Horny asian fingered and eager to suck

Horny asian fingered and eager to suck
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Me and Sophie have been dating almost 2 years. I'm an average guy, but Sophie is stunningly hot tanned skin, big boobs, and blonde hair and she always has guys' attention wherever she goes.

She is really very innocent but I always suspected she had a dirty side, I just needed to find out how to unleash it. Secretly I like other guys ogling Sophie knowing they all wanted to fuck her but couldn't. As a couple we are at the stage where the sex life is great, we are at it like rabbits. Sometimes though I can't help but feel like there is something missing, something in the back of our minds that we wanted to explore… Of course, these feelings were kept to myself although there would be momentary lapses in heated moments of passion where there may have been indications of our inner sexual deviant nature.

Such as the time Sophie moaned "Jimmy" accidently, (obviously thinking about my good looking friend) which she immediately denied but I knew she was fantasising about him and fucked her harder. Later, I realized that Jimmy had been at the pool party earlier that day, and he had to borrow a pair of my boxers because he forgot his bathers.

This made the outline of his dick very obvious, and he had a massive cock. I realized that Sophie had spent an abnormally long amount of time talking to Jimmy that day, which might explain her fantasising about his huge dick. This was the genesis in my interest about Sophie with other men, which initially started as a small thing which grew into a full-blown fantasy and would wank daily thinking about it. I don't have a big dick, it was about 7-8" and the thought of Chocolate beautiful girl gazoo fucked interracial and hardcore taking a huge dick balls deep, like in a porno turned me on the more I thought about it.

One summer we took a vacation to the beach, and stayed in a luxury hotel. On the first day Sophie came back to the hotel with bags of shopping, and proceeded to show me what she bought. Things like high heels, short skirts, lingerie, tiny panties, big cleavage tops were all there, obviously intending to wear these when we go out clubbing later that night. A couple of things caught my attention though; first she had painted her nails bright red which I always found hot and was a sign she wanted sex.

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Second, she was now wearing two toe-rings on both her second toes and an anklet on her right ankle. This was the most obvious sign now that Sophie wanted to not just get the attention of other guys but fuck them too. This turned me on so bad and I really wanted to talk about it to her but I didn't, just in case she didn't realize the significance of the jewellery she was wearing.

I wanted guys to be flirting with her tonight and I wanted her to love showing me how much of a slut she was. That night we went out to the local nightclubs and bars, we both had a lot to drink and were having fun dancing sexy together. A few guys were rubbing up against Sophie and I let them, which surprised her but she went along with it. They were big guys, well-built and if I had to guess both had big dicks something I bet Sophie was thinking as well.

Sophie was rubbing herself up and down like a stripper on these guys, encouraging them to feel her bodies' contours as she would move seductively to the carnal-like atmosphere inside the club. It was hot, she was sweating and the bumping of the bass was like pounding during sex. Eventually the guys left as it was getting late but we were still feeling the vibe of the night and wanted to keep going.

Sophie's obvious and deliberate attempt to flirt with other guys in front of me turned me on, and she basically begging to get fucked. Instead we left the club and walked down the street which was becoming seedier and seedier. We started talking about that time she was with my mates at the end of the night and they went to a strip club together, eventually amazing amateur girlfriend sucks cock with facial that she loved it when she could see my mates' dicks getting hard tricked stepmom tsuck my cock looking at the hot gorgeous mia isabella fucking a thief grinding and spreading their legs on stage.

She also then admitted that she flashed my mates her tits and spread her legs on the bench where they were watching, revealing her xxx waxed smooth, dripping wet pussy to the guys. She said that she craved getting gang-fucked by them all that night but she didn't want to tell me. The built-up sexual tension to this point was at tipping point, and at that point we (conveniently) walked past a strip club. We thought it might be fun to re-create that moment and we then went inside.

It turns out there was a dual-show going on, both guys and girls involved in the show. We sat in the front row, and we immediately saw that the two guys from the club from earlier were on stage, stripping. They both had ripped bodies and were feeling up the girls dancing on their laps. They then noticed Sophie and both came over to us, pointing to her and she was loving all the attention.

They began to strip in front of her until eventually they removed their shorts and their mammoth dicks were hanging right in front of her face!

Sophie's jaw dropped at the sheer size of these cocks and looked at me like she couldn't believe how huge they were! She was obviously turned on to the point of no return and said; "can I touch it?" and I said "go for it, seriously". She was tentative at first, lightly wrapping her hands around the cocks. As the crowd around us started chanting "Suck it! Suck it!

Suck it!" she realized how many people were watching her, and this turned her on even more.

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She gave me one more look like "are you sure" and when she knew I was loving it and I nodded in approval, she slowly brought her mouth to a tip of one of the dicks, and let it enter her mouth.

She was wearing red lipstick and her lips were especially wet, which, when added with her saliva helped the smoothness of it all. Before either of us knew it she was going crazy on her blow-jobs, holding each dick in one hand at the same time and alternating between them. It got to a point where she was deep-throating them and everyone was loving it. Eventually one of the guys in the crowd was like "show us your tits" but she wasn't sure about this as there were quite a few guys gathered around her now and she wasn't sure if I was ok with it.

I just said "do it" as I could see in her eye she wanted to so badly, so she slowly pulled up her dress and revealed her huge cleavage in a black bra and tiny thong which barely covered her pussy.

Everyone cheered and said "keep going" until she was eventually totally naked, spreading her pussy in front of everyone and said to the two male strippers; "fuck me, fuck me now". She lay back on the couch bench and spread her legs sexy hoe enjoys big hard cock of boyfriend pornstars hardcore everyone could see her pussy.

When the first guy kneeled and held his dick about to put it in, she said to me "I surely can't take that, I've never fucked a guy with a dick that big before!". The guy then slowly slid his huge cock into her pussy, inch by inch.

It had to be at least alexis adams needs some hard cock and very thick. She moaned with pleasure, and then began to dirty talk like I've never heard her before, things like; "fuck my dirty little pussy harder.let me take that huge cock all the way…fuck me…oh my god I'm cumming so hard…you don't fuck me like this baby…fuck me with that big dick…screaming…".

When both guys were ready to cum she knelt down and they blew two huge loads over her face, which she lapped up with her tongue out and pushed the cum into her mouth with her hands.

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She then surprised me and said: "I WANT MORE CUM in my dirty little mouth" and then lay back on the couch.With that the 10 or so guys gathered watching quickly pulled their dicks out and gathered around her in a circle, each one of them taking turns to fuck her pussy, ass, mouth, she was getting gang fucked while I just sat there jerking off. She was screaming with pleasure and each guy couldn't believe his luck as this hot, young slut had offered her body to them all. Her inner slut/whore had been released and it was the hottest things I had ever seen.

Each guy took turns to cum all over her pussy, ass and face until she was covered with what looked like litres of cum. She then pushed it into her mouth and swallowed it all, lapping it up like a good whore. The last and most shocking thing she demanded was that I then come over to her, to see what everyone had teenie zoey monroe and busty mom cherie deville lesbosex to my good, perfect little girlfriend. She spread her legs, her voice quivering from cumming so hard and said; "eat it".

Maybe because I was drunk and maybe because I wanted to, I got down on my knees and ate the dripping cum from her little whore pussy, until it was all gone. Next chapter: a trip the next day to the beach