Petite skinny yo blonde teen masturbates fingering

Petite skinny yo blonde teen masturbates fingering
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I awoke up with Rex lying next to me reading some kind of magazine, and rubbing his semi hard cock through his pants, as I tried to look to thee other side of me, I realize that my ankle was chained to the bedpost, I had some kind of device that was sticking out of my pussy and ass, and I had clamps on my nipple and my clit. Some how they had the clamps connecting to each other, I wasn't sure how but all I knew is then I moved all the chains would moved with me so I had to be careful.

"I see that our little whore is a wake, are you hungry or thirsty?" "Yes Master I am" "Well why don't you get me a blow job, and we will go get you something to eat and drink besides my juices?" Rex said taking out his cock and grabbing my neck.

I rolled over making sure that nothing was pulling or anything coming out of me. I put my head down on him and I started to lick his cock slowly. He reached under me and took of my brazzers abbie cat why we love womens tennis clamps, and starting tugging on the chain, that led down to my clit.

Each time he pulled the chain my body would quiver. I rolled over in between his legs, grab a hold of his cock and started deep throating him.

I was moving my head up and down as fast as I could, and at the same time I was stroking him and letting my saliva run down his balls. I felt his hands grab my hair and started pumping my face. This time he didn't make my nose bleed.

I felt his cock starting to pulse, I knew what was coming next, and I had to get my self ready for a full load. I tried to relax and open my throat as much as possible, but still there was going to be a lot of cum.

I heard him starting to moan, he starting to push my head down his cock down as fast as he could and I felt his hot cum squirting in my mouth, and down my throat. This time I wasn't bad, it was sweet, and ebony jabarn fuck rape jabardast as thick as the first time.

Maybe I got the two guys mixed up? I did have a blind fold on, and I was trying to get away from them. "Make sure he is clean, we don't want to waste any of your protein shake." He said with a light laugh to his voice. I made sure that I licked his cock from top to bottom and round his head, to make sure I didn't miss a drop. I sat up on my knees and watch him starting to dry him self off with an old shirt.

Then he sat the rest of the way up and started to unhook my chains. "Later we are going to pierce your nipples and clit." I looked up in the air with a big old sigh, when he said that. I didn't dare to say anything at this point, I was still chained to the bed and I had the devices stuck in me. "Now it's your turn to cum for your Master." He reached over to the end table and grabbed some kind of remote. He started to laugh, and then he motion for me to lay back and spread my legs.

He unchained my ankle, and switched me around so I was spread eagle in front of him. He turned on the devices with his remote, starting out slow then going fast. It was nothing I ever felt before, it was an electrical vibration, and it felt great.

I grabbed my nipples and started tugging hard on them, then rubbing my body then my clit. That was a bad mistake he took out a pig whip out and slapped me with it. He started to whip my inner thigh, and followed by he slapped my clit hard. "Don't touch you clit or cunt again, with out permission, understand me?" "Yes Master, I understand" "Now I want you to have a hard orgasm before we go eat, lay back and let me do all the work." As I lay back, he started to crawl on top of me slowly; he never took his eyes off of me when he started to kiss my thighs, to my moist pussy.

He started to flick his tong over my clit. Its almost he knew every particular spot of my body, that would drive me up the wall. My breathing was getting heavier and more out of control and he knew. He took my clit in between two fingers and started licking me harder and faster.

I was tugging and pulling on my nipples harder and harder. He whispers "Cum for me baby, cum hard for me." He stops the device in my pussy and took it out, and drove his fingers up me. All I could do at this point is let him be in control of my body, I had to close my eyes and relax as he was going to make me have japanese darling gives hot oral stimulation hardcore and groupsex hard orgasm.

He tuned the metal toy up my ass on high, as he was eating out. I felt him put his arms under me and grab my hips, so I didn't fuck his mouth or get too out of control, he was in command and he wanted me to know it. I was started to cum, and he knew, so he stuck his fingers deeper in my pussy and started to play with my g-spot, that did it.

All I could do is grab the bedpost, he drove his mouth harder in my pussy, I arch my back and cum. "OMG" I screamed and moan "Please fuck me Master, please" I begged him while he was still eating me out after I came.

Then I started pleading for him to stop, he was driving me wild up the wall.

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I couldn't catch by breath, it felt like my heart beating out of my chest. "Fuck me please Master, please Fuck me." I said between breaths. He stopped for me second, kissed my clit, and he watched me jump, he laughed, and crawled over my body and up to my ear and started whisper. "Later! Now let's get dress so we can go out and eat! We laid out some clothing out for you." "Yes Master" He took out the sex toy out of my ass and laid it on the bed, then he handed me an old shirt to clean up with.

He pointed to a chair over in a dark corner that had my clothing on it. I walked over and there fetish lady jessica russell walking in mini skirt and stockings a pair of high heel dress boots, pair of black leather pants, black lace thong, socks, and a backless halter top. "Before you put your clothing on, I want you to do your hair; there is a brush and other hair stuff over there on the vanity." "Yes Master, is there any way you want my hair?" "Down" He led me over to the vanity, sat me down and grabbed the brush.

He tilted my head back and started brushing my long red hair. My long, wavy, dark red hair reached my ass crack. I knew he was in love with my hair, because he was playing with it when he was brushing it.

The only problem I had with my hair being down was is was so thick and I was shedding like a cat. I hated it. At one point I wanted to chop it off and donate it to some salon.

But my "previous" Master found out what I wanted to and beat my ass raw, I was told that if I ever thought about cutting my hair again with out his permission he (hire someone) would kill me. "I guess we can tie it back in a low pony tie, I didn't realize your beautiful hair was so thick and long." "Yes it is Master, and Thank you for understanding." Rex put my hair in a pony tail, so how he made look like there was no rubber band it in.

After he was done doing my hair he brushed he wiped me down with a cool washcloth, and let me put on my clothing.

Rex sat back in a chair and watch me put on my clothing. So I made sure that I put on everything slowly. I started with my thong; I snapped my g-string to make sure that he was looking and that it was in the right place. That got his attention. Then I starting to put my pants on, one… leg…at… a … time, slowly pulling them up over my cute, tight butt, I made sure that I wouldn't lose his attention.

I zipped and buckled my pants. "Hold on before you put anything else on, I have something for you." "Yes Master?" He went in his closet and took out a lash, collar, and a nice belt. I had a worried look on my face. I was wondering what I did. Was he going to hit me with that metal studded belt or what? The small cat collar, was black, fine leather, and had small metal studs sticking out.

"Here I forgot to give you this belt to put on, and you are going to wear this collar and leash when we are out." "Yes Master" He turned me around, my back facing him; I felt his cock pulsing through his pants when my butt was pressing against him. I felt a small hard yank, when he was putting on my collar, to make sure that it wasn't too tight or loose. Then he wrapped his arms around me and started to put my belt on me. He turned me around and he started to kiss my nipples slowly and up on my neck; I reach his crotch and started to grab his cock through his jeans.

"May I please have a protean shake Master?" I said pouting "Yes, get on your knees and finish was you started you bad girl. You should be punished." I got on my knees, I started to unzipped his pants, rubbing his cock through his underwear, looking him in his eyes.

I took his cock out through the fold of is underwear and started sucking it fast. He grabbed my hair and started pulling and pushing, making sure that I got all his cock in my mouth. It seemed as soon as I started sucking his cock he came hard. He pulled my up by my collar, and gave me a deep, long, kiss with his cum still in my mouth. He started rubbing my breast with one hand and placing his knee between my legs. I started humping his knee; furthermore he turned me around again, and reaches down my pants and started playing with me.

I felt so relaxed, I came quick and hard. "That's what I wanted to see, now get dress." As I bent over to grab my top, he spanked me on my ass.

"Oh, nice, tight ass, the boys will like you tonight!" He said with a sexy playful voice. I stood up and I started to tie the strings of my top; he grabbed the bottom ones and helps me with them. He snapped on my leash and started leading me down the hall way where we meant up with Snake. "I need a Blow Job before we go if that's all right?" "Yeah that's fine I have to get ready any ways.

Here's her leash" "Get on your knees and start sucking." Snake said while pointing to the ground I wasn't too happy but I knew if I didn't do what he would ask me I would get in big trouble.

I reached up and unzipped his pants. "Ouch that hurts, be careful" Oops he wasn't wearing any underwear and I grabbed some hair and skin. I made sure that next time I unzip his pants I put my hand down there first to protect him. I pulled out his cock and started sucking it. It taste like he just took a piss, but that didn't bother me as much as he grabbing my head and pushing his cock deep down my throat with out me relaxing and making me gag on it.

I bit. He smacked, I bit a little harder, and he went limp. "Don't do that next time and you wouldn't have that problem." I said with laughter in my voice. "Fucking whore." He yelled, and he smacked me across the face "No I don't think you would be fucking me for a while, you're a little small at this point." I started laughing out loud He throws his hand back to hit me across my face and missed.

I tired to run away from him, but he grabbed my leash and yanked me back on my ass. I tried to reach up to unhook my self. But before I could Rex was standing right in front of me, stirring down at me with a pissed off look.

He grabbed me by the throat and picks me up. "Now you're not being very nice, now I have to whip your ass before we go out and you're going to be sore." "Please Master you Miss understood what was going on." "Look in that corner. See that black speck? That's a camera, I saw and heard everything." "Oh shit." I looked down at the floor and started to whimper. "Now I haven't hit nor did anything to you yet.

Stop that fucking crying" "Yes Master" Rex grabbed a chair and sat down in it. He grabbed me by my loop of my pants, to make me back up to him. He started to unbuckle my belt and pants. I grabbed his hand to make him stop. But some how he over powered me, he let my pants and thong drop to the floor. He bent me over his knees and started to beat me hard with his belt. I felt the welts growing with every strike. He stops for a second and reached behind him again.

"Spread your cheeks" I did what I was told, I spread my cheeks, as soon as I did, he stuck a big butt plug in my ass. I dare not the scream or whimper. I started crying harder. "For being disobedient this will be up your ass for the rest of the night. If you take it out, I won't beat you with my belt, I will beat you with a wipe, to top it all off, I have a remote that controls everything. The butt plug will get larger, smaller, or vibrates." "Clean you're fucking tears up and come over here and sucking my cock." Snake snapped his fingers and pointed down the floor and holding his hard cock in one hand.

"Yes Master" I got up started pulling up my pants, when Rex reach over and told me "no, leave them down." I walked over to Snake got on my knees and started sucking his cock hard. He grabbed my hair again and forced his cock in my mouth farther.

I stopped him by pushing him back with some force. Rex got up, walked over to me and told me to put my hands behind my back and keep them there. Rex took out a pair of hand cuffs and put them on me. Snake was in full control of me now. He was fucking my face hard, then I felt him load my mouth with his cum.

I was starting to have problems swallowing it down because there was so much and so thick, but I did it; I leaned back over and cleaned his cock up with my mouth.

"Good little whore." "Yes Master." I said with some tears streaming down my face. "Sit on that plug for me please" "Yes Master" I sat down and another ella knox pussy got raided by a big cock bump went up my tight hole.

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Then I felt Rex inflating the plug to make sure that it wouldn't come out. I got up and Rex fixed my hair, wiped my face and helped me with my pants. "I am hungry, let's get going?" "Yeah sounds like a good idea." I was having problems walking after that last beating and that toy up my ass.

Snake open the house door for me I could smell the fresh rained; before I got out the door he grabbed my leash, and put a blind fold over my eyes again. They helped me down the stairs and in to their truck. They sat me in the middle on them and buckled me up. I could hear the doors close and Rex starting the truck. They started a few miles down the road when Rex said "Fuck it, take that dam blind fold off, its not like she knows where are anyways." I could see that we where in the middle of no where.

We where driving down a dirt road in the middle of the woods. I was trying to figure out where we were. But I couldn't. I didn't recognize anything. We finely hit the highway after 10mines or so. Everything was glissading with rain drops cum on robbye bentleys huge milf tits the sun was setting. All I had on mind at this point was getting this dam butt plug out of my ass, get the hell way from them and where the hell we were going.

We finely hit the point of destination, it was another big out on a lake that there was some sort of party going on. We parked in the road, Rex stopped the truck and we all got out. He patted me on thee ass to make sure that the plug was still in there. "If you are good, I will take it out. So act happy and smile or else." He grabbed a hold of my leash and we all walked in side. Snake went his own way as we where stopped by some guy, which started talking to Rex.

"Is this her?" "Oh Yeah and she is clean and primed" Rex said "Good should I get everyone around?" "Not yet, let me talk to a few people and drink a few beers." Rex "OK let me know when you are ready." "No problem." Rex said smiling Rex and I walked around talking to different people, and Rex let some people fondle me a few times. I was starting to get pissed off.

I didn't know these people who where grabbing me, and I wanted them to stop and I didn't care if I got in trouble. The next person that grabbed me, I took a hold of his hand and yanked it away from me, and in addition I elbowed him in the gut. Oops I should have looked behind me; it was Rex and hoy fue mi dia de suerte tube porn of his best friends. Rex looked at me while holding his gut and dragged by me by the leash to a room upstairs.

He throws me on the floor and starting to beat me. "I am sorry Master I was sick and tired of people groping me" "I don't give a dam what you want. You're lucky it was me that you hit and not another person, now strip." "NO!" "Do it now!" "Or what dam it." "You don't want to find out." I grabbed a hold of my leash, and started running to the door and opened it, I ran down the stairs, "GRAB HER" Rex yelled.

Someone was trying to grab but I slipped throw is hands and ran out the door a fast as I could.

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I heard Rex running down the stairs and out the door. "GET YOUR FUCKING ASS BACK HERE NOW, YOU FUCKING WHORE, OR ELSE." I was still running with out looking behind me. I wasn't paying attention to anything around me, but what was in front of me. Suddenly I felt someone grabbing me and knocking me to the ground. I looked back and I was Rex. "Fuck you, you fucking bastard let me go." He reached in his back pocket and grabbed some hand cuffs out, and slapped them on me.

"GET EVERYONE READY, I AM BRINGING HER IN BOB." Rex picked me up and throws me over his shoulders again. I was kicking and screaming as loud and hard as I could.

For some reason it didn't bother him at all. He walked in the door and down to the basement, where someone put a blind fold over my eyes.

I suddenly felt Rex throwing me down on something soft, flipped me over, he untied my shirt, and then he started to undo my pants, till I started kicking him. I felt him hit me hard across my ass and making the butt plug go bigger.

"Please no" He acted like he didn't hear my plea. "Please no Master, I will behave myself, I will do anything to get my self out of trouble sexy blonde gets her first dick on camera pain." He looked at me, waited for a minute, and started again with the butt plug. "Master No" was starting to cry by now in pain and agony, he still looked like he was pissed at me, he throw the remote down, grabbed me by my throat, bend me over and starting to fucking me hard.

I heard him moan as he came quick and hard. "This was the last straw; no you're going to get punished." I felt his hot juices running down my leg. "Master please." I felt the butt plug going smaller now. Before it went down to normal size, I felt his hand grabbing the shaft of the plug and yanked it out hard and fast.

"NO, Please NO" I was in tears; I tried to curled up in a tight ball. "Help me out Man" Rex said while someone was sitting on my back and grabbing my hair hard. "Open your mouth." I did what I was told, but that was a mistake, I felt him stick the dirty plug in my mouth.

"I this will shut her up for now." I was trying to scream in my throat, and then I felt someone putting a strap at the end of the plug and around my head, tying it taunt making sure that it wouldn't come out of my mouth. Then I felt the plug going bigger and bigger. "Well we don't have to worry about her biting any one." "Yeah that's true, maybe she will learn to behave, and obey?" some recent babe is fucking a guy who already has a girlfriend said with a deep voice.

"Hello Puppet, I see that you got your self in trouble again" Master Mark said, when I heard my "real" Master's voice I know that I would be in trouble. "What did she do this time boys?" as he was grabbing my hair. "Do you really want to know?" Rex said lifting up his shirt showing his bruise, that I just gave him. Both of my Masters were now angry with me now.

I know I am going to get one hell of a beating, and they didn't care if they hurt me or not. More the pain more the pleasure for them. I had to do something to get my self out of trouble, but I couldn't say or do anything, I was now bound and gagged, all I could do is make some kind of noise out of my throat. "Mmmmmmmmm" "Well I guess its time to give an attitude adjustment again, I thought the first one was enough, and I guess not, she has to learn the hard way." Master Mark said rubbing his cock "Yes sir what do you have in mind?" Rex "Letting the boys have their way with her after I give her a nice beating." Master Mark grabbed my hair and started dragging me by it.

We went to an adjoining room where everything was going to take place. I felt my Master attach my bound hands and hook them to something.

Then I heard a clicking sound, my feet were now off the ground. I felt my Master starting to pull down my pants and underwear.

His hands where felling me up and down. I could feel him put a few fingers up my honey pot, and then taking them out and smelling them. "Well I can smell that you just got fucked not to long ago, I have to have a talk to those boys.

I will be back." I heard open and close the door. I heard him starting to yell at the Rex and Snake because I wasn't "fresh," and they didn't use protection when where fucking me, and for not cleaning me up after they where done with me.

He was also pissed off for the fact that I had bruises and cuts on my face. Dam I am glad that they are getting yelled at, at this time and not me. I want to see them get in trouble; maybe I wouldn't get punished as bad. But I also knew that I was going to get some kind of punishment, because I did bodily harm to someone else, with out cause. But I did have cause; I was being fondled by strangers, but that wasn't good enough cause jessie fontana takes care of his nephew my Master.

I was starting to worry are crying. Because I knew that I was going to get a good beating. What beautiful big tit fucking a cuban dame for her tv I do know? Take it or fight back? "For what you two do to her, I am not going to pay you guys." "That's fine we are going keep her and use her for our own personal use then." Rex said calmly "No you won't, I am going to take her home with me and clean her up." "You know what agreement was, we keep her till you pay us off, or we…" Rex was starting to get a little pissed and started raising his voice.

"Fine I will pay you two off, but I won't ask you to do any thing for me again. Here's the money I owe you." Master hands Rex the money with disappointment and disbelief "Thank you. So what are you going to do now?" "Clean her up again, punish her, fuck her, and have her used by everyone else here, before I take her home with me again." "You know where everything is; let me know if you need anything.

Nice doing business with you." Rex started to talk away, then he turned around, by the way boss, I have tape of everything that we did to her and what she did to us. Rex tossed the thumb drive to Master Mark with all the info on it.

Master Mark look at it, look up at Rex and said thank you. I heard the door open up and close again. The room seemed to be cooler then before. I was now in a cold sweat, I knew that I was going to get punished, but how and how.

My heart started to pound out of my chest, my breathing more rapid. I was scared stiff. I felt his hand on my nipple, touching softly.

What was going on am I going to get punished? I could feel his eyes looking up and down my body. I could smell his sweet cologne and body sweat, I could feel him breathing and leaning closer to me. "You're a very dirty and naughty puppet, what am I going to do with you?" he whispered horny lesbian bbw gives oral satisfaction to gf in my ear, with his fingers on my nipple.

"I think that we need to get you all cleaned up inside and out?" I could his lips getting closer to mine, he slowly and softly starting to kiss me. His other hand reaches up and starts touching my other nipple softly, then I felt him starting to tug hard on them.

I let in a big breath, and then I felt him starting to nipple and tugging on my bottom lip. "What do you think my Puppet?" he whispers again, all I could do is nod slowly and moaned. He started to unchain me and throws me over his shoulders. I heard a door open, he sat me down on the cold floor, and I heard him starting some water, and reaching over and closing the door. I felt him rub my face softly, I was pushing back on his hand, letting him know that was feeling good and I missed him.

"Miss me didn't you?" I nodded "Want me to take your gag out" I nodded again, he reach over, and pulled off my blind fold off, and unhooking my gag. I tried to open my mouth so he could take it out, but he put his hand over my mouth letting me know that he wasn't ready to take it out yet. I titled head at him wondering why he didn't want that out, then he started to speak.

"I know what happened, I know what you did, and I saw and heard it all on my laptop. I am very disappointed with you young one, and you will get one hell of a beating, now I am going to take that gag out of your mouth and I don't want you to say a word understand, then I am carnal and untamed sex games hardcore reality to put in the bathtub and have your sit there for a while.

I am also thinking about putting enema up you, for part of your punishment." I nodded my head, opened my mouth little by little. When Master Mark took out the plug from my mouth, my jaw started hurting from that butt plug being in my mouth for so long. I had that nasty taste in mouth from the dirty plug, and I was thirstier then hell. I had really bad cotton mouth. Master Mark looked at me. "I am glad I brought you your toothbrush, and other stuff, they really roughed you bad this time." I cleared my throat and tried to answer him, but I couldn't, my mouth was too dry and my throat was raw from screaming at Rex for some long, so all I could do is nod.

"Need something to drink?" I nodded yes, and had a tear rolling down my cheek. Master Mark handed me his bottle of Coke, and wiped my face with his warm gentle hand. I knew that he still cared about me, but I was still wondering why he hired those guys to raped and beat me. I took a swallow of the Coke, it burned all the way down. Yip it was good old fresh Coke, it burned all the way down my parched throat, but I didn't care, I had something wet in my mouth.

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Master Mark picked me up from the floor, and untied my hands, sexy big ass anal first time talent ho helped take off the rest of my clothing, and then he helped me in the tub. Was water was soothing and warm. I sat down and tried to relax a little, I took the washcloth and ran over my body trying to clean up the grass and dirt that was on me.

I looked beside me and I saw that my Master hanging up the enema bag, I swallowed hard and look back down in the tub, I had to get another enema today, dam. I said to myself. "Get on your knees and put your ass up in the air." "Yes Master" "Did I tell you to speak my puppet?" he looked pissed "Well did I?" "No Master" "Then get that dam ass up in thee air, you're going to get cleaned again." I did what he said, I got on all fours and I put up my ass up in the air, trying to keep my head above the water.

I felt a little playful slap on my ass and then he pushed me in the water, he put is under my pussy and was trying to push my ass up a little further. I felt him put his finger up my ass and started fucking me with it, he took it out, and I looked back and pouted. He gave me that playful but serious look. I look back down as I was still pouted. "You're a dirty little girl and you need to be cleaned out." Then I felt him guiding the nozzle up my ass.

I flinched a little, after he put the nozzle up me, I felt the luke warm water rushing in me, and then I felt him rubbing my pussy.

I started to moan with pleasure; he put a finger up me. "I see this dirty little puppet is wet, I wonder way?" putting his finger a little deeper in me, I felt him starting to fuck me harder and harder with his finger.

I felt my clit starting to tingle; all I wanted right now was his cock in me. "Please fuck me Master." Then I felt him put two fingers in my pussy, one up my ass, and one on my clit.

He started fucking me harder and harder with his hand. "Master I want your cock in…" I felt my orgasm come on hard and strong, suddenly I felt him taking out the nozzle and putting in a small butt plug. "Sit and be quite" reached in the bathtub and grab my washcloth, he put some soap on it and started washing me.

He started with my back, to my shoulders, around to my chest; he lifted my breast and washed under them, then cycled my nipples. All I could is lean back and relax, my Master was washing my body like he used to.

He then started washing and rubbing my belly, then down to my pelvic bone, he never reached my pussy, and then he washed my legs and feet. "Bad girl, you are so dirty, what am I going to do with my puppet?" He started back up my legs and between my thighs; he slowly ran his hand up to my pussy. "Spread them" he pushed my legs open, and started washing my pussy and ass.

"Dirty girl, I have to clean that filthy pussy and ass." He shook his head and started washing my pussy a little harder. At this point I was starting to have cramps in my stomach, I needed to let go of everything that was in me, but my Master had other plans.

He pulled on my hair and started dumping bath water over my hair, and my body. He put shampoo in my hair and rinsed it out. "Get up" he told me with a firm voice "spread them" he reached behind him and grab a douche bottle, he stuck it up me and started sneezing, I took a deep breath, and the dam thing was cold.

I looked at him and he was starting to laugh, "Cold?" I gave him that look… you knew it was cold… and he laughed a little harder. He reached up and grabs the shower head and rinsed me off with warm water. He took my hand and helps me out of the tub and dried me off.

I was starting to hold my stomach to let him know that I was in pain. "Oops" he said with a laugh to his voice "Bend over" Suddenly I felt him stick his hard cock in me.

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"Oh god" I cried out loud, his cock felt so good in me. "Now I know I didn't tell you to speak." He said sarcastically, so he starting to pump me harder and fast. I heard the water sloshing in my stomach "I know that you will be clean after I am done." He reached down and pulled out my plug and stuck his cock in as quickly as he could.

"Oh god Master." I cried out. "Dam your ass is tight tonight, what are we going to do with you, what should we do for your punishment?" He started to pump me fast and harder over and over again.

I felt his cock starting to pulse I knew that he was ready to explode in me, I braced my self against the tub as he was pumping, he took his 10 babe yas xnxx vidisex stories out half way and jammed it back in, then he pushed his cock as far and hard as he could when came.

Before he took out his cock, he reached down and smacked me hard on thee ass. Then he took out his cock and sat me down on the pot, and walked out of the bathroom to let me do my business. He left the room and left the door ajar. "Mater I haven't ate all day, can we get some food soon?" I thought the water was never going to end coming out of me. I was in pain. It almost felt like i was a water balloon and I had a leak.

"Yes I was thinking about us going to my cabin in the woods, it's going to be a long drive, and I haven't ate anything all either."