Busty michelle has her orgasmic muff plugged big tits and cumshot

Busty michelle has her orgasmic muff plugged big tits and cumshot
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My husband usually writes about my previous escapades but I thought that this one would be best told by me. After all, it was all about me.

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In the summer months my husband travels a lot so I'm left with a lot of time by myself. On this particular trip that he had I decided to go to the reservation and visit with my mom. I hadn't seen her in quite a while and besides, my younger brother had moved in with her and it fiset time school giral xnxx be good to catch up with him.

My brother J.J. is about five years younger than me and has been in and out of trouble for quite a while. Regardless, I've always kind of spoiled him. At times I still can't believe that he's all grown up and a man now. After I got there and had visited for a while J.J. asked me if I could give him a ride to a friend's house when I was ready to go.

"Sure", I said, thinking it would be good to spend a little time with him. There are things that siblings share that you just can't with your parents.

As I drove him to his friend's house I couldn't help but notice how big he had got. Actually I had noticed back at mom's house but now he was sitting right next to me and it was starting to turn me on a little bit. He had been in jail for a while and been lifting a lot of weights.

He had a tight white t-shirt on. The kind with straps and it showed off the muscles in his chest perfectly. Even though my mother and I had shared some crazy times together, I had never done anything with J.J. I guess we had a kind of silent attraction that we never talked about. He had spent the night at my house a few times and I had noticed him eyeing me up when I got out of the shower.

I didn't really think about it at the time but I did like it. As we got to his buddy's house he asked me if I wanted to come inside for a minute.

I hadn't seen his friend Mike since they were just kids. Yeah, I thought. In my mind I was kind of hoping that Mike had turned out as hot as my brother. When the door opened, I wasn't disappointed. Mike stood about six foot three and was ripped. His hair was long and black, pulled mom help playmates duddy she tempts her stepcronys daughter and lets her know that it a pony tail.

He didn't have a shirt on and I could tell that he had been working on his car. His hands were black and he smeared a little on his forehead as he wiped the sweat away. "Hey Mike!" I said, wrapping my arms around him to hug.

I could feel the sweaty muscles in his back and could feel my pussy getting wetter. "What are you doing around here?" he asked. "She came to party!" my brother joked.

"No", I said. "I just came to see you all grown up, but I might stay for a while if that's O.K?" "Yeah, we need to catch up" he said smiling at me. Luscious babe nikki blake rides personal trainer sat and talked for a while and I was getting hornier and hornier. Mike had a weight bench in the middle of the room and J.J.

was lifting weights as we talked. It was a small trailer and with no air conditioning, it was getting hot. Both boys had taken their shirts off and were starting to sweat as they tried to outdo each other.

It was fine with me. To see their chiseled bodies grunting and straining was making me hot. Eventually as the weight got heavier J.J.

was having a hard time getting the bar up. I giggled and teased him that all of his women were the reason he didn't have any strength. "Shit", he said. "I haven't been laid since I got outta jail!" "What?" I replied. "We're gonna have to get you hooked up" I said grinning. "Yeah", he said smiling. "You might have to help me out." "And if you think this weight is so easy", Mike said. "Maybe you outta come over here and try it out." "O.K." I said.

As I lay back on the bench Mike got behind me. My head was so close to his crotch that I almost reached for it. J.J. straddled the bench and my legs.

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His bare chest hovered above me. "We'll start out with some light ones", Mike said. I started to lift the bar when J.J. put his hands on my bare thighs. "You gotta keep your feet on the ground" he said. As I started to push the weight up and down I began to groan. "Damn sis!" J.J. said. "You gotta quit that. You're startin' to make my dick hard." I laughed and teasingly said, "I wanna see." "Nah, I don't think you unbelievable lesbians fucking with strapon pantyhose erotica handle all of this" he said as if it were a dare.

"Let me be the judge of that" I said as I leaned up and grabbed the front of his pants. As I pulled his big cock out I smiled and whispered to him.

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"Let sis take care of this for you." I was so wet by now and the thought of fucking my little brother while his best friend watched was driving me wild. Mike got behind me and started to pull my tank top off as I took my brothers cock in my hand. It was huge and warm in my fingers as I started to lick slowly on the underside of it. I noticed that he kept it trimmed and used my left hand to stroke on his smooth balls. "Yea, that's what I'm talkin' about" he said.

Soon Mike was rubbing his big piece of meat on my cheek and I began to lick him equally. It was hotter than hell and I could taste my own sweat as I began to take J.J.

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in my mouth. I twirled my tongue around his perfect mushroom head and then took it all the way down. He let out a long groan and pulled my hair in a bunch behind my head. I moved back and forth between their big dicks. Sucking and slurping as fast as I could. I loved the way they treated me so rough, telling me exactly what they wanted and what to do. "Yea, you like little brother's big dick, don't ya?" J.J.

said as he pulled on my hard nipples. "Yes!" I groaned as Mike stuffed my mouth. "I'll be your little slut anytime " I said as I came up for air and jacked hard on both blonde pornstar enjoys a full body massage them. J.J. leaned down and lifted me up under the arms. He turned me around as we walked towards the couch. He pulled my hair and whispered angrily into my ear, "You want this big cock in you, don't you!?" "Yes" I whimpered.

"I'm your whore any time you need it. I promise." He pushed my face into the couch and I could feel his strong fingers separating my tight little pussy lips. Mike climbed up the couch and forced his dick back into my mouth as J.J. eased inside of me. His dick was so big and I could feel him filing my little snatch completely. He started to pump on me and immediately I began to come. I pulled Mike out of my mouth and screamed. "Fuck me hard" I screamed as I reached behind me and pulled him into me harder.

About then J.J. pulled out and traded places with Mike. Right away Mike was thrusting his meat into me so hard that I was trying to catch my breath.

He continued to slam into me when J.J. asked me if I liked to get fucked in the ass. I shook my head yes and moaned with his cock in my mouth.

"I knew you did" he said. "I used to listen to you getting fucked by all the guy's in the neighborhood." Soon Mike pulled out of me and lay back on the couch. I crawled up on his huge body, resting my hands on the muscles of his chest. My pussy was throbbing hard as I lowered myself onto him. J.J. got behind me and started to slide his finger into my tiny asshole. I moaned as I felt his rough finger probing me deep.

"Fuck my ass now!" I begged. Slowly he teased me, running his hot meat up and down the crack of my ass. I couldn't take it any longer. I reached back and positioned his huge mushroom at the entrance.

I felt a little push and my tiny hole started to burn. With sex com xxx googel story thrust he went deeper and deeper until I could feel both dicks in me pumping in perfect rhythm. I arched my back and began bucking and twisting on both cocks. They fucked me like this for what seemed like hours before I felt J.J.'s grip on my waist tighten.

He rammed into me hard and the full length of his shaft until I felt his hot cum warming my asshole. I asked him to keep it inside of me as I squeezed tighter on Mike and rode him hard.

Soon mike let out a loud groan and I could feel his cock twitching inside of me as his sticky goo ran down my thighs. We all lay there, sweaty and panting for air. As I put my wet panties back on and I gathered my things I looked at J.J. "Want to hang out tomorrow?" I said.