Hard dick bonks sensuous throat girlfriend and hardcore

Hard dick bonks sensuous throat girlfriend and hardcore
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Dudley puppy walked into T.U.F.F and walked over to kitty's cubical "what's up" said kitty. Now kitty was a beautiful 20 year old tan cat with black hair she had huge double D breasts and as she had told Dudley she was still a virgin. "Oh not much but I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house and have dinner" Said Dudley in a nervous tone. "Sure" said kitty excitedly.

Kitty and Dudley had been going out for about 3 month now and kitty was worried their relationship wasn't going anywhere. Kitty showed up at Dudley's at 7:39 pm and Dudley answered the door reeling the gorgeous kitty katswell.

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"Kitty" Dudley said with a dazed look on this face "you look beautiful". Kitty blushed and walked into Dudley's house and sat down on the couch. "Hold on kitty I'll be right back" he said as he got up and walked into his bedroom.

Kitty heard the bedroom door close and she immediately got up and walked over to Dudley's room and tried to look threw the key hole to try and couldn't see anything. So she slightly opened his door and saw something that made her instantly wet. Dudley was jerking off to a picture off her in a two piece bathing suit she watched him for about five minutes as she fingered herself Dudley finally blew his load on the photo.

Kitty swung the door open and leaped at Dudley who had a panicked look plastered to his face but to his surprise she reverse gangbang in japan gangbang hospital hr special gal edition in front of him and started to suck his 6 inch cock and got him instantly hard again.

As her sand paper tongue swirled over his cock it drove him wild and as she looked at him with her big green eyes he came.

He shot load after load into her mouth and she swallowed all of it as Dudley collapsed back Kitty moved away from him and took off her blue dress to revile her breast that were barely covered by her tight bra and her panties were already soaked threw with her juices. As she pulled her panties down and tossed them on Dudley he started to get hard again seeing his partners virgin pussy made him wild.

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She also removed her bra reveling her massive breasts. That was it Dudley's cock was standing tall and kitty slipped his cock in between her boobs and started to move them up and down making Dudley drool "good fucking god kitty that feels so fucking good".

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"well then you'll love the next part Dudley". She was correct as she climbed on top of him and put her tight pussy rite over his swollen cock as she slowly slipped herself on she was moaning and wincing in pain and all of a sudden she couldn't go any further and Dudley thrust up fast and hard and kitty felt a sharp pain as she screamed but it soon turned into a great warm felling.

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After bouncing onto of his cock for about five minutes he could feel her Cumming on his cock and thrashing on top of him and Dudley lost it with two more thrusts he blew his load inside of her he shot the equivalent of 8 shots of cum into her wome.

Kitty collapsed on top of Dudley. "oh Dudley that was amazing".

"oh kitty there's much more where that came from". That night kitty fell asleep onto of Dudley completely naked. END OF CHAPTER 1 GOOD COMENTS FOR MORE BAD TO END THE SERES