Rookie couple enjoys watching their first swinger orgy

Rookie couple enjoys watching their first swinger orgy
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Chapter 1. A Familiar Face Aaron: We were the best of friends in high school the four of us, John, Michael, Don and I. Four cfnm teens fucking a naked guy right on the floor hardcore blowjob isn't for everyone and Don went into the Nerdy teen riley star spreads her pussy for stepdads big rod while the other three of us headed off to various colleges and universities.

When Don's enlistment was up he returned close to our hometown just like the three of us had. We reconnected at our Tenth High School reunion. Michael had studied Clinical Laboratory Sciences so he became the lead of the local hospital laboratory services.

John had used his degree in Police Sciences to open his own Private Investigation firm. After graduating in Engineering I became the Sales Manager for a medium sized machine tools firm. We were true friends in high school and it turned out we stayed good friends continue after ten years. I can prove it in my story that was not a simple phrase. Don and Michael lived with their first wives with kids. John and I had got second wives. John had two kids from his first marriage and two from his second marriage again.

I had not any child from my first marriage, but I am a proud daddy of two kids now. We gathered five or six times for poker alternately in our houses yearly. We gathered in a restaurant or bar quarterly on a Friday and our wives took home us, so they could check us and nobody was obliged to drink soft drinks.

The newest hotel was opened some months ago and we old friends came here into the hotel bar to meet together and to check the new spectacle. I am Aaron Botteron I was born in this city and I came back here with my college lover Samantha and later my first wife. I was dating several girls in the college but I eventually stayed at Samantha. Samantha was a blond buxom girl with green eyes. Earlier we dated others, but we both were after breaking up so we consoled each other until we started to date each other.

Samantha was from my city and the common city was the next reason why we wanted common future together. I attend engineer faculty and Samantha was a Business administration major. We graduated same time so we came back to our city together. I got a job at a machine tool firm and my boss found I was good at selling products.

I began to travel to the neighbor or distant states even in Canada to sell our products. I was successful. Samantha worked for an agricultural commercial firm and she worked well there. We earned enough money. We lived together in an apartment and gathered money for a nice house. She laughed much on me I preferred low-fat milk to other alcoholic drinks. I was home and I was glad I do not need to act to like booze. Soon I asked her to be my wife with a nice ring. She said, "Yes." So our families planned our wedding.

We had a big wedding with parents, relatives and friends. After wedding we went to Fiji for honeymoon. We purchased a nice house and the bank loan was not too big. We were successful and we went to sky in winter and we traveled in the States or abroad in summertime. We had lived together more than for six years when I asked her about any kid plan. She was proud for her buxom body and she told me the baby birth would spoil her body.

She did not want any kids. We debated about kids but I could not persuade her to change her mind. She told me my sister had kids and her brother who lived in Sacramento California he had kids too. She told me the grand-kids had been produced for our parents, so we need not have any kid. After some debates we remained a childless pair.

I bought an expensive Harley-Davidson and we went for longer trips by bike. However Sam began to complain about bike riding that we were older to use bike so the long trips were over. Except for kids I was happy with my wife, Sam that time. I think our life's sex part was an average. Sam and I were not too adventurous, but we did not do only missionary.

We both liked oral and change positions. We had not any kids so almost every day we had sex except for my business travels or Sam's trainings.

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Now I think such men, who wants an average marriage, they should avoid those women who do not like children, but I became wiser with time. That time I was totally clueless and happy I missed only the kids from my life. Now Publicagent black hair big tits in hotel room finish my recollections of my first wife for a while and as I told we four friends were in the bar of the newest hotel in our city.

Two men sat down at a table close to our table. First John recognized him at the other table in the bar and he told me quietly, "Aaron, please look at that man. He's familiar to you, isn't he?" I looked at this man and I also recognized him at once.

He was Ken Lundgreen one of my ex wife's lovers. I told John, "Fuck! You're right, he's Ken Lundgreen." Our two other friends turned their heads, because the whole story with my first wife began on one of our quarterly meetings and my friends remembered of the hardest time of my life. Michael asked me, "What do you think of him?" I thought a while and as a lightning an idea came to my mind. My friends looked at me waiting when I would break the quiet. So I said, "Could you help me?" All my friends said in word or body dick sucking lips and facials starring natural, "Naturally, Yes" I wanted to reassure my friends, so I explained my idea, "Don't panic I don't want any violent action.

I want your help not to let him to escape. I want an honest talk." Don, who was a soldier he organized the action, " John and I will go to the toilet. When we'll go back Michael will stand up and start off and we'll surround them and you'll come after Michael. We're four so you can speak to him free." Everybody agreed the plan and we surrounded the astonished Ken and his business guest as later it revealed. I told the two surprised men, "I don't want any violence but only an honest exchange of views," and I looked into Ken's eyes.

The shocked Ken asked, "Do I know you?" I said, "I'm Aaron Botteron." He looked at me with his pensive face, so I knew I had to help his recollection. I reminded him, "My ex-wife was Samantha Botteron." I could see his pleasure that he found out who was Samantha and soon the fear filled him that he understood who I was. My friends moved closer. I began to decrease the pressure, "We're in a Hotel, security cameras, staff are around us and you've witnesses.

I'm not so stupid. I want a little honest talk, nothing more." His guest understood my intent and told him, "Mr. Lundgreen I think no problem I'm here and this bar full of people.

I think you should listen to him." Michael confirmed him, "Our friend wants a simple discussion, no more." The tension dropped to a lower level, so Ken's fears also reduced to a lower level and I could see the past filled his brain. Chapter 2. A Predator Ken: As it is known, the womanizer men have two ideal types as the Casanova and the Don Juan types. The exact Casanova type philander men do not rush after the women, because the women rush after them.

Opposite them the Don Juan type womanizer men are who push the women to conquer them. The two different lady-killer types can achieve their successes at different groups of women. I was the middle of the two types, so my successes were either sometimes at rest or at active hunt mostly. My name is Ken Lundgreen and I was raised in divorced family. I knew my father was a philander type and my Mom divorced him for this and I lived with my younger brother and my Mom.

My father divorced three times and now he lives with a divorcee without marriage certificate and very interesting he became faithful to his last mate without marriage paper. My Mom met a good divorced man and they married. My younger brother became an average man. Our stepfather's role model effected my younger brother, so he became a simple dad for three kids.

I like my two nieces and my nephew. I took after my father, but this lady-killer lifestyle started after I graduated in business administration. During college I was average student with girlfriends.

I went through disappointment but I caused disappointment to one of my girlfriends. So I think I was a total average, but I did not find any constant girlfriend until the graduation time.

One of my girlfriends cheated on me. Later I had teen from russia loves to get bonked fling when I had a serious connection with another girl. This girl was my last girlfriend in the college and we began to plan our common life. She left me on the spot, when she caught me with another girl in the bed. So I started my graduate life alone and I discovered that I attracted the older women. The older meant up to twenty years compared to my twenty-three.

First I detected this in my job, but I did not start any love affair at my company. My weapon is bigger size than the average size cocks are, but my cock is not too big, so my key was good for every type locks, so I was good for every pussy type woman.

My success began in my home building. Yes, I know my home building is a funny term but I can explain. In this city there were two Malls and the "White Oaks" was not only a Mall alone. One of its sides was built to be an apartment house. One of the two gates of this house opened to the Mall and the parking lot was also common with the Mall, only our parking lots were a little separated from the Mall's one.

I arrived here from New England to the Midwest and this possibility to live in this building was a good bargain. The fourth-floor apartment had a great view of the city. The biggest Roman Catholic church with its twin towers it was clearly visible petite teen pleasuring herself on cam more at my window with distant small hills. When I was bored at home I came here where a lot of people, restaurants, coffee bars and shops were.

As way of saying says, "The hypermarkets were invented by the men, but the Malls were invented by the women. Why? The men like to buy everything quickly in same place, but the women like to look at the shops, shop windows, to stop somewhere for a while, etc." Yes, this Mall was full of wandering women and I walked among them. Soon my "home" became my hunting area and the hunting success was often guest in my apartment. I was polite a little humorous, handsome and I was not sorted among women much.

Of course, I edited out some women who did not fit to my tastes or were too dangerous. I had single, divorced, married, widow, younger, older women and the majority of my successes were older than I was that time. The very few exception was a beautiful amputee with one leg, who was in my bed five times.

It was very surprising but she was the only one that I felt sorry for her when I broke up. Wendy was her name and she was twenty years old that time and she had very good nature against her one-legged body. She was very rarely shopper in "my" Mall after our breakup. I saw her with her two kids and her husband in the city several times later and I was glad for her success in the life.

I did not imagine her to be a successful wife, but I was the wrong. Unfortunately that time I did not use my secret cameras so I did not film any video with her in my video collection yet. The single and divorced women were good prey for me, but sometimes the breakup was emotional storms, so I began to estimate the married women as well. Shortly after the breakup happened with Wendy I adjusted a secret three cameras video recorder system and every sex, which was organized in my apartment was shot, edited and collected in my hard drive secretly.

I named the edited files about the "prey" woman's names and the date of the successful sex scenes. I had a huge amateur porn collection about my conquests. I think the question of the STDs deserves an answer. I was almost lucky because I used condom in the most cases, but I think I did bareback sex in the one-third of cases.

I was a little cautious so I tried to avoid extreme dangerous sluts, who might be carriers buena mamada a repartidor blowjob and bigtits STDs. However once I was found by the public health and epidemiology services, because I got gonorrhea from a slut and she named me at her physician. I was lucky because I used condom at the all woman after her and the public health and epidemiology services found me quickly after a short time to our last sex.

I experienced the famous symptoms as the "Bonjour Goutte" or morning drop for some days, but the antibiotics treated me well and I stopped my woman hunting a little. The other STDs avoided me, so I was very lucky.

The most bareback sex was with married women. But I began the affair with condom, when we knew each other better we shifted to bareback.

I had more women same time and I was almost successful to organize my "preys" were not able to encounter each other. Sometimes I met oversexed women moreover I had FFM too. I had some stormy breakup when I had such single or divorced girlfriends who thought me to be a serious partner and they caught me with my other preys.

I met Samantha Nasty cougar blows dick in close up in the Mall and she was an easy prey for me. I could see her several times, when she wandered alone in the Mall for a year. So I did a "Don Juan" type pushing from an accidental talking and I felt like she was not reluctant.

She was very good in the bed and we did wild sex. She was one of my lovers for three months so we shifted to bareback soon. She admitted me I was her third lovers and she cheated on her husband for a year.

I understood, why I fuckable pretty babe is team fucked hard pornstar hardcore so quick success for my pushing, she became a serial cheater earlier. Her explanation was her husband traveled a lot she mentioned she felt loneliness. I did not mind this that time I was only careful she could avoid my other "prey", a young waitress. I was a player and I collected my sex videos. I wanted to brag my conquest anonymously, so I did bigger editions and I published some of my edited bareback sex videos on an amateur foreign porn website.

I wrote cheating wife to my videos when the woman "sex star" was a cheating wife. Samantha's videos were edited after half a year to our breakup and I published soon. I understood somebody recognized Samantha and he told her cheating to her husband. I was successful to edit out my face from the video, but I was investigated. I quit my recollections. I came in the newest hotel of our city.

My business partner occupied in this hotel and I wanted a last easy meeting in the bar evening. When we went to the bar and sat down, soon four people were around us. One of them introduced himself he was Aaron Botteron. However I did not know him. He mentioned the name of his ex-wife, Samantha Botteron and I recognized him. I was afraid of a jealousy husband. It might be he was taken to prison, but serious wounded body was not too good.

The fear was in my mind for a while, but Aaron did fakeagent innocent blonde gets ride of life show any violence so I became tranquil. Aaron began, "Take it easy! Nobody wants to injure you. I want only some honest conversation with you. I'd like to ask about your affair with my ex-wife." I became calm and responded, " Alright. Feel free to ask me!

I tell you everything about her. What would you like to know." He questioned me, "Were you the first lover of my ex? Did she talk with you about her former cheating?" I told him, "I was her third lovers only." Aaron told me, "You're lucky again, because she was already a slut that time when you met her. Believe me! I do not have any hatred against you, even ." He stopped, so I asked, "What do your words mean?" My business partner, his friends and I looked at Aaron with a strange way.

Chapter 3. Three Modern "Figaro"-s for a Good Revenge Aaron: Like Ken I remembered at my all life from that quarterly friendly meeting. Seven years ago we were in a restaurant and John caused a little surprise because he brought a laptop with himself.

John came last he was a PI firm owner we thought he had an unexpected problem and we three would be only there. Such ideas circulated among us. However he arrived late and put his laptop on the table. After greeting he stayed standing and put his hand on my shoulder. He told everybody, "Thank you boys that you were with me during my difficult and sad divorce but Aaron is the next whom we should help." My two friends and mainly I were astonished by his words.

He said, " Looking for some porn I found this interesting video on the net." He switched on his laptop and he showed my wife's porn star video. Samantha was with a younger guy, but he edited out his face from the video. They had sex and I recognized my wife's face fully in the video. I was in total shock and I was mad at her. I asked for John to stop this video.

He stopped the porn video and told me, "Please don't follow me in your divorce plan." I buried myself in my sad thoughts so Michael and Don questioned John, "What do you say?! We don't understand you?" John said, "Naturally Aaron have to divorce this slut but he needn't follow me. Our state's family law doesn't know the fault divorce, so the spouses must share 50-50% except for prenuptial or property before marriage.

Fuck our state's family law. I've common children with Eve and I'm not glad for the 50-50%, five years alimony and etc, but I know my kids get from our common assets.

But poor Aaron hasn't any common kid with this cheating bitch. Why he should share 50% of their assets with this cheating cunt." I was sad and silent.

So Don continued the conversation with John and asked, "What do you think of, John?" John responded, "I work together with lawyers and many divorces originated from our investigations, so not only my experiences are about divorces.

I think we could help Aaron to reach 70-30% or even 75-25% in his divorce. Nobody could reach better share except for the wife would have a very weak lawyer." I came out the blue and I moaned, "Interesting." John put his hand on my shoulder again and he told me, "Aaron, do you want a quick divorce with 50-50% share or you could wait half a year even three-quarter year to start the divorce and we would help you to reach better rate than 50-50%." After him Michael added, "What ideas have you got?

Not too much burden for Aaron to live together with this cheating bitch for six or eight more months?" John began to explain his plan to us, "Very difficult to restart a new life when you became a divorced. When I discovered she cheated on me I was between hatred and depression.

You heard these things from me hundred times." He stopped a little, we were silent and he continued his confession, "I had woman hate for months. I did not trust any woman at all. How Sarah and I plan to move in together next month I think a little psychic miracle. But I think of if Aaron undertook an actor role for a little financial revenge, he would come out of the divorce emotionally better than me.

The fiscally saving revenge campaign could decrease his depression and a good cover to hide his true emotion to his cheating bitch. His depression will be less after the divorce and he could start over his life with less burden after a successful revenge than me.

He would have more secret money for his future even." First after the porn cinema performance I began smile a little, because I thought of my luck, because had Sarah and John lived together John would not have looked for porn on the Net. I do not know today it might be this short smile or other my brain state could make me accept John's revenge idea to play this actor role for some months.

But I decided. I said, "If you assisted me I'd postpone my divorce for more months for this revenge. I'd try this actor role. If I deem Samantha as a free of charge escort girl so I can do it." John said, "Boys, I want a little brainstorming. I'm very curious, what ideas we could collect together to change the 50-50% to better rate during short six or nine months?" This was the best thing, because John's words opened the sluice gate to perform a successful brainstorming.

There were some extreme ideas, but John's experiences were a good filter to throw out the wrong ideas quickly. The successful ideas, which we found and we accomplished, were the next: First.

Michael's idea was to compress the poker opportunities so I could "lose" more fake money and my friends could collect for me. Second. John said I had to discover the horse race and my friends could also gather the fake "lost" money from here.

Yes kind reader you are right these activities could have hidden 10% of our fortune after 5-6 years. However this money was the liquid cash capital for the major operations. Third. John knew a Harley-Davidson used motor trade with service. The owner went through a sad divorce with a cheater wife and he had a special practice. He bought the used bikes and he maintained them up to two years.

The original divorced owner could buy back with good bargain. This bike money was hidden by the gambling from Sam and the divorce lawyer too. BTW my wife did not like my Harley at all. Fourth. Don explained a new car's value decreases 30% after some months from the purchase date. We bought my wife's new car last year and we planned to buy my new car two year later. I would bring forward the purchase. During car purchase I could drain the common bank deposit better and a little bank loan decreased our common fortune.

Fifth. The "boss" weapon was the next. Michael explained his colleague was under divorce he asked for the hospital financial leader to postpone the payment of his bonus after his divorce.

I had to ask for my boss to postpone more payments of my bonus after divorce and also my any salary increase. Sixth. The personal belongings modernization was John's newer idea. I had to change many personal items from the electric shaver to my shirts, which were old. Seventh. The best idea came from Don, the thick pencil idea. He knew a construction firm owner, who went through difficult divorce and once he told a vague hint about smart trick to amend the 50-50% rate at divorce.

We bought our house as an older house and it needed a smaller reconstruction long since. This construction firm owner offered two times more price for the smaller reconstruction and I had to pay his tax expense and an interest and he gave back in cash. Later he told me he helped only me, because his first wife was a cheater too.

This was a little IRS danger trick, but we avoided well the problem. Eighth. John's next idea was that I could pick up a bank loan or some smaller bank loans to decrease the common assets. John's firm worked for a bank manager who divorced from a cheater wife after John's firm found the evidence. He knew he could help me with smaller bank loans for purchasing my car and the house reconstruction. We would collectively repay the bank loan details after divorce. However I had secret cash through above mentioned ways!

The clueless cheater Samantha did not suspect anything I think she was glad I went to horse race. She got more free time to do what she wanted. The house reconstruction and my new car needed a longer persuasion work from me but I accomplished well. I sold my Harley and she agreed to buy my new car and the house reconstruction in her joy. We got two smaller bank loans so I knew I would reach the better rate than 50-50%.

As John forecast my rate was about 75%. Before two months to my planned divorce John and I wanted to find the video lover. I wanted a little violence with baseball bat. I did not want any murder, but a little ball treatment, so we found the apartment building at the "White Oaks".

We milfs love threesomes big tits and big dick the twin towers of the biggest Roman Catholic church with the hill in background from the window in my wife's porn video. The twin church towers and the hills helped us. John asked his pretty woman employee to walk up and down in the Mall and we narrowed the candidates to one guy who lived on the highest level.

We had Ken Lundgreen's name, photos and video about him. However John checked Samantha during the Lundgreen project and Ken was a lucky bastard, because John's other employee found enough evidence for another lover with brand new videos, photos.

John persuaded me that Samantha was a slut and not a simple cheater and a serial cheater slut is not worth to injure Ken seriously and to go prison for her.

I gave my cruel fuck these pornstars holes francesca le nina elle carter cruise up. The found new evidence for Sam's cheating had such side effect that I did not need to use Ken's video in the divorce confrontation with Sam.

I could play that John's last evidence persuaded me to start the divorce. Her last lover boy was a younger bachelor guy, similar to Ken. His name was Brian Wheeler. The frequency of our sex decreased voluntarily. I bought semen detector kit or otherwise called as fidelity test and I checked her before sex secretly to avoid sperm of her any lover.

("") I almost stopped oral. My actor work was not 100% but only 90%, but Samantha was clueless about our financial campaign. She contributed to buy my new car, the house reconstruction and she swallowed the card and horse racing losses. The Harley selling was a pleasure for her.

Now I could understand the secret built-in agents, what a difficult work is to play with the bad boys. I did this actor role for eight months and I estimated I reached the 75-25% rate to share our assets in the divorce.

My friends were fantastic helpers mainly they had to keep my project in private before their wives and John's girlfriend. John was right our successful financial correction and the eight months role- play of a clueless dumb husband put me into a better emotional state than John was at his divorce.

My hate level did not decrease, but I was sure I would be ready faster for new relationships with women than John. He met Sarah after one year to his sad divorce only and they lived apart for a newer year before they moved in together. I went to the best divorce lawyer in the city, John recommended him to me. I began the bank account and other actions. I looked for an apartment and Don paid from my secret money for six months, so everything was secret from my wife.

When my divorce documents were ready so the process-server delivered the divorce documents to her on Friday. I took a day off from my work for Thursday and I lied to her I had to travel to a near city. I did not plan a last theater scene because I was afraid of saying something that I knew she had more lovers than Brian Wheeler. I did not want to risk my revenge. I hated her, but I was so reserved that I wanted to go away from her without a last good bye.

The eight months dumb husband role-play killed from me any interest to her emotional state. But I knew I should give her some explanation, why I wanted a divorce. So I sat down and I wrote a short letter. Samantha I wanted to leave you and not to say any Good Bye. But our common life deserves a letter. My friend John is a PI firm owner and he gave me enough evidence for your affair with Brian Wheeler.

I spared some lying for you it was not a fling. I do not believe your affair was for a blackmail or it was rape so this was one sided action from you. You thought you could sit on two horse-backs at same time. I am your faithful husband but I am not a cuckolding lifestyle material. The foundation of the modern marriage is the mutuality rule. So after your cheating I am free to forget my faithfulness vow.

However I think a not declared open marriage would be emotional shock for you too, if you had discovered my extramarital activity. Neither a declared open marriage would be good for us, because in the majority cases open marriages also go to spouse change with divorce.

But after thinking of the all possibilities I want a fast quiet divorce. You do not want any kid so we are lucky, so the divorce would be very quick. My lawyer told me we would be free after three months, if you did not struggle against the divorce. Marriage counseling is waste of money and time. I suggest you should look for a lawyer. I intend to divorce you and please do not call me.

We can talk through our lawyers. Your soon to be ex-husband. Aaron I cleaned the biggest table in the living room and I put my letter and my ring on it. I looked at the just renovated house and drove to my new home. Next day the process-server delivered the divorce documents to her job. Samantha wanted to call me on my mobile several times, but I closed her all calls. Soon I got the information from my lawyer that her lawyer contacted with him. During the trial she and her lawyer accepted my almost all conditions so she did not struggle for her dead horse, our marriage.

But she had a condition a half hour tête-à-tête conversation. I agreed and she came with her lawyer to my lawyer's office, where we could talk half hour. We got an empty room and we sat face to face. She wore a very sexy dress, but she was a little broken and sad. She began after greeting, "I accepted your all conditions.

So I don't struggle for our marriage. I think you are glad for it." I said, "I appreciate that it didn't happen any trouble what would have made our divorce be difficult." She said, "I'd have thought of your friend. John is a PI firm owner and I was under checking. Please, believe me, Brian was my only lover and I naturally ginger busty milf plays with her dildo your faithful wife before." This was a big lie, but I thought of my better share than the 50-50% and I swallowed my knowledge.

If I had mentioned Ken, she or her lawyer would have checked me in the future and I would have endangered my hidden money. Instead confrontation with the facts I told her, "Sam I had a little suspect and I asked John for a secret investigation.

We found you and your lover Brian Wheeler and I went to a lawyer soon. I don't like the big theater scene so I left my letter on the table when the divorce documents were ready." She began to cry and she said, "Do you know what shock xxx foking story sex stories 2019 to find your letter on the table, when I came home and you left me.

I remained alone and your letter was so emotionless cold…" She cried for minutes. I was glad and I did not disturb her, because, she cried the time from our half hour. She found out she lost time with her weeping, so she carried on, "Believe me I love you and I'll love you.

You're my first husband and this was a mistake with Brian. He's younger than me and he pushed me into this affair. I was in a weak state and I could not resist. I was happy with you." I felt like she wanted a last very weak attempt, so I closed her hope, "Sam I don't want any reconciliation, so you alluring starlets get fucked in an orgy give your hope up now and forever." She understood me and wiped her eyes.

She said, "Aaron I know our marriage is over, but I'd like to reach such situation, if we met each other in the city you saw me you wouldn't turn back and you wouldn't go to the opposite direction. I'd like that we could greet each other, if we met.

This city is a medium sized city so we'll meet sometimes accidentally." I replayed, "Sam I promise, I'll greet you, but I won't talk much but the weather and other nothing. You can't wait more from me." Samantha agreed, "Thank you. This is enough for me." In the following time we discussed the exact details of the house selling and the other financial things.

The two lawyers witnessed for the judge we talked the half hour, so the divorce was accomplished during three months. We sold our house, the brand new renovation increased the price, and so the true cost of renovation was not waste of money.

I bought a condo and Samantha also bought a condo for herself. When we met each other in the city accidentally we greeted each other, but we did never talk much at all. I promised this for the quick divorce and I always performed. Chapter 4.

The Handshake Aaron: I think the true friend does not cheat with your wife and my friends were true friends. They helped me in my worst state of my life, so they were not fair-weather friends.

They also kept my "saving" action in secret from their families, yet. I am very grateful for their help. Mainly I am grateful to John who discovered Ken's boastful video in time. I am forever indebted to him. It is my deep conviction a cheater spouse is thief more exactly a cheater is a time thief. The cheater spouse steals that time from the innocent spouse wifey fucked hard wearing thigh high boots needs to find a better newer spouse.

If the cheating was uncovered in time the innocent spouse gets more time to find newer better future mate after divorce. I got the information about Samantha's cheating in time and she did not steal much time from me.

It may be the innocent spouse could stop the other spouse in the cheating with reconciliation, if it is not already too late. Unfortunately the too late is the most cases. However we had not any child so I did not hesitate to divorce quickly, except for my eight months revenge time.

John married his second wife after half a year to my divorce. It was not surprising I was his best man at their wedding and I was not alone there. I met Emily almost after half a year to my divorce.

John was right I recovered from my lack of trust in women more quickly than John. It was very interesting we met on the net. The modern World has the new possibilities. I surfed on the net and I found the dating websites.

The high divorce rate and my experiences persuaded me the web site dating could give same possibilities for successful marriages as the ordinary dating. I looked at these websites and found some ads from Northern America and the World. I searched women from all the World. However I stopped at an interesting dating ad. I read this ad twice. A woman wrote she looked for such mate, who would like to become daddy for common children with her.

Samantha did not want any kids, so this ad was the most interesting for me. The photos showed a pretty thirty-two years old woman. I read the ads from almost the whole World and such ads were very rare. The women showed herself that way that they liked these and those entertainments, they wanted an understanding and affectionate mate, etc. I was tired of these types dating ads.

My interesting increased, because I learned this woman lived in the neighbor state. I responded to her ad because I was interested in such relationship where the woman candidate wanted common children. I sent my photo and my other data. I wrote I divorced such a woman who did not want to become a mom at all and we debated several times, because I wanted kids.

I know now this persuaded her to suggest me to meet in a city half way between our cities. The foxy selma has her tight snatch penetrated was in the neighbor state and she recommended me a hotel restaurant for a lunch at one PM.

I arrived one hour earlier after two hours drive, so I found the hotel and I sat in the lobby. We both had the photos of the other in our smart phone. She also arrived earlier, so we met.

She was of medium height, brown-haired blue-eyed woman. Her cheekbones were wide and her hair was not long. She wore a nice dress with a light blue spring coat. She was pretty in it. We greeted each other and we went to the lunch. She introduce herself, she was Emily Crane. She was a career woman, a lawyer and she did not look more possibility in her job. She thought she reached the maximum in her job, but the law office did not offer more. She had more boyfriends she tried a constant mate, but he left her.

I told her my wife did not want kids and cheated on me. She said she had a cheater boyfriend too. She told me she had more dating ads on other websites and this was the only ad, where she wrote about her kid plan. The other websites brought some adventurous candidates who were not good for being long time mates or father for her future babies. She was straight she thought she had the last time for starting a family with kids.

We were sympathetic to each other and we arranged the next meeting at her city next week. We began slowly. Soon she was at my city and we tried the sex and we were compatible with each other. We decided we would not wait much time and we would get married. John was my best man on the wedding and he grinned at me, because his second wife was pregnant with his third kid and he told us we would have the next.

We went to Florida for honeymoon and after it she quit from her job. I sold my condo and she sold her condo then we purchased a nice house. She had bank deposit and I could use one part of my secret deposit, because the marriage was a legal age teenager cum hole licked and banged good cover possibility that Samantha not to guess our trick. However I kept secret about my secret deposit from Emily, first was the security. My Harley was in our garage, but we did adorable milf is hammered hard mature wife use it since Emily pregnancy.

We had two kids the older was a girl Aileen and the younger a boy Philip. John and Sarah had two kids too. Michael organized the successful secret DNA tests for John and me.

Yes, we agreed Ronald Reagan's famous saying "Trust but Verify". The results of John and me were positive, so I am very proud of my kids and I think my marriage is successful with Emily. She is working at a local law office now. We discovered the adult breastfeeding relationship accidentally (ANR) on the Net (

I preferred low-fat milk to the alcoholic drinks and we became an ANR pair quickly after the birth of our son. We began, when my wife started to wean my son. We have a very deep relationship each other as the most ANR pairs have. We are hiding from everyone that we are an ANR pair, so our friends do not know this.

This is our common secret from the world. I think the readers are curious about what happened to Samantha. I knew amber chase almost perfect girlfriend about Samantha from common acquaintances and it was interesting I knew more about her than the local media (local TV, newspaper, radio and local websites). She had tubal ligation after our divorce so she solved the kid question forever. After our divorce she was alone, she dated more men but only a bi-sex divorced blonde teen cucumber and angry step moms new fuck toy asked for her to marry after two years to our divorce.

He lived in the cuckolding lifestyle with his earlier wife and she left him for other man to become a mother. I do not know how my ex was interested to be a personal porn star for a bi-sex man, but her nature would rather she was a secret slut cheater than a hot wife.

Their original bull left the city and they found a second bull, who was drug dealer and this bull's "business partners" after a financial debate followed their discussion partner and they killed her bull and her cuckold husband by several shots. Samantha got more projectiles, but she survived after long operation in the local Hospital.

The police were on the hot on the trail of this drug dealer gang. So after the murder they killed one of this gang members and the other two were arrested in wounded condition after a gunfight. This type criminality was very rare in our city, because the last gunfight was twenty years ago and that was a drug dealer affair too. So the local media dealt with the criminal affair and Samantha's lifestyle with priority. The trial had attracted the attention of the local media and Samantha and her lifestyle gossiped again.

Samantha's father died before her second marriage and her mother got a medium stroke during the trial. Samantha lived alone, because nobody wanted to marry her. Nobody wanted to be a poster I would be a willing cuckold for this local famous disreputable woman. Yes the "Day of the pride" for the hot wife cuckold pairs is in the future yet. But Samantha could not escape from the city because she nursed her mother. After two years Samantha got a little respect, because the people said, it was true she was a slut but he cared for his mother in an exemplary.

I heard from the common acquaintance, Samantha said to her, she and her brother could put their mother in an elderly care institute, but she wanted to show that she had human emotion and she was not only a sex-robot as the media showed her to the people. I was again at that time, when we met Ken Lundgreen. I thought I was extreme lucky that Ken was a little cocky so my friend found Ken's porn video and I was able to get rid of this slut wife in time.

I found a better woman and I was a proud daddy for two kids. Samantha did not want any kids and she could not have any baby at all. I thought of a friendly gesture which could show that I got my lucky serial from that video what Ken published with the star turn of my cheater first wife on the net. If my friend had not found this video I would have discovered Samantha's cheating more years later and I would not have married Emily and I would not have had my two nice kids.

I looked at the wondering Ken and I told the surprised Ken with my stretched out hand, "I'd like to thank you that you published your video with my ex-wife on the Net. I'm a happy man now for that." Ken stood up and we shook hands. Chapter 5. A Taken Advice Ken: Aaron told me with smiling at me after our handshake to confirm his thanks, "I've said my thank to you honestly. Your video publication was the most important that I could get rid of this skank cheating cunt in time and I'm a proud daddy for two kids now.

As you told us you weren't her first lover, but your video was the most important to guess her true nature." After a little pause one of his friends began, "I was after a difficult divorce, I still lived alone before my second wedding, when I surfed on the net to look for some porn.

I discovered your collection about your conquered women and cheating wives on that website. I immediately got to know Aaron's wife, Samantha. I grab your video and I showed it to Aaron on a similar meeting, as we're now." Aaron interrupted him, "I was very mad at her and YOU TOO!" Aaron's friend continued, "I've a PI firm, I helped Aaron to find the unknown lover of his wife. The two church towers and hills helped us to find your apartment and Aaron organized a short meeting with his baseball bat to treat your balls.

You're lucky, because I also checked Samantha, when we were looking for you. So I found evidences for her newer cheating with videos and photos. She had a newer lover. I persuaded Aaron he should not risk a prison for a slut wife." Aaron said laughing, "You were an unconcerned for me and I didn't want to go to prison for a slut.

So you're true lucky bastard. I was in time I could get rid of her before she surprised me a divorce plan five years later. I overtook her that Samantha couldn't steal from me a lot of time and gave me enough time to find my children's mother, my second wife. Calm down, I'm not mad at you." I was relieved, Aaron did not plan any violent action so I smiled a little, but the all situation was a little awkward for me.

I remembered the death of Samantha's bull and Samantha's murdered cuckold husband. She just survived that massacre. The entire media in our city dealt with this affair for months, because the Police arrested the killers and the media presented the all nasty details.

Moreover the Net public wrote about her lifestyle in much more details. Aaron asked me, "Are you a bachelor, aren't you? " I replied, "No, I'm not. I'm married and my wife is four months pregnant with our first child. We've got a nice house." Aaron said, "All right, so I'd like to give you an advice. Michael, my friend is the leader of the laboratory in the local hospital and DNA tests are performed in his laboratory too." The other friend of Aaron said, "You could sample your kid secretly and we can perform the DNA test well.

We all remembered Ronald Reagan's famous words "Trust but Verify" and all my friends and I kind girls archives chat roulette original version our kids secretly and the results were positive for us." Aaron continued giving me advice, "Ken you know the family law of the neighbor state contains that the kids are under four years the ex-husband does not have to pay any children support for the bastard kids, but according to my state's family law the ex-husband must pay children support for bastards after divorce!

But I think that you're the biological dad for your kid so this isn't an important info for you." They said good-bye and sat back to their table.

I was relieved but my business partner and I left the hotel bar quickly. He went to his room and I went home.

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I had become a married man four years ago. I found a wealthy single woman and I stopped my philandering lifestyle. More exactly I reduced the "hunting" for five or three adventures per year. Yes, such womanizer men as my father and I were we rarely would become absolute faithful husbands, but I had not any constant lover, mistress. My wife had a trust foundation and I had bank deposit from my bachelor life so we purchased a nice house with low mortgage. We gathered more money, when my wife became pregnant.

We wanted to raise this baby and we planned plus one kid later. After six months to the births of my baby girl I did sampling for DNA test from my baby girl and I took to another laboratory in the neighbor city secretly.

The laboratory staff confirmed that information that the neighbor state's family law allows the ex-husband does not have to pay children support for bastard child, if the bastard is under four years old. But our state's family law does not allow this. I got the result in envelope some days later and I opened and I read it. I AM NOT THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF MY BABY GIRL! FUCK OUR STATE'S FAMILY LAW! The End.