Enora hardesya ans etudiante baise pour payer ses cours

Enora hardesya ans etudiante baise pour payer ses cours
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Things are a little trickier now that school is back in session. I don't have the extra time in the morning like I used to, and that means our little Thursday morning playtime is greatly abbreviated.

I wish we could just change the office schedule so that no one came in until 10:30. Half sexy hot teen and fit masturbation hd eventually frannkie dukke and i were screwing her staff does, but the receptionist starts at 8:30, and I can't get here any earlier than 7:55, so that just doesn't leave much time for the good stuff.

Not that M would be deterred by a little thing like lack of time. It is a shame though, because last week when I was able to arrive at work by 7:20, well, that gave us ample time for playing. I'm getting wet sitting here just thinking about it: As usual, first thing in the morning, I wasn't feeling in the good, submissive mood I love so much. M had instructed me to wait in the corner of the conference room, minus bra and panties. As I stood there, really not feeling at all contrite like I was supposed to be, and not kneeling like I probably should have been, I watched as a nightmare of traffic clogged the intersection three stories below.

There was a big one-day motivational convention in our modest downtown, and not surprisingly, the city had not planned at all for the horrendous surge of morning traffic. 7:30 am and it was totally gridlocked. M came into the conference room, and I think I made some offhand comment about it being one of "those" mornings (M, being well acquainted with my moods by now knew this meant I was not exactly in the mood for shenanigans yet).

M came up behind me, and started feeling up my tits, bare underneath my light wrap dress. I moaned as he centered on my nipples, tweaking them gently at first, then with more aggression. I began grinding my ass into him, and could feel his hard cock eagerly wanting to be released from its confines.

Still standing in the window, M opened the blinds all the way, and opened the top of my dress, completely exposing my huge tits to any driver who happened to look up. My pussy got wet as I imagined all of them witnessing me getting my nipples fondled and pinched.

I swear one business guy in a white car was looking, and SEEING everything that was happening. Since traffic was so awful, he sat there in the same spot for at least 4 minutes, getting an eyeful. "You like this, don't you?" M growled softly into my ear. Another moan escaped my lips. "Yes, sir. Thank you," I replied. Absolutely no problem feeling like a wanton whore now. "Everyone down there can see what a whore you are." He stated.

My pussy was dripping. He pinched my nipples hard, pulling them back toward him. I moaned again. He let them go, and lightly slapped gorgeous milf with enormeous tits teasing masturbation and webcams one, then the other.

After a few more minutes of tit play, he moved me from the window, and bent me over the conference room table. "Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked. "Oh, god! Yes, please, sir" "Suck my cock and get it nice and hard," he ordered.

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I got busy sucking on his perfect cock, licking the shaft from base to tip, taking it deep in my throat, then sucking like my life depended on it. He backed up a step, and I strained to keep my lips around his cock, not wanting it out, but also desperately wanting to feel it in my pussy. He took another step back and his stiff member reluctantly left my warm mouth with a small "pop.". M walked around behind me, and without preamble, shoved his cock deep into my wet hole.

Often my first thought at that moment is "This is my purpose. I live for this," and today was no exception. He fucked me hard and fast, then slowed it down, teasing me. He knows I like to feel his cock as deep inside my cunt as he can possibly thrust it.

"Are you ready to suck me off, whore?" he asked after a few more minutes. "Oh please, sir, please fuck me hard again. I want to feel your cock deep inside my pussy. Please, sir," I begged. It sounds corny, or like something from a bad porn script, but anyone who's been there knows. M obliged. The whole window scenario had brought things to a new level. I had found something else that turned me on like a light switch. "Sir?" I ventured "Will you please move the chair to the window, and fuck me some more?

Will you please let me suck you off in front of everyone, and let them watch you shoot your cum on my face?" The chair was moved, and I was positioned on my knees, hands on the armrests, tits bouncing over the back of the chair as M's cock pounded my pussy again.

The thought of having spectators was doing a number on him as well. It didn't take long before he pulled out, came around to the side of the chair, and ordered me to suck sex storiesprn comlana rhodes hot romance off. When he came on my face, I obediently took the first couple shots, them hurried to catch the rest in my mouth, licking his cock clean.

"thank you, sir," *sigh* Replaying that scene in my head brought me to many orgasms this past week, lying in bed alone late at night. M never was one to lack creativity, though, so I should have known he would find a way to make this week's adventure fun, even if we didn't have the luxury of time.

His email came this afternoon: "No time for small talk tomorrow. These are your instructions: After you leave the house, pull over, remove your panties, and shove a dildo into your pussy.

Leave your skirt up so any man in a service truck on the way to work will have a good view of what you're doing. Drive with one hand, and fuck yourself with the dildo using the other.

When you get to your parking spot, take the dildo out and lick it clean. When you get into work, I will bring you into my office, whip you, and fuck you hard before you finish me off by swallowing my cum" I'll finish writing after our morning session…&hellip. So this morning was good, though I have to say not as in her wazoo is how asian playgirl likes it as the window incident.

You would think being in a compromising position in your car, in the midst of morning traffic would feel more exposing than being up in a window, but I found the opposite to be true.

Driving out of my neighborhood, I worked my panties down, and with one hand still on the wheel was able to remove them completely. I thought I would have to stop (and I guess technically that was a part of my instructions, but why waste precious time on pulling over when I could manage without?) Hiking my skirt up, I pulled the dildo out of my purse, and worked it into my pussy.

Of course I had used it before, and maybe it was the angle-since I can't say I've used it in a sitting position before-but it felt like it went as far back as my pussy would allow. I have a very short commute to work, kinky tess rides on a throbbing shaft before long was pulling out onto the main road leading to downtown.

I expected to feel the same as I had on display in the window, but that feeling just wasn't there&hellip.yes, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I worked the dildo in and out, and there was a certain thrill to knowing that I was practically half naked, fucking myself as oblivious people drove past me&hellip.but I guess the fact that they couldn't see EXACTLY what I was doing took something away from the whole experience.

I really hadn't known this about myself before this week, but I definitely get off on exhibitionism. Put me in a room…hell, on a pedestal in the room, and use me in every way possible while a crowd of people looks on&hellip.oh my. I'm losing my train gap licked and team fucked hardcore blowjob thought. So I pulled up to a stop light in front of the hospital, and noticed a large truck pulling up beside me.

I admit, my heart starting racing, and I'm ashamed to say I chickened out. I pulled my skirt down just enough so that my pussy was no longer visible, but still kept pumping the dildo in and out of my wet cunt. I was too scared to look in the direction of the driver to see if he had noticed the woman in the car next to him who was clearly playing with herself.

As soon as I pulled away from the intersection, and started getting into the busier area, I chided myself for not being a good little slut, and raised my skirt again, determined to not lower it again until I reached the parking garage. As I pulled up to the building, of course I got stopped by a red light.

I had a feeling M was probably up there, looking down on me to see if I was complying with his orders. I sat through the light dutifully fucking myself for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, the light changed and I pulled into the garage. Once in my parking spot, I took a quick glance around to see if anyone else was around. The place was pretty deserted as I followed out the final order. I pulled the dildo out of my cunt, and licked the length of it, getting all the juice off, before putting the whole thing in my mouth and sucking it clean.

I then scooped up my panties, deposited both them and the dildo in my purse, and headed into the office. (On a funny side note&hellip.I noticed this faint "ZZZZZZ" sound from my purse as I passed the small coffee shop in the lobby and greeted the clerk…I figured maybe my phone was on vibrate.

Yeah. Of course not. The dildo I had teen babysitter kimber lee gets fucked in front of busty babe ashley sinclair unsuccessfully to get to vibrate in the car had just NOW decided to join in the games……) As soon as I unlocked the door and stepped in, M was there.

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He grabbed my arm and propelled me into his office. "Did you follow my instructions, whore?" "Mmmm," I debated whether or not to tell him I had chickened out, and decided the best way would be to come clean "Yessir…though I did pull my skirt down for a few minutes at an intersection." "You're going to have to be punished for that," he stated, bending me over the chair and lifting my skirt up.

Without further warning, he landed a series of sharp SLAPS to my ass. "What do you have to say, whore?" "I'm sorry, sir! I'll do better next time" I cried as he landed a few more stinging blows on my ass.

He pulled my skirt up, shoved his hard cock in me, and fucked me fast and hard-the way I like it.

Being short on time, he pulled out way sooner than I would have liked, and made me lick his cock before sucking him off and swallowing his cum. "Next time, I'm fucking you in the ass, and shooting my cum all over your face," he said as I worked to get my clothing back in order before the receptionist arrived-which would be any minute.

'And I expect you to come in here later and bend over that chair so I can fuck you again while everyone is here." "Yes sir. Thank you,' I replied, then went to my office signed in to begin my work day.