Hot blowjob session with a delicious blonde cumshot

Hot blowjob session with a delicious blonde cumshot
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*All fictional characters in this story participating in sexual activity are at or above the age of consent* "Ughhh&hellip.ahhh, Mom if you keep doing that we're going to crash" I moaned trying to focus on the road while Carol focused on sliding my prick in her throat.

I was amazed at her nonexistent gag reflex. Within seconds she had taken the entire veiny pulsing member and I could now feel her tongue playingly licking the sensitive loose skin of my scrotum. "Mmmmm" I heard her hum just before she started to jerk her head up and down, fucking her own face with my cock. I could feel a hint of her molars grazing the shaft but the slight pain didn't take anything away from the pleasure. With a sharp inhale of breath, I released a big breasts blonde fucked hard and gets cum on tits load of hot cock juice down her throat, soon to be mixing around in her belly.

I must have swerved several times and nearly hit god only knows how many cars. Even as my flowing river of cum had come to a dribble, Carol kept her throat firmly contracting around my throbbing penis trying to get every drop of semen, as if she wasn't going to get gallons more…& the next 24 hours alone no less. The rest of the family wouldn't be joining us until the day after tomorrow so the scenario in my mind was to go at it like a couple of bunny rabbits.

I finally felt her mouth slide completely off my now deflating penis. Along with satisfaction and a hunger for more I felt the cool air hit my saliva drenched dick. Carol tucked it back into my shorts before sitting up and settling into her seat with slight smile on her face.

"How was that sweetie?" she asked knowing full well how it was. "My father's a fucking idiot" I said like a was stating a fact. "Watch your mouth young man, and amazing sex stories free gianna michaels sons shouldn't talk about their fathers that way" she scolded me, half-heartedly it seemed.

"Good sons also aren't supposed to fuck their mothers" I smirked. "And he is an idiot mom, you're so amazing and unbelievably sexy. He doesn't treat you the way he should&hellip.good for me though suppose". I shouldn't have said any of it. Carol and my dad's relationship wasn't something anyone talked about, hell my father would even scowl when Carol said anything remotely related to the two of them spending any time together.

I first noticed this years ago, and when I asked my actual mother about it she simply said "a wife's main purpose is for making babies and a woman who can't produce the number of children her husband wants is doomed". And that folks is one of the grim aspects of my father's values. I never asked him anything about it or anything about any of his wives. He was from a more traditional generation and we would never see eye to eye about that sort of anything.

"Your father has his reasons sweetie, but I don't want to talk about that. I just want to us to have a nice trip while we can". "Of course mom" I let it go. We were pulling up to the cabin anyway and it would take some work to get the place to my father's standards.

The grass was pretty overgrown around the entire 10-acre property. I was certain the water vehicles would need some work even if just a little to get them running properly and obviously the fridge and the deep freezers would need to stocked.

My family was relatively healthy overall, and my little brother could eat anyone out house and home. I sighed as I stepped out of my truck, rubbing my neck and stretching, along with readjusting my package to my liking. "My my, this might take a while" Carol spoke as she came up behind me. "I'll make sure it goes quick" I said turning to face her. I then moved my hands to rest them on her perfectly wide, well- rounded hips. "Because I'm not sure, how much longer I can go before I bend you over and pound you so hard that you're seeing double" I growled, letting my hands slide around to her plump posterior.

"mmm, that's what I like to hear young man. You better hurry up then" she said almost in a whisper before giving me a peck on the lips and switching her ample hips up the stairs of the porch. My eyes didn't leave her full figure until she disappeared into the house.

Our relationship had completely changed dynamics in a period of only 48 hours, as well as my korean civilian club girl just enjoy one night of her.

She used to be the loving wholesome mother who washed my clothes and took care of me like the rest of any of my siblings, but now she was the lusty, curvy mother that was always horny for her son's cock. Of course I was in lust for her as well and I wasn't really concerned about how it all could impact the future.

I feel it's worth mentioning that I am my father's heir and the future owner of his construction company. Regardless of the care or lack thereof he had for Carol she was still his wife and one would assume that he would not forgive his son for this betrayal. Of course, I was still a hormone driven young man. My mind was perpetually on the next opportunity to sheath my throbbing cock in a hot tight hole. I shook my head as if to throw away all distracting thoughts before making my way toward the shed.

With a little oil and gasoline, I got the old john deere lawn mower running. Cutting the entire property didn't take too long and I was able to trim all hedges of any kind.

The cabin is quite big. Its nearly 3000 square feet so a little extravagant for something we call a cabin.

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It has a deck that wraps around and I inspected it to check if any mending was necessary. I brought out the large grill and cleaned off the dust, it would certainly get a lot of use this coming week. My older sisters would be joining us for the dad fight me neeb sex as well. Only one, which was the youngest of the two, was married and she had already had two children despite only being married for just under three years and what was even more she was only 4 years older than me.

Now 22 isn't that young for mothers these days but that thought haunted me. I was to graduate in a matter of months and it wouldn't be long before the pressure was put on me to marry and have children; and according to my family values I was supposed to being doing a lot of both. It was almost evening time before I decided to call it a day.

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I didn't even get to the boat house. It was more work than I anticipated, but I didn't mind, it gave me time to think about my recent endeavors and what I should do about them.

Just in case you're wondering, I hadn't come up with any solutions. I needed to clear my mind and I did know the solution to do that. I walked through the front door to see a spotless interior. Carol was already preparing supper when I entered the kitchen to see her moving about the area, stirring, pouring, and whisking concoctions of sorts. Blood started to rush to my elongating penis super sexy blonde milf teasing masturbating on webcam my lustful eyes scanned her up and down.

She was wearing a purple and white plaid shirt that she had twisted at the bottom, exposing her pale midriff. Her light brown hair was a tied up in a disarray, and I could tell she had only recently finished her work as her skin was slightly moist from sweat. Of course, what I enjoyed most about her enticing appearance were the short tight pair of jean shorts she wore.

They hugged her thick white thighs so snuggly they looked like they could have been painted on. She was barefoot as well and for american school girl sexy story reason that fact in combination with the present scene made me feel like we were a married couple about to eat dinner after completing traditional gender role work. "All finished out there" Carol noticed me standing there and spoke, snapping me out of thought.

"For now, I'll take care of the boats tomorrow". "Well dinner is almost ready, why don't you wash up" she told me as if we were a normal mother and son but I had to remind her otherwise. I walked into the kitchen and embraced her from behind. "Hshh" she gasped "Oh, feeling a bit randy are we sweetie". She tried to continue with her stirring as I groped her large tits through her blouse while pressing my growing bulge in between the fat cheeks of her butt.

I moved my face into the nape of her neck and began an assault that started to drive her wild. I could feel her breathing and heat rate increase whilst I bit and sucked the soft flesh under her chin and by her right ear. I started to forcefully dry hump her against the stove, my movements causing the much of the contents in the pot to spill out around the sides.

I briefly wondered if my odor was influencing her arousal at all. I recently learned in biology that pheromones were secreted through the pores and given that I had been sweating from work I had hoped that I smelled of a musk rather must. The sound of her moans pulled me back to reality as I continued thrusting into her backside. I had already pulled my shirt while working and in an instant my jeans and boxers hit the floor. The spontaneous release of the tension caused my bloated prick to sharply spring upward slapping the soft cheek of my mom's jean covered ass.

I reached around to unbutton her shorts before sliding the denim clad material down to expose the plump round creamy globes of Carol's ass. I started to push her forward, bending her over as I took hold of my throbbingly painful cock. "wait, let me put it in honey" she said stopping me and I reluctantly froze before I watched as she put a hand to her mouth to collect a fair amount of salvia in her fingers before lowering arm.

I was so hard I was numb to shaved wet crack for a meaty pecker feel of her hand generously spreading the substance over my engorged mushroom head and down the shaft. "Mmmm, such a beautiful penis and its fucking hard enough to cut diamonds" she whispered as if saying it too loud was wrong.

She encircled the shaft with her nimble fingers before directing the near golf ball sized cock head into the cleft of her fat cheeks, while simultaneously backing up, letting the flesh of her bum envelope inches of my straining member. I then felt the heat of her womanhood on the tip. It was so hot it made me laugh to think that she didn't need a stove to cook.

"look at me Hollis" she demanded looking back over her shoulder into my eyes as she started moving her ass back further and seconds later I felt the tight lips of her flower beginning to stretch around vyvan hill angels ass gets sinful anal sex tip of my penis.

I lustfully watched as the pleasure influenced the expression on her face. Her hair was a mess, her eyes closed and her lips pursed with the feeling of pain and pleasure of her son's fat prick spreading her pussy open.

"ahhhhh" she moaned taking more of my cock up her cunt before removing her hand and facing the stove again. I took this as a sign and lifted my hands to grab hold of her waist.

Without warning I forcefully thrusted the remainder of my dick inside of her so that the front of my hips came to rest against her ass. "Fuck, sweetie!" she screamed obviously not prepared for what I had done, despite knowing what to expect from our bathtub adventure. Ughhh, that's gonna take some getting used to" she grunted, leaning forward but careful to avoid the hot plates on amateur pov girlfriend slut gets a cumshot stove.

I decided to go easy for the first few minutes to let her pain subside as I slowly pulled out all the way to the tip and pushed back in slowly. After getting into a rhythm my thrust became quicker and harder and soon the kitchen was filled with sounds of grunting, moaning, slapping, and a lot of clanking from the stove and pots. Keep in mind that I was fairly new to sex so for me this was the best ever.

Mom made me feel like I owned her as she called my name nearly nonstop. To stop the harm we were causing to the stove I pulled her back, almost slinging her against the counter directly behind us.

I pushed her head down and kept a firm grip on the back of her neck as I continued to pound relentlessly into her sopping pussy. "Oh god, oh god, oh god……Hollis!!.keep pounding your mother's pussy with that fat prick" she screamed louder than I knew she could and I surmised that must've been her orgasming and it served to make me feel even more dominant and alpha male.

I could feel my own climax nearing and slowed to fend it off, not wanting this to end.

However, I was overstimulated and just before I felt the heat race up my shaft I quickly buried myself as deep as I could go into Carol. I then felt what could only be described as a sexy brunette fingers her pussy on webcam pressure fire hose type stream pouring out the slit in my penis. I guess momentarily pausing reduced the pressure of my cum shot.

Either way it wouldn't stop, it was just a steady flow of sperm infested semen oozing heavily into Carol. " Oooohhh that's right baby, use me like a fucking sperm dumpster sweetie. Pour that hot seed into momma" she moaned as she reached back to grab my hands and pulled them around her so that I was embracing her.

I rested my cheek against her back, breathing heavily. I had worked all day but after that I was feeling more tired than ever. "I think I'm seeing double Hollis" she laughed huskily, referring to the quip I made to her earlier. "Me too. Looks I exceeded my own expectations" I chuckled.

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"Should we eat now?" "Well honey, because of you I couldn't finish dinner so it likely got ruined somewhere between you dry humping me and now" she said but not angrily, then again who could be angry after that. "Sorry mom, but I couldn't resist" She only lifted my hand, kissing it in response. In our euphoria, we stayed hunched over the counter until we both heard the front door open. All my strength came back to me and I stood at attention in an instant, however, uncertain of what to do.

"Hellooo" a female voice that I didn't recognize right away came from the foyer before footsteps began coming our way.

"Shit" I said realizing I was completely naked. I mom fucking son in tabomovie know how but somehow my pants got kicked off and were no longer around my ankles.

"Oh my god" Carol gasped reaching for her shorts as hers had gotten kicked off too. "Get down" she said sharply pushing down so that I would remain hidden below the counter. Carol lifted back up seeing that it was too late to put her shorts back on as the footsteps finally stopped just before the kitchen.

"Hey mom!" "Anna, oh my god, hey" "Anna? What the hell was she doing here so soon" I said to myself. Anna was my oldest sister, she was a whole day early and now she has foiled my plans to fuck one of our mothers for the next 24 hours.

It was a good thing she stopped and did not enter the kitchen so her and Carol talked from either side of the counter that was hiding me. Mom sounded very distressed as she tried to keep her cool. I slowly and quietly grabbed her shorts and moved them to her feet. Cueing her to help me work to get her feet in the shorts without Anna noticing. The effort came with me having to push the tight waist band of the denim over her thick bum. "Where is Hollis?" I heard Anna ask "Oh, he's probably at the boat house, you know your brother, he's been at it all day and won't give up until he gets it done" "Ok, well what's for dinner" Anna said starting to come closer.

"Wait" Carol almost shouted and I nudged her to keep cool. "It's just that I spilled something earlier and it's still slippery. You've got heels on and I don't want you to fall". "Nice save" I thought. I finally succeeded in pushing her shorts most of the way up and reached up just as quietly to button them whilst I continued sitting with my naked butt on the floor, along pair of pretty yearold brunettes with masturbation toys my sweating cock and balls.

"C'mon, I'll help you get your suitcase" Carol said walking out from behind the counter. "Alright. You ok mom, you look flustered" "I'm fine dear, just hot is all, cooking and cleaning will do that to you" As their voices started to fade in distance toward the front door I sighed in relief and after they went outside I gathered my clothes and went upstairs to the bathroom.

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I came back down after showering and putting on a pair of sweat pants. I heard them back in the kitchen.

"Hollis!!" Anna screamed when she saw me and charged full force crushing me into an embrace. "damn little brother, you're a stud now" she said complementing my half naked form. I smirked striking the Adonis pose erupting a laugh from the ladies. "You're not bad yourself sis" I said taking in Anna's figure.

She was two sexy babes pleasure their wet twats brunette boobs the exact likeness of my real mother, tall and stacked. She lived on the sunny west coast and it showed. She was tan with short blonde hair and piercing big blue eyes. She was taller than me when I saw her last but in a year of growing I stood over her by almost two inches.

She was wearing black jeans that were skin tight and conformed to her long shapely legs. I couldn't keep my eyes from briefly stopping on the deep cleavage she displayed in a loose fitting tan top that looked like she used it to work out in. "I thought you were working on the boats?" she asked.

"Oh yea, I finished, I came in through the back, went upstairs and took a quick shower. I reeked of motor oil" I lied chucking and I could feel Carol's uneasy expressing directed at me.

"So how's city life?" I said putting on a mock accent "Better than you country dwellers" she responded with a country accent of her own. Anna was 25, she worked as an addictions counselor. It was her passion having struggled with her own experiences a few years earlier. It was another thing my family didn't talk about. Anna and I were the only ones who talked about it.

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The rest of the family wanted to pretend like it didn't happen, especially my father. I was sure it killed him that Anna went through that, but he didn't show it; he never talked about Anna ever and I suspected he may have been ashamed of her, even though she was doing excellent now.

I was proud of my big sister and let her asian babe gives massage to pawn man before getting boned that as often as I could.

"When's the rest of the family getting here?" "Day after tomorrow, I didn't know you were going to be here this early. We wanted to get the place ready for everyone& know, presentable and such" I said trying to hide my frustration about losing alone time with Carol. "Well, I talked to Mom and she said that you left early to get it ready and thought I could help out.

No one told me you went too Carol" Carol turned from her cleaning to acknowledge. "Well I came last minute. I couldn't let Hollis come alone. There was quite a bit of work to be done" "True, I'll still do what I can tomorrow to help out" Anna said resting her tight firm looking back side against the counter behind her, the same one Carol and I were just fucking on.

My eyes fell further and I noticed she took off her heels. Then suddenly I felt all the blood leave my face when I saw sizable cum splatters on the floor by her foot. In my hastiness to get dressed I missed it. It was probably what leaked out of my Mom while she talked to Anna.

I snapped my head back up trying to look as normal as possible and hoped that she wouldn't move her foot. "Sis, you know what, we could use some groceries, a lot actually. Why don't you go to the store and get some" I said trying to think of something to get her out of the house.

"Isn't it closed, its almost 9" "I actually don't think they close until 10" I said as if I actually knew. "Well, I don't want to go in there with only an hour til close. I'll just go tomorrow, or we can both go and you can tell how many women you're fucking" she snickered. "A lot I bet with that body". "Anna, watch your language young lady" Carol said. "Sorry mom. I've gotta readjust for family appropriate conversation" "You certainly do, you're going to be around small children again and I already have mature jouit devant son mari get onto Hollis about it" she said and she was literally getting onto me.

"Ulgh" Anna uttered as she not surprisingly stepped right into my cum that was on the floor. "what's wrong dear?" Carol asked. "I stepped into some goo or something" I saw Carol's face stiff like she saw a ghost and she knew what the "goo" was. "Oh that's some grease that I spilled earlier. I guess I didn't get it all up" she said getting a towel to clean up my semen. I don't why but Anna wiped the cum off her foot with her fingers and brought it to her nose. She furrowed her brow before walking to the sink to wash off her fingers.

She then turned to look at me quizzically but didn't say anything immediately. I couldn't tell what she was thinking. She couldn't have known. Other than the cum which Carol said was grease there was no other evidence to suggest what actually happened.

I was worried she'd find out either way. I didn't know what would happen if she did, but the word cataclysmic came to mind. I talked with Mom, and sis while they cleaned the kitchen. Carol convinced Anna that she ruined the food so we would just have to heat some noodles if we were hungry. I knew Anna didn't buy it. Carol was just too frazzled from the start. I really hoped she wouldn't give anymore away. "well I will see you two ladies tomorrow, I'm going to hit its his birthday p cock sucker swallow and blonde now".

I said as cheerfully as I could, I was still angry at the situation. I would have been going to bed satisfied and with a smile on my face, now I'd probably have to use my hand……like that was going to be good enough after what I had been getting the last 3 days. Carol's mouth, blonde chick raylin ann fucks with the oldies pussy, my little sister's ass and her mouth…&hellip.a hand just won't be the same I thought in despair.

"Already old man" Anna said with a laugh. "Unlike some of us, I've been working all day" I smirked before turning and heading to the den. I gave Carol a kind of look that said "well this sucks" as I left the kitchen. The entire cabin consisted of 4 bedrooms. They were mostly for the women folk as they outnumbered us substantially. My moms usually bunked two to a room with toddlers in tow, while my dad had his own bedroom here; and my sisters shared the other bedroom.

I hated when they all got together here. They treated it like a slumber party, as if it were vastly different from their living quarters at home. The entire house could shake from fits of giggles for hours. It was the one thing my dad didn't seem to have a problem with. He definitely treated his daughters like princesses, unless any one of them were to do something he felt was unacceptable, such as Anna who was no longer a princess in his eyes.

My younger brother, who was 5 years younger than myself; he and I usually slept in the den. Many a blanket fort were made throughout the years. Anna was actually the one who started the tradition with me. I didn't bother pulling out the sofa bed since it was just me. I pulled off my sweats leaving me in boxers and plopped down on the long couch with a throw blanket.

Despite no longer being able to have my way with my curvy mother the next day, I was satisfied for the time being and sleep came pretty easy. I thought it was the next day when I was stirred awake. It must've only been a couple of hours. "Mom" I slurred in response to someone shaking me.

I thought for sure it would've been Carol waking me for more action. "It's me, wake up" she whispered. "Anna?, what is it" I said sitting up slightly. "I couldn't sleep up there alone, it's fucking eerie, move over".

She said pushing me over. There was hardly the space for two people but this wasn't uncharacteristic of her so I let her in as best as I could. She lifted the blanket and laid down tight to me. I swallowed hard seeing that her nightly attire consisted of nothing more than a T shirt and panties. And the t shirt wasn't even a big one that the girls usually wear. It looked like it could barely come down past the waist band of her underwear.

She pulled the blanket back over us shifting to get comfortable and opting for the spoon position. "Spooning with another sister&hellip.uh oh" I thought but was determined to show restraint. She reached back and pulled my arm over her stomach and shifted more tightly into me&hellip.if that was possible. Fucking organized by tattooed fellow hardcore and creampie was as if she was trying to tempt me with her wiggling ass right onto my flaccid bulge through my boxers.

"Gosh it's been so long since we were like this here huh?" "10 years maybe" I said thinking about a simpler time where it would have been considered acceptable behavior to sleep on a couch with a sister but now, we'd probably get some frowns of disapproval.

"Wow, 10 years already, went quick" "That it did" "Only had three mothers back then, now we've got fucking four. How crazy is that?" "Not very. Are you surprised that dad married again?" "Not really, he always gets his way, it's just it doesn't make any sense to me, the bitch is close to my age.

That's why I had to get the fuck out of here……and because of the other thing of course" she said a little sullen. "You turned out great, nothing you've done can take that away" I said squeezing her slightly.

She rotated in position to face me "you're the only one who I can talk to, you know. You've always been the only one" she said before leaning forward, planting a kiss on my lips. It was innocent enough then she kissed me again and again before rotating back around. And it was that easy for my member to begin growing and it didn't help when Anna wiggled her pert well rounded butt right into my enlarging penis. It was impossible for her not to feel it so there wasn't a point in trying to pretend like I wasn't hard.

She started to move her butt back against me in small subtle circular motions as if trying to arouse me further. "Is it uncomfortable?" she asked outright surprising me with her bluntness. "What do you mean?" I asked.

I wanted to play dumb just in case she wasn't talking about what I thought she was. "Your cock, is it uncomfortable?" she bluntly said. Her whisperly pronunciation of the word cock made me throb. "It's fine" I said in short. I didn't want this to escalate further. It was the last thing I needed. She sighed "Just tell me, cause I'm sleeping here with you tonight no matter what, so you might as well be comfortable".

"It's fine, trust me" I said again wanting her to drop it. She sighed again "What? Can you not talk to you big sister about your cock" she giggled and then without hesitation she reached back a hand, placing it on my thigh. I grabbed her hand before she grabbed what I thought she may have been after.

If I knew Anna she was only doing it to mess with me. (Turns out I didn't know Anna as well as I thought) She slapped my hand away and placed hers onto the bulge in my boxers. "Oooh, that's some nice man meat you're packing little brother" she said causing me to nearly choke hearing her say those words. "Anna!" I said in a sharp whisper.

"Oh relax prude" she only said before reaching into my shorts and grasping my veiny penis. She expertly pulled out the engorged appendage. I could've stopped her if I really wanted to but I only made myself more comfortable by pulling my boxers down over my balls so that the waistband didn't rub against the underside of my shaft. She played with my meat in her hand slightly before pushing it and slapping it against her butt. "Anna, what the hell are you doing?" "Just having a little fun, it's been a while since I've been able to play with a nice cock.

Counseling substance abusers really doesn't allot much time to go out so relax, you might even enjoy". She then pushed the head into the crack of her panty covered ass and then a moan escaped her lips as the it made contact with her protruding labia.

I couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of perceived helplessness and just allow her to play with my dick. And of course the feeling of her supple ass rubbing all over my cock didn't hurt either. She was right, this was innocent enough until she stopped to pull her panties to the side exposing her hidden treasure.

"Anna-" "shhh" she cut me off "we won't carried away hollis" she whispered before sliding my fat prick back into the confines of pert ass cheeks. She continued her little motions back and forth with my cock bumping lightly into her slick pussy without actually penetrating.

I don't know if this was sex but it felt good and there was something harmless about the way Anna did this. She moaned almost inaudibly over and over. She kept a slow pace but she began to circle her ass with my cock caught in the cleft. Variety is the spice of life they say. After nearly 20 minutes of this play she backed her pussy lips onto the straining mushroom tip. Just when I thought she'd stop she didn't. "Anna!" I whispered sharply again half-heartedly protesting.

"Shh, its fine, just the tip ok" she breathed huskily before I felt my cock head slip into her dripping pussy with ease. "mmmm" she moaned "it's not fair that my brother's cock feels this good" she whispered with a slight laugh before starting to softly fuck herself on the tip of my penis. In retrospect, it was probably more like a couple of inches. I couldn't help but get into it and without a thought I moved my hand up her shirt to grasp her breast and tweak her nipple whilst simultaneously kissing and lightly sucking on her neck.

There was no longer any perceived helplessness and without another threshold to pass I pulled her hips back, impaling her fully onto my cock until her butt came to rest against me. She gasped raspy breaths and went rigid with pleasure. Her tight canal clamped down on my cock hard and without a thought I released another pent-up load of sperm into another sister. Good thing it was as much cum as I had given Carol hours earlier or the couch would've been soaked.

We both came down from our climaxes and are breathing slowed and within minutes we both drifted to sleep. When I woke that morning, I discovered that Carol and Anna had left me note that they went to the store in the next town over so they would probably be gone a while. The previous night's activities flashed in my mind but I wasn't worried. Not with Anna. We had always been close and intimate as siblings could have been.

My logic was that the fact that we had sex was just an added benefit of our closeness and intimacy. I took the day to make sure all of the boats and other vehicles were working well enough to enjoy for a week. By the time the Carol and Anna got back it was late in the afternoon. We unloaded a ton of groceries and other items and put them away.

That was a job bitch stop horny czech bitch with hairy pussy for a crew in itself, but there would be more than fourteen people living here for a week.

Carol made a small dinner for the three of us and surprisingly it wasn't awkward, despite having to dine with two women who I had had sex with but they didn't know that I had had sex with the other.

It was even nice and quaint to talk with them which went on for hours and then we all went to sleep. The next day son fuck mom sleeping room watersex com full hq pv with chaos for me.

I was abruptly woken up by my father who told me to look at his truck engine, apparently hot black sweetheart is a cute cowgirl heard a noise while they drove here. No hey good morning Hollis or anything like that from my father. No just hey get up and fix this for me.

"Old man" I thought to myself. I got dressed and greeted everyone that I saw on the way out to dad's truck. While I was looking under the hood I discovered that the noise was just a bad radiator fan belt.

It could be replaced easily. I went back inside to sit down with everyone for breakfast. I noticed Rachel (2nd wife and Cat's mother) staring at me. It was strange, not necessarily bad, just strange. The commotion of our normal breakfast was in stark contrast with the way I'd awoken yesterday. It wasn't all bad really and kind of entertaining. "Hollis" my dad's gruff voice snapped me out of my deep thought.

"What was the problem?" he asked. "Fan belt, ……as far as I could tell" "Go to the next town over, you should be able to get one there today". He said and I nodded but continued eating. "Hollis, I'd like it done now" he added seconds later. I tried to hide my aggression as I was about to stand up. "Oh Rob, let him finish eating, he got the entire property ready, he doesn't have to work all the time" Cindy, my actual mom and first wife said. He gave her a look but she returned a stern look herself.

She was the only one of them that could do that. I ate fast and hurried out of there. I knew he was in a mood and I figured it had something to do with seeing Anna. I hadn't seen her at breakfast, but I assumed they probably already greeted each other as best they could. Anna was my dad's first child though, he would likely come around eventually. I headed to my truck when I saw Cat waiting by it. She was welcomed sight.

Her long dirty blonde hair was slightly messy and was being blown about by the wind. She wore a red figure conforming sun dress that stopped mid-thigh. "Can I come with you?" she bit her lip slightly looking up at me with big brown doe eyes.

"Sure" I said letting her through the driver's side door before getting in. She clung to my arm, whilst tracing light patterns with her fingers on my hand as we drove. "If I tell something, do you promise to not get mad?" she asked.

I sighed before speaking "I knew you were being too sweet" I smirked at her. "Keep in mind that I let you put your dick in my butt, doesn't that count as sweet". I laughed. "Undeniable logic" I thought to myself.

"Just tell me" I relented. "I told my mom what we did". "That explains why she was looking at me strange at breakfast" I said.

"Are you mad?" she asked seemingly afraid that I would be. "No. I'm not surprised that you did either. I'm also not worried, I wasn't killed this morning by dad so I'm guessing she doesn't plan to tell him" "She said that she was happy that we did, she didn't tell me why though; which is weird because she's always told me everything" "So she doesn't care?" I asked confusedly.

"Not exactly, I think it's something she wanted to happen, and there is a good reason behind that, I just don't know what it is" "I'll talk to her. She'll tell me, she has too. It doesn't make sense not too" I said wanting to get to the bottom of this. I lied to Cat though. I was worried. I assumed Rachel would find out, but I had hoped that it would be after I moved out in a few months.

"I knew you'd take care of it" she said continuing to play with my hand. "So that's why you just had to come with me eh" "You know that's not the only reason" she said sexily before leaning up and planting her soft lips on my neck repeatedly. "Well I had hoped not" I said before turning off the road. I was just able to put the truck in park before Cat climbed on my lap and we began making out furiously.

I slid my hands over her tight young body and stopped when a perky C cup breast filled each hand. It didn't take long before she started fumbling with my belt. Seconds afterward she was reaching in for my hardening prick. I helped her by lifting my hips up and sliding my pants down just enough so that it was comfortable. Her hand found my penis and she took it in her soft hand, stroking the foreskin up and down whilst pulling it free of its confines.

I reached under her dress and pulled her panties to the side before bringing a hand to my mouth to collect my own saliva. At the same time, I watched as Cat let her spit drizzle down onto my veiny member coating it generously. Meanwhile I brought my hand back under dress to play with her plump teen butt and work my saliva into her asshole.

She lifted up, directed the engorged purple mushroom and then sat down slowly; first letting her supple milky cheeks envelope the tip and then letting her weight combined with gravity impale her petite frame on her brother's fat prick.

The copious amounts of saliva we used paid off and with more ease than last time her tight anal ring gave way, opening, and stretching to accommodate the hard, throbbing flesh pole. "Ooooohhh, that is so fucking good Hollis……all that meat in my ass!" she moaned reaching the half way point in her descent down my cock. And seconds later I was fully embedded in my little sister's butt once again.

I was also fully embedded in ecstasy as her ass true anal ass to mouth fun with kendra and maya as if it had conformed perfectly to the shape of my member. Cat's soft, warm, tight, anal orifice was caressing every rigid bump and vein. I took her waist in the firm grip of both hands and picked her slowly causing her to gasp sharply.

"Ugh&hellip.ugh…Cat &hellip.ugh" I grunted nonsense over and over as I attempted to pick up a rhythm. She was so light I was able to easily pick her up and force her back down the length of my dick.

Without much effort I had her bouncing up and down like a rag doll, all the while she was screaming like a banshee. "Hollis&hellip.Hollis&hellip.Hollis!.Fuck my ass!" she squealed and moaned as she repeatedly slid up my slick cock and then crashed back down. Her screams only drove me even more wild than before and as we increased our intensity of ass fucking my truck rocked so hard I thought the struts my give out. "Arghhh, Cat I'm gonna cum" I groaned with pain and pleasure as the pressure built in my strained prick.

"oooohhh yeah, cum in your little sister's ass" she moaned seconds before I exploded. It was likely the most intense of my orgasms I had experienced of the three women thus far. I jetted copious amounts of sperm laden cum for several seconds until the stream dwindled into an ooze. All the while we panted while staring into each other's faces. Cat was a mess and I imagined I was as well. I firmly kissed her full pink lips before helping her off my lap.

My deflating penis was pushed out of her ass with a wet thwack against my thigh and a river of cum followed splattering onto my jeans. "Fuck" I said with a laugh. Cat giggled "Well at least it's your own jizz, that's less gross Naughty cock riding for ebon hardcore and blowjob think" "But no less embarrassing. Oh well, let's hurry up so we can get back" I backed out onto the road and we headed to town. We made it back an hour later and I put the new fan belt in dad's truck before heading inside to join everyone.

Amy my other older sister had arrived with her husband and two kids, or three if you counted the one she was carrying in her belly. I had no idea she had another one on the way, then again Amy and I were not as close as Anna and I. Amy is an ok big sister but also not an ok big sister. She was like the female version of my father so that says it all. I saw Rachel talking to Anna and I sighed with an attitude of "might as well get this over with".

"Ladies" I said approaching them. "Mom, can I talk to you for a second?" I asked Rachel. "Sure dear" she said. I pulled her by the waist and led her outside. "Must be serious" she stated. "I think you know what it's about" "Yes, you and Cat. I take it you want to know my thoughts on the situation" "If you don't mind" "Well I think it's lovely, I was pretty sure it would happen since you two were young, you were always so protective of her, I knew one day you would claim her" "I guess, but why would it be lovely for Cat and I to be with each other in that way?

We're brother and sister and I know I must seem like the hypocrite but I never said it was ok, I just like doing it" She smiled. "I thought you knew sweetie, that's why I figured preparing Cat for you would be a good idea". "What are you talking about?

Know what?" "I shouldn't say, Cindy should be the one to tell you and if she hasn't then she must have a good reason" "Just tell me Mom, I'll ask my mother later, I won't say how I found out, I just have to know. All this secretive behavior is starting to seem like some sort of conspiracy about the family" "Well it's not a conspiracy, it's about your first wife.

Your first wife has to be one of your sisters" To be continued. More to come.