Son caught step mom showering and fucked

Son caught step mom showering and fucked
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It was New Years Eve at the home of Lucy, the sister-in-law of a workmate Mike. Around 15 of us had gathered in this Scottish village for a party to welcome in the New Year. I was a divorced 40 year old like Lucy, her sister Karen was a year older.

Lucy's children shared ages with the various cousins at the party, 13 - 17 years old. I was pretty much the newcomer in the group, having known Karen's husband Mike for several years at work, this was the second time of meeting Lucy, a petite blonde, and her children, Paul age 13, and Stephanie 17.

Both children shared the looks of their father I guessed, carrying a little extra weight, and having dark hair. I'm sure I wasn't the only guy who'd looked at Lucy that evening in her short tight red dress and seen the flash of her underwear as she sat on the high stool in the kitchen and crossed her legs. Her black stocking tops contrasted with her pale thighs and the sight was engrained in my brain for later.

The edge of black bra on display along with her small breasts as the red material of her dress crisscrossed at her small waist was also enticing. Her mid length blond hair framed her blue eyes and an inviting mouth coated in red lipstick matching her dress and polished nails. She looked younger than her years in a dress designed for a younger female, and was out of my league without a drink to give me courage.

It had been arranged for me to recover from the party in Mike and Karen's spare bedroom, a 10 minute drive from Lucy's home, and 60 miles from my own. 11:55pm waiting arab fuck the best arab porn in the world the count down to 2007, the children had rushed through hoping to sneak some alcohol to celebrate the New Year and suddenly 17 year old Stephanie was standing next to me with my half empty bottle of beer in her small hand.

Wearing a short dark skirt and colourful tee shirt, her dark hair pulled into a pony tail, her glasses framing her large brown eyes, she looked a couple of years younger than 17, and was pretty enough to have had a few boyfriends in the last year.

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I'm sexy asa and dani daniels lesbian adventures sure, losing her puppy fat would gain her a queue of admirers. With the bells ringing, it was finally midnight, and we all seemed to exchange light kisses welcoming in the new year.

As I seeked out Lucy hoping for a longer more meaningful kiss, Stephanie grabbed me for a 2nd kiss and kissed me with an open mouth, thrusting her tongue between my surprised lips. It lasted all of 5 seconds but remained in my mind as I approached her mother and exchanged a similar alcohol induced kiss. Lucy replied with her tongue in my mouth and a firm grip of my bottom as I held her waist. This had be a sign that I would start the first few hours of the new year in a stranger's bed with company as had been subtly suggested by Mike and Karen earlier in the evening.

As the party quietened down, and her visitors dispersed Lucy snuggled up to me on the settee several times, offering soft kisses onto my neck and cheeks, I finally realised that I would be sharing a bed with this petite lady at the start on a new year. Stephanie's lingering kiss earlier, had disappeared from my mind until I went looking for the bathroom and found her in the hallway.

Well to be honest, she found me, and followed me into the bathroom, as the urge to urinate became too strong for me to ignore. Failing to convince her of the privacy I wanted, I hoped she would leave as I pulled down my zipper and reached for my flaccid cock, it didn't.

As I aimed into the bowl for release, her arms surrounded my waist and chest, and her 17 year old body pressed into my back. The next few minutes seem to pass in slow motion as Stephanie unbuckled my trousers, cupped my balls, and kissed my neck as I emptied my bladder.

My cock started to thicken as I realised what was happening, and as my flow stopped Stephanie wrapped her hand around my cock. I was sobering up quickly as reality sunk in, and as I turned to lock the bathroom door, Stephanie released my cock, and quickly pulled the tee shirt over her head displaying a pair of small but beautifully formed breasts, with the most delightful erect nipples.

As I approached her, she thrust her hands at my semi erect cock and knelt in front of me, aiming my cock for her mouth, her tongue attaching itself to the underside.

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Within 2 - 3 minutes she had the veins in my cock throbbing as she placed her lips over my purple head, her small hand pulling my foreskin back and forth as her 2nd hand cupped and squeezed my balls gently. My 7" cock was as hard as it had ever been as it was treated to this young girl's mouth. I was nearing the point of no return quickly and found it hard to pull away from the suckling mouth as I pulled Stephanie to her feet. I wanted to fuck her.

I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I played with an enlarged nipple then filled my mouth with the other nipple and small breast, while reaching below her skirt seeking her pussy with my right hand and finding her warm mound.

I cupped her panties and found her wet gusset a major turn on, as my attention turned from her erect nipple to releasing her pussy from the thin cotton panties. I found myself on my knees looking up to this young girl, as she unfastened her skirt and displayed a pair of pale yellow cotton panties struggling to hide a pair of purple swollen lips behind the damp patch that seemed to expand before my eyes.

As Stephanie helped me remove the damp panties, I released my restrictive trousers and pants, and guided her to sit on the edge of the toilet, her legs spread wide showing her young swollen pussy framed with dark sticky hair. A strong pungent smell filled my nostrils as I leaned into the mass of stickiness for the first sex xxx full china hot storys playing taste.

My senses were awoken as I brushed my tongue up and down her swollen lips, around her wet thighs and onto the patch of hair on her mound. My thumbs opened up the lips of her delightful pussy and her juices tried to escape my hungry mouth.

Her taste was overpowering and I felt my cock twitch and get harder as I found her clitoris and sucked it into my mouth, the sudden pressure on her clitoris drove her hands into my hair pulling my face into her ever leaking pussy.

Filling her with my cock could wait, I wanted to drink in her juices. With my tongue scooping her juices into my mouth I reached with a thumb to stroke her clit, and set off her orgasm which flushed my face with more of her juices. She moaned as 2 of my fingers, previously fucking her, transferred her juices to her mouth through her bee sting lips.

She sucked at my fingers almost painfully removing all traces of her pussy juice. My plan was now to fuck her and pulling her to her feet, I sat on the toilet, and pulled her down towards my cock as she faced me. With her hand around my cock, her swollen outer lips enveloped the head and first few inches of my cock before she paused and muttered to herself, she was tight, perhaps too tight. She was tighter than I had ever known any lover to be.

Her juices dripping from her swollen pussy forming a wet surface on my thighs helped the movement of my cock, but the vice like grip never eased.

With a hand on her shoulder I pushed Stephanie down as I slowly thrust my cock into her, releasing a scream from her mouth. I felt her heartbeat through my cock as we sat and adjusted to the feelings that we shared in her tight pussy, eventually moving slowly we found each others mouths, our tongues dancing with each other as we became new lovers. The thrusting into her pussy became slightly easier as Stephanie forced herself down in a trance like fashion as I gripped her shoulder with one hand, the other nestling on her arse cheek.

I moved a wet finger towards her anal opening and played with the tight hole as she continued her machine like movements on my 7 inch cock, suddenly the need to come was upon me again, and I quickly asked if it was safe to come inside her.

I was greeted with a yes and Stephanie's mouth was on mine as her tongue mirrored the thrusting of my cock. A half dozen sharp thrusts saw my come shooting into her warm pussy, and my middle finger buried in her anus.

In the few minutes that we relaxed the blood drained from my cock and I felt our combined juices leaking past my deflated cock, and soak around my sweaty balls. Stephanie was first to find the energy to move, and I found myself looking down as she lifted my shrunken cock into her mouth. Her tongue cleaned the juices from my cock and balls and I watched as my cock became semi erect once again. I was suddenly aware of the situation of this teenage girl cleaning me of our combined juices in her home and realised the potential problems this could cause.

Pushing Stephanie away I reached for the discarded clothing and handed the skirt and tee shirt to the young brunette in front of me before dressing my lower half. A drink of water and some toothpaste in my mouth refreshed me enough, as I hoped to return to the party without suspicious questioning. Lucy approached me as I entered the main room and reached around my waist pulling me towards her petite body, sending a spark of excitement to my semi erect cock. Could I really get away with fucking her daughter before spending the night with her?

Time would tell. Through time the majority of Lucy's guests filtered home leaving myself and Lucy's sister Karen sitting together as Mike and Lucy cleared things in the kitchen. Karen suddenly said she knew of cute blair gets her tight pussy fucked hard by jessys big cock secret with Stephanie, and I froze. I feared for the worst until she thanked me for caring for Stephanie when she was sick in the bathroom earlier.

Lucy had seen us appear from the bathroom and cornered Stephanie for an explanation. I was a hero in Karen's eyes. If only she knew. Karen and Mike were the last to leave Lucy's house and it was presumed I would stay with Lucy, I had no objection, other than a possibly uncomfortable meeting with Stephanie at the breakfast table in the morning.

Lucy grabbed my hand as we switched off the last remaining light before entering her bedroom, a room decorated in deep red colours, lit with several small lamps. As I sat on the end of the bed as instructed, Lucy slowly removed her dress, revealing black stockings held up by suspenders that matched her black lace panties and bra. Her pale skin contrasted lovely in the dim light, with her slim waist and flat stomach disguising the fact she had given birth twice in the past.

Revealing her small breasts as she turned towards me, I was aware of the blood rushing to my cock as Lucy's hands framed her covered pussy mound. I watched as fingers from each amateur blonde party big jug latina is a slut for some cash her hands sneaked under the lace fabric and teased her mound and was I hypnotised by her movements as she approached me.

A finger gently stroked my lips as Lucy transferred her delicious juices. My tongue reaching out for its share, which were delivered by this blonde seductress. Her delicious fingers found my mouth several times in the next few minutes as I was cocks for one hawt euro beauteous bitch before her panties were finally pushed slowly to the floor.

The missing panties, revealing a neatly trimmed blonde bush, above a small pair of lips, her clitoris hood struggling to hide the sensitive bud below.

As I reached towards this beauty, I was pushed onto my back, and my hands were firmly held above my head as Lucy took charge. I lay back as Lucy ground her bare pussy onto my covered cock, stimulating herself in a forceful manner. Reaching between us, I undid my belt, but failed several times to release my cock from the confines of my trousers.

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Our tongues battled in each others mouths as Lucy reached her orgasm, spilling her juices onto my covered lap. I gently rolled Lucy off me and onto her side before finally undressing myself, rolling on my side as Lucy's breathing returned to normal after her orgasm.

Her pubic hair attracted my attention as I rolled her onto her back and widened her legs. I lay gently over Lucy and edged my erection between her delicate lips, appreciating the wetness that helped ease my erection into her pussy. Not as tight as her daughter's, but just as wet, her lubrication enabled my 7" to slide into her pussy easily, and I was soon completely entered into her.

A slow rhythmic movement was enough to satisfy me for several minutes before Lucy's legs wrapped around my waist. We panted in harmony as we headed towards my 1st orgasm with her, and as it neared, Lucy encouraged me to release myself into her mouth.

With little time to spare, I pulled from her pussy and headed towards her mouth when the first of my spurts erupted onto her face, my mom japan xxx sex stories son spurt landed on her lips and chin as her hand gripped my cock, and then I was in her hot wet mouth.

This brought renewed energy to me and I forced my spurting cock deeper into her mouth forcing her to gag as I held her head tightly. I was drained completely and found myself willing to sleep with this face tight against me. Lucy's idea was similar as she sucked gently at my softening cock her tongue escaping her mouth to gentle tease my balls. I awoke with light streaming over my face from the window and lay thinking of the sexual encounters I had gained in this house in the past few hours, comparing 2 fast and furious fucks with a mother and her daughter separately.

As the reality sunk in, I wanted czech bi lovers have fun in threesome escape to my own world, where partners were found in bars, unknown to each other.

After a quick shower, I dressed and made my way towards the music downstairs.

The kitchen was an organised mess when I entered it, surprised not to find Lucy, but Stephanie in a pair of fleecy pyjamas. A sexy greeting was followed by a open mouthed kiss on my lips as this young girl awoke my limp cock, as I panicked to escape her charms.

Stephanie explained her mother had left in a rush not a half an hour earlier mentioning my overnight stay, and to be nice to me. Stephanie's definition of being nice totally different from her mother's as she unbuttoned her top, displaying her firm small upturned breasts. I was in a trance as redhead girl moans loud when she gets erection became obvious to both of us, a 17 year old offering herself to me as I tried to escape into my more normal world.

Stephanie used this to her advantage as she knelt at my feet releasing my cock. My body surrendered as my hard cock was enveloped by her hot wet mouth, and my mind followed as I held her head and pushed, forcing a scream from this young girl. The powerful effects from her mouth had awoken my needs and after several minutes of thrusting into her mouth, we quickly raced to her bedroom where her pyjamas were discarded and Stephanie found herself on her hands and knees on the edge of her bed while I relentlessly forced my hard cock into her tight pussy.

Her screaming muffled by the sheets surrounding her face as I pushed my hard cock into her faster and faster. I played with her anal opening with a saliva covered finger for several minutes, as I pounded her young pussy, and encouraged her to join in fingering her anus.

She quickly reached around with dampened fingers and slowly popped her middle finger in and out her dark opening I wondered if this was her usual masturbation trick. Watching this brought on my orgasm and I released my cock from her pussy while coming over her pussy, anus and fingers.

Her fingers shared my juices between the two openings and I watched her force 2 fingers into her dark anus and erupting into her own orgasm instantly, I suddenly wished her fingers had been my cock, and rubbed my soft cock over her sticky fingers, but it was too late, the blood had drained from my cock. I cuddled Stephanie as we lay together sharing gentle kisses as I played with her small breasts and hard nipples, my cock stirring into a semi erect state.

Stephanie stroked my cock gently and manoeuvred down my body, reaching my cock again with her mouth. I lay exhausted as Stephanie's mouth treated my cock to a wet bath, sucking the head big boos mom and sun length into her mouth before releasing and capturing my balls into her mouth, returning to the head and shaft randomly.

I was in heaven, and Stephanie was putting on a show, which brought me close to the edge several times before gripping the base of my shaft and subduing the feelings. I erupted into Stephanie's mouth and without warning we shared my seed in a long kiss when she returned to lie beside me.

The ringing phone awakened us from our short sleep and as I dressed Stephanie announced that her mother was on her way home. I had to leave. I was partly disgusted by my actions with this 17 year old girl.

I walked towards my friends home where I had parked my car, examining the morals that had allowed me to fuck a 17 year old daughter and her mother within several hours under the same roof. My mobile phone rang several times as I drove the long kinky gangbang featuring a shorthaired lassie creampie blonde home, Mike seemed determined to speak to me, I wasn't too sure I wanted to speak to him.

I phoned Mike several days later with the intention of apologising but found myself speaking to Karen, who explained Lucy's embarrassment at abandoning me in bed when she awoke. I called Lucy and we agreed to never mention the night that we spent together. Stephanie it seemed had never discussed our encounters. On my next visit to Mike's Stephanie was hanging out with Mike's son and at the first chance she thanked me for taking her cherry.

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I was stunned that Stephanie had been a virgin when we first met inside that bathroom. We spoke on the phone later in the month planning a meeting in the city near her home, but she never appeared. I guess she realised that there was no future in fucking a guy as old as her own father, I'd loved to have had the chance to spend a night with her, but it was not to be.

I was invited to Lucy's New Years party the following year, but I decided against appearing.