Lucy love rides on a massive cock

Lucy love rides on a massive cock
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Lucky Buying the Family Next Door The Purchase My name is Gary. I'm forty-five years old, nearly six feet tall, and reasonably fit. Most of my time lately has been spent on the local golf courses or in strip clubs. I have so much free time because my wife of almost twenty-five years died in a tragic highway accident while on the job.

The accident occurred nearly two years ago. With our personal insurance, the settlement from her employer, and the settlement from the at-fault driver's insurance, I am very comfortably set for life.

At forty-five years of age, with multiple millions of dollars in the bank, I'll never have to work a day for the rest of my life.

The family next door had been a source of entertainment for my wife and I for years. At the time of my wife's death, that family then consisted of the thirty-two-year-old mother, Sandy, and three daughters whose ages were sixteen, fifteen, and fourteen. Sandy had begun having sex at sixteen, quickly got knocked up, and became a mother before turning seventeen. She freely admits to having had a succession of boys and men in her life and bed since the birth of her first child.

She has made herself available to almost any man that had the price of a night out and offered to help her pay her bills. Luckily for her, Sandy had the good looks that kept the men interested. My wife and I referred to Sandy and her various boyfriends as Sandy's dick of the month club.

Since that time, Sandy has put on a little extra weight. Over the last couple of years she added about 25 pounds. She still looks damned good. Sandy is still a fine looking MILF. She currently stands about 5'4" and weighs about 130-40 pounds.

Her ass is sultry blonde likes dick in her throat rounded, and her belly looks soft but not as flat as it used to be. She keeps her dirty blond hair neatly cut short. She always looks well groomed and nicely dressed. Her best asset though is a great set of tits. Those puppies have to be at least Double D, and Sandy seems to enjoy showing them off.

She always wears her tops low cut so her ample cleavage is prominently displayed. Sandy is an exhibitionist at heart. For example: I had knocked on her door one morning to let her know I had secured her dog. He had gotten loose and had been running the neighborhood. She came to the door wearing a purple baby-doll pajama set that left little to the imagination. That baby-doll gave me a wonderful view of the baby-doll wearing it.

Her tits and the rest of her enticing body were prominently on display. She wasn't the least bit shy. She stood quietly and gave me plenty of time to take in the view. Her response to my obvious stare was a broad smile. She looked like she could be a fun and comfortable ride.

A hard-on was frequently the result of my tai phim dit nhau ve may with Sandy. Sandy's daughters each have desirable qualities of their own.

The oldest, Beth will be turning eighteen in about two months. She is about 5'6" with a slender build. Her light brown hair is shoulder length, and she usually wears it in a ponytail.

She is as cute as a button with small breasts and a tight round ass. Her wiggle when she hot teen creampie xxx my annoying stepbro never fails to get my attention. Beth has a boyfriend and, like her mother, she had started having sex with him when she was too young. She had been fucking George since shortly after her sixteenth birthday.

Just a few weeks ago, she feared she had gotten pregnant. Luckily for her, it was a false alarm. Tiffany is the middle daughter and will turn seventeen this coming Saturday. She is built much like her mother. She's short for her age, maybe 5'2", has a nicely rounded ass, and one hell of a set of tits for a teenager. They look to be about the size of softballs. Also, like her mother, Tiff seems to like showing off her tits.

Whenever any of the neighborhood boys are playing ball in the street, Tiff will throw her shoulders back to accentuate her tits. She too has a boyfriend. She likes some eighteen-year-old high school drop out who has been pursuing her.

His name is Leo. He is pressuring Tiff to give him oral and regular sex. Tiff and her younger sister Brittany share a cell phone. Brittany has shared nearly all their family secrets with me. So, she had shown me one of the text exchanges between Leo and Tiffany. Tiff had expressed some reluctance about giving him a blowjob.

She had text him concerning her doubts. "I don't know if I can do that." His response was simple. "You better!" She then text him back. "I have been using my fingers to play with myself. I am stretching my pussy open as much as I can so you can get in me easier when we do it." Beth and Tiff are both rapidly heading down the same sex filled and financially broke road their mother has taken.

Then there is Brittany who has recently turned sixteen-years-old. Brit is 5'5" with a slender build. She also has the cutest little butt that wiggles as she walks. Her mousy blond hair always seems to need brushing. Her tits just started to develop a couple of years ago. In that time, I have watched them grow from looking like fried eggs under her blouses to something like tennis balls. She seldom wears a bra, but she really doesn't need one.

Her tits hot wife humiliating sex with her cuckold high and firm on her chest without the assistance of a bra. Brit is a hugger. She loves giving me hugs whenever she comes over to feed my animals, or for any other reason.

She always gives me a firm hug before leaving. Lately she has reena sky elsa jean in girl tagging rubbing her small tits back and forth on my chest when she gives me her hugs. I have resisted the urge to comment on them until now. Over all, Brittany is as cute as a bug's ear and will soon develop into fit girl masturbation orgasm continue on mycyka com beautiful young lady.

Sandy has a good full time job, but she doesn't know how to handle her money. She is always broke. Sandy, or one of her girls, would occasionally ask to borrow some money until payday. My deceased wife or I would frequently slip one of them a couple of twenties or so to help tide them over. We never really expected to be paid back, and we were never disappointed. We didn't.

Last Wednesday was one of those warm early autumn evenings we get around here. Sandy came over to see me. She was wearing a thin, short, low cut, summer dress that barely covered her ass.

Her tits were pouring over the top of her dress, and the pink panties that covered her ass and pussy were easily visible when she sat on the couch directly across from my recliner.

She looked like she was going to a party. I figured she was about to go out and find a new shack job to help pay her bills. She looked ready to fuck. As expected, she wanted to borrow some money. She was between boyfriends and was way behind on her land and house payments. She had bought the land and doublewide mobile home separately. Therefore, she had two mortgage payments. Both mortgage companies had sent her threatening letters.

They were about to foreclose. Sandy added that her car was also several payments behind. She begged me to help her out of her predicament. "Please Gary, if you'll help us out, I'll do anything you want. I know you've been looking at me. Would you like to screw me? If you'll loan me the money to get caught up, I promise to pay you back and I'll take real good care of you too." "Sandy, let me give this some thought.

That's a lot of money, but you're right, I have been watching you. You do look pretty good. I'll tell you what." I decided to go for broke. Hell, all she could do was storm out the door. "Why don't you suck my cock while I think about this?

Do a good job, and I just might help you out." Without a word, Sandy smiled, got off the couch, crossed the room, and dropped to her knees in front of my recliner. Still without speaking, she quickly had my pants unzipped, and had fished out my semi-hard cock. She held my cock gently in one hand while she spit in the other. She then expertly jacked my cock until it reached its full slender size of six inches.

It's not a monster, but it's always pleased my wife and I. Sandy then eagerly dove onto my cock with her mouth. Over the next several minutes, Sandy gave me the best damned deep-throat blowjob I have ever received. This broad was indeed well practiced in the art of sucking cock. As I began shooting my load, Sandy took my cock deep into her throat. With her nose pressed firmly into my pubic hair, my cock buried in her throat, she swallowed every drop of cum I fed her.

As my eruption subsided, Sandy licked my cock clean, kissed its head, and sat back on her heels. She smiled broadly and asked. "How was that? There's a lot more of that if you want it.

Can you help me out?" "That was a great blowjob, Sandy. But it wasn't worth making up all your back payments. How about I write a check for a car payment? That will help you out a little and give me time to do a little research.

Go home and bring me the paperwork on your car, home, and property loans." Sandy smiled broadly and agreed. "Yes Sir, Gary. I'll be right back." Sandy practically ran out of my house. Her thin dress fluttered up behind her. Her round ass was a pleasure to watch as she left. Within minutes, Sandy was back with the paperwork I had requested. "Thank you. Now go home and stay there. As a matter of fact, all four of you stay home except for work and school until you all come over here at 6:00 PM Friday for dinner.

I'll give you my final answer to your request at that time." "OK Gary, but Beth and I have dates tomorrow evening." "Not any more. If you want me to help you out, you will both cancel them. I will explain what I have in mind and why I don't want any of you dating this week when you come for dinner Friday. Now go home so I can study these papers." "Yes, Gary." Sandy agreed and left. Brittany came over as usual to feed the animals later that evening.

For a long time, she has enjoyed feeding my critters. I have two useless horses that my wife loved, several steers destined for the freezer, and an overly friendly three-year-old male German Shephard. His name is Boomerang (Boomer for short) because he often runs off to find a girlfriend. He's a horny mutt, but he always returns.

Thus he's called Boomerang. When she finished feeding, I had Brittany forward Tiffany's erotic text messages to and from Leo to my email. She gave me the usual titty-rubbing hug before she left for home. I took a chance and squeezed both of her ass cheeks as we hugged. Britt didn't say a word. She merely looked up at me and smiled. Thursday and most of Friday were spent negotiating with Sandy's creditors. They drove hard bargains, but so did I. They were persuaded to sell me the contracts they held on Sandy's home and land at a substantial discount.

After a quick electronic transfer of funds, they faxed the documents confirming that I was the new lien holder of record on my neighbor's property. I also used those days to install several very small high tech video cameras in every room of the house. They were all wired to a central monitor and recording system locked in a cabinet in my bedroom.

I could then record high quality video and audio from several angles in each room.

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I wasn't sure yet, but a record of the coming evening and succeeding events just might come in handy. Sandy and her girls arrived for dinner Friday evening a few minutes late, as expected. We all had a nice steak and chatted happily. Only Sandy seemed a bit nervous. Her tension level appeared to rise when dinner was finished. The four ladies stayed seated as I rose and announced I had something very important to tell them.

"Ladies, pay close attention. You are about to get a big surprise. To fulfill this surprise will require your full cooperation. I now hold the paper on your home and land. Your mortgage companies are a thing of the past." Reaching into my breast pocket I pulled out the documents to prove what I had said was true.

I handed them to Sandy along with a check. The check was made out to the bank that held her car note in an amount that would completely pay off the car. Sandy fell back into her chair and breathed deeply. A broad smile spread across her face. She then jumped up, threw her arms around me and laid a very wet kiss on my lips. She whispered in my ear. "I'll take real good care of you, Gary." Before pushing her away, I whispered back. "I know you will." Then pushing her away from me, I said.

"Down girl! We're not done yet. There's a lot more I've got to say." I retrieved the papers and check from Sandy and put them back into my pocket. She sat down, and I began laying out my plan.

"Like I said, I now hold the notes on your home and land. Both major contracts have about twenty years remaining. If you agree to my terms, you can stay in your home without making any payments. Well, at least no cash payments. If you don't all agree, I can easily call my lawyer and start eviction procedures Monday morning. Do you all understand so far?" The three girls just stared at me as if they were deer in the headlights of a truck.

Sandy spoke. "You seem to have us over a barrel. What do you have in mind for terms, Gary?" "They're really quite simple. The four of you will stay in your home. It's yours and you won't need to make any cash payments to me. At the end of the contract period, I will tear up the contracts and you will own your place free and clear. As an added bonus, I will pay your property taxes as they come due.

As compensation to me, you will all be required to provide me with whatever services I desire of you whenever I desire it. Do you all understand yet?" Sandy quickly caught on. She bowed her head and agreed. "Yes Gary, I'll do it, but do you have to include my kids?" Beth appeared to be catching on. Her mouth dropped open in shock. Her eyes seemed about to pop out of her head as she stared at me. Replying to Sandy, I said.

"Kids hell! They've seen you bring home and fuck a new guy nearly every month just so you can pay your bills. What does that make you?

This way, you only have to please me, and they'll be four of you to do it. Didn't you suck my cock last Wednesday just to get me to think about helping you pay your bills?" Sandy appeared shocked. "Yeah. I did, but I'm an adult. They're just kids." "Oh really? You don't think they're each already following the example you've set for them." "Ok, yeah I'm a tramp, but I do what I do to keep a roof over our heads. I'll fuck you silly if that's what it takes to keep our home.

But Gary, please leave my girls alone. They're still innocent." I quickly moved behind the seated Beth and placed cooking mom fuck by her son hands on her shoulders. I then reached over her shoulders, slipped my hands into her blouse, and firmly grabbed both of her small tits. Beth gasped, but didn't resist. "Innocent? Bullshit! Beth here has been fucking her boyfriend George for almost two years.

Just last month she thought she had gotten knocked up. Isn't that right, Beth?" Beth hung her head but said nothing. "Answer me bitch!" I demanded. To drive home the point, I squeezed her tits hard. Beth cried out from the sudden pain in her tits.

She then meekly answered. "Yes, it's true." "Then you will make yourself completely available to me at my request? Right? After all, it's your home too." I demanded. "Yes." Beth answered almost inaudibly. I let her tits go and patted her shoulder. "Good girl. I'm looking forward to fucking you, and I really want to fuck that tight little ass of yours." Beth began crying softly. Sandy looked upset. "OK, but Beth is almost eighteen." "Right! Now, what about you Tiffany?" I continued.

"Will you also serve my needs?" Weeping, Tiffany shook her head no. "Gary, I don't do that. I know what Mom and Beth do, but I don't. I'm still a virgin. I've never done anything like that." I reached over her shoulders and grabbed her by her softball like tits as I had Beth. This girl had a great set of tits, damn near as large as her mother's. "Nice tits Tiff. You may not have screwed yet, but you're about to, aren't you.

Don't you show these off to the boys around first class pov christiana suck and fuck a big dick in pov big boobs to get them to pay attention to you?

Don't lie! I've seen you do it." Meekly, Tiffany answered. "Yeah, sometimes." I let her tits go and continued. "And what is this?" Reaching into my jacket pocket again, I handed Tiffany, her mother, and sisters printed copies of the text messages between Tiffany and her lowlife boyfriend, Leo.

She began to cry as I read it out loud. Sandy became furious as I read. When I finished reading, she pulled back her hand to slap Tiffany. I grabbed Sandy's hand and stopped her. "That won't be necessary, Sandy. After all, she's just taking after her mother. Besides, I plan on doing the same thing as Leo." "Tiffany, tell me the truth. Have you sucked or fucked that lowlife boyfriend yet? The truth now!" "No Sir. I haven't. I was thinking about doing it at the ballgame tonight." She replied through her sobs.

I patted her shoulder. "That's OK, Tiff. Stop crying. You won't be going to the game tonight. That scumbag is history. The blowjob you were going to give him and your cherry pussy are now mine. Let's see. You'll be seventeen tomorrow, right? I'll get to you tomorrow evening. If you're not cherry when I fuck you, your whole family will be evicted. You got that?" Tiffany hung her head. Through her sobs, she nodded and spoke. "OK Gary, you can have me." "Whenever and however I want you?" "Yes Sir.

I'll do whatever you want." Her tears flowed down her cheeks. I then stepped behind Brittany and gently caressed her small but still growing tits.

Her round firmness felt to be about the size of tennis balls. A soft moan came from Britt as I squeezed her tits. "Brittany, ah sweet Brittany. And what shall I do with you?" The young teen tilted her head back and smiled up at me. Brittany's nipples hardened as I continued to gently knead her young tits. "Brittany honey, you've been rubbing these cute little titties on me when we hugged for quite some time now.

Does that make you feel good?" After a brief silence I commanded her. "Answer me!" "Yes Gary. Doing that makes my boobs feel nice.

I sometimes get a tingly feeling between my legs too." The sweet young teen volunteered more than I had asked. "OK! You will continue to wife cheating anal deepthroat and cumshot so horny my animals every day. In addition, you will become my maid.

You will clean my house, do the dishes and laundry, and any other duties I may assign to you." The girl's smile quickly turned to a frown, but she said nothing for a bit. Then she agreed. "Yes Gary. I'll do that for you." Brittany was near tears, but not from fear or shame.

She was disappointed in her duties. I bent forward, gently kissed her lips, and squeezed her tits. It was the first time she had been kissed by a man. Her smile returned. I then recapped my proposal so there would be no misunderstanding.

"As you know, I have been alone for about two years, and I am damned horny. If we are all in agreement, you four will essentially be my sex slaves. I will own your bodies as well as your home until the original contracts expire or I release you. In exchange for your services, you will never have to worry about a house or car payment again.

I will not expect cash payments. You will all live in your home and drive cars without paying for them. Sandy, you will continue to work, but you will manage your money much better. I will help you with that. There will be no more partying or men passing through. I will provide your only cock. Beth, once out of school, we will find you a nice little car. You will then get a job to help contribute to your home. Tiffany and Brittany, you have only to do well in school and keep my needs met.

Essentially, you will all obey my requests without delay. You will fuck, suck, and take it in the ass any time, any place, and any way I demand.

Do you all agree to my terms?" The teens all looked to their mother for guidance. Sandy stood, faced me, and spoke. "Alright Gary. We'll do it. I guess you're right. I have been trying to sleep my way to keeping our home. The girls have not had a very good role model. If they agree, I'll agree too." The three girls all somewhat reluctantly nodded their heads in agreement.

"I think they already have. Now Sandy, to seal the deal, get on your knees and suck my cock." "In front of them?" Sandy seemed shocked and embarrassed. "Hell yes, in front of them! I expect you to not only demonstrate your skills, but you will teach them how to give the same great blowjob you give.

Now suck!" Sandy immediately fell to her knees and took my hard cock out. Fondling all that young titty meat had gotten me excited. With little hesitation, Sandy spit on her hand and jacked me to full erection. All three girls stared intently as their mother prepared to swallow my cock.

Maybe this was the first time they had seen their mother in action up close. Their jaws dropped open when they saw their mother take my entire cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. "Pay attention girls." I told the teens. "Your mother gives the best damn blowjob in the county.

That's a skill you will need and want to develop. Sandy, when I cum pornstar sex kitten gets her butt hole shagged with massive pecker swallow right away. I want the girls to see my cum in your mouth first." Sandy never missed a beat. With her mouth full of cock, she mumbled. "Ummm hummm." In short order, Sandy had me ready to explode.

"Here it comes. Remember to hold the cum." Sandy pulled my cock out of her throat and held it deep in her mouth. I then pumped a load of cum into Sandy's talented mouth. When she had sucked the last of the cum from my cock, Sandy sat back on her heels, smiled, and opened her mouth to reveal the white gob of cum laying on her tongue. "Stay put Sandy. Girls I want each of you to dip a finger into the cum in your mother's mouth and taste it." Beth was the first to step up and reach out to her mother's open mouth.

She dipped her finger into the pool of cum and calmly licked it off. This girl had sucked a cock or two in her past. Tiffany and Brittany were a little reluctant at first.

"It's OK. Go ahead. It tastes a little salty, but it close up and wild oriental orall service that bad. You'll get used to it." Beth encouraged her sisters. The two younger girls tentatively dipped their index fingers into the white gob in their mother's mouth, looked at it, and then shoved their finger into their own mouths. Though their lips curled a bit in disgust, they didn't complain.

"Well Beth, it appears you have a taste for cum. Why don't you and your mother share my cum with a kiss?" Sandy looked apprehensive. "It's OK Mom." Beth agreed. "We can do it. Gary is right. I have sucked cock before and you are my mother. So a kiss will be alright." The two then shared a tongue and cum swapping kiss. When they were done, not a drop of cum remained in either mouth. "OK! There's just one last thing you need to do to seal our deal. All of you strip.

I want to see what all this money I have dad and bati xxx story will be buying." Sandy took the lead, of course. She quickly dropped the dress she was wearing to the floor and stepped out of it.

She wasn't wearing fake taxi is the best place to fuck panties. She unhooked her bra, tossed it on top of her dress, and let her Double D tits fall free. Beth pulled her blouse off and dropped it and her bra next to her mother's dress. The slender teen then kicked her shoes off and pushed her jeans and panties off her tight little ass and down her legs. With a flick of her feet, the jeans and panties joined the growing pile of clothing.

Looking at Tiffany and Brittany, I scolded them. "Now girls. I don't intend to wait all night. STRIP DAMN IT!" I yelled at them. "It's OK girls. Go on and take your clothes off for Gary.

He sexy teen fucked anal hard and pussy creampie us all now." Sandy encouraged her youngest daughters. The two young teens slowly followed their now nude mother and sister.

They nervously pulled their shirts over their heads. Tiffany released and dropped her bra. I could see their hands shaking, but their tits were soon hanging free. Tiffany's tits were at least full C-cups and promised to grow even larger. Brittany's tits were firm little Bs. Simultaneously, they pushed their pants and panties down and off. All four of my lovely neighbors stood side by side before me in the nude. Three of the pussies were seriously in need of a razor. One pussy had just a few sparse hairs.

It was a pervert's dream come true. I admired and complimented my new possessions. "Oh my! I think you ladies will do very nicely. You're all very beautiful and desirable. There's just one thing I want you all to do right away.

I see you're all sporting nice pussy bushes. Shave! I prefer, no, I expect completely bald pussy." "Tiffany, Brittany, come stand beside me." The two girls hesitated. They then looked at each other and obeyed. "Good girls." I told them as I led them to the far side of the room. I didn't want their mother and Beth to hear what was being said. Kneeling between them I patted and stroked their bare asses as we chatted. I spoke softly to them. "Girls, I need to select someone to spend the night and entertain me.

Who do you think that ought to be?" Both girls looked at me with fright on their faces. "No, no, not one of you. Help me choose. Should I have your mother or Beth to take care of me tonight?" The girls visibly relaxed when they realized they weren't going to be my entertainment for the night. Tiffany spoke up first. "Take Mom. She has more experience. You said she gives the best blowjobs." "That's right! I did say that. She does give the best blowjobs." "What about you Brittany?

Who do you think I should use tonight?" "I'd take Beth. She is younger and maybe she will be more fun." "You both make good points. Your mother does give a great blowjob, but I've already gotten two of them from her recently. I think I'll go with Beth tonight. I then stood and turned them to face with me toward their mother and older sister. I draped an arm over each of them and teen girl mother and beautiful strip xxx watching her tight twat wrap around a yamsized massaged their tits until their nipples were hardened and standing very erect.

"Now Brittany, get busy clearing the table and cleaning up the kitchen. By the way Brit, I want to see your cute little ass and titties while you work.

So, do the housework nude." Was that a grin on her face? It sure was. "Tiffany, go stand with your mom and sister." Both girls did as they were told. "Ladies, with the help of my two young friends, I have decided who gets the pleasure of meeting my needs tonight. Before I tell you my decision, I don't want any of you to feel left out. I assure you, you will all serve me well over the next twenty years.

OK, it's nearly eight o'clock. The three of you may go home. Beth, please thoroughly bathe yourself, shave that pussy, and come back in about two hours. You might want to let your mom or sisters help with the shaving. I want that pussy as bald as a baby's butt. As a matter of fact, I want you to always be fresh. Before any of you come over here, for any reason, you should bathe, thoroughly clean and shave your pussies, and use your best perfume. You may return home smelling like a well-fucked whore, but you should come over here as well groomed and smelling good as you would for a first date.

You may all go now." "What about Brittany?" Sandy asked. "Don't worry about her. I'll send her home when she's finished with her duties." The three women silently filed out my door.

I then went to check on Brittany's progress in the kitchen. She had just finished loading the dishwasher and was wiping off the counter. She turned to face me. She had tears in her eyes. "Gary, can I ask you something?" "Of course you may, Brittany. What do you want to know?" "Well, I uuuh, I mean, you uuuh, they will be uummm." She was stammering badly and tears began to flow down her cheeks. I took her in my arms and hugged her naked body close to mine.

Gently, I caressed her from the back of her head to her cute little butt. "What is it Brittany? Are you scared? You don't need to be.

Tell me what's bothering you." As I held her firmly in my arms, the teen's tears started up again and she let it out. "Well, you are going to do all kind of things to my Mom and my sisters. I… I thought you liked me, and all you want me for is to be your maid. Am I ugly or something? Don't you like my little boobs? Why don't you want to&hellip." "Stop! Brittany, I do like you. I will be using your pretty body soon enough.

I just wanted to save you for something special. I want you for something special for both of us. Right now, I am afraid I'd hurt you too much if I did to you all I'm going to do to the others. You are just too young and too small yet. Will you trust me? Will you let me save you for a while? Of course, that doesn't mean I won't be teasing that sweet pussy of yours now and then." Then, while continuing to hold her with one arm, I dropped the other and swiftly reached down to caress her pussy's soft mound.

Pushing my hand between her legs, I cupped her tight-lipped pussy. Brittany gasped sharply and nearly collapsed in my arms. Her sour look had turned to a big smile. "Can I tell you what I have in mind for your mother and sisters? You can't tell them, or anyone else.

You must promise to keep your mouth shut if I tell you my plans. I want to be able to trust you with my secrets. You must never talk about anything you see or hear in this house." Brittany had not only been my source of info on her family, but she always kept her mouth shut when I told her things she shouldn't know.

"Yes. You can tell me. I promise not to tell." "OK. I intend to make your mother and Beth my sluts. They'll dress and act like the tramps they have already become.

Tiffany will be my fuck toy. I will use her the most. Like your mother, Tiff is built to be a fuck toy. Do you like my idea?" "Oh yes, but what are you going to do with me?" "I'm really not sure yet. Like I told you, I want to save you for something very special." I then released her from our hug and gently swatted her bare ass.

"Get dressed now and go home. See if you can help Beth get ready. She jumped up and kissed me before scurrying out of the kitchen.

At about ten minutes before ten PM, I took one of the little blue pills that my wife and I had enjoyed using. An eighteen-year-old girl should prove to be one hell of a test of the advertised advantages of those little pick-me-ups. Breaking In My New Slaves Beth Just a few minutes before ten, there was a soft knock on my door.

Before answering it, I pushed the remote button that activated the camera system.

Beth nervously stepped in when I opened the door. She was wearing a party dress similar to the one her mother had worn last Wednesday evening. It was low cut, buttoned down the front, and stopped about half way down her thigh. Beth had left the top two buttons open. She didn't have large tits. As a matter of fact, Brittany's tits were nearly as large.

However, with her top buttons open, I could get a glimpse of her firm tits. As Beth stepped in, I stood back to admire my newest acquisition. She smiled and then giggled when I said to her, "Beth, you look good enough to eat, and I may very well do just that." Beth, without prompting, began slowly releasing the rest of her dress' buttons.

Once all the buttons were freed she removed her dress and let it fall to the floor. "Is this what you want, Gary?" Her voice had more than a little sarcasm in it. So, I figured I'd make sure she was here willingly, at least for the cameras.

"Beth, you are lovely. I see you've shaved your pussy for me. So I know for sure, tell how old you are?" She looked at me quizzically. "You know I'm almost eighteen." "Just making sure. Are you here willingly?" I asked. "Yes, I am here willingly. What's with the twenty questions?" She seemed irritated. "Never mind that. Are you ready to fuck?" I bluntly asked. The harshness of the last question seemed to bring her back to reality.

Not quite so sure of herself, Beth stammered a bit. "I, I ggguess so, if you are." "Good! Let's get that cute little ass of yours to the bedroom." I took her by her arm and led her to my bed. "Now, let's see how good you are at sucking a cock." I sat her on the edge of the bed and quickly stripped out of my clothes.

The little blue pill was working well. My cock stood proudly at its full six inches and pointed directly at her face. "OK Beth, get busy. I know you suck cock. I want to see how good you are at it.

I know your mother will be better until you practice a bit, but give it your best shot." Beth leaned forward, opened her mouth, and took about three inches of my cock into her nervous mouth. With little suction and no tongue action, the teen bobbed her head up and down those three inches of cock. That may have satisfied George, but it was a pitiful excuse for a blowjob, especially when compared to her mother.

"Damn girl. Suck on it like you mean it. Pretend it's a milk shake and you're thirsty. Swab it with your tongue so you can get a good taste. At this rate, it'll take you all night to get me off." "Humph." Beth didn't like the criticism, but she did as she had been told. Pretty soon she was giving me a passable blowjob. As I neared my orgasm, I took her by her head and rapidly fucked her face. "I'm about to cum, Beth. Swallow it all." I then began unloading into her mouth.

She stopped sucking. I tightened my grip on the sides of her head and continued to face fuck her. "Suck, bitch!" I commanded. She tried to suck as I kept bobbing her head on my erupting cock until I had expended my load. Beth sat up and swallowed the mouthful of cum. "Hell, you're not done yet! Lick that cock clean. Didn't your mother teach you bitches anything about giving a proper blowjob?" Nearly in tears, Beth replied. "No. She hasn't told us anything about sex." She then leaned forward and licked my cock clean.

When she sat up again, tears were trickling down her face. I gently patted and stroked her head and said. "That's OK Beth. If your mother won't teach you how to give a decent blowjob, I guess I'll have to.

But for now get up on the bed on your knees. Put your head on the pillow. I want to see your sweet ass in the air." "Already? Shouldn't you have to rest a little now?

George always had to rest after cuming." "That won't be necessary. Just do as you were told. You have such a cute ass, and I want to see it with you on your knees." "OK Gary." Beth quickly got into the position I had told her to assume." She even seemed to smile as she turned to face away from me.

"Spread your knees, Beth." A bit nervously, the teen asked. "Gary, are you going to put it in my butt now. I've never done that. You can have my ass, but please be careful. I heard some of the girls at school say it hurts like hell to take it in the ass." I knelt between Beth's legs and gently caressed her butt's cheeks as she spoke. Ignoring her question, I complimented her grooming. Petting her bald pussy, I told her.

"You did a good job shaving this. Did you have help?" "No. I was too embarrassed to ask for help. I didn't miss any, did I?" With my knees between hers, I reached between her legs and covered her now bald pussy with my hand. Beth gasped and jumped. "No. You seem to have gotten it all. Good job!" I then pressed outward with my legs inside hers. With my help, Beth spread her legs wide open. Slowly, I stroked first one then two fingers up and down her pussy's lips until they were dripping with her lubricating juices.

She gasped again and groaned when I repeatedly brushed her clit. Probing her pussy with my fingers, I found it to be tighter than expected. I continued to finger her pussy as I reached for the tube of KY Jelly on my nightstand. I scooted up close behind Beth's soaking wet pussy. With one smooth firm stroke, I buried my entire six inches of cock in her snug fuck hole.

"Ummmmmph! Beth grunted as I filled her hole with cock. "I've never gotten it from behind like this. You seem to be a little longer than George." She commented. "That's nice to know, but unnecessary. This will be the only cock you get for quite a while." "Mmmmmm. I think it will do nicely." I began stroking in and out of Beth's pussy. At the same time, I placed a gob of KY on her tight little virgin asshole and smeared it around that crinkled brown ring.

She must have liked having her ass teased. She soon began following my finger with her ass. "Ummph, ummph, ummph. She continued to grunt each time I shoved my cock to the depths of her pussy. She grunted with each inward thrust. She was soon returning my thrusts by pushing her ass back firmly. She was getting close to an orgasm.

Beth started big mom forc duther leabin and went over the edge of an orgasm. "Oh God Gary, fuck me. Shove your cock in deep. Oh shit! Do my ass too. At that moment, I shoved a greased finger as far up her ass as it would go.

Beth squealed and shook even harder. She rapidly and repeatedly pushed back on the cock in her pussy and finger in her ass. She groaned into the pillow and shuttered until her orgasm subsided. I stopped fucking her and pulled my cock out of her pussy.

I continued finger fucking her tight virgin asshole. By then her ass was well lubed up and my finger slid in and out easily. It wasn't long before Beth was again feeling the stirrings deep inside. With my cock still hard, I placed its head at the entrance to her asshole. With a quick shove, my cock's head slipped past Beth's sphincter.

Her ass was getting its first taste of cock. Beth gasped loudly and she lifted her head well off the pillow. In a breathless voice, she said. "Oh God Gary, take my ass, but please go slow." She then lowered her head back to the pillow.

She was willingly offering me her asshole. Slowly and steadily, I shoved all six inches of my cock into Beth's virgin asshole. Damn she was hot and tight.

Once I was fully imbedded in her ass, I held still for a little while so she could get used to having a cock in her ass. I need not have worried. Her first butt fucking seemed to agree with her. She soon began pushing back to get all the cock in her ass she could.

Taking my cue, I held her hips firmly and began thrusting in and out of Beth's hot ass. She again grunted and pushed back with each thrust. As my own orgasm rapidly approached, I tightened my grip on Beth's hips and repeatedly slammed deep into her shitter. As my cock erupted, I rammed as deep into her bowels as I could and dumped a hot load of cum. Beth shoved her ass back onto my cock and screamed.

"YEEEESSSSS! FUCK MY ASS. RAM YOUR COCK IN MY ASS. OOOOoooooh." As her orgasm ebbed, she collapsed on my bed, and my cock slipped out of the gooey ass. I lay next to her and we held each other close. "Oh Gary, I didn't know it could be so good.

I think I'm going to like being your sex slave. We both soon drifted off to sleep. I awoke Saturday morning to Beth sucking my morning hard-on. She was doing her best to take my cock into her throat. She just couldn't get past her gag reflex. Just before I came, I pushed her head down until my cock's head was at her throat's entrance.

She did not resist. "Suck and swallow girl!" I told her as I pumped lovely girl spreads wet vagina and gets deflorated amateur babe load of cum into the back of her mouth.

Without being told, Beth licked my cock clean. She was a fast learner. I then patted her ass and told her. "Have your mother teach all you girls how to give deep-throat head. Now get out of here and go home. I want Tiffany to come over tonight, and I have a lot to do before then." Beth kissed me, jumped out of bed, and wiggled her ass as she left.

Tiffany Tiffany had her seventeenth birthday party early that evening. In addition to her mother and sisters, several of her young girlfriends were there. Shortly before the party was scheduled to break up at about eight PM, I saw a strange car pull into their drive. Even though I had never seen him, I knew it was Tiffany's lowlife boyfriend friend. He was actually her ex-boyfriend.

He just didn't know it yet. He seemed to have a bad attitude as he purposely walked up my neighbor's drive. Without even knocking, the asshole barged into my neighbor's home. Considering all I had heard about him, I decided to attend the party as well, armed. As I entered Sandy's home, I instantly knew something was wrong. Sandy, Beth, Brittany, and their guests were all staring with fright toward Tiffany.

She was standing on the far side of the room with tears on her cheeks. The punk I had followed in was tightly squeezing Tiffany's upper arm and yelling at her. "WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU LAST NIGHT? I THOUGHT WE HAD A DATE AT THE BALL GAME. REMEMBER, WE WERE GOING TO…" "HEY BOY! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING TO THAT GIRL?

LET HER GO!" I yelled to get his attention. "Fuck you! What the fuck's it to you, old man?" In a quieter voice I answered him. "Well, you might say, right now, I'm this family's protector." With a snarl on his lips, the punk turned to face me.

"Protect this old man!" He then whipped out a switchblade knife from his back pocket. He flicked it open and threateningly waved it at me. I grinned then laughed loudly at his threat. "What the hell are you laughing at, fool? I'll cut you up!" Again, I laughed only this time I reached behind my back and into my waistband.

I pulled out my 9mm semi-auto handgun and aimed it directly between the punk's eyes, I told him. "I'm laughing because only a fucking idiot like you brings a knife to a shootout. Now boy, I'm real good with this thing, and I'll put a dot between your fucking eyes. Drop the fuckin' knife right now, or you'll never see another day." He hesitated. "Go on, drop it!" Even though it was a double action I pulled the pistol's hammer back to emphasize my request.

He must have decided it was in his best interest to comply. The knife hit the floor and his hands went up. He must have been used to that position since he didn't need to be told twice. "Now boy, you have two options. You can leave and never try to see Tiffany or cause any trouble here again. Or we can call the police and have you arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Actually there is a third option." "What's that?

He nervously asked. "Simple, you can see if kinky dude gets fucked with a strapon fast enough to pick up that knife and get to me before I drop your ass. Care to try your luck, asshole?" "No man! I'll leave. That bitch ain't worth the trouble." "Good answer! Then get the hell out of here. NOW!" I ordered. The punk literally ran from the house.

He jumped into his car and hit the gas. Tiffany, her family, and her guests were all offering me their thanks with lots of hugs and kisses. As I tightly hugged her, I whispered in Tiff's ear. "You won't forget our date, will you?" "No Gary. I won't forget. I'll be over as soon as the party is over and I take a bath." She whispered back. I then headed home, poured a glass of wine and popped two of my little blue pills. I'd hate to run out of gas while giving Tiffany her first taste and feel of cock.

About an hour later, Tiffany knocked on my door. I hit the camera remote activation and yelled. "Come in Tiffany." As she walked in, my mouth fell open. She was stunning. Her hair framed her face in a halo of curls. She wore just enough make-up to accent her eyes and cheek bones.

She had on a silky dress that offered a great view of her cleavage. The dress was loose fitting from her hips down and came almost to her knees. She had on black patent leather shoes at the end of her shapely nylon covered legs.

"My goodness Tiffany, you look absolutely gorgeous. You are so beautiful I may have to put you on my mantle just to look at you." The teen blushed. "Oh thank you, Gary. After what you did a while ago, I wanted to look extra nice for you tonight. Momma helped with my make-up and hair. She said I should look my best on my first night. I'm glad I didn't do it with that asshole. It would have hurt so much with him.

I am&hellip." "Tiffany!" I had to interrupt her. She was nervously chattering a mile a minute. She may be here willingly, but she's still very nervous and probably a little scared. "Slow down honey. You are very beautiful tonight. I am pleased your family has agreed to my terms, especially you.

In a little while, when we go to bed, it's going to hurt to give me your virginity. I'll be as gentle as I can, but it's going to hurt." Unlike her sister Beth, Tiffany was far too tense to get down to business right away. She needed to relax a bit before I took her. "Would you like a glass of wine?" I offered the nervous teen. "Please, I think I need it." "I think you need it too." I quickly poured her a glass of wine and handed it to her.

She took it with a trembling hand. "It's normal to be nervous, even scared the first time you have sex. Before this night is over, you will be past that. By the way, did your mother tell you and your sisters any thing about how she gives such good blowjobs?" "No, and Beth told her you wanted her to help us do that." "That's OK baby. I show you all you need to know to get by tonight." We sat on the couch listening to my stereo and chatting while Tiffany drank her wine. When the first glass was gone, I poured her another one.

She wasn't trembling quite as much when she took the second glass from me. As she finished her second glass of wine, I asked her. "Tiff, would you like to dance a few slow dances with me? I know it will be a bit weird with me being 6' and you 5'2", but I'd really like to dance with such a beautiful young lady." She looked down and replied. "I don't know how to slow dance." Cheerfully I told her. "That's cool. Slow dancing is easy and something else I can teach you." I extended my hand and assisted her to the middle of my living room.

As the music played I took the small teen into my arms and began swaying to the easy rhythm. I held her firmly and we danced. The difference in height was very evident. She placed her head in the middle of my chest. I had to bend to kiss the top of her head. I was rubbing my hard cock into her soft belly as we danced. She tipped her head back and to the side to make it easier for me to kiss and nibble her neck and ear.

I continuously rubbed my hands up and down her back from her head to her rounded ass. After the third song, I slowly lowered the zipper down the back of her dress.

When I briefly held her body away from mine, her dress fell to the floor. Tiffany blushed deeply but offered no resistance.

Her well tanned body was even more enticing than I had expected. Her dark blue lace bra barely contained her ample tits. Her matching bikini panties did very little to conceal her freshly shaved pussy. A matching garter belt held up her nylons. "Tiffany baby, you are absolutely gorgeous. You are going to be one hell of a pleasurable playmate." I bent and kissed her lips with passion. She eagerly returned the kiss.

When I stood up, I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her body up mine until we were face to face. I kissed her again and said to her. "Yes my dear, you are going to make one hell of a fun playmate." Tiff threw her arms tightly around my neck and kissed all over my face and neck. She cooed as I gently kneaded her ass cheeks. Breathlessly, she asked. "Gary, are you going to take me to bed now?" "Are you ready?" "I think so.

I am a little scared, but I want to do this. I'll probably never be any more ready than I am now. Please take me to bed." Tiff was almost begging to get fucked. "Then yes baby. Let's go to bed." While she had been hanging onto my neck and asking to be bedded, she didn't seem to realize where she was. I had already carried her to my bedroom. Luckily, Brittany had changed my bedding and made the bed while I was in town earlier in the day.

So, I firmly squeezed both ass cheeks and laid Tiffany down on a fresh bed. Tiffany scooted to the middle of the king-sized bed and smiled up at me. "My God Tiffany, you really are the most beautiful woman I have ever bedded." I leaned over and, rather than ripping them off, I carefully removed her nylons, garter belt, panties, and bra.

I then slowly removed my clothes as she watched vyvan hill angels ass gets sinful anal sex. Her eyes grew wide as I lowered my pants and shorts. My stiff cock sprang free and pointed straight out. As I crawled into bed next to Tiff, she rolled close to me and kissed my lips. I fondled her tits with abandon. They were much more than a hand full. Her nipples were quickly erect and extended nearly half and inch out from her fleshy mounds.

Sliding down her body, I dove into her tits. Using both hand and my mouth and teeth. I firmly fondled, kissed, licked, sucked and nipped Tiffany's tits until she was arching her back off the bed to offer me more of those wonderfully sensitive globes. Before moving on, I placed a large hickey in the valley between her tits. Tiffany cooed and pulled my head tightly to her chest. I sucked her skin until it became bright red.

I was in no hurry. Before I left her tits, Tiffany was nearly gasping for breath. Keeping a firm grip on her tits, I kissed my way down her body. As I kissed her inner thighs near her pussy, she spread her legs to give me free access to the hot virgin hole waiting there. She may have been a virgin, but this girl was ready to fuck. As soon as I kissed her snuggly closed pussy lips, Tiff groaned and crossed her legs behind my back. She used them to pull my face tightly to her slit. I gave her one long pussy-lip parting lick that started just above her asshole and ended with a flick to her clit.

That did it. I must have lit a fire in Tiffany's core. She rocked her hips up to my face. In a voice that was almost a whimper, she asked. "Oh God Gary, what are you doing to me?" Pulling my mouth from her awakening hole, I teasingly replied.

"Eating your cherry pussy. There isn't anything like the taste and aroma of a fresh virgin pussy. Do you want me to stop?" "No! Oh God, no! Don't stop." Tiff reached down and used her hands on the back of my head to pull my face tightly back to her pussy. "Please don't stop! That feels so good!" As I continued to lick and probe her pussy with my tongue, Tiffany's labia began to swell and lubricate.

She was constantly moaning and rocking her head from side to side. She rocked her hips more and more urgently. Her sweet virgin nectar was flowing in abundance. I lapped up as awesome anal fuck for horny mamita brazilian and hardcore of it as I could get. After just a few more minutes of my tongue's insistent probing of her leaking hole, Tiffany began violently thrusting her hips up to my face.

As her orgasm swept over her, I sucked her clit as far into my mouth as Zekalen film star xxxx story could and repeatedly flicked my tongue over euro student sucks huge dick in forest. "OH GARY! Eat ME! EAT MY PUSSY! PLEEEEEEEEASE!

Oh God!" She shuddered violently for some time then seemed to collapse beneath me. Her arms fell to her sides. Her legs, still splayed widely open, slid off my back. Her still sharply bent knees lay pointing out both sides from my shoulders. Her breathing was ragged but slowly returning to normal.

Through her labored breath she said. "That was awesome. I've never felt anything like that when I played with myself." Lifting my head from her soaking wet hole, I acknowledged her first orgasm from a man and not her own fingers. "I know baby. Orgasms can be so thrilling and tiring at the same time, but don't get too relaxed. I'm not done with that pussy yet. It's time for your virgin pussy to give up its cherry. Are you ready to be fucked and make your first house payment?" Before she could answer, I gave her another long and deeply probing lick that ended on her clit.

"Oh!" Tiffany gasped. She then smiled at me. Her eyes seemed to sparkle. "Yes Gary! Take my cherry. My cherry is yours. Take all of me!" Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I quickly kissed my way up her body.

I stopped along the way to renew my acquaintance with her luscious tits. I knew those bulging melons would probably continue to expand until they filled a Double D bra. Ah, anticipation is so much fun, at least for me. Resuming my journey up Tiffany's body, I found her neck and ears tempting and her lips eager to please.

Due to our height difference, her being just 5'2" to my 6', her head ended up near my nipples when my cock's head touched her pussy. Without prompting, Tiffany began licking and sucking my nipples as I had hers.

With a gentle probing push, my cock's head spread her outer and inner labia. "Ummmm." Tiffany moaned as I entered her virgin pussy. I slowly pushed in until I felt my cock bump into her hymen. "Oh! That hurts, but it's not too bad." "It'll be OK baby.

It always hurts the first time. Are you ready to give up that cherry now?" "I don't know. I&hellip. AIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! IT HURTS! TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT! YOU'RE HURTING ME!" I hadn't given her a chance to change her mind. When she hesitated, I shoved all six inches of my cock deep into Tiffany's cunt. She feebly tried to push me off her body.

She turned her face to the side. She struggled as I lay with my full weight pressing down on the small teen. With my cock still fully imbedded in her newly stretched fuck hole, I could feel her pussy trying to expand as it adjusted to accept the invader in its midst. After the initial pain of her devirgination eased a little, Tiffany softly sobbed beneath me. "You hurt me. You didn't say it would hurt that much." "Tiffany, I told you it hurts the first time. Some girls hurt more than others.

It was just your misfortune to have had your first cock be from an adult rather than some fumbling kid. You'll be OK soon enough." As she tried to relax beneath me, I started to stroke in and out of her tight, hot, and still tender fuck hole. The blood from her destroyed cherry provided a little extra lubricant. As my climax neared, my thrusts into her cunt grew faster and harder.

"Ummmph, ummmph, ummmph." Tiffany grunted each time I bottomed out in her pussy and bumped into her cervix. I bumped her cervix with each thrust of my ridged cock. As my cock erupted, I slammed deep into the pussy pierced mom blows and fucks cock ravaged pussy and bathed her cervix with its first load of cum. "You're cuming in me! I can feel it. It's warm." Then a look of fear returned to Tiffany. She sounded worried. "What if I get pregnant, Gary?" "Don't worry about that now." I didn't think it necessary to tell her I had been fixed several years ago.

Besides, I wanted Tiffany and her entire family on the pill. You never know when a protected pussy would come in handy. I gave Tiffany's pussy a few more slow strokes before pulling my messy cock out of her bloody hole.

My shaft was covered and gooey with cum and her cherry's blood. "Tiffany, there's another duty you have to do whenever you get fucked." I think she knew what that duty was. "Do I have to? Beth told me you'd want me to clean your thing." I sternly told her what she had to do. "Beth is right. You will lick me clean every time we fuck. No matter how dirty my cock is, you will lick and suck it clean. You will do a good job too. You've done well so far. Don't fuck up your first night with me.

Remember, you agreed to be my sex slave. You are going to be my favorite fuck toy unless you don't do what you're told. Now, get to licking and sucking!" "Yes Sir." Tiffany was resigned to her status as a sex slave. I lay on my back and she put her head on my lower belly. After just a short hesitation, she slid as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. She got a little more than half of it in when my cock bumped into her throat's entrance.

She dutifully swabbed her tongue around the shaft in her mouth. "Relax your throat muscles and try to take a little cock into your throat." I told her. She tried but was not doing very well.

Every time my cock's head started into her throat, she'd stop and pull back. She didn't gag. She just couldn't push my cock past a certain point. I was stroking the hair on the back of her head as she cleaned me.

When she tried to push my cock in again, I told her. "Here baby. Let me help you." I then pushed on the back of her head and shoved my cock deep into Tiffany's throat. Skinny white guy slides pregger the cock held her there for several seconds before letting her up. "That's how you deep throat a cock.

Practice a little and you'll do just fine. Now, finish cleaning the base of my cock and lick my balls clean and we can move on." "Move on?" Tiffany looked confused.

"Oh shit! Are you going to do me in my butt? Please don't. You've already hurt me tonight. Can't you wait and do my butt some other time. Besides, you've cum twice. Aren't you supposed to get soft?" I smiled at her and said. "Does it look like I'm getting soft?" She groaned when I told her.

"Baby, I can fuck you all night. Roll over! Your ass is about to loose its cherry too." She didn't need to know blacked sugar baby fucks bbc while daddy is out the little blue pills, but I was getting tired.

Tiffany was quickly learning to do as she was told. She rolled onto her belly without another word. "Get up on your knees. I want that plump ass to be at the right angle to take all of my cock." I reached for the KY on the nightstand as Tiffany got into position.

As I patted her nicely rounded ass, I squeezed a big gob of KY directly on her puckered asshole. She groaned as I fingered the KY around and into her ass.

After greasing up my cock, I put its head on her crinkled anal ring. I was feeling really tired. Even with the pills, I hadn't gotten this much fucking since I was in my twenties. Maybe I should rest, but fucking Tiffany's ass wasn't going to take long.

With a quick shove, my cock's head slipped past Tiffany's tight sphincter. "Ummph!" Tiff grunted as my cock entered her poop shoot. "You OK?" I asked. "Yeah! It's not that bad." She replied. "Good! Here comes the rest of it." I slapped both of her ass cheeks, grabbed her hips for leverage, and smoothly slid my cock fully into Tiffany's ass.

"Ooooooooh shit!" She moaned as my cock filled her ass. Without waiting, I began pumping my cock hard into the teen's asshole. "Ummph, ummph, ummph ummph!" Each ram into her ass was met with a grunt, but she didn't seem to be in any pain, just overstuffed.

In short order, my balls were stirring. As my cock erupted, I jerked her hips back, buried my cock in her bowels, and pumped the last cum of the night into her guts. I gave her butt a little pat and pulled out of her asshole. I fell onto my back on the bed. I was spent for the night. "Clean my cock!" I ordered. Dejectedly, the seventeen-year-old did as she had been told.

She licked and sucked and soon had my cock cleaned. We were both getting sleepy by then. She crawled up beside me and laid her head on my shoulder.

I patted her ass and fondled her tits. "Tiffany, you are going to make one hell of a sex slave. When you learn to give a better blowjob, you'll be ready to be my fuck toy.

Now it's time to sleep. You've worn my old ass out." Tiffany smiled up at me, cuddled in close, and closed her eyes. The next morning I awoke to Tiffany's head lying on my lower abdomen. She was gently licking and sucking my morning hard-on. When I patted and squeezed her butt, her blowjob got much more animated. She rapidly bobbed her head up and down on my cock while sucking as hard as she could.

She was forcing my cock's head deep into her mouth. She had it hitting the entrance to her throat with each plunge. Though she tried, she was still unable to take my cock down her throat as her mother had done. "Do you want some help, baby?" I quietly asked her. "Um hummmm." Without missing a beat, she mumbled and nodded her head.

"Relax your throat as much as you can. Try to push just the head in at first." I could feel her doing her best to obey. Though she wasn't gagging much, she was unable to shove my cock's head into her throat. Never the less, her mouth soon had me ready to blow a load. I patted her ass again and put both hands on her head.

I placed one hand at the crown of her head. The other rested gently on the back of her neck. My balls started churning and I knew my eruption was only seconds away. I felt the first shot of cum surge upward. With the next downward bob of her head, I shoved Tiffany's head and neck down. My cock slid deep into her throat, and I held it there as my load of cum spewed forth. One, two, three, four good shots of cum spurted from my cock and into Tiff's throat.

She had no choice but to take it straight to her belly. As my climax subsided, I eased the pressure on the back of her head. She pulled my cock from her throat but kept it deep in her mouth as the last of my cum dribbled out.

When she had sucked the remnants of cum out of my cock, Tiffany carefully swabbed every inch of my cock and balls with her tongue. With a smile on her face, she turned and lay down beside me. "How was that?" She asked. "Very good Tiff. You'll soon be able to take me down your throat as easily as your mother does. You are well on your way to becoming my favorite fuck toy. I'm sure I'll make frequent use of you, and you will be rewarded. Now, get dressed and go home. Come back with your mother and sisters early this afternoon.

I have a surprise for all of you. Now, get!" A swift swat to her ass quickly had Tiffany heading out my bedroom door. After Tiffany left, I got into the shower. Unbeknownst to me horny babe screwed by horny pawn keeper I was in the shower, Brittany had come in and begun her household chores.

By the time I had showered, Brit had emptied the dishwasher and put the dishes away. She was in the process of loading the washing machine with dirty sheets when I walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I became aware of her presence when I spotted her clothes lying in the corner of the kitchen. Brittany wasn't aware that I was watching her. I saw her deeply inhaling the stained areas on the sheets as she loaded them into the machine. The stains had been left by Beth's, Tiffany's, and my sexual fluids.

"Do you like that smell, Brittany?" I startled and embarrassed the young teen. She jumped as if she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "I… uh… I didn't… mean… I'm sorry Gary. I am so sorry.

Please don't be mad at me." She looked as if she was about to cry. I walked up to her and pulled her soft naked body close to mine. My robe was all that stood between us. I couldn't help getting hard as I held her close to me. She had to feel my cock pressing into her soft belly. As I stroked her back and butt, I softly spoke to her. "It's alright Brittany.

I know how curious you are about things like this. Don't worry. I promise you'll get your chance to learn all you want to know.

But, answer a question for me. Do you like that smell? It's a combination of pussy juice and cum." Brittany hesitated to answer. "Well, do you?" I asked firmly. "I don't know. It's different from any thing I've ever smelled before. And why is there so must blood on one of the sheets?" "A simple question deserves a simple answer. That blood is from Tiffany's cherry.

She bled quite a lot when I took her virginity. I guess you could call it cherry juice. I suspect you will bleed as much, or more, when your cherry is broken. That's also why I don't want to hurry you into something your not ready for." "Did it hurt her a lot? I mean when you took her virginity, did she cry?" Brittany sure was a curious teen.

"Yes, she screamed and cried. Not a long time, but it hurt her when I took her cherry. It will hurt you too. It hurt both Beth and Tiffany to take it in their asses too." Brittany's eyes widened. "You mean you put it in their butts too?" "Yes! They were both butt-fucked.

I think they both liked it too." "Will you do that to me too?" The teen looked a little frightened. "Some day sweetheart, when your time comes. Now hurry up and finish. I want you, your mom, and sisters back here early this afternoon." "Yes Sir. Tiffany told us you had a surprise. That's why I'm here early. I'll go as soon as I finish here and feed the animals." I kissed her forehead and turned her so her back was pressed up against me.

"That'll be fine, baby. But since you're here, there's no sense wasting a perfectly good opportunity to feel up a sweet young teen now is there?" I reached around Brittany's small body and squeezed both tits. Brittany moaned and laid her head back on my chest. She gasped when I slid one hand down her belly and covered her pubic mound and pussy while the other continued to fondle a tender tit.

I gave both her tit and pussy a firm squeeze and kissed her neck before releasing her. I then swatted her butt.

"Now get busy. We've got things to do." Brittany busied herself with the laundry. A few minutes later, I heard her giggle then tell my dog. "No! Down Boomer." I looked around the corner and saw Boomer trying to put his nose between Brittany's legs. "Looks like ole Boomer wants to make you one of his girlfriends." "He can forget that!" Brit was grinning and petting the dog's head as she denied him the pleasure of sniffing her young pussy.

Brittany hurried to finish her chores then left for home. A Little Shopping A little after noon, my newly acquired family came over. They had listened well to their original instructions. They all had on their sexiest dresses. Sandy and Tiffany were showing lots of tit. Both of their dresses were very short, and barely covered their asses. Their hardened nipples were visible even through their bras and dresses.

Beth was dressed much more modestly. Her smaller tits were fully covered and the dress came to just above her knees. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard and were making enticing bumps as they tried to poke through the thin material of her dress. She looked much better after I released the top three buttons of her dress. Brittany was not nearly so sexily dress. Her dress fell just below her knees and was buttoned to her neck.

As usual, she was not wearing a bra. I reached out and rubbed Brittany's tits until her nipples hardened. I released the top two buttons of her blouse so even her small tits were somewhat exposed. "There, that's better. Now you're all a matched set.

My girls all have their tits accessible and their nipples ready to play. Pile in my car and we'll get going." "Oh shit! We're not ready to go out. We didn't know we were going out. We're not dressed to go out in public." Sandy protested. "Fine! Sandy get over here and bend over." I ordered the defiant mother. She needed to learn she was no longer in charge of her self or her family. Sandy stepped forward and bent at the waist.

She probably expected to give me a blowjob. I surprised her by stepping behind her and lifting her short dress over her hips. I grabbed the elastic strip that held her silky panties to her waist.

With a hard yank, her panties were ripped from her ass. With no further gorgeous babe harlow gets her wet pussy plowed hard, I rammed my hard cock into Sandy's cunt. As expected, she was wet. She really must have been expecting a party when they were summoned. Grabbing her hips, I used then for leverage as I pounded Sandy's cunt until I was about to erupt. Again without warning, I jerked my cock out of Sandy's pussy and rammed it deep into her asshole.

"Oooooowwwwww! That hurts! You could've at least warned me." I didn't respond to her bitching. She shouldn't have argued with me in the first place. I just repeatedly rammed my cock into her ass until I dumped my load of cum deep in her bowels. "OK! Are you ready to go now?" I asked. "I'll need to clean up and get a new pair of panties, but, yes Sir, I'm ready." "Bullshit!

You'll go as you are. Your bare ass full of cum will serve to remind you who you belong to for the next twenty years." I turned to the three girls that had quietly watched their mother get butt-fucked. "As a matter of fact, you three all need to get rid of your panties." With a look of shock on their faces, the girls silently took their panties off and tossed them on the floor in front of me.

"Now, you all look just right to go out. Now, get in the damn car." "Yes Sir." Sandy had been cowed and headed to my car with her head bowed. Her sexy daughters followed right behind. As Sandy walked out the door, I tossed her an old towel. "Sit on this. I don't want your cummy ass leaking on my car seats.

I had Sandy sit up front with me, while the girls sat in back. Our first stop was at the mall. I gave Sandy my debit card and told her what I wanted her to buy. "I assume you know your girls' sizes. I expect you to dress yourself and the two older girls as sexily as you can. I want all of you to have as sexy a wardrobe as is possible from this mall.

Short skirts and dresses and see through blouses. No panties or pantyhose. Garter belts and stockings only. Buy it only if you think it will make me horny when I see you or one of the girls in it.

The girls will be with me. Meet us at the food court in two hours." "Yes Sir." Sandy agreed. She was smiling as she walked away. She hadn't been able to afford a shopping spree for a long time. I couldn't help but laugh as I watched her tug down on her short dress every other step or so.

I led the girls in the opposite direction in the mall. "Girls, since you were all so good this past weekend, I want to get you something nice. You will find that from now on enthusiastic responses to my requests will result in some very nice rewards for you." We stopped at the first jewelry store we came to. "Tell me girls, would you like a nice set of earrings? Are your ears pierced?" They all three excitedly jumped up and down.

All of were them chattering at the same time. Once I got them calmed, they all said they had pierced ears and would love a set of earrings. Beth seemed to be the group's spokes woman. "We all had our ears pierced when we were about five or six. Mom just hasn't been able to buy us any earrings in a while." "Well, let's see if we can do something about that here." I stepped up to newly married bhabhi big boobs bhabi expose her asset front of cam counter and the salesman came over.

"Yes Sir, how may I help you?" He inquired. "I'd like three sets of ass traffic busty babe enjoys anal time stud earrings for my friends, please." I told him.

"Yes Sir. Will these do? These are very nice for the budget minded shopper." He set a tray of stud earrings on the counter. The girls were going nuts over the tray of diamonds, but they were so small, I could barely see them. Using my best authoritative voice, I refused his offering.

"No! They won't do at all! I know I may not look hot chick enjoys a big black cock it, but I can afford to buy my friends real diamonds, not those chips from an young daughter force young brother saw.

Now get some nice earrings up here." The salesman stiffened and replied. "Yes Sir! I'm sorry Sir." He then retrieved another tray. This one held some very nice earrings. A couple thousand dollars later all three girls were jumping up and down and kissing all over my face. The jewelry store personnel repierced all the girls' ears to reopen the original holes and inserted their new earrings.

They did that gratis, of course. The girls were practically vibrating with excitement. They were jumping up and down like young rabbits and kissing me all over my face.

They settled down and blushed when I quietly reminded them of their attire. "Girls, remember what you're wearing under your dresses. Or, more importantly, remember what you're not wearing. I'm thirsty. What do you say we head to the food court and get something cold to drink while we wait for your mother?" They agreed and we headed back down the mall's main walkway.

We had nearly finished our frozen Cokes when Sandy came into view. She was carrying several large over stuffed bags. "I feel like such a tramp. Most of this stuff should only be worn by a slut." "Of course you feel like a slut. That's exactly what you are. You've already admitted to it." She then noticed the girls' new jewelry. "Wow! Look at you. Those are some nice earrings." "Let this be a lesson to you, Sandy. Enthusiastically doing my bidding will be well rewarded.

Poor behavior will be punished. These girls tried their best this weekend. So, they deserved to be rewarded." I handed Brittany a couple of dollars and told her to get her mother a frozen Coke. When she returned with the Coke, we headed to one girl four boys in jungle fucking storys car. Our next stop was at an adult toy and dress shop. "Tiffany, Brittany, please stay in the car. We won't be long." The happily answered as one.

"Yes Gary." As Sandy, Beth, and I entered the store, I told them what we needed. "I want Brittany to have a French maid's uniform. Her small tits and tight ass and pussy should be nicely displayed when she wears it. Since she is about the same size as Beth, use Beth as a model. Just make whatever adjustments in size you think are needed.

I want Tiffany in a corset. It should hold her tits up but not cover the nipples. Make sure it has a built in garter belt. She should have some fishnet stockings too. No panties." I then headed to another part of the store. I needed another tube of KY.

I opted for the largest size they had. I also wanted to get a dildo for Sandy to use to teach her girls how to properly give head. It wasn't one of the monsters the store sells but a size similar to my normal cock. I could probably teach them what I wanted, but Sandy was an expert at giving deep-throat blowjobs. I wanted my girls to learn from the best. After leaving the adult store, and before going home, we stopped at one of the better restaurants in town for dinner.

The five of us sat at a large round table near the center of the room. All but Sandy were nervous as they sat around the table. All of them constantly tried to pull their dresses down or tuck them between their legs. Sandy was somewhat used to showing her ass to get attention. Though she usually had on panties, this wasn't much of a leap for her. Anyway, we had nice steak dinners and headed home. Once back at my place, I put Brittany's new uniform in my hall closet without her seeing it. The rest of the girls put on a very erotic modeling show.

They all seemed to enjoy strutting around in their new revealing clothes. Sandy had been quite successful in her shopping trip.

My cock remained hard throughout the show. So much titty and ass on display was enough to push my buttons. Sandy, of course, was practically an expert at showing off. Her girls easily followed their mother's lead. When the fashion show was finished, I sent the three girls home. "Beth, you and Brittany clean up and come back in a little while. Sandy, would you please wait a few minutes?" After the girls left, I spoke to Sandy about her day.

"You noticed I didn't let you clean up after getting butt-fucked. You know you smelled like a fresh fucked whore. You didn't get any jewelry, and I made you sit so your pussy had the most exposure during dinner. That was all because of your attitude. I told you to teach your girls to suck cock as well as you do.

Have you done so? No! And your arguing with me in front of them sets a bad example. Keep it up and I will have to resort to harsher methods of punishment." I handed her the dildo I had purchased at the adult store. "Here, use this as a training tool. I expect the girls to show a marked improvement in cock sucking within a few days. Now, get out of here. Go clean that smelly ass and pussy of yours. You stink!" Sandy bowed her head and turned to leave. She hesitated then said. "I'm sorry Gary. I promise I'll do much better from now on.

You'll see." "Fine! Now get!" I ordered. Brittany Gets Her First Taste of Cum and Pussy Beth and Brittany came over about an hour later. "Beth, strip and go get on my bed. I want to see your legs spread wide when I come in." "Yes Sir!" Beth grinned and hustled off to do as she had been told.

"Brittany, did you like the new clothes you got today." I asked. "Oh yes! They're a little smaller than I'm used to, but they are real nice." "Good! I have one more thing to show you. Stay here." I left her in the living room while I retrieved her new uniform. When I returned she had removed her clothes and smiled as I took in her sweet young body. I then showed Brittany her uniform. "Baby, as long as we are alone, or with your family at home, I want you naked while you go about your duties.

If we have company, wear this. Say not a word, but just continue doing your duties as my maid. OK?" "Yes Gary." She agreed. She was grinning from ear to ear. "Can I try it on, please?" I think she liked her uniform. "Yes, but only for a few minutes." Brittany quickly had her new uniform on and modeled it for me.

"Gary, my boobs aren't covered at all. They just lay on this shelf thing. And my butt is hanging out too." "I know honey. That's what I wanted. You wear that only if we have guests and I have you here working. I am very proud you are mine and may someday want to show you off to some friends of mine." I explained. Do you have a problem with that?" "I guess not." She nervously replied.

"Good! I'm glad you like it. Only me, you, and Beth are here. So, take it off. I'm going to go fuck Beth now. I know how curious you have been about sex. Remember I caught you smelling the stained sheets this morning? So, I want you to watch me fuck Beth. You may learn something and the smell will be fresher than it was on those sheets. Come on. Beth is waiting." Brittany quickly stripped and carefully laid her new uniform over the arm of the couch.

She then followed me to my bedroom. As we entered, Beth was laying on her back with her knees up and spread wide. Her pussy was glistening with her lubricating juices. When she saw Brittany, Beth closed her knees.

"Beth, Brittany is very curious about sex. So, I thought she might like to watch us fuck. She really needs the experience. Is that OK with you?" Beth rubbed one of her new earrings and replied. "Whatever you want, Gary. If my baby sister wants to watch you fuck me, that's fine with me. I hope she enjoys it." "Brittany, you stand right next to the bed. You may move all you want to get a better view.

OK?" "Uh huuh." She nodded her approval of the arrangements. I didn't take long fucking Beth. I hadn't taken one of my little pills and my cock had been ready to fuck all damn day. Knowing all that pussy was open to the air and available just for the asking, was all I needed to stay hard. My cock easily slid into Beth's hot pussy. She groaned when I bumped into her cervix. I fucked her hard and fast. We were both panting and nearing orgasm quickly.

I lifted her knees and pushed them up to her chest. I noticed Brittany move to the end of the bed and knelt down teen dildo pussy xxx gina valentina gets her wish she could get a better view of my cock driving into her sister's juicy hole.

Driving as deep as I could into Beth's pussy, I bathed her cervix with hot cum. We both collapsed and young babe pussy fucked in trunk of car for a few minutes while my cock softened in her now cum loaded hole. I heard Brittany moan. I looked toward the foot of the bed and saw she had her eyes closed.

She was firmly squeezing a tit with one hand. Her other hand was between her spread legs and rubbing up and down her tight virgin pussy's lips.

As I quietly rolled off Beth, I whispered in her ear. "Keep your knees up and legs spread, Beth. I think Brittany wants to get a closer look." Beth giggled and kept her legs widely splayed. Silently, I stepped behind Brittany. Gently rubbing her shoulders, I asked. "Brittany baby, did you really like the busty german teen in her first gangbang of the stains on the sheets?

Those were stale. Look at Beth. Isn't her pussy pretty? Would you like to get a smell of a much fresher mixture of pussy juice and cum? I'm sure Beth wouldn't mind if you got a much fresher smell of a cum filled pussy. Would you, Beth?" Beth only hesitated a few seconds before nodding her approval.

"If she wants to." "Brittany, bend over here and smell your sister's pussy." The young teen seemed frozen. As I stood behind Brittany I began fondling her tits. I whispered into her ear. "I want you to do this, Brit. You know you want to, and I know you will like it. Now, bend your ass over, and smell your sister's pussy." She did as she was told. Bending at the waist, she sniffed her sister's hole and quickly started to stand. "No baby! I want you to get a good smell.

Here I have an idea. Brit, lay down next to Beth." She obeyed without complaint. "Put your hand on her pussy like you had it on yours a minute ago." She didn't move. I had to take Brittany's hand and place it on her sister's gooey hole. I helped Brittany rub her hand on Beth's pussy. As Brittany relaxed, I helped her shove her middle finger into Beth's hole. That finger was soon joined by Brittany's index finger.

Slowly, I directed Brittany's hand and fingers until she picked it up for herself. Beth soon began to get into it too. She rocked her pelvis up to meet her sister's hand. "That's it, Sis. Finger me good." "You like it, Beth?" Brittany seemed surprised her sister was enjoying the attention she was getting from her. "Oh yeah. I like it. Keep it up, Britt." Beth replied with raspy breath. "Girls, I have and idea. Would you like to try something new?

Beth you will love it. Brittany, you can get a real good taste of cum and pussy juice. What do you say?" I wanted to see these two in a little lesbian action. I'd never seen a live lesbian show before and these two seemed to be the perfect candidates to put on a good show for me. "Tell us what you want, Gary." It seemed Beth was up for almost anything. She was going to be a great slut. Brittany was a little hesitant. "I don't know. What do you want us to do?" "Brittany, you were bitching that all I had for you to do was be my maid.

Well, now I am wanting you to do something for me, and you don't want to cooperate." "I'm sorry, Gary. What do you want me to do?" Brittany had been shamed into cooperation. "All you have to tarzan ful porn sex stories movie is let Beth rub her pussy on your nose.

We'll see what happens from there. OK?" Reluctantly, she nodded her agreement. "Good!" The older sister obeyed without delay as I instructed her. "Beth, put your knees outside Brittany's shoulders and face her feet. Good. Now slowly lower your pussy down to her nose so she can get a real good smell of your cum filled hole.

Good. Now, rub that pussy up and down Brittany's nose and mouth. Good girl! Keep it up." "Brittany, does that smell better than the stale stains on my sheets?" I asked. "Um hummm." She mumbled. It's hard to talk when there's a pussy covering your mouth.

"Good. I'm glad you like it. Now give your sister's pussy a little lick so you can taste it." She hesitated, then slowly stuck out her tongue and let Beth swiped her pussy over it a few times. Beth moaned and pressed her pussy down a little harder.

"Isn't that nice, Brittany? "Um hummmm." "Good. Now Brittany, stick your tongue in Beth's hole. Lick and suck out any cum you find." "Beth, you should at least pet your sister's pussy.

After all, she is licking your gooey hole." I had to give few instructions after that. Brittany was rapidly responding to the stimulation Beth was giving her. She seemed to enjoy licking her sister's pussy as my cum slowly oozed out.

Beth appeared to be getting close to an orgasm. She was grinding her gooey pussy into her sister's mouth. Beth then leaned forward and started licking Brittany's tight virgin pussy lips. Brittany immediately wrapped her arms around Beth's hips and pulled the cunt above her down tightly to her face. She rapidly thrust her hips up to Beth's probing tongue. Beth roughly grabbed Brittany's ass and drove her tongue as deep into her virgin sister as she could.

Both girls seemed to get off at the same time. Locked together as they were, their cries were muffled by the pussies covering their mouths. When the girls settled down, I patted both of their asses and sent them home. I wanted Sandy to smell the pussy on her oldest and youngest daughters' faces. She would know they had been eating each other. The next day was Monday and a school day. Sandy usually got home about an hour before the girls.

I gave her cell phone a call, and she came over as soon as she got home from work. As I had told her, she brought her checkbook and a huge stack of bills. The skirt she wore barely covered her rounded ass. The first time she sat down, it was apparent she had no panties on. Her tight blouse did very little to hide her ample tits. Her hard nipples were easily seen through the thin materials of her blouse and bra. I knew right away it was going to be difficult to concentrate on her finances the way she was dressed, but I couldn't say anything.

Sandy was dressed just the way I wanted my sluts to dress. As she walked into my kitchen, I complimented her. "Damn Sandy, you look good. There's no way I'll ever be able to work on your bills with the hard-on you're causing.

Get you ass over here and suck me off." "OK!" She happily agreed. In a flash she was on her knees with my cock down her throat.

Rapidly, she slid my cock in and out of her tight throat. She quickly had me on the brink of cuming. When I groaned and grabbed her head, she wrapped her arms around my ass and pulled.

Her nose was buried in my pubic hair. My cock was nestled deep in her throat as cum spewed forth. When I had given her my last drop of cum, she pulled off my cock with a smack of her lips, stood, and asked.

"How was that?" "Sandy, you give the absolute best head ever. I hope you've started teaching that to your girls. Now, let's look at this stack of bills." The stack of bills was quickly diminished. The payment book for her car was trashed, except for one coupon. The coupon booklets from both of her old mortgage companies were also trashed. Her credit cards were cut up. I then showed her how she was going to be able to buy groceries, pay her bills, catch up on those that were behind, and have some cash left over.

"Since you won't be going out looking for the next dick of the month club member, you can put the extra cash in the bank. You never know when an emergency will pop up. This way you'll have the money to cover any such emergency." "May I ask a question, Gary?" "Sure, go ahead. Ask anything you like." "This may sound strange, but when Beth and Brittany came home last night they both smelled like girl. Did they&hellip." "You mean their faces smelled like pussy." I interrupted.

"That's probably because that ate each others pussies just before going home. Have you ever eaten a pussy, Sandy?" "No. I don't think&hellip." "Never mind. Now, go home and fix dinner for the kids. Come back after dinner and bring Tiffany. Have her in her new corset outfit when you come." "Yes Sir." With a wiggle in her ass and her butt cheeks peeking out from under her short skirt, Sandy left. Sandy Gets a Taste of Pussy I popped one of the little blue pills shortly before I expected Sandy and Tiffany.

Sandy was wearing the same skimpy outfit she had worn earlier. Lucky for Tiff, it was well after dark when they walked over to my place. Tiffany was a knock-out in her corset. It was black with little pink bows just below each nipple. The bows rubbed on her nipples and kept them hard as stones.

Her torso was firmly hugged by the body of the corset. It flared into a little ruffled skirt that caressed the top of her hips. The attached garter straps held her fishnet stocking which complimented her shapely legs. She turned so I could get the whole picture. Her ass and clean shaven pussy were displayed for anyone lucky enough to see her. "My oh my! Tiff, you are going to make me one hell of a fuck toy. That outfit really shows off your gorgeous tits and ass. How is your pussy feeling tonight, sweetheart?" "It's fine, Gary.

It's just a little sore, and now and then a little blood seeps out, but that's alright. You can have my pussy or ass any time you like. I'm trying to get better at Mom's blowjobs too." "Good. Has your mother been showing you how she does that?" "Yes Sir. She started showing us after Beth and Brittany got home last night.

Gary, did Beth and Brittany eat each other last night? They both smelled like my pussy did after you fucked me Saturday night." "I'm glad your mother is finally teaching you girls a useful skill. And yes, your sisters ate each other's pussies. What do you think of that?" "I don't know, but I'll try if you want me too." Maybe some other time, but tonight I want some more of the sweet pussy of yours. Why don't you go hop on my bed. Leave your outfit on. It makes you look so sexy and even more enticing.

I'll be in to see you in a few minutes. Please have your knees up and legs spread as wide as you can. Use your hand and fingers to get yourself warmed up. Now get!" I gave her ass a playful swat as she giggled and trotted off. "Sandy, strip!" She immediately peeled her clothes off and stood naked before me. I fondled her large tits and pinched her nipples. Her nipples were quickly standing out hard on the mounds of flesh below them. I juggled her tits as if weighing them. "Sandy, would you rather have these nipples pierced or a tattoo on your chest between your tits?" "I don't think I'd like my nipples pierced.

I guess a small tatoo would be OK." "Good. I'll make the appointments." "Appointments? Like more than one?" "Sure, I intend to have my initial "G" tatooed between the tits of all my girls. You don't want the girls to be jealous do you? Now, let's go see what Tiff is up to. Shall we?" Sandy followed me into my bedroom. There we found Tiffany just as I had instructed. Her widely spread legs and raised knees gave a beautiful view of her horny cunt. She had a finger deep in her hole and was slowly stroking it in and out.

"Tiffany honey, move your hand so your mother and I can see that pussy of yours." "Doesn't she have a beautiful cunt, Sandy? See how it glistens with her juices. And look at those delicious tits. She looks so much like her slutty mother. What do you say I go fuck that cunt?" Sandy shrugged. She was indifferent to what happened to her middle child. Tiffany smiled and said. "Oh please, Gary. Come use your fuck toy. Put that wonderful cock in my pussy.

I am so horny." Sandy's mouth dropped open in shock at the terms Tiffany had used in referring to herself as a fuck toy. Though the idea of her sixteen-year-old daughter being nothing more that a fuck toy bothered her, she said nothing. Like Beth the night before, I took little time fucking Tiffany. She grunted each time I thrust deep into her pussy and bumped her cervix.

We both quickly reached orgasm. With one finale drive, I pumped a load of cum deep in Tiffany's horny hole. My cock was sticky with a bit of cum and pussy juice. I turned to Sandy and said. "Time to clean my cock, Sandy." She wasn't as enthusiastic as she had been earlier in the day, but she did a good job.

"OK Sandy, come lay on the bed. I want your ass at the end of the bed so your cunt is accessible." She quickly got into the position I wanted. I then asked her.

"Sandy, isn't Tiffany a beautiful fuck toy? I'll bet a slut like you would enjoy having her yourself. Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you just love to clean her up for me?" "I don't know, Gary. I'm not into girls." "Bullshit!" I alexa tomas having fun with michelle h let a little anger into my voice.

"You're into whatever I tell you you're into! Right now, I think you're into cleaning that used pussy." "Tiffany, sit on your mother's face. She wants to eat your pussy. Isn't that right, Sandy?" Almost inaudibly Sandy answered.

"Yes Gary." Tiff nervously rolled over and straddled her mother's head. She was facing the head of the bed and could easily look down and watch her mother's face.

Slowly, Tiff lowered her pussy down onto her mother's nose and mouth. Sandy didn't respond to her daughter's offer of a freshly fucked pussy to eat. "Sandy, you know what to do. You've been eaten enough to know how to thrill Tiff. Now get busy eating that cunt." Tiffany moaned when Sandy slid her tongue through the gooey pussy perched on her mouth.

She was doing as she was told, but her heart wasn't in it. Standing between Sandy's legs that were draped over the end of the bed, I reached up and grabbed both of her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. When I pinched hard and twisted her nipples like dials on a radio, Sandy screamed into Tiff's cunt. "I said eat that pussy, slut. Now eat it!" I ordered.

Sandy's attitude changed immediately. She enthusiastically licked and sucked her daughter's pussy while Tiff watched. As Tiffany began rocking her hips on her mother's face, I drove my cock into Sandy's well used fuck hole. She grunted when I rammed my cock into her the first time and each time I drove into her cunt. As Sandy approached her orgasm, she doubled her efforts on the pussy above her face.

She raised her knees, put her heels on the bed next to her ass, and thrust up extreme teen fisted till she squirts hard meet my cock as it drove into her depths. I reached forward and pulled Tiffany back so she was leaning on my chest. Her eyes were closed and her breathing erratic. Tiff was in ecstasy as her mother ate her pussy and I fondled both tits. Her mother's thrusting hips were getting more and more urgent, and I was about to cum.

I rammed into Sandy's cunt several times as hard as I could and squeezed Tiff's tits. Tiff moaned and my cock two pornstars getting their faces ruined in foursome group sex and hardcore. Sandy threw her hips up to meet my erupting cock.

She moaned loudly into Tiff's cunt as an orgasm washed over her. Tiffany sat up and vigorously ground her pussy down on the mother's busy mouth. She cried out. "Eat me Mom! Suck Gary's cum from my pussy! Ohhhhhhh!" Tiffany shook and bounced on her mother's face as the teen's orgasm took control of her young body. After our orgasms, we all stayed as we were. With my cock remaining buried in Sandy's cunt, she continued to gently and slowly lick Tiff's pussy.

Tiffany spreading babes sexy anal canal hardcore and blowjob leaned back and whispered. "Gary, I have to pee." I couldn't help but giggle.

How often does an opportunity like this come up? "Go ahead, baby." I whispered back. "Piss in your mother's slutty mouth. I'm sure she's thirsty after that workout. Tiffany's eyes widened then she giggled.

She sat forward and pressed down to get a good seal between her mother's open mouth and her pussy. Her mother thought Tiff wanted more eating. So, she began sucking the hole above her. Tiffany let go. She pissed directly into her mother's mouth. Sandy had no choice but to swallow the piss or drown. She swallowed rapidly and spilled very little. "OK Tiffany, go get cleaned up then come back." The teen practically leapt off the bed.

"Time for a little cock clean up, Sandy." Sandy jumped right to her cock cleaning duty. This slut really loved having a cock in her mouth. Unfortunately for her, I soon had to take a leak too. So, since I already had a warm wet hole wrapped around my cock, I simply let it go.

As the warm fluid hit her mouth, Sandy groaned with aversion to what she had to do. Still, she started swallowing. She even sucked the last few drops of piss from my limp cock. When I finished, and she had my cock shiny clean, she looked up at me and grinned. "Sandy, you're becoming one excellent slut.

You have earned a little shopping trip. Since you're off work tomorrow, we can go while the girls are in school. If you start showing a little enthusiasm like your girls do, there can be many more rewards." Setting the Tattoo Appointments After Tiffany and Sandy left I called Eddie. Eddie was a tattoo artist. I had met him at one of the strip clubs I used to attend. It so happened the Eddie owned and operated a tattoo and piercing shop located in the seedier side of town.

"Hey, Eddie, how's it going?" I asked. "Not bad, but it's been a little slow since the economy took a dump. What's up with you? We haven't seen you at the club lately." "I've been rather busy. I've got several new lady friends. I may be able to help you improve business a bit. There are four of them and each needs a small tattoo." "That'll be great. What's on your mind?" "I want a stylized letter "G" placed between their tits. Something an inch or so high ought to do it.

When can you do it and how much?" I asked. Eddie thought about it for a few minutes then answered. "I'm never real busy during the weekday afternoons. If you want to come by tomorrow after lunch, I'm sure I can fix you up. For you, I'll do 'em all in any single color for one fifty." "Great! We'll see you then." Sandy Makes a Decision The next day Sandy, came over dressed like a slut, of course. She x art marie the art of anal sex mov I went back to the same jewelry store where the girls had gotten their earrings.

Ten minutes later, Sandy had a pair of diamond studs sparkling in her ears. Next, we stopped by the bank that held the note on Sandy's car. They were mildly surprised when the woman who was frequently late with her payments handed the loan officer her last car payment coupon and the check I had written. She was ecstatic when the loan officer handed the coupon back marked "Paid in full." We stopped for a light lunch. After lunch I told Sandy we had to make one more stop. Sandy asked where we were going when I headed into the poorer section of town.

"To keep an appointment." I gave no other information. "Oh! OK!" Sandy rode in silent thought until we pulled to a stop in front of Eddie's Tattoo and Body Mod Shop. "Oh, I had forgotten about the tattoo. Is this where we'll get them?" She asked. "No, I thought we'd get your tattoos at the grocery store." I said with a laugh. Sandy laughed too. I wanted her to begin relaxing before Eddie started working on her tattoo.

"Come on in." Eddie yelled as he came from his back room. "Hey Gary, good to see you again. Is this one of the ladies to get the "G" on their chests? I thought you said there were four. Where are the rest of them?" "Still in school. We were hoping you could do them Saturday or Sunday before you get too busy." I said. "School!" Eddie practically choked. "Just how old are these 'women'?" Sandy answered.

"They're my daughters. Beth is eighteen, Tiffany just turned seventeen, and Brittany is sixteen." "Hole shit! I can't tattoo the two youngest ones. They're both underage. The eighteenteen-year-old is just barely legal.

The cops are watching me like a hawk. I put a tiny heart on the ankle of a fourteen-year-old chick, and they've been on me ever since. Sorry." "Could you make a house call then." I tried to convince Eddie to let the legalities slide a bit. "I'll double your fee, and their mother here, will give you a real nice tip" "Just what kind of tip would make me want to take a chance like that?" "Eddie, if you'll step back into your back room Sandy will give you a tip right now.

Won't you Sandy?" Sandy smiled at Eddie and nodded. "I'd be happy to tip you now Sir and again when you finish with my girls." Eddie grinned and headed toward the rear of his shop.

Within a matter of seconds, Sandy had followed him into his back room, dropped to her knees, and had fished Eddie's cock out. A few more seconds and Sandy had his cock bobbing in and out of her throat. "Damn, I guess this gal really wants her girls tattooed." A few minutes later, Eddie groaned, pulled Sandy's face tight to his crotch and fed his load of cum down her gullet. As he regained his breath, he sighed. "I guess I just went into the house call business." After licking Eddie's cock clean, she removed her blouse and climbed into his tattooing chair.

"In black please. Will it hurt?" "Just a little, but you'll be fine." Eddie quickly got to work. He suggested the "G" be put a little higher on Sandy's chest.

"With a set of tits like this, you'll never see it if I put it between them." We deferred to his greater knowledge in these matters and agreed to the new location. I was surprised when he shaved the area he intended to tattoo. He said that was for sanitary reasons. Seems the fine hairs that cover a human body are bad about getting infected or becoming ingrown after a tattoo. He made heavy use of a sterilizing wash before he started and frequently wiped the area as he went.

In about forty-five minutes, Sandy had an English Script "G" sitting proudly at the top of her cleavage. As sandy headed to my car, I paid Eddie half of our agreed total price of three hundred dollars. We made an appointment for him to come to my house the following Sunday evening.

On the way home, Sandy and I chatted about the past few days. "Sandy, I hope you like your new mark. You're mine now. I really don't want to be an ogre. Your girls have done a fantastic job of fulfilling our contract thus far. You have had some rough spots, but you are coming along nicely now. We're all just learning what we want. But I must however insist you add a little enthusiasm to whatever I tell you to do. I don't care if you really enjoy it or not.

If nothing else, your showing pleasure gives your girls permission to enjoy what they do as well. So, in the future you will act excited to do the most perverted acts. Right?" Sandy was intently listening to me with a smile on her face, her earlobes sparkling, the paid car note in her purse, and my mark on her chest. Her smile got even wider. "Gary, I won't have to pretend. I know I'm a tramp. I just didn't like it brought out in the open in front of my kids.

From now on, I promise you will never have any more trouble from me. If you want me to fuck, suck cock, take it up my ass, eat pussy, drink piss, or any thing else, I'm OK with it. If you want me to fuck and suck your friends, I'm OK with that too.

You'll never hear so much as a disapproving sigh, let along an argument, from me from now on. I am yours." "That's real good to hear. I'll test that promise soon enough. I'm sure you will do your best to be an excellent slut for me. "Can I ask you something?" I nodded and she went on. "Have you taken Brittany yet. She's been a horny les soeur lane prennent de la place bitch, just like her mother and sisters.

She's been mopping around the house bitching that you are not using her the way you use the rest of us." "No! I haven't taken her yet. The only thing she's done sexually is let me fondle her tits and do a little 69 pussy eating with Beth. Damn, I wanted to fuck the shit out of her then and there, but I want to save her for something special." "Special?" Ebony secretary ivy young gets fingered by boss looked curious but didn't ask.

We rode silently for a little while when Sandy spoke up. "I've been using that dildo you bought to teach the girls how I suck cock.

Beth can take it all for a few seconds. Tiffany can keep it into her throat for nearly a minute. That's more than enough for a guy to cum, but not quite how I like to do it.

Brittany is learning much too fast for a girl her age. She acts like she's making love to the thing. She even calls it Gary. She will kiss and lick it carefully then shove it fully into her mouth and down her throat. She seems to have no gag reflex at all. She breathes carefully through her nose and will soon be able to keep it there for several minutes at a time. I think you will be pleased with her, Mas&hellip." She stopped speaking abruptly.

"What did you start to say?" "Nothing sir." "Sandy, you started to say something. What was it?" "Well, I just thought that since you basically own us for the next twenty years, and I now have your mark, I just thought&hellip. Well… I just thought… if you don't mind&hellip.

You've saved our home, paid my car off, bought us some nice gifts, and even shown me how to manage my money so I have a little extra. I bear your mark. So… I… Well… Shit! Can I call you 'Master'?" "I think that would be an excellent idea. But, we'll let the girls go on as they have been for now. But soon, they too will be calling me Master. They will learn by example from you." Still grinning from ear to ear, Sandy said, "Thank you, Master.

You know, being your slave is sure intense threesome session with two raunchy lookers lot better than always looking for a new boyfriend. What did you call them? Oh yeah, you called then my dick of the month club.

I do the same things for you that I've always done. Well the pissing thing and eating pussy was new, but I think I can get used to that. The thing is, I'll be able to get ahead of my bills. I think this slave thing will work out well for all of us." I patted my slut's knee and smiled at her. "So do I, Sandy." who wanta a blowjob from a fantasy blonde milf Brittany is a Squirter Brittany came over to do her chores as soon as she got home from school.

She striped and went right to work. As she finished making my bed, I gently patted her cute little ass. "Yum yum! That's going to be one tasty little ass and pussy some day." "Do we have to wait?" She asked. "Please Gary, I want to give myself to you now." "I know you do, baby.

Maybe your day will come soon. I have hidden camera aussie escort hooker prostitute whore special in mind for your first fuck." "Really!

What is it?" The teen was excited. "Never mind that now! I hear you've been practicing with a dildo. Don't you dare put that thing anywhere near that sweet virgin pussy." I warned her.

"Oh no! I know my vagina and my virginity are yours. I've been using it in my mouth. Mom says I'm almost as good as she is. All I need is a cock that cums to finish my training.

She doesn't want me to choke the first time you use my throat." She was very proud of her efforts, as korean civilian club girl just enjoy one night should be. "Hummmm. A cock that cums, huh? I wonder where we can find one of those." I teased my young maid. I rubbed my crotch as my cock hardened. "Do you think you could find anything around here that would help you finish your training in that area?" "Oh Gary!" Brittany, like the typical teenager, rolled her eyes as if to say I knew nothing about anything.

"Do your think this will do?" I asked while obviously rubbing my hard cock through my pants. Brittany grinned from ear to ear. Her eyes seemed to sparkle as well. She giggled and answered. "Oh I don't know. It might!" "Why you little imp. I ought to shove this cock down your sweet throat and leave it there, but you'd probably like that. Why don't you reach in my pants and let my cock out.

I think it likes you already. See how hard it is for you?" Brittany's bravado slipped a bit. Her hands were shaking as she knelt and loosened my belt. She opened the button, and unzipped my fly. As she lowered the zipper, my pants fell to the floor. She took hold of the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down. When she did that, my cock sprang free and pointed straight at her face. Her face seemed to light up with delight at the sight of my cock pointing at her.

Her mother was right. Brittany didn't just engulf my cock. She made love to it. She sensuously licked and kissed every inch of my shaft. I thought I'd lose it and cum when she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. She didn't forget my balls either. Brittany lovingly sucked them one at a time into her mouth and swabbed them with her busy tongue. I think her loving oral attentions made my cock swell to new dimensions.

Only when she had thoroughly bathed my balls with her tongue did she return to my cock. A droplet of precum had formed on my cock's head.

Brittany made a show of looking at it before lapping it up with a quick flick of her tongue. My little nymphet in training kissed my cock's head, opened her mouth, and took half of my shaft in.

Brittany hesitated only a few seconds. She shook her head as if seating my cock's head at the entrance to her throat. She took hold of my hips and used them to pull her face forward.

She swallowed and took my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. She pressed her nose into my pubic hair and shook her head again. "Oh shit Brit, baby. Keep that up and I'll be cuming in no time." Damn this girl sucked cock like a pro. Of course, she had a pro for a teacher. Brittany slowly pulled back. I thought she was going to take my cock out of the throat. Nope! She merely pulled back until my cock's head was all that remained in her gullet. Just as slowly, she pushed forward and sank my hard shaft down into her throat again.

It didn't take Brittany long to have me on the edge. I fought the urge to grab her head and fuck the shit out of her face. Instead, I wanted the memory of her first blowjob to be a pleasant one, for both of us. I stroked her hair and warned her. "Baby, I'm about to cum." "Ummmmmmm." She moaned and took my cock as deep as it would go into her throat. Her nose was nuzzled firmly against my pelvis. I came like I hadn't gotten any pussy in days. I shot spurt after spurt of cum down Brittany's gullet straight to her belly.

I groaned and pulled her head even tighter against my pelvis. "Damn baby, that's it. Suck me dry." Brittany did just that. She gobbled every drop of cum I poured into her throat. As the flow of cum ebbed to a dribble, she pulled my cock out of her throat but not her mouth. She gently, almost lovingly, sucked and swabbed the last remnants of cum from my spent cock. When she finished, she kissed my cock's head, stood, and smiled up at me. With a sly grin on her face, she said. "I think I like cum fresh from the spout better than second hand from Beth's pussy.

Did I do OK?" "No baby! You didn't do OK." The poor thing looked devastated. Tears had begun forming at the corners of her eyes. I pulled her to my chest and hugged her tight. "You didn't do OK, Britt. You did absolutely fantastic. Your blowjob is much better than your mother's. I may never let her suck me off again." Brittany's face lit up.

"Really? Wow! You really liked the way I sucked you. I'm so glad you liked it. Mom will be disappointed if you don't let her suck you off now and then. I think we can share your cum for now." Brittany was so proud of her new skill. She had every hot amateur teen gf sucks and fucks with facial girlfriend hardcore to be. She did indeed give better head than her mother, and she was just a beginner. I bent over and hugged her tightly.

I picked Brittany up and cradled her in my arms. She began nuzzling my neck until I laid her on my bed. "It's your turn, baby." "Oh, are you going to take me now?" "No Brit, not today." I passionately kissed the young teen. You look so delicious. I'm going to return the favor you just gave me. Kissing my way down from her lips, nibbling her neck and ears, I paused to fondle her peach sized tits. I sucked her nipples until they were rock hard. Brittany was squirming on the bed from her arousal.

When I reached down and petted her tight lipped pussy. She was soaking wet. "Now you'll see why I don't want you to wear any panties when you're here." I quickly scooted down the bed and spread her legs wide enough for my shoulders to lie between them.

I placed a soft kiss right in the middle of her pussy and licked her outer lips. I inhaled deeply. "Oh baby, I sure do love the aroma and taste of fresh young virgin pussy.

You are going to be a very delicious snack." Brittany giggled nervously. "Are you really going to eat me like Beth did? That was so nice. I wanted to… OH!" She gasped sharply. I had given Brittany's snug pussy a long slow lick from her ass to her clit. The next lick parted her outer labia and exposed her pink inner folds.

Even though she was virgin, she was soaking wet with her copious lubricating juices. Her pussy and upper thighs glistened with her moisture. Her pussy's lips were sweet girls like to suck big dicks and swollen with her arousal. Another centered kiss, a long lick, and my tongue parted her pussy's puffy lips. Brittany gasped loudly.

She raised and spread her knees opening herself to my undivided attention. I hungrily dove to her open cunt. She tasted great with a hint of sweetness. Probing, sucking, and licking her pussy had brought Brit to two shaking orgasms. My horny little maid kept wanting more.

After stabbing my tongue deeply into her tight little hole, I teased her clit by flicking my tongue over it several times.

Her clit was just a small pebble of unrealized excitement for Brittany. "Oh God, Gary! What are you doing to me?" She gasped. She could barely speak. Her breath was coming in rapid and shallow gulps.

"Do you want me to stop, baby?" "Oh God no! Please don't stop." The poor girl was so aroused she could only speak in gasps. I returned my concentration to her tiny clit.

With the attention she and it craved, Brittany was brothers swap sisters in swingers fuck rushing to another quaking orgasm. Sucking her little nub between my lips, I flicked it gingerly with my tongue. Brittany grabbed two hands full of my hair and pulled my face to her cunt as hard as she could.

She exploded in a massive orgasm. She lost control of her body. Her pelvis was violently thrusting up to meet my face. Her torso was writhing on the bed. Her eyes were tightly closed while her head shook from side to side. Her pussy, holy shit, her pussy was flooding my mouth, face, her legs, and soaking the sheets. Brittany had a squirting pussy.

I lapped her cum up as fast as I could. It tasted sweet. She was indeed a delicious little morsel. Her pussy was a delight to eat. I decided right then to advance the time of her first fuck. If she can cum that hard and produce enough cum to drench my face, herself, and the bed, she is primed for fucking. After Brittany regained her composure, we cuddled for a while before I sent her to do her chores.

As she came in from feeding the field animals, Boomer came with her. I heard her giggling as she prepared the dog's dinner. Curiosity got the best of me and I flipped on the camera system. The utility room where the dog food was kept only had one camera, but it gave me a perfect view of what was going on.

"Boomer, no! Boomer, don't do that. It tickles. Boomer stop! Oh!" The teen quit giving the dog orders. She was no longer trying to push his muzzle away from her still wet pussy. "Boomer, do you like that boy? Oh God! Oh Boomer." I had to get a closer look. I went to the utility room and peeked around the edge of the door. I got one hell of a surprise. Brittany was leaning against the clothes dryer with her head tossed back and her eyes tightly closed.

There was a broad smile on the lips. Stepping into the doorway a little more, I saw what was causing my maid to react as she was. Her legs were spread wide and Boomer was happily licking her horny teen cunt. Boomer had his snout between her legs with his nose buried in her crotch.

His tongue was rapidly lapping up the juices that had flooded from her cunt only a short time earlier. Slowly Brittany spread her feet wider. She was cooing and petting the big dog's head and ears.

I quietly waited while Boomer did a thorough job of lapping up all the girl's pussy juices that had spread over her legs, ass, and belly. Brittany had lost it and had another mini orgasm when Sexy fist time story asia downlodfree downlod xxx sexi mo directly went after the juices still inside her horny hole.

He was happily probing her with his long tongue. "Down boy!" I ordered my dog. Brittany jumped like she had been shot. The dog reluctantly left the pussy he was enjoying. "Uuhh, Gary. I… I'm sorry. Boomer just sort of came after me when we came inside.

I couldn't stop him. Please don't be mad." I hugged the still anxious girl. "I'm not mad at you, Brittany. It looked to me like you and Boomer were both enjoying what you were doing. Did you enjoy Boomer's tongue?" "No, he just started licking me, and I couldn't stop him." "Brittany!

You know you're not supposed to lie to me about anything. Now tell the truth. Did you enjoy Boomer licking your pussy?" "Well, sort of." She shyly replied. "Sort of? Come on, out with it! You loved that dog's tongue probing you hot pussy didn't you? You even had a small orgasm, didn't you?" "Yes Sir. I enjoyed Boomer's tongue. He didn't make me as hot as you did, but he sure knows how to get me going inside.

His rough tongue was all over that spot you sucked and got me off." "That's better. Don't ever lie to me again. Now, get back to work." "Yes Sir." "Boomer, come." The playful German Shepherd followed with his tail happily wagging.

I petted him and gave him a biscuit. I thought to myself. 'Hummm. I wonder, since Boomer likes Brittany so much, would he also like my other females as well? I guess we'll just have to find out sometime." My Girls Take Their Mark I used my girls sparingly the rest of the week.

The following Sunday, I had them come over for an early dinner. During dinner I allowed the teens to drink all the wine they wanted. The last glass of the evening contained more that wine. I had crushed a mild sedative and mixed it into each of the girls' wine.

They were soon giggly from the buzz they had going. After dinner, I stood and spoke to them. "Girls, I want to ask you something. Have you noticed your mother has a "G" on her chest." They all nodded.

"That "G" marks her as mine. I want each of you to have the same mark. You will all then be permanently marked as mine. Your mother thinks this is a good idea too. Don't you Sandy" The teens all looked to their mother for guidance.

Sandy grinned and agreed. "Yes, Master." Their curiosity about the "Master" comment was evident in the looks they were giving Sandy as she nodded. "You all agree, then? You will accept my mark on your chests?" After looking at their mother again they all nodded in agreement.

Beth was smiling slightly. Tiff and Britt seemed very happy about getting my mark. Or maybe it was the wine and sedative doing what I had expected. "I have a friend coming over in a few jessica rizzo la macellaia italian pornstar xxx that will do your marks.

You can choose the color of your mark from black, blue, red, green, and yellow. So, think about what color you want." "I think I'd like blue. Is that is OK with you, Gary." Beth asked. "Yes Beth! I said you can pick the color. You can not choose the site or design." Tiffany and Brittany both spoke at the same time. "I want red!" "Good choices, girls. Relax for a little while.

Eddie will be here soon." When Eddy arrived, he set his stuff up in my kitchen. In a few minutes he was ready for the first girl. He used one of my reclining patio chairs as his tattoo chair. Beth had volunteered to be marked first. As she walked into the kitchen, she removed her blouse and sat in the busty chinese sexy solo show part teenxxxnetworkcom Eddie had indicated.

Eddie told her everything he was doing and why as he began shaving her chest between her tits. I stood behind Beth and stroked her hair to help keep her calm. I did the same for the other teens as well. Beth made not a whimper during the entire process and soon was proudly looking in Eddie's mirror at her brand new blue "G".

"Do you like it, Beth?" I asked. "Oh yes, Gary. I mean Master." "Good! You're branded as mine now." I helped her out of the chair, tenderly kissed her lips, and sent her to send in one of her sister. Tiffany soon came through the door. She was feeling no pain and she stumble a bit before removing her blouse and sitting in the chair. She whimpered a few times as Eddie put the blue "G" high on her chest as he had done to her mother.

Brittany was last to get her mark. She came in giggling and plopped into the chair. She was buzzed. Throughout the tattooing procedure, Brit looked steadily up at me. She winced a few times, but smiled up at me during most of the procedure. "I'll be so proud to have your mark, Gary." She cooed. When Eddie finished with Brittany, she was sent to the living room while he cleaned up his supplies.

When I paid him the balance of his fee, he asked a question. "I have just one question, Gary. How the hell did you get those four wonderful chicks to not only take a mark for you, but to be your personal property?" As I handed him the cash for his fee, I answered. "It's very simple, Eddie. I got them the same way I convinced you to make a house call." He looked down at the cash in his hand and said.

"Cool!" About that time, Sandy came into the kitchen. She immediately got down on her knees to give Eddie his tip. "What a deal! What a deal." Eddie said as his cock disappeared down Sandy throat.

Brittany Finally Gets Her Turn Over the next couple of weeks, I gave Brittany a lot of thought. Several times I spotted her on the video system encouraging Boomer to lick her pussy. Finally, I made up my mind. She had been bitching about wanting fucked long enough. She would soon get what she was asking for. I would make her my bitch. Of course, I'd have to share my bitch with my best friend, Boomer.

After all, every dog deserves a hot and horny bitch. It took a few weeks to build the apparatus I wanted. I spent hours on end in my basement shop. Finally I had what I wanted. The contraption was a very well padded and adjustable frame for holding Brittany, or any other bitch, firmly in place while she got fucked doggie style.

At one end was a well padded cross-piece held up by adjustable steel legs. These legs were welded to several pieces of flat steel which formed the base. Attached to the upright legs with adjustable leather straps were two heavily padded steel cups into which the knees of the bitch would be placed. The primary purpose of the knee cups was to keep a bitch's legs well spread.

The adjustments allowed for different sizes of bitch. Brittany was a small girl. Larger bitches could be accommodated by simply spreading their milf jodie west fucked prone by sons friend further apart. That way her pussy could be held at the right height for any large dog. Once a bitch had her knees secured in the cups and the cups adjusted for width, she was bent at the waist over the padded cross bar. A heavy leather strap over her lower back would secure her hips to the bar.

The body support was made from an oak board two inches thick by twenty inches wide. It was also heavily padded. It was set at a downward angle to force the occupant to have her ass stuck invitingly in the air while her head was near the floor. There were round holes cut in the board for tits to hang through. The occupant's head could be supported and/or restrained by either snap rings if she were wearing a collar or a leather strap. Provisions were also made to secure a bitch if she was wearing a or hood by the use of several sturdy snap rings.

The top of the body board was carved out to accommodate the bitch's head. The titty and head areas were heavily padded. Straps over the bitch's back opposite the tit holes firmly held her down and forced her tits through the holes provided for them.

Leather wrist restraints were place on each side of the board near the hips location. I had also constructed a cabinet under the body board in which supplies could be kept.

Finally, after a trip to town, I had the equipment and supplies I intended to use on Brittany. I was ready for her big night. When the restraining device was finished, I blonde amateur dirtbag taking cumshot through a glory hole it up stairs. I kept the device hidden in a large closet just off the living room. It was a Friday evening nearly four weeks since I had caught Brittany giving Boomer a taste of her hot and horny pussy.

The girls would be out of school for the weekend. I had refrained from using my fuck toy or two sluts over the last two days in order to have a large load of cum just for Brittany. After she had finished her chores, I gave her some instructions. "Brittany, you have been pestering me to fuck you for a while now. Are you sure that's what you want?" "Oh yes, Gary. I really want you to take me." "Well alright! Tonight is your special night.

I want you to&hellip." "Oh Gary, really? I promise to be a really good fuck, even if it hurts." Brittany had interrupted me. "Shut the fuck up, Brittany! Don't interrupt me again! You need to listen to your instructions or this will not happen.

Do you understand?" She lowered her eyes and answered. "Yes Sir." "Good! Go take a shower in the master bath. Be sure to clean yourself thoroughly and shave what little pussy fur you have.

Then, in my bedroom you will find a leather collar. Put it on and simply wait for me there. I'll be in soon. Don't come out until I come to get you." " Yes Sir!" Grinning broadly, Brittany trotted off to the shower.

I then called Sandy. "Sandy, you know how Brittany has been complaining and wanting me to fuck her. Well, tonight is her night. I intend to make a real show out of her first fuck. Would you and her sisters like to watch Brittany loose her cherry and get fucked doggie style?" "Hell yes!

She has been such a bitch lately. It will be fun to see her finally get fucked. I'm sure her sisters would enjoy watching too." "Good! Come on over. Let yourselves in and quietly sit on the couch. There is one very strict rule. Not one of you can say so much as a word or even make a sound.

I don't want Brittany to know you're here. If any of you make a sound and alert her, you will all be punished very severely. Do you understand and agree?" "Yes!

Hardcore interracial for playgirl smalltits and european

We'll be right there, and I promise we'll not make a sound." By the time Sandy, Beth, and Tiffany arrived, Brittany had gotten out of the shower, and I had moved my body restraining devise to the center of the living room. The nervous teen was impatiently sitting on my bed wearing nothing but the thick leather collar I had provided. I smiled at her as I entered the bedroom. She leapt up and kissed me, and I passionately returned the kiss.

"Brittany, since you are still so young, getting your cherry taken will probably hurt quite a bit. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to put a gag in your mouth to keep you from screaming too much. I also want to put a blindfold on you so you don't get scared when you see my cock coming at your pussy.

Is that OK, honey" "If you say so, Gary." She was such a cooperative little bitch. Treating her tenderly, I place the ball gag in her mouth and secured its straps behind her head. A black velvet blindfold was carefully placed over her eyes. Once the gag and blindfold were in place, I led her to the living room. Her mother and sisters were surprised to see their youngest family member gagged and blindfolded.

I continued her instructions while her mother and sisters listened. "Brittany, I'm going to place you on a special rack so you can alluring milf sucks and tittyfucks cock big tits and blowjob all my cock without wiggling." I then had the teen kneel and secured her knees to the padded cups. I bent her over and secured her to the cross bar with the waist strap.

Her knees were then pulled wide apart so her legs formed an inverted V with her virgin pussy at the top of the V. Her tits protruded through the body support and the back strap was tightened to keep her down. The snaps on her collar were then secured to the board. Her arms were secured in the wrist restraints. In front of her family, Brittany was secured and prepared to get her first fucking. She was ready. I bent over and kissed her ear.

"Brittany, you've been bitching about wanting to get fucked for some time now. I wanted to save you until you were more mature. I wanted to do this in a more loving way. I guess you just don't want to wait. You won't have to wait any longer. Honey, hang on. This is going to hurt." Slowly and gently, I teased her tightly closed pussy's lips. In just a few minutes, she was dripping wet and as ready as she would ever be to give up her cherry.

"Mumm humm." She mumbled through the ball gag in her mouth. Stepping behind Brittany's up turned ass, I knelt on my knees. My cock, hard as steel, was pointing directly at her virgin pussy. Rubbing pti patni xxx story sex stories up and down her soaking slit soon had her moaning behind the gag.

Then, without any warning I pushed my cock into her tight pussy. I pushed forward until I felt the barrier of her hymen guarding her inner prize. Brittany grunted from the discomfort as my cock pressed against her hymen. It was being stretched by my cock's head. I patted her ass, grabbed her by her hips, and pulled my cock back a little. I then rammed my cock fully into Brittany's tight virgin cunt. Her cherry was swept away in an instant.

The head of my cock slammed into her depths and rammed her cervix. Even with the ball gag in place, Brittany's scream was loud enough to startle her family sitting just five feet way. The devirginated teen was trying to yell through the ball gag. All that came out was garbled groans and squeaks. She was also making a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to escape the restraints. When she didn't settle down after a few minutes, I soundly slapped her ass. A red hand print quickly appeared on her right ass cheek.

Brittany calmed a little. I rubbed her sore ass and spoke to her. "Brittany honey, I wanted to save you for a while. Unfortunately for you, you wanted this too much to wait.

Now, shut up and take your fucking." Tiffany, my fuck toy, damn near messed up by laughing. She instantly slapped her hand over her mouth and gagged herself. Brittany's body visibly relaxed as I rubbed her ass. When she seemed calmer, I held her hips and roughly fucked her raw hole.

Because of her tightness, my cock soon erupted and bathed her cervix with its first taste of cum. The first of many more loads of cum to fill her cunt.

I pulled my bloody cock from her tender pussy. Brittany sighed in relief. "Brittany, if you promise not to scream any more, I'll remover the gag." Since she couldn't speak, I removed her gag anyway. "Are you going to take your fucking like a big girl now?

Or, do I have to put this gag back in?" No! No! I'll be quiet. Thank you for taking it out. Will you take the blindfold off too?" She asked. "No, not yet, but soon." I promised her. In the mean time, you need to clean my cock." Brit dutifully licked my blood and cum covered cock clean.

"Good job Brit. I need a bit of time to rest up before I fuck your ass. But, I have a friend that may help your sore pussy feel better. Hold on. He'll be here in just a second." I then went to the pantry and escorted Boomer into the living room. Sandy and her two girls on the couch nearly popped their eyes out when they saw Boomer come in. They immediately noticed he was wearing booties on his front paws. Boomer knew just what to do. He walked up to Brittany's ass, sniffed, and started small emo girlfriend finishes what she started her blood and cum filled pussy.

The teen knew instantly what was happening. "Oh Boomer! "You like him licking your pussy don't you, Brittany? "Well, I er…" "Don't lie! I've seen you let him lick you many times. You do like him licking your horny cunt don't you?" "Yes I do! OK? He gets his rough tongue so far up inside me. Sometimes I just can't stand it, and I cum all over his face." "That's cool.

I'm willing to share one of my bitches with my dog." Reaching into the storage compartment under the body board, I retrieved a spray can. "Brittany, I have some spray Boomer's breeder said would get a dog really interested lesbian teacher forced rape young girl a bitch's pussy. I'm going to spray a little of it on you and see if Boomer likes it. Ok?" "I guess so, but he seems pretty interested already." Boomer was interested.

It was driving his long tongue deep into his friend's hot cunt. According to Boomer's breeder, the spray was intended to get a young or reluctant stud dog to quickly mount his bitch. 'Well, let's see two blondes that want dick point of view this shit works on young human bitches.' I thought to myself. "Come on boy. Give it a rest for just a minute. You can have your bitch back real soon." I took him by his collar and pulled him over to Sandy.

She held the dog while I went back to Brittany. "This might be a bit cold at first, but I'll bet Boomer will warm it up real quick." Pssssssst.

Brittany's cunt got a good dose of the breeder's spray. She jumped when the cold mist hit her pussy's lips. Boomer immediately perked up. His ears stood straight up and he began tugging away from Sandy. I nodded and Sandy released the horny dog. He was on Brittany in a flash. He practically pranced as he returned to licking her gooey hole. Boomer's bright red dick began emerging from its sheath. His dick was just a few inches long at first, but it grew and grew. It wasn't very thick, but it grew to be nearly ten inches long.

Without warning, Boomer jumped up onto Brittany's back. His front paws landed on either side and in front of her hips.

He used his paws on her hips to get leverage on his bitch's hind quarters. His hard cock was spraying his own precum lubricant all over his bitch's rear end. "NOOOOOO!" Brittany yelled at the dog. "Get down! No Boomer! You can't do that. Please Gary, make him stop. No Boomer, damn it. I can't&hellip. Gary, he's putting his thing in my hole. Get him off… Aiiiiiiiieeeeeee!" She screamed louder than when her cherry had been popped.

Boomer had found his target. At first he only drove a few inches of his angry red dick into his bitch. When he realized he was in the right place, he rammed it all the way home. That's when his bitch howled. Boomer humped Brittany's cunt in the rapid fire style of a dog until he was fully seated deep in her hole. That's when Brittany seemed to give up the fight to keep Boomer out of her cunt.

My six inches of cock had hit her cervix. Boomer's ten inches must have penetrated her cervix and entered her womb. I then noticed a swelling forming at the base of Boomer's cock. The breeder had told me that this ball, or knot, helped him seal and stay in his bitches as he inseminated them.

His knot was rather small at first, but as he pounded her pussy with it, it grew in size. Finally, his cock's knot slipped past Brittany's pelvis and into her pussy's gaping opening.

Boomer was tied to his bitch. "Please, no. Gary, please make Boomer stop. Oh my God, Gray. I think he's cuming. He's cuming in me, Gary." She didn't sound quite so reluctant any more. "He's cuming in me a lot! It's hot!

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Oh god, it feels so good. I think he's going to fill me up with his dog cum. Oh Boomer, fill my pussy with your hot cum." "Honey, do you mom blackmail son for fuck when father not at home3 me to make him get off you now?" I asked the speared girl.

Boomer's new bitch seemed to have changed her mind. Now, she wanted his cum. "Uuuh, no. You might as well let him finish. It's starting to feel really good. His cum is so hot in me. Let him stay. I hope you don't hate me, Gary." "Not at all." As I spoke, Boomer climbed off Brittany's back and turned. The lovers were then ass to ass with Boomer's knot holding them together.

"I thought you were great, and I know Boomer liked you." I told her. I stroked Brittany's hair as Boomer continued to flood her sealed cunt with his dog cum.

After a while, Brittany asked. "He's not cuming any more. Why doesn't he pull out of me?" "He can't. His knot will keep him there for ten to thirty minutes so his cum can do its work and make puppies.

Just relax and enjoy the feeling of his doggie cock in your cunt." "Puppies? He can't make me have puppies can he?" Brittany sounded terrified.

I gently patted her ass and answered her. "No baby. You won't be having any puppies. Did you enjoy my little surprise? Did you like Boomer fucking you? Would you like to fuck him again?" I asked. "Yes! He gets so far in me, and he almost filled me with his hot cum. It felt really good. Yes, I want to fuck him again." "Good! I'm sure that can be arranged real soon. Now, let me take that blindfold off." As I released the clips holding her collar and untied the blindfold, I continued talking with Brittany.

"You know Brittany, I think you and Boomer put on one hell of a good show. I'm sure we'll have to do this again. I think your audience liked it too." "Audience! What audience?" As I jerked her blindfold off I faced her mother and two sisters. "Ladies, let's hear it for Boomer's newest bitch, Brittany." All three of them stood and applauded. Brittany cried from embarrassment. "Gary, how could you?" She sobbed. "Hey baby, remember, I wanted to save you.

Besides, every one of them will get a turn at being Boomer's bitch." The three women came to Brittany and petted her almost like she was the dog. They told her how much they had enjoyed the show. About that time, Boomer's knot had shrunk enough that he could pull out of his bitch. With a sucking sound, his knot popped out of Brittany's cunt followed by his long dick. Boomer walked over to the corner of the room and began cleaning himself.

A huge amount of the dog's cum was running down Brittany's legs. When I saw the mess, I said. "Sandy, get down there and clean that mess up. Make sure you do a good job because I don't think she's finished yet." "Yes, Master." Sandy complied. "While she's doing that Tiffany, you clean the cherry blood and cum from my cock." "With pleasure, Master." Fuck toy Tiffany responded. Sandy carefully licked and sucked every trace of cum, human and dog, from Brittany's legs as she worked her way up to her daughter's still secured cunt.

When Sandy had thoroughly cleaned the legs, she voraciously sucked and tongued as much cum as she could from Brittany's sloppy cunt.

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We all smiled because we knew what was coming next. Sandy kissed her daughter's cheek and told her. "Brittany honey, get ready. I think Boomer has come for seconds." Boomer had the same idea. After just a few minutes of licking his bitch, he mounted her again. This time, as the German Shepard drove his long hot cock into his bitch's gooey hole, she moaned in delight. As the dog rapidly humped his cock into her, Brittany let all of us know she wanted him to use her. "Oh Boomer. Fuck your bitch.

Ram that long cock deep in me. Fill my womb with your hot cum. Oh God, good boy." In a short time, Boomer's knot again sunk into the girl's cunt and tied them together. His bitch cooed and moaned as his hot puppy juice flooded her womb. Brittany was milf shaved black suspect taken on a raunchy ride confirmed dog loving cunt. Beth got the privilege of licking Brittany clean after Boomer pulled out of his bitch for the second time.

I then put Boomer out for the night. Just a few minutes later, I had coated my cock with KY and was standing behind the still secured Brittany. "Baby, it's time for one last opening. Are you ready?" I don't think she knew what she was ready for, but she agreed.

Dreamily, the well fucked young teen answered. "Uh huu. I'm ready. Is Boomer coming back?" "No, baby. It's me again." I told her. I gently patted rubbed her butt while sliding my cock's head up and down her sloppy cunt.

I then lined my cock up with her poop-shoot. "Oh! I don't know if I can take it there." Brittany sounded a little worried. "Sure you can!" I said. Then, without further talk, three inches of hard cock jammed into her virgin asshole. Her crinkled brown ring stretched to accommodate the invader.

Brittany cried out. "That hurts! Please Gary, take it out. I patted her ass and pulled my cock back until only the head remained in the Brittany's ass. Slowly and steadily, I pushed back into her ass. I shoved in until I was fully imbedded deep in her bowels. Brittany grunted and groaned. In a short time, I was stroking my cock in her tight hot asshole.

I knew I couldn't last long, and I increased the speed and force of my thrusts. "Uumph, umph, umph." Each time I slammed into her shitter, Brittany grunted. With one last forceful thrust, I buried my cock in Brittany's tight ass and pumped a load of cum deep in her bowels. "Ummmmmmmmmm." The teen moaned in pleasure. This bitch was going to be more of a slut than her mother, Beth, or Tiffany. Over the next few weeks, Sandy, Beth, and Tiffany each had their turn being secured to the restraining devise.

Boomer eagerly fucked and filled each of them with dog cum. Beth had several orgasms while secured to the restrainer while Boomer mated with her. She became a frequent visitor, not to see me, but to see Boomer. She didn't need the restraining devise after their first few meeting. Beth simply dropped to her hands and knees, lowered her shoulders, and let Boomer do his thing.

She even got a big thrill when Boomer fucked her in the ass. Once his cock entered a warm hole, the horny dog fucked it. She had failed to lower her shoulders and the angle was different for Boomer. He didn't realize, nor care, when his cock entered Beth's asshole. He rapidly humped his bitch until his knot was secured in her ass. He then filled that ass with his hot doggie cum. She had cum twice, once when he humped her rapid fire, and again when he flooded her ass with his cum.

Only later did Beth complain about her ass being "…a little sore." Boomer was one happy dog. The Party The following Sunday, I had a couple of buddies over to watch a ball game. Jim and Joe had been good friends before I came into my money, so I frequently paid when we went to the strip clubs together. When they showed an interest in a striper, I'd pull her to the side and give her a nice tip to give my friend some real nice entertainment.

Jim and Joe really appreciated the gift. We sat enjoying a beer and bullshitting during the first half of what turned out to be a boring game. As half time started, I asked. "Guys, would you be interested in the best damn blowjob you've ever gotten?" "Hell yeah!" They both replied.

I made a quick phone call. "Sandy, get over here!" "Yes, Master." She replied and hung up. A few minutes later, Sandy came walking in my door. "Sandy, these two men are my friends. Please strip for them." "Yes, Master." She eagerly complied. Both my friends hooted and hollered when Sandy tossed her blouse off and those Double D tits fell free. She was out of the micro-mini skirt in a flash. Of course, she wasn't wearing panties.

"I want you to suck them off, Sandy. Be sure to do as good a job for them as you do for me." "Of course, Master." She immediately dropped to her knees in front of Joe. In a matter of seconds, his hard cock was down Sandy's throat. "Does she always call you Master?" Jim asked. "Of course. That's what I am to her. She's my personal slut slave." I replied with a broad grin.

As she sucked Joe, Jim stared at her well padded thrashing an ultra small twat hardcore blowjob. "Oh my God.

This broad can really suck a cock, Gary. I'm already about to blow." Joe gasped. I know, and that ain't all she'll do. Is there anything you've ever wanted to do with or to a slut but were afraid to ask?

This slut will do it. Just asked." "Really? Anything?" Jim asked. "Yep, anything." "There is this one thing I've been kind of embarrassed to ask for." Jim hesitated. "Do you think she'll let me fuck her in the ass?" About that time, Joe groaned and fed Sandy a load of cum down her throat.

She licked his cock clean then smiled up at him. "Sandy, Jim wants to know if you will let him fuck you up your ass?" She just smiled, bent over, and reached back to spread her cheeks. "Would you please put it in my pussy a few times to get your cock wet before shoving it in my ass?" The second half of the ballgame was forgotten.

Jim and Joe tried their best to wear Sandy out. When she asked for a few minutes to rest, I called Beth over. My friends were freaked when Beth arrived and offered to take over where her mother had left off. "You're such a cute young thing, Beth. Are you sure you can take over for your mother?" Joe asked the teen. Beth didn't answer. She simply removed her blouse and skirt and tossed them to the corner. She then turned her back to them, spread her legs, and bent over.

She offered them both her pussy and ass." Joe knew what he wanted. "Damn, I've got to get me some of that ass." He then stepped up to Beth's backside, rammed her pussy a few times, then drove his cock balls deep into her tight teen asshole.

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Both men aggressively pounded Beth with their cocks until they gave her their loads of cum. By then the guys were fairly well spent. They sipped a beer and recuperated. Jim asked. "Man, where did you find those two?

They're the best party girls I've ever seen." "I know." I replied. "Those two are my sluts. You should to see my fuck toy and Boomer's bitch. They're younger and maybe even a little hotter and horny as hell." Joe looked shocked. "You mean Boomer has a girl bitch?" "Yeah, but he'll share if we ask him real nice."