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Stunning starlets get screwed in an orgy big tits and asian
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It had been another long and boring day big booes vali small girl it was now third period, history. Sensei was in the middle of another boring lecture about the early 1500's. I always paid attention in class and completed my studies but today's lecture was just really boring.

I tried to pay attention but my mind began to drift into a world all its own. My face blushed almost instantly when I looked out the window to see the new assistant principal sitting on a bench in the southern courtyard. She looked so beautiful sitting there under the cherry blossom trees, reading a book while on her lunch break. My heart skipped a beat as she took a sip of the green tea that she had with her lunch.

She truly was the queen of the campus in my eyes unlike those snobby little rich girls that attended this school. It came as no surprise to me when all the other students, male and female alike began to faun over her.

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Hell even the other teachers and the principal, himself, seemed to always come calling upon her even for the simple things. But to my surprise she always seemed to refuse the invitations and gift that would mysteriously appear upon her desk every week.

Did she have a significant other waiting for her back at home or was she simply not interested?

I have to admit, I often found myself wondering about the answer to that question. I had even followed her home once or twice to see if she did but I never seen anyone there when she arrived home. A gentle grip on my forearm pulled me out of my daydream. I looked over to see Jacqui looking at me with a concerned look. She then glanced towards the head of the class then back at me. I let my gaze travel to the exact place where hers had just been out of a slight curiosity that arose within me. My cheeks bloomed into a gentle rose color in embarrassment when I saw sensei staring right at me with a disappointed look on his face.

I quickly stood up with my head lowered the bowed slightly, 'I.I'm sorry sensei.I guess I dazed out for a moment there.' "Just be sure it doesn't happen again." He then gave me a vague nod and turned around to continue his lecture. I heaved a quiet sigh and sat back down in my seat.

My heart sank when I glanced back out the window to see the empty bench sitting there under the falling cherry blossoms, looking so lonely. The bell rang just as I started to lose myself within my thoughts. I heaved a sigh then stood up and grabbed my books then headed for the door. I forced myself to withstand the rest of my afternoon classes with a weary and half hearted aura about me.

When the bell finally rang, signaling that it was time to go home I gathered all the materials that I would need for the night for my studies this teen needs a workout for her pussy my locker and headed home. "Mom, I'm home." I kicked off my shoes by the door then headed up to the kitchen to grab myself a snack then head upstairs to my bedroom and get to work on my studies.

I looked around as I walked into the kitchen, 'hmm, I guess she's not home.' There was a note left on the kitchen table left for me. (the note) Annastasia, I have to work over tonight then I have a business meeting that I have to attend so I will be gone for a few days. I should be back sometime after midnight on Monday so I've left an envelop with some money to get you through the rest of the week and the weekend until I get back.

Invite a friend over for the weekend and have a girls night so that you're not alone the entire time and try and have a little fun. Love, Mom. I looked down at the table and sure enough there was an envelope laying there with my name on it. I laid the note down and opened the envelope to find two one hundred dollar bills and eight twenties inside, 'Holy Shit, Mom what would I honestly need $360.00 for?' I heaved a sigh then closed the envelop and laid it back down on the table.

I know that she was always trusting and understanding when it came to her only daughter but she was rather over baring and protective at times.

I couldn't really blame her for that, after all it had been just the two of us since I was nine when dad left. I shook my head with a slight smile, 'well, I had better make the most of it, I guess.' I made myself a snack and cleaned up in the kitchen then headed upstairs. After setting the snack down at my desk I walked over to my back pack and pulled out the books that I needed to study for the exams.

I grabbed my ipod and turned the volume up to full blast and started studying for the exams that were coming next week. Knives and Pens by Black Veil Brides was blaring through my deep blue skull candies as I was scanning over the notes from today's lesson that I had copied from Jacqui during our free period just after lunch.

By the time I finished with the history portion of my studies the sun had already started to set. I looked up at the clock to see that it was only a little after six o'clock. "A quarter after six, I thought that it was later than that." I sat my pencil down and closed my history book bangbros pawg mia malkova gets her zen ass pounded by chade white got up and walked over to my closet.

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I grabbed my black leather jacket, gray slacks, and navy blue sleeveless top that mom had bought me for a belated birthday present then grabbed the new ocean blue lingerie that I bought while out shopping with Jacqui last week and left the room. I was just finishing with my shower when I heard the phone ring, 'oh shit!', I quickly ran down stairs and answered the phone.

"Anna, hey it's Jacqui." "Hey, what's up?" "Mom said that your mom called and said that she wouldn't be back until next week and she thought that you might want some company." I couldn't help but laugh a little because it didn't surprise me that mom had called Mrs. Ruby ahead of time, 'sure why the way what are you doing right this minute?' "Nothing really, why?" Jacqui asked curiously.

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"Well I have to run an errand that I forgot to do and I was thinking that I might stop back by your place for a little bit before I head back home." I heard Jacqui laugh on the other end of the line and I couldn't help but smile even if it was just a little.

I don't know why but every since I first met the smaller auburn red head back when mom and I first moved here she always seemed to enjoy having me around. Both of her parents seemed really kind and didn't seem to mind the two of us hanging out and talking with each other over the phone or the computer even when we would stay up until two and three in the morning. "Anna, hey Anna, are you there?" I blinked and shook my head when I heard Jacqui calling my name on the other end of the line.

"Yeah, sorry about that.I guess I spaced out for a moment there." "You've foxy honey gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the sperm spacing out a lot lately, are you sure that you're okay Anna?" "Yeah, I promise you that I'm alright." I replied, trying to get her to drop the subject.

Jacqui must have picked up on it right away that I was avoiding answering her because she quickly changed the subject. I was thankful that she wasn't trying to pry me for answers on what was bothering me unlike all my other so called friends that didn't know when to just leave me alone about it.

After I hung up the phone I went to the kitchen and grabbed the money from the envelop that mom had left for me and my house key then locked the door and walked all the way to the nearest bus stop at the end of the neighborhood. After getting off the bus just about a block and a half away from my destination I quickly made my way to the local shopping plaza.

The plaza was lively and full of the usual active night life that always filled the plaza when the weekend draws near. I sighed with a slight smile then made my way through the growing crowds to the oriental buffet and ordered the onigiri and orange chicken bites. After receiving my order I decided to cut back through the park on my way back to Jacqui's house.

I was about halfway through the park when I started to feel a bit uneasy. It was the kind of feeling that one gets when they know that someone is following them or watching them from the shadow. "Dammit, why me?" I thought to myself and continued walking through the park without looking behind me or showing any signs that I was aware of my stalker's presence.

My body was shaking all over by the time that Hot schoolgirl nina north gets boned by teacher pornstars hardcore made it to the other side of the park and I just couldn't stand it any longer. I ran as fast as I could out of the park and into the crowd without watching where I was going. I suddenly slammed into someone, almost knocking them to the ground.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to.", my words fell silent as I looked up to see them standing upright. "No, its okay.are you alright?" My cheeks blushed slightly as I heard a gentle and very feminine voice say.

I was surprised that she wasn't the slightest bit angry with me since I had almost knocked her to the ground. I couldn't see her face because it was hidden behind the darkness of her hoodie and she never really looked at me directly. It seemed as though she was hiding herself and the fact that she was dressed completely in a full black attire lead me believe it even more.

She seemed very timid and shy and kept her head slightly lowered. I was curious as to why this girl, nay, this young woman who was indeed taller than me seemed afraid of someone like me. Judging from what little detail of her figure that I was able to see through the cover of her clothes she must have been a beauty. She turned and looked at me while still keeping her face hidden and whispered in a gentle voice, 'are you alright?' I dropped my gaze and managed a weak nod, my body began to tremble once again.

I felt the tears well up in my eyes as the all the fear came flooding back into my memory. "Its okay, you don't have to say anything if you're not comfortable with it," I heard her gentle voice whisper as she wrapped her arms around me, holding me close to her.

My tears were too much for me and I couldn't help letting them fall upon her chest, where my head now rested. Her gentle hand stroked the back of my head, 'let's get you home, okay?' There was something about this stranger, this woman that seemed so familiar to me. I just couldn't place what it was at the moment because I was still really shaken up by what had happened. All I knew was that I never wanted to leave those strong, yet gentle arms that I was now wrapped up in.

She kissed the top of my head, 'where do you live, sweetie?' I told her my address, she then nodded, gripping my wrist gently and lead me to a nearby parking garage. My cheeks bloomed into a gentle, rosy blush as I followed her willingly. I didn't even caring where we were going as long as I could be with her. I was lead to a large black Ford F-250 truck with an extended cab and silver push guard on the front.

The truck actually looked like a massive beast sitting there eighteen year old recent to sex hot amazing girl the other vehicles. I watched as she reached into the right pocket of her jeans and pulled out her keys. I snickered softly and shook my head when I saw the black leather key chain with the engraved silver buckle piece in the center.

"Everything about her must be black and cloaked in darkness", I thought to myself as she reached up to open the door. Her sleeve slid up a little when she gripped the door handle and I noticed a small silver band on her middle finger. The silver band was quaint but it really seemed to fit her hand perfectly I thought as I stood there admiring the way that it sparkled on her hand.

When she opened the door then turned to me and tilted her head, motioning for me to get in I blushed suddenly as I caught a glimpse of what looked like a gentle smile as the lights casted upon her face before she turned. My heart skipped a beat and my cheeks flushed a deep crimson. "Dammit Anna, what's wrong with you?!" I thought to myself, remembering that the object of my affection was no where to be found.

So why was I attracted to this stranger that was simply offering me a ride home. "It's just a friendly gesture, nothing more!" I told myself as I stepped up onto the small set of steps and climbed into the cab of the truck.

I then slid over to the passenger's side of the seat and buckled my seat belt as she climbed into the driver's seat and shut the door. After she buckled up she started the truck, the sound of the engine even sounded like a the roar of a mighty beast. Neither of us spoke a single word to one another along the ride to my house. She pulled up into the drive way then shut the truck off. I glanced at her with an unsure look then unbuckled my seat belt.

She must have noticed because I head her snicker softly. "I'm was going to walk you to the door but it would seem that I've made you a little uncomfortable." "N-No its not that.its just." "Just what.if I did something then please tell me?" I felt the blood rush through my cheeks making them burn a fiery red when she asked that.

"I-I'm sorry.its just that you keep reminding me of someone and I can't figure out why." "Mind if I ask who I remind you of?" I couldn't help blushing even more from her simple curiosity.

"Sh-she's someone very dear to me." "She?" My body suddenly began to tremble and all I could think was, 'Shit! I can't believe I just said that.what if she judges me?' To my surprise she looked over at me and smiled and this time I was able to see the full extent of her smile from the interior over head light in the truck. It was enough to make my blush return with a vengeance even though the rest of her true identity was still hidden in shadow. I quickly turned away in my attempt to my nervousness but I was sure that she could tell by the sudden flush to my cheeks, 'wh-why are you smiling at me like that?' "Because I think that its rather sweet." She said with a slight snicker to her tone as she open the driver side door the jumped out of the cab of the truck.

A soft gasp slipped from my lips when her hood fell off the back from the force of her jump, revealing deep midnight black silky smooth locks. I gripped the front of my shirt and my heart raced within my chest as I penis touching on bus storys her stand up right again. She then reached behind her and hood back up, cloaking herself in shadow once again, 'coming?' My heart leaped into my throat when she suddenly spoke.

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I gave quick but slight nod then slid over to the driver's side and jumped out of the truck. When my feet hit the ground I stumbled and almost fell on my face if those strong, yet gentle arms of hers had not caught me. "Are you okay?" "M-Mhmm!" I quickly stood upright and walked up towards the front door.

My heart began to pound rapidly like thunder in my chest as I heard her footsteps slowly approaching from behind me. "Why are you so nervous, are you afraid of me?" "No." "Then why are you shaking?" "I'm not." I quickly answered, reached into my pocket for my keys. In my rush I dropped my keys on the front step, 'Dammit, Anna!' I thought, scolding myself in my head as I reached down casting stunner walks off after hardcore sex and ass hole plowing grab them, realizing that they were no longer there.

I then heard the door unlock and looked up to see my keys sticking out of the door knob as she opened the door. She then stepped back and whispered, 'good night,' then turned and walked back down the driveway towards her truck as I slowly stood up. "W-Wait." I whispered with tears welling up in my eyes, surprising even myself by my reactions as my chest filled with a deep longing for her to stay when I realized that she was leaving.

"What's wrong?", she asked then slowly turned around. Her voice was so gentle that it sent a shiver up my spine and I couldn't hold back my tears any longer. I dropped my gaze to the steps and clenched my fists as my body began tremble, 'I-I'm sorry.I don't know what's wrong with me.' She moved so quick that I never even noticed it and before I knew it I was being wrapped back into those oh, so comforting arms that I just couldn't get enough of.

I lifted my head and my eyes grew wide with shock when I realized that her hood had fallen. Her face was buried into my neck and therefore still hidden from me, 'let me see you.please?' She gave me a gentle then slowly lifted her head to look at me. My eyes suddenly grew wide when our eyes finally met, I now knew why my body and my heart was thick teen with big tits and phat ass so strongly.

It was her, the beauty of my dreams, my goddess standing there before me. "B-Bethany?!" -Bethany's POV- "Why so surprise, were you expecting someone else?" I asked with a gentle smile on my face and gently caressed her cheek.

My eyes slowly filled with worry when she didn't answer right away. I gently unwrapped my arms from around her back, now resting my palms at her sides just legal age teenager rides old rock hard cock hiddencam and hardcore her slender hips. "I'm sorry, I.mnh!" My cheeks flared a vibrant shade of crimson as my words were suddenly cut off by the force of her lips crashing into mine.

Her lips were oh, so softly and alluring that I just couldn't resist any longer. I gently took her face in my hands and kissed her back, prolonging the kiss. I then felt her hands take hold of my wrists and I was slowly lead inside. "Stay with me tonight?" She whispered when the kiss finally broke. Apparently it was now my turn to be the one to blush because my face suddenly became burning hot as the blood rushed into my cheeks. I wasn't going to lie to her I indeed wanted to stay with her but I wasn't the type to just come out and say it so boldly as she was and I probably never would be that bold.

I'm guess she could tell by the look on my face because she smiled a gentle smile then grabbed her keys out of the door then shut it. "I won't force you to stay if you don't want to, but I will admit that I would like you to." "May I ask you why you want me to stay?" She then smiled with a slight snicker, 'was my kiss not enough of an explanation for you?' "A kiss can mean a number of things, Anna." "Truthfully spoken, but as I said I would honestly like you to, if you would." "And if I did?" She tilted her head curiously, 'what are you meaning?' "I'm meaning that if I did what if something happened between us?" She smiled, 'and what if it did?' My heart skipped a beat from the shock of her straight forward response.

"Let me put it to you this way Bethany, I am indeed a virgin and I've never kissed anyone until just now when I kissed you." "So that was your first kiss?" I whispered softly then reached up and touched my lips. She then turned and walked into the living towards the kitchen, 'feel free to make yourself at home.' I slipped ferro network selena guys for matures mature milf bbw my boots then walked into the living room, following her into the kitchen.

"You, hungry?" Anna asked as I walked into the kitchen. "Not really, mind if I borrow your shower though?" Anna smiled and grabbed a plate from the cabinet, 'go right ahead, upstairs and the second door on your xxxx young boy and old women xxx walked over behind her and hugged her then kissed her cheek, 'thank you, baby.' Anna sighed contently then whimpered as I let go and left the room.

I couldn't help but smile a little as I made my way up the stairs. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. The bathroom extravagantly large for it not to be a master bath. The walls were a beautiful ocean blue with grayish blue marble tiles on the floor and a soft baby blue counter top for the sink. I walked over and grabbed a towel out of the closet and laid it by the sink then stripped off my clothes and turned on the shower then stepped inside.

"She's going to need something to sleep in." Anna whispered to herself then ran upstairs to her room and grabbed a pair of her sleep shorts and white tank top and walked across the hall to the bathroom. I had my head under the water and was rinsing the shampoo from my hair when she open the door and stepped into the bathroom.

Anna's face blushed deeply when she caught a glimpse of the blood red rose tattoo my upper right hip through the small gap between the wall and the shower curtain as I turned to grab the body wash. She quickly sat the clothes by the towel on the counter and quietly left the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I finished my shower and turned off the water then pulled the curtain back and stepped out of the shower reaching for the towel. A soft smile formed on my face when I saw the set of sleep clothes left there on the counter for me.

I quickly dried off then wrapped the towel around me and tucked it in just under my arm so that when I lowered my arm it would help hold it in place. I grabbed my panties from the clothes that I had on previously and slipped them on under the towel. When I finished getting dressed I grabbed the towel and my clothes then noticed that my black hoodie was missing.

I sat my clothes back on the counter and looked all around the bathroom, realizing that it was no longer there. "Where could it have disappeared to?" I wondered as I opened the door and walked out into the hall.

The rest of the house was now dark and completely silent. I looked across the hall and notice that the door was slightly cracked and there was a soft light illuminating the small space where the two meet. "Maybe she's in her room." I thought to myself and walked across the hall.

I was about to knock on the door to see if she was there when I heard a soft whimpering moan echo from within. My curiosity took over and I quietly pushed the door open a little and peaked inside. My cheeks instantly flushed, Anna was indeed in the room.

She was laying on her back on the bed with knees up. Her hand was clutching the sleeve of my hoodie and holding it near her mouth with the rest draped over her. It looked as if she was trying to silence herself with it while using it as a substitute as she pleasured herself. After a few moments Anna rolled onto her side and bit down on her pillow.

I caught a glimpse something between her legs as her hand moved at a steady tempo. Her hand suddenly drew back until it bent at the wrist and that's when I saw it. She was using a toy on herself and a decent sized one at that. The shaft was slightly ribbed and was a deep purple, almost the color of garnet and it shimmered with an even coating of her pre when the light hit it just right. "F-Fuck!" I mumbled to myself and bit down on my lower lip as the ache in my loins suddenly went from tingling to a strong throbbing, needle sensation.

I was in pain and I knew that I wouldn't be able to take much more of this torture, I had to do something and fast. Judging from the intensity of the ache in my loins I knew that I wouldn't be able to brush it off or ignore it like the last few times.

It had been nearly three months since I had last pleasured myself and my body was demanding to be touched. Dammit, I couldn't take it anymore I wanted her so badly and my body knew it from the moment I saw her crying earlier. My body knew it and I knew that it was no use no matter how much I tried to deny it. I pushed the door open and stumbled over to the bed while breathing heavy.

I then leaned down and places my hands on either side of her and barely pressed my lips to her neck. I'm guessing that she enjoyed it because she arched her back and moaned loudly.

"B-Bethany!" I quickly pulled back from her neck in shock when she called out my name. When our eyes met she smiled softly at me and whispered, 'you're really here?', in a husky voice full of pleasure then placed her free hand on the back of my head. She pulled me down to her until our lips met in a fiery hot and passionate kiss. "God, if this is a dream then don't let me wake from it." I thought to myself as I reached my right hand down between her legs and took hold of the toy, taking control over her movements.

Anna bit down on her lower lip and whimpered softly then let her hand fall away, giving me full control.

The very bottom of the toy turned slightly and it began to hum when I shifted my wrist a little in attempt to get a better angle. Anna leaned her head back and whimpered softly, exposing her neck to me even more as I pumped the shaft in and out of her at the same steady that she had previously set. "Mmmm.m-more!" Anna's body writhed in immense pleasure as I picked up the tempo a little. I then felt the trembling in her thighs grow even stronger.

I grasped her breast with my free hand and and gave it a gentle squeeze, the shock of my hand on her breast made her gasp and moan even louder. A wicked grin slowly formed on my face as a plan began to take form and I just couldn't resist experimenting with it. I lowered my mouth over her other breast and circled the nipple with the tip of my tongue then slowly took the small pink bud into my mouth, sucking gently.

"OH, F-FUUUCK.I-I'M GONNA.CUMMM!!!!" Anna cried, almost screaming just as her body began to convulse in immense pleasure as she reached her peak. She then arched her back and dug her finger nails into my fore arm while riding out the waves of her orgasm. I then felt the sudden warmth of her sweet nectar as it flowed from her and over my fingers. Our lips then met in a gentle and loving kiss as I turned off the vibrations then slowly eased the shaft out of her.

My body was now burning hot and in agonizing pain from the need to release. The intensity of the raging hunger within me was so overwhelming that I couldn't even move or let alone barely breathe for that matter. I remained on my hands and knees above her while biting on my lower lip so hard that I had blood running down my chin because it was all I could manage. My heart was pounding like thunder in my ears and my body was completely drenched in sweat from my body heat as it continued to rise out of control.

I truly was a complete mess and I had to admit that I had never had my body react so strongly in such a way before. Anna blushed deeply when she saw the state that I was in as she regained her breath.

She then slipped out from under me and moved around behind me. The tremors lessened slightly then quickly came back with a vengeance when I felt her hands on my hips as she hooked her fingers into the waist band of the shorts and my panties as well and slowly eased the garments off my hips.

"D-Damn, she's completely drenched back here." Anna noted and her cheeks flushed a deep crimson as a strand of my pre stretched as far as it could before finally breaking. She then kissed my hip and whispered, 'I'll be right back, baby.' It took almost all the strength that I had to achieve a vague nod because it was all I could manage as she left the room.

It wasn't long before she returned and climbed up on the bed behind me then pushed me down onto my stomach into the belly down position. I gasped and looked over my shoulder and my cheeks instantly blazed a fierce crimson. She was now wearing the toy that I had just used on her as a strap on and was lowering herself between my thighs.

Anna winked at me and began teasing my dripping wet core with the tip then slowly eased it into me. The sensation was so overwhelming and satisfying that it made me cry out in pleasure and lift my hips into her even more until our pelvises met.

"Oh, Mama!!" "Mama?", Anna grinned and licked her lips, 'mmm.I like the sound of that!' She then gripped the sheets for leverage and began thrusting the strap on into me very vigorously.

Anna laugh in a husky voice as I gripped the head of the bed with both hands, 'that good, huh?' "MMMM.MHMM!!" I then felt the shaft begin to vibrate at a moderate strength as she continued to thrust into me while making sure to keep her rhythm constant and strong. I threw my head back and moaned loudly in pleasure, 'H-HOLY FUUUUCK.I-I'M GONNA.NNN!!!' Anna leaned her head down next to my ear and whispered, 'you're gonna what, baby?' without ever ceasing or breaking her rhythm.

"I'M GONNA.CUM!!!!" I screamed in sheer ecstasy then arched my back sharply just as my thick and milky essence burst from me, splattering all over her lower thighs covering her in its warmth.

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My body then slumped down onto the bed once more as all my strength left me, while shivering and panting wildly beneath her.

I was completely oblivious and lost within the rapture of my orgasm as my body rode out the last of the pleasure waves. Anna smiled and whispered, 'rest now, deserve it.' while trying to catch her own breath then leaned down and kissed my back in between my shoulder blades as I felt her pull free of my body.

She then removed the strap on and laid down beside me, cuddling into my side just as I fell asleep.