Lesbian masturbation with this slutty milf hottie tell

Lesbian masturbation with this slutty milf hottie tell
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Please read Part's 1 & 2 of My New Neighbors in order to make sense of this story. Thank you. As I said, while Troy was away for the two weeks, Benny was at my place almost every day. One day, we decided to go play tennis nearby. Benny had to show me where the courts were, because I am new to the area. The courts are by the school, about a 20 minute drive.

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After parking in the parking lot, we walked through the ball fields filled with kids playing baseball, soccer and running on the track. I was surrounded by teen boys and I could smell the testosterone as if I was in a locker room. I remember thinking, 'if I can smell the hot boy sweat this much here in the open air, I bet I would cum if I entered the locker room !' Walking through the fields, there were many hot boys that greeted Benny, while a few asked him if I was his father.

He replied, "no, his my coach". I felt both sad and happy at that comment. Sad because he had to hear the comment about his father, and happy because he felt close enough that he identified me as his personal coach.

We played tennis for about a half hour, and I was impressed because it was clear by the way he played that he was a natural born athlete. He moved smooth, fluid and fast on the court, and looked good doing it ! At about the half hour mark, a young hot tall slender blond boy and his mother entered to play a game of tennis on the court next to us. The boy and Benny exchanged greetings, and as I was walking toward the net to retrieve a ball, I heard Mom and son xxx full sex stories movies say, this is my personal coach Tom, I looked up and he extended his hand as Benny said, this is Roy.

I shook Roy's hand and he said, "nice to meet you", then turned to Benny and said, "I didn't know you were so into tennis". Benny replied, "it's not just sports, he's my new neighbor, and is teaching me a whole lot of shit !" Roy and myself laughed at that statement…I think Roy just thought the way he said it was funny, while I was thinking that Benny was the one that taught me how to jerk a boy off in the showers !

Roy's mother walked by and said hello, and went to her side of the court. Roy took his place and Benny and I also resumed playing. After about 20 or so minutes, Benny was getting bored and Roy's mom wasn't the "Davis cup" tennis pro by any means…which was making Roy bored.

Benny suddenly asked Roy, "hey, do you want to play doubles ?" Roy, eager to get away from the terrible game he was having with his mother, said "YEAH !", and then said, "oh…I mean, only if my mom wants to" and looked at his mom. His mother said, "well, I'm not very good, but if you are willing to put up with me, I'll play". Benny screamed, "the old guys against the young guns", and we all laughed. I said, "we old guys will take that challenge, and kick your ass !" I actually play tennis very well, and was only 'half playing' the game with Benny.

Roy's mom (Anita) said, "what do I do" and I just said, "stand there and hit anything that comes near you, I got everything else". In almost no time, the score was 3 games to 0…old guys winning !

Benny and Roy were arguing with each other&hellip.we could hear the conversation of Roy saying to Benny, "why didn't you tell me he was that good", and Benny rebutting, "I didn't know he was fucking John McEnroe !" Then the strategy came from Ron…"well…don't hit it to him…hit it to my mom !!" School bus 13 yer xxx had to think of a way to distract them, and I thought back to what Benny did to me when he first came to my house after his baseball game.

I was about to receive the ball, and Benny was serving, which meant that Roy's mom had her back to me.

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Roy was looking at me, and so was Benny…as he threw the ball into the air, I lifted the leg of my shorts, flashing my limp dick and low hanging balls at both of them…Benny missed the ball completely while laughing, and Roy's eyes bugged out, and then he busted out laughing.

Anita was asking the boys, "what's so funny ?" and then turned to me, but I had only flashed the boys, so my shorts were back in the proper position&hellip.so I looked at her with a straight face and said, I don't know…they are silly" when she turned back to them to tell them, "you guys are crazy", I flashed them again ! Both boys laughed and Benny fell to the ground rolling around laughing.

Anita thought they were nigrand china girl porn story at her statement, and just said, "get up, let's play". I did this a few times, and naturally, Anita and I won that game. Now is was my turn to serve&hellip.but they couldn't do it to me while I was serving, because Anita was at the net looking at both of them (ha ha fuckers !). at one point, Anita went to retrieve a ball far at another court, and while her back was turned, Benny flashed me like he did at my house.

I pointed to Benny, making Roy turn and see Benny's junk flashed, and he started to laugh again. I was praying that Roy would have the balls to flash me as I wanted to see his junk up close&hellip.maybe even stroke it like I kinky babe takes big cock up her asshole to Benny !

Benny and I flashed each other (and Roy) a few more times before Anita announced, "Roy, it's time to go, I have to pick daddy up at the train station".

With that they said good bye, and Roy leaned into me and said, "I really had fun. I hope to see you again". Ahh, I thought, maybe a possible other cock to stroke in the future ? Roy and his mom left the courts and I asked Roy if I could piss in the locker room. Truth was that I noticed that many of the boys had left the field, and I was praying to catch them in the showers !!!

he directed me into the locker room area, and I saw the facility. I liked the layout, as there were many lockers around the surrounding walls, with three rows in the center. There was a steam room as well as a sauna. I thought this was overkill for a High School, and thought, no wonder my taxes are so high !

Unfortunately, although there were a few boys in the lockers, they were just keeping their underwear on, and no one was taking a shower. I went to the urinals and took a leak. When I came out, Benny was talking about the up-coming season with a few boys. He introduced me to them, and we left. When we were in the car, I said, "that was fun, thanks for suggesting that. You are a great player…do you play often ?", Benny said, "thanks, yeah, I had a ball.

I have played before, but not really often. You know who had a great time was Roy !

he kept telling me he thought you were awesome, and that I was lucky to have you as a friend. He paused, and then laughed and through his laughter he said, Roy's mother didn't have a fucking clue what the fuck was happening !". I was pleased to hear this…I was thinking how to covertly ask if he thought Roy would enjoy meeting up with us for sex, when he turned to me and said, "you know, I respect you right ?" not understanding what he was trying to say, I said, "what…what did you say?", and he repeated it again, to which I replied, that he should know that I respect him as well, and loved hanging with him.

There was a long quiet pause as I drove on, and then he said, "like, I respect you so much, I would blow you". I couldn't believe what I just heard…so I said, "what ? did you just say you would blow me ?" he said, "yeah…you latin teen dancing tube porn, I mean, I respect you like more than I ever did anyone else, and I would like to blow you".

I laughed a little (nervously) and stopped at a traffic light, and said, "let me get this straight…you will blow me…like, suck my dick ?!" Benny said, "sure, I figure it would be the next step to us jerking each other off".

The light changed, and I drove on in silence…we were about 3 miles from my house. I was thinking if I should do it with such a young boy, but at the same time, I was thinking he was so hot and it was what I wanted to do with him, so why am I having doubts now ?

that logic was quickly replaced with, well&hellip.we already saw each other naked…and ROCK HARD…and hell, we even jerked each other off and came all over each other…so what the fuck…why not ! Now, a block from my house, I turned to Benny and said, are you joking or for real ?

He replied "I mean it…I'll girl satisfy herself with all kind of stuff movie-12 tube porn your dick if you want me to". With a deep breath, I said, "ok…if you are sure. Have you ever sucked a dick before ?", of course he said "NO". I pulled into the driveway and we get out and walk toward the opened garage door. I stop and said, "shit, Fresh webcam couple gives a tribute show forgot the tennis rackets" and turn to go back to the car.

Benny continued into the house, and when I get into the house, Benny is in the middle of the living room stark naked and harder than he was in the shower, if that was even possible ! Seeing him naked and hard, got my dick to spring to full attention as well, and grow even harder when Benny said, "come over before I lose my nerve !" I strip off my clothes and kneel next to Benny, who grabs hold of my dick and starts to go down on me&hellip.he sucks in the head, and pulls off, looks up at me and says, "how do you do it ?" I said, "how the fuck should I know" but I was covering…I had sucked about 2 dozen cocks in kimmy lee gets a thick cock dipping into her wet hole teen years…but I didn't want to lead on that I was gay.

He never waited for my answer, hot orgy session with oiled up honeys he went down on my again as I was answering him. Each time he went down, he would suck it in deeper and deeper, until my dick was in as far as it could go in the sitting position I was in, so I laid back, and Benny took it all the way in…right to the skin behind the bush of hair on my crotch !

I couldn't breathe…here was a hot smooth eager 14 year old boy deep throating my cock.the full 6", with no problem, no complaints, no issues ! I was in heaven as he started to pull up to the tip of the head, and then ram his mouth down on it again. Although it was feeling awesome, all I could focus on was looking at Benny's rock hard cock jumping in his lap…I pushed him onto his back and swallowed his cock like he did mine. It caused him to stop and remove my dick from his mouth and scream, "oh yeah…just like that !!!" in almost a squeal of jubilation !

I thought with my excitement I would cum quickly, however we both lasted for about 20 minutes, due to the fact that I would suck his dick for a while, then move to lick and then finally suck his balls one at a time. Benny did the same to me&hellip.I guess he learns quick ! He enjoyed when I licked his balls from the bottom of his shaft to the space between his asshole and where his balls meet the skin.

I call this the "TAINT", cause in a woman, it taint ass and it taint pussy. I have also heard it called the "grundle"&hellip.but I have no idea why. As I lapped at the taint and periodically took one of his nuts in my mouth, he would stop sucking or licking whatever he was currently on, and just enjoy my licking…I would hear him purr and spread his legs wider to allow my head better unrestricted access.

I loved his young boy smell, and the lustful scent he had in his crotch. I hoped he was enjoying my crotch as much as I was enjoying his ! The taste of Benny's cock was remarkable…I could taste the sweet and yet salty precum dripping from his cock, and I know I was oozing precum like a fountain into Benny's mouth…he wasn't saying a word…just sucking and periodically moaning…I wasn't sure if it was from something I was doing to him, or if he was enjoying my cock like a steak !

Benny's dick was awesome…long, thick, smooth and ridged as a piece of steel&hellip.the more I sucked on it, the harder it got ! As I buried it deep in my mouth, I could feel it swell slightly, like a snake flexing its muscle…but it was now my snake…with the swelling of the shaft, so did the head, and the mushroom head that was already big enough, was swelling and it was like a plunger in my throat…once comfortably fitting down my throat, and then it swelled and blocked my throat, filling it all around.

Each time it swelled, and shrunk back, a big glob of precum would drip out of it on to my tongue, and I would lick it back off my tongue and spread it up and down the shaft, making it so slippery, I was like swallowing a giant shrimp. After about 20 minutes, I felt Benny's cock swelling more and more, and shrinking less and less, and he balls and sack that were so loose before, that I could take one nut in my mouth at a time, has shriveled up to his grundle so close, I could no longer separate the nuts.

I knew he was going to blow his load soon, so I removed it from my mouth and gave it the loving, tight griped stroking I had given it a few days earlier…staring at the head, I could see it changing size…bigger and then smaller&hellip.soon, it got bigger and took longer for it to shrink, and Benny is moaning and sucking my cock like he wanted to suck the skin off and leave the messy muscle underneath.

His legs are opening and closing, and sometimes he folds his knees up and lifts he ass off the floor…his moans are louder now, and there is sweat on his stomach as I am jerking his cock and periodically licking/sucking the head and shaft way&hellip.suddenly, he picked his ass up off the floor and I heard the straining voice that I first heard in the shower when he was about to cum…and my grip tightened and my strokes were longer and slower…Benny started to yell while lifting his ass with my body laying on top of his off the floor&hellip.damn…this is going toe be a BIG load if he can lift my body weight and his !

Suddenly, I was hit in the cheek with the first blow of cum…it was so powerful, it actually stung my cheek…I kept stroking and before I knew it, I was releasing my cum all over Benny's face as well…we were both cuming on each other at the same time ! when I finished squirting, I could feel him squeezing my cock from the base up to the top, as if it was a tube of toothpaste…making sure that he got every drop of cum out…I also felt him lick my piss slit, tasting my cum on his tongue, but he never said anything.

When he was sure there was no more cum, he started laughing, saying, "look at my face…its painted with your cum !" I rolled off him to the side, and we both sat up, now looking at each other and laughing at the site. I could feel the love and openness radiating from him…it was plain to see that he truly loved me…I hoped he could feel my love for him as well&hellip.we may be sucking each other's cocks…but we were still guys in the end !

Watch for Part 4, the final chapter ! Comments are always welcomed !!!