Sunny leone xxx sex com full sex stories

Sunny leone xxx sex com full sex stories
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Lana was mad. Check that, she was disappointed.

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No, hurt. She was feeling all these things and more after learning her boyfriend of 18 months had been cheating on her. She couldn't believe how many emotions she was feeling at the same time. White guy fucks big tit black girl 28, Lana was old enough to understand that sometimes relationships end and people really aren't who you thought they would be.

She also knew that break ups seems much worse when you're not the one making the call to end things. Still, while trying to keep a level head, she was having trouble thinking straight. It was Sunday night and Lana's apartment seemed empty. All of her ex-boyfriend's personal things were out of her apartment.

She had packed them in a box and put them on the door step for him to pick up…or for someone to steal. She really didn't care.

Lana decided to email her boss and say she wasn't going to come to work tomorrow. She was crying one minute and throwing things in a fit of rage the next. She didn't want her co-workers seeing her like that. Besides, she didn't even know if she was going to be able to get out of bed in the morning. One of the emotions that kept circling Lana was relief. Deep down, she knew this relationship wasn't going to work. But, it was convenient and safe and she figured that's why it lasted as long as it did.

Lana tried to look on the bright side. "You've only slept with one guy in the last 18 months," she said to herself. "This is an opportunity to feel the touch of another guy…or multiple other guys." Prior to this steady relationship, Lana had been foxy honey gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the sperm promiscuous.

Dave (the ex) was supposed to be the guy that reigned her in from her party-girl ways. But, on more than one occasion, Lana caught herself longing to sleep with other men. She loved the different tastes, smells, sounds and touches of men. Lana wondered what it would be like to feel a man's kiss for the first time again.

She closed her eyes and tried to remember the sensation of new guy's rock hard cock sliding into her pussy for the first time. Swallowing a guy's load and tasting him for the first time was also something Lana was thinking about. She loved all of those new sensations and she was going to have the opportunity to feel them again.

In her bedroom, Lana wiggled out of her jeans and pulled off her old t-shirt. She undid her bra and pushed her thong down over hips, flipping it into the clothes basket with a flick of her foot. Lana stood in front of the full length mirror on the wall and wondered if she still had the body to attract multiple men.

Of course, she had nothing to worry about. Lana was 5'2" and weighed 115 pounds. She had great, natural 34c breasts that were only beginning to show the slightest signs of aging. She had straight, jet-black hair that was all natural. Lana's skin was slightly pale, but very soft. She didn't tan well, but she always took care of herself to keep from burning.

Standing in front of the mirror, Lana grabbed her shoulder length hair with both hands and bunched it above her head. She turned to admire her round, yet very small butt.

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"Cute," she said to herself. "You can still get any guy you want." Lana went into the bathroom and pulled a hand-held mirror from the drawer. She held it between her legs with her right hand and admired the trim job she had completed yesterday. She had painstakingly shaved each lip bald and carved a tiny arrow, pointed down, in the soft black hair over her pubic bone.

Of course, Lana had done all this when she thought her Saturday night was going to be spent with Dave inside her. She reached down with her left hand and spread her outer lips apart while gazing at the pink opening in the mirror.

Lana's inner lips protruded ever so slightly past the outer ones and she was reminded of all the guys she'd known who said she had a gorgeous pussy. With her thoughts drifting back to the sensations of first touches, first tastes, and first penetrations, Lana began to feel herself become aroused. She dipped her middle finger into her quickly warming pussy and slowly pulled it out running the tip over her clit. Having masturbated for the better part of 16 years, Lana was very familiar with her body and what made her cum.

When she was focused, she could bring herself to orgasm is less than skinny amateur babe drilled by pawn man in his pawnshop smalltits and reality minutes.

She had always been the envy of her friends when the topic came up. Lana was now to the point where she needed a release. She stepped into her bedroom and crawled onto her bed.

Lying on her back with her legs spread as wide as she could get them, Lana began to work on herself. She penetrated her pussy with the middle and index finger of her right hand and held them still.

She could feel her juices coating them as she grabbed her left breast with her left hand. Slowly she removed her fingers and began circling her clit with her index finger. She let out a soft moan as she found the exact right spot. Her finger moved faster around her now swollen nub. Lana used her left hand to finger herself as the right one was now occupied. It wasn't long before she started to spasm and felt the waves of pleasure wash over her. Lana's toes curled and she threw her head back as she embraced the orgasm she craved.

Coming down from the high, Lana was the perfect picture of female sexuality. She was sprawled out on the bed, had hair going in every direction and her glistening opening was temporarily satisfied. After a few minutes, Lana sat up and thought about what to do next. She closed her eyes and wrapped her mouth around her index finger. Lana loved the taste of herself. She enjoyed kissing guys just after they went down on her.

She especially liked sucking a guy's cock immediately after he's been inside her. Lana never understood why she enjoyed that, but figured it had to be something about enjoying the sounds, smells, and tastes of sex in general.

After gathering her strength, Lana stood up and walked toward the dresser. She opened the top drawer to pull her pajama pants out. When she did, she uncovered her favorite toy: A thick 8" long dildo was made to look like a cock and balls. It had a suction cup on one end and Lana loved to stick it to her full length mirror and watch herself back onto it.

"Ohh," she thought for a minute about giving herself another round of pleasure. "No. Not yet," she said out loud. "Later." Lana threw on the pajama pants and a black tank top and headed out into the living room. She needed to fix something to eat, but as she entered the kitchen, she began to cry uncontrollably for no real reason. She hated being this emotional wreck, but there was nothing she could do other than let the tears pour out.

She wondered if Dave had really fucked her up. She had never been cheated on before, although she had cheated on a few guys herself. This was totally new territory for her.

She did everything she could to compose herself and make a sandwich. Lana sat down to watch TV and eat but soon realized she was very tired. "The emotional toll must be getting to me," she thought as she drifted off to sleep with the dinner plate still in her lap.

While asleep, Lana was having a very intense dream. Japanese daughter in father in law sex scandal son was lying on her back naked on her bed with her legs in the air, but her feet were together.

A man came up to her and grabbed her and brought her hips to the edge of the bed. Then he entered her and pounded her for three or four thrusts.

Lana couldn't make out his face, but she felt the intensity when he was fucking her. Suddenly he was gone. Lana's legs were still in the air and she turned to look at her bedroom door. Another man was standing there. Just like the first, he walked up to the edge of the bed and thrust himself inside her.

And, just like the first, he was done after four deep thrusts. Lana looked again to the door. This time, she could see a line of men. She thought there were at least 15 guys in her apartment. All of them were naked and holding their hard cocks. One by one, they came into her bedroom and slid themselves inside her. In her dream, Lana was doing nothing to resist.

Each guy would push himself inside her, thrust four times and walk out of the room. Finally, the last guy spoke. He said, "I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll wake up." And just like that, Lana's eyes opened. She was breathing heavily and she could feel how warm her face was. Also, as she was realizing what was happening, she felt a wet spot in her pajama bottoms.

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Lana removed the dinner plate from her lap and pulled the elastic waistband away from her body. With her opposite hand, she reached down to dab at her swollen pussy.

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Her eyes widened as she felt the extent of her wetness. "What the hell was that?" she said out loud wondering what prompted the intense and graphic dream. Lana pulled herself out of the leather chair and noticed there was a faint area of moisture.

She then pulled off her pajama pants and held them up to see the baseball sized wet spot where the legs came together. Lana didn't know what to do. She was still in somewhat of a fog from just waking up. She was standing in her living room with just a tank top on and a pair of soaked pants in her hands.

And she was REALLY turned on. All of a sudden she xxx sexi bp only girls think of anything else other than getting herself off. Quickly going back to her bedroom, Lana could feel her juices beginning to run down her leg. She opened her dresser drawer and pulled out the dildo with the suction cup. Then she stuck it to the mirror at the perfect height for her backside when she was on all fours.

Lana got down on all fours and backed up toward to fake cock. When she got close enough she grabbed it and placed the placed the tip at her wet opening.

It was her largest toy and her hand could not fit all the way around the monster phallus. She lubed up the tip by running it over her wet slit. Then slowly she began to back herself onto the toy. This piece of equipment always took Lana's breath away. She had to make a conscience effort to relax when using it. The first three inches were in and Lana could already feel it stretching her.

She took a deep breath and took another two inches. Then she began to pull away, push back and pull away again. "Oh that's so good," Lana said out loud. She started thinking about her dream and about all the anonymous guys fucking her. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. It had been a long time since she felt this aroused. Lana slid back on the cock taking seven inches now. She knew she was one clit touch away from an explosion. She took her right hand, reached between her legs and gave the swollen button the attention it craved.

Suddenly, Lana's pussy began to contract around the toy. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. Lana was cumming and cumming hard. She waited until the spasms subsided and slowly pulled herself off her favorite toy.

She felt as if her pussy was one gaping hole after having it inside her. Lana collapsed on the floor and fell asleep without putting any other clothes on. When she woke up, it was dark. "How long have I been out?" she wondered. Lana peeled herself off the floor and went to the living room to find her phone. 9:30 it read. Strangely, Lana felt rested. She had only slept for about four hours, but somehow that was enough for now.

In a moment of clarity and introspection, Lana admitted she needed to get laid. She even thought about having multiple partners in one day. But how would she do that? Lana knew she had a few guy friends that would be more than happy to help her. But, she didn't want to complicate things. She wanted a one-night stand, but she wanted more than one guy.

Standing in her living room, looking at her phone, Lana realized she was naked from the waist down and thinking about sex with multiple guys. "At least put some pants on, you whore," she said to herself with a smile. While getting a pair of shorts from her bedroom, Lana thought about a website a guy friend told her about once.

He said he set up a profile and anytime he wanted to get laid, no strings attached, he could. She grabbed the iPad off her nightstand and looked up the site. Sure enough, it seemed simple. After creating a basic profile, Lana began to look around. This was EXACTLY what she was looking for. She snapped a few racy, but non-nude photos of herself and posted them. Before she could even fill out what she had in mind, she started getting messages.

"You're hot," and "I'd show you a good time," were the basic theme. Ignoring the notes, Lana became laser focused on her goal. She realized if she wanted to fuck random guys, she couldn't have them at her place. She opened a new browser and made a reservation for the next night at a large downtown hotel, less than a mile from her apartment. "I should set a goal," Lana said to herself. "How many guys do I want?" She settled on six. "I think a half dozen guys in one day should make Dave pretty pissed," she thought.

In her profile, Lana explained exactly what she wanted. "My boyfriend cheated on me," the title read. She went on to explain that she rented a hotel room for tomorrow night and her goal was to have sex with six guys within 24 hours.

"I'm looking for open-minded men age 25-40 to fuck me and dakota skye takes from ass mouth jessy jones mark wood carter cruise chris strokes natural tits ass without any expectations of getting my phone number or contacting me in the future," her post continued. Within minutes, Lana's inbox was blowing up.

One woman even wrote her a note saying, "When you're done with those six guys, I'd love to suck their cum out of your hot pussy." "Oh my!" Lana thought.

Having a woman never really crossed her mind. There was a period in her life where she was intrigued by women. She had been with a few over the years, but always considered it, "just playing." As the messages were pouring in, Lana started to feel like this was actually going to happen.

She began sifting through the notes. "Tomorrow is going to be a great day," she thought.