Aaliyah is back for vengeance after learning that her dowager step mom

Aaliyah is back for vengeance after learning that her dowager step mom
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Pam Joins the Staff of Her High School Football Team I was just waiting like I was told to do, setting in the laundry room at school. In walks this girl I had seen around but didn't know. "Are you Pam?" she asked. "Yes." "I'm Missy and I run the staff. I was told that you would probably fit right in so I'm going to find out right now." Missy is a black girl probably 6 feet tall. I found out later she is the star of the girls basketball team. She had very impressive boobs and straight strong legs sticking out of a very short mini skirt.

Without further ado she sat on the towel folding table and spread her legs a bit so I could see her pussy, her very hairy pussy. "I'd like you to give me a little attention," she said with a smile as she pointed downwards. "What do you think?" I got up and approached her and said, "I think that is a great idea but I like to start out a little slower." I took her face in my hands and pressed my lips to hers and pushed my tongue into her mouth.

The dance began and I moved one hand down to her breasts. She was very receptive to my efforts and was soon giving me a little moan. I decided against kissing and sucking her boobs so moved my hand down to the hairy patch. She was already wet so I pushed my finger in her cunny and then placed it in my mouth and sucked off the juice. "MMmmmmm," you are very tasty I whispered. Without further ado I ran my tongue up and down the path between her rosebud and her clit.

She liked what I was doing I could tell because her moans became louder. I clutched her clit between my teeth while I licked the tip. Her hands held my head not letting me move from her cunt. Her breathing and moaning and body movement told me she wasn't far from a climax and I was correct.

Soon her love juice poured from her cunny and before I could do anything I was very wet, hair, face and clothes. I finally got my mouth over her cunt and drank. It took a short while before she was thru her climax and things returned to somewhat normal. xxx first time himachali sex are good," she said with a big smile. "Welcome to the staff.

I fill you in on what is expected sometime later. Right now I've got to get cleaned up and back to the office." We were both washing and drying etc.

when this big and I mean big black dude came in. He looked at us and said, 'What the fuck is going on in here? The place smells like a French Whorehouse." Missy replied, "I just welcomed Pam to the staff. Pam this is Coach Benson, Head Coach of the football team and our main boss." I walked over to him and said I was glad to meet him.

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I don't know why but my eyes went down to his crotch and there was one big bulge. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. "Have you told Pam what is expected of staff members?" he asked. "I really haven't had enough time but being the smart girl that she is I'm pretty sure she understands that at times she will be expected to help the coaching staff relax and release some strain." Coach was looking at me and I was looking at Missy.

She put her finger in her mouth and started sucking it and I pointed down at his bulge and then at my mouth and she smiled. That was all the information I needed. I turned to the Coach and said, "I'm sure you must be pretty uptight about the big game tomorrow night. Maybe I can help you relax a little." The hard meat in his pants felt wonderful in my hand. I rubbed it and it grew bigger.

I couldn't get his belt undone so I just dropped to me knees, put my hands behind my back and opened my mouth. He got the message and soon he was slapping my face with one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen.

And then he teased me by rubbing it on my lips and just putting the head in my mouth. I tried to get more of it in my mouth but he wouldn't let me. When Brunette milf takes over a young cock blowjobs facials masturbation big boobs pushed my mouth towards it he pulled it back.

He was sort of laughing but I wasn't amused at all. I pulled back and asked, "Aren't you going to let me suck it?" My answer was both his hands on my head and his cock pushed as far down my throat as it would go.

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I choked and gagged and he laughed. But then he released my head and let me take over. Still not using my hands I sucked his balls and licked up and down the shaft taking great care when licking under the head. His moans told me he was enjoying what I was doing as much as I was. He stepped back and told me to get up on the table.

I did and soon that big cock was rubbing my hot, wet pussy. Oh I so wanted it all the way in me and I was soon rewarded. It was so big it hurt a little at first but then it was pure pleasure.

He fucked me for a little while, pushing it all the way in and waiting a few seconds and pulling it out. Then he would slam me fast and hard. He told me to get up on my knees and then he was fucking me doggy. My elbows were down on the table with my ass in the air and he hammered me. Then he pulled out and was rubbing my rosebud. Oh no, I thought, I don't know if I can take sexy sluts suck on a stiff shaft big cock in my ass.

But I soon found out I could. It hurt like hell to start but soon became more pleasure then pain. But it didn't last long. His grunts and moans increased in volume and then he stepped back and told me to get on my knees.

Knowing what was coming I quickly kneeled in front of him with my mouth open. I watch the first stream of cum fly from his cock to my mouth from about 6 inches away.

Then a little closer he continued to cum until gorgeous mia isabella fucking a thief mouth was almost full of his juice. For the first time I wrapped my hand around his meat and stroked the last few drops of cum out and licked it off. Then with a big smile I looked him in the face and swallowed it all.

"Welcome to the staff," Coach said, "Wait here and I'll send Coach Martin in for an interview." I didn't have time to wash or anything before the door opened and in walked this older gentleman, I would guess in his 60's.

He was a bit chubby but rather handsome. "I understand you are interested in joining the staff. Is that correct?" "Yes," I replied. "Well, I still enjoy the ladies but my equipment is getting old and sometimes doesn't work to well. If you can coax a load out you'll get my vote." I patted the seat beside me and he joined me. I pushed my lips to his and my tongue entered his mouth.

We kissed for a bit and his hands were all over me, pulling my nipples, squeezing my tits and then fingering my pussy. And, of course, my hand explored his pants. What it found was a nice sized cock about 8 inches long and thick, and hard. It didn't take long before I my mouth was working up and down on the shaft and I was sucking his balls.

"Why don't we try that thing in here?" I asked as I pointed to my pussy. Without further ado he pushed his meat all the way in my hot, wet cunt. I must have been doing something right because very shortly he pulled out and squirted his cum all over my tits.

I was almost exhausted but needed so badly to have a climax that I started finger fucking myself. "You could do this for me," I told him. "Sorry little girl, I'm done," was his reply and he left the room. So here I am, alone well fucked in all three holes but not satisfied. I even thought of walking nude out into the hall to see if I could find someone to finish me off. But to my rescue came Missy. I didn't have to ask or anything because she came directly to me and buried her face in my pussy.

It was only a few minutes before I began squirting all over her. I think I passed out and when I came to Missy was folding towels and acting like nothing had happened. It was several days before anything happened. Missy and I had entertained each other but the Coach's weren't part of our fun. Then one afternoon as I reported to the laundry room there was a note on the board for me to report to Coach Benson.

I knocked on his door and beauty bounds on fat penis hardcore and blowjob called me in. He was behind his desk and motioned for me to set. We chatted a bit and then he got serious. "Did Missy fill you in on all the duties you have as a member of the staff?" he asked.

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I replied, "We were just getting to that when we were interrupted by a big, beautiful cock." This got a smile out of him and then I noticed that one hand was down behind the desk, like maybe he was stroking his cock.

I asked, "Do you need a little attention?" He pushed his chair back and I could see he did. I went to him and dropped to me knees. What a beautiful site, my white hand wrapped around his big black cock.

I started sucking and he kept talking. "We have a program here on the team that if a player does a particular good job he is rewarded by a staff member. Is this fucking glasses unexpected office fuck on the floor that you could do?" I took my mouth off and replied, "I'll do anything you want me to too anyone you want me too.

Just as long as I get my reward, this big meat." "OK, we have an away game this weekend so you and Missy will be traveling with the team. You will have your own room at the motel but will share it with Coach Martin and me. One of you two will be in our room and one of us will be in yours. It will also be used when rewards need to be handed out. Do you understand?" I replied with a big smile, "Sounds like I can plan on being fucked a lot this weekend." It took some serious cock sucking but finally I was rewarded with a big load of cum in my mouth.

I enjoyed squishing it around and then swallowing. Coach gave me a big smile and said he had to get going. We left his office together and I headed for the laundry room wanting to chat with Missy about the coming weekend. "You look well used," she commented with a smile. "I am, completely," I said, "But I want to find out about this weekend." "Well let me tell you about it. I love the reward program. On one away game last year I was rewarded to the defensive line, four guys.

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Four horny guys. I had hard cocks in my pussy, ass, mouth and hand for about 5 hours. It was wonderful. The guys came two or three times so I got lots of protein. But what really blew me away was that after three of the guys left the last one actually made love to me. He kissed me and played with my tits and pussy and even went down on me.

He licked me even though his four buddy's cocks had fucked me. I still get together with him every once in a while." My pussy was getting hot again just thinking about what she was saying.

We finished the laundry and prepared to leave. I really wanted to shower and sleep awhile so headed home. Mom was gone so I had the apartment to myself so I took a hot shower, had a bowl of soup and headed for bed. I tossed and turned because I couldn't get the big hard black cock I had played with out of my mind. Finally I naughty doxy and her fuckmate hardcore blowjob off and dreams took over, I'm in a motel room with four guys but that story will be chapter 2 of this saga.

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