One girl and 5 boys hard sex

One girl and 5 boys hard sex
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This is my first story, enjoy! Please forgive me as there might be some grammatical errors. They say "drinking is injurious to health" but once in a while drinking will give you things that you may never get in a normal life. Here is such an incident that changed my life forever. First,let me introduce myself. Im Binu,from kerala. Im a software engineer currently working in dubai. What i am going to share here is an incident that happened when i was doing my B-tech.

Like all the youngsters,even i was interested in drinking and smoking. And being a hostler,i never had problem getting it. Drinking became a part of my life and i used to drink almost daily.

So when the college was closed for the semester exams,i had to go to back exclusive fuck with brett rossi and jullian janson kerala and stay with my parents. Since I was in my home I couldn't get drinks like I used to. So I used to go out with my friends to the nearby bar's. But as I was staying with my parents I never used to drink much.

Now, Let me say about my family. My family consists of 4 members - My dad(48),mom(39),me(19) and my elder sister(21). My dad,Mr Raghav is a well known business man in Kerala. My mom,Hridya is a house wife. My sister,Sandhya is a Bcom student. I always had thoughts about my mom,but never thought any of those will ever happen as she is a very conservative and religious lady.

She always dresses in sari, and pins her sari just above her navel. During my younger days I never used to miss a chance to see her cleavage, be it when she is washing clothes or cleaning house. She is one of the most beautiful lady's I've ever met. Her face is enough to give any man a hard boner. And with an assets that measures 36-25-37,she is hot as fuck!

There were moments when all I wanted to do was bend her on the dining table and fuck her brains out,but I controlled as I am aware of the problems that can cause. Whenever I saw her on the kitchen cleaning plates I wanted to ram my dick in her ass and fuck her then and there. But no,never did I get the courage to do that. One day my dad told us that he has to go to Newdelhi for a business trip and will be back only after 2 weeks.

Dad left on Monday,and asked me to take care of mom and sister while he is away. I assured him I'll take care of everything. Never in a million years would I have guessed what was about to happen in the next week.

Everything was normal,me oogling at my moms assets when she did all the house work in the morning and jacking off thinking about her at night.

And then came one of my friends birthday and he gave a big treat for us friends. Since it was a rare occasion all of us were completely drunk. By the time I returned home it was 11:30 pm,and my sister had already slept. I got into my house and was about to go to my room when I saw my mom cleaning the dishes in the kitchen. She was standing with her back to me and at the sight of those beautiful ass my dick started to get hard. I had no control over my body and I started walking towards my mom who was standing with her back to me.

I hugged her from behind,and she was shocked as she wasn't aware that I've come home. When she saw it was me,she was relieved. I used to hug her,so she didn't say anything as she thought it was normal. And then I started grinding my huge boner on her ass,and that's when she realized something is wrong. She asked,"Binu,what are you doing?" and tried to push me away.

I didn't say anything and continued to push my hard member on her. Now she understood what I was xxx story h d com and pushed me away shouting "How dare you do this to your own mother,bastard?" and she slaped me on my face.

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I was so angry at her, I lifted her up n pinned her to wallshutting her mouth and took out my dick from my jeans and started rubbing my dick on her ass creek and came on her sari. I stood there leaning on wallfacing to wall .And my mom was standing there with her back on wallshe was weeping and my dick was touching her, i stood there for 10 mins.

Then i made her stand upshe was still weeping and beeging me to leave her Between her cries I pulled her sari, and it gave way and now she was in her Blouse and petticot. I tore her blouse open and stared at her bra covered breasts.

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She pushed me away and started to run away,but I caught her petticoat and pulled her back to me. In between the struggles I untied her petticoat and removed it. Now she was in her bra and panty.

It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. Then i tore her bra and removed the panty to her feet. After a moment i was standing with her arms making ring around my neckher legs around my torso n with my hands on her asslifting her up in air and her bach against wall. I gave my dick entry inside her cuntshe made a long damped moan and started to destablise me. Soi pushed my body forward with force and she became sandwitched between wall and my bodyand my nose grils mature with porn sex out hot air fastly on her neck.

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I started licking her neck andlicked her ear and bit and sucked her huge boobsand i started pumpingi was increasing speedthen i moved her with me in the position and rushed to bed. I began pumping her pussy like a motor piston and we kept on rolling on bed and then we fell on floorso i then stood again with her body in my gripand first rammed her body to almirahthen fridgethen sofaand i came on sofa. I released her and she got dressed and locked her inside bedroom and i was hearing her cries.

I went to my room and thought about what just happened. I just fucked my mom,the beauty queen I've always wanted to fuck. I've rammed my dick in her cunt and I couldn't believe it. The thought that I just fucked my hot mom gave me a hard on. But then it hit me,what if she tells this to my dad? If dad comes to know about this my life is gone,he is gonna throw me out of the house and my life will be ruined.

I had to talk to my mom about this and somehow convince her not to say this to dad. As I reached the drawing room I saw mom calling someone and I was just in time to see that she was dialing dad's number. I took the mobile from her hand,and begged her not to tell this to dad. Brunette slut masturbates fingers her wet pussy was in no mood to listen and told she will tell dad about this,if not now when he returns.

"You fucked me you motherfucker. How could you do this to me??. You raped your own mother. You are a disgrace to the whole family and I've to let my husband know what kind of a devil we gave birth to". I tried my best to convince extreme teen fisted till she squirts hard not to tell dad anything but like I expected it was never working.

And finally I got frustrated and said," Fine. If that's what you are gonna do then I might aswell fuck you again". And she understood I wasn't kidding. I gripped her neck with my handpulled her closer. I grabbed her head with both hands and she closed her eyesi licked her face and i came to her lips finallybut she wasn't opening her mouth.

So i sucked her lips and bit her lower lipand then she opened her mouth finallymy tongue now entered her mouthi kissed her vigourouslyshe stayed stillall she did was push my face backand finally after 2 mins smoochi broke smoochi looked her. I opened my shirt buttons one by one and dropped my pantattacked her there is something really hot and turning on about the public transport and today when on the train again with my lipssucking and kissing for 10 sec i broke and as i broke i tore her blouse which had front hooks and along with her bra also tore.

Again i attacked her lips with mine and my hands groped her boobs hard ,after a 10 sec deep smoochi again broke it chick penelope reed strips off for her stepdad i pushed her on the dining table.

she got laid on her backand I lifted her legs strait up, her saree automatically rolled down to her pussyshowing her silky thighsi pulled her panty to her feetand i got myself in between her legs ready to enterpushed her legs straight up along my shouldersas they weren't able to spread away by my hands and panty lock.

I attacked on her mouth and she turned awaynow she was in one atheletic pose getting nailed hardshe dominating pussy eating and facial cum catchers compilation first time a brides revenge my kissso i pressesd her boobs and pinched them further giving her painthen finally i started smooching her .And i began to pump her hard but her moans were damped by smooch.

I was pumping her hard and i was in peak of excitement and i heard my sisters voiceour smooch broke. Fuck she wokeupi just stoppedand gave mom 2 jerks and mom pleaded with tensed up expression. I knew she didn't want her daughter to see what her brother is doing to their mom. So we stood there without making any noise and since it was dark she couldn't see anything. She took a bottle from the fridge and went away. After making sure she is gone,I again started pumping my mom and came inside her again.

I picked up my clothes and left her in that condition. I knew she will tell dad,I was prepared for the consiquences. Atleast I fulfilled my dream of fucking my own mother,that was enough for me. Next day,dad came but nothing happened like I had expected. And I couldn't understand why? I didn't bother thinking about it much and I was just happy that I didn't get kicked out of the house.

In the evening one of my friend invited me to his house for non vegetarian food and beer. When I returned home I was thinking about my mom only. I was drunk but could not get my mind off the thought why mom never told anything to dad. By the time I reached home it was cold and my sister was in the drawing room.

I went straight to my room and began to change my dress. It was already 11 PM in the night. After another half an hour I put off the lights of my room and went to sleep. But I could not sleep as submissive bbw pig humiliation gangbang cock hardened thinking about my mom. I got up and went out of the room to find my sister already sleeping in the drawing room.

I checked for my mom in the kitchen,she wasn't there. I could not find her even in our parent's room. The I saw the door of the stairs which was open. I slowly climbed the stairs and I found her leaning on the iron railing and watching the dense Jungle. She realized my presence and turned around to see me. Then as if I was not there she dirty whore milf pounding act japanese hardcore her head away from me.

I went close to her and stood behind her for a few seconds thinking about what to do. I don't know how but I came so close to her back that my cock was nearly touching her ass. She must have realized this too but she did not move.

I pushed my sled a bit more till my hardened cock was right between her ass cheeks above her sari. She still did not move. I could not bear this as I caught her from behind pushing my cock deeper in her ass cheeks. She tried to resist and get out but I pinned her down the railing started to rub my cock between her ass cheeks and cupped her large but firm boobs form behind.

A loud moan escaped from her mouth and she tried to get away. Though she was trying to get away I knew her efforts were not genuine. I caught her in my arms and forced her off the railing as someone could see us.

I pulled her inside the small room on the roof used a store. It was all dark. Once inside it I made her bend on the wooden box lying there and took position behind her. She tried to get up but I caught her hairs from behind and forced her head down. Now she was standing in front of me with her head on the box and her back side between my legs. I began to remove her sari with one hand. The effect of rum and beer made me more wild and rough.

She began cry but I didn't leave her. With one hand I took out her sari form inside her petticoat and tried to find the Nara of the petticoat. After some efforts I was able to untie the Nara and in a few moments both her sari and petticoat were lying between her legs on the floor. With one hand holding her head down I somehow managed to take out my cock form my clothes. It was hard as rock and throbbing with desire.

I widened her legs apart so that it will be easy for me. I left her head and caught her from behind encircling her stomach. To my surprise now she was not trying to get away.

She stood there is same position as before and has widened her legs. Then suddenly I felt her hand below on my balls as she took them in her soft hand and began to massage it. I was very excited now. I spit on my fingers and rubbed it on my cock and then I placed my cock on her cunt form behind. I felt her hand on the soft flesh of my cock as she caught her in her hand and stroked it few times. I was feeling as if in heaven and then she positioned my cock on her hole and balanced herself.

I pushed hard and the tip of my cock broke open the ring of her cunt and went inside resulting in a deep moan form her " aaahhhhh.". I caught her waist from behind and again pushed with all my strength. This time around it went more than half inside her and she nearly doubled in pain and pleasure. She was shaking with excitement as my cock made way inside her womanhood stretching her walls to the limit. She was shouting,"Fuck me son,ram your hard dick in my cunt. Fuck your mom,make me feel like a women again".

And In my next stroke I was fully embedded in her cunt. I parted her ass cheeks so that more of my cock can go inside her. I stayed inside her in that position for few seconds as I felt her muscles tightening over my cock. Even though it was cold still I began to sweat. I adjusted myself and then slowly I began to stroke her pussy.

Moans were frequently escaping from her mouth and I felt her pussy becoming very wet and slippery. Slowly speed of my strokes increased as the combined effect of rum and beer helped me. I think in 4-5 minutes she began to yell and scream jerking her body from side to side. She came very wildly and I found it difficult to maintain the balance.

Then after a few minutes she was again moaning form the hard strokes as orgasm began to build inside me. In next 10-12 strokes I pumped hard and began to fill her already slippery cunt. Spurt after spurt it came out of my rod as I filled her pussy. I jerked and jerked till last drop. I collapsed on her body breathing heavily and gasping for breath. I lay over her body few minutes till my cock came out of her cunt.

My lava flowed out of her cunt and drops began to fall on my feet and legs. I got off her body and she too got up. It was dark so I could not see her face but I could hear her sobbing.

May be from guilt or from joy and pounding she received from me a few moments ago. I pulled her towards me and kissed her on lips. Her tongue moved inside my mouth as she caught me in tight embrace as if she would never leave me. I kissed her one more time and I went downstairs in my room.

I was feeling so satisfied after fucking her. As I lay over my bed I fell asleep instantly dreaming about her. It seems like the sex life of my parents weren't that good,and when I fucked Hridya for the second time,she knew what she was missing.

After that we began fucking frequently. Even when dad was in the house,we used to fuck in the kitchen or upstairs. There isn't a place in the house I haven't fucked her. Now she is pregnant, probably with my child. Who knows? But one thing is for sure,I would never have fucked her if I wasn't drunk that day.

So drinking really isn't that bad,atleast in my case it was a blessing!! Hope you enjoyed the story.