Cindy and anita are sensual lesbian lovers

Cindy and anita are sensual lesbian lovers
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It was like any other day for Soniaher daughter Holly had hypnotized her last year & currently she was being fucked in both her holes with giant english cucumbers. Sonia was a short haired brunette divorcee 52 years of age, 5ft 9 who towered over her ginger haired daughter who had just turned 19.

She was petite only 5ft 1. As Sonia moaned & groaned Holly kept screwing her old lady slave. Sonia was wearing a dog collar that said slave on it as Holly continued her vegetable fun.

Holly loved dominating older women & her mom wasn't the only one she used for her pleasure. Last night mom had eaten her cuntso today she was getting rewarded with a a cucumber screwingwho knows she thought maybe later she'd bring some male friends over & have them gangbang her mommy.

As Sonia reached her peak of orgasmic bliss. Holly had her lick both fake penises before she threw them in the trash. She told Sonia to go take a shower she 'd be up later to strap on fuck her.

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Chapter 2 - the next day Collared, leashed & wearing 5inch spiked heels lesbian sex slave & mom Soniaanswered the door. 5ft6 raven haired Nina Jones was escorted by her husband Melvinwho was now a shill of a manwho was now just a butler to Ninawho mostly adhered to Holly's desires. Collared & leashed & wearing hooker boots the mother of two.

kissed Sonia on the lips in a lesbian French kiss before they both went to Holly's suite where they found the 19 yr old slut playing with her pussy & waiting for their submissive tongues.

Nina stared by licking Holly's clit as Sonia licked Holly's nipples. It was their duty to make their mistress cum .Then both old sluts would be fucked cute darling is engulfing males package passionately giant strap on cocks by the perverted teenager.

As Holly had a giant orgasm from their delicious tongues 50 year old Nina kept licking nonstop until Holly told her to quit. Chapter 3- Nina Nina was an old high school teacher of Holly'sshe always had a crush on her now she was fucking her ass with a 10inch strap on dildo as her mom/slave licked her pussy and asshole.

Both the ladies were now strictly her submissives & she loved it. As she fucked Nina doggy style and slapped hershe grabbed Sonia by the hair & shoved her tongue deep in her asshole.

For Sonia her daughter ass tasted like ice cream .Both wenches loved pleasing their mistress as NINA orgasmed. Holly needed to peegrabbing both much older ladies by their leashes she had them crawl like dogs to the washroom where she proceeded to piss all over their faces & hair.

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When she was doneshe went to take a nap while she told her slaves to get the mop and clean up. Chapter 4 - As mistress sleeps, ITS COFFEE& CHAT TIME FOR THE SEX SLAVES Your daughter's pussy is delicious exclaimed the 50 year old Ninayeah i know says Soniai can never get enough of itsometimes she has me eat her 3 or 4 tines a day exclaimed Sonia. She really had to piss today exclaimed Nina. Last time she was at my house we both pissed on my husband continued NinaMelvin is such a cuckold wimp.

Last time Holly fisted me & all he did was watchbefore i ate her out in the kitchen & she told Melvin to fuck off. That sounds like my daughter said Sonia smiling .Usually in the morningwhile I'm on my knees licking her cuntshe has her coffee & breakfast. If she is horny i even lick her ass. If she goes out she usually tells me to go upstairs &play with my pussy for an hour while i watch a kinky lesbian movie she left in the dvd player mostly women in their 20s ( femdoms) with sub women over 50.Nextshe says she wants me to get my tits pierced.

continued Sonia. Did she ever mention the fact that she'd like to bring male friends over to gangbang you asked Nina. Of course said Soniasaid but i never thought she was serious?

Yeah she said maybe or 5-10 guys& Melvin would bartend the event at my place &as i (Nina) got fucked in all my holes, (Nina's pussy was wet as she began playing with her cunt as she thought of the scenario that Holly would have her do ).OH WOW!

Exclaimed Sonia who loved cock more than pussyyes my daughter would love to see me stretched & gaped by real cock. She has mentioned the guys would pay me for hot amateur fuck at home brunette big tits evening & i would be nothing but a hookera worthless piece of fuck meat,as one cock after another would penetrate by mouth, cunt & ass .Like Nina she was now playing with her pussy as both ladies now French kissed & headed for the bedroom.

69ing mom & Nina were loud& surprised when their mistress woke up early to find them in a taboo embrace. Cuz they did not have permissionHolly untangled them& began fisting their assholes.

Using the lube from their wet pussies Holly made sure both rear ends gaped before she put first Nina over knee & spanked her & then followed up with (Sonia ) aka mom and did the same thing. Holly looked at them boththey both enjoyed their punishment and she was sure it would advantageous in the futurethat her whores would be gangbanged for cash.

Holly couldn't wait & neither couldSonia or Nina