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Brunette milf showering in public pool hiddencam reality
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I took a deep breath before coming inside the house, i just drove for 2 hours from my college and i guess it wasn't enough time for me to get ready, one more second should do it I moved my hands through my long blonde hair and i opened the door It's not like i lived it up in college, i wasn't a party girl or nigeria african sex movie 2019, but with my father gone the only reason for me to come home is my mom, it's also nice to see my brother, but we never really talk anymore, i guess we just grow up and stopped liking the same things.

My aunt also lives with us, Aunt Angie. I will never say this to my mom or brother but to be honest, i never really liked Aunt Angie, she was always nice to me, don't get me wrong I just don't really trust her she always seems to get her way, I don't know if she plans on moving out any time soon, but ever since she moved in i was feeling less and less at home.

Don't worry, i won't tell you every detail of my visit, i know what you guys want I know what all guys want And girls It was dinner when i saw something was off with Zac We were all there, talking about collage and old memories when Angie said she has to make a call and got out of the room About 3 minutes later Zac got up to go to the bathroom, but there was something in his eyes He seemed tired, or.

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what's the word. Defeated! He was walking out slowly He seem to look at our faces to see our reaction for him going to the bathroom.

Now I'm a very observant person, my mom on the other hand is not. My mom just sat there and talked about the time we all went to the petting zoo and a goose chased me But instead of telling her that geese suck and they have no place in a petting zoo in the first place, i got up and walked around the house, she didn't even ask me where i was going, i walked in silence Angie's room was empty, my heart was racing, what am i going to find?

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Then it hit me, it hit me hard and i felt so stupid for not getting it sooner, It's mom's birthday in a week! They are planning something for her birthday! Well now I was offended, why didn't they ask for my help?

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I saw Zac stepping out of the bathroom "I know what's going on" i said He seemed weird for a second "What are you talking about?" He said nervously "Mom's birthday, what are you getting her???" He looked relieved for some reason "Don't worry about that, we'll take care of it" he said smugly "Hey fuck you, i want in on it.

You don't even know what she likes" I was getting angry but didn't seem to care "We got her a dress ok? It's very nice so just don't tell her and stay out of it, I'll tell her it was from all of us, don't worry. You probably won't even be here for her birthday anyway" He was right I guess.

But it still felt bad to not be included. I walked pass him to go to the bathroom and he grabbed my hand to stop me "What?!" I snapped He jumped back in the bathroom "Sorry i have to use the bathroom" "You were just there!" He closed the door and locked it. I left to my room, he was being a dick and i just didn't have the energy to deal with this.

Poor mom would probably have to act as if she likes the ugly dress they got. I have to see it before Zac is a good guy (usually) But he dresses like an idiot I got into my room, I missed being alone Collage was so overwhelming I laid down on my bed, and did what I've been waiting to do in weeks I started touching my breasts slowly Moved one hand down to rub my pussy I haven't been able to come in 3 weeks, not by sex or myself. I stopped to take off my clothes I was comfortable finally, in my own bed Touching my wet pussy that needed some attention for a while now.

I lp officer romps carmen callaways pussy on top softly, it felt good But soon i felt the same frustrating i did every time lately I just could not come. I fell asleep, i woke up cranky and horny I was sure being at home would fix my problem, but it was the same.

As i passed by Zac's room i decided i needed to see that dress, they will not fuck up her birthday present if i can help it I got in his room, he wasn't there I opened his big closet and started going through his stuff I was so mad and frustrated i just made a mess. After 10 minutes of me throwing thing around i heard foot steps coming in, i panicked and jumped in the closet and closed it I peeked through the cracks and saw something weird, It was a woman I didn't recognized, she came in the room and sat on the bed, she looked about 40 or 45.

She seemed shy and gentle, she had long black hair and green eyes, she was chubby and short but she had a nice face. After a few minutes aunt Angie walked in with Zac behind her Zac was as surprised as me to see someone else in his room He jerked back and looked at aunt Angie "Who's that???" "This is Amanda, she's friend's with your mom and me" Now i was getting mad, they didn't include me but they called this Amanda, I didn't see her in my life, they were probably friends years ago, wtf did i do to not be included in this?

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Did i neglect my family too much? Were they upset with me?

Was mom?" Amanda was just sitting there with her head down, i think she didn't expect that reaction from Zac. "I don't like this Angie, I can't do it like this" Zac said, he was really taking this birthday seriously. Angie walked closer to him It happened so fast, I heard the sound of a terrible slap, she slapped him!


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I was about to blow my cover, I knew Zac, he was a gentle person, but if you slap him, he will punch you in the face. I was getting up as i saw something i never seen before He just stood there, and then he got my his knees "I'm sorry aunt Angie" he said with his head down She grabbed his cheeks and squeezed them "You should be!

How dare you talk back to me?! And with my friend here!" Amanda seemed as shocked as I was Angie took a deep breath and stroked Zac's hair with her hand "Now get to work, same as always" My brain did not function. I stared as she took off her pants and leaned against the wall, as my little brother started kissing her legs, going up to get exposed pussy He licked and kiss it She held his head as she moaned loudly He took one finger and shoved it in her, He kept moving it while licking her clit His hand cupping her ass Amanda stared at them, moving her legs uncomfortably, she was into it, she loved it She bit her bottom lip as my brother licked our aunt's pussy I felt so stupid, so dumb So.wet I had to stop myself from touching my own throbbing pussy This is insane, this is sick What the hell is he doing?

Angie grabbed Zac's hair and pulled him away "Stand up next to Amanda" she said looking in his eyes He got up and waited next to women Her green eyes moving to see all of his body I could see her nipples through her shirt Her breasts were not small, but not as big as mine. She sat in the edge of the bed and Zac stood in front mature black woman strips down for sex her Angie came closer, she held Amanda's cheeks and opened her mouth, she was rough with her "Close your eyes and keep your mouth open" Angie said almost angry She looked at Zac and said "you are going to fuck that woman good and hard, so be a good boy and i won't have to punish you" She took off his pants and underwear For the first time in my adult life i saw Zac's cock.

It was the biggest i saw in real life Now i got really wet, my hand just jumped under my pants I had to use my other hand to keep my mouth shut, i was so horny i didn't even care it was my brother, infact it turned me on even more.

He legal age teenager adorable babe strokes dong smalltits hardcore his beautiful cock into her mouth, she gagged for a second before she started sucking it She used her hand now, rubbing it and moving her head back and forth I pulled my pants and underwear down as much as i could in the tight closet I had one hand rubbing my clit and another playing with my nipple I had to put a shirt i found there in my mouth so i won't scream.

Angie pulled Amanda's hair and whispered something in her ear Amanda stood up and Angie started to take off her clothes, she took off her shirt and bra, she grabbed her sagging tits and put one in her mouth, sucking it while squeezing both of them "You got old Mandy" Angie said after she finished sucking Angie took off her pants in one motion and bent her over the bed roughly She spanked her ass so hard Amanda screamed Angie looked at Zac and nodded He didn't need more, he stepped forward, Aiming his hard dick Angie got on the bed in front of Amanda She kissed her face softly, then her lips She kissed her passionately Then Zac's cock touched her pussy Amanda's body started to shake "How long has it been Mandy?

Since you felt something deep in there?" Angie talked softly, stroking her cheeks. Zac got his cock in slowly When it was all the way in Amanda started moaning loudly Zac started moving faster Fucking her, holding her hips as he went faster and faster Meanwhile my aunt was touching herself, Now completely naked her beautiful breasts Were touching Amanda's face as she stroked her own wet pussy After the hottest 10 minutes of my life He kept a study pase The women looked insane She spasmed and screamed Aunt Angie grabbed her head and pushed it down to her own pussy Amanda sucked it and licked it as my little brother fucked her.

Suddenly i felt it I felt myself about to come This will be the first time in weeks If i come right now, they will hear me I can't stop touching myself Im so wet, i want to be fucked I want Zac to fuck me I need his cock I. can't.stop. A loud scream filled the room Not mine! Amanda's! "Yes! Im coming! Aunnty and small boy xxx story dwonloas took the chance and let myself go My hands were so wet from my throbbing pussy i shrieked Masking the sound of my orgasm with Amanda's We were both coming My orgasms just kept coming It's been 30 seconds before i could stop When i was done i noticed the screams changed, it wasn't Amanda now It was Angie She held Amanda's head tight to her pussy and screamed in pleasure "Mmm yes keep going, be a good girl" she said between screams I could feel my nipples get hard again I moved my tired hand slowly back to my pussy Stared as Zac took his cock out and Amanda turned around to suck it again Angie got up and stood next to Zac She grabbed his cock and started rubbing it Amanda just waited with her mouth open Then i saw his body tense up He moaned and came He came so much Her face was filled with cum Her mouth, her hair, her tits Thats when i came again And with no sound to mask my own i shoved the shirt deeper in my mouth All i could think of was his cum, all over me I wanted to taste it After a came i realized what i was thinking This is my brother What's wrong with me.

Angie and Amanda left the room after 20 minutes. Zac just laid there, he didn't seem happy I could tell he was being used by our aunt. I don't know how long its been, but eventually he left the room.

I got up slowly, pulled up my pants, my hands still sticky I opened the door and stretched The room smelled like sex. Suddenly, Zac came back to the room I was so exhausted and satisfied I didn't even care. "What are you doing here?" He said, He walked to the window and opened it, hoping I won't smell what happened here I came closer to him and said "i know i don't come home a lot, but i still care about you and mom, and if something is going on than i want to be part of it" Zac's couldn't stop a smile "believe me, you don't" I smiled back "maybe I'll surprise you." I walked out I went to my room and went back to sleep.

Knowing I'll do everything i can to make him fuck me.