Eat your own cum for sexy nikki brooks instruction femdom

Eat your own cum for sexy nikki brooks instruction femdom
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Wow, I love that sight, that athletic topless 31 year old body mowing the lawn, my 13 year old pussy yearns for him and the worst thing is that I can't tell my friends that I have fantasies about my father, I can't tell anyone.

I can only wish sometimes that I'm not the only girl my age that wants to fuck her dad. I heard the lawn mower turn off and my dad walk through the back door where my mother was waiting for him with a cold beer and a warm kiss, oh how I want to rip her lips off every time she kisses him.

I ran out of my room and bolted down the stairs just so I can see him sitting at the kitchen table Shirtless and Sweaty. As I walked to the fridge I remembered that I was only wearing my bra and underwear, oh no I forgot to finish getting dressed when I got out of the shower, I was side tracked with watching my father mow the lawn, working up a sweat in the heat.

My mum just looked at me and says "Jemma Go get dressed girl, me and your father don't want to see you prancing around in your bra and undies, isn't that boy seducing reluctant friend mother honey?" My dad just started at me with like he wanted to see what was underneath and hesitated to agree then snapped out of his gaze and said "Go get dressed, while your mother goes shopping". I walked back upstairs and into my room, as I sat on my bed I heard my mum leave the kitchen out the back door, a minute later I heard the car door slam and engine start, while my mum was backing out of the driveway my dad came upstairs to go for a shower.

I knew what I was going to do, I was gonna sneak into the bathroom while my dad is in the shower, I want to see all of his body so Her natural booty makes me feel horny can have something to think about tonight while I play with myself. My dad walked out of his room and down the hall to the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

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I wait until I hear the water start running in the shower before I attempt to go in there, I walk out of my room and across the hall to the bathroom door and turn the handle slowly, I edge this amateur fuck is fuckin hot on webcam door open and slide in undetected, I close that door behind me and hide between the wall and the sink's cabinets, my eyes where instantly hooked on him, finally I could see it all, I glued my eyes to his ass hoping he would turn around so I could see the rest, and he did.

Oh my god, it was bigger than I thought It would be. It was such a site, until I noticed he wasn't moving and that he had seen me hiding in the corner staring at him, he looked shocked and happy at the same time, so I stood up and he said "Jemma, what are you doing in here and why were you staring at me like that?" I tried to think of a lie but my head wasn't responding, I had been caught perving on him in the shower, so I told him the truth about me fantasizing about him, at that he turned the water off in the shower and stepped out grabbed a towel and started dabbing himself dry and he said "OK, if that's how you feel then you wouldn't mind me seeing you naked".

So I started to take my bra off, I could see his penis start growing, by the time my undies dropped to the floor he was fully erect and I was getting moister by the second.

I stepped closer to him and asked id I could feel it and if he could fuck me as hard as I've heard him fucking mum, and he said yes to both, so I stretched my arm out to touch his penis, it was so hard and his skin was so soft, I just wanted him to fuck me so badly. He pulled my hand towards me and picked me up I wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked towards the door and out into the hallway and into his room, he laid my down on the bed and got on top, we looked each-other in the eyes and closed in for a kiss, my heart was pounding so hard I thought it would come out of my chest, I couldn't believe it, we were nakedhe was on top of me and tasting beautys moist vagina hardcore and blowjob were kissing but we were about to do so much more.

His kissing was so rough but I could tell he was being soft on me, he moved his mouth away from mine and down to my growing C cups and started kissing, sucking and nibbling my right nipple while his hand was playing with the left, then looked up and said "Honey, if you want me to stop just tell me, OK?" I nodded my head in agreement and at that he moved to the other nipple but instead of nibbling it he started biting, it was painfully exciting.

While his mouth was busy with my now hard nipples he moved his hand down to my wet pussy and started to rub my clit. After a while he started to move his finger towards my pussy hole and slightly push it in, he didn't go deep enough to break my hymn but deep enough to try and loosen me, he put in another finger and started stretching.

His mouth still attached to my breasts moved away and found my lips again.

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He started kissing me rougher than the first time as he put a third finger into my throbbing entrance and with his thumb he was playing clit until he stopped and as soon as he did, I felt a blinding pain he rammed his thick 8 ½ inch cock right up me, I screamed in pain and begged him to stop, even when I started crying he kept on ramming his penis into my dripping wet aching pussy. He put his hand over my mouth to stop the screams that were echoing through the house, he panted to me "It will stop hurting if you relax and it will feel good." So I tried to relax, and stopped screaming, he lifted his hand from my mouth and began kissing and biting me neck whilst pumping me.

I could feel every millimeter of his hard cock filling my tight pussy, until he let out a sigh of relief and I felt his cum squirt inside of me. He pulled his softening penis out of my cum filled sore pussy and said "I promise I'll make the pain go away" I wasn't going to let him, but after all he is my father and he has never broken his promise before.

One week later, again watching my dad mowing the lawn out of my bedroom window except I knew what was going to happen when he finished and mum went shopping. I went downstairs, dressed this time, to get a bottle of water out of the fridge and to see if mum had expected anything, but she hadn't, she looked at me and asked "Why haven't you gone for a shower yet?

You know your father needs one when he finishes mowing the lawn." "Don't worry darling she can go for a shower after I do" Said my dad while he was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cold beer. Everything seemed so normal and like nothing had happened between me and him, I went back up to my room and sat on my bed and listened to my mum leave to go shopping.

I heard my father come upstairs and go and get undressed in his room, but on the way to the bathroom he stopped at my door and gestured me to come with him, so I followed him to the bathroom where he started to undress me, I got in the shower with him and we wife cheat her husband with black guyack guy each-other, caressing each-others bodies with the soapy sponge and rinsing the soap from our bodies kissing and touching, he was fully erect and I was ready for round two.

We dabbed each-other dry and walked naked to his room, he laid me on his bed but didn't got on top this time, he stayed standing over my naked body until he lent down and planted a soft kiss on my lips and said "I promised you ill make the pain go away, so now I am." He lowered his body and kneeled on the floor at the end of the bed, grabbed my legs and pulled me down until they were hanging off the edge.

He put his head closer to my moist pussy and then pressed his tongue against my clit and started to lick, it felt so intense I had never had anyone do what he was doing to me, I didn't even know what it was called, but it felt good anyway. As he was licking and sucking my clit I felt his finger moving into me and I started to moan, I couldn't speak, I was dumbfounded with pleasure.

He put another two fingers in and started pushing and pulling them out, when he stopped with his fingers up me and started moving them around inside of me, it felt funny and good at the same time. He kept going and I started getting louder and louder every time he'd bit or suck on my clit while fingering me harder and harder, I didn't know what was happening to me, I had lost track of time, my brain wasn't co-operating with me, I started shaking and thrusting my hips slightly to meet with his fingers, until I couldn't move, I started going numb and I couldn't breathe properly and then he started sucking me harder and fingering me faster until I let out a long sigh of pleasure, I gifted black thugs stretch pervs hot wife jaelyn fox as if I was going to piss myself, I couldn't handle to be touched anymore, not because it hurt but because it felt to good and I would shake, I pushed his head away from my pussy and he pulled out his fingers.

I pulled my legs up onto the bed and they were shaking uncontrollably. Five minutes of shaking legs and heavy breathing to get my heart rate down, I Asked him what had happened, and he said you came Then he asked, did it feel good? I just laid there nodding my head until I said FUCK YEA!