Sexy teen wearing freeones and teasing with her body

Sexy teen wearing freeones and teasing with her body
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It wasn't too long after the party, say about three days, when he popped up on my Facebook chat. I was rather taken aback. Normally it's me trying to get him to say something. But I guess after the events of his 18th birthday party things might be a little different between us now. Heyy Hey how's it going? Oh not bad ta u? Yeah pretty good! Cool, u up2 much?

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Nah just chilling in my room, you? Same Cool Well that was the boring bit out the way. Normally nothing would happen after now. I flicked through a few of my tabs before I realised he replied again. U njoy the party? I grinned to myself and stroked my bulge as I remembered. Of course ;-) did you? His reply took a while to come through. Ye I grinned again. Thought you might have done Not as much as u tho Haha what makes you think that then?

U no Haha I found myself getting slowly harder and harder as I remembered Kate's sweet sweet cunt. Since the party I had managed to find her on Facebook too, but hadn't found the chance to repeat any action.

I slipped my hand down my grey sweatpants and squeezed as his next message came in. Was she good? You know she was ;-) Lol wish that was me tbf I know you do James Lol I opened a new tab and put on a generic porn site.

Recently I'd found myself getting more into black girls with fat asses. I found a really hot video of some bitch taking a hung white cock before I returned to James. Carnt believe you fucked my alltime crush Haha me neither So jel I bet you are Mmmmmmmm The black girl shook her cheeks on my screen which forced me to get my cock out. You seen her at school then Yeeeeah Bet she looks fine ;-) U no it Hehe Fuck shes a tease tho. Dem skirts and tights Fuck that's hot Man Id fucking streetgirls auf mallorca dildo ficken am strand her if shed fucking let me Mmmmmmm that I wanna see O really Yeahh My cock was super gooey with precum now I'd got it out.

Mia khalifa sex story amazing could barely control myself seeing James chat so dirty. Maybe we should tag her then mate Holy crap yeah Fucking pound her hole Mmmmmmmm show her who's boss Shed love it the bitch Yeah she would My hand was now stroking the full length of my seven inched dick, gradually covering it in precum.

I went back to my video as James went briefly quiet.

By now, the black girl was being encouraged to swallow a full ten inches of white meat. Fantasizing about that cock being mine didn't help my edging towards orgasm. So James, seeing as I've got you so worked up about her… ;-) Wot. Just wondered if you're a virgin or not… Haha lol why? Didn't know if you had time for shagging with all your biking and shit haha Lol whatevs the girls love me haha That's as maybe but have you actually shagged a bird tho?

Corse I fucking have! My cock jumped and I nearly came at that. Haha good lad ;-) Like I said they love me ;-) Whatever ;-) not with your tiny dick! Ooh badman!!

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They'd love my cock more you know it Your fucking huge man. Hehe why do you think she was enjoying herself so much?

Coz size fucking matters hehe Yeahh I went back to my video briefly. By now the black bitch was bent over sofa and being smashed by son hot ripped ginger guy with a massive cock. She screamed as juices came gushing out of her tight pussy. So come on then, when you last get a girl? Ummmmm few months u? Saturday, fool ;-) Oh yer haha lol What was she like?

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Well fit. Good man where you fuck her? At work hahahaha Omg! Seriously?! Ye loll How'd you do that?!

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She came in the shop, I thort DAMN so I had her round the back lol That's fucking mental. How did you pull her?! She came over wanting help so I asked if it was for her rear end haha, she thort I ment bikes but she got the hint haha lol Haha so cringy ;-) what a slut Yeah she was a moaner too. Fuck. Dam what an arse tho. Did you give er a nina elle gets fucked in various positions one?

;-) Yer bust a nut deep in her pussy man Smooth Yer lol I was super close to busting a nut myself. I had to close the video in case I did too soon. Shall we tag her too? ;-) Back off shes mine! Lol Fine, then Kate's mine ;) Ooooooh fuck. You know you want her sweet pussy. Fuck man don't make me choooooose. You won't have to if we have a fourway ;-) Hahahahah omg lol you for real? I'm game if you are ;-) Holy fuck man that'd be unreal.

You know it… I was genuinely unsure if he meant business or not. Who mia khalifa full lenth storys He went quiet for a bit so I nagged him with something out of the blue. You like my cocksucking then? He remained quiet. The little "read" sign told me he was afraid to admit it! U no your stuff I'll take that as a yes ;-) But then you are a slut!

Lol Oi! Cheeky ;-)Just coz I get more pussy than you! Yer but you're a cock slut boiii Ooh now he was getting feisty. I started wanking again. And a pussy slut ;-) Filthy cocksucker Hahahaha you know it U love it in your face And my ass Mmmmmm dirty cockslut bitch Hahaha steady on James Nahh u want some filthy hard dick in your slutty ass and face.

Bet u could take three or four you dirty scumbag. You want that to happen horny boi? See u scream as my mates fuck your slutty little hole, u'll be screamin all night u fucker. U'd better get ready slut we aint gonna give u no mercy fucker. Mmmmmmmmmm I want it deep in me James. All your horny teenage loads. I no u do fucker. U'll be sore all day wen were done wit ur slutty hole. I can't wait. Mmmmmmmmmmm slutty bitchboi. He must have been seriously horny by now.

I was just about to shoot my load over myself when I had a cheeky thought. Speaking of getting with you and your mates. I know about you and my bf ;-) The "read" sign came up.

But no reply came. Then he went offline. Ha. He must have cum. I grinned and finished myself off over that video again.