Horny girls are sharing a hard dick

Horny girls are sharing a hard dick
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"Draby, yall know very well of my stand on masturbation, am I correct?" "Yes, sir" "Good. Then you know that my harsh laws are for the benefit of the boys of Brownsville, ain't ya?" "Yes, sir" "Good, good. Then this boy Will, I need ya to lead him to 'salvation'. understand, Darby?" "Yes, sir, I do, sir." "Good, good, now Darby, the sinful nature of these teenaged boys can be fixed.

My security systems catch em', my officers bring em' in, and the 'Farm' helps to take care of the problem." "Yes, sir. I am familiar to the system's program, Rev. Greene." "Good. Well then off ya go to complete your, oh let's call it your mission, how about it?" "Yes, sir" "Alright, let us pray" Like the day before Will woke up at around ten.

As his eyes adjusted to the light, he leaned up in his bed, stretched his arms above his head, and rubbed his eyes. A note was placed on his nightstand, which read, "Dear Will, I had to go to Reno to get the rest of our stuff. Love mom" Wearing only his boxers, Will stepped intense threesome session with two raunchy lookers of bed and walked to the shower were he turned on the hot water and slid the glass shower doors closed.

Yawning, he pulled his boxers down and began to pea into the toilet. When he was done, and had shaken his growing boy cock, the touch reminded him suddenly the events of yesterday.

Will's mind suddenly conjured up the embarrassing and revealing images of his ordeal the other day. As he thought about jacking off in-front of the three girls, Will immediately got hard as he was reminded of Brook ordering him to strip and play with himself. "Take off your shirt, now." He imagined her saying. "But-please, I don't want too, can't I please keep my shirt?" "No" He imagined her saying as she began to pull off his boxers and shorts.

Will's pretend-time made him subconsciously began stroking his dic. He closed his eyes and arced his head back, moaning silently in pleasure. "Brook! Stop! You-your embarrassing me!" "Be quiet! Stand still" As Will imagined another humiliating ordeal, he climbed into the shower, while still slowly stroking his dic.

He now imagined Brook tying him to his bed and climbing up on him, kissing his stomach and chest. He thought about her then sitting on his stomach and twisting his nipples. He screamed in pain, as she next sucked on his neck. As Will masturbated to his fantasy, the steam of the shower began to fill the bathroom.

Hot water began to flow down his slender yet muscular body, his wiry black hair now flat from water. He moaned silently once more. His right hand now feverishly jerking his five and diamond foxxx giving him the hard sell half inch boy cock, with his left hand massaging his left nipple slowly yet roughly.

As Will enjoyed his private time, he remained ignorant to the three females quietly walking into his bathroom, and sitting on the bath rug in-front of the shower doors.

As the three girls enjoyed the show, Will, whose eyes were still closed, began to moan and pick up the speed of which he was masturbating.

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For no real reason, Will opened his eyes to look down at his dic, when he caught the three girls watching him from outside the shower. "What the fuck!! Get out!! What they Hell, you guys!" He shouted angrily, covering his erect dic and balls with both his hands. "Relax, Will! We saw you doing this yesterday, its not like we've never seen you masturbating before!" Lisa said. "I know! But that doesn't mean you can see me naked and jacking off all the time!

Do you know how embarrassing it is for a guy when someone walks in on them masturbating!!" "Obviously not that embarrassing, your still hard, Will." Brook said incriminatingly. "I-I uh." Will stammered, attempting to find a come back. "Well, Will?" Anna chimed in. "I guess he likes being embarrassed." Lisa chuckled. "Just get out of my room! I'll be julia ann mom seon sex in a minute." Will yelled.

The three girls walked out of the room laughing, leaving Will by himself. Almost immediately smoking hot swingers love to feel multiple big dicks began jacking off again, and in a matter of what seemed like seconds, he orgasmed, his boy cum slipping out of his dic and coating his hand with semen.

He, as he usually did, kept jacking off his dic to get the most out of his orgasm. He had a sigh of relief, as he sat down in the shower, recovering from his orgasm. "I guess.I do like being embarrassed." Will thought to himself as he imagined the three girls tying him to that bed and pinching and prodding his body. Will got out of the shower and dried himself off.

He walked outside the bathroom to find cloths, but found that all his clothing was still downstairs. Part of him was excited, as he thought about the girls seeing him naked, but for the most part, Will was afraid of being seen naked in front of the girls again. As he slowly crept down the stairs, Will saw that the girls were watching TV, so he quickly ran to the laundry room, to avoid being seen. Once there, Will slipped on a pair of compression shorts, elastic band shorts, a white v-neck, and half-calves with vans, before he walked out of the room and into the TV room to the girls.

"Well Will's finally here." Lisa said. "Yeah, so I think we need to talk" Will said.
"Don't worry, Will.

We'll try to not walk in on you masturbating." Brook said sarcastically. Will looked at her body.

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Brown hair, blue eyes, soccer shorts that showed off her beautiful well tanned legs, a tight white tank-top, Will couldn't help but notice her cleavage, "Will! Will! I'm up here buddy!" Brook yelled while snapping her fingers in front of Will's face, "How about this, ever time you stare at my tits, you show me your stuff? Ooorrrr, I could tell grandpa!" "I-I-uh.fine, just don't get me arrested." Will said defeatedly. "Alright, after all, we like you, and we don't want to see you get sent to the Farm." Lisa responded.

"The Farm?" Will asked. "Yep. The Farm. It's were the boys who get caught are sent to be rehabilitated until they turn eighteen. But usually when they're released they leave Brownsville, so no one really knows what happens there." "Do you know where the Farm is?" Will asked, now in a concerned manner.

"I do" Brook said, "But the last time I was there I was five, so it's kinda hazy, but I know where it is." "Was it-was it bad?" Will asked. "All I remember was seeing the boys working in the field, I remember their dorms, which looked like barns, and I remember them being naked all the time." "Oh God." Will said fearfully. Moments like this strongly discouraged him from masturbating. "Don't worry, Horny blonde masturbates pussy with glasstoy wecamnet. Just avoid his watch dogs, also, the alarm systems, they're the Rev.'s eyes." "Rev?" Yes, Rev.

Greene, he's the town's leader I guess, Lisa went on, "He's the one doing all of this. You can meet him tomorrow" "Why, what's tomorrow?" "Sunday, Will, you know?

Church?" Anna stated. Will laughed then said, "Me and my mom don't go to church, we are what you might call, 'non-believers'." "I see, well then Rev.

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Greene will be on your ass even more." "Damn, well? Any advice?" "Yes" Brook said. "Stay away from other people, anyone besides us has a fifty-fifty chance of turning you in to my Grandpa." At around four the three girls left Will's house. He waved good by to them before running up stairs and into his room. Rummaging through his unpacked boxes that scattered his room, Will found a box labeled, "Will's Stuff." he opened the box to reveal a box filled to the brim with playboys.

Will grabbed the entire stash and threw them under his bed. One magazine, however, was flipped open as it made its way under the bed. Will couldn't help but notice the blond centerfold, sprawled out on a sedan chair, her entire body on display. Will looked around the room, then slipped out of his shorts and compression shorts, as he began to masturbate to the image of the woman. Will barely blinked as he starred at the woman. His mouth was partially open as he rubbed his balls with his loose hand, as he quickly pulled on his dic with the other.

As he tickled his balls, he rummaged through another box to pull out a bottle of lotion, of which he squirted on the pink head of his teenage cock. With the hand that was not tickling his testicles, Will rubbed the lotion on his penis as he slowly massaged his now lubricated dic. Will loved the sound the lotion made as he puled his hand up and down his cock. "Oh yeah." He murmured to himself as he continued to stair at the woman in the japanese gorgeous babe sucks two dongs hardcore blowjob. The feeling of an orgasm began to grown in the base of his dic.

"Uuuuhhhh" he moaned as he felt the orgasm travel up his dic and finally explode with a fountain of cum flowing out of his little teen penis and falling on the woman's face. He wiped the cum from his magazine and threw it under his bed.

As he did, he walked into the bathroom and wiped the cum and lotion from his dic with a towel before slipping in his shorts and sliders, and walking down stairs to the TV room. After a few minutes, he heard the door bell ring. He got up to go see who was at the door. "Hello! My name is Darby! You must be Will!" The bubbly girl shouted as she shook hands with Will. "Uh-high, Darby. Yeah, I-uh I'm Will." Will said, attempting not to stair at any inappropriate place on the girl before him.

"Do you mind if I come in? I want to talk to you about joining our youth-group at the local church, you see I-" "I'm sorry, Darby. Me and my mom aren't interested in joining your church." "Well can I speak to her?" Darby said, grabbing the door as Will tried to close it.

"Nope. She's in Reno" "Well is your dad interested in-" "I don't know who my dad is" "Oh. I-I'm so sorry, Will." "Yeah, now get the Hell out of my house." "Will, I'm sorry I said that but please, can i come in?" Darby pleaded as she purposely tripped forward, expertly making sure to make Will's hands accidentally grab onto her breasts. "Will!" "I-I-I uh." Will said as he enjoyed the feeling of breast in his hands.

Darby grabbed his hands and kept them in place, so that all he could feel were her blossoming breasts. "Do you like them?" She asked, moving one hand from Will's wrist to his dic, which she slowly stroked under his shorts.

"Ye-yes."Will nervously said, enjoying the feeling of his dic being felt up. "Good, now let me do all the work." She said in a seductive manner, pushing Will into the house and closing the door behind them. She pulled him into the living room were she threw him on the couch and pulled her shirt off in-front blowing chick is also a good aim will, before taking off her bray and throwing both pieces of clothing into Will's lap.

Will looked in amazement at the two beautiful teenaged tits. Plump, light, and round, he reached up automatically and cupped her perfect and soft breasts, rubbing his thumbs across her nipples. "You like this don't you Will?

You like my tits don't you?" "Yes, I do." Will said quietly. "Alright, lets do this" She said, as she pushed Will's hands away from her tits and naughty teen serves a cock hardcore blowjob between his legs, "Have you ever gotten head before?" "Uh.no.I guess not" Will said shamefully, his heart racing as his teen-boy hormones kicked into overdrive.

He began leaking clear pre-cum. "Good, now lets see what you got" Darby said once again in her seductive voice. She reached into his shorts and pulled his dic from its place. She pulled down his compression shorts and shorts, revealing his five and a half inch cock, and his swollen boy balls, which had retracted back towards his shaft. "Darby, I.I-uh-" "Shh.let me do everything." She said. She took his entire dic in his mouth.

Using her tongue, she licked the gland around his head as she began to bob up and down over his shaft. She next began sucking only on his head while massaging and cradling his balls with one of her hands. "Oooohhhhh.Daaarrrbbyy!" Will moaned, "Darby, Darby, I-I'm going to-to-Darby I'm going to cum!" He yelled as he burst his load into her mouth.

She swallowed all of the cum and licked her lips. She next put her tongue between Will's balls and licked up his shaft, between the cleft on the underside of his head, and began to circle the head. She then stood up and put her bray and top back on. "Anytime you want it" Darby said, "Call me" she said handing Will a number. "I-uh-I will" Will said, mya nicole lesbian ass fuck voice cracking again, "I'll call you Darby" As Darby walked out of the house, waving at Will, she secretly laughed inside.

"I've trapped him in my web!" She thought to herself, "Boys are so stupid, so easily hypnotized!".TO BE CONTINUED