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Naruto:Kyuubi Secrets Ch.4: Undying Passion ******************************************** So, guys, this is the beginning of chapter 4!! I'm excited, because even I, as the writer, don't know what to expect!!! Well, I just hope that you guys can enjoy this chapter!!!

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******************************************** Naruto held his head in confusion as he tried to comprehend what he had just heard. "So, what you're saying is that the CloudScape is basically just a small scroll?" He asked, looking at Kubo. "Not 'basically', it's exactly what I'm saying," Kubo replied, as he took another bite of ramen, with an ornate red scroll resting in his hand lazily. "Ok, I'm a little confused," Naruto replied unsteadily as he also sipped sensual teen opens up narrowed cunt and gets deflorated remains of the ramen from his bowl.

"How so?" Nya asked, from the background, as she did multiple backflips, and played around with the two blood-red kunais in her hands.

"Well," He replied, looking at both Nya and Kubo,"It just, I guess, takes some understanding to believe that such an amazing world can be sealed into a tiny scroll." Kubo held his head and muttered something about it being way to hard to explain things, then replied,"It's not really sealing the world in the scroll. It's more like writing the world and everything about it, then bringing it to life." "Yeah," Nya said, stopping her gymnastics altogether."It may sound impossible, but it is actually an ancient art called 'Scroll Mimicking'." "That's right, Scroll Mimicking isn't used amongst the humans, though," Kubo said as he stood and began walking away from the ramen stand."It is, in actuality, a bijju art, but as Kyuubis, we know about it, and don't have anything against sharing it." "So, would I be able to learn how to Scroll Mimick?" Naruto asked anxiously.

"Of course," Both Nya and Kubo said simultaneously. "Anyone can do it, but it's just a matter of doing it correctly and effectively," Nya continued in a serious tone. "Exactly," Kubo pointed out." And another example of Scroll Mimickry would be this." From this, he pulled a scroll out of his back holster, and cut it at the opening.

He then swung it through the air, and as the contents unraveled, Kubo trailed his hand over the writing. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and when it cleared, instead of a scroll, he sported the same red blade as he had in the mock battle, a few days ago. "This, is the Kyuubi Blade 1.1, or so I call it," Kubo said proudly. "Wow," Naruto exclaimed, breathtakingly."I'm looking forward to this Scroll Mimicking thing!" As Nya and Kubo both laughed, all three made their way to the apartment, where,(no surprise) Jayiara was no where to be found.

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So, they all just got ready for sleep, and after a conversation about Scroll Mimicking, they all dozed off. But, Naruto, not being able to sleep, instead went to the roof, and gazed up at the stars. Suddenly, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck, down to his chest. "Hey," Nya said sleepily as she held onto Naruto. He grabbed ahold of her arms, then flipped her over his back, then hugged her as he replied,"Hey to you too, beautiful." "I love you, Naruto," Nya said as she molded herself into Naruto's chest.

Naruto was surprised, but then said,"Don't worry, Nya. I know you do." Nya giggled and snuggled into Naruto even more before replying,"Your training is coming along well." Naruto eyed her for a second then said,"Ok Nya, what are you up to?" "Oh, nothing much," She said, grinning devilishly, as she stood.

Nya began doing twirls, dancing through the brisk night air as she "accidentally" let her arms out, and the robe came slowly falling to the ground. Naruto deeply blushed while Nya stood there fully nude, and strutted over to him. "Does my body appeal to you, Naruto?" She asked in a sexy voice, filled with a seductive slur. "Uh.Well, yes, I mean no, I mean, it just bothers me," Naruto blurted out, trying to keep his gaze off Nya's body.

Nya giggled as she sat down and hid behind her legs before asking,"How so, Naruto? How do I bother you?" "It isn't you in general, it's just that your body is a little new for me," Naruto replied still blushing. "So, you don't like my body?" Nya asked in a sad tone, obviously disappointed. "No, no, that's not what I'm saying at all, Nya," Naruto said, pulling Nya into his chest and hugging her softly.

"That's good," Nya said snuggling into Naruto once more as he looked on in confusion. "Why is it good?" He inquired, non understandingly.

"Because," Nya curtly replied as she leaned up and whispered into Naruto's ear,"My body is all yours." Naruto just smiled as he held the beautiful vixen, rubbing her ears as she slept. Soon after she fell into her deep sleep, Naruto made his way back to the apartment, and quickly fell into a deep sleep of his own.

******************************************** "So Naruto, are you ready for your first lesson in Scroll Mimicry?" Kubo asked, obviously tired as hell. Naruto, running in random circles and patterns, let out a 'whoop' and shouted,"Hell to the fuckin' yeah!" Nya sat in a stool at the corner of the field writing in scroll, giggling at Naruto's vigorous response. She watched lois and steve cookies milf first time prostitution sting takes freak off the streets silence as Kubo sat at a desk he had conjured(from a scroll), and showed Naruto the basic steps.

She, of course, had all of them memorized, but she just loved staring at Naruto pointlessly. "Ok Naruto," Kubo began."The main steps aren't to difficult, but they're easy to screw up if you don't do them correctly." Naruto stared on seriously, then replied,"Ok, I've got it. Carry on please." "Good.

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So first, you are going to form a Kage Bushin. So, do that now." Naruto quickly formed the hand seals, and instantly, there was a complete clone next to him. Kubo nodded in approval, then continued his lecture."Ok, now, I want you to make your Bushin transform into a brush." After Naruto finished, Kubo went on."Ok, now those were the hardest parts.

Now we can move on to your first lesson. Here is an empty scroll," Kubo said, handing the teenager a blank scroll,"I now want you to simply write any type of animal, include any color, then tell me when you're done." Naruto thought for a second, then quickly began writing on the scroll.

After a few moments, Naruto handed the scroll to Kubo, and after a minute of inspection, Kubo once again began to relay his instructions. "Ok, so now that you have your scroll that contains you 'Scroll Ideal', I'm going to teach you how to bring it to life," Kubo lectured to a wide-eyed Naruto."I want you to send an amount of chakra into your hand, then quickly, but lightly, drag your hand over the paper.

So, try it." Naruto took a deep breath, then steadily held his hand up. After some time, he placed his hand on the base of the scroll, then ripped his hands over the contents of the scroll.

The white paper suddenly exploded into a flash of light that no one was expecting. After everyone had recovered from the blinding light, they all turned to see a midnight blue fox, licking the back of its red-tinted paw.

"AAWWWWW!!!!" Nya exclaimed as she ran to pet the fox. But, directly after she touched it, the fox was startled, then it began unfolding, almost as if it were an origami fox, until, in its place, rested a closed scroll, the exact same one that Kubo had given Naruto.

Naruto began high school girl idol the dream is broken around, whooping, as Kubo tried to keep his eyes on him, and said,"Great job, Naruto.

But that was only the beginning." Naruto altogether stopped his celebrating, then pouted, expecting more from his teacher. Nya was on the ground, with a splitting pain in her side, but still laughing her ass off at Naruto's quirky attitude.

******************************************** Naruto, over two years, had rapidly excelled in the art of Scroll Mimicking, and was now at the point were he was almost as good as Nya and Kubo. He had learned many new justus, and had gotten better at controlling his 'Kyuubi Transformations'. Nya had grown more lusty, and was almost always obsessing over Naruto's body. Kubo had stayed fit, by fighting in a local town arena, and had won several awards.

And now, after three years, Naruto was on his way, withJayiara, back to Konoha. ******************************************** A cloaked figure quickly trudged through a muddy field in the dead of night.

When he reached his destination, he gave three short chirps, and directly after, two other cloaked figures drop from an above tree. One had a taped katana in his hand, and a scroll in the other. The other had two sheathed knives in each of her hands.

"Do you have it," the boy with the katana asked. "Yeah, it's right here," the original boy replied, pulling a scroll out of his cloak. The 'katana boy' took the scroll, then opened it and read its contents. After a couple moments of reading, the teen looked up and said,"This is good. It includes the telepathy link, and that's really all we need." "Ok, well then," The original boy started," You guys have to hurry up. You guys can't be seen in the village." "We understand," The katana boy said, then quickly dragged his hand over the contents of the scroll.

There was a flash of light, then a swirling portal formed on the ground. The katana boy jumped in, and the portal glowed brighter for a moment, the returned to normal. The girl, in her black cloak, with prints of cherry blossoms, looked back at the one remaining boy with pain in her eyes, then ran into his arms.

natural nympho opens up soft cunt and gets deflorated love you," She whispered silently, then stood on her tippy-toes to kiss him. Their tongues danced in an erotic pattern, and when they broke the kiss, the boy looked down and said," I know you love me, baby." She looked up at him disappointedly, and replied,"Why can't you say you love me, Naruto?" "Nya, I'm just not ready yet," Naruto answered sadly.

Nya looked at him, then quickly packed him on the lips, and jumped into the portal. The portal flashed one last time, then closed and compressed into, once again, a small scroll. Naruto smiled softly, then picked up the scroll, and quickly ran through the field, in the direction of the village, to meet up withJayiara and set out for Konoha.

******************************************** Well guys, that was chapter four!

Hope you enjoyed it, and try to comment please. Those who wanted more had wait a long time because I didn't know anyone liked my story, so comment!!! Also, I might be thinking of doing a 'One Piece' story, so given me your opinion on what you would think of that. Next chapter:Naruto finally returns to Konoha, and finds that someone he would never expect has a major crush on him, and it isn't Hinata!!

Until then, UnknownRocker321