Luscious babe candy red gets impaled by tutor

Luscious babe candy red gets impaled by tutor
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Being a 19 year old babysitter isn't exactly the job I was hoping for. But it was the summer and I needed the cash. So when my mom volunteered me to watch my baby cousin I guess I was kind of desperate for something.

I was pretty shy and I think that's probably why I bombed most of my job interviews. It was a pretty easy gig. I came in the morning and at this age the baby just sleeps, poops, and eats, and then does that again.

But one morning changed everything. I showed up in the morning like I normally do but the front door was locked which was weird. I rang the door bell but it didn't seem like anyone was home. I decided to try to back thinking that maybe if my aunt was back there she might have music on or something. I opened the back door to find my uncle completely naked beating off in the middle of the kitchen.

I stood there frozen. He didn't notice me at first so he kept going. I must have gasped or something because suddenly his eyes shot up at me. I thought he was going to be embarrassed but he ended up being furious.

"What the fuck are you doing? You just walk into people's houses without knocking?" He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house slamming the door closed and locked behind me.

I expected him to get covered up but instead he was still stroking his dick. "Don't you know that people want privacy in their houses?" He slapped my ass really hard. I moved to the other side of the room shaken by the whole situation. But seriously did he just spank me? I was stunned. I kept trying not to look down because it was as if his penis was looking back at me. Pointing at me. "I'm supposed to watch the baby" He told me that his wife and sunny leone very hard fucked porn beeg download had gone to visit with her mother and that they would be gone all day.

Apparently she had emailed me. I started to apologize and move towards the door so fucking rich babe with hairy pussy dani daniels I could leave this really weird situation but he moved in front of me and grabbed me by the hand.

"Well I guess I better get going." He shook his head no. Dread came over my whole body. I always felt weird about my uncle. He was just that weird uncle who kind of looked at you funny, the uncle who you never wanted to be alone with…and here I was, totally alone, with my weird naked uncle.

He sat me down in the kitchen chair and asked me if I had ever seen a penis before. I told him the truth, that I hadn't. That I hadn't done anything more than kiss a boy because I was scared. He smiled and placed my hand on his dick. It felt smoother than I thought a penis might. It was throbbing and veiny too. He moved my hand up and down as I plead with him to let me go home. It was like he wasn't even listening. His breath just kept getting more and more rapid the longer he guided my hand over his dick.

I just closed my eyes and kept telling him that I wouldn't tell anyone that I just wanted to go home. He told me that it wasn't fair that I had seen him naked. That he had to see me naked to be fair. I started weeping… He pulled my shirt up above my head and bent down to look at my chest close up. He moved my bra aside and started to kiss and lick my nipples.

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I got a shooting sensation down below. My nipples got so hard he was flicking them with the tip of his tongue. I needed to get out of this situation before it got worse but there was nothing I could do.

I was right where I was supposed to be for the next few hours. After a bit I started to feel his hands move to pull my legs apart. They were tightly held together by every muscle I had in my thighs.

He was so strong he got his hand between them. I could feel his fingers finding my pussy. I started shoving him away. But he pulled my face to his and roughly kissed my lips. He licked them and sucked on them even bit my bottom lip so hard I thought I might be bleeding. He demanded that I stand up and take off my shorts. I remembered something in that moment. I was not wearing underwear. I was in a rush this morning and I just sometimes don't wear them.

"Please let me keep them on" I stood frozen. He was stroking himself while he shouted at me that he would rip them off of me if I didn't do what he said. Through my tears I sweet cadey mercury getting fucked by lesbian milf to unbutton my shorts but I couldn't bring myself to pull them down. He rushed me and threw my body onto the kitchen counter.

He held my face against the cold tile as he forced my shorts down. It was then that he gasped. "You wanted this to happen" he kissed the small of my back.

"I wanted this to happen for so fucking long" He got down on his knees behind me. I was not sure what he was going to do but I was definitely not prepared for what he did. I felt him start to pull my ass cheeks apart and put his finger on my butthole. Was he going to put it in there?! I again started to plead. But before I got through my first few words his lips were pressed up against my ass. He shoved his face deep into my butt, moving my flesh around his face.

He started licking me in long licks. Then short licks. Then fast licks.

Being sure to kiss my hole deeply each time he changed his rhythm. I didn't realize it at first but I was started to moan. He moved lower and I realized he was dipping his tongue into my pussy hole. It made my whole body tremble but I also felt myself push into his tongue. His dips and licks and kisses became more and more passionate.

They stopped. I opened my eyes only to have them popping out of my head a second later. His throbbing dick was now rubbing against my very wet pussy. Sliding with my pussy juices. I had never done anything like any of this and even though it was my creepy ass uncle… I didn't want him to stop anymore. My "please stop" had just turned into "please". "Don't worry, I'm only going to fuck you with the tip". I started crying harder.

I didn't want my first time to be with my uncle. But I could feel it start to go in. He would put a little bit in, move it around and pull it back out. Then put it back. The motion started to get my rapid and I started to feel it go in deeper than he had said. I was screaming at him "you said just the tip!" and he was screaming back at me that my pussy was too good, he can't stop himself. He was slamming into my body, grunting and sweating all over me.

He sat down on the ground and pulled my nearly limp body on top of me. Instructing me to put his dick back inside of me. Facing him and sitting on his lap as I did many times as a young child was very different now. Now he was inside of me. Kissing me and licking my tits. Bouncing me up and down on top of his cock. I grabbed on because I thought if I let go I would just fall back and pass out. He laid me down on the ground and I thought he was going to move back inside me instead he started to passionately kiss my pussy.

He talked to it. He said he was sorry that he couldn't help himself, but that he was going to make it feel really good. He started to pull apart my pussy and kissed and licked a part that made me start to see flashes. I started to not be able to breathe. I needed him to stop and not stop at the same time. He pushed his old face deep into his kisses and I started to scream out as this rush flooded my entire self.

That's when he climbed back on top of me and put himself back in. All I could say was "please…" He pulled my legs over his shoulders and went as deep inside me as I think was possible. He moved his hands all over my naked body. Grabbing and pinching pieces of me as he thrust himself over and over again. He kept telling me kimmy granger huge rod one last time tight I was.

How wet I got for him. How I must like it. Did I like it? No one had ever made me feel this way. He told me he loved me and he loved my pussy. He knew he would. He told me he thought about fucking me all the time. His raid fucking started to turn into softer thrusts pulling my face towards his. Kissing my lips as he slowly slid in and out of me. He asked me if I wanted more and all I could say was "please…" He grabbed my body up and started almost leaping towards the bedroom where he tossed me on the bed.

"I want your mouth" he said. I didn't fight him anymore and I opened my mouth and put him inside of it. I had never done this before so I just started to move my tongue around. He instructed me to suck. So I started to do that too. I don't know if I was doing it right because he started bobbing my head up and down on his dick. Pulling elicia solis naughty slut office girl with big boobs get nailed vide tube porn deeper into my mouth.

I started to choke on his dick, coughing and gagging he started to laugh. He told me that we would need to practice. He told me to turn around and he put himself inside me from behind. He smashed me down into the bed, moving himself deeper and deeper inside of me. I started to feel that flashing feeling again, I think he could feel my body shake and he said "cum with me" I felt him shake and my body followed his lead.

I screamed out and he covered my mouth. "Neighbors will hear" he smirked and pulled my face close to his. And I don't know why, but in that moment I kissed him. He reminded me that we still had hours alone.

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I was terrified, and still pulsing from moments earlier, but I bent down and put his dick back in my mouth.