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Sunny leone hot body porn storys on prontv sex stories xxx search engine
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Victoria was at home sleeping one teenfidelity jillian jansons first anal experience big tits big butt when she received an untimely phone call. The phone had startled her so that her adrenaline brought her to her feet fast to answer it, but her mind was still sleeping so she was half out of it. Vicky: "He-Hello? Oh Hi Karla…It's kind of early isn't it?

Noon? Yeah I guess I could be there. Okay Bye." Vicky looked at her clock it was almost 4am. She put her head in hands as she tried to completely wake up and process the call. Why was Karla calling her so early? It couldn't be an emergency or anything bad because Karla sounded okay. Still though, she had never called that early in the morning before. After a few more minutes of thinking, Karla set her alarm for 10am and went back to sleep.

Vicky and Karla were best friends. They had met about a year and a half ago at the mini-mall by her house. Vicky was taking a large sum of money out of the ATM machine for her rent because her landlord at the time always wanted to be paid in cash. He was a bit slimy looking but he was always nice to her so Vicky never questioned why.

After getting the money from the ATM, Vicky had started to walk away but stopped when this girl started yelling to her. Karla: "Hey! Excuse me! Miss! You just dropped all of your money!" Vicky was so grateful that she bought Karla lunch that afternoon. The hit it off from that point and have done everything together since then. Well…almost everything. Vicky is a bit shorter than Karla, about 5'5" 135 lbs. She weighs more than Karla because her breasts are bigger.

Bigger is an understatement; her boobs are 36dd's. Despite her large boobs she was fit and shapely. She loved to wear yoga pants, which accentuated her amble behind. She also has very long jet-black hair, which almost reaches that precious little tushy. Vicky woke up at 10am when her alarm buzzed off. She showered, dressed, and had a quick breakfast before heading over to Karla's apartment arriving just before noon.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After calling Vicky in the early morning, Karla had taken a quick shower then fell asleep but she didn't sleep that long waking up around 8am. She was exhausted from the activities she had endured in the past 24 hours, and her three holes were still sore from it all. She was nerved up because she knew they were all coming back soon for 'round two' three femdom babes wank pathetic tiny dick she was hoping that her good friend Vicky would agree to help her handle all the black cock that had pounded those sore holes only hours ago.

Karla could count on Vicky for anything. They were thick as thieves since they met. They'd do anything for each other. But this was by far the biggest favor Karla had ever had to ask of her good friend. Karla cleaned up and put on a clean bra and panties and then her robe again because she knew it would have been a waste to wear anything else.

As she prepared all she could think about was black cock. She thought about how full she had felt and how many countless orgasms she had experienced. It made her sore pussy wet again just reliving the whole thing in her mind.

Just then, she was snapped from her fantasies by the doorbell. It was Vicky. After a hug and some pleasantries, they sat on the couch to talk. Karla told Vicky all about her personal life.

She told her all about her past sexual encounters, and how she had always wanted to have sex with a black man but had never gotten the chance to. She spoke about meeting Jaysin on the train. How she had become attracted to him weeks before, and how meeting up with him again consumed her every thought.

Vicky sat and listened with wide shocked eyes as Karla detailed the events of the past 24 hours. How Jaysin had brought eight other black men with him, and how they all fucked her for hours in all three of her holes. How big their penises were, and how full she had felt as she took every dark skinned inch.

She spoke about how much cum they had shot down her throat, and up her ass and deep into her pussy. How she herself had climaxed more times in that gangbang then she had in her whole life. And then it was time to ask her for the favor of a lifetime. Karla: "So that is why I called you. At one o'clock they're all coming back, and I'm afraid I cannot handle it all myself.

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I was hoping that you…" Vicky: (interrupting) "Me?!?!? You want ME to fuck a black man? I don't think I could ever…" Karla started to cry. She was afraid and not to mention still exhausted. Vicky hugged her and consoled her. Karla: (thru her tears) "I'm sorry Vicky, I guess I'm not thinking clearly but I just didn't know what to do." Vicky: "Why do you have to DO anything? Why not just not answer the door or tell them that you don't want to do it, or call the police?" Karla: "Oh&hellip.

I can't do that!" Vicky: (bewildered) "Why not?" Karla: "Because, I WANT them to fuck me." Vicky: "WHAT? You're crazy!" Karla: "It's true Vicky, I want all those big black dicks in me again. It's all I've been thinking about. I think I'm addicted to it." Vicky: "After only one night? Karla: "Oh you don't know how it feels.

It's the best sex I've ever had and I never wanted it to stop. I've been craving it ever since they all left." Vicky: "Then…Why did you want me here if you want it again?" Karla: "I told you, because I don't think I can handle it all so soon again. Please Vicky? You have to help me!

I'll owe you BIGTIME. You don't have to have sex with them you can just give blow jobs, you know be like my little fluffer." Both girls started laughing. When the laughter died down Vicky thought for a minute then spoke again. Vicky: (cautioning) "Just blow jobs.

I don't think I could handle anything else than that. Oh geez, what am I getting myself into?" Karla hugged Vicky and thanked her for her help. She had herself a true friend. Karla could never have asked something like this from anyone else. Just then, they heard a lot of noise in the hallway.

Karla wiped away the tears from her face, as Vicky got very nervous. Then there was a knock at the door. Karla's flirty lesbians fill up their big fannys with milk and ejaculate it out threesome spreading started to beat very fast again as she walked to the door to answer it.

When she opened the door, only Jaysin was in the door's view again.

Jaysin: "Heeey Girl! All rested up for 'faze two'?" Jaysin then noticed Vicky sitting on the couch and got a little bit upset. He shut the door behind him leaving everyone else out in the hall.

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Jaysin: "Hey man what the fuck is she doin' here? I didn't say you could have any company!" Karla: "This is my friend Vicky.

I called her to help me today.

Is that okay?" Jaysin looked over at Vicky again and checked out her body, and a sly broad smile came across his face.

Jaysin: "Wow! I'm down! The boys are gonna love getting a piece of that!" Vicky quickly stood up in protest. Vicky: "Just blow jobs! I'm not having any sex I'll just give blow jobs!" Karla: "Is that okay?" Both girls looked at Jaysin for his approval. Jaysin: "Sure Hun we're down. But I hope you can suck dicks really good because this Ho right here?

She took care of nine of us last night and I decided to bring some more Bruthas to help us all out!" Karla: "More??? How many more?" Jaysin: (laughing) "Shit Girl! Beside myself, I've got 17 other Bruthas out there and they all looking for some pussy! So I tell you what we're gonna do; Karla you get your clothes off and get over there on the living room floor.

And put a blanket down or some shit! And you…" Vicky: "Vicky." Jaysin: "Yeah Vicky. You only gonna suck dick so you go over to that chair over there in the corner and lick your lips or clear your throat or do what ever it is you bitches do to prepare for some dick! I'm about to get the crew." The girls quickly got into position as Jaysin left the apartment. Karla started thinking about what she had just heard as she disrobed and removed her bra and panties. She couldn't believe that Jaysin had brought double the guys that he had brought the night before.

She wasn't upset though; it kind of turned her on even more. Her body tingled and trembled as she spread a large sheet out across the living room floor and she began thinking about their cocks and her pussy was starting to get wet again. Vicky sat in the corner couch chair waiting, watching Karla, and thinking about horny young cock surprise your gf and she will pound with your dad she was about to do.

She didn't remove her t-shirt or yoga pants because she thought 'what would be the point? They ain't gonna fuck me.' Vicky, like Karla, had never had sex with a black man before. And now she was getting herself mentally ready to suck eighteen of them off just to help alleviate her friend's fears and satisfy her fantasies. Vicky thought for a moment how a black dick could possibly look.

She deduced that it's just got to look like a white one only with darker skin. The front door opened at that point and Jaysin walked in with all his friends. My god they all are giants thought Vicky to herself.

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Jaysin gave some high fives to a few of them and then addressed the room as it quieted down. Jaysin: "Okay guys, its time for 'Faze Two'! All you new guys see that chick on the floor? That's Karla. That's the fucking bitch we busted up in all day and night last night! She's ready for some more dick!" It was true. Karla couldn't wait to have some more black cocks fucking her sore holes. Jaysin: "Now here's a bonus.

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See that little japnes mom sleeping and son rep with the big ol' titties over there in the corner?

She's gonna suck ALL our dicks! We can't fuck her, but stick it in her mouth to your heart's content! Now take them motherfucking clothes off and let's get started!" With that, Karla and Vicky watched, as 18 big black men got naked right in front of their eyes. Karla had seen this the day before and was intrigued at catching glimpses of the new guys.

Vicky watched on in surprised terror though. She sat staring at the outlines of the large bulges that filled each and every man's underwear. 'They're not real' she thought to herself. 'It's the lighting or the material that's making them look that big'. Her thinking was soon reevaluated as she watched them all start removing their underwear revealing the biggest and darkest cocks that Vicky had ever seen in her life. She sat there in shock.

So shocked that she hadn't realized that Ray-Cee had walked over to her and stuck his dick beside her head. Ray-Cee: "Suck my dick Bitch!" Vicky snapped to attention and stared at Ray-Cee's 8 inch pecker. It was way too big for her mouth she thought. She opened up her mouth a little and quickly Ray-Cee popped it between her lips without warning. Ray: "That's it! Get me all hard and shit!" Vicky sucked Ray-Cee's cock without ever taking it out of her mouth.

Two other guys crowded around and put her hands on their dicks for hand jobs. 'They feel like baseball bats' she thought to herself. Karla: "Uhhh!

Uhhh! Ahhhh!" Just then Vicky looked over to the floor and saw that Jaysin had gotten behind Karla who was on all fours and was fucking her deep in her pussy. Vicky stared in disbelief as Jaysin's big black cock impaled her friend. Ray-Cee pulled out of Vicky's mouth and went over to replace Jaysin. Another big black cock was stuffed into Vicky's mouth. This went on for a while as each man rotated thru and stuck his cock down Vicky's throat.

At that point she had sucked each dick at least four different times and was starting to get a taste for Karla's pussy and ass as each schlong was now coated with her best friend's juices. They all had their turns in Karla's pussy ass, and mouth too. Vicky couldn't believe that Karla was taking each giant black cock in all her holes to its full length.

The sounds from the room were that of loud screams of ecstasy, loud slurps and sucking noises, and the unmistaken sound of big fleshy balls slapping hard against Karla's body. Vicky watched and heard this all and was getting very wet between her legs.

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She was getting much wetter than she ever could remember. She was so distracted and turned on by watching these men gangbang her friend and fluffing up the other cocks that she hadn't realized that Big Moe had lifted her shirt above her breasts and was unsnapping her bra.

Both of her big melons popped out like they were on springs and were quickly fondled and sucked on by the guys around her. She released the cock that was in her mouth long enough to moan as Deyon rubbed his fingers across her pussy thru the yoga pants.

Vicky: "Ohhhhh!" Deyon: "Yo baby why don't you take these pants off and I'll suck yo pussy for ya." Vicky was in a cloud.

Deyon's fingers were making her crazy and she couldn't think straight. Big Moe had then stuffed her mouth again with his cock and she had nodded a little during this, giving Deyon the green light he was looking for.

He quickly pulled her yoga pants off and stuck his tongue deep into her pussy before she could stage a protest. Big Moe pulled her t-shirt the rest of the way off and Vicky was now naked with a cock in her throat, one in each hand, and a black man licking her pussy. She started to orgasm as Deyon licked her box to perfection. It was the hardest she had ever cum in her life. Deyon then quickly got up and left and as Vicky was trying to mother and baby full sexy story back to her senses, The Mauler got between her legs raised them up over his shoulders and stuck his big nine and a half inch cock right into her pussy.

It went about a quarter in and it hurt so much that she released the other cocks from her hands and the one she was sucking to scream. Vicky: (screaming) "AHHHHHHHH!" The Mauler kept pumping his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. She was now being fucked hard and just when she was about to voice disapproval, it started to feel really good. In fact, it was the best fucking she had ever felt. Just then another cock was put in her throat and Vicky was now involuntarily bucking her hips back at The Mauler.

She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She now understood why Karla liked it. Vicky herself was starting to like it. After a few minutes The Mauler started to stiffen and he then shot his big load deep into Vicky's womb and they came together. Big Moe then got into position and started to fuck her now cum filled slot. Jaysin: "I knew that bitch wasn't just here to suck dicks! It's the full monty with her now too fellas!" And so it was. All eighteen guys took turns fucking both girls in all of their holes for the next several hours.

Vicky was now fully into getting fucked and was steep hot mom sex sleeping it just as much as Karla was. They all came several times too. Vicky and Karla were becoming a cum-filled sticky mess. At about 4am, the guys started to leave after each one came one last time on one of the girls. The last one left was Jaysin again. Jaysin: "You two bitches get yourselves cleaned up and rested. Take the next two days off and heal up.

This Saturday night I'll be back to get BOTH y'all and we goin' out so dress up nice! Skirts and heels only! No bra or panties!" Jaysin then left as both girls, exhausted looked at each other. Karla: "Vicky I'm sorry." Vicky: "What's there to be sorry brathar and sistar anal storys then got down between Karla's legs and stuck her tongue into her pussy.

Karla: "What are you doing?" Vicky: "He told us to get cleaned up." Karla smiled and the two girls kissed and licked each other clean for the rest of the morning until they both passed out fast asleep. THE END