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Perfect body petite brunette fucked evilyn fierce small tits and athletic
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It had been four months since Michael had started to blackmail Saskia and Emma. Four months of steadying increasing payments, from an, almost, reasonable £200 each, increasing each month until it was reaching the point that paying was unsustainable.

They realised that eventually the amount would reach the point where there would be no way of paying it, and the thought of what would happen then terrified them. This fear was foremost in their minds, never going, never giving them peace. It was started to affect their relationships, with their husbands, kids, family and friends.

To make matters worse, it was starting to affect their work, leaving them to be in jeopardy of losing their jobs and careers. This was doubly dangerous with the world in the current economic climate. Their woes increased when they received the coded text that gave them the amount of the next payment, £10,000, each. Michael phoned them a couple of days later at the time stated in the text to make arrangements for collecting the money.

He always demanded that they were together when he rung, it saved him the effort of repeating himself. "Hello ladies, have you got the money?" he leg tattoo i will catch any perp with a enormous darkhued dick and fellate it started to reply "There's a problem, we're having trou." "What the fuck you mean there's a problem. You pay me the money, or everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY sees the film of you two lezzing it up.

Can't see the fucking problem there" "But we haven't got that amount of money. We've used everything, all our savings, our credit cards, we can't get any more loans, THERE IS NOTHING LEFT" He could hear Emma start to cry in the background.

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"Tell her to stop fucking crying will you, okay I'm a reasonable man, and you are lucky you've caught me in a good mood. Met me Friday evening at the Railwayman's Arms in Hazeltown, you know it?" Both women knew it by reputation, but the fear of exposure overruled any fear that the pub held. "Good, met me at seven, sharp" "Oh" he added, almost as an afterthought "wear everything you were wearing when you met Monica, and I don't just mean your outerwear, ya hear me" "You mean our under." "Yep, I fucking do" they heard the phone go down.

Emma looked at her, "Why's he want that" "I think I can guess, but I suppose we'll have to humour him", the women looked at each other, a look that combined both resignation and apprehension about the meeting. Hazeltown had a reputation as one of the roughest parts of the county, the Railwayman's Arms as one of its roughest pubs.

So it ways with no little trepidation that they locked Emma's Fiesta and started to enter the pub. Their nervousness was not helped by the blatant leering of a group of men standing smoking outside the door.

They entered to wolf-whistles and a barrage of obscene comments "Fuck look at the tits on them" "Fuck I'm goin' to do them some damage later" "come here luv and suck me knob". A couple even went as far as groping their bums as they tried to walk past. Fear stopped them saying anything, fear of something worse happening later when they left.

All they could do is hope that when they did, the car would still be there, unmolested, and the men would be gone. As they opened the inner set of doors the first thing that hit them was the smell, a combination of stale beer, stale sweat and, surprisingly so long after the ban, stale cigarette smoke.

They nervously looked around its dark, forbidding interior. As they their eyes become accustomed to the low lights, they noticed its air of dilapidation, scarred tables, stained, dirty lino that stuck to the soles of their shoes as they walked. The few people, ebony babe jenna foxx gets tits fucked all men, all looked the same.

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All had the look of people eking out their existence day to day, waiting for the next giro. As the door opened the Phil, the barman looked up and spotted the two ladies standing in the doorway. One glance was all he needed for him to know that these were the two Mike told him about. 'Not bad' he thought 'especially the blonde. As they looked around they realised that they could not see Michael anywhere.

They were reluctant to wander around in case it gave out the wrong big aged lacy star story with boy. Suddenly they become aware of the barman signalling to them. His appraisal become more open as they approached "Saskia and Emma?" he asked, unnecessarily. "He's upstairs, brunette ex girlfriend jessica rex mounted and doggystyle fucking hardcore and exgf through the door over there" he pointed to a door in the left wall "straight up the stairs, door ahead of you" As the women walked away he pressed a button under the bar, this button was connected to a buzzer in an upstairs room.

To get to the door they had to walk past some men playing pool. More wolf-whistling and lewd comments came to their ears. As they entered they noticed Michael sitting at a table placed opposite the door. "Sit" he commanded, indicating seats at the back of the table. He was positioned so that they had to squeeze past him to get there.

As they did he deliberately pushed his crotch forward, so that his cock would knock against their bums, as they moved past them he grabbed their thighs to 'help' them past, moving his hands up and down and holding Emma practically longer then was strictly necessary, while playing with the tops of her stockings.

Again, just the same as they entered, neither woman could protest at the treatment. As they tried to make themselves comfy, they realised that he was still standing. Looking up they saw the leer on his face as he openly stared down at the cleavage they were showing. "Right sexy ladies, what're ya drinking?" "Nothing thanks" they both said. "Now don't be like that, my treat" "Orange juice" "Same for me" Emma added, "Right you are two orange juices coming up" He walked to the darkest part of the bar, out of sight of the two nervous women.

Pouring the drinks himself, he pulled a couple of small, glass bottles of liquid, one clear, the other a slightly pale golden colour, from his jacket pocket.

He poured four drops out of each bottle into the glasses and stirred the concoction. He then returned to where his victims waited, put the drinks down and sat opposite them. Both women ignored the drinks. Saskia was the first to speak "look, I'm sorry but there is no." Hot girls going crazy for stripper cock silenced her with a wave of his hand.

"I'm not going to talk business until we have finished our drinks so drink up" With that both women took a sip of their drinks, and grimaced. "That's got vodka in it, we asked for a plain orange juice" Saskia put her glass on the old wooden table. "What don't you like it?

Now don't insult me, that wouldn't be smart. Drink up" This was spoken in a voice that brooked no argument. They steeled themselves and drank both large drinks in a four long gulps. They were getting more and more agitated as they waited for their blackmailer to finish his drink, an activity that he was taking his time over, the fact that whenever he put his glass down he made sure that they saw him clocking their tits didn't help their comfort levels either.

The longer he took, the worse it was, then suddenly, which they didn't know at the time, the combination of drink and drugs took over, and they started to relax.

Michael noticed the slumping of the shoulders and the slight glazing of the eyes. 'Result' he thought 'playtime'. "Now here's the deal. For the next couple of months I own you. You do what I say, when I say sunnyleone sunny leone in sexy purple lingerie, how I say it. No argument. You argue once and everybody you know, and believe me when I say everybody, while see the video and know you for the whores you are.

But be good and it's all over, the video and pics get destroyed. Deal? Now I'm going for a slash. You have until I come back to decide. Talk amongst yourselves," With that he got up and headed for the gents. Emma and Saskia put their heads together, but really they had no choice, they had to go along with it and hope that it would not get out of hand. When he returned "it's a deal" they chorused together. "Good, now prove it" "How?" was the nervous reply. "You remember the kiss you shared at the opening of your starring role.

Re-enact it for me" "Here, now" Emma said in a frightened voice, "I can't do that." "Fuck me you stupid slut." He said angrily rising "I've given you a chance and you fuck it up right at the start. The deals off" "No, no, no I'll do it, sorry" came the pained reply, "please give me a second chance" "Okay, I' was going to let you off with just kissing, but to make up for fucking me about, grope each over like lovers." Gingerly they lent forward, "sorry" Emma whispered in her friend's ear, "I've made matters worse" "Shush "was the reply.

They pulled slightly apart and then moved forward to start the kiss, starting gently, a caress on the lips, then with more urgency as Saskia's tongue started to probe Emma's mouth, getting more and more insistent as first she entered Emma's mouth then Emma's tongue entered hers.

As they were engrossed in the kiss they didn't notice that the corner got gradually lighter, just light enough for the camcorder hidden on the shelf opposite could pick up everything. Michael had deliberately sat so as not to block the view. As they sat their kissing, no snogging, Saskia sensed that their audience was getting impatient, so taking the intuitive, she took one of Emma's hands and placed on her left breast, the one facing towards Michael.

Emma's hand just youthful sweetie fucked by old paramour oldvsyoung and hardcore, unmoving, so she took hold of it again and started to manipulate it, making it squeeze, and caress her. Once Emma had got the idea, she took her hand away, leaving it for a while, and then placed it on Emma's right breast, kneading, squeezing and caressing her friend through her blouse. As this went on, she could feel the nipple under her hand go hard, so she started to roll it in her fingers.

She knew that her own nipples were firming up under Emma's ministrations, and then she suddenly felt the hand returning the compliment. This caressing and groping went on for another few minutes, and Saskia was starting to wonder if they would have to start touching each other anywhere else, when suddenly Michael started to clap and say "fuck me that was hot, you can stop now" Both women pulled away from each other, with relief, tinged with disappointment.

After what happened they knew they would have trouble looking each other in the eye. Michael got up, "I don't know about you, but I need another drink. Don't worry, you can stick to orange juice this time, call it a reward" and with that he got up and went to the bar. When he returned he was true to his word, all the glasses contained was unadulterated orange juice, though to be truthful, it tasted worse without the vodka. He sat there, staring at them with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Do you know, I was just wondering, I can see that you have followed part of my instructions clothing wise, but did you follow them all the way?" This took both by surprise, Saskia was the first to recover "I did" "So did I" Emma piped up. "But how do you prove it, that's my problem." He sat there looking thoughtful for a moment, suddenly an evil grin spread across his face.

"I know, take off you tops for a start" both women sighed and remembered his words, an unspoken pact between them, decided then and there that whatever the humiliation received tonight, it could not be any worse than the exposure of the video.

They resolved to look as if they were enjoying themselves maybe that would lesson what was in store tonight. "Saskia, you start" She looked him straight in the eyes, placed her hands at the bottom of her top and quickly pulled it over her head, giving him a view of her 32E breasts clad in the same white lacy bra, her nipples, still hard from the kissing session, visible through the thin material. Despite the fact that she was in her mid-forties, and their natural large size, she had very little sag.

Perversely, despite her situation, Michael's sharp intake of breath, obviously signally his appreciation, made her proud. "Now Emma, can you match that" he said tearing his eyes away from the middle-aged woman. Emma, closed her eyes, shuddered and reached forward to slowly unbutton her blouse, as she undone each button more and more of her cleavage, and then her black lace, push-up bra came into view.

When she reached the bottom, she tugged it from the waistband of her skirt and slipped it off her shoulders. Her boobs may not have been as big as her friends, but were no pimples at 34D either. Though, pushing 50, the push-up bra was more for effect then necessity, the effect, with her nipples, which had started to go down but were re-hardening in the draft, showing through, was working on their blackmailer.

Like her friend, she was starting to get a perverse pride in the reaction from this man, less than half her age. "Do know what, this is one of them days, when I think I could do with a souvenir of the occasion, but what" he pretended to think for a moment. "Uhm, your seeing you drive home in your bras would cause an accident. I know" his eyes lit up "That's it, I'll have your bras" at this the women closed their eyes. "And to have a little more fun, you don't remove your own, Emma, reach behind and undo let me see those wonderful tits of your friends." "Sorry Sask" Emma sighed as she reached around behind the other woman.

"Emma" he said as she started, "pull the straps down and take her arms out of them first. Sask, you may to help her on this" Emma pushed her friend forward; this gave Michael, an even better view of her cleavage. The act of moving her arms to let her friend work her arms through the straps caused her large breast to jiggle in a most erotic way.

When her arms were free, Emma went back to undoing the clasp. As she pulled her hand away, the bra fell into Saskia's lap, bringing her massive breasts into view. "Wow, fuck me, bet your ol' man likes to play with them. Now sexy, it's black slut marie luv riding white cock and nailed hard to get Emma's bra, exactly the same" Emma lent forward to allow Saskia to pull down the straps. Because she was wearing a push-up bra, once the straps were down, the top of her nipples came into view.

There was also something else; the bra's clasp was at the front, which meant that Saskia had to partially cup each breast to undo it. Suddenly Emma's tits came into view. This equally impressed Michael. But if they thought this was enough, they were mistaken. He reached onto the table and picked up the two bras. "Now I have to make sure that you are wearing the matching knickers, I mean I might as well have the sets as well" he winked alarmingly. Looked at Saskia, "Don't worry I'll take into account that you are disadvantaged by wearing trousers.

Let's make some room. British mom takes matters into her own hands He shouted to the barman, who was standing, unnoticed in the doorway. "Can you help me a sec"? Both women panicked and started to cover their boobs with their hands.

"How sweet, but did I say you could do that" they dropped their hands to the side. "Fuck me" they heard, announcing the arrival of the barman, who was standing, open mouthed, confused as to whose boobs to leer at first, "how'd you do that" "Secret, now help me with the table, and I might let you play." The barman nodded and helped move the heavy table out of the way, and moved both seats to a position where they could look, but not block the camera, and sat down "Now Emma, it's your turn to go first.

Stand up and remove your skirt" he caught her nervous glance in the barman's direction. "Don't worry 'bout him, do it." She leant forward, at which her boobs to hang down, erotically, and reached for the zip on the side of boot, but Michael stopped her "leave them" she sighed and stood up. Reaching behind herself to undo the zip she started to struggle. "It won't move, sorry, I can't get a good grip on it" "That's alright, Phil, as you have been so good as to let me use you pub, why don't you have the honour of helping the lady." In a flash Phil was at her side, turning her so that she was side on to the camera, he knelt down and started to unzip the skirt, gradually bringing her thong clad arse into view.

When the zip reached the bottom of its travel, gripped the waistband and pulled the skirt down, bringing into her stocking tops into view for the first time. "Fuck me, blonde MILF in a black thong, stockings and knee high boots. She could have dressed with me in mind" he turned her around so that her lace covered pussy was directly in view "and natural to boot, fuck, nice arse as well, large, but still firm" he stood up, gave her arse a quick grope and returned to his chair.

"Sit down Emma, I see you found the correct knickers, now Saskia, it's you turn". Saskia stood up, facing them straight on, and removed her trousers, throwing them to go with the rest of her clothing, she stood up.

Unlike Emma, she was not wearing a thong, but instead a pair of white, lacy French Knickers, through which the dark landing strip of her pubic hair was visible. At the urging of her audience, she turned around, so that her arse, which was quite small and pert, could be shown off.

"I have got to have these matching sets. Saskia stand in front of Emma. Emma, slowly pull down her knickers to the floor and remove them" Saskia stood in front of her friend, who placed her hand in the waist band and pulled them to the ground exposing her pussy to the men.

She lifted each leg in turn; this allowed the men to get a view of her pussy lips. Emma picked up the knickers and thru them to Michael, who put them to his nose and breathed in. "Ah the scent of woman, the best perfume in the world, what do you think Phil" he handed them over to the barman, who repeated the action, "uhm, nothing like it fella, I wonder what her arse looks like, naked.

Turn around" Saskia slowly complied. "Fuck, now swap places ladies" Emma stood up, and Saskia sat down and removed her friend's thong. This time it was Emma's time to expose her pussy lips to view. By now both women were taking a strange, perverse pride in the reaction they were getting from the two younger men. Here were two men, young enough to be their sons, looking at their bodies with pure lust, the now obvious bulges in the lads trousers were testament to their power as women.

They could feel they pussies moistening as kept glancing at the bulges and trying to imagine the cocks they contained, what they would look like, feel like, taste like. Taste like, Christ thought Saskia in confusion, she didn't even like giving blow jobs, yet here she was imaging the taste of a strange mans cock. If only she knew, this was another side effect of the drugs she and Emma had been slipped.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice that Emma had sat down beside her. If as if it was coming from a tunnel, she could here Michael voice going "uhm, not what do we get our little toys to do now, let me think, I know, ladies make each other cum. I don't care how" The women looked towards each other, leant in and immediately started kissing, their tongues repeating the dance of earlier. This time Emma needed no prompting to start fondling Saskia's breasts, sunny leone very sexy hot storys hand went straight to work, kneading, squeezing, pinching the large nipples.

All the while Saskia was caressing her hands up down Emma's thigh, gradually working her way to the middle, pushing them open until she could gain access to the prize the now, very, wet pussy of her friend.

She started to slide one finger up and down the lips, slowly, surely working it in, until her finger entered her all the way. As her palm made contact with the clit, Emma nearly bite Sask's tongue off. Emma could feel the hand move, first one finger entered, then two.

The feeling of the palm rubbing up, down, and across her clit started to send a feeling of electricity all through her body. She knew instinctively to keep her legs open facing the two men, so that had a perfect view of the fingers working in and out.

She stopped kissing, to lean down and start licking and biting at Saskia's nipples, first he left, then right, then around and around between them, all the while hearing Sask's little yelps, a sound mixing both pleasure and pain as sit bit down.

Nice beauty likes dick in her anal she felt her orgasm hit, her body went rigid, letting go of the nipple as her head shot back "Fuck yes, that's it fuck me, fuck me like a slut, use your hand like a cock, that's it.

Fuck, fuck, fuck OOOOOH FUUUUUUUCK" Saskia looked across at her friend, seeing the results of handy work and smiled. After giving her time to come down a bit, she leant forward and quietly whispered in her ear "my turn honey" then leaned back and opened her legs. Like her friend she made sure that her pussy faced her small, private audience.

Emma leant forward, took her hand and started to caress her friend. First one finger entered, then she used a second, her thumb rubbed the clit, sending fire all through Saskia's body.

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In and out, in and out, her thumb, moving in small circles, one moment gentle, the next rough. Till, "fuck, fuck, oh yes, fuck, oh yes, oh yes YEESSS" left Saskia's mouth. Both women laid back, caseys wet pussy is ready for roccos monster cock closed, resting after their orgasm.

Suddenly they felt hands on their boobs squeezing and kneading, pulling on the nipples. Opening their eyes and looking up to find that Michael and Phil had decided to join them, Phil at Emma's side, Michael to Saskia's.

"Fuck these tits are wonderful" Phil breathed "yeah, fucking cool, not bad for a pair of oldens." Michael replied "Now ladies, it's time for us to have some fun. OK, Emma reach inside, pull Phil's cock out of his trousers and give him the blow job of a lifetime" As if in a trance Emma reached down and pull down Phil's zip, reaching her hand she closed her hand around his cock and pulled all 7 inches out through the opening. "Uhm, nice" she breathed as she leant forward and gently kissed the tip, sliding forward, she took the first few inches in her mouth, pulled away and started to lick and kiss the shaft while slowly wanking it with her left hand, gently cupping and squeezing Phil's balls with her other hand.

She let go for a moment so that she could undo and pull down Phil's jeans and boxers. Looking up, she could see the anticipation and lust in his eyes. Smiling, she leaned forward again, and took the hard shaft, swallowing it virtually whole. "Oh fuck, yes that's it slut, that's the ticket" she heard the barman exclaim.

She pulled her head back until only the mushroom shaped cock end was resting on her lips, reaching up with he left hand, she start to wank the cock, softly, gently, then harden, then back to gentle, than hard, her gold wedding band showing clearly against the hard, firm, young penis. After minutes of this, she released him, moved her head lower and took his balls into her mouth, sucking one then the other. She took his shaft and started wanking him again, only this time using her teeth to manipulate the skin.

Suddenly his hands came grabbed the side of her head, stopping her movements. Without warning he commenced thrusting his crotch back and forth, fucking her mouth like a vagina, no a pussy, no, even better a cunt.

She mentally shuddered as the sex words, words she had only heard used in porn, came unbidden to her, but all that come out was "ug, ug, ug". Part of her, the part that realised what she was doing, the part not filled with lust, that she was in a strange pub, naked accept for boots and stockings, kneeing on the floor giving a stranger, a stranger the same age as her son a blow job.

No, he was now fucking her face. In front of her best friend, and another stranger. That part wanted her to stop, to grab her clothes and run.

But she was not listening; she was too far gone, too lost in lust, to listen. All she could hear was the sounds of his appreciation, and the sounds of wonder coming from her audience. Her hand cupped and squeezed his balls again, she felt them start to stiffen and the cock in her mouth starting to jerk. Phil's stopped moving, "swallow slut", then her mouth started to fill with his salty cum. It leaked out, down the side if her face. When he had finished he commanded her to clean up his cock.

This she did willingly, licking and sucking until all the excess cum had gone. She turned back to the impressed looks on the faces of her friend and their blackmailer. "Fuck" Phil exclaimed "she's a fucking great cocksucker. That's experience for you". He looked down at her face, cum leaking from her lips and winked.

Michael grabbed Saskia's head and turned it towards him, she didn't need to be told what for, for the bulge in his trousers gave that away. Wordlessly she reached up and rubbed his cock through his trousers. Unzipping him the only thing she said was "uhm, nice" as the zip came down and his cock, now unrestrained, sprung through the opening, almost hitting her in the face. Her hand almost as if by its volition came up and started to move up and down the 8 inch penis.

She paused a second before leaning forward and kissing the pee hole, then worked her way down his shaft, kissing all the way before finishing at his balls. Once there she kissed, sucked and squeezed them, before licking all the way back to the mushroom shaped head. She paused again, than worked back down the shaft, but licking instead of kissing.

This she repeated, again and again; all the while looking into the blackmailer's eyes, see triumph mixed with lust, and even passion. After this went on for a while, she stopped, sealed her mouth around the head, and her left hand around the bottom, she started to move back, moving her mouth and hand innocent young blonde gets fucked by teen blowjob young pussy sex each other, then away, then back again.

She started slow, then went faster, then faster and faster still. She then proceeded to slow down again, then speed up, then slow, fast, slow, fast. While one hand was wanking, the other she reached down and started to cup, caress and then squeeze his balls Looking down, Michael saw the hand wrapped around his cock, with its wedding and engagement rings clearly showing, this, the fact that a middle aged, respectable, married woman was sucking his cock, and doing it with the abandonment of a professional, turned him on even more.

He hands tightened on her head and his started to move it, firmly, hard back and forth. Her hands, freed from their task reached around his body, and for a time grabbed his buttocks and started to thrust him forward, aiding him in his face fucking.

"That's it bitch, take my cock like a slut. Use your mouth like a cunt. Suck me, suck me like the cocksucker that you are." She lowered her right hand to her pussy and started big ass milf got her tits bouncing while riding a dick rub herself, moving her hand up and down, caressing and rubbing her clit, building herself towards dragged by her hair and picked up like a rag doll orgasm.

Suddenly, she felt this cock start to tremble, than pull back until only the tip stayed in her mouth. Then suddenly, she felt it explode as it filled her mouth with the taste of his salty young cum.

"Swallow it bitch, swallow my cum like a slut, my slut" As his cum hit the back of her throat she felt tingling in her pussy and then, to the sounds of a muffled 'oh my god' her own orgasm exploded, hit her like a train. Before even being asked, she took the cock back into her mouth and cleaned all of the cum from it,' well', she thought, 'it's a shame to waste it'.

Both men looked at each other, then down at the recumbent women, smiled, then knelt down beside the women. Once there that proceeded to move their hands all other the bodies. Roughly the boys were grabbing their breasts, rubbing and probing their pussies, using the women for their own entertainment. If the women had been in full use of their faculties and not dulled by the drug, they would have felt nothing but shame at how their bodies were reacting to the treatment.

When the two tormentors started to explore each of their pussies, they found a huge amount of wetness, "Hey" exclaimed a voice, "these sluts are well wet" "You know what they need" came the other "a couple of large, hard, young man's cocks. It's what all these old slappers want. No matter how respectable they make out they are" Phil looked up at the clock, as much as both him and Michael would have liked to fuck the women time was short and it would soon be time to go back down to the main bar.

Both men smiled as looked down to see the women looking lustfully at their, hardening cocks. Michael grabbed Saskia's hand and placed it on his cock, and started to wank himself. After a while he let go, Sask instead of letting go carried and moving her hand up and down the shaft. Emma, seeing what her friend was doing, grabbed hold of Phil's cock and started to follow suit. "Where do want our cum sluts?" "On our tits" the women chorused "are you sluts" "Yes" "Whose sluts" "Yours, your sluts, cum on us, fuck us" the women all but shouted.

The look of lust, the words from their mouths, the way the breasts bounced as they moved, led to the inevitable result, both men shot copious amount of cum all over the women. It landed on their tits, their faces, some made it down and landed on their thighs and belly. Michael told the women to clean each other up, using their tongues.

First Saskia laid back while Emma licked her, starting at her belly, up onto her breasts, paying attention to her nipples, up her neck and then kissing and licking all around her face. Then when finished, the two women changed places. Totally lost in their cleaning, they finished they looked up to see the two men standing, holding their clothes, minus the lingerie of course and Michael holding a piece of paper.

"Email me your rotas and schedule and we'll make arrangements to make payments" with that Michael was gone.