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College couple watch more of her at ulacamcom
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This is driving me crazy; when she sat down next to me she pressed her naked leg against me. I first thought it was just an accidental brush while she got all settled in, but after I moved my leg away from her, she moved hers' over also.

I wanted to look over at her, but didn't since I didn't want to embarrass her here in front of our friends. She left her leg pressed against mine while she asked me how I got such a good seat. I told her that you had to get to the game early to get the best seats. Making eye contact while we exchanged conversation, she gave me a little wink and pressed harder with her leg.

We made idle conversation and laughed about the kids trying their best out on the field. She punctuated her joking with a pat on my leg, letting it linger there suggestively. After one particularly exciting play, she gave me a big hug as we stood to cheer. Her leg once again found mine and her foot wrapped around my ankle.

Her hand rested behind me on the bleacher seat and I could feel her breathing as she leaned against me. She turned and whispered in my ear asking if I was up for a cola.

She stood up and wiggled past me, pausing just a little so I could stare at that cute belly button. Once she was pass me, I stood up to follow her. Watching those tight ass cheeks swaying left and right, I let a heavy sigh escape.

She looked back over her shoulder and asked if I liked what I saw. A bite embarrassed I answered denying that I was staring. She laughed at me and gave a little extra wiggle, then flexed those ass muscles invitingly. When we reached the top of the stairs I started to turn left, towards the concession stand, but she caught hot latina teen pussy fucked because she part i hand and pulled me right, towards the maintenance levels.

She told me that she wanted to show me a wonderful little place she found last week when she got lost during the decorating meeting. We headed down the hall, turned right and down a flight of stairs and around a corner. I thought to myself that this was a bit more than "lost", but continued to follow her lead. She stopped at a steel door and turned the knob. The door opened and she went through, dragging me after her. We were in a brick room lit with a single light bulb dangling from a bare cord.

She turned around towards me and pulled me close. Her hands come up and grabbed my head, behind the neck and forced her lips against mine. Her deep kiss became more passionate and her tongue pressed its way through my lips. It was as though her tongue was trying to snake its' way down my throat. Her body was pressed tightly against me and her leg wrapped around me. I locked my hands together behind her back and held her as tight as I could.

My own tongue forced hers' back out of my mouth and I let it slide between her lips. Exploring the inner realms of her beautiful mouth makes her breathing get more rapid and she twists her fingers in my hair.

She rubs her body up and down against me, feeling my hardening cock against her. It's as if a sudden thought enters her mind and she releases her grip and drops to the floor, kneeling in front of me. Her hands make quick work of my belt buckle and zipper. My pants hit the floor, followed quickly by my shorts. My naked cock is standing out rigid, pointed straight at her face. She grabs my hard cock in her hand and leans closer until I can feel her hot breath against its head.

With a growl her open mouth plunges over my cock and she pulls it deep into her. Both her hands are on my ass, holding me in place while she works her mouth up and down the hard shaft. She shakes her head from side to side and tries to swallow my cock whole. I can tell she is having a climax when she stops with my shaft fully engulfed and groans uncontrollability. I notice that one of her hands is rubbing her crouch through the tight white shorts.

My cock feels cold when she withdraws her mouth and sighs deeply. Rising from the floor, I see the shorts and panties laying on concrete floor. She wipes the tank top up over her head and throws herself against me once again sucking my lips inside her mouth.

After a little nip, she spins around and leans over the table, legs slightly parted, ass swaying a little. Taking her hips in my hands, I position myself balloons amp lesbians puma swede alexis texas her and rub my hard cock up her ass crack.

Her breathing is heavy and ragged, as she swings that tight ass from side to side. She asks me if I am going to look all night and pushes back towards me.

I tell her that I like to see a little more and drop to my knees; I spread those ass cheeks and search with my tongue until I find the hot wet opening waiting for me.

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hot orgy session with oiled up honeys I twist her clit between finger and thumb and she jumps away then settles down with my hand fully covering her opening. I massage her heavily getting my hand wet from her juices. Surprising her, I impale her ass with one of my juice coated fingers. Her ass muscles try to fight me at first but soon relax and allow further entry. Rotating my finger loosens her more and I am able to insert first one then two more fingers.

Her ass is up and welcoming my invasion pushing back against my hand. I quickly remove my hand and she grasps until she feels the head of my cock pressing against her relaxed ass hole. With a swing of my hips the head of my cock enters her. First she pulls away and I follow her movement not letting my cock leave her hot hole.

Once she is pressed hard up against the table, I push hard and my cock enters her. The shaft continues to penetrate her until my nuts slap on her ass cheeks. I let it rest there for a count or two then withdrawn halfway. Once again I pause then push back into her; this time she pushes back and welcomes the plunging rod. She pulls away as I withdraw and pushes back when I push. Our rhythm increase until my cock is plunging into her like a freight train going downhill.

She muffles her screams as a climax engulfs her; the spasms racking her body pushes me over the edge and my cum races down until it explodes inside her.

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Her ass is so tight that each wave of cum squirts into her and shoots back out over my nuts and runs down my leg. I collapse against her as my cock continues to pump cum into and out of her.

Her legs are shaking as the waves wash over her, and her nails scrape over the top of the table. We stay intertwined there until the quivering subsides and we are able to stand without the support of the table.

She turns and plants a light kiss on my lips. She tells me thanks and I give her a sharp slap on her ass as she bends over to pick up her shorts.

Once redressed we leave the room; leaving cum puddles there on the floor next to the table. Like two kids we return to our seats, giggling hand in hand.