These silk panties will feel amazing against your cock

These silk panties will feel amazing against your cock
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It was the summer holidays. It had been three months since my mother had left my father. He was not a man to let himself die. Life had continued, almost as before, even if I missed my mother. Daddy did not let himself die, but he was more and more tense. I was young and naive, I could not imagine what sexual frustration could represent for a man. One evening I was in my bed, I was already in a state of half-sleep. It was only when he sat on my bed that I realized he was there. - Dad, what do you want?

I was going to sleep! - Oh dear . I did not want to wake you up!

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It's just that I feel so alone! Would you let me . play with you? ! Play ? I did not understand. Free husband and wife first night on marriage sex was already late, it was not time to play. And then, if he wanted to play, we could very well have played scrabble or cards, or anything else the next day.

- But Dad, what you're talking about, it's so late, I'm so sleepy . - Oh nothing, you'll see, it's very fun, and it'll go very quickly . Dad slid his hands under my pajamas. He slid the fabric on my neck, I found myself topless. I was young, it's true, but I understood that it was not normal.

He started kissing my topless breasts. I felt a very strange sensation, like a heat, like a burning too. I started to struggle, but Daddy held me tight. His lips continued to kiss me, his tongue to lick me, his hands to caress me. Or rather one of his hands. I felt that his right hand made strange movements, a little like he beat eggs in snow. I did not understand why. I soon felt, on my belly, several jets of a sticky liquid, and then, above all, very hot, but which was not slow to cool down.

My father put my pajamas back in place.

It was very unpleasant, the sensation of the fabric stuck to my belly by this cold liquid. My father kissed me on the cheek, thanked me for playing with him, and he left almost as quickly he came. I did not sleep that night, I could not believe what had happened. In the morning, I would not have believed it if I had not seen the stain on my pajamas, and the yellowish film on my stomach before going to wash. Throughout the day we both did as if nothing had happened.

In the evening, however, almost at the same hour, my father entered my room. I knew what was going to happen, or at least that was what I thought. My throat was knotted. My father, again, sat down next to me. Without saying a word, he firmly grasped my breasts through my pajamas (I had changed, of course).

- Dad . What are you doing? ? ? I was very worried, I did not want him to do anymore disgusting things with me again, but I did not know how to stop him. -Ah, darling, you want to know what I'm doing ? My father got up.

I wanted to run away, but I was paralyzed. And where could I go, what could I do ? Dad lit the light in my room, and sat down.

- You are right my darling, it is better that you see what fine looking blonde sarah vandella fuck in pov, you are old enough after all, you're old enough to understand. Like the day before, Daddy pulled down the fabric of my pajamas and unfolded my little topless breasts, areolas and orange pink nipples.

I had a ball in my stomach. Daddy began to caress me, looking me straight in the eyes, with an ironic, stern tone, as if he were telling me: "I own you, you are mine!" My fear has redoubled.

Again, I felt his warm, damp tongue spreading on my breasts his incestuous saliva. Then I saw him take out his tool. I had never seen one "for real", it seemed enormous. With his cock, he started caressing me on my stomach, on my breasts. His tip was purplish, there was a kind of liquid that allowed his penis to slide more easily over my skin. My father lavished these loathsome caresses for a few minutes.

Then he stopped. I thought it was over. But no, it was not over.

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He planted his cock against my face, against my mouth more precisely. I could smell his musky cock. I looked at him, tears in his eyes, to beg him to stop. I could not speak, you see why. He stroked his cock against my lips, but I clenched my teeth. He was trying to push, but I was holding on.

- Baby, why do not you want to? It's very fun, you'll see . But all this was not fun. I shook my head from left to right and from right to left, crying, but being very careful not to open my mouth.

It was a nightmare. - Orhhh, baby, you could make an effort, he will not bite you. Well, you big tits porn tv spicy big boobs not want to suck, it's your right .

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I was relieved, I thought he finally found reason. Yet he began to masturbate, in front of me, a few inches from my face.

I found this really sordid. And even more when he ejaculated on his stinky, thick, burning and then icy liquid, with a hoarse growl. He looked at me like that, a few minutes.

I had my eyes closed, I waited for him to come out, I did not want to meet his cold eyes. Finally, he told me to go and wash my face.

I obeyed, trying not to cross his eyes. The next day, I stayed in my room most of the morning, to avoid crossing it. I went down only when he called me for the meal. After five minutes with my eyes plunged into my plate, as I was not hungry, I asked if I could leave the table. He answered me : - If you do not want to swallow, anyway . His tone was full of innuendo, but I did not care, I hurried out to my room to get peace, at least until evening.

But I did not get peace, quite the contrary. About half an hour after the meal, when I was asleep, totally demoralized, exhausted by two nights without sleep, he was sitting on the edge of the bed again. He moved me. - Wake up, Cinderella . When I saw him there, sitting beside me, I wanted to throw myself out of the window. Still, I had no idea what he was going to do, I just thought he was going to cum on me or try to get sucked.

I did not tell him, I just looked away. Yet, this time, Daddy did not attack my top, but my bottom. He slid my shapeless jogging pants, taking advantage of my surprise. When I xxx with big boobs teacher the fabric slip along my legs, I began to struggle, like an hysterical girl, before I got a noisy and resounding slap.

- You did not want to suck me last night, so much the worse for you! And now stop crying or I'll REALLY get upset! I swallowed my tears and my shame. He pulled his thing out of his pants, he was already having a hard-on. He penetrated me brutally, totally dry. I screamed in pain. He gave me a new pair of slaps. - What the hell is that? You want to rally the whole neighborhood! ! ! I felt a liquid sink, I knew it was my blood.

My dad was filling my pussy at full speed, without the slightest tenderness. I begged him to stop, but he did not listen. He had not been listening to me for the last thirty-six hours. His breath was getting shorter and shorter, the rhythm of his hips more and more intrusive. I felt his thing harden and shiver. - Ready, little bitch! ? His insult made me fel worse than his blows. He pushed a long groan, bestial, and I felt a warm liquid spilling into me. Daddy fell on me, before kissing me.

On leaving, he said: - I'm sorry, darling, I would have liked it to do it otherwise. You'll see, you'll grow to love it . * I never liked it. Yet, after that, I let him do what he wanted. I even agreed to suck him, to avoid irritating him.

His tool and his cum blond und geil tube porn my mouth were even more disgusting than when he penetrated me. However, he was a little more tender than the first time, he took his time to caress my breasts, to lick my pussy, but it did not give me any pleasure.

Against all odds, my mother returned home a little before my nineteenth birthday.

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It was about six months after he raped me for the first time. Now, it's been almost a year since Mom came back.

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My father no longer touches me, I suppose Mom gives him the sex he needs. At noon, my mother told Daddy and me that Granny was going to need surgery.

Nothing really serious, but Mom should stay at her home for at least three weeks to help her recovering. When Daddy looked at me, I knew I would have to spread my legs again.