn good I enjoyed every second of it. When it started to feel even better I started pulling her long brown hair while pounding into her full force. This was the first time I fucked a white girl and thanks to her it wont be my last. This girl was way too experienced, I didn't have a problem with it. Her pussy was getting wetter as I was fucking her.

It felt even better. Her pussy went from wet to slimy in seconds. I groaned louder. Then I slowed down took my dick all the way out and jammed it forcefully into her pussy hard and quick. Her moans were now incessant. I did this about four more times before I went back to fast-fucking her.

I let go of her hair and took my hand off her clit, slapped her ass twice in a row, and tightly held her hips pushing her on my dick even more. I was getting rougher now that I was close to climaxing. I pumped her pussy about four more times as I felt the greatest climax emerge, It was like an explosion. It felt so fuckin good I groaned the loudest of all the other groans.

Then I groaned one last long time as my climax started to fade. I pulled my slimy wet condom covered dick out of her. She turned around smiling as I was still breathing hard. "I loved it." She grabbed me by my hand, pulled back the blankets and got inside.

I got inside with her. I figured I might as well give her some after-sex-bedtime talk since I was leaving the day after tomorrow. She nestled into my arms with a smile on her face and her blue eyes dead on me. I felt her wet pussy on my leg. "I love you Marlon." At that point I got a butterfly in my stomach. I hope she realmomexposed jewels jade shoots porn to get all the sex she wants expecting me to say it back, I just met her.

Yeah I liked her, and I could possibly picture her being my girlfriend. I didn't love her. After a moment of silence she put her finger over my lips. "Ssshyou don't have to say anything, I know you don't feel the same way." She removed her finger.

"Stacey, I just met you 2 days ago, you're just caught in the moment." "Call it whatever you want." After a few more minutes of talk. I got dressed, left the room and headed for the door before her parents would get home. She kissed me one more time, that's when I opened the door and left. When I got home I of course told Ray everything. We both decided If I wanted kinky bombshell gets her big tits creamed get home at the time I wanted to which was about 8am then I should leave at 3am.

On my last day I bought Stacey a rose to let her know I cared. We made out for the last time. That following morning I woke up at 3am and tiredly packed my stuff in the car. As I was shutting the door I heard a loud noise. I reached for the baseball bat in my passesnger seat, emerged from the car and turned around holding the bat in swinging position. Thats when I saw Stacey in a tiny tight white nightgown flinching from fear. Her hair was behind her shoulders. "I need you!" She ran towards me.

I was shocked to see her out this late. "Stacey go back home. I coulda hurt you." "Please, just a few minutes." She started kissing me. I wasn't kissing her back, my feelings for her were starting to fade. She stopped kissing me and turned around opening the backseat door.

She got inside. "One more time?" I looked up at Rays house too see all the lights out, then Stacey's house. The lights were out as well. I dropped the bat and got in the backseat and crawled on top of her. Her nightgown was already up to her waist. I pulled down my pajama pants and out came my dick. I positioned myself between her legs and slowly pushed my dick up in her.

The penetration made her moan as she caressed the back of my head.

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I knew I had to do this quick. So I pulled out and began pushing into her quick and hard. Her pussy felt better than last time for some reason. Again her walls squeezed my dick. Her pussy was so wet and tight. Casting stunner leaves after hardcore sex and anal reaming groaned numerous times as she squealed my name. I was fucking her good in my backseat.

And not only that her little pussy was like heaven on earth. I dove deep into her fucking the shit out her pussy. Her body shook beneath me. the feeling got way more intense as I felt my climax coming It felt unbelievably good. I groaned one last time as I felt my cum squirt out, about 3 squirts maybe. After I was done I got off the top of her and got out the backseat, still breathing hard. She got out afterwards and stood in front of me, running her fingers though her hair like she always did.

"I'm really gonna miss you." She told me with watery blue eyes. "I will too, I kissed her forehead." "I still love you." "Don't forget me Marlon. But something tells me you'll be back." "How do you figure that?" I asked "You'll see." She said smiling She kissed my lips. Then she walked across the street.

I watched her until she made it safely back into her house. I got in the car and drove off. I was driving for about two hours or so when I almost crashed the car in pure shock.

"A condom!" "Oh shit forgot to wear a condom!" Since Stacey "Loved me" so much im guessing she wanted me to get her pregnant so I can always be with her. How can I be so fucking stupid and have sex with her with no protection! That's what she meant when she told me I'd be back. I continued driving back home just thinking about the call I was going to get nine months from now. ~FIN