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Pretty teenies get legal age teenager twats licked
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Me: A 6ft footballer's body with not much hair, blue eyes, light brown hair, blue eyes and a cute bum. I started to have these desires around 12/13.

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but never acted. Finally one day around 18 years old I signed up to one of those popular sites and had a browse; the men who contacted me were a huge variety.

The thing is there's two types of cock-loving men: Bisexuals and Gays, one has an inherent culture and now mainstream lifestyle, the other is more secretive and suppressed. I fall into the bisexual category. Not because I like men per se. As you will read, men don't attract me, but a much older man with a big gut and cock does. Funny that. So as I browsed this site, I realised the gay/bi community sara jay takes a really big black cock really care much for actually MEETING.

Most wanted to "Cam" or sex-chat, etc. And even with a full blown profile laden with what I was after, people didn't care to read. I bought a membership to expand my horizons but it bore little fruit. And I was very ready for someone to pluck my fruit. A few men seemed good, some even great. That was when I met Harry. He lived about 30 minutes away and had his own place.

A 52-year old man, divorced, a smaller-than average cock that was thick at the base.

Was this my long term daddy? No. But that didn't stop me from visiting on many occasions and getting my fill. I even fucked him, because my impressive cock had a tendency to make would-be tops turn. Harry and I bred like animals for about 6 months and these were really good orgasms for us both. Harry's cum was thick and white which was a huge turn on.

We recorded many video's (but never uploaded them) of his cum flowing from my prone pink ass. (Even I like my bum). The creampies were VERY satisfying of course, made more-so by his loud groaning in my ear as he plowed me spread-legged in the prone doggie. position (which is highly underrated). It was great. But he was holding back emotionally and when we wanted to make-out or text dirty, he went down a gear.

I needed a man who would take my feelings and add to them. Not in the relationship sense, but in the intimacy and "dirty" sense. Harry and I stopped talking when his ex-wife took him to court over their kids and I went on the prowl again, this time I uploaded some better pictures and caught a tonnage of attention. Mostly unwanted again (people looking for blow-and-goes, heavy smokers, drug dealers looking to suck for drug money) and on and on it went. This isn't to say there weren't prospects - there were many - but as your narrow glamorous model cockrides in steamy taboo duo search in these communities it becomes about distance and patience very quickly.

As my membership expired and my messages were limited, my hopes were all but gone, so classic as it was, that one of the last days on the site I received a message from a man; "Hi", that's all it was. I glanced at the profile then logged out.

I returned a week later to see the man had unlocked his photos after I viewed him. A fat cock. tick (Much) older than me? tick Bigger and taller than me. oh yes. tick Not out of the state but quite far.

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tick .more or less We started to chat, he seemed stern and to the point, he told my about his long-term Thai boy who had to move away.

There was an opening, so the pictures started to flow, I caught some more glimpses and was sold on him, I couldn't believe my luck.

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Hours after my pink asshole, long sexy cock and rounded cheeks were his to see, we chatted more intensely about what we like and hate. It was finally asked of him by a very horny me "so when are you going to mount and breed me daddy?" that was pretty much it.

His reply wasn't over the top either - he must've known he had me. "Meet me at X motel on Friday morning, I work PM shifts". See, I really loved that- More now as I think- this man, behind his wife and grown up children's back, was leading a double life- that's not the amazing part. It was his coolness with the idea that he had found a fresh new asshole to dump sperm. I myself was a casual worker, so I cleared my scheduled and it was set.

The night before was a sleepless one, and we swapped messages like crazy until his wife cock-blocked him. His name - Peter. And peter didn't masturbate much, his fat cock was a fire-hose waiting to drain the HUGE balls below.

This was my ultimate fantasy. How the fuck was I so lucky? Also, top-Men should masturbate as little as possible because the storm of sperm that follows is very thrilling.! - - - It was the morning, I had to wake up at 7am and drive and hour and a half, lots of time to think, I'd made sure not to eat anything two days prior to avoid any complications.

I checked my messages "Today your holes are mine boy, come to me xx" - receiving that was a shock to the system and it drives you insane as a passionate sub. When you're so ready for a big cock, you take it much more comfortably than you can ever 1st studisiberian mouses masha babksucktitle1st studisiberian mouses masha babksuck porn storys sear you would when you're not into them or it.

The drive had me anxious and ready as hell, I pulled up to the motel, booked me half-day room with a 12pm checkout and texted him (I'm here). My heart throbbed. I reached into my pants and pressed my middle finger against my asshole thinking to myself "in less than 5 minutes this is going to be his." I jumped in the shower and cleaned myself a second time to just to be safe.

I waited and waited. 10 minutes went by, a very long and shaky 10 minutes, finally I hear a knock. In he came brushing past me as all I had on was underear, he must've been anxious too, we made brief eye contact "Hello there." he set down his backpack, he was HUGE. Much taller than me, a large fat man indeed and I wasted no time, we got on the bed, and his breathing was intense, before long my cock was in his mouth and he was slowly sucking away on my own beast.

it was magnificent! - even more so his loud breathing was deafening in the quiet room. After a few minutes I tapped him "my turn." I said and he fell onto his back, knees pivoted, I pulled his underwear off and there it was, not hard yet, but I could see this wasn't just a fat cock, it was MEAT.

"here." Pete handed me an elastic band and I pulled it over his cock and balls. I had teased him many times about how much I wanted to work his balls to get his sperm ready and I made good on my promise. As the elastic band tugged tightly around his meat and two veg, his cock grew from a small roll to a veiny pipe, thicker than what he had advertised to me online.

"MMMMMrnnnghmmmm. be careful son." he said breathing deep "I'm so close, I haven't jacked off in two weeks." as I clasped his balls and cock together. wow there was a lot to hold onto. And I sat back and took in the swelling yet beautiful sight that was making my heart skip. I started with his balls, because that's how us guys like it, and after a comprehensive tongue and sucking effort, and with a hard grip on his cocks base, I shifted a lick up his shaft to the underside of his knob.

He struggled to contain himself, he wasn't holding back, neither of us were. My thumb and finger glided between his balls, separating then nursing them together. (A tip guys, massage his balls thoroughly before orgasm!) Finally, I transitioned to suck down on his cock as far as I could go without paying excessive attention to his deprived knob, I made sure to suck him within an inch of his life and kept an eye on his reactions, "careful son.

oh god. careful" he continued in his masculine deep husk, his legs stretched and moved, his hands gripped and pulled the bed. I looked up from between his blondie with a huge rack giving herself orgasms and begged him "Fuck me daddy, breed me!" I said looking at him intensely as if this was the 100th time.

He climbed off the bed slowly and I got into my favourite position, doggy. I arched my back, presented my asshole and nice smooth bum, well rounded with a pink hole.

He came up behind me and felt me with his hands, I shut my eyes and soaked up the experience. Peter wasted no time as he went down and sucked my cock from behind "this cock of yours is huge boy!" and then finally my sacred pink hole. "mmmmmnghr" he hummed aggressively as he went in to eat my ass out sparing nothing.

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Slapping the top of my ass, grabbing, pulling, tasting. It was time. The fat bald-headed daddy who had a real manliness about him struggled to his feet from his knees "okay son, here I come. stay there, put your head down. more." I did as I was commanded. Siding my face into the motel bed.

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Then I felt it. His huge knob exasperated by the tight elastic band that held his meat and balls together glided up over my hole. up, down, looking for the point of least resistance, his hand guided his cock until it found my inner ring, he moved his hand. sunny leone porn 2019 xnxx storys your ARE TIGHT BOY!" he grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed "please gently please!" the initial pain was the worst part about being fucked and Daddy cared not.

Finally the point of no return: Pete grabbed my hips with power and conviction. When a man grabs and positions/commands you like his sperm dumpster, you know there's no turning back. It's just a matter of how long until he unloads. And that was pretty much how it was. Peter couldn't open me up initially so he spat saliva on my ass and then drooled it onto his cock. (I'm genuinely tight and this was something I'd kept sacred for the right man).

Second time around there was no chance of survival, his slippery cock, knob probing, had pushed blood from the head allowing him to break inside me until his head was in. Impaled I groaned "Oh god. fuck it hurts. please slowly." we waited for a few seconds.

his knob expanded again back to size and I felt it grow.

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Meanwhile, the elastic band was truly kicking in, producing veins and swelling. The pain subsided mostly with some tiny movements. As Pete began to push and search for my depths, deeper in and out until a final long push saw the second half of his cock embedded in me.

It was in. I felt something against my balls, his balls. I reached between my legs and grabbed them suddenly realising this is what I'd waited for for TWO years was to be fucked and filled like this by a man like HIM! I once again thanked my lucky stars. I gripped the bed with vigour and focused on my bouncing image of the bed frame.

"Please daddy fuck me, rape your sperm into me!" I lost my mind in all honesty. And he complied. He came in closer and certainly deeper. "Yes son, take my big cock in your tight little asshole" "That's it boy, ugh. yeah. you love that big fat cock in you?" Husk husk husk and on it went, the words and the sex, back and forth.

His balls, stepdaugter jill and stepmom banged with dericks big horny cock and swollen, pre-cum had made it to my ball sack until finally. "Oh Jesus boy. I'm going to cum." "Are you ready for my cum boy? Take my sperm, take it all!" And finally after the incredibly filling feeling of his fat cock, I started to jack off as he began to burst out a loud long groan cumming and fucking me exactly how I wanted it.

I spilled ropes of cum onto the bed as he spermed me and kept fucking away, I could feel the hot cum, it was bliss and euphoria like I'd never felt, and finally we stopped moving, but he didn't withdraw. "Don't pull out. hold it deep inside me" I pleaded. And Peter grinding circles slowly for a few minutes until finally his cock softened and fell out "Oh shit" he said, as what can only be described as a stream of white milk flowed free of my ruined asshole.

He quickly grabbed a towel to wipe me, it was done. "Thank you" - - - We are still hot attractive babe bound and wazoo screwed each other about once a month, the sex is wonderful, the drive sucks but I would rather drive an hour and a half for the perfect daddy than 5 minutes for another useless limp-dick. Perhaps one day he'll move closer. I will upload some pictures or even a video of our encounters if this story gets enough attention!

:) Thank you!