Tight teen ever since i was a tiny girl meeting alone with a priesthood leader in his

Tight teen ever since i was a tiny girl meeting alone with a priesthood leader in his
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My Girlfriend and Daughter I had been single for about 10 years after a bitter divorce battle. I had lost everything including half of my pay packet; thank god, we didn't have children as who knows how much I amazingly hot cam girl whips her big tits out have been paying the bitch. However, she had recently remarried and now I didn't have to pay her anymore, I could now start to think about buying a place of my own and anywhere I wanted.

I wanted to go into the countryside away from all the people I knew and make new friends, people who would not remind of the bitch every time I saw them.

I must admit the divorce had hurt me and if I was being honest, it was my fault. If I had been able to keep my dick in my own pants instead of trying to get it in the pants of every woman I met. Anyway, I had learnt a lesson, a very painful and expensive lesson, but I had learnt. No one was going to hurt me again. I had been seeing other women but only for what I could get out of it, I didn't stay around long enough for things to get serious.

I had also been seeing a few prostitutes; I had become a regular customer to some of them. I was getting my rocks off without any ties, it had been fun for a few years but I felt something was missing. I had been feeling this for a while now, but it had gotten stronger since my ex had remarried and I didn't have the responsibility of paying her. I must have felt needed but I didn't even have that now. Sorry, getting a little upset here.

Anyway after a few month I found a nice place in the country, I even managed to transfer to an office nearby, only30 minutes travelling time I now felt I was able to restart my life. I was still using prostitutes, but I had to travel back to where I used to live. I was with one of my more friendly women and told her about the travelling when she offered to talk to one of her friends who lived near to where I now lived.

She told me it would be a couple of weeks before she spoke to this friend and that if everything was ok and her friend agreed she would give me her number. True to her word, next time I visited her she not only gave me her friends number but a half dozen more. She explained that she had asked around and managed to get these other numbers for me, further explaining that these girl were a variety of ages and amongst them should be able to cater for all my needs.

She also gave me a free blowjob that night as a farewell gesture. I told her I would still come to see her if she agreed, her answer was, well in that case, I would have to give her a blowjob next time. No hardship there then. I had to register with a doctor and not knowing anyone in the area I checked the internet for surgery's and phoned the nearest one to my home for an appointment. I thought or hoped I wouldn't need their services but best to be safe than sorry.

I was given an appointment a couple of days hence. I arrived ten minutes early for my appointment; the receptionist gave me a form to sultry sweetie gapes narrowed twat and gets deflorated in. When I had finished and returned it, I was led to a side room and asked to wait someone would be in to see me shortly. I was pleasantly surprised, a girl I judged to be in her late teens early twenties entered introduced herself as Sharon stating she was the practice administrator and had a few questions for me.

She was about five feet four inches tall, long brunette hair set in a bun on the top of her head. Just a light touch of make-up, eye shadow enhancing the most striking, full of the sexiest come to bed promise pale blue eyes I had ever seen. I had trouble looking away from them, but I had to be polite.

Just a touch of make up on her cheeks not a great deal, but made to look as though it wasn't there. I don't like women who cake the make up on. She was very pretty, slim with what looked a good figure. Under her white blouse that had the top two buttons undone showing a hint of cleavage from what looked like a good handful of boobs. Her legs looked long and slim topped off with wide rounded hips and a bubble butt dressed in a black pencil skirt that ended just above a pair of well-rounded knees.

Sheer black hose led down to a pair of black sling back open toed two-inch stilettoes. She looked gorgeous and I took all this in in the time it took her to walk from the door to me. She told me, as per story tante tante mulus bisa langsung d putar practice rules, I would need a blood and water sample and to see one of the doctors.

I was asked to make an appointment for blood to be taken and then make an appointment to see the doctor at least a week after giving blood and to take a water sample to the doctor with me then. After going through the form I had filled in the interview was over, five minutes is all it took. Oh well maybe I could develop some strange illness so I had to come here weekly to see her.

A couple of weeks went by, I had seen the doctor been given the all clear and managed to see Sharon, but all we said was Hi to each other with a smile on her face. However, I knew she didn't remember me and was just being polite.

A week later I phoned a woman named Dorothea, she was one of the numbers my "lady" friend had given me and arranged to see her on the Saturday night.

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As we were strangers she insisted upon a hotel room, she asked me to book a room for Saturday night and to give her the details the next day. I found one not too far away. I gave her the details and asked if she would have dinner with me first, so that we could discuss my needs and what she was willing or not to do.

Saturday came and we met in the hotel lounge about 6:30, we had a drink or two then a very pleasant meal. She was good company, after discussing our needs, arrangements were made to spend the night together. She was about my age, late 30's to early 40's, about 5 feet 4 inches, dark wavy shoulder length hair, slim with what I could tell under black knee length cocktail dress. Her legs looked long, shapely and strong.

Black 4 inch high stilettoes looked good on her slender feet and smoky, sexy eyes that were full of erotic come to bed promise. The second pair of beautiful mesmerising eyes I had seen since moving here. Must be something in the water, but at least I could look into them without being rude. She didn't give me too much information about herself other than she preferred to be called Dot, she was divorced and had a 20 year old daughter that lived with her most of the time.

Explaining her daughter spent odd nights at either her boyfriends or her fathers' house. Blowjob and facial cumshot compilation tube porn had a daytime job but she needed the extra money doing what we were doing now.

We took a bottle of wine to the room and settled in, she went in to the bathroom and I took my shirt and shoes off, I didn't want to rush this. We had all night. She emerged wearing a shear see through negligee, stockings and suspenders and no bra, which she clearly didn't need. I was hard in an instant but I didn't want to rush. We sat together on the settee and kissed and fondled, she felt fantastic her boobs were firm no droop at all, prominent nipples that stood out half inch and were surrounded by areolae that was not much darker than the skin of the rest of 3man 1woman rep porn storys full sex stories breast.

We got onto the bed; I pulled up the bottom of negligee and looked at her pussy. Trimmed dark hair just above her slit, but completely bare either side of it. She was wet glistening and her juices were running out down between the cheeks of her arse. Her inner lips were crinkled and protruded slightly; I opened her legs wider and used my fingers to open her. Inside she was a beautiful pink her clitoris protruded and her hole was dilated and full of juice.

She was moaning quietly, her head pushed back into the pillow, eyes closed and biting her bottom lip. I traced a finger between her lips gently brushing her clit she moaned louder and more juice leaked out of her. I licked my finger, heaven. I had to taste it properly, I moved between her legs that I spread as much as possible, and held her inner lips between finger and thumb, pulled them apart opening her wide and dipped my tongue gently into the pool of juice that was overflowing from her hole.

She jumped, moaned, and gave me more juice. Manna from heaven, ambrosia of the gods' doesn't go far enough to describe how she tasted. I couldn't get enough. I wished my tongue were six inches long, (no doubt, she did as well) I tried to get inside her as far as I could.

I licked and sucked on her lips, licked the full length of her pussy paying particular attention to her clitoris. She rewarded me with more and more pussy juice. I inserted two fingers and searched for the allusive "G" spot. I bent my fingers upwards and found the rough area in which I believe the "G" spot is and sucked licked and gently bit her clitoris.

I must have been doing something right, as she was moaning biting her lip and thrusting her pussy into my face.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her pussy, I was having difficulty breathing but I was determined to make her cum. When she did, she did so with a vengeance, she squirted her juice, I wasn't ready for that, it went straight down the back of my throat, I had to turn my head away as I was choking.

(Must be like that for a woman when a man shoots in her mouth without warning). She soaked my head and face and the duvet on which old young nina north gets used and d were lying.

Her legs snapped shut trapping me between them; she pulled my hair and ground her pussy into my face, her whole body was shaking and juddering.

All the while, she squirted more and more juice. Then she gave a big sigh and collapsed and relaxed, freeing me. I looked up at her, her chest was rising and falling, she was breathing deeply. I took advantage and sucked on her nipples and fondled a squeezed her breasts, thoroughly enjoying myself. Her eyes fluttered she sighed and opened her eyes, looked at me and mouthed the word sorry. I told her there was no need to apologise as I had enjoyed it nearly as much as she had.

(I didn't mention it was a hell of a boost to my ego). Dot excused herself and went to the bathroom, I sat on the settee with a glass of wine and a cigarette, I heard the toilet flush then the shower running. I was thinking of things I would like to do to her next. When she came out of the bathroom, she was completely naked; she walked about the room letting me see her from every angle.

She wasn't at all sluttish about it, but made it look natural; she rewarded with some very erotic views. She had her back to me and dropped some tissue on the floor; she bent at the waste legs parted slightly. Giving me, a wonderful view of her pussy and puckered arse hole. Then she brushed something invisible from her breast, whatever it was persisted in sticking to her nipple, she tried wetting her fingers and brushing it off.

That didn't seem to work, so she wet the nipple by lifting her boob and licking her nipple. She never said a word, she just looked at me, I was mesmerised and couldn't take my eyes off her. She walked over to me, took my drink and cigarette, placed them aside, pushed me back into the settee. Then she knelt between my knees and took my rock hard cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, pushing the tip down my pee hole. She bobbed up and down on it slowly, massaging it with her tongue on the way in, sucking on it hard on the way out.

Each time she took me further into her mouth, soon I was all the way in and her nose was in my pubes. She didn't have a gag reflex; she massaged the head of my cock with her throat. It didn't take long I was ready to cum. She fondled my balls and at the same time she squeezed the base of my cock, it took the urge to cum away. She held me on the brink of orgasm using all sorts of tricks, for about ten minutes. Not once did she take me out of her mouth, but finally she couldn't stop me any longer, I tried to tell her I was cumming but couldn't speak.

However, she knew and took me all the way down her throat, I pumped spurt after spurt down her throat, it felt like I had cum gallons. She didn't spill a drop. All the while, she was going down on me she looked into my eyes, she had a mixture of mischief, lust and wanting in her pale blue beautiful eyes. When I first saw her eyes, I thought they were mesmerizing and full of promise. They certainly hadn't lied; she had just given me a blowjob that I thought was only possible in my imagination.

Dot had drained me, and thought I will never need to cum foxy honey gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the sperm. Dot gave us both a glass of wine and a cigarette; we sat on the settee talking. She told me she had never had an orgasm so strong before, but certainly wanted more.

She was sorry about the mess she had made. I assured her that I thought it was fantastic and that I had thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I thanked her for the fantastic blowjob; she told me she was trying to repay me for what I had done to her. I was drained, and told Dot I would never be able to get it up again. She huffed and with a grin on her face. Grabbed my cock and dragged me to bed. Saying have I got news for you; I had paid for all night and she was going to make sure I got my money worth, even if it killed me; what a way to go!

She lay on top of me rubbing her body all over me. Just like one of those full body massages the Japanese are famous for, but without the oil. She licked and sucked my nipples, fondled my cock and balls. Then she licked all the way down my body till she reached my cock. She treated them as though they were the crown jewels, licking and sucking, fondling and tugging. I was getting erect again; she took me into her mouth, massaging me with her tongue, deep throating me. It didn't take too long and I was i know that girl pussy licking ex girl porn 393 full mast.

She climbed on top and slipped my cock into herself, oh boy! She fit like a glove. So soft, warm and liquid, she rose up and down slowly until she had me snugly in as far as I could. She then sat still and started massaging me with her inner muscles, squeezing from bottom to top over again.

Then she would start pumping me in and out again. She repeated this time after time, all the while juice was pouring out of her pussy, soaking my balls, thighs and the bed beneath me.

Surprisingly it didn't take long before I was cumming again. This one came from my toes; it drained everything from my toes up my legs, then out of my cock. Then it started from the top of my head, down my body and arms and out of my cock.

I was sure I looked like a deflated balloon, I felt empty. However, she wasn't finished, she climbed off and took me in her mouth, deep throating and cleaning our combined juices off me.

When she had finished she lay beside me and we cuddled. I am sure I was asleep in less than a second, the next thing I knew the sun was shining through the window and my cock immersed in liquid heat. Dot was on top riding me slowly, she leant forward dangling her boobs in my mouth. I couldn't resist and started to suck and lick her nipples; I grabbed her butt cheeks and helped her rise and fall I fondled and probed her meeting a sexy brunette and asking for sex. She sighed at this looked at me and said, "Yes please".

I nodded and she lifted off my cock and guided it into her anus, we didn't need any extra lubrication, her pussy had supplied ample.

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She sank slowly onto strapon hot european brunette pegging her boyfriend and all in one go I was in to the hilt. Dot had a look of pure bliss on her face, she moved up and down, round and around, all the while squeezing me with her muscles.

"Oh that feels so good," she told me. She informed me it had been a long time since she had last had anal sex and she loved it. She put her arms behind her and onto my legs, leaning back. She exposed her clitoris to me; I rubbed it with my thumb. Juice was squirting out of her pussy onto my stomach. She jammed her arse hard down onto my cock, screamed and shot a jet of juice up my body and over my face.

I managed to catch some in my mouth just as I shot my load deep into her bowels. We both collapsed her on top. We lay like that for a long time getting our breath back, gently stroking and kissing each other. All too soon we had to get up and get ready to leave, we showered together but neither of us had the energy to do much. We soaped each other fondled and kissed but that was all. At breakfast, I thanked her for a fantastic night and that I hoped to see her again soon.

Dot told me, I had better as if she hadn't heard from me within a month she would come looking for me. I liked this woman. Dot thanked me for a fantastic night; she hadn't enjoyed herself so much for a long time. All too soon, it was time to part; I ordered two taxis and waved her goodbye.

The following weekend I phoned Dot again, but sadly, she wasn't free. She assured me that she wasn't seeing anyone, but she had to go away for her daytime job and wouldn't be back until Monday evening. I had been thinking about her all week and had gotten myself worked up. I was feeling randy as hell. I got my list out and called a girl called Claire, she was supposed be in her early twenties and uninhibited. Sounded good; I phoned she was willing but insisted on a hotel. I asked if we could have a drink and dinner first and if we would spend the night together.

Arrangements were agreed and I was sitting in the hotel lounge awaiting her arrival at 6:30 pm Saturday evening. Claire had said she would be wearing a green dress and her hair up in a bun so that I would recognize her.

When she walked in her back was to me, I went to meet her and had the shock of my life. There facing me was the girl with the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Deep, pale blue mesmerising eyes oozing promise of fantastic sexual adventure. She was beautiful About five feet four inches tall, with a gorgeous full figure, her breasts looked a good handful but hard to tell in the confines of the tight dress. This stopped just above her knees, then her shapely calves led down to a good strong ankle and into two-inch pale green stilettoes, I must be the luckiest man in the world.

Have you guessed it yet? Yes, it was Sharon from the doctors. I recognised her instantly, but she showed no sign of recognising me. Therefore, I kept my mouth shut, except to say "Hi" when she leaned forward and gave me a peck on the cheek saying it was nice to meet me. We sat at a table and I ordered drinks, I apologised in advance about staring at her eyes but they were far too beautiful. She assured me she didn't mind, but if they were all I was going to look at, then later I might miss a lot more.

We had an interesting dinner; chat was interesting and easy going. Claire/Sharon told me she was single, lived with her mother and did this to make extra money, as her day job didn't pay enough to give her the life style she wanted.

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We seemed to be getting on well so I didn't spoil it by telling her I know where she works etc. I suggested taking a bottle of wine back to the room; she smiled and agreed. Once in the room she turned business like asking for the money up front, telling me, I must wear a condom for penetration and nothing too perverted.

Otherwise, we can do just about anything. She went into the bathroom and ten minutes later emerged wearing a low cut black bask, a "G" string black stockings and suspenders.

Her hair was loose and hung down to her bottom. She had applied a touch more makeup around her eyes. I had thought they were beautiful before but now she had enhanced them even more and I was lost in them. She laughed and asked if I had noticed anything other than her eyes, I had; but I was still totally lost in them. I stood and held her in my arms, she felt wonderful, I caressed her from her head to her sexy gorgeous bitch gladly jumps on the shaft, then back up feeling every curve and bump between.

I kissed her; her tongue was in my mouth having a dual with mine. I led her to the bed laid down beside and started to kiss her all over. Starting at her mouth and working my way down to the tops of her boobs, I managed to free them from the confines of her basque; her nipples were long and stood up proudly, her areola was just a shade darker than the rest of her breast that were firm and full. Just as I had imagined them to be when I first met her at the doctors.

I just touched her nipples with my tongue and she gasped; they must have been very sensitive. I sucked one nipple into my mouth and teased it with my tongue, the other nipple I gently rubbed, squeezed and teased with my thumb and forefinger. Claire/Sharon was moaning more and more, with my other hand I started to stroke her inner thighs, just gently, barely touching her skin.

She opened her legs wider the further up I stroked, by the time I had reached her crutch, her legs were as wide as she could get them. The tops of her thighs and the crutch of her G-string were soaking wet. I gently brushed her pussy outside of her panties and she exploded into orgasm, the fluid ran out of her soaking the crutch of her panties even more, down her legs and onto the bed.

I had to taste it, I brought my hand to my mouth and licked my finger, and I then smeared her tits and nipples with the rest, sucked, and licked them clean. I moved down the bed and cleaned her thighs. When I started to lick the crutch brazzers by bosses daughter alessa savage rubbing shaved her panties, her legs snapped shut trapping me, I licked and chewed at her crutch but she pushed me away begging me to stop.

Explaining that now, she was too sensitive and please let her have a couple of minutes to recover, promising I wouldn't be sorry. We had a glass of wine and she amazing teen and her mom suck dick that her breasts were very sensitive.

If played with properly she orgasms. I apparently had played with them just right (another medal). I asked if she always squirted, she told me nearly always and that she used to be embarrassed about it but now she loved to see men's reaction. She took my glass off me and knelt between my legs, took hold of my cock in one hand and my balls in the other and gently caressed them getting me back to full erection.

When she was satisfied with how hard I was, she took me into her mouth. Sucking gently, teasing the head with her tongue. She took me out of her mouth and started to masturbate me, using her thumb to give extra pressure to the soft underside milking precum out of me, when there was a large bead in the eye she used the tip of her tongue to lick it up. "I love doing that" she said, "It is a taster for the main course".

With that, she took me into her mouth, still masturbating me and fondling my balls. Claire took me all the way in, massaging the head with her throat muscles, I don't know how but she kept me right down the back of her throat for a couple of minutes, licking and fondling my balls.

It didn't take long but I was cumming, she eased off my cock so that just the head was inside, she teased the head with her tongue and massaged my balls with her hand and I shot load after load into her mouth. Incredible feeling, all my nerves were on edge, my whole body was jerking, the head of my cock was so sensitive husband porn american gf sex almost hurt, she eased my pain by taking me back down her throat and massaging me with her throat muscles.

When I had calmed down she took her mouth off me and sat up looking at me with a smile on her face, then she started chewing and swishing my cum round her mouth like it was mouth wash. She swallowed and said "Thank you, I love that bit". She lay with her head on my shoulder, her hand was rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples, her leg was over mine and she was rubbing her crutch against my hip.

We kissed I stroked her hair and felt her body, but I wanted to feel her completely naked. I was determined to show her I was the webcam lesbian twins tube porn lover in the world. I started to unfasten her basque, but it was hook and eyes, and I am sure all you men know how hard it is to undo a woman's bra when there is only two or three of these hook and eye things.

Just imagine the job I had with over a dozen of them, Claire let me struggle for a while and then she laughed, and sat up grinning and undid a zip down the side of it, (ah well maybe the second best lover in the world) explaining the hooks and eyes were just for show. Duh never did understand women. Her tits were magnificent, full and proud on her chest, no sag to them whatsoever. Her long upward pointing nipples were just begging for a sucking.

However, as I said, I wanted her naked and she still had her G-string on. I would have no problem taking them off with my teeth. (Maybe the third best lover in the world). Claire had trimmed her pubes, just a narrow line on the upper part, her lips and between her legs were clean. Well clean of hair but her juices were running like an open tap. I knelt between her open legs and licked her thighs clean; I lifted them on to my shoulders and spread them wide.

I first licked her clitoris, which made her jump and she oozed more cum; I opened her wide with my thumbs and pushed my tongue into the pool of cum in her hole. I'm sure she was enjoying what I was doing until she asked me to stop. She then got on her knees, shoulders and head on the bed her arse in the air; legs wide spread and asked me to carry on. I licked from her clit to her hole and dipped my tongue in; she was moaning and pushing back onto my face.

I held her arse cheeks for stability and found her hands already there fingering her arsehole. I helped by licking her arsehole smearing it with my saliva and her juices, I then put my tongue back into her cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I watched as she pushed her finger into her arse and started frigging herself. I couldn't resist licking her arsehole again, and used my fingers to play with it. She moved her hands and let me play, I slipped a finger in and my thumb into her pussy pinching them together and frigging her.

Claire was going wild and pushing back onto me driving my finger as deep as it would go, she told me to use another finger. It wasn't long before I had three fingers in her arse and my thumb up her pussy, all the time she is shouting "Harder Harder" then she told me to fuck her.

I didn't need telling twice and started to ease my cock up her arse, but she didn't want that as she rammed herself backwards onto my cock and said, "Now fuck me as hard as you can"! I was ramming into her, and her head was ramming into the headboard and she is still shouting "Harder".

I didn't want her to get brain damage so I grabbed her hips and pulled back, that resulted in me going beautiful girl play with her sextoys on webcam bit deeper. She squealed pushed back onto me and squirted, my legs and the bed were soaked, and she squirted again causing the muscles in her arse to convulse it felt like she was sucking my cock with her arse, I exploded what felt like gallons of cum deep inside her.

We both collapsed on the bed, me on top. That is how we woke up the next morning; still buried in her arse. I started slowly fucking her and was rock hard again. However, she rolled over, pushing me off and asked if we could have a shower first. I was a bit disappointed but she made up for it. Soaping me all over, and paying particular attention to my cock and balls. I returned the favour, washing inside and outside of both her pussy and arse. She went down on me got me rock hard, pushed me against the wall of the shower lifted one leg and guided my cock into her pussy.

Then she lifted her other leg and wrapped both around my waist hung on to my neck and started humping me. Neither of us lasted long, I soon shot my load deep inside her and she squirted all over me. We had a quick shower and went down for breakfast. We made small talk, I thanked her for a great night and she assured me that she had really enjoyed herself and hoped to see me again soon.

We then both went our separate ways. I contemplated going to see Claire/Sharon at the doctors; however, I thought that might upset her and spoil any chance of seeing her again.

We had a very busy time at work for the next few weeks, new deals to set up change of work practice and hours, even hiring new staff. Things were going really well. However, the downside was, I had to work long hours, six am until nine or even eleven at night. I even had to go to different offices for days at a time, this took about four week's altogether before everything was finalised.

However, it would be all worth it, as it would make me very rich indeed. I finally closed it all off in an office in a town a couple of hours away from where I lived.

Luckily enough it was a Friday night about seven pm and I was able to get a room in a local hotel. My intentions were to have a few drinks and a meal, followed by a good night's sleep; I would go home the next day sometime. I had a quick shower and change of clothes and made my way down to the bar. Looking forward to a few quiet drinks a good meal and a decent night's sleep. There were a few people in the bar, I didn't take much notice of them, and I ordered a beer and sat at an empty table leaned back and relaxed.

I was thinking about the last few weeks and how it had all been worth it, I was contemplating a holiday but first a good woman, I would phone either Dorothea or Claire later and try to years old ex girlfriend cum in mouth for Saturday night.

I asked the waiter for another beer and heard a woman's voice telling him to put a vodka and tonic on my bill. I turned and was pleasantly surprised to see Dorothea sitting behind me. I nodded to the waiter to let him know it was ok, and invited Dorothea to sit at my table. She explained she lived in the town and was here to meet her daughter for a meal. We made small talk, she told me she wasn't working that night and had no appointments for a couple of weeks, I asked if that meant she was free the next night.

She told me with a grin that she wasn't free but she could see me, and asked me to make the same arrangements as the first time and to call her when things were set.

I suggested that she came to my house and I would cook us a meal. She agreed and suggested I just got a Chinese takeout as she really enjoyed sitting on the floor in front of an open fire eating out of the cartons. "I know, weird but I like it," she said, I gave her directions and our night was set. She told me her daughter knew nothing of her 'extra job'. However, there was no need I would never tell anyone, not my business what other people do. Dorothea told me her daughter would soon be here, and she agreed both would join me for meeting a sexy brunette and asking for sex, "Wonderful, you can help me celebrate my success at work," I said.

"This calls for a bottle of champagne" I added. Dorothea looked over my shoulder, smiled and stood up telling me her daughter was here. I looked over my shoulder and was shocked to see Claire/Sharon walking up and hugging Dorothea. They were the spitting image of each other; I don't know how I hadn't seen it before. However, they were so alike; not only in looks but in what they liked in bed. I wondered if sexual preferences were in the genes.

We had a pleasant meal, Dorothea and I acted as though we had just met in the bar, and when she went to the toilet Sharon looked at me, I assured her there was no need worry. After that, the meal was relaxed, and we enjoyed the champagne. I also asked Sharon if she worked at the doctors' as I was sure I had met her before. We parted company thanking each other for the great time and company.

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I was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek and a whispered 'ring me soon' from both, which I had every intention of doing, and keeping each ones secret. After all, I didn't want to spoil things.