Odia heroin archhita sahoxxx storys

Odia heroin archhita sahoxxx storys
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Sorry it took so long needed to think about what to do next. Not interested in complaints about grammar. As I've said before just writing for fun so don't bother commenting about how difficult it is to read. Deep and lovely dark chapter 7 Vlad came home at 3:00 am holding a barely conscious Lisa in his arms. Rachel who was sat In the basement smiled when she saw Vlad but quickly became terrified when she saw Lisa.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?" asked Rachel hysterically. "I went to the house but Eckhart was waiting for me" said vlad as he lay Lisa on a stone slab. "are you ok?" Asked Rachel. "im ok I dunno about her though" he twistys elle alexandra starring at red hot motioning towards Lisa.

"Can you help her?" "I expect so, its been less than an hour since she's been bitten. One more hour and she'd be beyond my help". Vlad walked over to a shelf containing small vials of liquids of all colours.

He pulled out a vial containing a green liquid and returned to Lisa. Lisa was barely breathing, her body was trembling and she couldn't open her eyes. Vlad raised her head and poured the vial into her mouth. "There we are, a few minutes and she'll be fine." Rachel gave a sigh of relief. Vlad went to Rachel and embraced her in a hug. Rachel looked up at Vlad and met his gaze. Vlad's lips met Rachel's and they kissed deep and passionate.

As Rachel pulled off Vlad's long Black coat, Vlad lifted Rachel's top revealing her large round tits. Vlad reached behind Rachel and grabbed her hair pulling her head back. Vlad attacked her neck, kissing and licking.

Rachel began moaning as her hands wandered over Vlad's chest, feeling his large muscles made Rachel's pussy very wet. Rachel pulled away and lifted Vlad's shirt over his head. Vlad pulled her back licking her neck while she moaned.

She scratched his back leaving scars which healed instantly. Vlad picked Rachel up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her over to a nearby table and dropped her. He ripped her bra off and began sucking her tits.

Rachel pulled his head closer as if trying to smother him. She ran her fingers through his long hair as she gasped. "oooooooh yeah suck them, oooooh god". Rachel suddenly pushed Vlad away and ripped off his belt off. Vlad pushed Rachel back towards the table and pulled of her pants. Pulling her panties aside Vlad's tounge dove into her pussy. Showing no mercy Vlad's tounge flicked her clit furiously. Rachel's mouth fell open and her breathing was becoming long and deep.

Vlad reached for her left tit and the bitch says to shove it and moans of pleasure pinching her nipple. Rachel put her right hand over her mouth as she began to moan. Vlad wrapped his left at around Rachel's thigh while his left hand pinched and twisted her nipple.

Rachel closed her eyes as she was building up an orgasm. Suddenly she felt another pair of hands running over her body. She opened her eyes to see Lisa sucking her other tit and Vlad looking up smiling.

Rachel just thought "fuck it!" And carried on enjoying the treatment. With her orgasm getting closer, Rachel grabbed Lisa's hair and pulled her up to kiss her. Her tounge forced into Lisa's mouth and began exploring while vlad sucked Rachel's clit.

She began to shake as she moaned into Lisa's mouth. She pulled away from Lisa and began to scream. "oooooh fuck oh my god don't stop im so close, OOOOOHHHH FUUUUUUCK". Rachel grabbed Vlad's head and wrapped her legs around his neck as an orgasm tore through her. Cumming hard, Rachel felt all the strength in her legs disappeared.

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It was more than she could take as Vlad continued sucking her clit while Lisa watched smiling. Still shaking Rachel pulled Vlad up and kissed him, wrapping her arms around him. Vlad picked her up and gently lay her down on the stone slab. In one quick move, Vlad grabbed Lisa by the hair and pulled her over to the slab and forced her on her knees.

He grabbed her by the neck and said "Lick her cunt slave!" "Yes master" she said smiling and went to work eating Rachel's pussy. Vlad went to Rachel's mouth and pulled out his cock offering it to her. On the verge of passing out, Rachel opened her mouth and took his cock. Vlad began rocking his hips fucking her mouth while holding her head. Rachel started moaning again as her pussy was munched and her throat was fucked. Lisa licked Rachel's pussy like her life depended on it.

She pulled her young out and spat on Rachel's pussy rubbing her clit while she did. With Rachel feeling her strength returning she grabbed Vlad's cock and tried to take the whole thing in her mouth. This was never easy, Vlad's cock was lesbo babe fingerfucked gently by busty milf double the size of any cock she'd had in her life. She took in more and more until she felt his cock hit the back of her throat making her gag.

Vlad stood there with his eyes closed, his eyebrows raised and his mouth falling open.

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Feeling his climax coming he began to moan hard. "aaaaah fuck, suck it slave. Suck it im gonna cum! Come on slut suck it!". Calling her names made Rachel's pussy even wetter, plenty for Xx brazzers full sex stories story to clean up with her tounge. While she sucked, Rachel began to jerk Vlad's cock.

Vlad was moaning so hard, he grabbed Rachel's head and began fucking her mouth harder. Back and forth he rocked his hips til he pulled his cock out and exploded all over Rachel's face. "What are you Rachel?" He asked. "im your cum slut master". Vlad felt himself getting hard again immediately. "Why do you exist?" He asked.

"To get fucked by my masters monster cock whenever he wants!". Rachel got hornier with each new question. "Do you like being my slut?" Vlad continued. "Master I love it, I'll fuck my masters cock whenever he wants." Vlad smiled. "Do you want my cock in you right now?" "Yes master I need it. Please give it to me." Vlad began stroking his cock while he continued. "I think I like you begging. So beg me!" "Please master I beg you fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard like the whore I am".Vlad couldn't take anymore.

With his lightening speed he pulled Rachel off the table and bent her over It. He pulled Lisa off her knees and pushed her onto the table. With Lisa's pussy only inches away from Rachel's face, Vlad pushed Rachel's head into Lisa's pussy. "You eat her pussy while I fuck you slave!". Rachel wrapped her arms around Lisa's legs and began eating her out. Lisa threw herself up as her jaw fell open.

Teens masturbate together hd aamirs delivery knew Rachel was so good at eating pussy she thought. Catching her expression, Rachel looked up at her and said "This ain't my first rodeo" she smiled and threw a wink at her.

She continued licking up and down Lisa's pussy while Vlad got ready to fuck her. Vlad lined up his cock and thrust into Rachel's pussy. Rachel threw her head up and moaned as her master's cock brought her the release she needed. "Aaaah yeah like that yes fuck me!" Vlad grabbed her hips and fucked her deeper with each thrust. Vlad pushed Rachel's head back to Lisa's pussy and lost himself in the peak of pleasure he found himself in.

Lisa held Rachel's head to her pussy and watched Vlad fucking her. Lisa kept thinking of how good that big cock would feel inside her. She felt herself getting wetter as she pictured his cock in her head. Her mouth watered, she really wanted that cock, she needed it. Vlad looked at Rachel's perfect ass. It was so alluring. He grabbed it and squeezed it. He raised his hand smacked it hard prompting a squeal from Rachel.

Smack! "Ahhh thankyou master!" Smack! "Ahhh thankyou master!" Smack! "Ahhh thankyou master!" Rachel by now knew exactly what she was supposed to say and when to say it. "Tell me how much you like me fucking you!" Vlad said fucking her harder. "Oooh Oooh Oooh I fucking love it. I love your fucking big cock fucking me Oooooh!". "Who's my slut?" Said Vlad. "Ooooh I am" Rachel Replied. Vlad looked up at Lisa and saw her losing herself in intense pleasure.

"Lisa!" He barked. Lisa looked up at him quickly. "Is Rachel good at that?" She smiled and said "Yes master, she's really good. I think im gonna cum!" Vlad grabbed Rachel's hair and pulled her away from Lisa. He pushed her on her knees. "No one makes her cum except me understand?" "Yes master I understand" she said bowing her head. Vlad looked at Lisa and pulled her towards him. He looked down at Rachel still on her knees with her head bowed. "Slut you sit on her face while i fuck her!" Rachel looked up and smiled.

"Yes master!" Rachel did as she was told and climbed onto the table. She stood over Lisa and crouched above her mouth. Lisa reached up and pulled Rachel down lower and began licking her out again.

Lisa contemplated how good Vlad's cock was gonna feel inside her. Vlad lifted Lisa's legs over his shoulders as he impaled her with his cock. Vlad laughed as he heard Lisa gasp. He began to fuck her roughly as he grabbed her tit and twisted her nipple.

"Do you like this slave?" Lisa pushed Rachel up to answer. "Yes master its so big I fucking love it ooooh shit!".

This was definatly the biggest cock Lisa had ever had inside her. She found it hard to focus on Rachel's pussy with this incredible cock fucking her. Vlad looked up at Rachel and pulled her in for a kiss. Rachel put her hand on the side of his face and moaned schoolgirl daisy chainz enjoys big cock of tutor Lisa licked her pussy like a pro.

Rachel looked down and watched Vlad's cock sliding in and out of Lisa's fuck hole. Vlad leaned towards Rachel and whispered. "Fuck her like a slut!" Rachel's eyes lit up.

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She jumped off of Lisa's mouth. Vlad went over to Lisa's head and forced his cock into her mouth. Rachel went to a nearby draw and pulled out a big black dildo. She ran over to Lisa and rammed it into her pussy.

Lisa screamed with Vlad's cock in her mouth. Rachel rammed the dildo in and out of Lisa's pussy while she twisted her nipple. "You like this don't you whore?" She said aggressively. Vlad pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"Answer her!" "Yes I love it!" Smack! Vlad smacked her pussy making Lisa jump up. "From now on you call her mistress understand slave?" "Yes master I understand". Rachel smiled at her new position of power. "I'll ask again. You like this don't you slave?" Rachel asked. "Yessss, yes mistress I love the way you fuck me!". Rachel continued fucking her with the dildo while Vlad continues fucking her mouth. With her mouth and pussy full, Lisa felt her orgasm building.

She pulled out her master's cock and looked up at Rachel. babe in pink pantyhose anal rammed hard in the backseat pornstars and hardcore please can I cum.

Im so close please I wanna cum." She begged. Rachel smiled, she could get used to being called mistress. Rachel stopped fucking Lisa and looked up at Vlad. Vlad understood what she was doing and pulled his cock out of her mouth and went to Rachel's side. "Beg us to finish you off slave!" Said Rachel sternly. Lisa looked at Rachel and then Vlad. "Please mistress, Please master let me cum, finish me off." "Louder!" Boomed Vlad.

"PLEASE MAKE ME CUM PLEASE". Rachel looked at Vlad stroking his cock and winked at him. Vlad went back to Lisa and began fucking her pussy again.

Rachel went to Lisa's head and sat on her face again. "Lick my cunt slave!" "Yes mistress" Lisa said and began licking. Rachel began to grind against Lisa's mouth and moaned loudly. "Oooh fuck yeah! Lick it slave, lick it". Sensing that Vlad was getting close Rachel Tried to rush her orgasm. "Suck my clit slave!

Make me cum!" Lisa did as she was told and began sucking Rachel's clit. Suddenly Lisa's body began to spasm as her orgasm hit her. "Thankyou Master for making me cum".

She said trying to regain her breath. Rachel grabbed her hair and pulled her back to clit. "I didn't tell you to stop slut". Rachel's orgasm hit seconds later. It felt like a hundred waves of pleasure hitting her one after the other. This pushed Vlad over the edge. He pulled out of Lisa's pussy and Rachel pushed her off the table and onto her knees. Rachel kneeled down beside her and held Lisa's head up. "Open your mouth cum sluts!" Said Vlad.

The two women obeyed and their mouths fell open. Rachel was still holding Lisa's head while Vlad jerked his cock. Seconds later Vlad exploded over Lisa's face. His legs began shaking and he walked over to a nearby chair and sat.

He watched Rachel lick all of his cum off of Lisa's face and share it with her. When they were finished Vlad stood and helped them to their feet. They got dressed and left the basement walking hand in hand in hand. "Rachel would you show Lisa to her room? It's obvious she'll be staying with us for a while." He smiled and walked away. Chapter 8 coming soon.