Asian cutie gets nailed in a threesome

Asian cutie gets nailed in a threesome
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Who Me … a Wizard V111 I had my head down on my hands and was thinking what do we do next. No thoughts along that line.all the girls running around naked was too distracting. We had moved about five miles from battle ground at least there was no more stench. We had eaten and doctored our wounds and every one had their tents set up and most were already out for the night.

I stretched out on the bed in my shorts. I lay my arm across my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I was having such a wonderful dream. Princess Aden was riding me and I was playing with her tits and they felt good looking babe jumps on a dick good. "Princess Aden!" My eyes popped open and it was true.

she stopped moving and leaned down and kissed me. "Princess Aden what are you doing? What would your Mother the Queen say?" "She would say are you pregnant yet." She began moving her hips and stroking me. I knew I shouldn't but oh what the hell! I began to meet her half way. She lay forward on my chest I put my arms around her and flipped her over. "Al.

Alll there is nothing under me" "I laugh isn't magic wonderful." we continued to do the dance of love and floated to the top of the tent. We slowly drifted back lower and lower. I could feel a tingle in my balls they were getting tighter and tighter, my head was swinging back and forth and Aden hips were moving like a jack hammer.

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I leaned down trying to kiss her and we banged heads together and we both reached a mind blowing climax … Aden was howling and I was huffing and puffing then exhaustion took over and we snuggled together and went to sleep.

I awoke and rolled out of bed after insuring I was alone. I took a shower yep a shower … ain't magic grand. And set the table for breakfast.

When breakfast was completed our scout today was Harper and she had already left. Slinky alit on my shoulder and whispered ' Have fun last night I thought we were being attacked by wolves. I didn't know Aden was a howler,' she laughed and flew away.

******* Ambrose was disheartened his daughters virginity was a bargaining chip he had planned to barter with the Silver Wizard from the North. He dare not try to fake it the Silver was way too powerful to be crossed. He called for a pan of warm water and a rag The Civet Cat morphed by the time it reached the door and proceeded on carrying out his masters wish.

Quickly Fang returned with the pan of warm water and the rag. Ambrose sat the pan down on the bedside table. He doused the rag soaking it completely and began reality kings busty babe alice shows off realitykings deepthroat wash her legs.

He heard a slurping noise and turned to catch Fang looking at Marona's puffy pussy and drooling. Ambrose back handed and screamed for him to get the hell out. He mumbled, Its okay Marona I will take care of you. All the time he was washing her legs and pussy.

His constant stroking of her pussy was causing her undue agitation but she was unable to respond except to have multiple internal climaxes. Ambrose was thinking not even realizing his continuous administration to her pussy. His thoughts were on the Black. if she was the key to bring him back. Then him entering her should be the key to bring her back. He turned and looked at what he was doing and realized her pussy was red and inflamed by his constant rubbing.

He thought again, maybe, just maybe. it just might work. If it don't I can say I tried.He climbed on the bed between her legs and inserted his little dick in her heated pussy and begin to stroke.

OOH it felt so good she was so hot and wet he felt like a teenager again. One more stroke and he shot his load in his daughter.

Premature ejaculation. He laughed yep exactly like a teenager. He pulled out but she continued to sleep. Ambrose did not notice as Fang closed the door after watching the Father daughter coupling. Fang was smiling and planning. ******* All day nothing was seen, I think it made us more wary. Something had to be waiting behind the next bush. but then nothing. Harper had extended her range aheadnothing.

Twil was on the left with Cherg on the right. Slinky bringing up the rear. Every hour they would switch.

Aden's Owl would fly from side to side. We stopped for the night I set wards around the camp. We had a good solid meal and discussed the past day. We all seemed to confused there was not even a scout in evidence. I entered my magic shower the water disappeared when it hit the floor or walls. I stepped out and began to dry off I heard a chuckle and looked over at my bed there lay a nude Harper I must say her thick red bush was a bit intriguing.

I said, HMMM I think I need to check that flame between your legs. I don't want you to get burnt so I may have to smother it with my mouth." "Please hurry I have interracial babe drilled by towtruck driver reality and amateur waiting for so long.

It feels like it is burning up." I slipped between her legs and tried to cover her pussy completely. I lathered my tongue from her wrinkled hole thru her pussy and around her prominent clit which I commenced to suck on. I moved to her destiny gives a bj and gets a free ride lips no spot was missed .I licked on into her inter lips then slid my tongue inside she stiffened up and had her first climax then her second.

She reached down and grabbed me by the ears and pulled me up, and whispered in my ear, "I need you inside me." I smiled and tweaked her nipples, I wasn't quite ready.

I ran my hand thru her silky bush and inserted two fingers in to her pussy I curled my fingers and worked them back and forth with the palm rubbing her clit I kissed her deeply and with my other hand I played with her tits 2 more climaxes ensued. I slid down and sucked one of her nipples in my mouth. She was bouncing so hard I felt it was either land on the floor or mount her. I pulled my fingers out, grabbed her hips and rammed my pecker home.

As I reach the ultimate depth of her body her hips raised to meet me. Her back was arched and only her feet and her head were touching the bed.

Her body collapsed back down and I began to stroke in and out to meet her rhythm she was moaning and sweating and her head was turning back and forth. I think she was so fired up that before one climax ended another one was beginning. She began rocking her butt back and forth and that was all it took I pushed forward as deep as I could and pulled back on her hips. I felt the build up then the release I felt a shiver from my head to the tip of my toes. I was so drained I could hardly move off of her.

She whispered in my ear again, " Thanks I really did need that." The night was long and we made the most of it Just before dawn Harper was riding me like a cowgirl and she drained me for the last time.

I picked her up and carried her to the shower. We dressed and stepped thru the curtain to be met my the whole group eating breakfast. Every one was smiling and Rowrf said, "We were Getting ready to pull out and let you sleep." With that every one laughed. My feelings today was that something was going to happen.

I Had used the same traveling hot whore gladly jumps on the shaft except Roli had elected to travel with Twil and Ciel was astride of Cherg. Barf had positioned himself mid way between Harper and the wagon. Linda had dropped back the same distance at the rear. Aden's Owl was constantly in flight. At 11 am Owl reported Harper had stopped, Barf went forward.

He found Harper hovering twenty feet in the air.

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Her eyes were flitting back and forth. She cautioned barf not to come any closer. Owl dropped back with Linda allowing Slinky to fly forward to converse with Harper. 'Al something weird is happening, it has to be a Magic Spell. The foliage is dying and a trench hot girl bigtits in live camshow striptease masturbate foot wide is opening in front of us, I think it plans to encircle us.' The centaurs moved closer to the wagon Linda and Owl did also.

I moved up to where Barf was standing. I looked at the trench which looked to be about ten or so feet deep. The foliage falling and being shoved aside reminded me of the work of a Bull Dozier back home. I was pondering the reasoning other than a slight for this.

Surely the Green knew this would do nothing but delay us. There had to be another reason. I heard a scream and saw the aftermath of Linda's fire globes. I ran back to her and I angela white big tits at busty the reason for the trench.

Rising out of the trench was the head of a worm .a 25' long and 8' wide worm. The head of the worm was all mouth with three sets of teeth it used to dig and to eat with.

Every one began firing arrows at it until it looked like a pin cushion. I told Linda to throw the globes at the worms mouth. And to make them larger and a bit stronger. She threw 3 quickly the worm sucked them right down I cast a spell that hit the worm with a large burst of air like a blow to the stomach, It burst the globes the worm had swallowed.

They exploded being in a confined space giving the worm a massive case of indigestion. Smoke and a foul smelling gas came out of the worms mouth. Linda tossed another fire globe which burst on contact. It lit the gas that had erupted from the worms mouth, the entire worm burst in to flame. I cast a spell which caused a rain of phosphorous to cover and adhere to the worms body. Although it made no sound we all were grabbing our heads .T he silent scream given off by the worm penetrated deeply into our minds as the phosphorous ate deeper and deeper into the worms flesh.

It lasted over an hour then silence. For a moment the silence was far worse than the silent scream. Barf noticed water trickling into the trench it wouldn't be long until we would be on a worm made Island. I cut a few saplings and a few bamboo poles Joining them together till they reached a cross the trench then I magically weaved more limbs and brush together to make a bridge to span the trench.

Rowrf gave a name to the worm, it was call a Cesterian Sand Worm. Normally it is found in desert student and teacher share bed. It digs a hole like a funnel and lays under the sand at the bottom with just its mouth at the spout. A creature slides into the funnel and can't get out and slides to the bottom and is eaten. When there is a long period between meals it often resorts to what we faced.

Rowrf doesn't think this was an attack of the green, just nature.

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We crossed the bridge and continued on. Four days later we crossed into the greens territory. We made camp and the fliers including Aden began seeking a separate path near to the Greens Castle. After leaving the worm trench I had cast a protective spell over our group, I had to recast it daily. The spell did not make us invisible to the naked eye but it did make us invisible to screeing ( long range sights using Magic ) which I am sure The green had been using to track us.

Slinky came back to report she had found a place for us to make our permanent camp till this was over. It was a grotto in a long dry stream bed there was room enough to cover the wagon and us too. We made our move at night, if things goes as planned … The Green should lose complete track of us. The Brown Crow was awaiting them. ******** Ambrose the Green arose and left his room as he stepped into the hall way he spotted Fang sniffing around Marona's door.

He ordered the cat away from there. He headed for the dungeon it was Anil's turn. He had been saving the Blue for last she was such a beautiful woman.

Also he hated her familiar, Streek, he didn't know why he hated Streek unless it sexy office intern kristine andrews is a small tit because when he morphed, it was into a handsome Elf male. He arrived in the Dungeon and said, "Good morning Queenie are you ready to Marry me." She said, " Fuck off.

Twerp." "Oh Well I guess I will have to entertain the Blue." He walked up to the Blue' s cage. She looked at him with hate in her eyes. He flicked his wand and she went stiff. she wasn't out but she couldn't move. He pulled her out of her cage and chained her hands to a ring about waist high bending her over.

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He had a rolling stool which he slid under her middle. He stood back and looked at her and seemed to be satisfied. He threw her robe back baring her beautiful ass.

Although they were trying not to look, Stommp and Tobar's eyes were drawn to this beautiful creature. What none of them realized was there was an extra pair of eyes watching from the dungeon wall. Ciel's ferret had followed the rat back to doggy fucking a curvy moti gaand indian tube porn dungeon. Ambrose laughed as he entered Blue's dry pussy. Realizing it was dry he pulled out.

Instead of playing a bit to get her wet he bent down and brought up a glob of saliva and spit onto her pussy. He rammed it back home and satisfied he began to stroke in and out. Fang watched from the head of the stairs, seeing him enter the Blue, he knew it was time. He ran rapidly to Maronas's room he jumped on to her bed and licked her pussy she made no response. Fang moved up her body and sunk his cat penis into her.

It felt good but he knew how to make it better. He morphed which caused his penis to double in size. He stroked as fast as he could, he was horny and afraid. Afraid of getting caught he knew his master would beat him if he was caught.

But he had to finish, some time his master was fast. He could feel it building his release was near aaah he blasted into Marona.

he jumped up and ran out. the door didn't catch. All the time he was stroking into The Blue he was thinking of the raiding party and how close they were getting. Suddenly Blue's pussy clamped down and held him then it pulsated and he exploded filling her with his sperm. He was so proud of himself he pulled and did not even notice that all his sperm ran out of her pussy.

She had rejected his load. Ambrose headed back to his quarters it was time to use his Screeing pool. He noticed Marona' s door was partially open, He checked on her. Her legs were spread her pussy was red and stranger bangs adorable cutie well girlfriend and homemade … there was a glob of cum on the floor with the track of a cat in it.

He left the room at a run he rounded the corner where his wing joined the rest of the Castle. He spotted Fang ahead of him and cast a blanket spell which took down three guards as well as Fang. He grabbed the cat by the collar and began dragging him. When Fang awoke he was laid out on a table in his masters lab.

Something didn't feel right he reached between his legs and he screamed.there were stitches in his ball sac but … no balls. He had been castrated. The rat waited it seemed enough time it ran out and made his way to Streek. The Ferret followed behind him. The Ferret begin to speak,"The Black is near do not do anything that would bring down suspicion.

Just hang on it want be long." The rat was getting excited the Ferret ran to the hole in the wall with the rat right behind. They had barely disappeared when Ambrose reentered the dungeon.

He seemed upset and was mumbling to him self. He had taken care of Fang and had checked his screeing pool but could not find the Black and his group. It bothered him he was worried where had they disappeared, not just where but how? ******** I waited not very patiently for Ciel to return. The Brown Crow had given him some insight to the Green's Castle and to the fact that the Green was a bit arrogant.

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While I mulled over his advice Ciel's Ferret slipped into the tent and morphed as she leaped into my arms. That is one thing I will never get used to is catching a leaping naked female but I sure want to keep trying. Ciel passed on all the info she had time to gather. Including the fact that The Green was raping all the females and forcing them to morph back and forth while he is raping them.

Even with the info from the rat and Ciel I had no idea how to proceed. All the time Ciel had been talking she was sitting in my lap and I had unconsciously been stroking her body she was wiggling around.

With my loose legged shorts something came out to visit &hellip. right between Ciel's legs. She needed no more cue then that she raised up hot babe gives head and a sweet footjob slid down on my cock and kept talking.

She stretched back on my chest and turned up her face to be kissed. Our lips met and her tongue entered my mouth seeking and searching and I met hers with mine and our tongues were like two darting snakes. I slid my hands around her body and caressed her nipples and the globes of her breasts.

I let one hand slide down her stomach to her pussy and pinched her clit which caused her legs to jerk. I rubbed and pinched her clit and she bounced and wiggled and jerked. She rammed her hips downward and began pressing, it was like she was dragging her pussy back and forth. I reached under her hips and began lifting her and slamming her back down.

I couldn't hold it any longer and I shot my load deep in her womb. When she felt my hot sperm it was all she needed and she climaxed I fell back in my chair and cuddled her to my chest. We rested for awhile then showered and I went back to trying to solve our problem.What the hell are we going to do.