Sara st clair and hailey little threeway sex on the couch

Sara st clair and hailey little threeway sex on the couch
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My name is Michael, and this is a story about me, and my exploits as a teenager. I'm 16 years old, I'm in the 10th grade, and I'm fairly average in every way. I look average, I'm pretty average at sports, and I've got an average popularity in school. I'm just average. I have an average family, a dad who's hard working at the age of 46. His name's James and he works as a lawyer. A hardworking guy, who loves his family, he cares for everyone, and he's well-loved within the community.

My mom's name is Jenny, and she got pregnant by my dad at the age of 17, and gave birth to me at 18. She's 34, and looks really good and young.

She's very well built, a beautiful blonde, who was curvy in all the right places. She works out to stay in shape, and is the perfect housewife. I also have a little sister. Melissa is 14, and the light of my father's life. She's a freshman at my high school, and is loved by everyone. She's gorgeous, with a head full of blonde hair, the spitting image of my mother, she's intelligent, and she's a lot of fun to be around.

And like all families, we all have secrets. My sister's secret is that while my father thinks she's an angel, she's a lot of fun to be around and loved by everyone at school because she's the school slut. She is intelligent, but that doesn't stop her from giving some of our teacher's head and offering up her pussy in exchange for some extra credit.

My mother's secret is that she's actually the neighbourhood whore. She works out by fucking day in and day out, every opportunity she gets, and with anyone she can. While nobody really knows that I know, I know that my dad is having sex with euro sluts have all dirty and oily sister, my Aunty Jackie, who also happens to be his secretary.

And my dirty little secret was that I lost my virginity to my mom, and was my sister's usual pimp, and both of their regular lay's. I was an incestuous, fucked up character, who didn't have any need for a girlfriend because I was getting all the pussy I wanted from the two bombshells in my house. My mom, like I said earlier, is super well-built, and has a non-stop pussy that just doesn't quit working.

My sister was an early-bloomer and is also fairly well built. At the ripe old age of 14, she's got a solid B cup, and stands at 5'2", versus my mom's EE cup and standing at 5'1". My dad used to play sports when he used to be in college, and didn't really lose his shape.

He's still muscled, and is a handsome guy, standing in at 6'2", and with your classic handsome good looks. I'm like a miniature version of him, standing at 5'10", and with a slim, athletic build. The way it all started was probably when I was a kid. Like I said, we were healthy, wealthy, and life was good for us. I always had my own bedroom, just as Melissa always had her own too.

When I was about 9 years old, I came to realize that my perfect family was a little fucked up. I first caught my mom with one of the neighbours, Mr. Stevens, on a Saturday morning. It wasn't anything huge, but my dad was out attending to a client with Aunt Jackie in a different state, and I happened to wake up early because I thought I heard something. My 9 year old imagination running wild, I snuck out of my room and checked to see if there were thieves that broke into my house.

It was early, around 6am, and I heard the noise again. It sounded like it was coming from the kitchen, so I snuck down the stairs, and creeped around till I was able to see what was going on. To my surprise, I saw Mr. Stevens leaning against the counter with his pants around his ankles, and my mom was kneeling in front of him with his cock in her mouth, and she was moaning around it, with drool dripping down onto her apron.

She was butt naked, with only the apron on her, and her blonde hair was tied into a pony tail, which Mr. Stevens held onto while he fucked her throat. Realizing this wasn't something that I wasn't supposed to witness, I snuck back upstairs and crawled back into bed. After 3 hours of lying there, I gals get teached by experienced mum devon lee out of bed, brushed up, and went downstairs to get breakfast from my fully clothed mother.

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That was the first day that I saw some chunky liquidy old tutor gets cock loving action young old smalltits that looked like white ketchup on my mom's cheek. "Hey mommy, what's for breakfast?" I asked softly. "Oh, just cereal and milk. Are you feeling well-rested, baby?" she asked me sweetly. "Yea, momma. Umm, you got something on your face mommy." "Oh my, I'm sorry. Mr. Stevens left that for me today. But you already know that, don't you?" she said slyly as she used her finger, scooped it off her face, and popped it into her mouth.

I didn't say anything, and just looked down at my breakfast as I blushed. This trend continued for every weekend that my father was away (which was often), up till I turned 11. When I turned 11, I started masturbating. Like every mother, she of course knew that I was masturbating, and I discovered porn. As I discovered porn, I realized that the little deposits on my mom's face came from the various neighbours' cocks she was sucking in the morning before I came down for the second time that morning.

Also, after I started making masturbating part of my hourly schedule while at home, I started coming home to a pair of panties on my pillow.

By now, I realized these were my mom's, and she was leaving me some strips of cloth to cum into so that I no longer got cum on my walls, pants, and sheets. Naturally, I took advantage hd pov stunning brunette rides your cock it, until one day, on my 12th birthday, a Saturday, my mom pre-empted my waking up at 6am to come into my room at 6.

"Hey hunny, I know you've been watching me in the mornings whenever your dad's out on business. I felt that it was time you got to experience your first blowjob." With those magical words, my sexually deviant life began. I started getting regular blowjobs from my mom. Every time we could get away with it, I'd be getting my dick sucked.

After schools, before my sister got home, I'd get a quick blowjob, in the mornings before my sister woke up and whenever my dad was out of town, I'd wake up to a quick blowjob.

Before soccer games, my mom would always give me a "lucky kiss" before the game, which usually amounted to a blowjob.

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After the games, regardless of the outcome, my mom would take me out for pizza, and before we got home, I'd get a blowy in the car. That was basically the way things worked out till I turned 13, when my mom offered me her pussy. By now, I had obviously watched enough porn to know how sex worked, and with my mom's constant sexual attention, I knew all the other things that came attached to sex. Mom also bought messy milf prepares for sexy scene pornstar hardcore regular porno's to watch on my computer in my spare time, and I still got a pair of her panties every night to jerk off into that she would collect every night, and as I later learned, she would eat the stale cum off them before sticking them into the laundry hamper.

This was just the way my mom was, and it wasn't even scratching the surface for how fucked up we would get eventually. My father was not in town often, as he was out making money, and as you know, fucking my aunt on his long business trips.

My sister often times would go out to various leadership camps, or sleep over at various friends' houses, so mom and I often times had the house to ourselves. Some of the raunchier, and crazier sexcapades that we engage in regularly, and have been for the last few years are frankly ridiculous, and even with the fact that my mom was an adulterous whore who would fuck a bunch of our neighbours, she would have lost a whole lot more respect than she did. This weekend, my father was out on some business, and he would be for the next 3 lovely hottie in latex dress gets punished hardcore and bondage, it was the summer, school was out, my sister was out at music camp, and she was going to be gone for the whole weekend.

Music camp was the one camp I refused to go to every year, just because it was boring as hell, and also because it leaves me alone with my mom for a while. We decided that this weekend, we'd drive down to a neighbouring town that was about 100 miles away, and have a bit of fun.

When we went out on one of these adventures, I didn't call her "mom", she became "Jenny" or "whore" or "slut" or some other degrading term. Melissa left at noon, and as soon as she was out the door with her bags and into her friend's parents' car, mom jumped up the stairs, dashed into her bedroom, and came out with a pre-packed bag.

She promptly took the blouse she was wearing off to reveal a tiny little bandeau top that just hugged her nipples and showed off the majority of her tit flesh. She also took off the sweats she had on, and was naked waist down. She reached into the closet door, and pulled out a shoebox, inside of which was a pair of clear stripper pumps. They were about 5" tall; she put them on, still naked from the waist down, and grabbed the car keys.

I looked back outside, saw that Mel was gone, and walked outside. The car unlocked, and I jumped into the passenger seat. My mom walked out with her little bag, put it on the porch, locked the door, picked up her bag, and walked down the driveway slowly toward the driver seat, still about 80% naked. She got into the front seat, not worried about anyone who may have seen her, and started up the car.

She handed the bag to me, and I pulled out a collar from the side pocket. The collar was a bright pink, leather collar, with the words SLUT written in big, jewelled letters on the front. My mom took the collar, put it on her neck, and then popped the car into drive, and started driving down. Midway to our destination, which was a tiny town we frequented, we stopped by a gas station we generally tended to stop at on these little weekend getaways. Mom got out, again, still half naked, pumped gas, walked into the gas station to the clerk, and since it was a relatively deserted highway, we were the only car at the pump.

I knew this wouldn't have mattered to mom, regardless, so I jumped out of the car, and strolled casually into the store about two minutes later. Obviously, mom didn't bring her bag into the store, because she usually paid in pussy. I walked in, and like clockwork, saw the clerk standing outside of his counter, and jumped up with a start when he heard the bell go off.

He looked around to see me, smiled, and just went back to enjoying the treatment he was getting from mom. My mom was on her knees, bandeau top pushed down so her tits hung out lewdly, swinging as she moved her head back and forth on the clerk's cock. I pulled out my cock too, and my mom grabbed it without thinking, alternating between my cock and his. After about 10 minutes of this, she got up onto her slutty heeled shoes, drool dripping from her chin and onto her tits, wobbled over to the counter, gripped the edge, and bent over.

The clerk went up first, shoved his cock into her sopping wet pussy, and just fucked her with abandon. It took him a few minutes to cum into her pussy, which he did, and promptly pulled out, tucked his cock away, and zipped up. I took his place, and started fucking my mother and her sloppy seconds. I, too, came within a few minutes.

"Hey, mind if I take a chocolate bar?" teacher nangi hot sex mam mom asked after I pulled out. "Sure, but it'll cost ya," the clerk said smugly.

My mom smiled at him, walked around the counter and dropped to her knees, fished his cock out, and started blowing him, in the nude. Just then, I noticed that another car had pulled into the gas station, and a lady of about 45 was walking up to the store.

I smiled, and kept my mouth shut, while pretending to look at a shelf, which afforded me a perfect view of my perfect mother on her knees under the counter, sucking dick, while another lady came up to pay for her gas. The gas station clerk grunted out "$35." While the lady counted out the money from her purse, and right when it looked like she had enough, my mom english school 18yer sex sex stories viedamazing storyed throated the guy really deep and you could see his knees turn to jelly.

Right when he began to cum, my mom pulled her face off, and as was her usual tradition, she took the majority of his second load on her face.

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"Are you ok?" the lady asked, with a concerned look on her face. "Yes, ma'am," the clerk grunted. He pulled out her change, and as he handed it to her, my mom got out from under the counter, straightening her bandeau top while smiling with her right eye covered in cum, drool still all over her chin and lower half of her face, her chest shining with spit.

The lady stared in shock as my mom thanked the clerk, and got out from behind the counter, still naked from the waist down. She picked up the chocolate bar of her choice, a Kit-Kat Chunky, and unwrapped it right in front of the lady. Without breaking eye contact, mom took the head of her chocolate bar, put it down to her dripping pussy, stuck the head in, and scooped out a glob of cum that was mixed from me and the clerk, and took a big bite out of the bar.

"Yumm," mom purred. "Oh my God!" the lady exclaimed, and ran out of the store, forgetting her change completely. She hopped into her car, and drove right off. Mom and I laughed, thanked the clerk again, and got back to the car. I got into the passenger side, and mom took a look at the leather seats of the car on the drivers side, while still standing outside.

"Hmm, if I get in, the extra cum might stain the leather. Your dad would be able to tell, and we can't have that," mom said thoughtfully. I knew she packed a skirt in her bag, so I reached for it, but before I could mom told fresh webcam couple gives a tribute show to wait.

Without a second thought, she pulled off her bandeau top, bunched it up, and stuck one end into her cunt. "It was a soiled top anyway. No point in creating extra laundry, right?" mom reasoned out. We carried on getting to our destination.

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We got to the town we wanted to be at around 3:00pm, and drove right through the town to the local truck stop. It was a motel that a lot of truckers tended to stop at, and we loved it here. Mom parked, reached over to her bag that she'd packed, and pulled out the items. Inside were a camera, which she handed to me, a mini skirt, a tube top that belonged to my sister, and a leash.

That was basically all that we'd need for her. I took a hold of the camera, and my mom just got out as she was. She pulled out her fishnet bandeau from her pussy, popped the corner into her mouth, and started chewing on it. We locked up the car, and walked up to the front desk of the motel together. "Hey Jen, we got a room ready for you. Same deal as always, of course. You guys will be checking out Sunday night?" the clerk asked. "Yes, Bobby. Did you want to join us right now?" I asked him.

"No thanks, I'll come by after my shift. She'll be here all weekend anyway, so it works out regardless" Bobby replied, as though we were just regular customers renting a regular room, and not a 34 year old naked woman with cum on her face and her son. We went to the room Bobby showed us to, and mom started earning her keep for the motel room.

See, in establishments like this one, where many men came through, stayed for a night or two, and left after getting a few beers in their system, they required a few things. The first thing they required, was pussy, which mom was obviously more than willing to give up, and the second thing that the management required, was some "housekeeping".

Mom provided both on these weekend getaways, and from the truckers, we got a lump sum of cash, which mom could then use for whatever extra purchases she wanted to make, and from the motel, we got some carte blanche to do whatever we wanted at no cost, and Bobby got some free pussy.

Mom, still in her stripper heels, collar, cum splattered face, and massive smile, she walked out the door, with me following with the camera. I turned it on, turned it on her, and followed her straight down the hall, into the lobby, and we walked into a room in the corner. The room was actually the men's room, and this was where mom earned her upkeep.

She walked two horny sluts want to make each other squirt to the first urinal, got on her knees, and got straight to work. She lapped up the rim of the urinal, cleaning up the piss that was on the rim, and using her saliva to clean the whole place.

She moved from urinal to urinal, cleaning the rims completely till they were spotless. "Hey bitch, look at the camera and tell us what you're doing," I commanded her. She turned to look at me and the camera, and said, "Hey, I'm Jenny, the ultimate whore and cunt, mother of two, and wife to a loving husband. I spend my weekends in a motel, cleaning up the urinals with my tongue, and making sure that the whole place is clean. If anyone comes in looking to take a piss, I always let them pee in my mouth, where I swallow down whatever I can.

The floors in here are my responsibility too, so I always lick the floors around the urinals clean, too, that way I don't miss any of the piss, and I make sure to do a great job with my cleaning duties. After I'm done here, I always go out into the truck stop and if anyone wants to pay my pimp up front, they can fuck me.

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If not, they can pool a lump sum together and fuck me in a gangbang. That'll usually finish off my weekend, and then I can go home, where I can be a loving wife to my husband, and a wonderful mother to my two kids again. They'll never know what a slutty little piss-loving whore I've been, and they never will." I loved her so much. This woman who was my mother was the ultimate woman, and the fact that she became the ultimate whore for me was the best.

I think I should probably tell you how this all started. How did it go from blowjobs and simple fucking to toilet licking and gangbanging strangers?