Slutty co ed bitch rides a massive schlong

Slutty co ed bitch rides a massive schlong
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Brian was 12.

He was a complete loser at school and he was fairly overweight. He was a pretty disgusting little kid, he always wore sweat pants and briefs that were way to tight. The only reason why anyone knew who he was was because of his hot 16 year old sister, Stacy.

Stacy was about 5' 6" and had shoulder length dirty-blonde hair and an incredible figure. She was hot as shit, and unknown to her, her little brother was among the countless hordes of boys who jacked off to her.

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But Brian was better off, he had front row seats every day. Brian's room was directly above Stacy's. He had cut a very small hole in the ceiling one day when no one was home. So whenever Stacy came home and was in her room, he could watch her from above. It wasn't a surprise he didn't make an effort to have friends considering all the entertainment he already had.

It was about 5 pm, and Brian was all set up to watch Stacy change when she went in to her room. He saw Stacy walk in and close the door. She was wearing her Catholic School outfit: a button down shirt and plaid mini skirt. He loved that outfit. She put her bag down and stretched for a moment. Then she began unbuttoning the shirt. "YES!" whispered Brian.

It looked like this was going to be a good show. She undid each button, first exposing her cleavage, then showing her entire upper body, except what was covered by her bra. Her tits bounced up and down when she threw her shirt onto her bed. All that glorious cleavage, Brian decided this would be a good time to take out his dick. "OH YEAH" he said story pornde mama borracha y dormida cogida por su hijo as he began stroking it.

Stacy then reached down to her skirt. She began to pull down on it, but since it was a little tight she had to wiggle to get out of it. This made her breasts juggle more, and it showed off her great hips. All she was wearing now were her bra and panties. Brian started to stroke harder. "Change your bra, c'mon sis!" he said. It must have been a little too loud, because Stacy looked up for a moment, and then looked around.

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Brian held his breath, and fortunately she ended up ignoring what she had heard. She reached to the clasp of her bra and undid it. "Thank you!" Brian quietly said. Her two firm, round tits popped out one at a time.

They were gorgeous. Stacy decided that since she was tired that she would relax like this for a while. She laid down on the bed, which was directly under Brian's hole.

"This is too good!" thought Brian. She began to stretch a little on the bed, and her firm tits thrust upward as she arched her back, trying to crack it. She tried several times, each time more drastic then the one before. By the fourth time, Brian couldn't take anymore, and he shot his load all over the place.

"Ah." he sighed. Brian wasn't very careful when he came though. Some of the semen had gone right into the side of the hole. It slowly moved downwards. Stacy felt a drip on her face. "ACK!" She thought. "What was that?" Another, larger drop fell on her face, and she sat up. Just as she did, a third drop fell on her tit. "What the fuck?" she said. She smelled and then tasted it, and realized what it was.

"Holy shit!", then she saw the hole. She put on her a loose tank top and short shorts and went upstairs. Brian didn't even notice any of this, and just remained laying on hot clits and fast cars floor, mesmerized by the experience. Stacy burst into his room. "AWWWW GOD! THAT'S DISGUSTING!" she said. "Oh no!" said Brian. Stacy slammed the door shut and walked up to him.

"You were jacking off while watching me!?!? YOU'RE MY BROTHER! I'M GONNA MAKE SURE MOM AND DAD SEND YOU TO A SHRINK!" she said. "I don't think so," said Brian "You see Stacy, I have the upper hand here. I have my computer set up to send out an email with a video of you masturbating on it to every student and teacher in both of our schools.

Every day, if I don't push the cancel button, it will get sent. If you tell mom and dad, everyone in the town is gonna have seen you having fun with yourself!" Stacy could only think of one thing to do to make sure that Brian wouldn't send out the movie. However, it almost brought tears to her eyes thinking about it.

"C'mon bro." she said " that's not necessary." Then she began to feel his new hard-on through his sweats. Brian moaned and said "MMMMMaybeeee your right sis." She began rubbing more. Her hand went up and down over his erection. The soft cloth made japan bondage toy and wet he gave her a slobbery facefucking using her peace pendant as a the sweats made it feel even better for Brian too.

Soon, Brian had stained his sweats. "Well now that that's settled." said Stacy as she was about to leave.

"WAIT SIS!" said Brian "I want what you did to Herman Macintre!" Stacy was mortified. How had her brother heard about that? She had given Herman a blow job behind the school once, and a couple kids heard about it and spread some rumors. Brian must of heard one.

Once again she had to keep her eyes from watering. "OK Brian." she said. Brian got a smirk on his face. She bent over to Brian and pulled out his penis. It was about 3 to 4 inches long.

It was rock hard, and pointed straight up. So, in order to blow him she had to get at an angle. She put her mouth around it, and began sucking on it. Brian began to moan in ecstasy, and he put his hand on top of Stacy's head and began bobbing it up and down. She slid up and down, and moved her tongue over it. Since his dick wasn't too large, she was able to fit the entire thing in her mouth. A little bit of pre cum fell out of her mouth and stained her tank top. "Looks like you'll have to take it off" said Brian.

So Stacy pulled her tank top off and then continued to blow him. "Stacy, there was more you did for Herman than this." said Brian. Stacy knew what he was talking about.

She had not only blown Herman but given him a titfuck as well. This made her rather well known because many girls in the school had never heard of that. She took Brian's cock out of her mouth and placed it between her round tits. She squeezed them together and little girl forced fuck by dad bobbing up and down again. She went up and down on him and soon he began thrusting his pelvis in the air to get more momentum.

Soon after, she no longer needed to bob up and down because he was thrusting so much. She could see his little penis head popping in and out of her cleavage. It was difficult not to cry. "I'M GONNA CUM!!!!!!!" yelled Brian. He shot his load. It was very hot and had a lot of pressure behind it when it shot out.

It got all over Stacy's face and tits. When he pulled out of her tits, and she let go of them, you could see all the cum stuck in between them. "That should be good enough for now Stacy." said Brian. Stacy went to her room and cried. Then fell asleep on her bed. That night, her parents went out. So she and Brian were home alone. She was lying on her bed in her bra and underwear about to go to sleep, when she heard a knock on her door.

"Sis, I wanna talk to you" said Brian's voice. She was scared as Brian came in. He was all ready for bed, in his way too tight briefs and nothing else. "You're gonna do more sis." he said. "NO! I wont! Its not worth it!" she said.

"OH yeah? Well guess what sis!!!! I had a feeling you might have a change of heart, so I videotaped you and me together earlier, and now it'll get sent out too if step daddy destroying marissa maes frame from behind don't cooperate!" This was horrible for Stacy.

She had no choice now but to obey him. "Suck me now Stacy" said Brian. Stacy got down in front of him on her knees and begin sucking his dick through his underwear. "If you get me off really good a few times tonight, I may let you off the hook." said Brian. Her lips went over his shaft through the cloth again and again. It looked like Brian might rip his underwear he was getting so hard. Then he came in his underwear. "Whoops," he said "Now I want a lap dance" He sat down on the bed and stuck in a CD in her player.

It was some soft techno. "Now dance bitch." he said. Stacy begin to dance in front of him very seductively. She tried not to frown, because she knew he would get upset at her. She swayed and twisted her hips and torso to the music. "Come closer." he said. Stacy went right up to him and moved her breasts up and down across his entire body.

Then she turned around and sat on his lap. She began shifting her pelvis back and forth over his underwear. She kept rubbing his hard on with her butt and he grabbed onto her hips and began moving too. She was putting only a little amazing beach sex with hot soffia gucci on his cock, it was aggravating him. So, he grabbed her hips and began grinding his cock into her. Then he reached around her and squeezed her tits through her bra.

She squeaked. She was moving fairly slowly across his lap, but it was just fast enough that Brian screamed and then came again. "OK sis, you've done really good so far.Now i want more.

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Gimme a blow job. AND THIS TIME YOUR GONNA SWALLOW!!!!!" Stacy pulled off his cum filled underwear. Somehow, he managed to keep bringing back his erection. She began sucking on the head of his little cock. Then she moved down and fit the whole shaft in her mouth. She sucked more and more.

She lifted her head up a little every now and then, but Brian began to get annoyed, so he put his hands on top of her head and held it there. She sucked a little harder now, and he came. She could feel the hot semen shooting into her mouth. She sucked up every last drop of it. Then Brian pulled her head away, but continued holding it. "Swallow!" he said. Then, closing her eyes from misery, she swallowed his cum.

"Now I need a little break" said Brian "but I don't think you're gonna get to stop. Your gonna have some fun with Nibbles." Stacy was terrified at what he had said. Nibbles was the family Dalmatian. He had not been neutered yet, and Stacy knew it. She had experienced Nibbles' horniness many times. She remembered when Nibbles came into her room was she was sitting on the edge of her bed, fingering herself.

He had caught scent of what she was doing, and ran over to her. Nibbles began humping petite hussy has fun with a dildo leg.

She could feel his huge doggie dick rubbing over her smooth legs. He continued to hump until he came all over her leg. She had been disgusted. Now she was going to have to REALLY deal with Nibbles.

Nibbles came in. His huge erection was hanging down out of its sheaf. A tear rolled down Stacy's face. " Suck him" said Brian. She reached under Nibbles and grabbed his dick.

She began rubbing it. Then she put her mouth over it and went back and fourth. Suddenly, Nibbles jumped up and mounted her head, pulling his cock out of her mouth. He began humping her head.

Its cock rubbed up and down across Stacy's face as it humped her. Bits of doggie precum got all over her face. Then the dog forced its way back into her mouth. The dog fucked her in the mouth. It did it faster and harder. Stacy was forced to move back and forth by the two paws on top of her. NIbbles slammed his cock down her throat faster and faster. Suddenly, the dog quivered as he let his load into Stacy's mouth and pulled out simultaneously.

The cum got all over her making big pussy to the busty woman adr. Then the dog left. "Go clean up sis." said Brian, "I don't want you all covered in dog cum when I do what I'm gonna do to you." Stacy got a towel and washed herself off. Then she went back to Brian. The doorbell rang. Stacy thought maybe she was saved.

However, the situation was far from it. Brian answered the door. In came a bunch of boys aged 10-12. There were 3 of them. "Man do I have a treat for you guys!" said Brian.

He led them up to the room where Stacy was waiting. When they came in, Stacy looked up and was mortified. "Stacy," said Brian, "Take off all your clothes for my friends." Stacy reluctantly removed her bra and underwear. "OH SHIT! THIS IS FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!" yelped the 11 year old boy as he began rubbing his dick through his pants.

"Stacy, lie down" said Brian. Stacy obeyed and laid down on the floor. With direction from Brian, the four took their places around her. "Stacy, you're going to give my friends to your right and left hand jobs. The one above you is going to get a titfuck/blow job out of you. I'm gonna fuck you." said Brian. Stacy was beyond crying.

She just lay in disbelief and moaned.

The ten and eleven year olds were at her sides. She reached up and grabbed their hard-ons that were hanging out of their pants. The other 12 year old had a surprisingly big dick. It had to be about a foot long! Although it was only a little thick.

He sat on her belly and put his dick between her tits. Finally, Brian told them to start, and so he began to fuck her. The four of them all went at once.

Stacy rubbed her hands back and forth of the two younger boys' cocks. They were going nuts over it. The 12 year old pushed her tits together against his dick. Then he began fucking them.

He scooted up and told Stacy to put it in her mouth as well. It was long enough for him to fuck her beautiful blonde girl rides dildo on cam and get some head at the same time, so he took advantage of the opportunity. He thrust back and forth, while Stacy sucked and licked the head of his dick.

Meanwhile, Brian had to bend over while fucking her because his dick pointed up. He went faster and faster till she thought he would never stop. The discomfort and pain that it brought her was unbearable, although, after a little while, it began wearing off. "Oh GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" cried the 12 year old as he came. He shot a huge load into Stacy mouth, and a lot of it dribbled down his dick onto her tits.

The hot semen got all over her face too. Then the boy climbed off of Stacy. "One more." he muttered quietly as he took his dick in his hand from above began jacking off.

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Brian grunted too. "Good idea!" he said "We'll all come all over her!!!!! When I say go!!!! Ready." Stacy braced herself. "GO!!!!!!" The boys all rubbed their dicks up and down while Stacy tried to anticipate when it would happen. The boys all managed to come within a few seconds of each other. They came all over her.

She was drenched from head to toe in hot sticky fluid. Then she passed out. She woke up the next morning in her pj's with her parents serving her breakfast.

"Hi honey, how's my sleepyhead?" said her mom, "Still tired? Well don't worry, you're allowed to stay in bed all day today, its snowing out!!!" "Really?" replied Stacy. "Yes honey, now you're father and I have to go out, but we'll be back soon, in about 8 hours." said her mom. "Oh, ok.but who will watch the house with me in bed?" asked Stacy.

"Oh don't worry," said Brian as he walked in, "I'm watching the house AND you, and we'll have lots of much fun that you won't tell anyone will you."