Kinky babe takes big cock up her asshole

Kinky babe takes big cock up her asshole
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Story summary: This story is about a horny couple of straight lads who, well… let's just say they decided to drive stick… Alex and Brett had been friends since Alex was 15 and Brett was 13, they grew up with each other as they lived on the same street, they were like brothers. Now they had grown into handsome men being the ages of 20 and 22.

Alex, being the older of the two, was 6ft 2in, had short blond hair that lit up his face, he had piercing green eyes and soldering good looks.

Brett, however, was slightly shorter at just 6ft, he had dark hair and soft blue eyes.

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Both boys were in good shape considering they never worked out and both had no problem picking up girls however neither one had a serious relationship. Both boys loved going to festivals together and generally spent most of their time together. They had spent most of August of 2014 at the Edinburg festival and now they were on their way home. While driving out of Edinburg the boys were starting to get restless, neither of the boys had gotten lucky the night before which was unusual as their game was usually quite good.

This got the discussion about the night before where the two boys saw two beautiful women standing at the bar, they decided to give it a shot and try to pull both women which, due to their British charm, usually worked well in the end. In fact it was rare that they didn't pull. All the reminiscing of the previous night got the boys thinking of the women and just how hot they were, both about 5ft 9 dark brown shoulder length hair, skimpy black dress that just showed off the right amount of skin to get those, and any other boys, horny.

Now the boys were starting to get hard in their jeans and after not having any kind of release for the past 24 hours, they needed asian loves to get boned by a big black dick get off and soon! At this point Alex, who was driving the car decided to take one of the back roads so that there is less traffic… however there was another reason he wanted to take the back roads… about halfway down the road Alex decided to pull over and stop the engine, at this point both lads were so hard their jeans were about to burst open and Alex said what was on both boys horny little minds… "Brett we need to get laid and soon, but since there's no chicks out here there's only one way either of us are going to get any release and that is to wank" this came as a shock to Brett as the last time they had masturbated together was when he was 14 and discovered girls, this was also when Alex decided to teach Brett how good masturbation could feel… after a few moments of silence had passed Brett decided to speak.

"But we haven't masturbated together in years.

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Won't it be a bit weird besides we always had girls to look at in magazines or on the computer… this time it's just us… isn't that a little. Gay?" knowing that he really needed to get off… all sensual latina playgirl has her pussy pummeled was running through Bretts mind were images of Alex and himself masturbating and possibly touching each other… he was soon surprised when his already hard cock responded to these dirty images.

"It isn't gay Brett we just both need release that's all… it's not like I'm going to touch you or vice versa it's just mutual masturbation… if that's all you want?" Alex said hoping that it could go further, not because he was gay but because he hadn't had sexual contact from another person in a while and needed the release&hellip. Sure masturbation was okay but having a mouth around his cock… that would be even better.

Brett pondered the thought of this going further as well as wondering why his cock had gotten harder when he thought of Alex… Brett answered Alex's question by unbuttoning his pants and rubbing his growing erection through his boxers which were gripping it tightly. Alex took this answer and followed Bretts lead by undoing his jeans and rubbing his growing cock, neither lad was surprised at how the other one has grown as they have both seen each other naked numerous times while fucking lasses they pulled up at bars… sometimes horny sisters… but that's a story for another day.

Back to the hot car scene! Both lads cocks were oozing precum and Alex wasn't messing around, he wanted a nice wet mouth around his cock and since he couldn't suck himself that job falls to Brett… only thing is… how would he manipulate him… Bretts eyes couldn't stay focused on his own cock… he kept taking subtle glances as the hot stud next to him as he groped his thick slab of man meat.

Both lads had a fairly large cock around 7-8 inches and quite thick. Brett couldn't stop his thoughts from running wild, he knew it was wrong… Alex was like a brother to him and now all he could think about is sucking his best friends cock and swallowing his load… he really wanted to become Alex's next bitch… maybe even his permanent one, but little did he know of Alex's true intentions… Alex decided he had waited enough and he knew that his best friend was checking him out… he wanted it… Brett wanted it, what was there to lose… he went in… "Brett what the fuck man!

You said you didn't want this to be gay but here u are looking at my cock man, what's wrong you want to suck it or something!? Go on bitch suck it!" at that moment Alex grabbed Bretts head and forced it down into his crotch. Brett was shocked.

the boy who he has once thought of as his brother was now forcing his head down into his crotch, which he had to admit smelled amazing… all he could do was suck it like he knew Alex wanted… hell it's what HE wanted! Alex finally had Bretts hot little mouth on his cock and he knew he wouldn't last much longer, but god how he wished it would last forever… the opposite was running through Bretts mind all he could think about was using his mouth to please his best friend… and earn his creamy reward… Brett was jacking his cock like crazy while working Alex's big hard cock with his mouth, licking up the shaft to the head then deep throating it realemoexposed punk chick gives a perfect blowjob teen sucking each ball delicately into his mouth.

Neither boy noticed the car pull up behind them or hear the footsteps… or saw the shadows outside the car… until that is when Alex came! White spunk shot up into Bretts mouth while the audience from outside the car watched… at the same time Brett shot his load all over the window and steering wheel… it was at that moment that they noticed… they were being watched&hellip. Continues in chapter two!

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