Aartis first time in front of the camera

Aartis first time in front of the camera
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I was babysitting for a couple who I had been referred to by another friend. I had sat for them before a couple of times.

The kids were only 6 and 8 and had been put to bed before I got to the house. When I had sat for them before I had found a couple of porno DVD's and when I thought it was safe I watched them and masturbated as I watched. The fourth time I was asked to sit I agreed and knew I would be watching the DVD's again. As I had done before I waited for a while to make sure the kids were asleep I went and got the DVD's.

I went to the cabinet and there were two more there and like the others were just marked with a date. I looked at the date and one was the date of my last babysit job and another the week earlier. When I put the first one on it was a home made one that had the people I was babysitting for and two other couples and they were having a sex party.

As I watched I saw the woman who I was sitting for being fucked by another man and then her husband. The other women also being fucked by the husband and the other guy they all fucked each other's wives and everybody seemed to be having great fun. It was the foursome I has seen where all four people fucked and sucked each other it didn't matter who it was they did it with and enjoyed the fun they had. When I watched the second DVD it was just the two people I was sitting for and another woman who I thought I recognised They were all having sex.

It was in their house right where I was sitting. Then I realised the three of them all had sex together and the two women had sex together while the husband fucked the other woman it was really awesome looking at the three of them having sex. I watched the second one twice and I realised who the other woman was. It was woman who worked in one of the shops in town. She was about 20 and a bit younger than the husband and wife. They are about 30 or a bit older. The two women were very beautiful and obviously loved being fucked.

I masturbated a couple of times that night as I watched the DVD. I also sneaked into their bedroom and looked in their drawers. In her bedside table there were lubricants and plastic cocks and some of them were battery powered and her pills and tissues. He had some condoms in his drawer and some lubricant as well. I was naked so I put some of the jelly stuff on my cock and rubbed it in which made it all slippery when I pulled my cock. Then I found her underwear drawer with her bra and pants.

It smelled lovely with a sort of scent and sex with breathtaking attractive nymph girlfriend and hardcore made me even sexier. I looked at a couple of pairs of her pants milf gets a free fuck with detergent slipped one pair on and looked in a mirror.

I liked the look of them on me. My cock was hard and stuck out the top it looked weird. Then realised I had got the lubricant on them and rather than put them back I took them. She had lots of pants that looked the same and I thought she might not miss them. I also took a condom. I went back down stairs and masturbated again and used the condom and came in it. I was fascinated by the feel of masturbating with the condom on and cumming in it Then I looked at my cum in it.

It was great. When they came home I looked at her and imagined her naked as I had seen her on the DVD and wondered if they had been out fucking again .I think they had been because her hair was all over the place. I was looking at her tits and she saw me staring and just smiled at me.

If she only knew I had a pair of her pants in my pocket that I had worn when I masturbated. The following Saturday afternoon I went to the nearby bushland to wank and wear her pants. I loved getting nude and going into the bush and walking around naked while I pulled myself. While I was there I thought I saw somebody else and I hid.

After a minute or two I crept toward where I thought I had seen this figure who was also nude. I imagined it was a girl.

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I only saw her back and she appeared to have a girl's haircut. As I got closer she stood up and she was nude and using a plastic cock in her cunt to fuck herself with then I realised it was the other woman in the DVD I had seen at the house where I babysat. I thought shit it's her and she is doing the same as me masturbating in the nude in the outdoors. I didn't know whether to let her see me or just to watch her. I moved in order to get closer and see if I could see her from the front or side as I could only see her back most of the time unless she moved while she fucked herself.

In moving I trod on a stick and it snapped and she heard it and she dropped down but turned and saw me trying to get behind a tree. She had seen me and sang out to go away and called me a pervert. I wasn't sure what to do xxx china girls hot beeg I would have to get past her to get back to where my clothes were. She sang out again go away. This time I stood up and sang out I know you it's all right I won't do anything.

She stood up and said show yourself. She said are you naked. I said yes like you. I know you. Then she said show yourself to me. I stood up and the two of us were about 10 metres apart and we could both see each other in the nude. She looked even better than she did on the DVD. The she said who are you I don't know you how do you know me.

I said I have seen you doing things with the Jones's. On a DVD.

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I do babysitting for them. Shit she said how come you have seen it. I said I found them one night when I was babysitting I know what they do with other people also.

She said what do you want. I said can we talk we seem to have something in common. You are not going to rape me or anything. I said no way I just want to talk to you like this. Then I began to walk toward her and she stayed still but bent down and picked up a stick. I said I won't touch you I just want to talk. What about?

she said What we are doing here and what you did with the Jones family. That was awesome. If you touch me I will kill you. I laughed and said I don't want to be killed just talk.

And perv on me. No just talk together in the nude. By then I was within a couple of metres of her and I stopped. I said you look better in the flesh than you did on the video. God she said you saw what we did. I said that and what they do with other couples they have sex parties and fuck each other. How much have you seen. I said over an hour of them and about half an hour of you with them and saw him fuck you and you suck him and her sucking you.

Oh God she said - you have seen that. I said all of it and it was awesome. Have you fucked Jane. I said no they don't know that I have seen the DVD's. I can't believe she is family stroks beeg mom story that she is lovely.

Oh God she said, then she sat down. I went up closer to her and sat in front of her. Shit she said what are we going to do if anybody finds out about us the shit will really hit the fan. How much else do you know? I said not much. Then we sat and talked about what I had seen on the DVD with her and the other DVD's.

She was curious to find out about what the Jones did with the other people. After a while she relaxed and she told me how she had got caught up with them and how he had got her to come to their place to baby sit. Things happened and she realised she was not going to be babysitting unless it was HIM.

He had been told she enjoys sex and had slept with a friend of his and he had said how good she was in bed he thought that I might like to go to bed with him.

He said his wife was out and he was very persuasive and he talked to her about sex and pretty soon he was asking her to have it with him. She said he was so nice and polite and told her how much she would enjoy it with him, he even had a few sex books he showed her. She said I could not help myself and before I knew it he was kissing me and touching me and I just let him do what he wanted as he kissed me.

I realised I could not say no. Within a couple of minutes he had us both naked. He was kissing my vagina and I just couldn't stop and I let him do what he wanted with me. I was just swept away and enjoying every moment of his way of getting me to have sex with him.

We were really having fun. I had completely forgotten he was married I had never been so sexed up in my life before, he could do anything he wanted with me and he did. We were in the middle of him fucking me when his wife walked in she had the video camera and had been taking a movie of us both. I panicked but they both were as cool as cucumbers and after I calmed down they both talked to me and said they would show it about if I didn't do things with them both. It had been a set up.

She was behind it all it seems. After that I was virtually being blackmailed but for some reason I went along with them and I found out he really was a great fuck.

Then she told me she has now had sex with them both - three times - and after the first time when she quite enjoyed it and they made her feel really good doing what they all did. They suggested she might like to come to one of their sex parties but said no I would do it with them but not anybody else. While she told me what they had done my cock got hard listening and she noticed it and said I like the look of that, how many girls know what it feels like.

I said two I have only done it with two girls. What only twice. No just with two girls we have done it a lot more than twice. We had orgies. Well she said now we know each other what do you want to do. Can I fuck you? Do you have any condoms.

Not here. Well I don't like cum inside me so no fucking. I could suck it for you. That would be great. Then can I do it to you. What fuck me - or do you want to suck me. I want to finger and suck you like they do to you. I will be honest I have never done that to a girl yet. Well let's start with you doing it to me if I like it I will suck yours for you.

Ok I think I know what to do but you might have to tell me if Skinny redhead babe gets twat screwed by pawnshop owner smalltits bigcock am not doing it right.

I haven't met a man who doesn't do it right, once they get down on me they are naturals - let's get started. She lay back and spread her legs and I got down I could smell her cunt which wasn't too bad.

I put a finger into her and began to finger her then she said ok now go down on it. She had shaved all the hair from around her cunt lips and just had some above her slit. I put my tongue onto her slit and licked her, it had a strange taste but I really wanted to do it so I just sort of held my breath and licked and then she said now suck on it you know where my clit is suck on that. I knew more or less where her clit should be I had fingered the other girls and knew where to rub their clit but had never actually seen one close up.

She put her fingers down and spread her lips and there was this little thing that looked like a match head only a bit bigger so I put my lips on it and sucked and licked her clit with my tongue.

She let out a loud moan I was doing it right by the sound of her. Just keep that up she said, and slip a finger up me better still to fingers while you suck my clit. I soon got the actions right and she began to moan a lot as I sucked and fingered her. She was making quite a bit of juice which was a bit like precum but more of it. I kept sucking and fingering for about four or five minutes then she just exploded and grunted and bucked and bounced and wriggled as she came I had seen girls redhead in fencenet pantyhose and latex gloves before but she was amazing and I felt really good getting her to cum like that.

She hot pov petite blonde rikki six blowjob bigtits pulling her nipples and really was putting on a good show even better than when she came when they were making the DVD. After she had finished cumming she pulled away from me and said that evilangel big black cock fucks brunette in ass bad for your first time are you telling me the truth was it the first time.

I said yes. Honestly. Well she said it wont be the last with me you were great I had a really big orgasm really good I loved it. After a few minutes she said now it's your turn and she got me to stand up and she knelt in front of me and put her mouth over my cock and slid her lips up and down.

It felt awesome. After a while she began to stroke my cock with her fingers as she sucked on my cock and she held my balls in her other hand and fondled them. It felt awesome. After about five minutes of this I said I am going to cum and she just sucked and stroked my cock until I blew a load of my cum into her mouth and she just kept sucking until I was completely finished cumming. Then she took her mouth off my cock and showed me some if my cum still in her mouth, she had swallowed some already but had enough to show me some still in her mouth and then she swallowed that as well.

You taste good she said I like it. I said have you sucked a lot of cocks, you seem to do it well. About four I think a couple of them more than once. How often on Mr Jones? Four or five times but I have done it with her more often I have done it with her on her own quite a few times now. Like her I have become bi-sexual - that is I do it with both men and women. But I have only done it with her so far but I have looked at other girls and wondered what it would be like with them if I would be game to ask them.

Well I said I hope you will do it with me again would you.

I can't see why not maybe we could both do it with the Jones and she laughed. I said shit I don't think I could do it with them. Not after I have baby sat their kids. She is good she said I am sure you would love fucking her. I said I want to fuck you first. When can we do that. Look if you promise to take your cock out before you cum I wouldn't mind doing it now.

I am feeling more like it now than before. I promise I did it like that with one of the other girls she called it the pull and pray method. Pull it out and pray I get it out before any cum goes in her.

I managed to get it out every time and then cum on her tits or over her cunt hair. Good she said make sure you do the same with me. She found a grassy spot and lay down and got ready for me to son forced mon forced fucking little son her. I got my cock in my hand and guided it into her cunt. It went in real easily and she was warm and wet and I could feel her cunt all around my cock.

It felt great and I said I love the feel of being inside you it feels wonderful.

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I like it too, you have a nice cock. Its about the size of Peters. (Peter was Mr Jones) he really fucks well too Jane can fuck like a real pro. I enjoy watching the two of them they are really good at it. I said I know watching them on the DVD with the other couples they are all good at it and like sharing themselves with others.

Nobody hesitates when they want to fuck or suck each other they all do it for the camera and the people with the camera know how to get them fucking really well. By now I was in a good rhythm and she was enjoying me fucking her as well and the two of us were really having a good time. She said don't you cum in me and I said I promised not too and I wont.

I said aren't you on the pill. She said I am but I am going out tonight and I don't want cum in me. I am sure we will end up fucking and I don't want him to know I have done it with somebody else before him.

God how much do you like him if you and I are doing this now. About as much as I like you and since we are doing this - a bit more than a bit.

I have to admit I do enjoy sex and I have been lucky I have found a couple of men who I like doing it with and now you make three. I started very late my first time was less than a year ago and now I don't seem to be able to stop. I really enjoy the whole thing being nude and having sex and just enjoying the stuff we do.

You learned quickly then I would say you do it well and I hope we can continue this some other time. Thank you kind sir she said as I said I am lucky I have three men all who treat me like a real woman and not a slut.

I must say I do enjoy all three of you. As I continued to fuck her I asked her about Jane how do you enjoy sex with her. I was very sceptical at first but she assured me and gave me confidence and treated me kindly and gradually worked me into her ways. I had been fucked by her husband a couple of times and I was a bit concerned when she wanted to do what she said and while he watched us it was bad enough kissing another woman another first for me- then to have him watch us as she fingered and then went down on me and him watching my reaction.

Fortunately she was very kind and considerate and I relaxed and she assured me I would like it and I did. Now I have no problems doing stuff with them but she is the only woman I would consider g it with. With any other woman it would be embarrassing. I said I think I had better pull out I can feel it beginning to build up and I promised I wouldn't cum in you.

Just wait a few more seconds she said-- not yet -and about 30 seconds later she came. Then in the middle of her orgasm I had to pull out as I was about to spurt it everywhere and as soon as I had my cock out it blew its load all over her. I said shit that was close I nearly did it inside you. At that point in time I wouldn't have cared I was in raptures you brought me on very efficiently, and I had a great orgasm, even though I had to finish t off with my finger.

Never mind there will always be a next time. I said what do we do now you are covered in cum I don't have anything to wipe it off you. How about we use your pants. They will have to do I can go home commando I don't mind that cool air feeling on it, and providing I don't do cartwheels down the road nobody but you and I will know.

I enjoyed that thank you and all I can say is cum again sometime. I appreciate you pulling it out that must have been hard. As she stood up I kissed her pussy lips again and she said that is beginning to like you I don't think that will be its last kiss.

I said not if I have any say in it. I rather enjoy it. Well she said we had better get dressed and go I havet o get home and shower and change and get ready to do it all again its a pity we could carry on a little longer. I said what about tomorrow same time same place. How about you pick me up at 10 and we can go off somewhere and take up where we left off.

I can't wait I said. She started to dress and then gave me her pants cum stained and said add them to your collection. I took korean mom and son faking movie1hr and said thank you, and then walked back to where my clothes were and we both dressed again she looked beautiful in very short shorts and a blouse and I watched her put her bra on. She has beautiful tits.

We walked back to the bored babe gets dicked in a party hand in hand and it was obvious I busty ebony needs the big black cock going to enjoy her company and her body again, the next day and I would be wanting to know what she did later that night busty milf in fishnets wants a young cock her other lover.

The next day was wonderful I drove her to a secluded spot she knew and we stripped of and we fucked immediately. I used a condom and when she asked me why I said well this will be the first of many today I hope and I don't want it full of cum when we move onto better things. Ahhh she said I like the boy we are going to be very very good friends I can see that. We talked about the night before and she told me she pissed him off because when she went to suck him off she saw lipstick on his cock he had been fucking and sucking before her like us before he had taken her out so she said I have you now I have no need for him, and there is always Mike Jones and Jane too isn't there.

I think we may have to let them know we are aware of their penchant for sex and so are we maybe a foursome is not that far off.

I will like that and I am sure you will enjoy Jane too. God knows who will baby sit now. I think we will all be into making DVD's for a while. Bigger and better things eventuated and we soon became regular members of their wife swapping club it went from four (or 5 really) to six in one night. I now fuck and suck three women in a night and enjoy every one of them doing the same for me. It is an amazing experience you just do it if the woman is not fucking or sucking you just take their hand find a spot and just fuck or suck.

One thing I had to learn was to suck a girls cunt after some body or even yourself had cum in her. That took a bit of getting used to but now I don't have a problem. The Jones have had to find a new baby sitter. She is only about 14 so I would say she is safe for a while. They hide the DVD's now as we have added a couple more.

Some nights they let the kids sleep over at friends places I don't know that their friends know why but I do --------its just wonderful satisfying sex with any woman there. I must say I enjoy fucking Jane but I prefer my