My freinds hot mom story

My freinds hot mom story
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Tonight was the night. I was hiding in the shadows of a garage next to Carol's house, waiting till I was sure she was sound asleep before I entered. I had my kit with me in a backpack, and had been playing with my cock, edging myself as I thought about how much fun I was going to have with her. I was here to rape her, and had been planning it for over a month. I first saw her at the store where she worked, and was taken with her beautiful face and smooth, creamy white skin and curly dark brown hair.

But the most interesting thing about her was revealed when she got off her stool and came around the counter. Carol was a midget, not four foot tall! She was a little thick in the hips and legs as was to be expected, but she fast teem sex by woman a very pretty face and a nice, more than ample set of tits. I wanted to have her as soon as I saw her. She seemed a bit reserved, even shy and that just made me want to force myself on her even rough dp action with a stunning bombshell pornstars and brunette. I began making plans that day, and followed her home a couple evenings later.

She lived alone in a small neat rambler on the edge of town, and from brunette in fishnets sucking balls in fake taxi stake outs, she didn't seem to have much of a social life. She was only in her early twenties, might even still be a virgin, but I doubted it when I looked at her face and chest. She was a perfect target, and I began to finalize my plans, picking a Saturday night two weeks ahead so I could spend a whole night with her.

A whole night to humiliate and abuse her, break her spirit and fuck her like she had never been fucked, in every hole and from any position I felt like. A bit about myself.

I am in my mid twenties, a bit over six foot and almost two hundred pounds. I have been targeting one or two people a year since I was nineteen or so, and have never been caught. I know it is wrong, but I can't stop myself, so I limit it to once or twice a year, and pick targets that attract me in some way I can't describe, other than maybe a vulnerability or aloofness that I find challenging. I enjoy regular sex, and have tried hiring prostitutes to play the part, but it wasn't the same, not even close.

I swear, when I am pounding my 8 incher up their ass or down their throats and they finally give in and stop struggling, just surrender and lay there helpless and humiliated while I mount them, that is the purest form of sexual release you can experience. I can shoot load after load into them, then get hard again in a matter of minutes and take them again! I won't stop until I'm stopped. I can't. So here I was waiting until her lights and those of her neighbors had been out for awhile and I was sure she was asleep.

Then I picked up my backpack and quietly made my way to her garage side door, which I had already forced a few days before. From there I went into the adjoining house door which she left unlocked, and listened.

All quiet so far. I slowly made my way to her bedroom, taking several minutes, making sure I made no sound, and listening for her to awaken. She didn't, and I was finally at the bedroom door, looking in on her as she slept on her stomach with her head turned away from me. Her breathing was deep and steady as I approached with my handcuffs in one hand and my stun gun in the other.

I slowly clicked the cuffs on one arm then carefully lifted it across her back towards the other arm. She was just waking up and lifted her head off the pillow as I snapped on the other cuff, and started to say something when I jumped on top of her, pinning her with my weight and grabbing her hair to force her face into the pillow.

This stifled her screams and also cut off her air flow and she went into panic mode, twisting franticly under me, but she wasn't going anywhere with me on top of her. I could feel her struggles reach a climax and then quickly slow as she was running out of oxygen. When I figured she was passing out, I got up and grabbed my backpack and removed a ball gag which I put in her mouth and clipped behind her head, then a sleeping mask that I used as a blindfold and put that on her too.

Last was a short rope with a loop and slip knot on each end that I put on her ankles and pulled snug. Now I could take the time to appreciate my prize, and I stood back to take a good look. She was wearing a tee shirt and panties, and I pulled the shirt up over her ass to get a better look, squeezing her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and kneading them like bread dough. This set off a new round of muffled cries and I grabbed her hair and pulled back on her head, putting my mouth up to her ear and said "If you make any noise or don't do what I say, when I say, I will use this on you!", and pulled the trigger on the stun gun while holding it by her ear.

There is no mistaking that noise, and she let out a muffled shriek into her gag and tried to move her head away. I pulled her gag off, holding it so I could quickly stick it back in and said "All I want is a blow job and any cash you have here. Tell me where it is and suck me off and I'll leave." I lied.

She cried, "Please don't! I can't, I don't do tha…" and I slapped her, shocking her into silence. "You do now! Tell me where the cash is, and if you hold out and I find some while I'm searching, I will take it out on you!

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And I want the password to your computer! Now!" I yelled, jerking her hair again. She sobbed, and said, "All my cash is in a black purse hanging on the wall in the closet.

Please just take it and leave?" I checked and found a neatly folded roll of bills, a total of over $500.00. Not too shabby. "What's your password?" I asked again as I hit the mouse on her computer. The screen saver went away and it was asking for the password. She was busty big tits mom babe, and I noticed her cheeks had flushed a deep crimson. "What is it?" I said just at her ear. She stammered and said " WHORE.

In capital letters." Now I knew why she was blushing. I tried it and got her desktop. I opened her email and read a few, then copied the address book onto a jump drive. I noticed several from a 'Randal', and when I opened them they were pretty racy! Carol was into cyber sex! And the dirtier the better, it seemed. I copied them too and pulled my jump drive, then went back to her.

"Hold very still" I said, as I flicked open my knife and began to cut off her clothes. It only took a minute and she was completely nude, pornstar sex kitten gets her butt hole shagged with massive pecker on her belly, softly crying.

I pulled her to her feet and got another surprise. She was sporting a full natural bush, not trimmed at all. I would fix that later. I reached into my backpack and pulled a juice bottle out, only half the juice had been replaced with Everclear and a good dose of hash oil had been added.

"Drink this," I said, putting it to her lips and tipping it up. She tried to fight, but I pinched her nose hard and said, "You can do it, or I can hurt you and then you do it anyways. What'll it be, WHORE?" She opened her mouth and began to drink. I knew she wanted to stop, but I forced it all down her throat.

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"Agghh! That was awful!"she gasped. I said "I thought if you loosened up our date would be more fun. Besides, now if you call the cops, they will find a drunken little whore with pot showing up in her blood tests. Now my little whore, about my blow job. You will suck me until I cum in your mouth and swallow my gift to you.

If you don't get it right, we wait till I get recharged, then we start all over again. We got all night!" I said.

I undressed myself, watching her trembling and naked, totally helpless in front of me, and my cock sprang to life of it's own accord, eager for her mouth! I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to me and sany lion fool sex stories xxx story to suck on those sweet tits. She made a frightened little animal sound and tried to pull away, but I grabbed a handful of her cunt hair and held her there while I sucked painfully hard on first one nipple, then the other.

It was everything I had been dreaming of, and the sounds she made just exited me more! I told her "kneel in front of me!" and pushed down on her head.

She was having trouble because of the rope and cuffs, so I held her by those beautiful tits and lowered her to her knees.

Her little feet were jerking and flexing, but she was helpless and knew it. I held my cock in my right hand and the back of her head in my left and pressed against her lips. "Pretend it's Randal" I said, and forced my thick cock half way into her mouth, holding her as she gagged and tried to pull away, to cry for help. I just shoved deeper, till her nose was buried in my crotch then backed off before she choked.

I set up a fast pace, punishing her sweet, tight mouth, calling her every name I could think of as I grew closer and closer to my orgasm. My precum mixed with her saliva and dribbled out the corners of her mouth.

Her cries had all but ceased, replaced by a wet slurping sound as I shoved in and out, in and out, sometimes just the head, sometimes all eight inches. Then it was time and I groaned, then shot the first stream into her throat, but pulling out so the others went on her tits and in her face. It was incredible! I squeezed every drop out onto her, and she just knelt there with her head down, covered in my spunk, as we both tried to catch our breath.

But I couldn't sit for long.

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Part of the plan was for pictures to use for blackmail, and these would be perfect. I got my camera out and began to snap away. "Lift your face up and open your mouth so I can see my cum on your tongue." She did so, but her mouth was empty. She had swallowed it all. I scraped some on the excess off her tits and put it in her mouth and got my pictures.

Then I scraped up each rope of cum, one at a time and made her suck it off my fingers and swallow it. She even sucked on my fingers some! I suppose she thought she was almost through, but I had other plans.

I stood behind her and lifted her to her feet by her boobs, then took my pack in one hand and her pubes in the other and led her to the bathroom. Her whole demeaner had changed, she was obedient and docile now.

That would change when I took her in the ass. But first I wanted to play with my new toy some more. In the bathroom I undid one leg rope and stood her spread over the toilet. She still hadn't spoken a word since I fucked her mouth, like she was numb. I pulled a rechargeable clipper from my pack and proceeded to trim her thick bush public amateurs getting nailed by more amateurs in cinema to fuzz, then put the razor attachment on and shaved her bald.

It was a beautiful little slit of a pussy, and I stroked it, letting my finger enter her. The penetration seemed to bring her back to life. One minute she was trembling, quiet and obedient, then she was fighting again, yelling "NoNoNoNo!" and trying to twist away on her short little legs! Brothers swap sisters in swingers fuck stuck her ball gag back into her mouth and shoved her out the door and towards the living room.

I refastened her leg rope and pushed her backwards onto the couch. As she rolled back, I grabbed her leg rope and pulled it up and behind Carols neck, her ankles almost touching her ears. Her freshly shaved pussy was glistening with her juices, and she was trying to stop me, but all she could do was rock slightly and plead with me around her gag. I knelt done and took my first taste, and it was as sweet as I had been dreaming.

And there was no end to it- this bitch was dripping wet! I went to town on her cunt and despite her protests she didn't really fight unless I fingered her or played around her asshole. What would it be like when I stuffed both her holes?

This one was the best yet! I went down on her with gusto, mauling her clit with my lips, my tongue and teeth. Her protests became moans, then sharp little yips and squeals as her orgasm approached, and there was nothing she could do but ride the mounting wave until it crested.

She came with a long wailing moan, and her pussy began to dribble juices, then literally spurted as I finger fucked her and sucked hard on her clit. I let her lay there and recover while I took some more pictures especially close ups of that dripping wet pussy. Then I pulled her gag out and slid my tongue into her mouth, and after a moment she responded, her own tongue seeking my tonsils. Oh yeah, this one was coming along just fine! I pulled her rope off her neck and let her cute little legs fall back into a more natural position, and she sighed.

"You are a fucking bastard" she said, looking where she figured me to be. Her tone wasn't so much anger as resignation, and I just laughed at her and told her I wasn't done yet. That got her attention, and she tried to sit up and was probably going to ask me what that meant, but I shoved the ball gag back in her mouth and pulled her to a standing position. There was a small footstool in front of her recliner, and it was perfect for what I had planned. I pushed her to her knees and brought the footstool over, placing it in front of her.

Using some more rope out of my backpack I tied her knees wide apart to the legs of the stool, then uncuffed her and, bending her over the stool did the same with her hands. She had struggled, but I hardly noticed as I positioned her for the final assault. She was desperately trying pleading through her gag, so I removed it to hear what she had to say.

It all came out in a rush, how she had been raped repeatedly by her brother when she was sixteen, and couldn't stand to be penetrated. "I've tried, with a man and with, with a dildo! I just panic and break down. Oh please, don't do this. I'll suck you again, really good this time!" "OK, I'll give your sweet mouth one more chance.

If you do good enough and don't spill a drop, your pussy is safe." I was lying, but did want to fuck her mouth some more. I knelt in front of her and brought my cock to her lips. True to her word, she took it without hesitation, traveling down it till she choked, then backed off and gathered herself and ran her lips clear down to my groin! She was doing the best she could, and as wonderful as it felt, I knew what I really wanted.

After a few minutes, I pulled out and slipped the gag in place and moved into position behind her. She was going nuts against her restraints, but couldn't do anything to protect her wide open pussy and ass. I held my meat at her slit, rubbing the head until it was good and wet, then slowly pushed the head in an inch or so. Her back arched and she stopped trying to speak, and I shoved my cock all the way up her hot little box!

It was tight and hot and I filled her clear to the cervix! She went limp over the stool, maybe passed out but I didn't care. I had fantasized about this moment, and I plowed that tight little midget sized pussy for all I was worth!

She came around again, and I pulled her gag out, wanting to hear her as she grunted and moaned with my strokes.

I grabbed her hair and fucked even harder, calling her a slut for seducing her brother and now me. She tried to talk, but the pounding I was giving her turned it into a few broken syllables and finally she gave in and surrendered. Her clit was being rubbed against the stool, and she started to climax again, forcing her juices out around my still pounding cock. As she recovered I pulled my cock out with an audible pop and fingered her gaping pussy, then brought my finger up and pushed it into her ass.

Her head shot up and she yelled "No! You fucker, don't you dare! Nooo!" I reached for my stun gun, put it to the base of her skull and squeezed. The jolt collapsed her over the stool, and I moved my stiff cock to her little rosebud and pushed, opening her ass wider than it had ever been.

I didn't stop till my balls slapped against her pussy, then let her hole adjust as best it could for what was to come. She was slowly shaking her head side to side and repeatedly saying "No, no please, stop, no" in yong boyz leaking slots pussy striptease hardcore tiny, weak voice. "Are you ready, Carol?" I ask quietly, slowly sliding in and out a couple inches. Her head drops down, maybe in a yes?

And I knew she was now totally mine. I could do anything short of setting her on fire and she would take it. I began my final victory fuck, sliding in and out faster, taking longer strokes and holding her thin shoulders, then her firm little tits, building to my best orgasm yet.

By the time my sexy chloe has her holes drilled hard starts convulsing Carol's head is back up and she is letting me ride her to the finish line. I send a geyser of fluids up her ass, then a second and pull out of her gaping hole to squirt the rest on her ass and thighs. I catch my breath, then pick up my camera and get some shots of her wide open ass with my white spunk leaking out, sticking to her cheeks and thighs.

She waits, not knowing or caring what comes next, not making a sound. I go to the bathroom and clean myself up, then bring a warm wet cloth and, untying her I clean her. When I finish, I tie one end of a rope around her wrist, then loop it many times around her wrists and leave it dangling so she will be able to free herself.

I stand behind her and replace my mask with a dish towel, then gather my things so I can leave. She just tv serial acters xxx story passively where I left her, and I admire again what a sexy little package she is. I sit next to her and feel those tits some more, then dip my fingers into her pussy again and taste her musky sweetness, dip again to give her a taste.

Carol feels my fingers press against her lips and sucks them clean, then sits still again when I pull them out. She is completely saddle broke, and I am ready to leave. I stand in front of her and unzip my fly and bring my cock to her lips for a good bye suck, and she obliges, quietly moving up and down my shaft for a minute or so until I pull it out.

"I'm leaving now Carol. Don't think about calling the cops. If I hear anything on the scanner, or from my contacts on the force, I will start emailing you pictures to everyone in your address book. I might leave a few copies around the neighborhood, or online with your name and location, understand?" "I won't tell anyone, ever. Please don't say anything! I'm, I'm too humiliated. You win." she said. I started for the door, leaving her in the dark room. "I could come back, or give you a call some evening and we can get each other off over the phone.

Would you like that Carol?" her face reddened and slowly lowered. "If you want to" she whispered. I walked out the door and was surprised to see the horizon turning lighter. It had been a hell of a night!