Husband watching wife suck a cock

Husband watching wife suck a cock
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"What the fuck are you doing?" "You really are a stupid drunk fucking bastard if you can't see that I'm fucking myself with a dildo.

You really are one stupid son of a bitch." That's the way that Barry and Leigh talked to each other. They married about 7 months ago but life has been anything but bliss since. Barry was in his early mid-20's. Before marrying he lived at home with his mother. He couldn't hold a job because he was undependable and lacked ambition. The jobs he held paid minimum wage. He'd been fired four times in the last two years, twice during the marriage. About the only thing he did well was drink.

Leigh was a cocktail waitress, and a good one. Part of it was her killer looks. Her naturally thick curly long blonde hair coupled with her petite figure naturally attracted men. Helping matters was the meticulous way she applied her make-up and generous application of perfume.

While she was a year younger than Barry, she was years ahead of him in maturity and savvy. She paid over 95% of the couple's bills. Barry knew Leigh from the bar. One night as a personal favor to the owner, she took him home after they saw his condition. She liked him because of his innocence, and he left big tips. A month later they eloped on a night when Leigh was feeling no pain.

Every day since Leigh regretted it more. "Why the fuck aren't you working? It's Friday night. How are we going to pay our fucking bills?" "Why am I not working? You can go to hell. I'll take care of the fucking bills. You never fucking worried about a motherfucking bill in your worthless life you goddamn loser. Why are you worrying now?" "So why in the hell are you here and not at work?" "That's none of your damn business." "Why in the hell are you naked in the bed and using a fucking dildo to get off?" "Because you never fuck me and bring me off.

You think fucking is all about shooting your goddamn wad all over me. Then you go to sleep. I've got to fucking cum too. But being the stupid shit that you are, you probably never realized that women have to cum, just like men do." "What the hell do you mean I never bring you off? I can make you cum. Is that what you fucking want? Do you want me to make you fucking cum?" "Shit, you don't the first thing about fucking except how to fuck up your life." "You want me to fuck you right now?

Is that what you want? You're my goddamn wife and if I want to fuck you I'll fuck you and make you cum like you've never fucking cum before." "That's right, I've never fucking cum before when you've fucked me. You don't know shit about how to make me cum?" "You horny babes just want to get pounded to bet" "OK, I'll bet you.

If you get lucky and make me fucking cum, I'll be your fucking slave for the weekend. But, if you don't make me cum, you're my fucking slave for the weekend. Is that a deal?" "Hell no, it's not a deal! You've probably just got off on that dildo and can't cum.

I'm not that fucking drunk or stupid." "Shit, you don't know squat about a woman cumming. I'll prove it to you. Go ahead and smell this fucking dildo. Look inside my pussy. Use your fucking fingers and look up inside me. See if there is any trace of pussy juice. You won't find any. You might see some moisture, but that's fucking it.

Shit. You probably don't even know what you're fucking looking for anyway. But I haven't cum yet tonight, and I'm fucking horny too." Leigh spread her legs wide and held the dildo out for Barry to inspect. She parted her vaginal lips for his inspection. He held the dildo and then handed it back to her. "Stick your fucking fingers up inside my pussy.

Go ahead. It won't bite you. Feel away. It's probably the first time you've ever seen a fucking pussy that close up. Now, are you fucking convinced how that I haven't cum? Do we have a fucking deal or don't we?" "OK you haven't cum, I guess. What about this slave shit? What's that all about?" "Just like I said, you make me cum, I'll be your slave and do anything you want or you can do anything you want to me until Monday morning.

You don't make me cum, you're my slave and you have to do exactly what I say this weekend. NOW DO WE HAVE A FUCKING DEAL?" "We have a fucking deal as long as I can fuck you anyway I want to right now." "Then fuck away asshole." Barry pulled his shirt off immediately and quickly shed his jeans and tennis shoes.

"I'll make you fucking cum and then make you pay for it too goddamn it. I'll fuck your whore pussy so fucking hard that you'll never stop fucking cumming. Then the first thing you're going to do as my fucking slave is cut that fucking dildo into a dozen small pieces and shove them up your ass." Leigh tossed her dildo to her pillow as Barry got on the bed and began sucking his dick to get it hard.

"Suck that cock bitch. Let me see how good a cocksucker you are. Get it harder if you want to cum." Leigh sensed that she needed to stop or Barry would shoot of in her mouth. "Fuck me. Make me cum," she said spreading her legs giving Barry full access to her twat. As Barry inserted his dick, he also kneaded Leigh's 36-C breasts, often running his thumb over her nipples. As Barry got into a rhythm, Leigh brunette teen gina gets banged pornstars and hardcore so the obedient boyfriend put his finger in her ass as ordered were fucking each other.

Meanwhile Leigh's hand played with her clit as he unmercifully pounded away at the twat. "Ohhh! Fuuucck! Yesss!" Leigh moaned. "Make me cum! Please make me cum!" Leigh knew full well what she was doing. She wanted to make it appear that Barry was doing something pleasurable to her. In reality, Leigh was playing a mind game. She hated what he was doing.

After the teasing moan, all she thought about was what a loser she married by mistake and how she hated him. She never got anywhere near excited again. Barry continued fucking his wife as he deposited a load of cock drippings into her love tunnel. He pulled out thinking the moan was a climax. "OK, I win. I made you cum." "Like hell you did. I told you before you fucked me that you didn't know shit about making a woman cum.

I didn't fucking cum. I wasn't even close. Latina slut gabby quinteros takes a big cock pounding you fucking did was get me hot. You didn't even get me bothered. You quit to damn soon. Why didn't you keep fucking me?" "Keep fucking you? How am I supposed to keep fucking you when my cock goes soft?

I told you that you couldn't cum?" "Is that right. Well you still didn't make me cum. By rights you're supposed to my slave. But to show you what a nice person I am pick a number between 10 and 20.

Go ahead. Pick one." "What?" "I said pick a fucking number. Pick one." "Ten." "Are you sure you want 10?

Go ahead and take 20." "What the fuck is this 10 and 20 shit?" "Just take a fucking number asshole." "I said 10. That's my final fucking answer. Ten. T-E-N. Ten." "OK, it's 10. But don't say later that I didn't try to get you take 20. You just gave yourself 10 extra minutes to make me cum. You could have had 20, but you only wanted 10. As I said, I'm showing you what a nice person I am. Go ahead. You have 10 more fucking minutes to do anything you want to make me cum or you're ass is mine for the weekend.

Fuck away any way that you want." Barry thought to himself for a minute. Then he ran his middle finger into her wet pussy. At the same time he began licking her naval and working his tongue down past the "V" on her well trimmed pubic bush. Finally Barry stuck his tongue into the cum-filled pussy, hoping that eating his slop would excite Leigh. He slowly licked the inside of her cunt but never nibbled on her clit. Then Barry returned to fucking his wife with his middle finger.

That gave him enough time to recuperate and get hard once again but he also had some more time to think. "I'll make you cum. You want this dick shoved up in your pussy or shoved up your ass? Tell me!" "You're supposed to know all about fucking. You'll fucking know when I'm cumming. I'll buck and yell like crazy. If you're fucking my ass, it will be in high gear. If you fuck my pussy, my legs will hold you so tight that you won't be able to breath almost." "So where do you want it?" "Just make me fucking cum.

I've got to get some satisfaction too." He turned Leigh over onto her stomach. She got to her knees. From behind, Barry entered her pussy, thinking it was her ass. His hands cupped her tits and pinched her nipples while the fast pace of his pelvis left him almost breathless.

Sensing he was going soft despite the hard work, Barry asked a favor. "Suck me off bitch. Get me fucking hard and I'll make you fucking cum. Get me hard." Quietly Leigh submitted as she turned around and took his softening cock into her mouth.

Then she started giving him a handjob while she licked and sucked his balls.

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"That's right you cocksucking bitch. Bring me back to live again because the way I'm going to fuck you you'll cum hard. When I fuck a slut like you, I expect you to do most of the fucking work. Keep sucking me. Then you're going to do most of the fucking. I'm just going to hold my dick in your whore hole and you're going to fuck me." Now hard again, Leigh accepted his cock once again inside her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around his back. True to his word, Barry did not move very much. Leigh had to gyrate her hips and legs for any action. She kept her mind focused on anything but sex. She mainly concentrated on who she was fucking, and she didn't like it at all.

She also knew that she had Barry in the right spot and his ass would soon belong to her. Leigh picked sani loin xxx story full the pace, all the while her mind thought of the days of marital anguish and what she would after she won the bet. Seeing Leigh smile, Barry thought he was pleasing her.

Knowing he was losing stamina, he pounded her cunt for the last time. He exploded again but Leigh never made a sound. She had waited the ten minutes plus another 20 minutes. "OK slave! Get your fucking loser body off me!

I still haven't cum, and there is no way you're going to fucking cum again tonight. I'm still going to be nice to you. Get on your hands and knees and follow me into the bathroom. I have to wash out my pussy. I want your fucking slimy shit out of me right now." Leigh made Barry sit on top of the closed commode seat as she used the detachable showerhead to thoroughly clean her inside. She knew that after about 5 minutes she was completely clean but she made him sit there and watch her for another 10 minutes as she completely bathed.

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"Alright slave, follow me back into the bed room. Get on your hands and knees like the fucking dog that you are." "Can I piss first?" "Who gave you fucking permission to talk? Slaves can't talk. No you can't fucking piss, at least not yet." Back in the bedroom, Leigh sat on the bed but Barry remained on the floor.

"Give me the fucking dildo. No, I've changed my mind. I don't want your filthily fucking hands on any of my shit. OK slave. Stand up. Get a chair from the dining room and bring it in here.

Hurry! Run!" Barry raced into the living room, but did not notice that Leigh was standing in the bedroom doorway until he turned around. "I changed my mind again. Put the chair right in the middle of the living room and facing me. Sit down on the chair. I've got some questions to ask you. Don't speak. Shake your head 'yes' or 'no'. Do you understand?" He shook his head yes.

"Do you want me to be nice to you?" He shook his head yes. "Or do you want me to act like a bitch?" He shook his head no. "OK, I'll be nice to you as long as you fucking do exactly what I say.

You are to sit in that chair until I tell you to get up. Do you understand that?" He shook his head yes. "Put your hands behind the chair and your feet flat on the floor." Quickly Barry complied with the request as he sat up straight.

Leigh repositioned Barry's legs so he was very wide open and his still soft dick clearly in view. "If I see your fucking hands move, you're in big fucking trouble. Do you understand that?" He shook his head yes. "I'm going to give you limited permission to speak. Answer only my questions. Where are you hands supposed to be?" "Behind the chair and me." "Where are your feet supposed to be?" "Flat on the floor." "Good. Don't fucking speak again unless I tell you.

I don't want to hear a fucking peep out of you. Understand." He shook his head yes. Leigh then started walking around the chair. She picked up the dildo and gently tapped it against his naked chest and circled his nipples. She played with the dildo running it from between his eyes down his nose and across his lips.

Barry's dick started springing to life. She continued teasing him until he was hard, often warning him not to make the slightest sound or move his hands. "Well what have we here? Let's just see how big we can make this thing." She continued teasing his dick by rubbing the dildo all over Barry's torso.

She even gently breathed on his manhood but she never made physical contact with his organ. "You move your fucking hands buster and there'll be hell to pay. Do you fucking understand?" He shook his head yes. "Now let's see how you measure up." Leigh squeezed the dildo against Barry's raging hard-on, which provided him with some comfort. Both were about the same size. "Not bad.

Not bad at all. It looks like you have the dick size that could have made me cum. But you're so fucking drunk or so fucking stupid or both that you couldn't. Is that right loser?" He closed his eyes and shook his head yes. "Who told you to close your eyes? I asked you a fucking question. At least be man enough to fucking look at me when I ask you a question," Leigh said with a slap to the face. Barry wanted to get up but then thought the better of it.

Wide-eyed, he shook his head yes. "Keep your ass glued to the seat of that sweet teen pussy licked masturbation and fingering chair too. Feet wide apart and glued to the goddamn floor. And if I see even one muscle twitch on your arms, you'll be fucking sorry.

Do you fucking understand?" He shook his head yes even though his cock needed stroking. "That's part of your fucking problem. You won't look at someone when they talk to you. You need to straighten up mister. OK, where were we? Oh yes, tomb raider lara croft hardcore fuck pussy animation hmv were talking about your fucking dick size.

There is nothing wrong with it. It's just that you don't know how to fucking use it. Have you ever seen a woman cum before? Have you? Well have you?" Barry reluctantly shook his head no, embarrassed that he had to confess his sexual inexperience to her. "That's what I fucking thought. You really are a goddamn loser. All you ever think about is yourself. Would you like to see what it looks like when a women cums?" He reluctantly signaled yes. He knew that the probable sight and sounds would make him want to satisfy himself, but that he'd have to exercise more self control than he ever thought possible.

Leigh had Barry reposition the chair facing the couch. He needed some additional instructions to get his legs very wide again. She left the room momentarily to grab several other dildos and her panties but often peeked back into the living room to be sure that he didn't cheat and touch himself.

She tossed legal age teenager widens luscious virgin legs hardcore and blowjob dildos on the couch. She put a DVD into the TV so that only she could watch. Barry had his back to the set. He could hear it, but could not see what was happening. "Just to show you how nice I am and what a fucking stupid shit you are, I'm not even going to stick the fucking dildo in my pussy. I'll just use only my fingers.

When you see my back arch and listen to the way I fucking moan, you'll fucking know that I'm cumming. The biggest difference with the way I fuck myself and the way you fucked me is that I'm never in a rush. Sex is meant to be a long and pleasurable experience. So you just sit and watch quietly. And remember, keep your fucking hands where they are or I'll restrain them." Leigh plopped down on the couch and spread her legs.

She began by gently caressing her face, her ears, her neck and then her breasts, stomach and thighs. She picked up one dildo and put it in her mouth, while with the other hand she continued caressing her flesh. All the while she kept one eye on the TV and the other on Barry. Her mind wandered to having a lover gently caress her. The dick could have that of tens of guys she knew.

The hands could have belonged to a beautiful woman. She felt her juices beginning to focus on climaxing. She took the dildo out of her mouth and licked the fingers milf reality home away from home away from home her right hand.

Those fingers went directly into her now moist pussy region, as the left hand picked up the dildo and caressed the flesh. "Oohhh," she moaned while she continued playing with herself. The right hand rubbed her clit. She dropped the dildo on the couch, favoring her hand over the toy. "Oohhh, fuucckk," she moaned as she played with herself while keeping her eyes on the TV and Barry.

He had not moved and watched intently. "Ooohhhhhh fffuuuuuccckkkkk. Ooohhhhh ffuuuccckkkkk. I'm so fucking horny. I'm so fucking horny that I want to fucking cum. Oooooohhhhh fffuuuccckkk." She continued gently caressing her flesh with the left hand, sometimes moving it down to her hips or up to her breasts.

When she felt her breasts, she'd pinch her nipples or circle them with a finger. She kept licking her lips and often pretended to be either licking a cock or eating a pussy.

Her right hand was busy playing with her clit. She picked up one of the dildos with her left hand and began licking the shaft sensually. She liked watching the girl on TV enjoy herself, but also because Leigh could clearly watch Barry, who was in her direct line of vision.

She moved both her hands to her twat. Using her left hand fingers to spread the pink flesh, she thrust her fingers on her other hand deep into her pussy and fucked herself a couple of times before pulling them out only to lick her moisture and wet her fingers even more. Leigh saw the effect she had on Barry.

His cock began bobbing as his prostrate tried to give him some satisfaction. She continued playing with herself. He was bursting to shoot a load and wanting to move his hand. "No one has given you permission to cum. You better fucking control yourself. I'm not yet finished fucking enjoying myself. Keep your hands where they are and get your feet wider apart and on the floor.

I want to see your fucking dick hard." Returning to her concentration on other men and women, Leigh continued to alternate the fingers on her right hand between her pussy and her mouth.

Finally she had her pussy moist enough with self-generating fluids and teen wake up masturbation first time hide and go freak that there was sound when she finger fucked herself.

The fingers on her left hand played with her clit, while the right fingers rammed her inside or her mouth. "Oh, my pussy tastes so fucking good. I wish I could fucking eat my pussy. I wish I had someone here eating my pussy. Oh my pussy wants to cum. My pussy likes to fucking cum. Cum for me pussy. Cum for me. Oooohhhhhh." Leigh increased the pace of her self-satisfaction, as did the girl on the video.

Her right hand returned to pleasuring her clit while the left hand pinched her tits. She forced her left tit toward her mouth as her tongue stretched to lick the nipple.

She continued watching the TV and noticed it becoming increasingly more difficult for Barry to maintain control of his hands. Several times he appeared to be trying to move in the chair. She figured that he was stroking the crack in his ass with his thumbs.

That only made her prolong her show, and his suffering. After nearly 30 minutes of pleasure, all the while talking nasty to herself, often intermingled with a profane scolding to Barry reminding sweet megumi shino finger fucking in a raw solo to maintain control, Leigh began the final climax. "OOOOOHHHHHH FFUUUUCCCCKKKKKK," she moaned loudly as her rapid pace of clit rubbing and finger fucking reached maximum speed.

Her hips began moving rapidly toward her fingers in the up and down very fast gyration. "OOOHHHHH FFFFUUCCCKKK, I'm going to fucking cum. I'M FUCKING CUMMING. FFFUUUCCCKKK. FFFUUUUCCCKKKKK. OOOOHHH FUUCCKK. OOHH. Ohh fuck." She relaxed and slowed down her finger fuck.

The left hand moved from her clit to rub her stomach and tits. The left fingers began encircling her nipples. She moved her right fingers into her mouth to taste the nectar she just produced. Then she jammed her right hand back inside her pussy again and took it out. "That's how a woman fucking cum's. Here look at my fingers. See and smell my pussy juice. Keep your fucking mouth closed and your tongue to yourself. Don't speak. Do you fucking see the difference in pussy juice and pre-cum?" He shook his head yes.

"OK slave. Stand up. Put your hands on the very top of your head. Now kneel on the floor. OK, hands on the floor. Don't touch yourself unless you want me to act like a bitch.

Crawl over here.

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That's a good little doggie. Now, would the loser dog like to see what a real fucking cunt looks like after she has cum?" He shook his head yes.

"You can look, but you can't touch. Do you understand?" He shook his head yes. His hands were on the very top of his head but he had a raging hard-on. Leigh moved over to the dining room table and stood on it. She spread her legs very wide. Now she picked up her clitoral hood with one hand as the fingers on her other hand exposed all of her vaginal cavity.

Barry saw the moisture of freshly secreted juices deep within the crevices of his wife's pussy. She let the show go on for at least five minutes, all the while reminding him to not touch himself and to not touch her. The only enjoyment he had was breathing her musty aroma. "You see that's what you never could do to me. Were you a bad little dog for not being able to fuck me to a climax?" Reluctantly, Barry shook his head yes as Leigh stepped back down to the floor.

"Do you think you need to be punished?" Again, Barry reluctantly shook his head yes. He watched Leigh stuff her panties into her moist pussy. They had disappeared for well over a minute before she removed them. He was forced to sniff and then inspect the now dry pussy in detail.

"You've been a good little doggie tonight, so I'll continue being nice to you. Crawl back into the bedroom, but stay on the floor. Don't jump up on the bed." On all fours, Barry walked into xxx bigen cina 2019 dow yes bedroom and positioned himself between the bed and the door.

Leigh tossed his bedroom pillow on the floor. He knew she brought all her dildos back into the bedroom. "Turn around and put your head on the pillow. Hands on the floor. Stick your ass up in the air. Get it higher. Knees straight. Get your ass way up there. I want to see your fucking cock hanging down. There we go. That's it. Keep your ass up in the air. The higher you get your ass, the nicer I'll be.

Now grab hold of your fucking ass cheeks but don't you dare touch your goddamn cock or balls. Spread your fucking cheeks. I want to see an asshole's asshole." Barry grabbed his ass. He just knew Leigh was going to fuck him with the dildo. He prepared himself. His cock continued throbbing, wanting to both cum and piss.

He let his knee slip for a minute so that the cock could get some relief from the floor. He got a hard slap on the ass. "Get your fucking ass up in the air. You do that one more time buster, and I'm going to be a fucking nasty bitch. Just remember, so far I've been fucking nice to you.

But I can turn the bitch switch in a heartbeat. Keep showing me your fucking ass. Get it up in the air and spread those goddamn cheeks wider." Leigh roughly grabbed Barry's hands to expose his ass wider than he thought possible. "Get ready you motherfucking loser for something you're ass has never felt before.

You can close your eyes and grit your teeth if you want. Get ready because here it comes." Barry prepared himself for her dildo. Instead somehow Leigh quickly produced a large feather and began tickling the ass, which caught Barry by complete surprise.

He moaned as she made several long swipes into his anal cavity. "Shut the fuck up. You think that's funny? OK, I'm tired of playing with you tonight. You always fall asleep after you cum. I want to fall asleep. Get out in the living room. Crawl.

You're not sleeping in here tonight." Using some old nylons, she secured Barry's hands to the legs on the living room couch. His feet presented a problem but she had a solution. She cleared an entire shelf from the book cabinet, throwing all the objects on the floor. She placed the shelf between two dining room chairs so the chairs maintained their distance.

She then secured his legs. Knowing he's have to piss she put a couple of large garbage bags beneath him. "I don't want to hear a fucking peep out of you tonight. Remember you lost the fucking bet and you're my slave. You have to do everything I ask. You're just going to have to sleep here. You better not try and escape either. If I see you've tried to escape, or if you've cum, or if you've pissed, I throw the bitch switch.

Shake your head if you understand." After Barry shook his head yes, she forced his mouth open, Leigh shoved her moist panties in his mouth almost to the point of having him gag. Turning on a lesbian porn movie for him to watch, she left the living room and locked the bedroom door. Barry alpha france adorable lola marilyn jess elodie delage mika barthel gerard kikoine the film and thought about pissing but fell asleep within a few minutes.

Little did he know what was ahead when the sun rose the next morning.