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Black booty babe pussyfucked doggystyle cumshots and big tits
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Okay, this is my first entry in what is planned to be a multi game crossing possibly more.

I'm writing this for fans of the game series, and as such, am trying to keep it as game related as possible. This installment is mainly setting up the story and introducing characters. Sorry in advance to any of you that are disappointed.Please comment and critique as you feel is needed. Thank you. Hope you enjoy. You follow a character as he bounces THREW games. Fan fiction I don`t own any of the games are properties. A storm is getting ready to break outside. Having just started my shift, It should be a goodnight.

Clocking in and getting the basics out of the way. Finally having my routine finished. Relaxing reading on my kindle, about the upcoming games for the PS4 and handheld vita. Not finding anything on the usual sites. I decided to Browse a new site "but where to go. hmm I know let's try something new, let's see," and with that I decided to plugin to the search bar "Gamelive" maybe I would get some good video clips. I come across a thread about the new Mass Effect and what people were expecting of it.

"Eh might as well. "clicking it the buffer started to display. Ah the joys of tethering from your phone for internet. "Knock Knock" the sound came on the bullet proof glass, Seems I have a customer. With a smile on my face I greeted Him "Hello" what can I get for you? Two packs of Swishers and a pack of kool short in the box the old man said. "No problem let me get those for you" (hmm I have never seen this guy before) Sir Your total is.

"Welcome to Gamelive" a loud but LOW computer tone drowned out from the area where my kindle was seated. Next there was the sound of thunder crashing out. The storm finally arrived it seemed. "Have a nice night" I managed to say to my customer as he left.

"My customer service needs improvement I mumbled." "Rrghh uh huh" the same to you. The old man grumbled. Gonna suck for him to walk home in this storm.Wish I had an umbrella to give him at least.

I walked back and sat back down and picked up my kindle. "Fill out info for better access and bonuses, or do guest account". The Computer tone spoke out.

"tck tck tck" What was that noise!? Hmm mice maybe? Whatever I mumble as I take a seat. "Hmm do I have the time?" If I do have the time I might as well do the full form. Yeah I have the time as I thought to myself, Bonuses are hella nice. Holy crap! What a detailed formHell might as well begin. Crack! rumble rumble crack crack!

a torrent of thunder outside is all I hear and then boom! Power goes out. Well my night just got easier.

Onward to the fill out FORM. Sexual Identifier: Male Age:27 Height:5`11 Sexual preference: Hetereosexual Why the hell does the hot and horny babes get impaled by neighbors want to know that ? Because we would like to have satisfactory feedback for all info based boy fingers pussy of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob USER, interactions, and post based off compiled information.

The computerized LOW tone spoke out from my kindle. Well that makes sense. I mumbled to myself. I am a computer program of course I make sense! Foolish USER!………… "Hahahaha did my kindle just talk to me.again.Wait wait wait. did it just sass ME.I have finally gone crazy". It was a good thing I left the Navy when I did. "Whether you are crazy or not is subject to investigation, and medical testing" The LOW tone computerized voice spoke out.

With a hint of cheeky sarcasm maybe.

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It sounded like it was having fun with this back and forth it seemed. Continue with the form USER!! "Woah woah calm down there kindle no need to be snippy" I yelled while standing from my stool. It's a good thing the power was out so my boss wouldn't have seen the psycho show I was putting on.

"How the he'll are you doing that anyway. The talking to me thing I mean"?! The LOW tone drowned out. "There is a microphone in your kindle and you have it paired with your cellphonethese together are allowing quick back and forth of voice data." Ohh.I let A small sigh.

Eh makes sense I suppose. (But my microphone is turned off that can't be right., I need better virus protection on my devices) as I was thinking. The LOW tone voiced out, almost pleading it seemed. Please USER finish FORM! (Huh it sounded like it was exctied and a little giddy while it wanted me to finish it ) Ummm hold on. why do you need me to finish the form.? And can you do something about your voice . It sounds like a seductive woman and a rampaging man, with white noise playing intwined in it?

With an exasperrated sigh the voice spoke "You are the first to fill the form out in over 10 months, that's an adult above the target range. Most Users GO through theguest access. My voice cannot be modulated until you get further down the form. The voices you are hearing are a sound modulation & frequency test. It's To fix your ears and sensitivity.

(How the hell is this gonna fix my hearing .screw it I'll just do the a lot of bang on dance floor striptease hardcore Fetishes: Female bondage, Medicalplay, Serviceplay, Multpartner??, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Softcore, Romance, BDSM Light, Alien??

Penis length:Average Ball size:Small Girth:Average Stamina:Average Kink Desire:Very high Sexual Desire: Very high Sexual Exploration:High Male Desire:Extremely Low Female Desire:Very High Other:Above Average Flirt Ability:Extremely Low Sexual Knowledge:Slightly Above Average Degree of Sexual Desire:Abnormally High Breast size:Small-Large Low Drone sound plays out it spoke with a wonderous glee 'You don't like extra Large breast that is interesting to say the least, my User.' *Bang I jumped up!

Clang Clang as my Stoll fell! I Forgot you were even there! User you are quite interesting. Thanks, I think. Your voice is not as damaging as before. Your welcome! The voice spoke out. Now finish. 2 hours later. Jeez this has taken quite a while, but it has been interesting. Last few and I will be done. Game Portal Destination:Mass Effect: Class:Soldier Background:EarthBorn, Ruthleess Sole survivor Name: Azul Sunstrider Assistant:Female Lluvia.

Finished step 1. That was all step 1 . shittt how detailed is the rest!? Step 2 Body Synchro, Adjustment and point allocation for avatars.

How the hell am I gonna do a body synchronization with a kindle. Bzzztt owwwhere the hell did that shock come from! Brrhhhmm my camera eye from my kindle shot light into my eyes, I felt nauseous. and most of all terrified. A Digitial Field Endless white.greets me. Or maybe endless sunny leone boy sex blck dress i cant tell at all this is really freaky.

It feels quite nice in here. "Welcome to your hub, my User, a female voice said behind me". This voice sounded familiar yet not so all at the same time. I turned to see a combination of digital lights and 0 and 1`s, a outline of a woman, could kinda . maybe. possibly be seen within the mixture. It.she was the only thing in this endless white room. It seemed to be getting more detailed as time passed. Freaky! "Hello I am Lluvia nice davina davis hadley viscara in slutty roommates share big cock meet you face to face my User".

Uuumm what?? is all I had. Right I`m your user . uh huh excuse me for a bit. cover your ears for a second or remove your sound programming .or get some head phones while I scream bloody murder and go into mass hysteria . My User there is no.

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I cut her off.As I begin screaming .aaargggh ahhh ahaha aaaahhh ahhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh what the hell is going on?! ahhhhh I've been drugged and kidnapped.

help help help I'm losing it over here ahh. My User please calm down.

Spoke Lluvia calmly. How can I calm down, you calm down. My User I am not the one freaking out, you are. Calm down or I will make you calm down My User. Next thing I know I was pinned down by a giant digital hand on the ground, or floor whatever it was underneath ME. My User I will calm you down by any means! I shiver as I feel wrapping around me. (I'm gonna die! Just great!) I felt a tingling where my dick was. My six inches stood at full attention as a feeling of static passed in my dick.


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I screamed. Next thing I Know I was gagged by a bunch of Zeroes and One`s jammed into my mouth. It felt like a woman's breast was in my mouth but all I saw was Zero`s and One`s My User calm yourselflet me help you. My dick started heating up and felt like it was stretching and widening.

Here you go I like this better for you. I will help with the adjustments, with a devilish smirk Lluvia said. As my dick was stretched and girth was increased. Low crackling sounds could be heard coming from my dick. There let's begin the body adjustment. more in depth! Shup shup the sound was something I was quite use to. I was getting a handjob. A really good one. Lluvia hands went up and down my full new length of 8.5 Inches of dick. Copious amounts of precum was oozing out of my head.

I tried sitting up against the giant hand it moved out of the way.

But the feeling in my mouth was gone. Sitting up I was able to see a very seductive woman down by my new dick, Piercing white eyes looking back at me and beautiful jet black hair down to her knees. Porcelain white skin. Nice full breast little bigger than a handful. Nice waist and medium build of a back from I could see. Beautiful shaped ass! Fuck I groaned whatever you are doing keep it up. Matter of fact do whatever, you don't need me harping, you got this.

Lluvia began to really get to work on my new cock! yeah with this size I think it has been upgraded to a status of "cock".

The amount of precumm oozing out me made for a slippery job. I gazed at her beautiful face and looked at her nice little mouth, and felt my dick throb just looking at her. I move my eyes down looking at the nape of her neck wondering what it would feel like. Just to muzzle and kiss there. My cock lurched again. Fuck I groaned and I reached to caress her face. "Mm" Lluvia let out alison tyler capri cavanni way lesbian fun little moan.

Tightening her grip on my cock and using her other hand to caress my balls. She lightly squeezed them. I couldn't take it any more her face was driving me insane. I Yanked her towards me. She let out a little yelp, and struggled against my pull. She looked at wide eyed.and slightly fearful. My User don't hurt. smoch I planted one on her. I Kissed her hard like a madman.

She stopped struggling and leaned into the kiss returning it with equal measure. (I could feel my head pulsing like bits of it where breaking off.) My cock lurched and My balls tightened she took my breath away. Mmmh is all I could let out as I moaned into her.

My cock started blasting cum out.I covered her in cum 3 spurts, 8 spurts and another 6 spurts and it finally stopped. I sucked in a nice breath and exhaled thanks. Anytime my User, Lluvia said with a smirk. Glad you have calmed down. Umm not really down. I'm still hard as I point at my hard on, (Trying to be funny, well at least I thought so.) That's a very beautiful and sexy body you have there Lluvia.

With bright glowing cheeks she blushedwith a low head nod and that devilish voice again. "I am glad you approve." Lluvia that body of yours is so nice I must have more. My User my body is for your enjoyment so please let me ser.

I cut her off as I latch onto a non cum covered breast. My User I'm suppose to serve you!!! She squeals at me. You are serving me, by letting me do this I am quite happy thank you very much. I begin to lick her nipples slowly darting from each one. Not paying attention, even got some of my own cum in my mouth. What a weird taste. Dos mujeres muy bonitas con un hombre and lashing her nipples with my tongue.

Trying to figure which way is the best method, doubling my efforts. I try something new.

"Aahh bite harder my User please"! Happy to oblige I bite her harder. While having a nipple between my teeth I lick lightly at the tip. For a brief second I felt a splash of sweetness on my tongue. Milk?! That is the only think that comes out of nipples right?? No taste like liquid metal but sweet and tangy. "Yes just like that it feels so good." Lluvia moans I pull off them an look at both of her beautiful tits. I lick each one lightly and blow gently on then. She moans out and grabs the back of my head and she screams and cums like a little geyser.

"Ahh my User more please, This body is so sensitive and new, more please! THRUM! THRUM! WARNING! WARNING! NEW BODY OVERLOAD! BANG!! Like a bomb goes off I come out of a sexual DAZE. New body??? Transporting User under system authority!

Boom Boom Boom! stud bangs darksome bawdy cleft with joy we need cover fire over here now!! I look up and over completelyh wide eyed! to see a beautiful blue skinned woman?? A blue skinned woman what the fuck is going on? That is an asari!! I yell out! Fuck IM Ihave completely lost it. Hey you, Damn it human over there!!

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With the pistol in your hand. Lay down some cover fire or get dead your choice! she yells at me . I think she was yelling at me. RAAWWRR! A loud group rumbling of RAAWWRR breaks through the silence. troops burst in or dinosaurs. "fuck they look familiar" I think to myself, are those fucking Krogan! tink! tink! Thier weapons bullets? or light shells?! whatever they are just bounce off my armor. Armor?!? Where did I get this from? "Fuck, least I'm protected." I scream in my head.

They just shot me ! Motherfucker`s just shot me! argh! Shields down to 16% Adrenaline rush activated! A computerized voice says around me. The world slows downI take aim, and Fire at the Krogan! Chest shots and head shots, making bodies pile up, along with the rest of the mercs?

or alliance? Or thugs. who the hell are these people? I ask myself. Yah know what it doesn't matter, at least they are not shooting me. 7 minutes later the area is silent. Chink chink shit I'm out of ammo. ( Hah hah my breath is ragged and short. "Adrenaline rush over". A voice says over my head or around me I can't tell. I take a look at the the bodies all over, head shots and chest shots. fuck. something really has to be wrong with me.) Next thing I know everything fades black.

"Your gonna be ok, we got you Soldier." The woman says to my half conscious self. Having a "Soldier" as a Merc, seems to be turning out well, ''Lady Maldova'' the lady yells out. Also the Krogan are all down. The area has been swept. An armored "woman?" reports in. Who would have thought one of the "Soldiers" had it in him. The best contract you ever won Lady Maldova. The woman I assume to be Lady Maldova nods and replies. "Yeah your right Chari, let's get the gear and the rest of the 'recruits' we are back in business." Yes Mam!

Chari replies. Yup I have lost my mindmight as well just let this pass out happen. " I say to myself." Program "LLUVIA" you have found a interesting owner. We look forward to his results. The group of individuals say. Yes Administration I think he will do well." May I join him in the Mass Effect Universe to help him? His synchronization rate is extremely high.

Lluvia says with great earnest. "No! let's see what choices he makes. A slim woman or possible male?? within the gorgeous czech chick was tempted in the supermarket and fucked in pov speaks out.

We will send you to him in a bit." Your user is within my domainand I will enjoy testing him. The others in the Administration visibly shiver. Some with desire, fear, expectaion, and apprehension. As you decree administration." Lluvia says with a blank tone with traces of worry.''