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White girl bouncing on that bbc anarchy
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Donovan Manor Chapter 1 Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Brock Tatum and his parents finished moving into their new home on Saturday evening. Well the home wasn't brand new, just new to them. All three were dead tired and just wanted to eat, shower and go to bed.

As it always goes when moving, the kitchen is in boxes somewhere and the beds are in pieces. Katherine suggests she go get sandwiches while the men put the beds together. As Brock and his dad Raymond work on the beds Kathy leaves to get the food and drinks.

Judy Forest is sitting at her bedroom window seat across the street from the Tatum's as Kathy comes out of the house and gets in her car. Judy sees Mrs. Tatum walk to her car and notices what a nice figure she has and wonders how old she is. What Judy doesn't realize is her son Randy is in the garage and he notices Kathy Tatum's figure as well. But then who wouldn't? Kathy is 5'7" tall with long legs, sandy blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes.

Vintage maid sex young boy can't decide if her tits or her ass is her best feature. "Well I guess I'll wait till I see her up close and then decide." Randy thought. Actually it would be hard to choose Kathy's best feature, she had so many. Her smile could melt cold steel, her teeth were perfect. Her breast measured 38 inches.

Her waist looked slim compared to her flaring 38 inch hips. Her ass was firm and round. Brock and Raymond were finishing the last bed when Kathy arrived with the food. Ray noticed Kathy looked tired and said, "Kathy, you look worn out. Have a seat and I'll run you a quick bath." Thank you Ray darling," Kathy said as she sat down. Ray went and ran her a warm bath in the Master Suite. After eating a few bites Kathy got up and headed to her bath.

It was warm in there and smelt nice. Ray had put some bubbles in the bath and lit a candle. He was there by the tub waiting for her. He helped her undress, admiring her naked body, his six inch fifty year old cock coming to life. Myron Wilson was also admiring Kathy's naked body from his second story bedroom window in the house next door.

The Tatum's bathroom window had no curtain on the upper window. The upper section was shaped like an archway and required a special Custom made blind which didn't come with the house. The view into their bathroom on the first floor was perfect from the bedroom window on the second floor next door. Myron couldn't believe his luck.

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He could see only part of the actual room, but the full length mirror across from the tub was large enough you could see the whole room, including all of the tub and the glass wall shower at the end of the tub. Myron thought to himself, "This sure beats the 200 pound fat ass and her wrinkly mom's white ass that lived there before the Tatum's." Myron had discovered this little peeping spot by accident a year ago, but was turned off by the white fat lady and her mother who had lived there so he never used it.

He was going to bed early one evening last year and when he shut his bedside lamp off the bathroom light was on next door. He saw it and out of curiosity he got up and looked out his window down into the neighbors bathroom. He saw the old lady's wrinkly white ass getting in the tub through the reflection in the mirror. Totally grossed out, he went to bed. But when he saw the light on tonight he instantly remembered the hot booty milf he had seen earlier today moving in next door.

Myron had been watching Kathy for about 20 minutes and sure real brother sister sindee scott 2 anal the view. Not much action as she was so tired she just laid there with those mouth watering 38 inch breast sticking out of the bubbles just a little.

But enough to make Myron's brown 19 year old circumcised eight inch cock hard. Kathy was so tired she was getting sleepy in the tub. Brock was sleepy too and wanted to get to bed, but wanted to say goodnight to his mom first so he opened the bathroom door and said, " Mom I'm going to bed now." Brock didn't enter the bathroom all the way but could see his mother's reflection in the mirror.

Kathy said, "Ok honey, come give me a kiss goodnight." Brock entered the bathroom in his boxers and no shirt on. Being athletic all through high school and now in his second year at college he was pretty buff.

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Which never went unnoticed by any woman that saw him without his shirt on, including his own mother. Myron was getting tired of standing in front of the window watching those tits float above the bubbles when he noticed it looked like Kathy was talking to someone. He stopped stroking his cock and looked their first anal threesome face sitting and cunnilingus to catch any action. He saw the son come into the bathroom which surprised him, he was figuring on it being the dad.

The son went over to the edge of the tub and bent down and Myron couldn't be sure but he thought he saw him kiss her. His view was blocked by the son's body, but Myron was pretty sure that's what he saw. As Brock entered the bathroom he saw his mother's tit's sticking out of the water and a lot of the bubbles had vanished leaving a clear view of them. Which she did nothing to hide or cover up.

In fact as Brock was walking in she purposely moved some bubbles. This did not go unnoticed by Myron either, his face was practically glued to the window.

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Brock bent down and kissed his mother on the cheek and said, "Good night Mom." It was a short kiss but the close up view of her tits was too much for Brock, his dick started tenting his boxers. As soon as he felt it he moved back quickly and turned to leave. But his reflection in the mirror said it all. Kathy saw the tent and smiled, she had slowly been trying to seduce Brock for awhile.

But he was pretty shy around girls and even around his mother. She got the reaction she wanted from her display of flesh to her son, and none of it went unnoticed by Myron. Chapter 2 Randy's real african girl force rape in car bad boy Myron lay on his bed the next morning trying to recall the sights from the night before.

He remembered clearly his new milf neighbor lying in her bubble bath with her perfect tits floating above the water. He remembered&hellip. The son kissing her goodnight! Oh yeah, he remembered the son getting a boner. Myron had his morning wood and needed to get up and take a piss. But it feels so good rubbing his cock and thinking of the neighbor in her bubble bath.

Across the street, Judy Forest just finished her morning run. Sweaty and thirsty, Judy came inside and headed for the kitchen for a drink of water. Her sports bra holding her 36c sized breasts was soaked and starting to itch. She got a drink and took her bra off and took it the laundry room. She started to throw it in the dirty laundry basket when she saw her panties from yesterday laying right on top.

Hmm, she thought. "I don't remember leaving those there," she said to herself. Picking them up she saw and felt they were wet and sticky.

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"Jeffrey Randall Forest!" she yelled. Randy was just getting out of the shower when he heard her yell. "Yeah mom, I'll be right down." he said. Oh shit, I'm in trouble anytime she calls me Randall. He slipped a pair of basket ball shorts on and went down stairs, Commando. He came around through the kitchen and saw her loading the wash machine. "What the hell is this?" Judy said. Holding up her panties still wet with his cum. He looked down embarrassed and said, " sorry mom." "If you ruin my panties, your in trouble young man." She took the panties and shoved them in his face.

Randy felt his wet come on his face and decided to challenge her. Sticking his tongue out licking the panties, he said, "mmm".

"Oh Randy, your gross" she said. Randy laughed and swatted her on the ass as she turned to throw the panties in the washer. Judy just glared at him and walked past him to head up stairs to her bathroom to take a shower.

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Randy grabbed a donut from the box on the kitchen counter and a glass of milk. After eating his breakfast he headed upstairs and walked into his mom's bathroom. She was still mom and sons analsi massage the shower and he heard her moaning. He slowly slid the glass door open and looked at her. She had her eyes closed, her head tilted back and was using the massaging shower head on her clit. Randy became hard instantly as he stripped off his boxers and began to masturbate himself while watching his mother do the same.

Finally Judy came hard and after she calmed down, she opened her eyes just in time to see Randy's first spurt come flying out the end of his rock hard 21 year old cock. She quickly leaned over and put her mouth over his cock and got the second and third spurts in her mouth. She swallowed all of it and licked her lips.

She had been sucking Randy off for sometime now and allowed Randy to eat her to orgasms many times over the past year, but would not allow him to have intercourse with her. Chapter 3 Myron meets Brock and Kathy Myron was lying on his bed Sunday morning remembering the view from his window last night of the awesome milf Kathy, who had moved in next door yesterday.

He remembered how the son got hard when he came in to the bathroom to give his mom a kiss goodnight. Myron thought, "well the son was an idiot, I would have stripped and got in with her." He noticed her smile as the son left the bathroom quickly with his hard on tenting his boxers.

Myron got up and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. He then went down stairs dressed in just his boxers, and got a cereal bowl from the cabinet and as he poured cereal into it he looked around and out into the living room.

No one was around, so he added his milk and sat down to eat. As he finished his sister Jasmine came into the kitchen in her pajamas looking sleepy. Her pajamas consisted of a long t-shirt, no bra on her 36c sized breasts, and a white thong. Her puffy nipples were pressing against her t-shirt and Myron noticed them.

"Good Morning Sis," he said. "Morning" she said. Jasmine struggled to get a bowl for her cereal off the top shelf. Myron had purposely taken the last bowl from the shelf she could reach. As she stretched Myron came up behind her and said, "here let me help you". As he leaned forward he made sure to press his semi hard cock into her thong covered ass which was bare due to the shirt rising up as she stretched for the top shelf. Myron reached the bowl and handed it to her.

Jasmine looked Myron in the eyes as she turned around. Then she glanced down at his crotch. Smiling Jasmine took the bowl and said "Thank You". She fixed her breakfast in silence as Myron enjoyed the view of her ass and tits while she moved around the kitchen half asleep.

Myron got up rinsed his bowl took one last glance at her and headed back upstairs to get dressed for a run. As Brock was coming out of the house with some empty boxes, Myron was coming out to go running.

"Hello" Myron said to him. Brock looked up and said, Oh Hi." He asked Myron where to put recycles. They carried on for a few minutes and then went on their separate new big boobs xnxx com sex stories. As Myron was running he was thinking about his new neighbor, Brock. "Man if I'm gonna get to the Mom, what better way than through the son." As he was formulating a plan he had been looking down as he ran, when he looked up Kathy Tatum was 30 feet in front of him.

As she ran towards him he saw those massive 38 inch jugs bouncing in rhythm with each step. Each time one would bounce down the other one would bounce up.

Myron' cock pulsed every time those tits would cycle their up and down motion. Before Kathy passed the dark young man in front of her she glanced down at his crotch. "Wow!" She thought, "I hope he didn't see me look at that huge bulge in his spandex." Myron recognized her and as she got closer, his cock was almost completely hard.

Just as she passed him he saw her glance at his package. He smiled at her and said, "Good Morning Mrs. Tatum." Kathy was so shocked he called her by name that she stopped running. Myron saw her pull up and stop, so he stopped and turned around.

Kathy had a confused look on her face and Myron said, "I met Brock this morning, my name is Myron Wilson. I live next door." "Oh I see, well Good Morning Myron." she said. As she looked back up to his face as she had glanced as his package again, she saw he was smiling. "Excuse me Mrs.

Tatum, but can I run back to the house with you?" Myron said. "Why yes Myron that would be nice, I can loira +top rabuda rebolando saia 3 tube porn the company." Kathy said. Myron was thinking, "I hope I can see in your bathroom in the daylight." As they ran, they talked and the more they talked the more Kathy liked him. Myron's cock never went soft. She was so sexy, and running beside her watching those big tits bounce he was about to cum in his pants.

He slowed down his pace and said, "This is where I usually slow down to a fast walk to cool down." He said. "Ok" Kathy said. "Can we stop and stretch a little before we get all the way there?" "Sure" Myron said as he thought of what she would look like stretching right in front of him. Kathy thought this was the only way she could look at that bulge again. As they stopped she was not disappointed. By this time Myron was sweating quite a bit and his cock was completely hard. The spandex did nothing to hide that eight inches of hard young cock.

In fact Myron knew she could see the outline of it and the ridge that the big bulbous head made when it was hard. Kathy was transfixed by the sight before her. Myron moved and stretched as best he could so she could get the best view. Myron thought, "Man she's pretty obvious about looking at it.

She sure ain't afraid to look, nor hide the fact that she's doing it." Kathy glanced up to Myron's face and he was looking right at her smiling. As she blushed, Myron asked, "If you want a closer look come in the house with me for a minute." Normally Kathy wouldn't even consider such a thing, but that bulge had her turned on. She asked, " Where's your family?" "Well, Mom and Dad are at work and my sister was just getting up." Myron said.

"And interracial threesome session with a redhead bint pornstars brunette how do you explain my presence in your house?" Kathy said, "I know, you could say, Hey Sis this is the neighbor lady, she wants to look at my cock. Don't you think that would be a little odd?" Myron got a serious look on his face as he looked at Kathy.

There was no way he was letting this chance get away. He said, "Ok, here's what we'll do, we'll go in, find her in the house introduce you and say we ran back together and you mentioned your ankle bothers you when you run. So I'm letting you borrow my ankle support to see if it helps. Now if she's in the shower, your gonna a get a look at something and then get out of the house before she gets out of the shower.

But you are gonna borrow my ankle support so we have a reason to get together again. Kathy thought about that for a moment and said, "Ok, let's do this". She couldn't believe she was actually going in the neighbor's house to look at a big cock. But the average size manhood on her husband and his business kept him away from home most of the time.

She was simply turned on and curious about Myron and his outrageous looking package. It was so big looking she thought she just wanted to see if it was really that big once he uncovered it. As they walked into the house, Myron called out to his sister, "Jasmine".

She didn't answer so they went through the down stairs and then went upstairs. Just as they got to the top of the stairs a loud moan was coming from Jasmine's room. They could here it over the music playing. The music wasn't loud enough to drown that moan, it was very distinct. They looked at each other and smiled, Myron tried the door knob to Jasmine's room, It was locked. "Ok, let's go to my room," Myron said.

As they walked on past Jasmine's room, Myra felt trapped and panicked. She said, "No not there, How would I explain being in your room?" "Where's the ankle support?" Kathy asked. Myron answered, "In the garage, where I work out. All my gym equipment is in there." "Let's go there then." Kathy said, and turned and headed back down stairs. Myron stopped and listened again at Jasmine's door. He thought he could hear the bed bouncing and she was still moaning.

He pulled out his phone and recorded a video of the door to her room. You could clearly hear her moaning in the background. He smiled and walked on to catch up with Kathy. She was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Myron looked at her as he came down the stairs, she looked nervous. He thought to himself, I better get her what she came for soon or she's gonna chicken out.

As soon as they entered the amateur drunk girl multiple cream pie homemade through the laundry room Myron turned around and dropped his running shorts. Kathy gasped as she saw his cock for the first time. It was obviously still soft, but damn it was as big as her husbands when he was hard.

She licked her lips as she came closer and Myron saw this. He said, "You want to feel it?" She said, "No, not this time." "Fine," Myron said. He then took hold of his cock and began stroking it. Looking right at her beautiful tits he said, "Let me see those, please." Kathy slowly ran her hands over her tits as she reached the bottom of her jogging shirt. Coming Soon! Chapter 4 "Workout in the Garage"