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First off, I'm looking for an editor. Someone who can correct my errors, tell me where to add more, take parts out, ect. I'm not married to my words, just the story I'm trying to tell. So if someone wanted to rewrite certain passages for me, as long as it makes a better story, I'm all for that. Maybe even a writing partner. PM if you're interested, or if you'd like to leave some constructive criticism. Secondly, there may be a missing tag on this story.

It starts off somewhat . rough. -Jeezy Prologue I wrapped her pretty blonde hair around my hand pulled it back sharply, snapping her neck back. "No screaming. You understand? That's just going to make it worse." I extra small and brunette kimmy granger gets fucked by her neighbor pornstars cumshots into her ear. My body was on top of hers, her face pressed firmly against the mattress.

Her panties were dangling on one of her ankles as she continued to struggle against me. The combined weight of the two of us squirming was making the bed squeak loudly in the otherwise noiseless bedroom. Her arms were tied to the bedpost. She was mine. I put my other hand over her mouth to muffle her cries as I began thrusting between her legs, trying to feel her warmth. She was fighting back hard, more than I thought she would. She bit down on my hand. I didn't move it.

"You should make this easier for yourself. It'll go by a lot quicker." Her tight body showed no signs of giving up her struggle. "If I remove my hand are you going to scream?" She didn't respond. I let go of her hair and reached over to pick up the knife off the nightstand. I pressed it blond teen in stockings fingers and rubs her neck. "You won't scream will you … pretty girl?" This time she quickly shook her head no.

I felt her slack a bit underneath me, but still fighting, still squirming. I loved it. "If you don't stop I'm going to end up fucking you in the ass … is that what you want? You want me in your fat ass?" Her ass was large, but in a good way. She worked hard to keep her whole body tight and trim. I pressed the knife around her throat and she let out a choked sob and shook her head no again.

"No, you don't want me in your ass??" "No …" She barely choked out. She relaxed more at my command and I finally felt myself begin to slip into her warn vaginal opening.

"You're already wet?" Her juices were quickly lubricating me. "This is turning you on? Being raped like this? What a slut you are." My words made her thrash around a bit more, but she wasn't going anywhere. My weight on top of her kept my manhood in position while she tired herself out. The sweet smell of sex began to fill the air as I felt myself push all the way into her. She let out a yelp and I grabbed her hair again as a reminder to keep the noise to a minimum.

"Your job is to lay there and let me finish off inside you." The buxom blonde let out another yell and I pressed the knife further into her neck. I was sure if there was any movement on her part and the knife would cut her. She stilled immediately. She was crying quietly as I finally began moving in and out of her in earnest.

Pulling back and filling her void with every thrust. She felt heavenly on me. She had the smoothest skin and I loved feeling it underneath me. My one free hand reached around to fondle her large, tight breast. She let out a couple more choked sobs, but the fight in her was diminished.

But I wasn't done. "Is this what you like? I can't believe how wet you are from being raped. You're fucking disgusting that this turns you on." But was true.

Slowly and surely she was getting wetter and wetter. The slapping of skin-on-skin and her quiet crying were the only sounds.

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I could have sworn I felt her push her hips back at me. The filthy whore was loving this. "You know what's going to happen, right?" Her blue eyes were wide and looking at me with a look of fear. "I'm going to cum inside you." As soon as I said it, she began fighting me again, crying out to anyone who could hear. Thrashing with all her might to get me out of her. But it was no use. "That's right, little girl. I'm going to cum in you so much.

You're going to have a rapist's baby." I held her down while she tried yet again, but she was tired. Her muscles were betraying her from putting up a fight any longer.

I rolled her nipple with my fingers, knowing how much she loves that. The familiar feeling was building up in me. I started moving in her faster and harder. I let go of her hair and the knife, leaving it on the side of the bed. I was completely focused on filling her up. She was moving with me now. She was pushing back with every thrust.

Her hands were gripped tightly on the bedpost. My hands were on her penny flame wears strapon and fuck babe elexis monroe pornstars brunette now, holding her in place as I was pistoning into her.

She came. Her cries for help were replaced by a scream of pleasure as her whole body tensed up and a cascade of wetness came out of her, drenching me and the bed. "I can't believe you just came while you were being raped. You fucking animal." I was incredibly turned on, and just moments away from letting loose, filling her with my seed.

She was nearly lifeless, coming down from her own powerful orgasm.

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"Here it comes!" Waves of pleasure shot through me with every burst. I let out a small scream of pleasure as I unloaded in her at last. My entire body was numb and exhausted and I fell on top of her.

We laid there for a moment, both recovering from our mind blowing, knee buckling orgasms, when she finally spoke. "Are you going to untie me?" My girlfriend Kristen asked me.


As soon as I can feel my legs, sweetie." My head was pressed against hers and we remained there for another moment before I finally got up and undid the straps on the bedpost. "I hope that'll hold you over until Saturday." Kristen said, sitting up and rubbing her wrists. I fell back onto the bed next to her.

"Well if not, I can rub one out." I replied, stating a fact but with a tongue in cheek tone. "No. You're not allowed. Because on Saturday I want all of that --" She motioned to my soft member. "--in here" She pointed to her mouth. I used my elbows to prop myself up and kiss her. "I love you babe." "I love you too. Now I need to shower." "All packed?" "Mostly.

I wish you would come but I understand. Toledo isn't your cup of tea. It's not anyone's cup of tea. It's fucking Toledo." She laughed as she disappeared into the bathroom. I watched her sway her hips as we walked away. She was a big girl.

Under no circumstances would I call her fat. And not just because she would smack me. She was tall, a bit big boned. Plump. Juicy. Everything on her black ex with tight body haylee wynters banged doggystyle very tight.

Like an amazon woman. Kristen was going away on a trip for the rest of the week, leaving me by myself.

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I was accustomed to it. While I had very little aspirations in life besides fucking, drinking and sleeping, Kristen was overly ambitious. At 31 years old she owned two small franchises and worked full time as a pharmacist. While we often did have strong arguments about my lack of productivity, she loved having a sex slave/houseboy.

And I loved filling that role. Not that I was completely unproductive. I did all the cooking and cleaning, helped field business calls and did Kristen's calendar. I also found time to go to the gym every single day for at least two hours. After that, my time was mine. It was a nice arrangement for both of us. Kristen had purchased a condo in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina this past winter. It was beautiful and spacious with a view worth dying for. All of the skyline was visible from our 22nd story home.

I've spent many, many hours drinking wine and sitting on our small balcony watching the sunset. The building had it's own workout center and a pool, both on the 12th floor. While Kristen showered, I put on some shorts and sat down in the living room, watching baseball on the 70" that I had convinced Kristen was necessary.

It was only Monday night, and I had the rest of the week to myself. Chapter One On Saturday I decided to take advantage of the good weather and work on my tan after working out and showering. Kristen wouldn't be home from her trip for a couple hours. I grabbed a towel, lotion and put on my shorts.

I stopped at the fridge to pick up some beers to put in the cooler. I checked myself in the mirror before I went down and ran my hand through my light brown hair. Giving it a tousled look. My body was great, as I was still pumped from my workout. Great shoulders, biceps and a ripped stomach. At 24 years old (yes, my exclusive bald man booty milf better sex is a bit of cougar), I had many years to enjoy this body of mine. I was surprised how empty the pool was.

It was June, mid 80's and a Saturday … where was everyone? I settled in on the chaise and cracked open my first beer of the afternoon. I lotioned up and then laid down and felt the warmth of the sun on me. I opened my eyes when I heard a splash and looked to see a cute girl coming up from the bottom of the pool. She was too young, I knew. It had been nearly a week since I had gotten any relief.

No harm in looking, I thought. She was wearing a red, flowery bikini that gave her ample amounts of cleavage for me to gawk at. I didn't think she could see me visually molesting her with my sunglasses on. I finished my first beer. The girl wasn't really doing much in the pool, just walking from one side to the other. She seemed bored, so I decided to strike up a conversation with her when she came back to my side of the pool.

"Where is everyone?" I asked. She immediately put on the biggest smile. "Oh I don't know. I think most of the residents are too old." It was true, not a lot of young people had the money to afford this building. Which made me wonder how old my new friend was.

Did she live with her parents here? "Oh that's too bad. I thought this place would be like, party central on the weekends." Her smile was infectious. She laughed, more than she should have really. I began to get the vibe that she wanted me. Hey, do you … do you think I could get one of those?" She indicated to my beer.

"Oh. Uh … I don't know. How old are you?" "How slutty queen loves to please her servants do I look?" She said, forever smiling. "Not 21." "You're right. I'm 19." I doubted that very much, but whatever. Neither of us said anything for a moment before I shrugged and tossed her a beer into the pool. She looked around before opening it and taking a few sips.

I could tell she didn't have a lot of experience with beer. "So how long have you lived here?" I asked, striking up a conversation with my new friend. "A year. We were one of the first tenants." "'We' being … you and your boyfriend?" I asked cheekily.

She laughed again. "No … I live with my parents for now … until I can afford my own place! I mean … it's cheap living at home … but if I had my own place I could do what I wanted." She took a long chug from her beer. "Yeah, I hear that." The conversation went like that for a while. She asked about me and what I did for work. I told her that my girlfriend worked and made enough that I didn't have to. We talked about the building, the neighborhood, where to eat.

She asked for a second beer and I stood up to hand it to her this time.

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She was leaning over the edge of the pool, seemingly thrusting her cleavage out at me. I got a good eye full. "You better put those away before you get in some kind of trouble." I gestured with the beer at her tits.

"Oh, you think these are trouble?" She didn't shy away at all, and then grabbed them with both hands and jiggled them. I would say they were probably B cups, but they looked bigger on her small frame. Her hair was dried now and I could see she was a brunette with blonde highlights, a few freckles on her nose and full lips. I flashed on thinking about having those lips wrapped around my manhood, but I shook those thoughts from my head.

"I think you might be trouble if you keep showing off." I said. She took the beer from my hand. "I could use a little trouble this summer …" young playgirl at the casting show hardcore blowjob Her smile never turned off. "Trouble, trouble, trouble." I opened a third beer for myself. Usually two is a cut off point for me, but I was having fun. "What's your name?" "Ashley." "Ashley." I repeated. "I'm Jason. How's the water?" "Good.

You should jump in with me. Get wet." "Oh yeah …?" I paused before continuing. "I guess you're already … wet." She laughed and looked at me with a familiar fire in her dark brown eyes. There was no doubt she wanted the D. I would get laid in a little while when Kristen gets home … but … I don't know. This girl was so cute … and eager. If a little young … I jumped in and splashed Ashley. We horsed around for a little bit, stopping for beer breaks.

She had her back to me, drinking the last of her second beer from the edge of the pool. I waddled through the water right behind her and pressed my chest against her back to reach over and grab my own beer. She pressed her small ass against me, but she was too short to grind my stiff member. Instead I was grinding on her back.I was now on my fourth and she was on her 3rd, emptying the small cooler I brought with me. We traded flirty looks and found excuses to grab at each other for a while.

We seemed to be drinking the beer faster and faster. "Looks like we're all out." I said, waving my empty can. "Too bad. Things were just getting fun." She had a devilish look. "Well I guess … I mean, there's more beer in the condo." She paused and her smile turned a bit more … seductive. "We should … go get that." "My girlfriend could be home any moment now. I don't know how well that would … look." I gazed into her big, beautiful brown eyes.

"We'll have to be … quick." The implication was clear. "Let's go." I collected all my things, knowing that I wouldn't be coming back to the pool. My throbbing hard on was making all my decisions for me now. Ashley left her things at the pool and we took the elevator up to my condo. When we got in the elevator I gently pushed her against the wall lifted her head up to mine so I could kiss her.

She was short, maybe 5 feet flat. I had to bend down quite a bit to meet her lips. They were so smooth, so soft. The elevator dinged, and we got out and I quickly let Ashley in. I didn't see Kristen's luggage, so I assumed she wasn't home yet.

Ashley was back in my arms, hungrily kissing me. My hands lifted her from her tight ass and I had no trouble picking her up. I sat her down on a stool at the breakfast counter and lifted her bikini top up, exposing her breasts.

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I began kneading her, pinching her nipples and making her gasp loudly. Her tits had some nice heft to them. Our mouths were pressed hard against each other, probing the others with our tongues. Her legs were spread on the stool and I was positioned in between them. Even through the wetness of both our bathing suits, I could feel the heat emanating from pulsating shaft gets inside a warm butt. I put both hands on her head and pulled her closer to me.

I needed her. "We don't have a lot of time." I reached down and rubbed her bikini, moving it to the side and felt the wetness. She grabbed my by the wrist and stopped me.

"Not this time." She slid off the stool and began kissing my shaved chest. I let my bathing suit fall to the ground as she continued to make her way down. When she finally reached her prize, she let out a little sound of appreciation. I put my hand in through her hair and gently coaxed her towards my pulsating dick. Ashley took the base of it in her hand and then moved her mouth over it, taking about half of it in her mouth. I flashed on Kristen for a moment, hoping to god she didn't walk in to see this.

But I also couldn't believe how good and different Ashley's mouth felt on me. I think Ashley's mouth was made for oral. It felt smaller, tighter and she seemed to know what she was doing. She swirled her tongue around my head japanese princess receives wedgie with didlo hardcore blowjob moved with a good tempo.

My moaning filled the air as she hungrily tried to take me deeper and deeper into her mouth. I didn't want to hurt her, but I pushed her head, feeling the tip press hard against her throat. I looked down and she was looking lustfully back at me, her mouth full of cock.

I wished I could take a picture. I reached down and fondled her breast, tweaking her nipples. "I'm going to cum." I warned her. She pulled off of me. "Don't cum in my mouth." Not any guy's favorite phase, but whatever. She dove back on me and it was just another moment or two before I tapped her shoulder. She pulled back, even taking her hand off me.

I quickly grabbed my shaft and started stroking it. I erupted with a fury, sending gob after gob right into Ashley's face. The first spurt hit her right over the eye. The second was on her cheek and the rest dribbled around her mouth as she had moved closer. It was better than cumming in her mouth. She was a beautiful, smiling mess. She laughed as I fell back into one of the stools, panting. "You look so hot like that Ashley." I was still hard, but I was really nervous about Kristen coming home.

I had to get rid of Ashley quickly. "I'm going to go look in the mirror." I pointed her to the bathroom and she cried out, about the mess I left on her face. I put my bathing suit back on and Ashley came out of the bathroom, all cleaned up. "I'm sorry, but you've got to go. My girlfriend will be here any moment." Ashley, forever smiling, leaned up to kiss me.

I held her there, kissing her back before gently shoving her towards the door. We said our goodbyes and Kristen didn't come home for another 45 minutes.

Luckily I was still horny from my afternoon tryst that I had no trouble satisfying Kristen twice. We eventually climbed out of bed and Kristen came with me to the kitchen as I got started on making dinner. We both stayed in our underwear. Kristen was talking about the meetings she had gone to and then surprised me with the news of an acquisition that she made.

"I bought a mini-golf slash ice cream shop, right here in Charlotte." "Really? I had no idea you were even thinking raquel darrian gets fucked on a desk adding on to your little empire." "Yep. I kept this one under the radar from you." I paused. "Why?" Now she paused, as if steeling herself. "Because I want to get married. And I'm not buying my own engagement ring." I was failing to see the connection, so I just stared blankly.

"I want you to run the shop, earn the money and propose." "You want me to run a mini golf … thing." "Golf course. Slash ice cream shop. Yes." I was processing all this information. "Please?" Kristen was begging. "Uh …" "I think you'd enjoy it. You'd have full control, you can hire some cute little girls … as long as you come home and fuck me right … and you'll earn money.

When you have enough, you buy a ring." In her head this was all planned out. "Uh …" I was in a whirlwind. Work? Me? I understood where Kristen was coming from. We had similar arguments/discussions all the time. I did want to marry her.

I would be set for life if I did. We had amazing sex, we were best friends. It wasn't that. I just didn't like having something like this sprung on me. On the other hand, if I was ready and she was ready … I should do what I could to make this marriage happen.

I agreed to take over the mini golf course. We discussed it throughout the night. Kristen was completely prepared and I had no trouble seeing why she was becoming such a successful business woman. A lot was planned out already.

I had a small budget and was informed that it was a loan I was expected to pay back. Kristen wasn't pulling any punches and was not giving me any special treatment.

I was to meet with some contractors tomorrow to discuss renovations. The place had been out of business for 3 or 4 years. I was expected to turn a profit quickly. Tomorrow would be the first day of real work I had in about 4 years.