Adorable adrianna has her trimmed pussy plowed

Adorable adrianna has her trimmed pussy plowed
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So it was a brisk fall day in mid October. The new aquarium in town recently reopened and I was excited to go see it. My friends were all busy that day so I went by myself.

I got dressed in my skinny jeans and a plaid button up shirt and headed out. I stopped by a coffee place and got a hibiscus juice like always and walked to the near by aquarium. I walked in pay for my ticket and caught a glance of some tall slender man, who in fact seemed to also be alone. I disregarded his stunning appearance and continued on to the aquarium. I stopped by this exotic blue ringed octopus and saw that the guy from before was also admiring the foreign animal.

"Cool lookin isn't it?" He said. TO ME! HE SAID THAT Amazing babe rayna get fucks by her boyfriend big dick ME!

I almost dropped my drink in shock, but managed to say a simple "yeah" in response to him. He chuckled and walked away. I was hot. I was nervous. I was happy. I finished my drink and continued walking around the aquarium. Even past the Sharks, squids, and hundreds of fish, my fascination was with that guy. Tall and handsome he was. He had an english accent, not that weird now that I moved to Give me browe your boyfriend. Anyways, I walked through the aquarium and as I stared at the new hammerhead shark, he appeared again.

He was staring at the same thing as I! What should I say?! I don't remember what I said but he laughed and said, "yeah totally. Hey aren't you the guy from that octopus over there?" And I said "oh yeah that was me." HE REMEMBERED ME!

Then he said, "if u don't mind me asking, what kind of drink were u drinking back there?" "Some hibiscus juice thing." I said. "oh that sounds delightful. Two lusty babes fuck hard outdoors masturbation and big tits to grab one with me?" I almost died. My heart fell out of my chest and my soul picked it up and put it back in place so I could say a simple"sure." We left the aquarium and talked about ourselves, telling our talents and interests and personalities.

His name is Darren daly and he's amazing guy. Funny, talented. He's got it all going for him. We got our drinks and decided to go to his house. We became friends i guess. Strangers to friends in about an hour just by talking. Makes me think why people don't try it more often. We got to his house and that's when I found out he liked me.

"Make yourself at home" he told me as we entered his flat. It was nice, cozy little home and his roommate had supposedly just left. I sat down onto his couch and began to relax. Darren came back with some cookies, he called them biscuits haha he's so weird. We devoured them and watched television. We talked about our lives and just connected effortlessly. Occasionally we would smile at each other, getting lost in each other's eyes.

I told him," let's watch a scary movie?!" And he got excited and put some weird but horrifying movie on. Throughout the movie we got closer, we didn't think anything of it. We figured that it was just us jumping because the movie scared us. Eventually we were side by side. I looked at him and he put his arm over me. I was shocked, scared, surprised, excited, happy, and overjoyed all at once.

The movie started getting dull. I looked at him, he was watching the movie still. I braced myself and I went for it. I kissed his cheek and looked away. My heart was racing. My thoughts were racing! Too soon? Was he straight? Is he gonna kill me?

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He chuckled. Then looked at me, turned my face towards his, and kissed me. At that second a woman screamed in he movie and we both jumped. We started laughing incredibly loud. Then we went back to sitting together and held hands.

We were together. I knew it. We were 'a thing'! I said, "hey josh." "Yeah?" He said. Then I threw my arms around him and kissed him wildly and passionately.

And he responded right back and turned me onto my devouring sweethearts taut fuck holes smalltits homemade on his couch. We rolled over and landed on the floor, I didn't care that I hit my head. I was too happy. There wasn't groping, fondling, or anything of the sort. Just lips and tongues goin wild between our mouths. I stopped for a breath and smiled. "It's about to go down!" I said, and we both laughed.

We ran to the bedroom. It was only our first date but it had to happen. I ripped off my shirt, literally ripped it off. I regret that now, it was one of my favorites. He took his off like a more sensible person. Then there we were, flesh to flesh rolling around his bed making out and rubbing our chests together. He was fit. And perfect. I could hear him unbuckling his belt and I did the same. We threw our pants off the bed and rubbed our groins together. He was growing through his underwear, getting harder and harder second by second.

So was I. His hands were on my ass. Squeezing and rubbing. I moaned. He had a way with his hands. I stopped kissing him and pushed him away from me. I stand up and take my underwear off revealing my fully erected penis. I jumped off the bed and pulled his legs to the end of the bed. His legs dangled off and I was on my knees. I buried my face into his crotch. Licking, sucking, smelling, his cock and balls through his underwear.

He was practically begging for me to take out his fully grown member. I refused. I kept playing With it through the confining fabric. Eventually I took them off and when I did I was amazed. A beautiful man with a beautiful cock. I became a savage. I shoved the entire thing down my throat and he moaned incredibly loud. My eyes were watering from my previous action but I didn't care. I could taste the precum off his cock.

Sweet. I held it in my hand and sucked on the tip. Sucked it like a Popsicle. He moaned and squirmed. I started going deeper and faster. I could feel him restraining from cumming. I then moved to his balls, they were slightly hairy and gorgeous. I sucked on them and slapped his cock against my face. He loved it. I didn't know if he was a top or a bottom. I had to make a choice, finger him, or not? I didn't ask. I just sucked on my fingers for a second and shoved my middle finger in.

He big cock blowjob took a ubersexy refugee home "yes!" Bottom. Alright he's a bottom I guess. "Sit on my cock baby!" He startled me when he said it. Top?!?! Figures with his massive cock.

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I deepthroated it a little more, placed a condom on it and tried to slide his cock in. No luck, out of passions and frustration he pushed me onto my back and lifted my legs above my head. He shoved his face into my ass and I moaned extremely loud. He shoved two fingers in me, no mercy. He swirled them around and loosened me up. I loved it. He then asked me so gently and politely, " are you ready baby?" and he grabbed some lubricant.

I shook my head indicating that I wanted it. He kissed me gently and said, "alright baby just checkin." Wow. He actually cared, I wasn't just a piece of meat.

He cared how felt. He slid his cock into me. I screamed as it stretched my whole, the condom added to the lubrication and apart from the tightness, it slid in and out. We stared into each other's eyes as we slowly made love.

Deep long strokes. I kept moaning and we were sweating. "Position change?" He was so sweet for asking.

"Sure" I said. Somehow we both knew I wanted to ride him. I mounted him and it began getting intense. I road him fast, We could smell the sex, hear each other's moaning and breathing quicken. We loved it. I leaned over and kiss him, instead of me doing all the work he began thrusting upwards. I moan and screamed in his face and he loved it.

I didn't know whether or not to get dirty with him or not. I could tell he loved what we were. Doing, but should I get dirty? Fuck it. I turned my body and reversed cowboy style rode it. He loved seeing my ass bounce on his cock. I stuck two fingers in his ass from this position. He moaned as I finger fucked him and sucked me finders afterwards, ass to mouth action is sexy.

I dismounted and flipped him over. I grabbed one of his condoms. And slid it on. He knew what was next. I like it rough, and I guess he did too. I slid it in, he was tight. I pounded his whole and he screamed but I knew he loved it.

I pulled his hair and he screamed "yes baby yes plz" I spanked his ass and It giggled around my cock. I spit at him, I pulled his hair, sparked him, scratched him. We were dirty. We loved it. I was know close. What to do, what to do? I turned him on his back and he was sweating. So was I of course. I ripped off the condom and jerked over his face. He stuck his tongue out and I shot my cum all over his face. It was hot lesbian action starring two blonde starlets hot, stinky, sticky mess.

Half in his mouth half on his face. Right after I came he sucked the rest out of my cock. Before he could swallow i darted down and licked his face clean. We swapped the cum back and forth, with my cum in both of our mouths I said," don't you swallow" he listened. I stood him up. Cum still in our mouths, and I began jerking him off. He moaned and shot his load in my open mouth.

I spit it in his mouth and we swapped our loads. We swallowed and stared at each other. In shock of what just occupied the last hour. We embraced. Lovingly.

We fell asleep, sweating, covered in bodily fluids. I woke up the next day and kissed him. Should I go? Vanish from his life?

He woke up an hour later and I was not in his bed. Grief and sadness overcame him and he sat up in his bed. Little did he know I was in the kitchen making him breakfast.