Xxx barjan new rep sex stories bf story

Xxx barjan new rep sex stories bf story
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Raven was collared & leashed with spiked heels as her now femdom/ mother Lynn led her to master's door. Lynn rung the doorbell and led the mother daughter duo downstaira to his newly constructed dungeon.

Lynn french kissed Max & then was told to do the same to Raven afterwards mom, Lynn stripped naked and she sat on Raven's face who was already spreadeagled & nude on the bed.

Max filmed the taboo encounter on his cellphone. Raven was licking rapidly on her mom's clit. This was the beginning of her punishmentfor calling Max when cute teen gets cum in her ass was supposed to. Chapter 1- The Anal Creampie Carol was enslaved in the human cageas she watched her son/ master Max fuck Raven up the assusually Max only reserved this for his older slaves but Raven who was now screaming in pain & ecstasy should now be taught a lesson.

Carol was playing with her cunt ,as she saw Lynn grab her daughter by the hair & shove her face in her maternal pussy. No more screams could be heard only muffled sounds from the the pussy eating Lynn orgasmed as Max unleased a massive load of jism into Raven's ass. Max pointed to the cage & Lynn unlocked it and Max ordered his mom Carol to eat the anal creampieLynn shoved Carol's face in her daughter's shithole & Max's Mom ate the man dessert.

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Chapter 2 -Two Days Later. Max was laying by the pool on a lawnchairCarol was on her knees wearing a lime green thong bikini & 3inch heelsshe was jerking her only son's penis .Lubed & shiny Carol was waiting to suck on her master's dick. He was getting very stiff & earlier today she was told she would be eating a huge load of cum before they would visit her ex-husband & his wife.

Of course Bill was Max's dad & since Max had hypnotized them allJoyce & Carol were now best friends. Max grabbed Carol by the hair & had her deepthroat his wang. The old bitch no longer had a gag reflex & that's why she was now nothing but a human cock socket for Max.

Carol swallowed the white jizz dessert & then followed her master/son to the shower where they cleaned one another. Chapter 3- At Bill & JOYCE'S home Bill was filming his wife Joyce licking his Son's assthe old bitch enjoyed licking her 20something son's ass. Tonguing away for Joyce it was like a chocolate popsicle. Completely nude except her 3 inch heels Joyce was now sucking on stepson's balls as Max furiously jerked off.

In the corner in a thong bikini & short heels Carol watched with interestwhat did Max have up his sleeve ? She didnt have to wait long as Max unloaded a load of man goo all over Joyce's facenow it was her turn to enter the scene country girl with short hair and fit body Carol licked the cum off her best girlfriends face.

Max who was wearing a mask grabbed the collars & leashes he had left in Joyce's bedroom the last time he had visited & collared & leashed both his mom & stepmom and lead them both to the bathroom where he urinated all over their faces.

Once completely humiliated both milfs took a water shower together & washed upwearing their most expensive perfume. He had Bill (dad ) clean up the mess with a mop. And Max decided he'd tell Carol to stay for the night with Joyce to have some lezzie fun. Before he left though he watched as both old whores pissed all over Bill's face, He'd have to mop up the bathroom floor again he smirked. Chapter 4 Carol was back homeshe had a great time last nightshe & Joyce had 69d and pissed all over her ex-husbands faceshe loved doing that best,She'd have have to really thank Max for that, Where was he she wondered.?

Max was at Bev's house she was a new submissiveshe was a 55 year old brunette married brunette with fat cuckold husbandhe had met her at the supermarket & was now spanking his giant prick all over her faceultimate blowjob by nesti her face alone will make you pop! her limpdicked husband Melvin watched with an open mouth. Max started skullfucking the average looking housewifehe was gonna cum down her throat& all over face and then bring her to Mom's Chapter 5 Bev meets Carol Carol was getting her cunt lickedBev had never done this before but she thought Carol's pussy tasted delicious.

Max was fucking the old bat doggystyle and she was loving that too. Max had a giant penis & was stretching her cuntMelvin was never able to have her orgasm this much. Carol was moaning as MAX'S new sexslave licked away furiouslyCarol orgasmed also. Max couldnt hold it any longer anymore so he turned Bev over came all over face. Then he took a photo & told Bev to show Melvin when she got home. She was nothing but a cumbucket Max laughed. Chapter 6 - In The Kitchen Max was standing near the kitchen counter enjoying his mornig coffeecompletely nudeCarol on her knees licking her son's behind .

His cellphone rangsomebody wanted to speak to Carol? " Oh hi Mrs. Jones"Max said sarcastically"oh she is occupied at the moment" as Carol kept licking her Master's shithole, will she be around later on She asked sure'just drop by Max saidsee you around 2pm. bye bye Mrs. Jones Max hung up. He always thought Joan Jones was hothe have to hypnotize her too Max thoughtMax turned around & jerked off all over his mom's (Carol's)face thinking of what he'd do to Joan