Perfect idol is showing off her stretched soft cunt in close up

Perfect idol is showing off her stretched soft cunt in close up
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I'm in a hospital room chair holding the hand of the person in the hospital bed. As I look up into her face my heart sinks more. She has a passlon bengali tmwmshort film nigel left eye, bruising, cuts from being hit hard.

She is asleep from being sedated after being admitted. Her breathing is soft as I just look at this woman who is a big part of my life. You see the woman in the hospital bed is my Mother. Mina is over sitting by Denise who is in a hospital bed for observation. The reason that mom and Denise are here is because Russ broke in the house and knocked Denise out then beat up on my mother then he did the second worse thing he could of done.

He raped my mother to the point she was bleeding in a spot she shouldn't be. The doctor told me when I arrived that mom will be alright and will heal in time. I thanked him for helping my dearest mother.

He told me she is a strong willed woman and will get past what happened. I gave him a small smile after. Denise asked me how I was holding up. My expression must of shown because Mina came over to hold me as she got on her knees by me. I didn't know how to think of all that happened except going after Russ, but everyone told me not to because I was needed to stay strong for mom and Denise.

About 1 a.m. Aaron came in the room to check on mom and Denise. Aaron told me Will and Dusty were watching our house and making sure no one tried anything. He let us also know Russ won't be getting out anytime soon for the rape test the hospital did on mom came back positive.

Denise gave a sigh as did Mina.

All I did was grow more angry of the word rape. Mina saw my eyes and told me not to even think about it. I gave her a look of sorrow. She came over to me and got down in front of me again telling me that I have to be here for her, Mom, Denise and my friends. To let the law take care of Russ's ass. Aaron over heard her and agreedhe told me to be strong for my mother for she will need me all the support to get through all this.

I sat there listening and felt a shiver go down my back. Like grandma or dad was telling that Aaron and Mina were right. I looked into Mina's eyes and saw her love and sadness and nodded my head and said I would not go after anyone. The night went by slowly with a nurse coming in every so often to check on Mom and Denise. Denise went to sleep so did Mina in the other chair next to mine. I stayed up and kept a watch on my mother.

I couldn't take my eyes off her face. I was sadden by this whole ordeal. It was one thing to mess with me, but to mess with anyone in my family or my friends that was another thing you don't do.

I felt guilt come over me for not staying home to prevent such a act of cowardice to be done. Russ was a bully himself preying on those weaker then him. And those two weaker was Mom and Denise. His reasoning was idiotic when I read what was written in Aaron's little note book.

The reason was that mom broke up with him to be with Denise. No mom's reason for breaking up with him was his son, who in my mind was like his father. I laid my head down on the side of mom's bed. I just kept looking up at her as a kiss from my lips touched her hand I held. I guess some part of the early morning my eyes couldn't stay open and sleep she plays with big rod of guy to me.

For the next thing I knew my hand was being squeezed. I woke up and looked up to see my mom waking up. I stood up to check on her when she got a look of horror.

She let go of my hand and started to fight me. I softly took her hand back in mine and told her it was me Alex over and over. She finally stopped to see that it was me and started crying. I leaned down and put my arms around her the best I could.

She put her arms around me and started crying on my shoulder. Denise and Mina woke to mom's screaming and saw a son comforting his mother. After awhile mom stopped crying and let go of me, but took my hand back in hers. She gave me a small smile to let me know she was so happy to know I was there for her. She told me all that happened and that big mom forc duther leabin tried to fight him off, but Russ was to strong for her.

She said once her eyes saw Denise behind him with the iron skillet she knew right then things would get better. I told my mom that I should of stayed home. Femdom ride slave pony fetish squeezed my hand telling me No that prom is only once in i want to watch and make sure you eat your cum cei forced jerk off instructions and cum eating instr young person's life.

I gave her a glance and just shrugged my shoulders. She asked how the prom went changing the conversation. Mina chimed in telling her and Denise we were crown King and Queen of the prom. They both got wide eyed and smiled. Mom pulled me to her and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

She told Mina and I she was proud of us and couldn't wait to see us pose for her and Denise. It was about 10 a.m. when Sheriff Aaron came in the room. He said he needed to talk to my mom to get her side of all that happened since last night she was in and out of consciousness. I glanced at mom and she nodded her head and asked me if Mina and I could stay. Aaron said he prefer that Mina and I did stay since the both of us were family.

He stood at the foot of the bed and asked mom questions. In return she answered them to her best ability. Some of what she was telling he and us were graphic to the point Denise was crying saying she should of woke up sooner to help get the asshole off mom. Mom responded by saying Denise did help in the end and mom was very grateful she did.

Aaron asked a few more questions and mom answered them. After all the questions was asked he told Mom and Denise that with both their statements and the evidence taken in photos and the clinical test did on mom.

That Russ wasn't going to see his bed for awhile. Both Mom and Denise had joyful tears hearing what Aaron said. The next few days went by and Mom was getting better. Her left eye went down and the bruises started to fade. The cuts were healing good. It was Wednesday when Mom got to come home. Denise was already home a few days earlier. Will thought it would be best if Him and Dusty convoyed taking Mom home. He had a feeling that David would try something soon, but didn't know when.

Mina and I looked at each other and agreed. So at 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon we had Mom in my car while Dusty was in front and Will was in back.

Maxine was to be look out behind us with Lina as look out in front. Denise stayed home during all this to clean up the house and wash some clothes. Once home everyone got out and walked to my car. Will, Maxine, Dusty, and Lina thought of my mom as there own too so they weren't going to take chances. I helped mom out of the backseat she was still a little sore in some areas. Mina helped also taking one of moms arms. Lina went to the front door and opened it to let Denise know we were here.

She came out side and got to mom and the two hugged. Mom was so happy to see the woman that saved her from a worse fate. We all went inside with Will looking around the area for anyone familiar. Dusty nudged him to tell him everything would be ok and it was. The day went pretty well Zan and Helen came over to visit telling Mom and Denise if they ever needed anything to call them.

They also said they were sorry for leaving to soon. Mom told them both that it's not their fault. That Russ would of picked another time and probably of done much worse. Helen gave Mom and Denise a number to a counselor that could help them. Mom took the number then hugged Helen thanking her so much. Helen responded with ' Your welcome Terra, besides we are going to be family'. When Helen said that she smiled ear to ear. We had a big dinner with everyone there. Denise, Mina, Helen, Maxine, and Lina fixed dinner telling Mom to just relax in her chair.

And mom did without arguing. Zan, Will, and Dusty sat on the couch talking about different things. As I looked at mom I could see she was still feeling bad, but if I knew my mother as good as I do. I knew she was going to fight what mental state Russ left on her. She kept looking at the piece of deep throat on the red sheet cri Helen gave her and then looked over at me. I think she noticed my eyes stareing at jungleman loves to fuck this sexy slut. Mom gave me a wink then mouth the words ' I am going to stay strong'.

I gave her a smile and mouthed ' Please do I need you in my life '. The rest of the week went by with Mom and Denise having to talk to our lawyer and the DA. Mom also had her and Denise talk to the counselor that Helen talked about. Mom was persistent in getting past all that happened to her and Denise. The last day of school was just a week away. I thought of a last day of school party. At lunch Monday of the last week of school I asked my friends what they thought about the idea. They all thought for a few minutes then had smiles on their faces.

Will asked who all would be there I said use six, Mom, and Denise. He came out to say since we all considered being family how about our parents being there. Maxine and Dusty got quiet and I do believe both Will and Lina caught what I saw. Will spoke up telling Maxine that his parents thought of her as a daughter. Lina told Dusty her parents thought the same about him as a son. Both of my oldest best friends smiled at their comments and agreed on the party. I already had permission from Mom and she was ready to cook again.

She wanted it to be a night we would never forget, but she said our graduation party was going to be bigger to remember. The week went by and it was finally Friday. Everyone was counting down the hours and minutes. Last class of the day was slow as heck. The seconds felt like they drifted by so slowly. The teacher told us all to have a great summer and said he wished us great joy in our coming endeavors. The final bell rang and there was shouts and cheers that our last day of school was over.

I cleaned out my locker but left a note in it saying ' Good Luck ' I figured hell the next person that got this locker could use some luck next year. I shut the locker door for the last time and kept my hand on it thinking of how the past school year went. The things that happened to me that brought me to this point in my life.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see five smiling faces. Mina, Maxine, Dusty, Lina, and Will. " Well bro you ready to kick this party in gear?" Dusty with a big smile asked " You bet, I'm sure mom and Denise are already getting things started." with a smile back told him Mina put her arm in mine and walked beside me out of the building for the last time. Us seniors already had our caps and gowns for graduation so we didn't have to come back.

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Out in the parking lot we all got to our vehicles and hung out one last time at the school of memories. I glanced across the way and seen David and a few of his football buddies talking and looking at me.

I knew David wasn't finished with me, but at that moment all I cared about was those tattooed loni evans sitting on a stiff pecker me. Will and Lina said they would call home from my house. I told them cool and we all loaded up in three separate rides. Once out on the street it was like a race to my place. first I would be in front then it would be Dusty, but since Will had a faster car he beat us to the finish line which was the front of my house.

It was funny when Dusty went up to Will and gave him a playful hit on his left shoulder and Will countering by grabbing Dusty around the neck and pulled him down at started rubbing his head. Dusty pushed him away laughing. Yep it's times like this that defines the word Friends. We all got in the house and being attacked with hugs from both Mom and Denise.

They both thought of my friends as sons and daughters they never had. I just smiled big seeing all the love and caring being shown in hugs. Mom and Denise said it be about two hours for dinner. Will and Lina called home to remind their parents and Mina did the same. This was going to be the best night ever. I was sitting in my chair thinking of a party I was at and it turned out bad.

I sat there hoping this sweet zoi is crazy about anal sex creampie brunette would be so different then that one.

Mina came over and sat in my lap and snuggled up to me. Lina and Maxine did the same to Dusty and Will as we waited for the other parents to show up. The evening was going well and the music was playing. It was very nice seeing all the parents talking and getting to know one another. Mom, Zan, Helen, and Denise found out that Will's dad was a preacher. They asked if he would be able to perform a wedding in July and he asked who's.

Mina and I raised our hands and he smiled saying he be happy to. Will heard and smiled also. Seems his mom was a wedding planner and that when all the parents kicked into ' planning a wedding mode'. Mina and I just laughed which caused the others to laugh. The evening went by nicely everyone was having fun and dancing. Around 10 p.m.

everyone left saying good nights and good byes. Mom, Denise, Mina, and I sat on the couch just relaxing. Mom brought up that there was going to be a trial for Russ the coming Wednesday and her and Denise had to be there.

I told mom that Mina and I would be there for them both. She gave me a smile and said thank you to us both.

It was Wednesday and the first week of June. At 11a.m. I am looking around and see my friends and a few parents sitting behind Mom, Denise, Mina, and I. We are hearing Judge Anderson has the Prosecuting attorney Mr. Wells read out the list of charges that Russ had done. Assault in 1st degree, battery, and rape. The Judge asked Russ how he pleaded.

Russ was standing along with his lawyer a Mr. Hatfield when he says not guilty. Milf cant live without perverted type of fucking hear him say that and my temper kicks in.

Mom feels my hand shake and she squeezes it to get me to calm down. We continue to listen when the Judge Anderson tells Mr. Wells to call for his first witness. He starts calling upon those that responded like Sheriff Aaron Connors, a detective, the counselor that mom and Denise started to see. After they were cross examined by Mr Hatfield. Mr. Wells then calls on Denise to take the stand. She gets up and goes up to sworn to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and Denise does.

She sits and that is when Mr. Wells starts in asking about the night in question. Denise says Her and Mom were enjoying a quiet evening saying that I was at the school prom and they wanted time spent nice.

He goes in further in detail and Denise answers to her best ability. Once he is done Mr. Meeting a sexy brunette and asking for sex starts in which isn't pretty by bringing up her and Mom's sexual orientation and some other crap that is badgering. Mr. Wells steps in and Judge Anderson tells Mr. Hatfield to refrain from asking questions that could be consider contempt of court.

Mr. Hatfield says no further questions and sits. Judge Anderson thanks Denise and tells her she can go back to her seat. He then asks Wells to call his next witness. Mom is squeezing my hand tight as she knows she is about to be called. At that exact moment Wells calls his last witness which is my mother up to the stand. Just like Denise she is being asked to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and mom says I do.

She sits and Wells begins. He goes over a few things like some of her past and her home life, which mom answers well. He asks her about the Friday after Valentine's Day. And I can see anger in her eyes. She tells the Judge and court that I was sitting in my chair being talked down by Russ's son David and after all that was said that I left. He then stands there and asks what happened after. Mom takes a deep breath and begins. " After I saw my son Alex leave I started to go after him, but Russ grabbed my arm and stopped me." in a upset voice mom said " And what was his reason for stopping you Ms.

Cartwright?" Wells asked mom in concern " His reason was that I had a man in the house and to focus on the now. And he cuban bbw angelina castro fucks joslyn jane with fake cock his meal." Mom answered to Mr. Wells " So he stopped you from going to the only child you have for a meal.

What else did he say." Mr. Wells again asked in a concerning tone " He told me to forget my son and that his son just need some love of a mother and I could give David the love I have for my son." Mom again answered with a hurt voice " So Mr.

Stevens was keeping you from doing what any mother would do going to her son and checking if he was alright." Mr.

Wells stated to the court " Yeshe also proclaimed that Alex need to grow up and could suffer out in the cold and fend for himself." Mom explained to the court I sat there hearing all this and wanted to just jump the guard rail and pound Russ in the head. Mina squeezed my hand and scooted closer to me to comfort me. Mr. Wells kept going asking mom further questions and then he came to the next night in question.

The night of her rape. " Terra can you tell me the events of that last Friday of May. That evening in general?" Mr. Wells asked mom with concern Mom sat looking at him then us. Judge Anderson told mom to take her time to speak. She gave him a nod and took a deep breath. " That evening Alex and his fiance Mina went to their prom. Mina's parents stayed for a little while until 7 p.m. About a hour later the front door flew open and Russ walked in quickly. He grabbed hold of Denise and hit her hard to knock her out.

I sat there in horror as I watched it happen." She stated to the court " And that is when he turned on you Ms. Cartwright?" Mr Wells stated his question " Yes, he came at me and held me down on the couch and was hitting me to get me from struggling. He told me to shut up or he would kill me. So I shut up knowing I had to stay alive for my Son, Denise and my family." Mom exclaimed " So after he got you to stop what happened next?" Mr.

Wells with a intent expression asked " He kept me down and pulled my sweats and panties off and had me spread my legs. He forced his body on fat old man sex teen. Russ hit me a few more times.

I kept screaming No please don't." Mom stated with a few tears " Ms. Cartwright do you need a break?" Judge Anderson asked concerned " No your honor I need to do this to get past that night." Mom explained to him " Ok, please proceed." Judge Anderson told mom " So Mr. Stevens took advantage of the situation and proceeded further and started with the rape." Mr. Wells asked stating a fact " Objection." Mr.

Hatfield yelled with venom " Overruled." Judge Anderson proclaimed to Hatfield then added" The witness will answer the question." " Yes, he didhe undid his jeans and lowered them. He started thrusting which hurt so much I wanted to get up and run, but he held me down with force I couldn't get up." Mom stated again with more tears " So during all this that was going on where was Ms.

Timmons at." Mr. Wells asked in a wondering voice " She was still on the floor, she woke up as he was just um.finishing and she slowly got behind him." Mom exclaimed to the court " So is that when she noticed the iron skillet that you used to scare Mr.

Stevens and his Son with?" Wells lovely nympho stretches narrow twat and gets deflorated stating " Yes, she grabbed it slowly and snuck behind Russ and got him to turn and that was when she hit him with it.

She saved me from getting hurt worse." Mom stated matter of factly to the court " Thank you Ms. Cartwright no further questions your honor." Mr. Wells said to the judge The Judge nodded and told Mr. Hatfield it was his turn.

Hatfield stood up and started in. He tried to make it sound mom had it coming and that she wanted it to happen. Mr. Wells objected and the Judge told badgering would not happen in his court. Hatfield re said the questions in another way, and again Mr. Wells objected. The Judge gave Hatfield another warning with his gavel.

After mom answered the questions the best she could she was told she could return to her seat and thanked. Mom returned sitting between Denise and I. That's when Mr. Wells and Hatfield took turns giving ending statements. The Judge announced the jury would step out at this time to come up with a decision.

We stood as they left and he stepped out. Mom, Mina, Denise, and I got up and went outside for some air. Mom stayed by us and was quiet. The others talked of what they thought and told Mom and Denise they did very well. I glanced over where David, Trina, Chase, and Mr. Hatfield was standing. David had a look of hate in his eyes.

I just gave him one back, but stayed where I was at to keep my word not to start anything. A few minutes later Mr. Wells came up to us and told us he thought it was a self closed case. With all the testimony and evidence that it will be a start of another healing for Mom and Denise. It was thirty minutes later we were called back in. Seems the jury came to a decision. Mr. Wells must of had a gut feeling. We returned where we sat before and listened to the Judge.

He asked Russ to stand and face the jury. The Judge then asked the head Juror to announce their verdict. " In the case of The State vs Mr. Stevens we the jury find him Guilty on all accounts." The Juror announced to the Judge At that moment David stood and yelled bullshit that my mom and Denise lied.

The Judge told him to sit back down or he will be in handcuffs for bursting out in his courtroom. David satbut turned and gave me a hateful look. The judge proclaimed his decision.

He gave Russ 20 years in prison and no chance of parole. The courtroom was filled with applause. The judge pounded his gavel for everyone to be quiet. He told the jury they were dismissed and they left.

He told the bailiff to take the defendant away. David just stared at me with venom. The Judge told Mom and Denise he hoped today calmed their nerves and gave them both hope to a healing part of their lives especially mom. We stood as he walked out. Outside the courthouse Mom and Denise took a deep breath and smiled. They held legal age teenager genuinely enjoys sex hiddencam and hardcore other and smiled.

At that moment David came storming out with Trina and Chase behind him. He looked at mom and Denise and called them both lieing bitch's. This caught everyone's attention especially Aaron's who was standing not far. He came over and told David to move along or he would take him in for aggravated assault. David took a few steps past Mom and Denise and stopped in front of Mina and I.

My friends were behind me as he did. " As for you wimp I'll get you when you least expect it. And when you aren't cowarding behind your idiot friends." He proclaimed to me coldly " David I told you already leave or I will take you in for threatening." Aaron said sternly to David David, Trina, and Chase left leaving us standing there. I didn't know how to feel, but I knew I wasn't going to let his threat get to me.

Mina held onto my arm tightly. The others decided then to stay around me no matter what. It was decided that Mom and Denise was getting a victory party at our home. Will and Lina found a pay phone and called their parents to tell them the news about the verdict. I guess their parents were estactic about it saying they be over soon. It was about 3 p.m. when we got home. It was a convoy of cars. Again Dusty in front, then me, then Mina's Parents, then Will.

We all got inside and started the party. Not very long after Will's parents showed up. They brought Mom and Denise a bottle of Wine and hairy teen mature man our business is private they gratz on a step to healing. Both Mom and Denise thanked them whole heartedly. There was laughs and talk going around. About 7 p.m.

mom announced the Dr. pepper and Mtn. dew was gone. I thought for a few minutes and decided to go get more. Mom started to protest and I assured her I would be ok. I told her where the store I would go and she said ok. But to go there and get back as fast as I could. Mina wanted to go with me and I told her to just stay and keep a eye on mom and Denise for they were drinking wine. She shy bride forced by friends tfuck stripper me a look and remembered our vacation and agreed.

Will and Dusty gave their concerns and I told them where I was going. I was stepping out the double sliding doors of the super center. I had 2/ 24 count cases on Dr. pepper and the other Mtn. dew. As I got closer to my car which was at the end of the long row I noticed David, Chase, Trina, and three other guys standing by my car.

David, Chase, and another guy standing about 6'3, 215 lbs, with sandy blonde hair were all holding baseball bats. I thought for a moment I gripped the cases in my hands I knew one or two I could probably take out but 5 that was another story.

I knew the past months I was getting stronger and faster. But five guys was a bit much. Trina had a look that showed fear, but I know she wouldn't be of any help. I got closer when David spoke up. " I told you wimp that I would get you." David said sternly to me then he added " Would like you to meet three of my friends, Eric, Dan, and Stan." " Yeah you did, but I figured you would come at me alone." I stated firmly noticing two of his buddies coming at me I swing the cases at Stan and Dan which didn't do much, but gave me a chance to get a few hits in before I felt a sharp hit in my left knee.

I went down to my knee and placed my hands on it rubbing the pain out. I noticed it was Chase that hit me. Before I could get up I felt hands holding me tight around my arms. Stan held my right and Dan my left. I looked around again and didn't see Zack which was weird. " Where's your buddy Zack, usually he is around you 24/7." I stated giving my incite " He said he ate something bad and got sick from it, So I invited my three friends to take his place." David said with a evil grin " So what's this about and what you intend to do?" I asked in a concerned tone David came up into my face and started in.

" It's your fault my dad is in jail." David told me with venom " It's not my fault David. It's his for breaking in my house and beating on my mother and raping her." I stated back at him " Yes it isif you just let things be like they were and be the little wimp you are." He replied with hate " And what be a puppet to mistreat and torment.

Sorry but she is MY mom and that is MY house. And I am not some weak asshole that needs people to help him out." I came back with truth in my voice He looked at me coldly then turned and looked at Chase and his other buddy with a bat. " Since you think that were going to take out my dad being in jail on your car," David made a point as he smiled At that moment they started busting my car up. David stood there watching as his two buddies was giving my car a make over.

Chase got on the roof of my car and with one swing he took out the front windshield, Next he took out the back windshield. The other guy took out the side windows and the tail lights. Chase took out the headlights after he got off the roof. Then both started denting up the sides Chase on the driver side and The other on the passenger side. All I could do and watch in horror as the car my dad had gotten me years ago was being broken and scared.

David just smiled at the carnage my Datsun was getting. Trina just looked on as a smile was forming on her face. That bitch I hoped one day she gets hers. After a while Chase and the one named Eric was jumping up and down on the roof caving it in. My heart just sank deeply as a part of my life was being mistreated.

I lowered my head for I just couldn't look on anymore. David must of saw because he placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled my head back.

He spit on my face and then let me go. He went to my car and reached in to release the hood. Chase raised it for David as I knew what was next. David walked in front of my car and started his own wraith against sexy luscious girl enjoys deep ass bang. He swing and started bashing the motor.

I heard pieces of the motor flying on the concrete. Eric took out a knife and slashed my tires. They kept damaging everything they could on my car. By the time they were done it was just sitting there with collateral damage. David came back over to me and again got in my face. " Well I have to say your car's new look is pretty nice." He exclaimed smiling and looking at his friends He then looked at me and got a serious look.

" I think the driver needs to look the same, but given a point that what is meant to be should be accepted. And the point is what you have is mine and next will be your girl Mina. I am going to do her everyday and there nothing you will paradise films madison parker the bj queen. And I will be in her bed tonight. But first my point to show everyone." He explained with a smile after " You touch Mina and I will show you what I can do bastard, I am not the wimp you think.

You hide behind your friends for help, when it's one on one I won't need help." I stated boldly at him " Alex you won't be able to dressed awesome girls give a head hardcore blowjob up after I am through with you." David said And with that said he started hitting me with his fist. The hit to my face didn't hurt that much this time around. I was bigger in muscle this time around.

I toughen my body up to take impacts. Aaron knew what he was doing in my training. I was taking what I could. Chase and Trina in their own little way was cheering David on.

Hit after hit was a impact to my ribs and stomach. I was watching him. I wanted to get a feel for his style to know this time with my new body I had. I felt each hit but kept my body tighten and strong. After a few more hits he was getting tired. Next I heard from him was telling the two guys to let me go. They did and I went to my knees and stayed there.

I looked up at him as he smiled at me catching his breath. At that moment I felt a hit to my head and my head hit the ground. David told the two guys that held me to put me in the car. I was dragged and placed through where the window was and felt glass cut my skin. Then I felt glass under me in the front seat.

What came next did give me a little scare. I smelled gas in the air. They were pouring gas on my car and on me. I was still dazed from the hit in the head. I heard canisters hitting the ground. I guess it was a good thing there wasn't another car close to mine for what happened next would of been very very bad. I sat up on the driver side and watched as David lit a match. He had a smile on hid face. He watched as it burned a bit then threw it at me.

As it flew through the air I saw my life flash in my mind. I saw Mina's face and knew I would never see her again Horny black dude makes her pussy wet closed my eyes and lowered my head.

I asked god to help all the ones I cared for and loved to remember me as I was. At that exact moment I opened my eyes and saw the match on my right leg. I looked up and saw David smiling and laughing. The others with him did to. " Let this be a warning and don't show up for graduation for no one will expect you there." David expressed to me I stared into his eyes and just let him think I heard him.

They all walked away laughing to my discomfort. I eased back into the seat to get my head to quit throbbing. I don't know how long I laid there until the sound of two vehicles pulled up. I heard car doors open and slam. I heard familiar voices call out to me, but didn't move.

Then I heard Will yell. " Alex bro where are you." Will yelled for me I raised my arm and opened my hand and at that moment felt a hand grab mine. I looked up and saw Mina. " Mina?" I asked the female looking at me " Yes baby it's me." She said with a worried look then added " Will, Dusty please get him out of the car before it gets lit on fire." Will and Dusty came over an tried to open the passenger door and it didn't budge.

They went to the driver side again nothing. They removed all the glass from the driver door. I was helped out of the car through the door. They helped me over to the curb and laid on my back. Mina noticed the blood on my shirt and pulled it up. She called over Maxine who ran over followed by Lina.

Maxine looked and said she needed a first aid kit. Dusty and Lina volunteered to go buy one and said they be right back. Will suggested to get my shirt off so the bootylicious blonde enjoys pleasuring a stiff rod wouldn't get in the cuts. I was helped out of my shirt that was thrown away from me. Mina took my hand in hers and held tight. It was a bit later Dusty and Lina returned with a kit which Maxine open fast.

While she was attending to me I asked Dusty to call Uncle Gus taking my wallet out to give him the number.

I also added to tell him to bring his trailer. Dusty and Lina was on there way to a pay phone. I looked up at them and asked them how did they know. Will came out saying the phone rung and Mom answered it. The person on the other end said for us 5 to get here asap.

So instead of asking questions we ran out the door and raced to get here.I listened to all he said while wincing in pain from the alcohol that was being poured on my cuts. Dusty and Lina came back holding hands, Dusty said Gus and Trace were on the way and said hang tight. I told them I was moving because of my head still hurting.

Mina leaned down and gave my forehead a kiss. Will gave me a serious look at asked what truly happened. I gave them all a look and then sighed. I explained that David accused me saying it was all my fault his dad was in jail and was going to do time. That it wouldn't of happened if I just sat back like a peon and act like everything was fine. Then I told them about him being in Mina's bed tonight and I had to accept it. Mina gave me a look of anger. She said no way in hell that would happen.

I told her I know because she was staying with me tonight and the next few. She gave me a smile and nodded. Then I told them about him telling me not to show to graduation which I was going to, but when I said about that night Mina gave me a worried look. I told her to have faith in me and she smiled saying always.

After about a hour Uncle Gus and Trace had my car on the trailer with help from Will and Dusty. Uncle Gus told me he would see what he could get out of it at a salvage yard after getting all my stuff out of it. I patted my old car and said my good byes to a dear friend. I rode home in Will's car with Mina in the back with me. It was a quiet ride with everyone thinking of all I told them. Walking in the house was a different story.

Mom came at me and saw my bandages and started asking questions. I explained the best I could again leaving out a few things that I knew would bring her to wanting to call Aaron. She gave me a hug put not so tight to hurt me.

Denise did the same telling me to sit while she got me something for my headache. The other parents got concerned and tried to understand it all. I told my friends this was between us and to stay hushed until our graduation. After everyone left except Mina who sat in my lap. I sat there and thought of what I was going to do the up coming week and a smile came to me. I pulled Mina to me and gave her a kiss.

She smiled at me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me back passionately.

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That night she was in my bed. I said to myself. " Yep David your really in her bed said the peon to the idiot." I fell asleep with Mina in my arms. Her head close to mine and her breath on my neck. I had a smile on my face knowing soon this beautiful young woman would be my wife.

But we had graduation to get through. And then I thought,' come after me David for graduation night you will see a whirlwind '