Gangbang fuckers at a real sex club

Gangbang fuckers at a real sex club
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The Met Gala, formally called the Costume Institute Gala and also known as the Met Ball, is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Big titted xxx prsex story sex stories Institute in New York City. It marks the grand opening of the Costume Institute's annual fashion exhibit. Ignoring the menacing stares from the host, hosting the Grand Gala Ball, the most prestigious and, quite frankly, snooty event of the year, I thought.

" The bar is inside and to the right, the buffet table directly at the back. The seating is assigned, but you can sit at the head table with us, we'll just pull up an extra chair." I then reached out and shook the hands of each man as he bowed his head to each of the men's wives. "Thank you, I look forward to an enjoyable evening," he said as he turned to walk into the dining area.

Heading toward the bar, he glanced back and noticed the three women still watching him as their husbands were checking the invitations of a short line of guests. He looked back to the bartender and asked for a glass of red wine. Taking a quick sip, Jonathan nodded watching as the bartender finished pouring. He then moved toward the head table, milling about, waiting for the host to find an appropriate place for me. Looking over the settings at the head table Jonathan moved down the length of the table reading each place card.

Letting his eyes roll over the sweeping curves of the calligraphy I read Kelly Choi and looked up to see her greeting the guests. I recalled her biography; Korean former model, 5' 10" tall, a New York television personality.

She is 40 and never married. MY eyes had been drawn from her name tag over to the cleavage her low cut gown had exposed. At the time her eyes had focused on the bulge in my pants, so I could linger, enjoying the impression her nipples made in the nearly sheer fabric. It is her breasts that encouraged the quick erection I got while meeting her.

Noticing a slight commotion I figured the last of the guests arrived and I'm waiting patiently as a waiter moved over to me, asking if I needed anything else to drink. Before I could answer, Kelly slipped up behind me with several waiters and barked out several orders to rearrange the settings. When dinner is served a few minutes later, I found myself seated beside Kelly.

During the meal and then the speeches I could feel a tension surrounding everyone at the head table, it wasn't anything obvious, perhaps a bit of innuendo in conversation followed by uncomfortable pauses and then almost giggly frivolity. It was only when the dinner guests moved into the grand ballroom that I came to understand the tension.

Before I can move into the ballroom I'm headed off by Kelly who shyly asked me to step off to the side and talk with her. " This is a bit uncomfortable, but as you know you never really had an invitation and the rest of the guests paid as much as thirty thousand dollars to attend this event.

Now, I don't expect you to produce the invitation or pay that amount, but, you have something that interests me." I nodded then gazed at Kelly, letting my eyes slide down to her breasts. I stared at them for a full thirty seconds before looking back to her, " You were saying." " Well, if you would come into the side room over there," she pointed to a finely carved door marked private.

" I would like to see more of you, if you understand what I am saying." When we arrived in the room I turned on the lights and then locked the door, I didn't waste any time. I grabbed her by the waist and led her into room which is furnished with a huge King sized bed with black and silver sheets and pillows.

I turned her around and rather aggressively pushed her onto the bed. I kneel on top of her as I start kissing her and her neck. My hands are roaming up her thigh pushing up her dress. She moaned softly as I smirked before I started nibbling her bottom lip again. " So, we are just jumping right into it.

aren't we?" She asked. I didn't respond and that kind of made her nervous, so she put her hand up to my face to stop my mouth from assaulting hers any further. " John!" She said a little louder than she expected.

I looked at her frustrated. She looked down. " What's wrong?" I said. " I. I. Well I.I have not been with a man in a while." She said. " That's not a problem." I said, resuming my assault. My hands pushed her dress up to her waist as I shoved my tongue down her throat. She moaned again as my fingers curled under her lace panties and pulled them down over and off her legs.

She looked up at me and said, " I really don't think I can do this, I can't do this." I replied, " Oh yes you will. all 9 inches." She kept shaking her head, " No please. John. I am serious! I don't think it will fit." " Just trust me baby, you'll enjoy this, believe me." " Please, John! No don't -" Kelly moaned out, utterly humiliated. " Oh SHIT!" Kelly yelped out loud. My thick fat fingers were strong and there isn't much she can do to prevent me from fondling her pussy lips.

I ferociously rubbed her clitoris for a minute and had her squirming madly on the bed. " Oh GOD! No no no no no!" cried Kelly, her knees opening and closing involuntarily. Grinning insanely, I hooked my hands under her knees and then easily spread her legs wide. Moaning in despair, she turned a deep shade of red in her fully exposed state. Licking my lips, I stared at her nude pink slit so tiny and pretty, I brought both my hands and pulled apart her pink pussy lips, so that I could see how perfectly smooth love-hole was.

" No no no no no!" mumbled the exposed Asian beauty in a daze. She is moaning out at the depravity of her situation, my fingers slide over her increasingly moist slit, now using one hand to spread apart her lower-lips as the fingers from my other hand strokes and teases her clit.

" Oh this is fucking beautiful!" I said in delight. " I never thought I would see you spread like this, see what's between those sexy legs of yours? This is one of the sweetest little pussies I've ever seen!" " No GOD!

She cried in distress. She had her eyes closed as I placed two large fingers at the entrance of her cunt, slowly inserting them into the unprepared woman. The look on her face was priceless; Her big dark eyes popped wide open, her jaw opens in stunned shock, her face an expression of despair as she is finger-fucked. No matter how much she pleaded, she knew deep inside that whatever happened to her tonight, she encouraged it. My thick fingers slides in and out of her tight pussy, slowly at first, but then faster and faster.

As my pace increased, so did her panting and moaning, much to her disappointment. Soon my two fingers are fucking her at a blistering pace.

Her sweet honey-pot is getting increasingly wetter and aroused. " Unnnnh! Unnnnh! Nooooo." whimpered Kelly as a large bead of cunt-juice trickled out of her sweltering slit, dripping down onto the bed. " Ahhh sweet Jesus!" I murmured. I loved her pussy so sizzling and very tight, frothy and creamy - as my fingers twirled and rammed into her without mercy.

The way she squirmed and fidgeted on the bed, full of shame and humiliation, is incredibly hot. " Noooo no no no nooooo." She continues to groan.

The heat of the moment is getting to her, building with each twirl of my fingers, threatening to overcome her. It is important to her that she didn't cum; she didn't want to appear as if she is enjoying what is happening to her. And she couldn't bear the idea of me watching her orgasm! She bites her bottom lip, staring up at me and looking absolutely beautiful and sexy, trying her hardest to ignore the blistering heat emanating from her pussy.

" S-STOP THAT!!" she cried out. " GOD PLEASE NO MORE!!" But I'm relentless and unyielding with my thick fingers, stirring up her sensitive vaginal walls. My fingers are persistent and ruthless, until I got the heat rising throughout her body to a boiling point. The pretty Asian's fair skin begins to turn red, her cheeks flushing a deep scarlet against her will. She writhed on the bed, trying to stop the inevitable, but it is no use.

Still, it caught her by surprise, as an intense wave of pleasure coursed through her. She tensed her slim body with her back arching, her mouth open wide, as she experienced a sweet orgasm. It had been a while since Kelly has had sex - months in fact - and all those long work hours and stressful days poured out of her. She screamed and let it all out.

" Nikki fucks mason with a big purple toy OH MY GOD!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" She had a small smile on her lips, as she unconsciously grinds her pelvis against my fingers.

She is a gusher, as three or four torrid gushes of cum spurted out. She spent another five minutes or so undulating her hips, fucking my fingers as opposed to the other way around. With her eyes closed, and her slender body still shuddering from the aftershocks, she enjoyed the orgasm until she opened her eyes and remembered where she was. " Oh God oh fucking God!" she wailed out in despair, stopping herself, and realizing how slutty she must have appeared.

" Now now, Kelly! Mind your fucking language!" I said, laughing. Then I withdrew my sopping wet fingers coated with her cum out of her cunt and raised them near her mouth. " C'mon taste our sweet little juices, you slut!" Utterly repulsed and mortified, Kelly shook her head vigorously, " NO!" I leaned in close and whispered in her ear. " Bitch you're gonna listen to what I say, and lick my fingers, you understand!?

Then you're gonna suck me and fuck me! Got that? If you don't, then I'll just go straight to that tiny asshole of yours and tear it up with my big cock!" Kelly grimaced at the thought of my monster dick sodomizing her, terrified. It dawned on her then that she is completely helpless. She is all alone, and she is going to get fucked, badly. Kelly had done her homework on John Malone, and she knew what I did to young women such as herself.

She had talked with two of my ex-lovers and decided, she wanted to experience sex with devianthardcore hot dom cali carter fucked hardcore tube porn, now she is terrified, she didn't understand aggressive animal sex. The fact that I had spent the past 24 hrs with two women meant that I was still horny as hell, and there was no doubt in her mind that she would be on the receiving end of my lust.

Kelly can feel my lust now as well. It is thick, hard, huge and long, rubbing against her as she laid under me now. She had heard the rumors, tales and read the stories, but now she is feeling how tremendous my manhood is in real life. The cock's pulsing heat and pressure straining at the trousers I'm wearing feels threatening to the small young woman. To have that monster shaft shoved up her virgin ass is literally inconceivable for her, and so she nodded her head quickly and submissively.

She can do this do whatever I wanted. Kelly could be my perfect slut because she realized that she had no other choice. So she leaned forward and took my fingers into her mouth, slurping and licking away with her kendra lust and evan stone tongue. At first her movements were quick and nervous, but I soon provided her with explicit instructions, and she obediently followed them.

" Mmmm that's right! Suck slowly hard! Put those fingers all the way into your mouth pretend it's a dick! Oh yeah you so sexy, baby! That's real good! Uh-huh lick daryn darby was aching for cock and wasnt going t fingers up and down, like a good little pussycat!

Yeah that's good! Remember this when you're sucking my cock, Kelly!" All of a sudden I took my fingers out of her mouth, cupped her neck, and brought her in for a kiss. I kissed her deep, my large tongue stuck inside her mouth, swirling against her tongue, choking and blocking her throat. While she moans in response, powerless to do anything else, as we swapped saliva. Meanwhile, my hands return to roam around her delectable body. One hand is pinching her nipples while the other one had slipped back in between her legs, stroking her pussy lips and clitoris.

Her moans, in response, grew louder and louder. Then I attacked her tits with my mouth, bringing my lips down to the lovely Asian's already tender nipples, loudly sucking and smacking my lips together. I chewed her nipples incessantly, mercilessly. hailey young pleasures a monster black shaft interracial and creampie

I alternated from creating suction around her pink areolas with my lips - clamping down airtight - then sucking as hard as I can, or by firmly holding her erect strawberry buds in my teeth, and then licking as fast as I can with my rasping tongue. When I returned to her slippery pussy shoving three fingers into it, she is already close to coming once more. I'm grinning psychotically, totally lost in my quest to defile this heavenly creature.

I love the way I can make her squeal from my harsh moves, and as her squeals and mews grew in louder. As I continue to finger her frothy slit, my free hand reached under me, fumbling at my zipper.

It took a few moments but I managed to pull my hard penis out from my pants. My nine-inch cock stuck straight up in front of Kelly, the big monster looked fucking story old gryani hindy large next to the five foot ten inch Asian, its menacing darkness contrasting against her fair skin.

Only Kelly spoke out at that moment, breaking the silence. " No no that can't be that's fucking enormous!" Then I grabbed my cock and begin to slap it against her slit. " Or maybe I should say, 'Hello, Kelly! How do you do?'" " S-STOP THAT!" She replied back in shock, trying to squirm away from the monster. The look on the stunned woman's face was unforgettable.

She looked back at me with alarm in her eyes my cock was unbelievable! I winked back at her like an asshole. It is incomprehensible to Kelly petite teen picked up and rough fucked by a stranger there is no way that would fit inside of her! Through all of this I hadn't stopped finger-fucking her. I made her grab my cock and explore it, so that I could fully concentrate on her cunt.

" That's a good girl stroke that shaft! You can horny from behind pounding hardcore and european harder than that OH yeah, that's right, just like that, bitch!" I instructed. She did as she was told, running her hands up and down my cock, feeling it's heaviness between her small fingers. It pulsated menacingly in her hands, and as she stroked the shaft - feeling its smooth skin outlined with ridges of broad veins - the iron hardness made her incredibly nervous and afraid.

Soon her fear gives way to another orgasm welling from within her stirred up pussy. Having my fingers in her pussy constantly, ramming in and out without pause, is giving her a second orgasm of the night. She can't recall ever having two orgasms in a row, but now it is happening.

Her eyebrows furrowed together, a look of stunned disbelief on her beautiful face, but also something else: there is a hint of lust within her dark eyes, as if she is wondering how she could be enjoying this. nica noelle lesbian victoria givens women seeking women Are you gonna cum, sugar?" I asked, breaking her reverie. She couldn't speak since she is experiencing a shattering orgasm just as I spoke.

Gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, her young body became rigid under me, lost in her own world. So she didn't notice when I spread her legs wider and positioned my body between them, my cock-head at her slick vaginal opening - shoving it unceremoniously into her. Kelly shrieked, her body rebelling against this outrageous penetration.

Her pulsating snatch clenched tightly around my big cock, trying in vain to stop it from inching in, but failing miserably. " UNNNNNNNGGGGG!! OH FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" Inch by excruciating inch, Kelly became impaled on my thick cock, It looked impossible that such a collosal penis could fit inside her small pussy, but there she is - slowly getting skewered - squealing out in agony as her slender body contorted and strained against being invaded.

Kelly feels as if she is being split in half. My cock is unimaginably large, but her tightness is slowly giving way to it, and inevitably her pussy lips reach its base, somehow going all the way in. She shook her head in disbelief, her eyes glazed over in lust, eyes darting down at her cunt in wonder, and in horror.

She never imagined a man could have such a huge cock and she would experience getting it jammed up her small tight pussy. " Oh fuck yeah! Nothing like fresh young roos mother sin xxx com I said grinning. Then the real fun begins. I begin thrusting in and out slowly, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy.

This causes Kelly to squeal. I didn't stop, my thrusts in and out motion increasing, slamming into her over and over. Her pussy is incredibly tight I loved fucking a tight pussy. Soon I had a rhythm built up with my hands, under her cupping her sweet ass-cheeks, gripping them to drive up inside her. The gorgeous Asian is bouncing on my big dick. Somehow she had taken the monstrously large, infamous cock in her small pussy.

Somehow she is taking the sexual torment, enduring the run away train fucking and is enjoying it. Or at least her convulsing pussy seems to be; dripping wet and spraying out her juices, it is clear that Kelly is having her third orgasm, so soon after her last one. " OH GOD OH GOD!! NO MORE!! PLEASE - NO NO MORE!!" she implored. " Mmmmm mmmmm!

your nice and tight, Kelly!" I bragged, looking into her eyes with a smile on my face. " I think it deserves a hard dick-pounding to loosen it up!" I pull out of her, pulling her down to the edge of the bed, her ass-cheeks on the edge of the bed, with her legs spread wide open.

She is looking up at me with lust yet miserable expression on her face. Then I hook the backside of her knees on my elbows.

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I thrust into her with my penile missile driving it deep, " AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Kelly cried out, beside herself. I mercilessly fuck her long and hard in this position, for what seems like an eternity. The bed is creaking with our rigorous fucking.

All she can manage to do is clutch onto the bed cover, screaming. Her pussy was a sloppy mess, carnal noise fill the room: from the creaking bed, to the wet squelching sounds coming from her. The slapping of my flailing balls as they smack against her with each hard down-stroke of cock.

Spearing the petite Asian's cunt. I'm zoned out, with our frantic coupling effect. The aching expression written all over her face.

I feel the need for release in my testicles. It didn't surprise me since Kelly looks so sultry underneath me, taking every inch of I gave her - squealing and mewling uncontrollably - her stunning body squirming and contorting from our torrid union. " Little romance cindy starfall porn video masturbation porno SHIT!!

I'm gonna CUM!!" I gasped, my breath ragged. My hips have sped xxx story xxx ebony song, and I'm fucking the gorgeous Asian faster than a moment ago. " AAAHHH!! NOOOOO!! OHGAWD!! PLEASE DON'T CUM INSIDE ME!!" protested Kelly, her dark eyes wide as saucers. I chuckled at her and continued to ram her with my dick until I feel the jizz deep within my balls churning and boiling. I jam my cock deep inside her pussy and stay there, grunting out loud as I begin to spurt my load of cum.

" OH FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH FUCK!" I yell. " UNNNNNNHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!! NOOOOOOOO!!" Kelly replied in anguish. She feels load after load of cum spraying deep inside her womb, coating her vaginal walls, defiling her.

Kelly feels unimaginably ashamed as I ejaculated inside of her. I tensed for a few moments more, moaning in ecstasy, before I begin to thrust my shaft in and out of her again, pushing out hot cum. The more I did this the more cum spewed out of her slit, spraying out and dribbling down the crack of her ass and then onto the bed below. Kelly is wide-eyed and stunned as she looks at my cock fucking her slowly, she is completely embarrassed, closing her eyes to try and shut out the distressing thoughts in her mind.

But I wasn't finished yet with the luscious young woman. My dick is still rock hard and I'm thrusting it in and out of Kelly's creamy, cum-filled cunt for a reason. " Mmmmm-mmmmm! Jesus Almighty Christ! Look at that sweet luscious body!" I said, a large grin on my face.

Then I said, " Turn around, slut, You have a beautiful ass!" She frowned and bit her lip, but did as she was told. She did have a breathtaking ass for a 40 year old woman; it is heart-shaped and tight, with just the right amount of jiggle.

I slapped an ass-cheek legs are just as nice from this view impossibly long and slender for a woman her height, they complete her sexy package, especially with her five inch black heels on. " Hmmm something's not right," I said. I snapped my fingers and unfastened the clasp for Kelly's hair. Now her long, luxurious black hair cascaded down to her shoulders, appealingly wavy and reaching shoulders.

" Oh yeah that did it!" Then I delved deep between her sweet ass-crack, marveling at her soft feminine flesh, as well as her two most intimate orifices that I now had control over. With some fingers stroking her pussy, I placed my thumb over her anus and begin to play with that as well. Still standing upright, Kelly turned her head abruptly as she feels my insensitive thumb probe her anus. " N-NO! Stop that!" This only made me chuckle, but I did stop.

Her ass is perfection in shape, curvature and form, as well as in terms of silky, unblemished pale skin. " Bend over the bed and spread your sweet little butt, Miss Kelly!" I ordered. Looking over at me in disgust and dread, she bit back any angry retorts since she knew it would be useless. I had already seen her totally naked, fucked and sucked her, after all. Whatever pride she has left is slowly being shredded and ripped apart by me; she use to be japanese cellophane full sex storys bitch who fucked over others, but now she is the bitch who is getting fucked.

She wonders if some of her enemies would enjoy themselves when they hear of ordeal, and then figured that yes, they probably will. So she bent over lewdly, her legs apart and hands on the bed, to expose her dazzling ass. She looks back at me to see if this is what I wanted. " Use your hands and spread those cheeks, darling!" I said.

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She leaned down laying her chest on the bed, sighing, she reached both hands behind her and grabbed her tight ass-cheeks, then pulled them apart so that her two orifices are clearly visible. She is fully exposed, every revealing curve of illicit flesh on display. From this angle Kelly's pussy abused and dripping with cum - still looked delicious and tempting, but what I focused on is the Asian's tiny rosebud asshole, so alluring and inviting, begging to be defiled. " Awww fuck yeah! That's fucking gorgeous fucking fantastic piece of ass!" I growled.

Then my big hard cock crept closer like a monstrous missile soaring towards its target, large and lewd next to her tender flesh. Then, with one hand kneading and fondling her ass, my other hand directed my huge cock between her ass-crack, running it up and down her wet slit, making her moan at the contact. " Oh God," Kelly moaned. I was going to stick it insider her again!

The tip of my bulbous cock ever so slowly penetrated her cunt again, My huge torpedo parted her pussy lips and she feels the pressure and force of it again. Although I couldn't see her face, I hear her panting and groaning with passion.

I shove my cock all the way up Kelly's tight slit, until i'm balls deep, and it is a scandalously sight to see. " Oh fuck, bitch! You have one of the tightest and hottest pussies for a 40 year old woman!" I groaned. Kelly moaned back, full of cock and the knowledge that she is my slut once more.

Then I pulled my cock out, looking at her empty cunt, quivering and twitching from the strain. I quickly thrust all the way back in, making her scream in reaction. This went on for five minutes I playfully stick my prick in and out of japanis hot sex story my son before I begin to fuck her hard. With my large hands wrapped around her slim waist, I fucked her hard and fast, to her disappointment. My full nine inches crammed into the Asian beauty, slamming in and out, each impact against her ass creating delightful ripples.

SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! Soon she is grunting and panting along with each hard thrust of my cock.

She is clinging to the bed for support, eventually having to lay limply against the bed since her legs are giving out. I still wouldn't stop. I fucked her in a frenzy, without pause or mercy, until she is squealing at her suffering. After ten minutes of harsh doggy-style fucking, she can barely think straight. Her ass sticking up with her hands clinging to the bed.

Instead of fucking her from behind, I'm laying on top of her, my cock thrusting into her vagina, only that I now have better access to play with her tits, which I did without hesitation. I held onto her shoulders, or sometimes her hair, and didn't stop my torrid pace. Kelly's eyes are glazed over from the rawness of our sex. She had an orgasm about five minutes ago and is about to have another one.

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It is because the only thing in her world at that moment is my thick cock fucking her that she failed to realize I was speaking to her. " WHO'S THE BITCH IN HEAT!? C'mon SAY IT! You want it, bitch, don't you!? You want this big fat cock stuffed up your pussy!! Say you want it!!" I snarled as I vigorously stuffed her with my cock.

I kept on yelling at her in this fashion, over and over, until Kelly couldn't take it anymore. She burst out, " YEAH!! FUCK YES! UNGH!! I'M A BITCH IN HEAT!!


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YES!! YES!! YES!!" Kelly turns seemingly into a slut. When I pull my cock out and offer it to her still behind and above her - she simply turns her head and begins to lick and slurp at the dripping cock enthusiastically, but her only thoughts are to make sure that the sadistic animal came as soon as possible.

She didn't think she could take my sexual onslaught any longer." Unngh yeah! That's right, darling," Hot dark haired chick wants her ass drilled thick cock is disgustingly slick and frothy.

Kelly can taste my salty semen mixed in with her pussy-juices, but she tried not to dwell on the details. Instead, she tried to be the eager and willing slut that I wanted.

She sucked and licked my cock until I had to pull away from her. " Fuck I like this Kelly," I laughed, smacking my cock on her ass. I got up from over her and walked over to the chair and sat down, then I decided to position myself behind her once more, Kelly cooed in a sensual voice, " You want to fuck my pussy again?

You want to stick your fucking huge cock inside me?" I grinned in lust. " Oh yeah you fucking sexy little bitch!" With one hard thrust I was all the way up Kelly's snatch again, fucking her hard and raw again. All the time it is now Kelly who is teasing me, begging me to cum, and to fill her with my nasty cum. However, I had already cum twice and knew I could last a little longer -this was taking much longer than Kelly expected.

I went back and forth between her mouth and pussy repeatedly, and wasn't even close to cumming, much to her dismay. " Oh FUCK! You're cock UNGH is so big!!

UNGH!! Don't you UNGH want to UNGH cum in my sweet pussy!?" Kelly cried out, nearly exhausted, wondering why her new approach wasn't working. Her twitching cunt is about to explode, and she knew just a few more strokes would net her another tremendous orgasm.

I pull my cock out unexpectedly, then I placed my bulbous cock-head against her tiny anus. I grunted, " Actually I want to cum in your sweet tight ass!" " So am I the first man to take your anal cherry?" Kelly trembled, staring back at me, stunned and distressed. " Y-YES! I've never had anal sex before! You you said you would leave my ass alone!

You promised!" " Damn, Kelly I guess that's why I have the reputation I have-Because I'm a bad man!" I chuckled, holding onto the struggling woman as I pierced her anus in one atrocious thrust, managing to get halfway in before her asshole clamped down tight on my cock.

At that moment, her pussy went into spastic overdrive, cumming hard at the anal intrusion. Her sensitive ass - which she has never, ever let her previous lovers touch before - is now full of big cock. Her sweltering pussy so close to the edge is now convulsing intensely, spattering her sweet honey-juices all over her inner thighs and down onto the bed below.

Her entire body tensed for a long while, before she begins to shake and shudder all over, uncontrollably. Her fingers clutching the bed cover and screaming at the agony and ecstasy she is feeling. " AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" She forgot where she was at the moment.

The only thing that mattered to her at that moment is that huge spear in her asshole, slowly penetrating her anal depths, going deeper and deeper, and then wondering if the sweet torture would ever end. Even though Kelly feels like she is being split open, even though my huge cock is stretching her asshole to its limits, and even though this is the most demeaning thing that has ever been done to her her body is somehow receiving incredible pleasure from her ordeal.

I sensed this, and being the asshole I am I took advantage of this fact. " Turn your face so I can you see you, slut!" I ordered. As my cock invaded her asshole, I wanted to see her facial expressions. She did as she was told, slowly, since sunny leone sex stories saxy vedio is still getting use to my mammoth cock up her ass.

She turned her head around to look over her shoulder, locking gazes with me, her pleading eyes glazed fat sugar mummy fucking story in lust. I swung my hips back and forth, continuing my bid to completely skewer her. I needed to bury all nine inches of my manhood deep within her.

" Sweet Holy Jesus, that's tight!" I exclaimed. It wasn't easy as her tight sphincter clenched my thick cock busty slut rachel richey riding big dick cowgirl hard that it became an excruciating struggle between the two of us. But I held onto her with an iron grip, winning the battle as my cock reached a place no man had ever been before.

She looked incredibly stunning as I did, my cock going deeper inch by inch, as she faced the wall; even though she is slick with sweat and her hair is a mess, she looked gorgeous at that moment. The struggle can clearly be seen on her face: the strain, the distress, and the effort that I'm exerting on her.

But there is also sensual rapture there, an erotic, lust-filled glaze in her eyes that showed - somehow she is enjoying the anal torment as well. Then the moment is over. I paused; I had managed to stick my thick nine incher up her ass - to the hilt and balls deep. For a second it seems that I couldn't believe it.

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She looked back, her dark eyes opened wide, and her mouth in a "o" shape. Can't tell what the expression on her face is conveying. Was it anger? Shame? Agony? Desire? Despair? Not even Kelly herself but it appeared to be a mixture of all those things. " Big fucking cock soooo deep in my ass!" Kelly managed to sputter out then, spittle drooling down her lips, looking directly into my eyes, she realized she had just been ass-fucked by a womanizer extraordinaire John Malone.

But then wriggling her butt she begins to slowly get accustomed to the huge hard piece of man-meat lodged deep within her ass, and felt that it didn't feel entirely bad.

It had made her cum really hard after all, and even now it is making other parts of her tingle that she had never felt before. For a moment she thought she could get use to this this monstrosity up her ass but then I ruined that magical moment by pulling my cock out of her. Now all she feels is emptiness. Kelly screeched in alarm, feeling nine inches sliding out of her ass all at once. " AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I had withdrawn my cock entirely, leaving her anal-sphincter gaping.

Then I ram my massive cock back into that scorching tight ass in one smooth motion, causing her to squeal like a stuck pig. What followed next is the complete and deflowering of Kelly's once-virgin asshole. I fucked the young Asian mercilessly. I fucked her ass with my huge cock hard and fast, repeatedly and without pity.

All she can do in return is hold onto the bed and grunt, whimper, and squeal as she is anally ravished. I can see the power behind thrusts as I slam into her, the rippling of her small ass-cheeks, and the bouncing of her small tits testifying to my strength. The rattling and squeaking of the bed threatens to collapse underneath us.

The room echoed with the cries of a Asian beauty lost in the throes of depravity. She has to endure ten minutes of this hard anal-sex without pause, suffering through this misery by having two more orgasms. Those two orgasms didn't help her. She is, unfortunately, on the receiving end of my animal lust.

Now I poured all my anger, lust and hunger that is deep inside of me into her. I'm channeling all those emotions into my cock and I use my cock to pummel her.

But all good things must come to an end. I feel my orgasm boiling within my sweaty testicles the need to orgasm building urgently and fervently.

I quicken my speed, balls slapping against her cunt at a feverish pace, then burying my cock as deep within her ass as I can while my cock starts to spew out scorching cum. In return, Kelly squealed and came as well, the nasty sensation of cum flooding her ass, feeling much too depraved to be unanswered.

We had stopped moving, our strained bodies - gleaming with sweat and sex-juices from fucking like animals are racked with spasms of pleasure. I still had Kelly pinned down with my cock rorriegomez first handjob story 2019 story a lewd " pin the tail on the donkey' game in this position, but after a minute or so time seemed to return to normal for us.

Gasping for breath after my orgasm, I begin to slowly thrust my cock in and out of her. It is a lewd sight, but it isn't something that is unexpected coming from a malicious womanizer. I loved fucking Kelly's sweet ass with my cock, when I finally finished and was fully satisfied, I withdrew completely out of her ass and gave it one last smack with my hand.

Kelly gave a sigh of relief as I leaned over closer to her and said, " Don't worry, Kelly! You're going to spend the night with me at my place I'll take good care of you, honey!" Kelly closed her a girl sits down on another masturbation and lesbian, realizing that I would have my way with her, no matter what she said.

A moan of despair grew increasingly loud, as she realized the night was not over.