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Redwapme starting the aban g
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A Wedding In the next century but one, when the Earth's atmosphere has become poluted beyond imagination, in an ordinary City of three thousand residents Krista wakes on the morning of her wedding day. Kriska woke with the first light of dawn, the excitement already bubbling within her, her heart pounded as she pinched herself to make sure she was not dreaming but there on the door hung her long white bridal dress.

Dreaming of that moment now but hours away, but the moment she had dreamed of for so long, her wedding, her moment in the spotlight, her day on centre stage the day she made her transition to adulthood. Quietly tracing the soft red silken cord with her finger tips she lay wondering what the next morning would be like, would her husband bring her breakfast, would she sleep, would she be able to adapt, would his breathing keep her awake.

It was all so new, she had never slept with anyone before, except as a small child, Old fashioned high ceilings and the plaster mouldings, the mirrored panels and the antique oak closets, the familiar things, she gazed at them, she realised perhaps for the last time, tomorrow she would wake with Jonathan away from the antique pine chests, her communicator, and the display screens, and the pictures of her family, and of course of Jonathan.

She knew Jonathan was a good man, her parents had assured her of it, his father and hers had been at Yale together, "a very fine boy," her father insisted yet somehow he seemed distant, always the complete gentleman, never pushing the boundaries of propriety during their time together, always breaking away first when they kissed, always apologetic when he touched her. Her thoughts returned to the moment she realised she had become a woman, the red stain experienced big boobs lena licking sexy monas wet cunt her shorts as she played tennis in the air conditioned safety of the college gymnasium, away from the harsh cancerous glare of the sun.

Jonathan had been chosen perhaps years before, she could barely remember when he was not to be her husband, pre arranged like the wedding dress, carefully chosen and regularly altered to remain a perfect fit ever since her virginity was certified when she was baptised by Rev Jones and her labia sewn by a licensed practitioner.

Pushing the thoughts of her nuptials to the back of her mind she rose and caught sight of herself in the mirror, her long brown hair hung to her shoulders as she posed provocatively, she knew Jonathan would find her irresistible, and in a moment of madness she slipped the straps of her sheer silk negligee from her shoulders and let it flutter to the ground. She held her perfect breasts, pushing them out provocatively adding to the buzz of anticipation she already felt, and then squat down on her heels displaying her sex, she knew she would never need to entice a man this way but she felt reassured at the sheer crudity of what she saw.

Her room was on the ground floor, the blinds drawn back, and Kriska never realised what an unbelievably erotic the show she had just put on for the young retard Jamie, who helped out as a gardener.

He walked awkwardly to the garden shed as the cum started to run down inside the leg of his pants and he tried desperately to clean himself up with an oily rag.

It was not the first time Kriska had made Jamie cum in his pants, she smiled at him, pityingly, on occasions, yet that as sufficient to make him hard, he wished he could talk to her but it was impossible, their worlds literally worlds apart, she a straight A student while he struggled to juggle school and a job since his folks died, hoping he might graduate and earn a house, like this, north of the railroad, not like the crumbling relic of his folks place by the river, south of chick summer day massages cock of her boyfriend great divide of the railroad.

Oblivious to her effect on the servants Kriska slipped her negligee on once more and made her way to the bathroom, she flipped the aerator paddle and watched as the readout showed the filter functionality was within limits, Irradiated water was becoming scarce, far too scarce to simply drain away so they had installed the latest water saving technology as soon as she rated her own room and bathroom.

The negligee discarded she sank gracefully into the warm water, and as she scooped it over her perfect white skin it somehow soothed her fears, she fiddled with the thermostat and the bath water adjusted to her needs.

She hated the faulty memory which would not adjust in half degree steps any more, but she looked forward to the new house she and Hotwife gets her mouth punished by a bbc would share, well not new but refurbished using materials from the now abandoned Parkston suburb, the city no longer needed the accommodation nor could they afford to maintain the Levee so it was a good time for refurbishing Maitland's stone built town houses on the Northern Hillside.

Kriska moved the paddle and took the water level down filling the catch tank temporarily as she took her razor and gently smoothed away the soft down on her lower belly careful to avoid the stitching rachel steele stacie starr country retreat its official seal, and as her thoughts turned once again to Jonathan she felt her nipples stiffen and she realised she was becoming wet inside as well as out.

The service was set for Noon, hairdressers, make up lady, photographer, time had to be found for all of them, so reluctantly Kriska rose and began to dry herself, her mother knocked the door before opening it. "You look perfect dear," she said approvingly, "I knew it would pay off." All those days behind closed curtains in high summer, big hats, long sleeves, avoiding the cancerous glare of sunlight had given her a perfect complexion but at the price of exercising in the evenings, the long cross country runs, honing her body for the moment she came of age.

"Thanks Mom," she said appreciatively. "I know you will be a credit to me Kris," he mother reaffirmed, "but don't scream. Bite your lip, think of the old films of the old country the way it used to be, before the disaster." "Did you scream Mommy?"she asked. "It was not doctor bangs student in her practice in office then, only friends and family watched but yes, I'm afraid I did." Kriska's mom smiled at the memory, "My mother was so upset," she continued, "She said I was just like some waterfront whore or a cat on heat and it was all unnecessary, Kris, just use decorum when the congregation watch that first time" she chuckled "then afterwards you can scream the place down." The hairdresser and makeup girl came and went and the photographer took pictures of her in the full regalia then suddenly it was time.

The Limo would not fit the Garage so they had to exit through the front porch airlock and rely on the Limo's antacid system to purify the air as they drove to church, her dad by her side, Mon and Lizzy her little sister in front and Sigal her designated bridesmaid in the left jump seat.

"Sigal are you not marrying dear" Kriska's Mom asked "No Mrs Duroe," she replied "So what will do now Sigal, now you are officially a woman?" she continued. "Oh Maison Blanche evenings and weekends and stay at school until I get pregnant." Sigal replied. "Part time," queried Royston. "I thought whorehouse work was full time" "Oh yes they did a deal, see." Sigal held her breasts for Royston to see, " See they liked what they saw, but I hope to get pregnant by fall and pick a failed groom, get the messy stuff over my Mom says." "So you hope Jonathan fails?" Kriska asked mockingly.

"Or Mark." She tittered but the thought that neither Jonathan nor Mark would perform was too awful for poor Kriska to contemplate. Royston straightened her out "Don't be impertinent." The immaculate astro-turf of the graveyard beckoned as the Limo swept beneath the carbon fibre Palm trees and on to the fairy tale church, sweeping down into the airlock for the mandatory two minutes then on into the acidity controlled zone of the main church.

"Pants, Kris" Her mother prompted and Kris slid first the ugly anti acidity leggings then the skimpy pink silk panties off and straightening her stockings and garters she announced she was ready. The music played softly as she walked down between the townsfolk, this her moment, they there by town ordnance compelling attendance at not less than one wedding day per quarter. She felt all eyes on her, she wondered what it would feel like to expose herself to these good people, then thought how much worse it must be for the boys.

She felt she floated to the altar, Jonathan and his Groomsman waited, the Reverend Bryn Jones waited and finally the sounds of the organ faded. "Friends, citizens of Maitland, we are gathered together in the sight of God, his servant Mohammed and the prophet Jesus to witness the union of these fertile young people so that they may bring forth the offspring we so desperately need for the future of our race." Bryn Jones read from the familiar text of the 2140 combined religions of the Americas prayer book.

The congregation remained hushed in anticipation, most girls entered with their gown already configured, their stitching on public view but they wrongly assumed Kriska considered herself above such shows of crudity, in fact she never gave the matter a single thought. Rev Jones announced the list of marriages to follow, four more the same afternoon and the respective celebration venues and then finally he asked. "Does anyone here know any reason why these two people should not breed?" He paused while the church clock ticked five times, the statutory five seconds, then he continued, "Do you Jonathan take Kriska for your lawful wife" "Yes sir"Jonathan replied.

"And do you Kriska take Jonathan for your Husband." Rev Jones asked. "Yes sir" she replied firmly. "Then according to the regulations I all upon all present to hece04 wm xxx orgasm girls your union." Rev Jones whispered to Kriska. "Where is the loop." "Here" she replied handing him the tiny loop.

The Reverend pulled and her dress tore as intended, splitting from the waist to hem to reveal her virgin sex still sewn shut as required by the City, the red silken thread replaced this very morning by a licensed practitioner ready for it symbolic destruction.

"Will you cut the ties Jonathan, or shall I?" Kriska asked. "You do it sir, please." Jonathan replied quietly. "Then if you will come inside the alter rail and Kriska make yourself comfortable on the plinth here and Jonathan make yourself ready." Kriska moved forward gliding like a beautiful swan, her graceful legs striding and then straddling the plinth. "So they can see please Kriska," Reverend Jones requested and Kriska turned to face the congregation, The reverend knelt, his fingers trembled slightly as he peeled her dress aside and the congregation gasped at the perfection of her sex sewn in an intricate crossover pattern when so many were laced simply like a hockey shoe, a head of sweat appeared and Kriska noticed the swelling under his robes as he sought to restrain himself, but controlling his nerves he gripped the ceremonial scalpel and sliced gently and expertly through the soft silk pulling the stray end clear before gently prying her lower lips open for the congregation to witness.

Rev Jones continued "I call upon all present to witness that Kriska Duroe having been officially designated a woman now offers herself in marriage to Jonathan Abanuto, and for the record it is now twelve thirteen hours." Kriska looked at the congregation framed between her knees as she lay on the raised plinth before the Altar, they remained seated, watching intently, many of her classmates, eager to watch and sample the feast waiting in the nearby town hall, and some boys, boys always came hoping the groom would fail, a late comer entered, she blushed and tried to close her legs, her fathers gardener, a pale skinned retard who often worked bare chested in the sunlight and acidity of the day.

She looked away as the retard took his seat at the very rear of the hall, he unnerved her, his pale skin, as pale as hers' despite his lifestyle, and his drugs, several times she had smiled pityingly at his Viga fuelled erection, but she never though he would dare to imagine he was a fit person to witness her defloration.

Jonathan was the perfect mate, like a statue in ebony, their coffee toned children could be both acid tolerant and UV tolerant as well as avoiding the cellular problems of the ebonites, it was the future, not enshrined in statute but the mantra of all right thinking folk. "It is time, do you have any lubricant?" Rev Jones asked "No, Reverend, I am wet already, look" Kriska slipped a finger into her sex and then held it we and glistening for the Reverend's inspection.

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"Jonathan, come we are waiting." The Reverend insisted. But as Jonathan turned and folded his black trousers and shorts over the Altar rail Kriska saw he was far from ready. "Jonathan, please what is wrong?" Kriska asked as she saw his penis drooping uselessly. "I guess I am nervous." He said shyly, apologetically. "You may fondle or suck your Jonathan if you wish," The Reverend reminded her.

Kriska chose to hold her lower lips open to entice Jonathan, but as he remained limp she took his scrotum in her left hand and his shaft in her right hand and brought the tip to her lips. It remained flaccid. "No I cannot be.

Daddy said you were hard when he checked." "Drugs" A voice boomed from the back of the church. "Did you take drugs Jonathan?" Kriska asked. "Yes" he admitted, "Viga capsules" "Why?" she demanded. "My Dad, I told him, told him I love Mark but Dad insisted I could do it if I tried, but I can't. I need Mark to." Kriska slapped his face then fell from the plinth her legs waving uselessly in the air as the congregation laughed.

Kriska saw her perfect world disintegrating before her, she was now officially a woman and by law had to copulate within twelve hours of the stitching being cut open. She saw the extent of her betrayal, her Groom was unable to complete, the best man who by tradition would try if the Groom failed was the Groom's lover and no one had made any arrangements, her only option the public brothel where any one might take her, why had her parents not bought her a place in a private brothel, why had she been so stupid.

The events unfolded like a dream, or a nightmare, Jonathan remained stubbornly flaccid, then Mark tried and he too failed leaving Kriska ashamed and humiliated beyond reason.

"Please Mark," She begged as she ripped her dress from her shoulders and discarded the last of her underwear displaying her perfect breasts and erect aroused nipples but still despite his ebonite beauty Mark remained obstinately flaccid.

She sobbed, and then the Humilliation began. "I can't help my dear," Rev Jones advised her, "They changed the law. Before last May I could have penetrated interracial big cock gang bang loving hoe, but with it being Saturday it looks like either someone here will take you or you must register as a whore, at the Public brothel in Maine street, and do the required two hundred copulations before, well you know the regulations." The Public brothel, where until she became pregnant or medically unfit she would be branded and compelled to copulate with all who wished, at the brothel for the first two hundred, then at home or an upmarket brothel if she wished but always with the brand whore burned across her forehead and a neon sign "Whore" sign outside her residence, so that any man whether using drugs or not might try to inseminate her in the hope she might procreate, so few men now could hold an erection that perhaps she might never conceive, or worse still carry an infant damaged by the drugs.

Kriska nodded. "Can I ask?" "No you must take any unmarried man here who offers unless there is more than one and then I choose" He told her then whispered "Point or nod at which one you want if that happens." The Reverend began the sad task, but what man would commit to a life of supporting a wife without a cast iron dowry agreement in place, and Kriska had a younger sister for the family to consider, her dowry could be doubled if Kriska became a whore.

Bryn Jones yearned for the old days when he would simply have taken Kriska himself but with so many swarthy little kids and girls demanding alms from the church the fathers had to act and ban him, so now he tried to sell the idea of a life with ice maiden Kriska to the boys from her school, each in turn asked if they wished to take her, knowing that by so doing if she conceived they would be bound to her by law until a girl child was of age or a boy married.

Kriska had never had much time for boys, since her parents selected Jonathan, she just froze them out, "The Ice Maiden" and now she tried to look irresistible as the tears streamed down her face.

The boys, sitting in their class attainment positions highest to the front, one by one shaking their heads or saying no. "Might as well wait and have her down the public" one muttered. The straight A set all responding negatively, then the reverend moved on the football team, nothing then the retards, Shaun Hillman, what about you? Asked the reverend. Eyeing the bulge in Shauns trousers.

"I had a Viga earlier sir sorry" And then his gaze swept the last row. horny girls are sharing a hard dick try" Kiska's heart stopped, it was Jamie, her fathers servant, the lawn man, she did not want to bear a retard.

"No" shouted Kiska, but Jamie was already walking towards her, "He is on Viga" "Are you? Jamie, are you?" "Yes, he is always hard, it is unnatural" shouted Kiska. "Test me Reverend" Jamie requested, "I grow hard at the mere thought of kissing Kiska." "Test him Reverend please" Kriska called plaintively, "I would rather be a Public whore than take him." She knew it was a cruel trick, Jamie always took Viga, that's why he always had an erection.

Bryn Jones took the small grey T shaped machine from its shelf beside the organ and wiped the sensor over Jamie's forehead, it hummed faintly then turned green. "It must be broken" he announced "It shows zero." "Try it on Mark" Jamie suggested and the Reverend agreed, a single wipe and the reading soared.

"Dear Friends Jamie is clean," the Reverend announced "So there is no obstacle left, so if you are willing to accept the responsibility to bring as many children into the world as you may and look after Kriska until they are themselves of age or married then you may proceed." he paused "Mark, do you accept." "Yes sir" he agreed.

Jamie began walk toward the Altar but Kriska was quickly on her feet, striding down aisle of the church running through the inner airlock doors but Jamie was too quick catching her as she fumbled with the outer door before lifting her bodily and taking her struggling back to the plinth. "I don't want him." she screamed. "Come now my child, it is the way," Rev Jones insisted, and he watched as Jamie lifted her even higher so her crotch was level with his face and he began to lick, Kriska thought she would explode, the mixture of anger and pleasure had become unbearable, she just wanted it to end.

"All right let him try." she agreed. He laid her as gently as a falling feather and as Jonathan had done folded his trousers over the altar rail, slipped his shorts down and to the gasps hot cumshots for a filthy amazing chick the congregation stood with his Penis rampant. "Jamie, seriously, don't, you will hurt me and damage me." Krista pleaded.

Jamie silenced her,"Just a little way." He forced her knees apart and aimed his manhood at her sopping wet vagina, she sobbed "No" once again as the bulbous purple tip eased within her and then slowly the whole shaft started to sink into her. He felt the expected resistance and pushed.

"You said just a bit" Kiska squealed. "Sorry," he apologised, "But I should push right on in now I think." The Congregation gathered around to see the two entwined in love and then fully sheathed Jamie began to thrust slowly in and out, his rhythm increasing in tempo until finally he screamed "Aaahhh I love you" and collapsed lying across her. The congregation filed slowly back to their seats the drama over, the next ceremony due.

Kriska's mother fled leaving her father to comfort Kiska. "I am going to have a retard's children Daddy." She sobbed. "I'm sorry but it's the law," her father admitted, "I will take Jonathan for breach of promise and you had better come back home with us for a while." "No sir, she is my responsibility now" Jamie insisted.

"Just give me her cape and we will be gone." Her father tried reason "Are you are truly evil, You cannot protect her, your house has no antacid she will be cancerous before she delivers." "Then where is my cancer, where are my boils," he asked "I can protect her my way, sir and anyway I love her so give me her cape." Kiska looked on in horror as her father handed Jamie her matrimonial cape, and he placed it gently around her before fastening it, it felt strange as it trapped her hands to her sides and she felt the cold metal of the zip fasteners against her breasts, at any second he could expose her breasts, or her sex and just take her, anywhere, it was all laid down in the newly wed rules, at least in a brothel she would be hidden from view.

Krsta sobbed she expected to walk out the bride of an upcoming man, not the slave of a Janitor and she cried again.

Jamie had walked to church so they walked back towards his home but instead of stopping they continued to his old fishing shack by the river. He started an old pump and flicked open a cupboard, "Undress I have recovered" Jamie ordered. "Yes, right." Agreed Krista, "Without Viga as well but I" she meant to add not born yesterday but Jamie was already naked and his willingness unmistakable.

"No, mother said every Saturday night." Krista insisted. Jamie smiled. "I think a little more often than that." He lifted her cape easily, hooking the hem to the neck hook to keep it up out of the way as he took her from behind, his hands cupping her breasts and his mouth kissing her neck with a thousand butterfly kisses.

"That is enough" Kriska announced firmly as Jamie thrust in to her, but he wanted more, wanted, needed her to say she was fulfilled. His seed erupted within her once more, the blood dripped from the corner of her mouth where she bit her lip as her mother told her, the words yes and more, harder kept firmly within her brain.

"No Jamie, No" Kriska spoke firmly as Jamie lifted the cape from her to leave her naked. "Jamie, you can't be hard again, surely." Kriska was wide eyed, but the purple headed monster once again rose like the pictures of old space rockets. The wooden floor was hard and the blanket thin as once again he parted her lower lips and entered her engorged red horny at work lets have a dahlia and sky sex and began thrusting, he sought her mouth forcing his lips and tongue onto her until she gave in and admitted him.

She fought for breath, "Yes, Yes Ohhhh" she remembered her mother's advice on how to fake an orgasm, but the feelings boiling inside her troubled her, a disembodied voice out of control urged Jamie on, and then she thought the whole shed would collapse as the earth heaved and again a tidal wave of cum engulfed her. "You are naked" Jamie pointed out. "So" Kriska answered the retard.

"Your arms are free, you could have pushed me away." "Ah" she answered, feeling foolish. "But you held me." He continued, "Ah" she said uncertainly. "I loved you from the minute I first saw you," he admitted, "and when you stripped this morning" "In church?" Kriska queried, as she raised herself on her elbows.

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"No at the house, I saw through the window," he said that's why I came to church, I prayed for this, and my prayer been answered." "You can't keep me here you know" Krista explained. "Yes I can, and don't forget I can brand you," Jamie replied as he fetched a leather strap from the cupboard, "here put this on." She stared, the piper perri in black cock fit struggles gold lettering around the dark leather, Jamie loves Kriska, not property of but Jamie loves Kriska.

"It's beautiful, so you actually, like loved me, we never spoke, but, wow oh my god, its so weird" Kriska exclaimed as she clipped the leather in place and slid the adjuster along "How does it come off" "It doesn't," he clipped one end of a leash to the collar and the other end to an iron ring in the floor "You stay here, I reckon if you eat a decent high alkaline diet then after a month or so when you are pregnant you can go back to school." "Yeah right," she sneered, then she realised "You are serious?" "Works for me" he insisted, "See any blemishes" She looked closely at Jamie, for the first time marvelling at his slightly tanned but unblemished back.

"How do you do it, is it genetic?" Krista asked. "It is to do with diet," Jamie explained, "My dad did his uni dissertation on it but they could not accept his theory and they failed him, that's why he cuts lawns, and why I have to work to get through school." "But it works?" Krista queried. He thought for a moment before replying "Yes, I'll get you the right Alkaline balance then when in a few weeks time your Ph balance stabilises you will be fine outdoors, if you don't overdo things but you should not need anti acid indoors, or any of those ridiculous bee keeper hats." On Monday morning Jamie strode across the immaculate Lawns of Royston Duroe's fine house, his shirt open to the waist as usual, he knocked twice on the front door and stood aside as it swung open, then he stepped within the airlock and waited as the air changed then walked more slowly into the house.

Mrs Duroe spotted him sanny leone xxx faking vedeo beast" Kriska's mother squealed. "Why am I a beast?" Jamie queried, "I love Kriska, no one else wanted her so she is mine now and that is an end to it." "So where is my daughter?" she asked. "Tied up in my house, quite safe." he stated calmly, "Actually I came for her hand communicator." "And her dowry" she stated with a knowing smirk.

"I need her communicator, please." Mrs Duroe. "Lizzy fetch Krista's hand communicator, and her luggage." Mrs Duroe ordered. "Just the Communicator, if you please. Lizzy," Jamie requested, "then Kriska can make contact." Lizzy reached for the small grey unit and pumped the charge lever a few times. "Here." She announced.

"Now go." Mrs Duroe called Lizzy to follow and turned and walked away leaving Jamie to find sexy friend bad masti sex stories com own way out.

"Mummy, is that Kriska's husband?," Lizzy asked and when her mother nodded she added, "Isn't he beautiful." "Yes, isn't he," her mother giggled "Oh Lizzy you should have seen him, like an animal, pounding into your poor sister, Daddy never showed such passion, it was frightening.

I was almost jealous." But she was far beyond almost jealous, the image of Jamie's rampant penis pounding her daughter made her damp in a way she thought she would never experience again. His refusal of the dowry bothered her, surely some trickery was afoot? Kriska sat on the floor and looked up with disbelief as Jamie gave her the communicator. "You tie me up, use me as you will, keep me naked and yet you fetch my communicator?" she switched it on and punched in the number, "Hi mom" she started to speak but as she spoke Jamie started to kiss her feet.

"He is here, Mom he is kissing my leg, moving up, now he is kissing, licking, Mom, he is kissing my neck and OOoohhhh, he put his AAaaggghhh, thing inside OOohhh Mommmy, it soooo nice, Mommy are you there. Mommy. OOhhhh." Mrs Duroe sat at her desk, listening with disbelief to the sounds of lovemaking, she thought Kriska had become the slave of a beast, a beautiful beast she realised but now she was so aware Kriska was the willing partner in love.

She shuffled uneasily as she realised she was wet, unaccustomed to such feelings she found her panties and the back of her dress were damp. "Mommy are you there? Krista asked. "Yes," she replied, "Yes dear, miles away I'm afraid, are you well?" "He is feeding me an alkaline diet Mommy," Krsita explained, "Mommy, he does sex every few hours, Mommy, five or no compassion for the naughty slut hardcore and blowjob times yesterday Mommy, seven including in the night, Mommy, he makes me tingle all over, I have to go he wants to kiss me." She put the communicator down as he held her gently and their lips entwined once more.

Royston and Kate were perplexed, time after time Kriska contacted them and as she spoke Jamie made love to her yet they were not at his rundown house, their car remained loaded with Kriska's possession, but she seemed in no hurry to receive them, but as the days passed she realised her concerns were perhaps misplaced.

Weeks passed, Kriska brunette slut masturbates fingers her wet pussy noticed her tiny prison, a hole in the floor leading to the river and a wash basin sufficed for ablutions, she had bedding for sex and sleeping and she had a stove to cook the weird ingredients Jamie brought which they shared. One day Kriska did the statutory test, it was positive.

"I'm pregnant, sir." she admitted when Jamie returned from more grass cutting. "Hey, I'm Jamie, what's this sir stuff." he asked in confusion. "You keep me tied, Naked," she pouted. "You can escape if you wish," Jamie handed her a small sheet of metal " Just slide it under the catch and" She felt the strap loosen, "There."He smiled as Kriska easily separated the collar and then unclipped the leash.

"Ah" she said apologetically. "Oh Kris, I'll miss you." Jamie explained "I'm not going anywhere," she said then realised, "You mean the sex?" He nodded, "You know it's forbidden, we must remain apart because I am too weak to resist you, I shall see your mother." Kriska held Jamie's hand. "It is under the three months, you must register with the Brothel service." He nodded, he was potent so he must share his seed around, "I only want you Kris." "Then see my face when you thrust into them, imagine its me and I'll donate the embryo so we can be together as soon as we can." She said hopefully.

"We will see," Jamie was already leaving, plunging down through the sump airlock and Kriska sadly listened to his retreating footsteps. Jamie strode to the Duroe's house once more but Kriska had communicated the good news already.

Mrs Duroe welcomed Jamie like a true family member. "Kris can have her old room, and you can stay too, or will you stay at the brothel, seven times a day, that's a lot of ladies, are there enough.?" "She told you then?" "Of course, and I am very pleased, I never thought I would be pleased to see my daughter with the lawn man but." She stopped mid sentence she saw he was staring at her. "What is it Mr Youngher" "Your eyes, and nose, so like Kris, sorry, go on." He replied nervously.

"I am not certified barren yet Mr Youngher, three children Royston gave me, but the exercise was to much, he was a stud much like you, but the acidity, it burned him, his poor skin, the scars still trouble him, so he had to stop, do you understand Mr Youngher." Jamie understood only too well, the atmospheric acidity which burned and tormented those who strove for the peak of physical and sexual prowess, yet which his father's simple remedies could have averted.

"Mrs Duroe" he started to say but she butted in. "Katherine, Kate anything but mother or Mrs Duroe it makes me feel so old come Krista will need travelling clothes, follow me." He looked at Katherine and imagined Krista would one day look much the same, not an unpleasant thought, she would still excite him. He realised to his horror that he was starting to stiffen. Katherine looked Jamie straight in the eye, "she could wear this dress perhaps," She slid the straps of her own dress from her shoulders and stepped out of it, "oh and she can borrow my underwear" she fumbled her bra catch and dropped the pink D lena paul cachonda y tetona quiere un creampie viacutedeo completo gratis bra college amateur sorority pledges fucking dildos at hazing party the floor before sliding her panties to the floor.

Jamie raised them to his nose, "You even smell like Krista" his lips grazed her lips, "taste like Krista." His hands wandered to he breasts and a finger slipped within her vagina. "Feel like Krista," she tugged his trousers and shorts to his ankles and guided him gently within her, "And fuck like a dream." Katherine almost regretted her impetuosity as he drove into places no penis had visited for many years, stretching her wider and deeper than she imagined possible sending her to places in her mind she never guessed existed places that even at his peak Royston had never come close to taking her to.

She knew she was pregnant the instant the jet of fiery hot cum began to erupt from Jamie's loins, her fourth child at thirty six, a record, his thrusting lessened and then stopped. "Thank you," she said quietly as he slid from her as he shrank. Jamie smiled, "That was real nice, thank you, but I guess we had better find Krista's things." Katherine should have dressed, or at least hidden her private parts but she craved his attention, she needed to be sure and so she paraded naked before him, playing with Krista's things until she saw the bulge once again, she bent over the end of Krista's bed, her rump in the air and said "I know you want to, I want you to too so please just get on and make love to me." He imagined it was Krista he was fucking, he even said "I love you Kris" as he fondled her mothers ample breasts and kissed her neck but she was past caring, lost in a sexual frenzy of such intensity that her orgasm came in a sweating screaming cacophony of lust.

Kriska was waiting when he returned, Mommy said you called my name when you fucked her" she announced.

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"Oh" he gasped. "She said you were far better than daddy ever was but she is very sore, Mommy tells me everything." Kriska pointed out.

"Sorry" he apologised. "No it's good you two get along." She burst into a peal of delighted laughter, "perhaps we can get a big bed for all three of us." Kriska left the shack and strolled along the river bank, the soft breeze against her face and the slight chill in the air adding to her feeling of freedom and then she walked to the car, bareheaded, her face unmasked and yet she felt none of the crinkling that exposure to the acid laden air usually brought her diet seemed to be working, Royston and Katherine waited by their car, and after a brief kiss they whisked Kriska back to her old home.

Jamie stood uneasily at the Public Brothel reception, a sour faced woman looked him up and down, "Seven times a day, Ha, I'll put you down for two." "No seven, I mean it." He protested, "Last intercourse, Mr?" she asked, "Youngher, ah three hours ago, Mrs Duroe." he said. "Yuck, too much information," she chided "So you will be nicely ready to do me if Sexy australian gf sucks and fucks her bf before swallowing take you through?" "Yes," Jamie replied.

Sharon had seen it all before, the boasting, the bravado, she loved to call their bluff, humiliate the boastful as they remained flaccid as she tugged at their appendages. This one was so outrageous she could not resist, despite it being totally contrary to regulations. She did her most disapproving sour face as she led Jamie to a spare mating unit, deftly slipped down her trousers and panties and bent over the end of the bed saying "get on with it." She heard him slipping his trousers off and turned to see his useless flaccid penis, but as she moved she felt pressure at her anus, "Sorry, wrong hole" Jamie apologised then he thrust into her, She screamed, "No" and looked round in horror,"No please, no I was joking!" but Jamie instead lifted her top and grasped her breasts to help him grip her firmly as he forced himself against her sad underused cunt.

"Oh god your hard,!" she said, "Please just a moment!" she wailed as she grabbed a can from the shelf and squeezed a stream of red lube between the folds of her aged but still tight Vagina. "Now try!" she teens analyzed assfucked like in a dream, and he thrust again and this time he eased gently and smoothly inside her, "Oh Mr Youngher," she wailed, "It's so long." He closed his eyes and imagined he was thrusting into Krista, but then he realised the Woman was enjoying the experience, her ugly face almost transformed into pleasantry, "What's your name!" He asked.

"Ahhh Angela!" she wailed as she started to cum. "Oh god you are the only man to manage to fuck me in the ten years I worked here but the joke is on me isn't it?" she said "Can I put you down for six, and if you need more then, well, you know where I am!" He smiled at her, "Yes why not!" he agreed.

To be continued.