Lizzie tuckers ass is covered in black stepfathers cum interracial

Lizzie tuckers ass is covered in black stepfathers cum interracial
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It had been a well kept tradition in their family to initiate the women at the age of sixteen. Sherry remembered her time with her own father warmly. It had been a golden day of August, when Sherry's mother had gone out.

-"Grocery shopping", she had said. Sherry now knew her mother had know exactly what would happen that night. It had been one of the most magical of evenings for her, and now it was time for her own daughter, Sue, to experience the same. Sue's father had left for a business trip, so he couldn't be the one to show Sue the wonders of sex. Sherry had decided to turn to Grandpa instead, and he had gladly obliged.

Sue and her were finishing lunch, when Sherry asked: -"How would you like to go to Grandpa's?" She already knew the answer.

Sue had always been fond of him, eager to go visit him whenever she could. -"Of course!" Sherry smiled. This would be fun. She remembered being scared, even slightly terrified, when her dad had started touching her.

She had wished someone had been there for her. Now she intended to be there for Sue. -"Go pack some clothes, we'll be there overnight." Sherry watched, as Sue ran to her room, now impatient about the trip. Sherry had some packing to do herself. She went to the bedroom and opened the second drawer on her nightstand. She pulled out a pack of condoms. Sue hadn't had her period yet, but Sherry had the feeling there was plenty of action to go around. Better safe than sorry. -"I've finished packing now, Mom!", Sue yelled from the hallway.

"Let's go!" -"Alright, honey, come on." They both jumped in the car and Sherry hit the gas. As they were driving, she was subtly laying eyes on her daughter, imagining the things Grandpa would do to her.

Sue was pretty, she had to admit that. Ever since she had started refusing her mom to shower with her, Sherry had started checking on her growth process while Sue was sleeping. That's how she knew her pubes were well on their way and her nipples a bright pink. While this was going through her head, she noticed a tingling between her legs. She resisted the urge to bring a hand to her crotch and kept driving, images of Sue flashing in her mind.

Sue was wearing skin hugging jeans and a top way too revealing for someone her age. Sherry didn't mind, though, as this was going to be one special day. Sherry also brazzers by bosses daughter alessa savage rubbing shaved that Sue had decided to go braless today. Sue didn't really need a bra for her 80A breasts, but Sherry had brought her one for her fifteenth birthday.

It had been a black-and-red lace bra, one that always made Sherry feel sexy while wearing it. Of course Sherry's was much larger, 92C. She was wearing them right now. They pulled up to the driveway of her parent's house, where Grandpa was already waving at them, smiling a smile only a grandparent is capable of. He welcomed them, and they went inside. They sat down at the living room table, where Grandpa served them milk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

A lively conversation ensued, where Gramps asked Sue about her school and drivers ed and marveled at how big she had gotten.

Then Sherry spoke up: -"Sue, there's a reason why I brought you here today. It's to honor your sixteenth birthday in a very special way.

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Grandpa and I have been waiting a long time for this", she smiled at Sue, who was looking confused. -"What do you mean?" -"The birds and the bees, Sue.

The birds and the bees" Sue's eyes went wide at her mother's words. She was thinking: 'What does Grandpa have to do with that?' At the same moment he moved to the couch next to her and placed a hand on her thigh 'Oh, that's what!' He started rubbing his hand on her jeans, admiring her long legs, brushing ever higher with his fingers.

Sherry sat back ad quietly enjoyed the voyeur's point of view. Grandpa removed his hand and looked askingly at Sherry. She nodded in approval, and Grandpa stood up in front of Sue. -"Now, the first thing you need to learn, is how to suck a cock!" He had a broad smile on his face as he unzipped his pants and released his meat into the open air.

He was wrinkly and still in a flaccid state. -"As you can see, I'm soft right now. Why don't you touch me a bit a and see what happens?" Sue american desi irls kssing each iother tube porn mesmerized, and didn't move a finger.

Grandpa continued: -"Don't worry, it's okay. Right, Sherry?" -"He's right", Sherry announced from her chair in the corner. Sue trusted her mother and reached out a finger. His manhood jerked at the contact, and Sue was scared she had hurt him. -"Go on, that's just a sign it feels good." Sue was relieved, and kept prodding the appendage. She noticed that it started becoming gradually smoother and bigger. She asked her granddad about this. -"The bigger and harder I get, the more it means I love you" Sue took it for an answer and continued poking him.

He took her hand in his and showed her the proper grip. With her fingers around him, she didn't know how to pretty and pregnant babe gets fucked in the kitchen tube porn her hand. -"That's better. Now stroke up and down." She did as she was asked, using the foreskin to glide along his shaft.

She went at it with unsure movements, but as she heard sighs of pleasure from Grandpa, she felt more secure. -"Now, suck on my dick!" His voice was strong, even demanding. She once again obliged, and put her face close to his member. She took in the scent, it was not bad per se, but not directly pleasurable either. She licked the tip, causing Grandpa to shiver. He brought a hand to her head and guided himself into her mouth.

He instructed her to use her tongue to encircle the crown and please the shaft. He pumped into his granddaughter, causing her to pull away. -"You're too big for my mouth!" He wasn't that big, even if well above average.

-"You're just not used to it yet, sweetheart." She tried again, careful not to scrape him with her teeth. She went up and down his length, her tongue swirling around every inch of his flesh. She took him in deeper than before, and gagged.

-"It just doesn't fit!" -"That's alright, sweetie", he smiled at her. "How about you take off your pants now? Then tell me how you feel. I've cranked up the thermostat, so you won't get cold." She did as she was told, revealing a frilly pink lace thong. Sherry was amused by this, maybe she had know on some level this wasn't just another visit. Grandpa was almost shocked at the sight, but let out a chuckle. -"Not your average girl, eh?" The question was directed at Sherry, and she giggled back.

Grandpa turned back to Sue: -"So, how do you feel down there?" -"It feels." She paused. "Funny. I'm not sure what it feels like, but I like it." -"That's my girl. I remember when I first 'treated' Sherry, she was so confused, too. Does this heighten the feeling?" He reached for her crotch and hit her clitoral hood spot on, using his years of experience.

Sue gasped at the feeling. -"Yeah! I." She had difficulties expressing herself. She just felt the need for more, to grind herself on his hand. So that's what she did. She stepped forth, so she was standing less than an inch from Grandpa, and pushed her hip forward. His hand was left between his and her genitalia, with her now feverishly trying to hit her nub again.

Grandpa stepped back. -"Easy now! There's no need to rush. You need to learn, not just get off" He had a smile plastered on his face, one Sue had never seen before. Sherry on the other hand was very well acquainted with it. It was his bedroom eyes. He guided Sue to lay down on her back on the thick, soft rug. -"Take off your shirt." She did, and Grandpa's smile broadened. Her nipples were pink and erect, with small beads of sweat glistening on her milky skin. He felt his hard-on hardening further.

-"The second thing you need to learn is how to pleasure yourself." He guided her both hands down and slid then underneath her thong. -"Are you wet?" He already saw she was, as the thong didn't leave much to the imagination. -"I think so, yes." -"Then taste yourself." She wiggled her index finger around inside her panties to better coat it.

Then she brought it to her lips, leaving a shining line of fluids across her belly. She licked her fingers clean. Her taste was clean, with hints of musk and of fresh berries in July.

She liked it, and kept sucking, until there was no more juice to be found. -"Good girl", her Grandpa praised her. "Now try to find your clit, it's right here." He pressed firmly agains it, causing her eyes to roll back in her head. "Go ahead, try to do that to yourself." She put a hand down, blindly rummaging in her folds. Not being able to locate her sweet spot, she looked at her granddad for advice. -"Alright, I'll show you. Take off the thong. Sherry, fetch me a mirror, will you, darling?

Sherry skipped away to the bathroom. Sue was already completely nude on the carpet when she returned with a hand-held mirror. Sue's pubes were almost transparent, and her skin around her vulva ever so smooth. Grandpa took the mirror and positioned it above her labia, forcing himself not to just penetrate her. -"These here, are your outer pussy lips" He traced them with a finger, and Sue followed it via the mirror.

"These, the inner" He had pried her labia majora open, and was now in by just the fingertip. Sue was having a hard time monitoring the mirror, with all these new feelings rushing through her.

She focused, and saw how Grandpa's finger was gliding along her flesh, lubricated by her juices. -"And this right here, is your clit" His finger went further up ans stopped just underneath the hood.

She placed her hand on his, and with the help of the mirror, was able to find the clitoral glans. She was surprised at how easy it had been to find, and how she'd never noticed it before. She was in for a whole new world of pleasures. -"Good job, Sue! You're getting to be a woman soon. One thing you need to know, that if your mouth isn't big enough for a cock, your pussy will be.

All you need to do is make sure you're wet enough to take it." -"How do I do that? Get wet, I mean." -"This is one way." Grandpa smiled and bent forward, so his silvery, curly beard tickled Sue's inner thighs. He placed his mouth over her vagina and licked her folds.

-"You can put your head down now", he said seeing Sue was still trying to look at what was going on between her legs. She rested her head on the rug and enjoyed to treatment she was getting.

He flicked his tongue over her clit, caressing her flesh. His skills were honed by years of experience, and he was humming a tune in rhythm to his licking. Sue was flowing, and reached her hand down to her crotch, trying to find her clitoris again.

She did, and began circling it with a soft touch. The combination of Grandpa's talented oral and her own finger sent her to new heights. She was breathing heavily, so Grandpa began using more force. His tongue ran up and down her labia minora, flicked her clitoris and probed her entrance. He pushed it in, causing her walls to stretch slightly.

She moaned heavier, and excited Grandpa further. He decided it was time for the final lesson. Well, final for now.

-"That's it! Keep going", he encouraged Sue to rub herself. He gave his own member a couple of good strokes to make sure he was hard. He leaned close to Sue's ear and whispered: -"Now this might hurt a bit. But I promise it'll feel good afterwards." He positioned himself so that he and Sue were in the missionary position.

He grabbed his shaft and placed his glans at her opening. Looking into her eyes, he pressed his pelvis into hers, submerging his length into her.

She let out at whelp and gasped for a breath. His girth wasn't big in Sherry's eyes, but for virgin Sue it was more than enough and her whole body stiffened. She felt the shaft gliding deep, massaging her from the inside. Granddad had been right, it did hurt. She bit her lip to not cry out in pain. As her breathing steadied, he slid almost all the way out. He waited for Sue to open her eyes, then pushed back in. She gasped again, but less this time.

He started a steady rhythm, in-out, in-out. She felt her muscles slowly relaxing, and suddenly felt safe underneath Grandpa. He knew she couldn't take much of a pounding, so he kept to a steady pace. In-out, in-out. He marveled at the sight of her granddaughter's naked body, inches wife finds out that her hubbys bi his face. He saw her nipples were hard and felt her hot breath on his chest.

Sue began twisting and turning, the feeling rising evermore. He had been more right than she initially had thought. It started feeling good, better than his tongue or her finger. Better than anything she'd experienced before. His girth inside her, his breathing above her, his hands next to her, his legs between hers. They were now moving together, her pushing up, him pressing down. He was enjoying himself, partly for the actual penetration and stimulation, partly for bringing such pleasure to Sue.

He felt her walls contract around her, pushing him out and then sucking him back in. From her dark corner, Sherry's been watching her busty milf sara jay fucked foursome interracial and daughter making love to each other. Her reminiscences were fond, and she was beginning to feel nostalgic, and cute horny girl fucking a big cock the same time, excited.

Her own tights were clinging to the leather of the soft chair. She corrected them to make them fit better. She was surprised to notice her own panties being soaked. It must've been the idea of passing on the torch of sex. She was looking at the action from an oblique angle, so she saw Sue's whole body and her own father's back. The penetration was obscured, however.

She stood up and walked over to the couple on the floor, leaving her shirt and bra behind. She took Sue's hand in hers and kissed her on the cheek -"You're doing good, baby." Sue couldn't do more than smile. Sherry placed a hand on Sue's neck and turned her head sideways. She placed her lips on hers and closed her eyes. Sue was surprised, but in the heat of the moment she didn't mind. Her mother's lips were soft and loving, as they gently caressed Sue's tongue.

Sherry pushed her tongue out too, and licked Sue's lips. Grandpa was feeling ready to burst, so he decided to take advantage of both women at the teen babes will never steal again after this experience time. -"I'll give you a pearl necklace, Sherry darling." As Grandpa pulled out, Sherry kneeled in front of her. With a grunt, he spurted a stream of white cum on his daughter's breasts.

He shook the last few drops on her and took a seat. -"Ohh, yeeaah! Now you get some special education! Lick my cum off of your mom's tits!" Sherry helped Sue back up from her back to her knees.

Now the two were standing in front of each other, one cum covered, one bleeding from the crotch. Sue sniffed at the sticky semen. With slightly more senses to her now, she was asking her mother if it was alright to do. She nodded, and leaned back to allow Sue better access. Sue sexy kira is ready to have lesbian sex with horny darling holly her motion and tasted Sherry's skin.

The cum's scent was pungent and strong at this distance of an eighteenth of an inch. She mover her mouth, so she got some of it onto her tongue. It was thick and tasted salty, a bit sweet. -"Good girl, lick it good! You better learn to do that well! Use your tongue!" Grandpa was cheering Sue and calming from his own orgasm.

She proceeded to lick Sherry's mounds with a passion that was out of place in a sixteen-year-old. Sherry was enjoying it, Sue's tiny tongue dancing on her skin. She ate all the cum Grandpa had given, and was looking content.

But Grandpa wasn't finished with the training yet, neither was Sherry. -"Time for more lessons! Sherry, would you, please?" Sherry was very aware of what her father wanted her to do. -"Alright. Sue, follow me." She sat down on the couch and motioned Sue to kneel in front of her.

-"You remember when Grandpa licked you? Now do the same to me. Get your face close to my vagina, then lick up with a flat tongue." Sherry gripper the rim of her tights and pushed them down to her ankles. Sue leaned in and stuck out her tongue. Following the directions she'd gotten, she pressed her tongue flat against her mother's vulva. She moved her head up, gliding her tongue up, licking her entire wetness. She was surprised at the difference in taste, compared to her own and the semen.

Sherry had a darker fragrance of musk. It was combined with the scent of falling leaves in the autumn. She lapped up Sherry's juices, trying to lick every nook of her folds and please her best she could. She remembered how good it had felt when Grandpa had gone down on her.

She wanted to make mommy feel as good. Her lips sucked on her clitoris, her hands were traveling along her sides.

Sherry placed both her hands behind Sue's neck and urged her to lick faster and harder. By this time Grandpa had gotten over his first orgasm and was ready for more. He stood up and lifted Sue up to her feet. He lay down on the rug and motioned Sherry to help Sue straddle him. Sherry grabbed Sue's waist and made her sit on Grandpa's lap.

His penis wasn't in yet, but ready to go there. Sue rose to her knees, no longer supporting herself on him. Sherry grabbed his shaft and twisted it so it pointed up, directly into Sue. Sue lowered herself slowly onto and around him.

She nearly collapsed from the pain and pleasure combined, but Sherry held her chest from behind. She cupped her miniscule breasts in her palms and softly massaged them. Sue started rocking on Grandpa's penis, exciting them both. She was getting more stable now, so Sherry let go. She straddled Grandpa as well, but his face instead of his crotch. He took the hint and started pleasing her with his mouth, like they had done so many times red dress jenna haze rough. Sherry leaner forward and embraced Sue.

They kissed and fondled each other's bodies. Sue was fascinated by the the size of Sherry's breasts and wanted to suck on them. -"Can I kiss your titties, mommy?" -"Sure, honey. I'd love that." Sue wrapped her lips around Sherry's nipples and applied suction.

Sherry's head flopped back and she brought both her hands to Sue's back and pulled her body closer to her own. Sue's tongue danced on her skin and sent shivers up her spine.

The young girl was developing skills so quickly she was getting slightly jealous of her. She wished she had picked up as quickly. Grandpa's and Sue's mouths were both on her and she was getting more excited than she had been with her husband for years. He'd rarely even go down on her anymore, let alone devote whole days for sex. Needless to say, she was happy. This was Sue's day, though. She reversed their roles, so she was licking Sue's breasts.

On top of that she moved her hand down to Sue's vulva and coated it in her juices. She rubber her labia majora and caused her body to twitch. Sue was in heaven too. She was being filled and fondled, kissed and caressed. She began trembling, not sure of what was happening. Her hips were gyrating on Grandpa's lap and his pole was stirring inside her. Her breathing became quick and shallow, she felt like she was choking but at the same time like like her brain was on override on endorphins.

Her spasms grew stronger, until she could only barely support herself. Sherry saw this, and moved to behind her and grabbed her chest again. Sherry pinched her nipples, as she knew Sue was going blonde teen in costume riding old stud stiff boner young old and hardcore have an orgasm and wanted to make it as good as possible.

Sue could no longer control herself. She let out a half-suppressed scream and went limp in Sherry's arms. Her whole body was jerking as she rode her first-ever orgasm. Sherry laid her daughter softly on the rug in a fetal position.

Sue was shivering and confused, feeling a weird warm feeling between her legs and radiating up through her whole body. Grandpa was on the edge himself again. He had been disappointed when Sue had finished early, but very understanding. Sherry, however, was still to come. He moved to Sherry, who was still hugging Sue and embraced her. He whispered into her ear: -"For old times' sake?" Sherry knew what he meant.

They usually just had oral and other foreplay, but on their first time, he had popped her cherry, just like he had now done with Sue. Her thoughts went back to when she had decided to bring the condoms and chuckled, her gut feeling had been right. She was sure her father had some, but wanted to show she was prepared for this, so she pulled out the pack out of her purse.

-"Just to be safe." He smiled at her and hugged her -"You know me too well." She kneeled in from of him and gave his member a quick kiss. She wrapped his meat in the rubber and stood up and hooked her leg behind him. She pulled him to her and was penetrated by his pole. She oscillated her hips up and down to make him go deeper into her.

She hugged him and held him tight to her body, pressing her breasts to his chest.

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They moved in unison, embracing each other, enjoying their common past and waiting for their future. Grandpa had always been better at pleasing her than her husband. Even now, his soft movements and caring grip were sending her closer and closer to her own release. She cuddled her face into his neck and moaned heavily, trying to make him climax too. He had impressive stamina for such an old man. He pumped his length into her and felt her walls contract and relax. He took her into her arms and carried her on the couch.

He proceeded to pound her with a force Sue could never had taken. He pummeled her depths and grabbed her breasts, making her squeal. She was too close to take anymore without coming.

She pressed his off of her and said: -"You're too good for me, Dad. Let me suck you." He sat down on the couch and let her take him into her mouth. She pusher her face as deep into his crotch as she could, her lips touching his balls and pubes. She got him all the way in and gagged on him. She had done this many times before with him, so she wanted to do something extra. -"Sue, come over here!" Sue skipped over to them with a puzzled look on her face.

-"Lick his balls while I suck him off." Sue obliged and placed her tongue on his ballsack, much like she had done with Sherry's vagina. She licked his big boobed anime sluts fucking in group and tried her best to cause as much as pleasure as possible.

He got a wide grin on his face as Sue and Sherry were double teaming on his groin. Sherry's one hand was between her legs, the other caressing Sue's scalp. He had both his hands on the two women's heads and he was moving them to his pleasure. He was getting ready to blow and wanted to finish just like she had done with Sherry, decades ago.

He pushed both girls out of his way and cindy and anita are sensual lesbian lovers up Sue. He placed her on the coffee table in the middle of the room. It was made of wood, so it felt warm even on bare skin.

She was laying on her back, wondering what was going to happen next. She looked at her mother. Sherry was standing next to them, smiling, knowing what was to come. He was so horny right then, he didn't even warn Sue. He plunged his entire member into her recently popped vagina. -"I wanna cum in your pussy, Sue! I'll fill you with my cum!" She was screaming in pain as he rammed her. He didn't last long, though. He made one last thrust and emptied another load into his granddaughter. Sue could feel the jets hitting her insides and felt good for it.

He grunted loudly and withdrew his penis. Sherry walked over to Sue and hugged her lovingly. -"That's it, honey. You're such a good girl. Look how glad you've made Grandpa" He was still standing next to the two, his flaccid organ hanging between his legs and a face-splitting smile on his face.

Sherry had also come, she had been touching herself the whole time Grandpa nailed Sue. She had done it discreetly, but the afterglow was hard to hide. He kissed Sue lustfully, promising this wouldn't be their last time.

Sherry picked up Sue and helped her get dressed again. Sue was spent and started getting sleepy. Sherry was happy about how things had gone. Sue's cherry had been popped, she had gotten off herself and her father had cum twice. Sue left a small wet spot on the car's seat when they were driving home. Grandpa's cum had flowed out and through her clothes. Her own juices had also soiled her pants. Her thong had been left to Grandpa's as a memento. It was placed in his drawer next to an impressive pile of Sherry's underwear.

Sue was contemplating today's happenings and decided to be pleased with her day. She was also looking forward to doing it again.