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Marilyn mansion in seeking sexual role fucks
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Author's Note: This is the final in the series Alyssa's second story. As always, feel free to read The Challenge 4 and/or 8 to learn of these fictional former Playboy Playmates and of the very special incestuous haven that was built for them and many others.

This last entry features the most appearances from characters in previous chapters. In Alyssa's first story, she left an abusive husband and communicated with her son, via letters, while moving from place to place.

Things are winding down. Certain womanizing black men that I've used in many of my stories are seeing their supply of women decreasing. Mothers prefer the dicks of someone else their sons. Former Playboy Playmates Part 10: Alyssa's Family Introduction Rodney was sitting alone on his couch in his Miami apartment. Dad crush caught and punished step daughter for sneaking nickey huntsman and point of view looked around, shaking his head, confused and angry.

His stable of women was dwindling. No more groups of ladies accompanying him to a club, no more gatherings at his place, with several women in his bed. He tugged on his limp cock, unable to get himself horny enough to pleasure himself.

Something was very wrong. His brother Ronnie was experiencing something similar in Charleston. Ronnie was on the beach, surveying the area for pussy, he found some, but all the women were with someone. Ronnie peered at a familiar looking bikini-clad, tall Latina. She was hugging, kissing an older man. Ronnie watched as a much younger guy joined them, hugging her, kissing her lips too. "Her dad and son?" Ronnie wondered. He shook his head, looking onward. Ronnie saw another young guy walking with not one, but three women all dark hair, like the guy.

"I know her," Ronnie thought of one of the women, watching her flirt and laugh with zaya cassidy extra small hottie plowed hard young man, oblivious to his presence. Ronnie turned his head, seeing another familiar-looking brunette.

She was running toward another younger man. "Henry!" she called out. He stood, scooping the woman up, swinging her around. "Hey mom!" Ronnie heard him say from a distance. Ronnie's mouth dropped open when he watched them kiss passionately. "Ok, I'm out of here. I'm going home," Ronnie got his towel, his bag, and left the beach. Rodney called him on his way home. "Things are changing," Rodney said. "I know." "Hardly any women left in Miami it seems." "That bad?

Charleston is smaller, but man, there's no women here that are interested in me anymore," Ronnie said. "I can find a couple women here and there, but it's nothing like it used to be," Rodney lamented.

"We had constant pussy. It's like something changed and these ladies are spending time with family members." "Almost all my women here have moved. A couple even told me they had family business to tend to," Rodney said. "Yep. I think there's some major, freaky family relationships going on here," Ronnie said. "I gotta do something. I need to find someone, someone special.

And I know who," Rodney said. "I know who you're talking about. We knocked her up. I bet she still lives in Atlanta." "Yes. I know exactly where she lives too," Rodney ended the call to his brother. He looked to his empty bedroom thinking back to when he took her, fucked her, and mated her. "Alyssa," Rodney nodded his head. "I'm bringing you back here where you belong." Chapter 1 Alyssa counted down the days until her son, Joshua, arrived.

She cleaned, and re-cleaned her small, cheap apartment close to his college. She worked overtime at the nearby Goodwill where she was an assistant manager. She also re-read her favorite letters from her son. Sitting on her small bed, going through the box of what's become her most prized possession, Joshua's letters, Alyssa picked out a few to read before his arrival the next day. "I'll be there soon. Finally, free from Dad, he'll never know I'm staying with you while at school.

I can't wait to hold you, to see your smile, to hear your voice. I've missed you so much." His written words alone brought her smiles. Alyssa folded the letter, placing it back where it belonged. She grabbed another written a couple years prior. "Mom, your letters are safe. Dad will never find them. I read them at night before going to sleep. Every night I pretend you're with me here." Alyssa teared up, recalling a letter she wrote him, about how she wished she could tuck him and lay there with him until he fell asleep.

Another letter: "My senior prom was this weekend. As I said in a previous letter, I didn't go. I didn't care. Dad approved of this, reminding me women were nothing but trouble. We stayed home, played baby girals xnxx storys com, and watched TV. The whole time, as is usually the case, I thought of you.

I was alone on the couch, imagining you were there next to me. I pictured my arm around you, holding you, watching TV. I can't wait to do that in real life. I can't wait to leave this summer and go to you. Dad will drop me off at college, leave, and I'll immediately make my way to your place.

We'll only be two miles apart." Alyssa folded that one, putting it back in its envelope. She remembered writing Joshua the next day, stating she would like him to stay with her. He wrote back, another letter arriving a few days later. "Yes! I would love to stay with you. I'll clean for you, cook for you, I'll take care of you. I love you so much. We'll make up for lost time! It'll be wonderful.

I'm shaking as I write this. I wanted to ask if I could stay with you, but I was too nervous." Alyssa chuckled, wondering why Joshua would be nervous to ask his mother if he could stay. He never went on to say why. Alyssa grabbed another letter. "It won't be long, Mom. I'll be there with you. Since you left, I can't tell you how many times I've dreamed of gazing into your beautiful, green eyes, wrapping my arms around you and holding you, never letting go.

When I get there, it'll be the happiest time of our lives. It'll be you and me, together it'll be perfect, like you." Alyssa wiped tears of joy.

His letters were so special. She couldn't help but see them as something other than letters to a mother from a son.

There was more there. She dismissed it, thinking as Joshua said what he was writing in his head, it sounded totally different than how she read it in her own. Still, Alyssa saw now, there was certainly more to his letters, more than just love from child to parent. She missed him more big bobs amreka hot sex anything.

The second happiest day of her life, behind giving birth to Joshua was upon her. Her estranged, abusive husband would never know the son, who he no doubt wishes would have nothing to do with his mother, would be living with that very mother. ********** The tears of joy were amplified tenfold when she saw her son the next afternoon. Joshua was in Atlanta for a few days, his father driving him to school, staying a bit to get him set up, and then leaving.

The second his father drove off, Joshua took off to his mother's apartment, a couple miles away from his college campus. He was much taller than she thought he'd be, having grown more than a foot since Alyssa last saw him at age 14.

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They didn't do anything at first Joshua stood there, shaking, eyes filling with tears. Alyssa did the same, covering her mouth, as she sobbed. After a moment, he opened his arms wide, pulling his mother in for a long embrace. Alyssa sobbed in his arms, wrapping them around him, squeezing him tightly. Joshua held her head against his chest, his fingers sliding through her long, dirty blonde hair.

Mother and son, reunited, stood in her doorway for several minutes. Eventually, Joshua ended the embrace, his hand at his mother's waist and guided her into the apartment. The door closed behind him, and they stood once more, holding one another. He caressed her face, staring into her green eyes, "Mom." His voice was different, deeper, causing Alyssa to cry again.

She couldn't believe he was here. All the planning and letters, Joshua finding and being accepted to a nearby college, his father being kept in the dark, unaware of Alyssa's whereabouts, paid off. Joshua was now with his mother. Arms entwined, she led him to the couch.

Sitting next to him, she examined his face, as if to make sure he was really there. Alyssa hugged him again, pushing Joshua back. He held his mother, slowly rubbing her back, while she held on tothis his waist. Alyssa closed her eyes, all felt right in the world. "How are you?" she asked, when finally able to speak, sitting up. "I'm great, sexy big booty british wife loves sensual sex femalefriendly and pornstars. Better than ever," Joshua held her hand.

"Your voice," Alyssa noted. "Yes." "I wished we could've spoken on the phone, but I had no money, I can barely afford this " " "Mom, it's fine," Joshua patted her hand. "Is this apartment ok? I know it's small and " " "It's perfect.

I'm here with you. That's all that matters." Alyssa threw her arms around him again, crying once more, "I missed you so much!" "Mom, I missed you too," Joshua kissed the top of her head.

"I love you," he added in his new-to-Alyssa deeper sounding voice. He sounded like a grown man now. "I love you too," Alyssa sat back up, resting her hand on his face. As Joshua lovingly stared into her green eyes, Alyssa saw something else, something that made her think of his letters once more.

It wasn't a child looking into his mother's eyes, but a man looking at a woman he loved. She shook the thought from her head, thinking it was the emotion of their reunion. Alyssa relaxed sitting back with him on the couch, his arm around her. A few moments of peaceful calm and Joshua pulled out his phone. "I have to call someone. Someone I've been in touch with," Joshua said, dialing a number. "She wanted me to let her know I'm here with you." ********** "Hi Joshua!" Sandee said, answering his phone call.

She was naked, as usual, her daughter, Rachael was too. Both women were several months pregnant, sharing a bath together. "Hey Sandee," Joshua said, Alyssa sat up, her face lighting with confusion yet happiness. Sandee was her half-sister Diane's oldest child her half-niece.

Alyssa was several months older than Sandee. Sandee helped Alyssa escape her bigtitted milf fucked while teen gets dildo big tits toys, letting her hide out at her place in Los Angeles, before traveling to the east coast. "I'm here," Joshua said. "Wonderful! How are things?" Sandee asked. Joshua paused a moment, staring at his mother's smile. "Wonderful," he quietly replied.

"Good, good! Can I speak to her?" Sandee asked. Joshua handed the phone to Alyssa. "Hey," Alyssa said. "Ah, a mother and son reunited," Sandee grinned on the other end. "He and I have been in contact over the years. I'm so glad he's there with you now." "Yes! Me too. How have you been? It's been awhile since we've spoken or seen each other," Alyssa asked. Sandee looked at her pregnant daughter across from her in the tub. "Oh I've never been better! We'll go into that in more detail next week when I arrive." "You're coming here?" "Yep!

Crystal and I, along with a couple of special people," Sandee said. "Wow. Why?" "Because we miss you. We live in Charleston now, so we're much closer. Now that Joshua is there with you, it'd be a great chance to see all of you." "Next week?" Alyssa asked. She assumed Joshua planned this, along with Sandee and Alyssa's good friend from her time living in Florida, Crystal. "Yes! We'll have a great time!" Sandee said.

"But I gotta go now. I'm so glad you and he are together again." "Wait Sandee " " "Bye!" Sandee hung up her cell phone, putting it on the counter. She sat up, Rachael doing the same. They shared a long, passionate kiss, enjoying the rest of their bath.

Chapter 2 They were quiet after his arrival, substituting words with embraces, holding hands, studying each other's facial features after the long absence they endured. They had a simple meal, sitting at a small table. They discussed Joshua's college plans, how he'd go to class, and come back to her apartment. His father would never know he wasn't living on campus. Alyssa showed her son a make-shift bedroom she created for him. There was a tiny cot of a bed in a storage room she cleaned out.

"Sorry, it's not much," Alyssa said, looking down. "Mom, I don't care. I'm just happy to be here with you," Joshua reminded her. He tipped her chin to face him, rubbing her cheek with his thumb.

Alyssa nodded, her hand on his chest. Gazing into his eyes for a few seconds, Alyssa changed her mind. "You know what?" she shook her head, grabbing his hand, leading him back to her room. "We can share a bed. I want to stay awake with you as much as possible tonight anyway." Alyssa changed into her pajamas, a tank top and shorts, in the bathroom, while Joshua changed into his in her bedroom. Joshua was waiting for her when she exited her small bathroom. She smiled, climbed into bed, into his arms.

"Where I belong," she thought. His first night there, they were wide awake. As Alyssa ran her hand over his chest and stomach while lying in bed with him, she couldn't help but think how different he seemed. She thought of his letters, his demeanor, his touches he seemed so much like a man spending time with the woman he loved, separated and reunited again. He didn't seem like her son.

They fell asleep hours later, their foreheads nearly touching. The week passed slowly just like Alyssa hoped. She couldn't believe how different her son was. She loved it. He would hold her from behind while she fixed breakfast, kissing her head, sometimes rubbing her shoulders.

Alyssa had no TV, so instead they sat on the couch. Joshua would hold his mother as they stared out over the small balcony area, enjoying the cool night air in silence. At night she would lay in his arms, always, savoring his presence, loving his soft and gentle touch.

Alyssa felt more love from him than she ever did her estranged husband before he becamewas abusive. The following weekend arrived.

Joshua was cleaning the apartment for her without being asked. He took the trash to the dump in the apartment complex, kissing his mother before he exited the apartment. Alyssa opened the box under her bed, taking out a random letter. "I've had a rough week. I really miss you. But picturing your beautiful face is getting me through it. When I arrive, maybe we can go out. We could go to dinner, to the movies. Or we could do nothing. We could sit there, I could hold you." Alyssa folded the letter, putting it back in the box as soon as Joshua returned.

********** The night before Crystal and Sandee arrived, Alyssa found herself in Joshua's arms again in bed. "You look beautiful by the way," he spoke.

"I mean you still do, you always have, to me." Alyssa rose on her elbow, caressing his face, her large, braless breasts resting against Joshua. "Thank you." "You're so different," she added. "How? Is that good?" "Yes, very good. I feel so," Alyssa paused. "What?" "So loved.

Even through your letters. And now you're here. It's so wonderful," Alyssa rested her head on his shoulder. "You're wonderful and you deserve it," Joshua rubbed her back, his hand going low then back up again, accidently bringing a bit of her tank top shirt with it. His fingers grazed the small of her back. Alyssa felt tingles. He kept at it, his fingers touching her bare skin, eliciting electricity each time. Alyssa smiled, sat up a bit and pulled the back of her shirt up, exposing most of her back.

"Feels nice," she said, snuggling up to him again. His hand glided along her back like a gentle english sexy film nayi film over rocks. Joshua's touch was so soft, gentle, big thick cock drilling uma jolies sweet pussy. Alyssa was in heaven, unable to stifle a moan. She caressed his face, kissing his cheek, "I love you," she whispered in his ear.

"I love you too," Joshua turned to face her, running his fingers through her hair with his other hand. He held her face;, they lydia cant stop cheating on her boyfriend into one another's eyes. His phone rang, shaking them out of their trance.

Alyssa smiled, sat up and pulled her tank top down over her back. Joshua answered his phone. It was his father checking in on him. After a few lies regarding Joshua's dorm room, he ended the call and rolled over toward Alyssa. She buried her head in his chest and both were asleep a little later. Chapter 3 Three pregnant women arrived the next day around dinner time.

Sandee, her daughter Rachael, and to Alyssa's surprise, her friend Crystal was also pregnant. Crystal brought her son, Jared, too. After hugs, Alyssa introducing everyone, besides Sandee, to Joshua they went to dinner Sandee's treat. Alyssa enchanting czech sweetie gets teased in the hypermarket and pounded in pov Joshua felt out of place, underdressed.

Sandee took them to the nicest, most romantic restaurant she could find. Another oddity was Sandee and Rachael, along with Crystal and Jared they seemed like couples. Jared had his arm around his mother, sitting across from Alyssa. Sandee rubbed all over Rachael's pregnant belly. Alyssa simply sat next to Joshua. They ordered dessert after the meal. The mother's feeding their children with a fork, and then taking a bite themselves.

Alyssa followed suit, nervously dropping the fork. When she slid her chair back, reaching for the fork, something under the table across from her caught her eye. "I knew it!" she thought, eyes glued to Crystal's hand as it slowly jacked Jared's cock under the table.

Alyssa thought back to her time in Florida living with Crystal in her trailer park. She suspected she and Jared had a sexual relationship going on. "You ok, sweetie?" Crystal asked in her deep Southern accent. "Mmhmm," Alyssa nodded, pretending she didn't alex nova gets her asshole explored pornstars and nice ass anything. That night back at her apartment, Alyssa set up quilts and blankets for her and Joshua to sleep on the floor.

She was looking forward to it. The light of the full moon would shine through her living room window onto them. She couldn't help but think it'd be romantic. She let Crystal and Jared have the small cot in the storage room. Sandee and Rachael took Alyssa's bed. All was peaceful, quietquite, and wonderful as usual in her son's arm, her head resting on his chest. Then the sounds of sex filled the apartment. Alyssa's eyes shot open, she held her breath. "Oh crap," she thought.

"Crystal and Jared." They were loud, not caring, not trying to be discreet. "Yes! Yes! Harder!" Crystal ordered her son. She sat up, smiling awkwardly to Joshua. "Heh, I'll uh, I'll be right back." Alyssa barged into the guest room. "Quiet!" She watched Jared pull out of his mother;, Crystal lay on her back, her big pregnant belly on display.

"Mmm, hey sweetie," Crystal said rubbing her stomach. "A few more months and Jared's baby will be born." Alyssa rubbed her temples, "Please keep it down." Jared moved to her, quickly pushing her against the wall. He grabbed Alyssa's breast, while kissing on her neck. "Jared!" "That's it baby, get her worked up and maybe she'll join us!" Crystal encouraged.

His hand underneath Alyssa's shirt, he squeezed a big tit. "I can't," she pushed him away. "Jared, no." "Get back over here, baby. Give me some of that cock," Crystal told him. "Please, you two, keep it down," Alyssa begged. "Alright, alright," Crystal said. Jared grabbed her large belly and slid his cock back inside her.

Alyssa straightened her shirt and hair, rejoining Joshua on the floor. "Sorry," she embarrassingly said. "It's ok, Mom," Joshua pulled her back into his arms. A few moments later, Alyssa heard it again moans and cries of pleasure. This time it came from the other side of the apartment. "Sandee," Alyssa rolled her eyes. "I'll be back, Joshua," she sighed climbing off her son.

She barged into her bedroom, seeing Sandee and Rachael in a similar position. Sandee, wearing a huge strap-on, was behind Rachael, fucking her as hard as Jared was fucking Crystal. "Oh geez, Sandee. Come on!" Alyssa exclaimed, annoyed. "Oh hi!" Sandee said, backing away from her daughter, the strap-on sliding out of Rachael's pussy.

Alyssa shook her head, frustrated. "You want some?" Sandee asked, walking toward Alyssa. "What?" "You heard me. Get over here!" Sandee grabbed her aunt, spinning her around, pushing her on the bed. "Give me that pussy, bitch!" Sandee said, pulling at Alyssa's shorts. Rachael, knowing Sandee was joking, watchedwatching, giggling.

"Sandee! Get off me!" Alyssa managed to roll on her back. Sandee pinned Alyssa down with her own large pregnant belly. "Fine," Sandee rolled her eyes. "What's going on here?" Alyssa asked. "Well Rachael and I are getting it on. We're using one of my toys," Sandee said. "I can see that. But, I mean, I " " "Incest?

Yep!" Sandee got off Alyssa. Undoing the strap-on, letting it fall to the carpet. "She's my love." Sandee sat on the bed, her legs entwined with Rachael's, their pussies meeting and grinding against each other. Alyssa got off the bed, adjusted herself once again.

"Just keep it down. Joshua is here. This is embarrassing." "You could always have sex with him," Sandee muttered under her breath. "What did you say?" "Nothing! We'll be quiet, goodnight!" Sandee and Rachael resumed their quiet scissoring. Back in Joshua's arms, Alyssa apologized profusely. "I'm so sorry about that.

I don't know what to say." "I told you it's fine. It really is." "I know, but," Alyssa sighed. "I guess they have, um, special relationships." "Yes, apparently so," Joshua smiled, pulling up his mother's shirt, finding her back skin once more.

Alyssa closed her eyes, Joshua's caresses taking her to paradise. "That feels great," she whispered. "Thanks. So does your skin." Alyssa rose up once more, looking to Joshua's face. The sex in her apartment was quiet for now, but it was still fresh on her mind.

"So, what about you? Any girlfriends at all? Or did your father not let you date?" Alyssa asked. "He didn't. And I didn't care to," Joshua added, his fingers trailing up her spine. "Why not?" "Because you were, and I guess are, the only thing on my mind," Joshua admitted. Alyssa sniffed, her eyes watery, "Ugh. You are so perfect." She rested her head back on his chest, pulling her shirt up further, exposing more of her back. She accidently caused her breasts to flop out.

Alyssa ignored it, not caring, her bare breasts resting against her son. That night, Rodney was packing a small bag in Miami he wouldn't be gone long. He made one final phone call to his brother, Ronnie, and surveyed his apartment. He would see to it that Alyssa would be there soon. Chapter 4 The next day they all went to the zoo. Each parent paired with their child, holding hands, just like on nasty milf and her petite daughter fucked hard by one guy threesome and pornstar date.

Sandee took them all to dinner again and afterward Alyssa confronted her about the previous night. "How long has this been going on?" Alyssa asked Sandee. Sandee and Rachael were rubbing moisturizing lotion on each other's bellies.

"Since we met. She's the child I gave up for adoption. We met back during the holidays. We fell in love," Sandee said. "Does your mom know about this?" "Yep. Everyone is ok with it, too." "I kind of suspected Crystal and Jared were like this," Alyssa said.

"Oh yeah, for sure. He knocked her up back during the holidays too," Sandee explained. "Did he impregnate you two?" "Nope, another long-time friend did," Sandee said, squirting more lotion on Rachael's belly. "You should try it. You know, with Joshua," Sandee said. "Sandee, I don't think that's " " "Go talk to Crystal, her situation is different than mine.

She didn't meet her son as an adult," Sandee said. "I can't believe I'm doing this," Alyssa said. She left her room, smiling at Joshua in the living room, and peeped in on Crystal and Jared. Crystal was unable to speak due to Jared's cock in her mouth. Alyssa stood, watching this woman lovingly worship his cock, savoring its taste her son's.

"Wow," Alyssa shook herself melissa moore fucking with her date in the restaurant her trance and headed back to Sandee. She interrupted Sandee and Rachael kissing. "Hey. What'd she say?" Sandee asked. "Nothing. She was too busy, her mouth was full," Alyssa said.

"Good. I'm sure if she could talk, she'd explain how it's the best sex she's ever had." "I don't know," Alyssa sighed. "What's wrong?" Alyssa crouched on the floor, pulling a box from underneath her bed Joshua's letters. "These are all the letters he wrote to me.

Re-reading them, I can't help but think they sound like love letters. Here," Alyssa handed Sandee a random one. "Does that sound like a love letter to you?" Sandee unfolded it and read it to herself. "As soon as I finish college, you can divorce Dad. If he finds out that you and I live so close, he may pull me out of school;, I can't bear to be apart from you again.

Once he's gone, you and I will be so happy. We can see each other every day. I'll treat you like you deserve, like how a man should treat a woman. I love you more than anything." Sandee put the letter down, "Yep.

That doesn't sound like a son to a mother to me. It's like he's trying to hold back, trying to avoid telling you he wants to be with you." Alyssa nodded.

"I think you're right." She was quiet that night. The entire apartment was. Alyssa had trouble sleeping, but was in Joshua's arms as always. ********** The next day their visitors left, leaving Alyssa and Joshua alone again. Shortly afterward, there was a knock at Alyssa's door.

"Did you forget something, Sandee?" She said, opening the front door without thinking. Alyssa, eyes wide with shock, was punched across her face, cutting her cheek. She fell to the floor. Rodney entered her apartment. Joshua attacked him, pushing him out into the hallway, punching him, over and over again. Rodney's nose was broken, one of his eyes swollen shut.

The much larger man was able to rise, throwing Joshua off him. Rodney punched Joshua in the stomach, and then punched him hard across his left temple.

Alyssa lunged at him. Rodney caught her, lifted her up, swinging her over his shoulder. Punching at his back, he nearly dropped her. It was hopeless. Rodney's huge arm was wrapped Alyssa, hoisting her over his shoulder. She screamed, begging him to release her, her son on the ground, struggling to stand, to come to. Rodney let her go at the passenger side of her car.

He punched her across the head, opened the door and shoved her in. He pulled out of the parking spot, Joshua chasing after the car. Rodney watched Joshua get smaller and smaller in his rearview mirror. He glanced hot asian is an expert in sucking big cocks a knocked out Alyssa he was taking her to Miami with him, where he thought she belonged. Chapter 5 Thirty minutes later, Alyssa, dazed, head hurting, woke up.

She was in Rodney's car, passenger side. He was speeding down the interstate heading south. "Joshua," she thought. She glanced to Rodney, "What are you doing?

Where are you taking me?" "Back to my place, in Miami," he answered. "That pussy is going to belong to me." Alyssa was groggy, unable to realize that Rodney had lost his mind, his sexual addiction was no longer getting met. She looked outside the window;, she glanced at the speedometer, 75 mph.

She couldn't open the door, hoping to survive the tumble onto the highway and zooming cars. Alyssa had to stay calm. She had to think her way out of this. She was quiet for a few minutes. "Rodney?" she spoke up. "Can we talk about this? Maybe I can visit you. I don't have to live there with you." "Nothing to talk about. You lived with me before;, you'll live with me again. I'll take care of you, you'll take care of me," Rodney tugged at his crotch.

"I understand, but I have a job, I have," she thought of Joshua. "I have a family. Please, we can work something out. You were really nice to me when I lived down there.

You don't force fuck her ass and cum in her ass to abduct me." There was no reasoning with him, no sweet-talking, Rodney ignored her, eyes to the road.

Anger and fear built up in Alyssa. Rodney was desperate, so was Alyssa but for something, someone much better. "Ok, fine," she nodded, sitting up in the seat, placing a hand on Rodney's thigh. He glanced at her and nodded. Alyssa leaned over, her head going to his lap. She fished out his erect cock and began hungrily sucking it, moaning for added effect. Rodney placed his hand on her head, holding her in place. Alyssa struggled to see in the dark car, her hand jacking Rodney's cock, the other searching for something, anything to use as a weapon.

Under his seat she found an empty water bottle, on the floor near the center console, his phone, charger, wallet. There was nothing to use, nothing sharp, and no gun.

Alyssa swirled her tongue around his cockhead, then attempted to take in to the back of her throat, gagging a bit. "My fist," she thought. She worked his balls next, pulling them out of his boxers for her to kiss, lick and suck on. After servicing them for a few moments, Alyssa sucked his cockhead again.

Glancing to his face, his eyes still on the road, she sat up slightly, his cock sliding out of her mouth, coated in drool. "No one will take me away from my son," Alyssa said. "Huh?" Rodney asked, not having time to react before Alyssa's fist slammed down onto his exposed testicles. He roared in pain, letting go of the wheel. Alyssa grabbed it, pulling the wheel toward her as hard as she could, causing the car to flip. It flipped twice, landing upside down and slid until it crashed against a light post.

Alyssa was hurt. Her ribs, arm, head, searing in pain. "Ah shit," Rodney said, releasing his seatbelt, falling to the ceiling. Alyssa, watched him open the car door, crawling out, stumbling, disoriented. "Shit." Lying on her side on the ceiling, Alyssa watched Rodney stumble to the other side of the car, near the highway.

Then she heard it a loud honking sound, getting louder and louder. She saw the light associated with the sound, getting closer and closer, illuminating Rodney. Alyssa winced, looking away, when the 18-wheeler ran over Rodney, leaving only a shoe behind. She heard ambulance sirens next. Alyssa cursed herself for taking such a huge risk, underestimating the severity of the wreck she caused.

She was thankful she was alive, thankful that no one would come between her and Joshua now. The sirens getting louder and louder, she smiled, seeing Joshua's face, imagining herself kissing him, holding him, giving herself to him. ********** In the hospital, Joshua was by his mother's side.

Alyssa squeezed his hand, saying hello, letting him know she was fine. She had a compound fracture on her right arm, a concussion, minor cuts and bruises, and luckily only a bruised rib x-rays confirmed it wasn't broken.

He was sobbing, rubbing her hand, "Mom." "It's fine, it's fine," Alyssa smiled weakly, the pain medication having an effect on her.

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"I never want to lose you again. I never want us to be apart." "We won't sweetie, we won't," she answered, eyes glazed over from the drugs. "I was so scared." "Me too, but I'm fine now, I'm alright. See?" Alyssa stuck her tongue out at him.

Joshua chuckled, kissing her left hand. He was silent for several minutes before speaking up. "Those were love letters." "Hmm?" "All those letters I sent you. They were love letters. I overheard you talking to Sandee about it, asking her what she thought. Sorry. I didn't mean to spy, the apartment is kind of small," Joshua explained.

"They, they were? They were love letters?" "Yes," Joshua shook his head. "I don't know how it happened. Maybe missing you, maybe thinking about you having a wonderful life away from Dad, maybe picturing me helping you have that life is what did it. You were and are the most wonderful woman in my life, knowing what you went through with Dad, and me pretending and wishing I could make you happy like you deserve, caused me to develop these feelings for you.

Mom, I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to " " "To what?" Alyssa hung on every word as best as the medication would allow. "To kiss you, to hold you, to be your man. I guess. To love you like you deserve." "Oh Joshua," Alyssa teared up, raising her left arm, motioning for him to hug her. "I'd never cross a line with you or be inappropriate. I tried not to make my letters not sound creepy or overdo it," Joshua said, leaning over her bed to hug Alyssa.

"Don't worry about it," Alyssa kissed his cheek. "Everything will be fine." Joshua nodded, ending the hug, taking his seat. "You'll see. When I get out of here, we'll go back to the apartment," Alyssa added. "It'll be great. We'll make lo " " "Ah there you are," the doctor interrupted Alyssa, entering her room, with his clip board.

"I'm going to check on you real quick, make sure that cast is on there real good." Alyssa smiled at the doctor awkwardly, while glancing at Joshua. "Alright, everything looks good. You feel ok? The pain meds helping?" the doctor asked. Alyssa nodded politely. "Great. A couple days and you'll be out of here." When the doctor left, Alyssa and Joshua held hands once more, gazing into one another's eyes until she fell asleep. Chapter 6 A couple days later, after phone calls from Sandee, and Crystal, nurses and doctors visiting the room, mom and son were home alone back at Alyssa's apartment.

"Do you need help with anything? I can make you lunch, I can go run errands for you, I can " " Joshua was interrupted by a kiss on the lips. "No. I just need you here with me," his mother said. "I'm not going anywhere, ever." Alyssa held his face, her thumb grazing his lips. "Joshua." "Yes?" he whispered. "Kiss me. Please," his mother asked. "Sure," Joshua leaned in.

"No. I mean kiss me like how you really want to kiss me. Like how you think I deserve to be kissed." "Mom, I " " "I told you it's fine." "But you were medicated.

You were basically high," Joshua chuckled. "Joshua," his mother looked into his eyes, ordering him to kiss her without using words. He nodded, running his fingers through her hair, inching closer.

Holding her face, he leaned down, pressing his lips to hers. It was so gentle; like a warm breeze during the summer. Joshua increased the pressure, causing Alyssa's legs to get weaker, her neck and spine tingling, and her good arm pulling him in closer. She never wanted it to end. "I love you," Joshua said, his nose touching hers. "I can tell," Alyssa answered. "I love you too." Joshua sighed, "Alright, well, anyway, I guess " " "Take me to bed." "Huh? Alyssa nodded. "I don't care if my ribs are webcam sexydea ohmibod session nice ass dancing or if my arm is broken.

Please, let's go to bed." "Are you sure?" "You're enchanting centerfold is exposing her gaped tight twat in close up I need, all I want.

Now make love to me." Standing in front of their bed, Alyssa asked Joshua to help her remove her tank top.

He carefully avoided the cast on her right arm. "My bra?" she asked, turning around. Joshua unhooked it, slid it over her shoulders. He rubbed her bare back, his hand going up and down her spine. "This is it," Alyssa thought. She took a deep breath and turned around.

Joshua's eyes widened, his mouth hung open. "Wow," he said, staring at her breasts. "They're yours. I guess they always have been," Alyssa said, stepping closer to him. She pulled at his t-shirt with her good hand, telling Joshua him to take it off. He did so, letting it fall to the floor. Alyssa looked him over, tearing up. "Are you ok? Are you sure you want to continue?" he asked. "Yes," she said, looking him over.

"You're not a little boy anymore. You're a man my man." "Then let me make you my woman," Joshua said. He pulled her in for another harder, longer kiss.

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Their tongues met, they moaned into each other's mouths. Joshua went to his knees, kissing her neck, chest, tummy, all the way atm loving beauty shakes her bigbooty big tits fetish. He ignored her breasts for now he would feast upon them later.

He pulled her shorts and underwear down, Alyssa stepped out of them. She resumed kissing him when he stood, moving back to the bed. She sat down and scooted back, still kissing him. Joshua pulled his shorts and boxers off. Alyssa ignored his cock for now she would drink from him later. They broke the kiss, eyes to one another, Alyssa sliding back further on the bed. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him close, trapping him. He guided his cock in to her, all the way to base they both nearly climaxed right there.

Alyssa held him, kissing him, loving the feel of him inside her. "Go," Alyssa said, holding his face with her left hand, her right arm above her head. "Make me yours." He nodded, slowly pumping his hips, slowly sliding in and out of her. "Just like that, yes," she encouraged him.

"So good, sweetie," she looked lovingly into his face as he worked. "We're going to have wonderful life together," Joshua said. "I know. It'll be you and me forever. We'll never be apart again. Yes, like that, good," she whispered. "Not going to last long," Joshua admitted, going faster now. "That's fine, my darling. We're becoming one right now, stamina will build over time. I love you," Alyssa said. "Y-yes," Joshua felt his balls tighten, her pussy enveloping his shaft, sucking at it, pulling it back where it belonged each time he slid out.

"Ahhh, I'm, I'm yours," Alyssa whispered to his face, her climax building. "Yes! I love you," Joshua couldn't hold back, couldn't go any further, the need to fill this woman with his seed overpowering him. "Fill me, cum in me, finish it," she ordered in between breaths. "Ahh!" Joshua cried out, arching his back, driving in deeper. "Yes!" Alyssa urged him on, her own climax arriving.

"Together!" One final thrust sent them both over the edge. Their foreheads touching, they climaxed together, their bodies transforming to liquid, mixing together, becoming one. Out of breath, Joshua lay on top of his mother. Her eyes closed, breathing heavily, not caring about the pain in her ribs, she smiled.

"I love you," she whispered over and over again. Chapter 7 An hour later, after holding each other, kissing each other, Alyssa climbed on top. She dangled her large breasts in Joshua's face, propping herself up with her good arm. Back and forth her tits went over his face. He opened his mouth, his tongue licking at them as they trailed over his mouth. "Take them," Alyssa said. Joshua grabbed one, squeezing it, his mouth covering the nipple. He nursed from her, sucking hungrily, taking her gift.

Alyssa sat on Joshua, guiding his cock in. He sat up, a breast in hand, and held his mother while she slowly groundgrinded herself against him. "Your ribs hurt?" he asked. "Yes, but I don't care. I want you again. I want you to cum again in me." Joshua kissed at her breast, switching to the other, while his mother worked. She arched her back for him, continuously grinding, while he sucked her tits, licking in between them.

"Oh Joshua," Alyssa moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head. She grabbed him, kissing him hard he ejaculated. "S-sorry, I, uh," he stammered. "Shhhh, I told you I don't care," his mother said. "Let me clean you." Joshua's mouth hung open, inhaling sharp breaths, watching her suck and lick all of her juices and his semen from his cock.

She smiled at him when she was done. "Let's go shower. You can help me keep my cast from getting wet." Afterward, they made love again, lasting much longer. They carefully rolled around on the bed, kissing, thrusting, cumming.

She was in her favorite spot his arms. "That man that showed up and tried to take me from you." "Yeah?" "I knew him," Alyssa said.

"I see." Peering to his eyes, Alyssa confessed something to Joshua, something she didn't in her letters. "I made a mistake almost two xstory sex sex stories amazing ind ago. He got me pregnant. I had a baby." "You, you did? Really?" "Yes. I gave the child up for adoption. I was in no place to care for a baby. It was the right thing to do. A happy, younger couple, adopted him or her." "Wow," Joshua didn't know what to say.

"Are you angry at me?" "No, I mean, I don't think so," he shrugged. "It was crazy, very dumb, I was afraid to tell you. I was afraid you'd stop writing me." "I never would've done that. I never would've stopped doing all I could to be here with you," Joshua said. "I would've helped you raise the child. Maybe even pretend it was mine." Alyssa smiled, rising to kiss him again - an idea forming in her head. ********** The next several days were straight out of a pornography movie.

Alyssa had to work, but when she returned home, she stripped naked and took Joshua anal ass fucking milf lisa ann gives some atm new hd p bed. Each day her ribs felt better. She could move more. She could squat up and down, riding his cock to oblivion, she could go to her knees, her good hand propping her up, and slam into his cock behind her until it exploded inside her.

Joshua licked every inch of her body. Alyssa was an orgasmic mess, covered in her sweat and his saliva, quivering and shaking while his tongue invaded her pussy.

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xxx all germans full hot Friday night, the weekend before Joshua started school, Alyssa was on top of him, riding his dick. "You're going to finish school," she said, grinding him so hard, her bed was banging against the wall. "I'm going to divorce your dad. It won't matter if knows where I am then, you'll won't need him for tuition." "Yes," Joshua said, gripping her hips, as she fucked him. "You'll get a job here.

We'll keep living together, maybe we can get a house one day," she said. "Yes!" Joshua was cumming again. "It'll be like we're married," Alyssa cried out, eyes to the ceiling, cumming with him.

Joshua had different plans though. Chapter 8 The next afternoon, Alyssa, nude of course, gasped when there was a knock at the front door. Still nervous from Rodney's assault, she looked to Joshua.

He smiled, handing her a bathrobe, putting on his shirt and shorts. "It's fine." When Joshua answered the door, four former playboy playmates, all blonde, wearing cocktail dresses, chattering, giggling, piled into Alyssa's apartment. Her half-sisters, she hadn't seen them in years. "Joshua?" "Hi!" Diane approached her, hugging Alyssa, followed by Stephanie, Tiffanie, and Julianne.

"Um, hi," Alyssa smiled awkwardly. "It's ok Mom," Joshua smiled. "Yes. We're here to take you and Joshua home with us," Diane said. "What? Home?" "Yes, I have a big, wonderful house over in Charleston.

We'd love to have you and Joshua join us there. Tiffanie and her son just moved in," Diane explained. "Um, well, Joshua is in school." "I'm not going.

I'm writing a letter of my own to Dad and I want you and I to live there in that house with them.," Joshua. Alyssa was happy, but confused. "Alyssa," Diane spoke up. "I know we've never been close. But now would be great time to change that. It's a VERY special house." Diane nodded to her sisters. They formed a circle, each one unzipping the dress of the one in front of them. Within seconds they were nude, arms around each other, Joshua in the middle, blushing.

"We take care of our sons there," Diane said. "We want you to be there taking care of Joshua," she glanced to her cast, "of each other." Alyssa couldn't say no. "Yes," she nodded. "Great! Let's go to lunch. My treat. I'm starving," Diane said, walking toward the door, forgetting her dress. "Um, hello?" Stephanie spoke up, putting her dress back on. "Oh, right, heh," Diane caught the dress Stephanie tossed her.

********** The next few days were a whirlwind of packing and leaving Alyssa's apartment. Her family paid for any and all lease early termination fees. Out of the kindness of their hearts, they reimbursed Joshua's dad for the tuition he paid so far in case he tried to do anything stupid, like finding and attempting to make Joshua leave his mother.

The next weekend Joshua's eyes opened slowly. It was daylight in him and his mother's new bedroom. There was a ceiling fan slowly turning above the king size bed. He was holding a blonde in his arms, her large breasts mashing against him. He kissed her head, she stirred, it wasn't his mother. "Hi there," Stephanie said, trialing her fingernails over Joshua's chest.

"Mmm, what a sex 18 school girls porn she moaned. "I LOVE the welcome orgies we have with each new house guest." "Uh," Joshua was struggling to remember.

"I'm so glad you contacted Sandee, then Diane. It's another wonderful cock added to the house," Stephanie tickled his side.

His memories returning; a blur of blondes and breasts flashed through his mind. "Wow, must've been really good for you too. I think I might have to dump my son and get with you," Stephanie kissed his chest.

"Just kidding," She rose, sitting on the edge of the bed, stretching. "But you and I will have sex again. Your mother's in the bathtub." Joshua watched Stephanie leave. When she opened the bedroom door, he caught a glimpsed of another nude housemate, Tiffanie, laughing and running away from her son. He fully recalled the events of the previous night. There was wine, there were couples having sex everywhere. There was a different woman on his cock every few minutes, each of them working down a line of men, the final woman was his mother.

They played games. "Hide and go Sex" as Stephanie called it. The mothers would hide, whoever found them, had sex with them. Joshua recalled his mother's sweet smile, letting him know it was ok, they'd find each other. "Hey there," Alyssa smiled, watching Joshua settle in the bathtub with her. She mounted him, guiding his cock back inside her. "Tonight is going to be very special." "Yes it is. I can't wait." "Me neither," Alyssa kissed, mouth closed arounds, their wrestling tongues.

wrestling. ********** Everyone in the house that night, gathered by the pool, candles lighting the area. Sandee and Rachael along with Crystal and Jared were there too.

Joshua stood nude, waiting for his mother to arrive. Diane walked her out of the house, both women naked. She presented her to Joshua, shethen took her place next to her son, Elliot. "Ah! Yes! Fuck me!" they heard coming from the backyard next door. Crystal rolled her eyes, peeped over the small fence, clearing her throat.

"Oh sorry! I forgot about the ceremony. Come, Henry. Mommy can be loud inside," the neighbor grabbed her son, taking him indoors. "Sorry," Crystal said. Alyssa went to her back on a lounge chair, legs spread wide for Joshua.

He climbed on top, slid right in and mated with her. "Don't worry about them, focus on me," Alyssa reminded Joshua in case he was nervous. "I will," he said, staring into her green eyes. He kept thrusting, the lounge chair creaking under their movements. "Give me a baby, your baby," Alyssa breathlessly demanded, this Saturday night falling with perfection within her monthly cycle.

They all watched the couple make love, the mothers being held by the sons, Sandee and Rachael, arms entwined. "Oh, yes, Joshua," Alyssa moaned. "You ready?" he asked out of breath. "Yes. YES!" "Make me a dad, we'll raise our child here, you and me," he added, approaching his climax, ready to impregnate Alyssa. "Ahh! Joshua!" She cried out, mother and son cumming together once more. Everyone around the clapped, as Joshua's balls emptied his seed, his cock pumping semen inside Alyssa.

He collapsed on top of her;, they closed their eyes and held one another. The cookout commenced. Elliot volunteered to cook hotdogs and burgers. Stephanie and Tiffanie pushed their sons in the pool and joined them. Next door, Stephanie's daughters, Carrie and Vanessa, both recently divorced and both recently moved in, were watching the festivities.

They were naked, looking out to the neighboring backyard. Ulysses behind them was getting dressed. He, too, recently moved in across the street. "Alright, ladies I need to head home.

My step-mom scheduled an anal night with her and her sisters," He explained, his cock still hard. "Alright, It was nice fucking you, I mean seeing you again," Carrie said. "I told you he was great, Vanessa." "He sure is," Vanessa said. "We'll see you again soon I'm sure." The sisters turned their attention back to the party.

Diane's other luscious hottie disrobes her boyfriend homemade hardcore, Valerie, appeared from her bedroom, also nude. "You two coming with me?" "Nah," Carrie said. "Alright, it'll be fun. I know it's weird at first, but you'll get used to seeing them as couples.

I have. Who knows, maybe I'll end up sleeping with my brother one day. See you later!" Valerie left to attend the cookout. Julianne's daughter, Gisele, also lived in the house. She was busy though, in her room, making love to the man she'd loved since she was a little girl her uncle. "I guess we could think about this incest stuff," Vanessa spoke up.

"Yeah. I'm not sure I could do it with my brother yet. But maybe our cousins. What do you think?" Carrie asked.

"We could. We could start small, so-to-speak, and work our way up to our brother," Vanessa suggested. "Deal," Carrie and Vanessa shook hands and turned their attention back to the party. ********** Alyssa smiled surveying her family at the cookout by the pool. Diane was standing next to Sandee and Rachael, swatting at her son, Elliot's, butt while he was trying to finish hamburgers. Tiffanie was in the swimming pool, her large breasts pressed into the back of her son, Tom.

He was swimming around, giving her a ride. Stephanie was in the shallow end of the pool pulling her son's face into her bare breasts, allowing Dan to motorboat them. Julianne and her son Greg were lying on a lounge chair by the pool, tenderly kissing and whispering words of love.

They all posed in Playboy years ago, they all lived under one roof, and they all loved their sons in every possible way a woman can love a man. Alyssa curled up in Joshua's arms, eyes to the starry night sky. She saw a tiny meteor stream across it and smiled. She closed her eyes, Joshua kissed her head, holding her against him. Inside her body an egg was fertilized.

The end.