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Bootylicious teen sucking fat cock in public
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Writers Note's: Hey all just to let everyone know the anonymous comments are turn off. If you want to comment PM me. I am sorry for the inconvenience for this action. I am also sorry that I posted Chapter 1 of the next story after A Family Betrayal. Just wanted to give everyone a peak of what is to come as the next few chapters of A Family Betrayal were being throughly looked over, but hey can't please everyone. All I can say is A Family Betrayal will be finished and posted. Have a good day or night whichever.

Until next post Peace to you all. ================================================================= Travis POV: Waiting is a real pain when someone you are really close to is being checked. The whole family are waiting in the Emergency Room. Kaye is sitting in my lap crying as well the other women in the family. Mom is very angry, but sad at the same time. Momma Faye and Tessa are comforting mom while Jacqueline is helping Adam and I with Kaye and Michelle.

My brother fought with such courage and honor. I look around to see the godmoms and adoptive mothers from Alabama trying to comfort my sister in laws. It has been a rough few hours for us all. Nick has been very strong helping Tessa keep everyone calm.

The kids are crying after hearing their daddy was hurt, but we never told them why. Lil Heath is trying to comfort Karen and Lindsey who are crying so hard.

I hear the sliding doors open turning to see who walked in. It's at that moment that I feel my blood boil seeing the traitor walk in. I look to see my brothers, godfathers, aunts, and uncle look towards the asshole that made my Champ have to be in a hospital bed.

I watch as Chris get's up followed by Jack. Both intercept Jaime just to be shoved back by Renee. " WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Renee yells asking her once boyfriend " I.I came to check on Heath. Has.has there been any word yet?" He answers to only ask her in return " Not yet and even if we knew why do you care.

Your the one that put my sister's husband in here." Renee says getting the kids attention as I think ' Oh Shit' " What.what does she mean grampie Nick?" Karen asks as he looks down at her " Well Karen" Nick tries to say until Renee cuts him off " Your Uncle Jaime here thought it would be cool to fight your daddy see as these cute year old beauties Renee states as I look to see my niece's eyes go wide " hurt my daddy?" Karen asks with tears looking over at Jaime seeing a sad nod from him It's at that moment that we all watch Karen look from Jaime to Nick.

She looks at his leg seeing his boot knife. She pulls it out running at Jaime hearing screams from us all, but it's too late as she stabs Jaime in his left leg making him go down to his right knee. " Leave my family alone." She says before trying to stab him again until Tessa quickly grabs Karen's arms before she continues " NO LET ME GO HE HURT MY DADDY!" Karen says as I see Tessa shake her head before Karen adds " LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE! LEAVE AUNTIE RENEE ALONE ASSHOLE!" " KAREN SUMMER THOMPSON YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN!" Tiffany yells to her daughter as Karen drops the knife It's at that moment Nick gets over to Karen to pick her up, but not before picking his knife up.

He holds Karen for a second before she wants her grammie Tessa. " Why grammie? Why?" Karen asks with tears falling " Shhh baby girl your daddy will be just fine. Come on help grammie calm your mommies down." Tessa says giving Jaime a angry look before adding " Come on Renee I also need your help keeping your sisters calm before they lose the babies over that bastards bullshit." " Tessa please?" Jaime says pleading holding his left leg Momma Tessa turns holding a angry Karen in her arms to look at Jaime with eyes that could send daggers at him.

" Don' hurt my son. You shall not get any help from me." She states making her way to my sister in laws I look to see Ron, Gina, Tracey, and Serena come through the double doors. Serena runs over to Playing with a bushy japanese pussy hardcore and blowjob and Lindsey to give them a comforting hug.

I smile a little seeing my nieces hug her back with tears. My eyes go back towards Jaime to see him get confronted by Gina. " WHAT THE HELL JAIME? WHY WOULD YOU HURT THE MAN THAT HAS BEEN A BROTHER TO YOU?" She asks with anger to her nephew " Gina hun calm down." Savannah says to Gina who is like a sister to her " No Savannah I will not calm down.

What my nephew did was way uncalled for, download sexy lela star ass fuk sex stories story I want to know why he hurt Heath." Gina says not taking her eyes off Jaime Jaime is standing there with a worried, but yet fearful look. He looks at us all before looking down at his aunt. " You better answer her son." Ron exclaims to only get a nod " For money. I figured if I helped Tyrone he would pay me very well.

I want Renee and I get away from here and start fresh. I wanted to make a better life for her." He says getting a few gasps and wide eyes " You think I would leave my family? I would never leave those that I love with all my heart." Renee asks before stating her point " But why stay around? It's not like we would batgirl shada fay gets anal creampie in batcave missed." I shake my head to his words before hearing a slap " You unconsiderate bastard.

I thought we raised you better then thinking of yourself. Jaime all those behind me would miss her and you, but it seems you never cared for others." Gina says shocking Jaime to no end " Aunt Gina I do care." He says getting shook heads from almost everyone " Bullshit Jaime. You might care, but only for yourself. I don't know what came over you besides money, but whatever else urged you to hurt the grandson of May must of been stupid." Gina says making his eyes go wide " Drugs." Says a voice not far from us We all turn to see Debra walking over.

She has a very bewildered look while going to the kids giving them a hug before turning looking at Jaime. " What do you mean drugs hun?" Gina asks with concern looking at Debra " William sent me to inform you all that Jaime here as been acting.

Seems months ago Jaime boy here started talking to Trey. Seems they did some business. Things went bad and that's why Jaime had the WORK for Tyrone.

Jaime has been like a wolf in sheeps clothing. That is how Tyrone knew about Jasmine and the the girls being pregnant." Debra comes out saying making us all go wide eyed " You son of a bitch you have been working for that bastard?" Chris says with clinched fist " Chris calm down as we are in a hospital." Papa Mike proclaims to his son " That's even better. When I get done beating his face in he's already here. Plus my wounds can be checked out as well." Chris says as I watch Justin and Nicky quickly step in front of our brother " We know your pissed bro, but now isn't the time or place.

Besides he got a good ass whooping on the beach." Nicky says while Justin nods " Fine, but he better man up for no one is going to help him in this family." Chris states while Selena steps up behind him " Baby come hold me in your arms." Selena says getting Chris's attention Chris glares at Jaime before doing just as Selena asks.

Once they sit down with Selena getting in her man's lap. Jaime just seemed at a lose since the truth was out.

" So you been dealing drugs and got blackmailed into hurting this family?" Ron asks his nephew only to get a nod " GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" Gina states catching everyone off guard " Aunt Gina what?" Jaime asks with deep worry " I said get out of my sight.

I want you out of my house also." Gina exclaims as Ron and Tracey nods agreeing It's at that moment Jaime looks over at Renee who is holding Jessie Lee like a big sister. Renee doesn't say anything or looks back at him. With that Jaime turns to only limp out through the double sliding doors. It's a sad moment as I here a throat clear behind me. I see my family look pass me. I turn to see Heath's doctor standing there with a look of sadness. We all stand as Jasmine and them make their way to her.

" Heath alright?" Jasmine asks while Diamond and Tiffany take each of her hands " He is stable and his vitals are where they should be, but." She says answering looking pole dancing slutty milf on cam watch part on slutcamxxcom without cutting us all " But what doctor?" Momma Ellie asks very concerned about Heath " Well Heath is in a coma.

His heart has taken so much stress." She tells us before showing a hint of anger before adding " I told you all that he could not get upset about anything." " We have tried to keep him away from getting upset or stressed out, but when it comes to your door." My mother says with tears " Well still he is in a deep coma.

It maybe hours or weeks, but until then no stress of any kind do I make myself clear." She says getting nods from us all It's at that moment that Karen and the kids go up to the doctor.

Lindsey tugs on the doctor's pants to get her attention.

" What is it hun?" The doctor asks looking down at them all " Where's my daddy at?" Lindsey asks getting wide eyes " He is up in room 404, but he needs rest." She answers as we watch the kids grab hands going to the elevator before the doctor continued " But you can't." " Yes we can for he is our daddy." Karen says before they keep going " Well that is the second time I have been told off by that little girl." She says getting laughs We all decide that Champ's wives should go up to see him first.

Renee goes along to help Jessie Lee with the four pregnant ones. The rest of the family take seats in the waiting room. Kaye returns to my lap to only cry hoping our brother wakes up soon.

I send a little pray hoping that one hears it to help Heath. =============================================================== William's POV: I walk up to the last spike that stands up out of the ground. Between Trey and Geoff I impale Tyrone upon it.

I look at the last expression he had to only laugh. The expression is of fear as I step back looking at the locket around my neck. Opening the front I look at the picture it conceals. " Well big sis it's done you can live in peace now.

All these years I have hunted down the one that caused you sorrow, and now it's over Janice I will always love you sis." I say feeling a single tear fall " So I take it you won't need my barn any longer?" I hear a friendly voice ask " Nope as all I needed to accomplish is done." Only lana rodes sex story say turning around to see a smile " Well I am glad son for your sister would want you to start living again." The old man says placing his right hand on my left shoulder " Yes she would, and now I can with Debra by my side." I say before my cell goes off I grab my phone from a pocket in my vest answering it.

" Hello.hey babe.yes it's finally did?.oh wow Gina did.well he brought it upon himself.yeah I'm ready beautiful. Oh how's our nephew?.Dammit well come and get me.Yeah he is standing right here.ok see you soon." I exclaim hanging up placing my phone back " Everything ok son?" He asks as I shook my head " No Heath is in a coma, and Gina kicked Jaime out which he brought onto himself." I answer getting a nod " Well young men learn from their mistakes." He tells me taking a puff off the old pipe " True there." I say while we stand talking about anything under the sky Debra drove up about 20 minutes late to pick me up.

We said good bye to our friend. He said he would let the birds have what young and wild teen mandy tries a big cock guy in quickie sex left of the heads for a few days.

We just nodded before Debra drove off down the dirt road. I had spent all my life getting revenge and now that it was over I smiled knowing life would be very different. Debra and I have talked about me quitting as a bounty hunter.

She wanted a family while we still could, but that family was those we protected. I let out a sigh knowing this new path would be much better. ===================================================================== Chris POV: It's been a long five days for everyone. The family has taken turns watching over Heath. Travis has never left Heath's side as he blames himslelf for not stopping the fight and Heath being in the bed.

The dads and us brothers have told him it wasn't his fault as he cries. " Yes it is. Because of me my brother is in that bed." I punch him in the gut as he looks at me " He is OUR brother Travis. I have hurt him and you have hurt him. Hell Michelle hurt him, but he has and will always love us. He would protect us no matter what and you know just as well as I do he is as stubborn as they come." He looks at me and nods as he puts me in a headlock and nuggies me " Chris I swear to God if I didn't love you as my brother I'd have whooped your ass." He says chuckling while I beg for mercy as he lets me go and embraces me in a hug as I return it The kids however never went home.

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They have either sneaked up into the bed at night, or slept in the one next to it. I can see how it's going to be once the others are born. Lindsey isn't Heath's by blood, but she sure acts like him all stubborn and loving. I had guard duty making sure there was no stress or drama in the room.

Dad and the other dads made it clear as did mom and the other mothers. I have thought of so many options I could of had just to stop what happened, but each one ended the same my baby brother in that hospital bed that is not far from me. Heath's wives are next to the bed sitting in chairs that were brought in for them. The moms are also sitting on the arms of the chairs. Karen and Lindsey are on either side of Heath as the boys are at his legs.

They are all asleep at 6 o'clock on a Thursday morning. I sent the rest of the family home promising to call if there was any change. So far there has not been any change. My mind has gone to that day not long after Selena, Tiffany, Karen, Lil Heath, and I came out east. That day he passed out on the beach. I have shook my head so many times knowing this was ten times worse.

I love Heath to death that I wish it was me instead of him, but life isn't all that fair. I was deep in my thoughts when I heard a noise like a moan.

I looked up to see the women still asleep in uncomfortable positions. I heard it again only to look up at Heath. My eyes went wide as I noticed his eyes flickering.

I make my way over to him quietly so I don't disturb and one as I place my hand on his chest as I pray for my uncle to bring Heath back to us. I leaned over to see his eyes start to flicker as they open and I look into his eyes as he smile.

I mouth those words,'Morning bro.' Her smiles telling me the same. I look at him and decide to have a good laugh at his expense,'You fucking pussy magnet?' He smiles back as I take a step back and he sees all the women in the family are around the bed.our moms,aunts,wives and sisters as well as Travis and the kids. He smiles back,'You wish you were me.' I look into his eyes again and they seem brighter but maybe that is me just hoping for my brothers return as I smile as I step back to the door.

Once I get back to the door I smile at my brother as he looks at me and I yell " MORNING HEATH! ABOUT TIME YOU WOKE UP!" As I finish my line I see every head pop up as the family hug Heath and squishing whoever was inbetween them and Heath I hear moans and groans as they stop so they can take turns. Hug their son,brother, nephew or daddy. Diamond tells some one to run get a doctor in which Renee and Jessie do just that. I get the kids off the bed hearing them say no. Momma Faye and Tessa tell them yes to only get awes.

It's only a few more minutes that the doctor comes in. She moves quickly to check Heath out. She checks his eyes to only let out a gasp. " What is it doctor?" Toying japanese babes hawt slit hardcore and blowjob asks to get a confused expression " His.his eyes.they are blue. A brighter shade of blue." The doctor says getting everyone in the room to look as I guess I was right as I see those that remember his eyes being that color cry as I go to Selena as I hug her and kiss her As we break the kiss I whisper into her ear.

" Our brother is back honey." I say while she hugs me crying " I know baby.I'm as happy as when I found out Little Heath was coming,giving birth to our son and when you asked me to marry you." She says with tears as I kiss her again.

She shows us all in which makes all in the room smile. She has us all leave so she can start running pals nail hot girlfriends big butt mature. The kids protest until their mothers and grandmothers step in.

We all leave with a smile on our faces knowing Heath was finally showing his old self again. I pulled out my phone making a call that I promised last night. I knew the rest of the family would need to know. ==================================================================== Talk about feeling like a pen cushion. I was given so many test after waking up it wasn't funny. It was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon by the time I was taken back to my room.

I was filled in on how long I had been in a coma. I had bits and pieces of what happened, but then everything came flowing back in my mind. I felt sad knowing who sent me here through his betrayal. I let out a sigh knowing things would be a bit different. As I laid in my hospital bed the door open. I noticed my wives and moms came in with my daughters in my mom's arms. They all smile, but have tears that I take for happiness. They all gather around me asking me if I was fine.

I nod telling them I felt like new. Lindsey is the one that shocks me at that moment. " Daddy your eyes are shiny." She says as I look at my wives and moms " What does she mean by shiny?" I ask getting giggles " She means they are bright daddy." Karen tells me while I still show confusion " Heath baby your eyes are back. Your back my love." Tiffany says taking my left hand placing it on her belly with tears " Wait my eyes are bright blue again?" I ask getting nods from them all " Yes son they are except a shade down from bright, but still bright." My mom says with tears of her own I lay there not knowing what to think, but only smile to them all.

It's at that moment the door opens. They all turn to see it's my doctor with a confused look upon her face. " What's wrong?" Momma Faye asks her with concern "Well Mrs. Thompson I can't explain it as the results of the test are confusing me." States the doctor as someone hands me a compact mirror, and I look and my eyes fiset time school giral xnxx returned and like my mom said they were a shade darker than they were, but they were bright as the doctor continued " Heath is.healed." " What do you mean healed?" Hannah asks with confusion " Well it's like he never tried to O.D.

His heart is strong and better, but not where it should be, but with a little help he will be good as new." The doctor says getting wide eyes " Wait your saying my son is totally healed?" Momma Tessa asks getting a nod " Yes that is what I am saying. We have done all the test we could think of that deals with the heart.

Heath's is just like knew." The doctor explains getting shocked looks " Wow love is magic." Karen says getting momma Tessa's attention " What do you mean baby girl?" She asks getting Karen to smile " The man at Disney told me if I believed in love as the strongest magic that daddy would be healed." Karen explains getting smiles " Well honey I think he may of been right in some aspect." The doctor says getting smile before continuing " Painful forced crying homemade pegged I can not figure any of this out." My family member's stand in their places showing smiles before cheering.

My daughters smile big knowing their daddy was going to live a long time. The doctor tells everyone to quiet down before saying she was keeping me one more night, but two people could stay the night instead of them all. I hear reluctance until hearing Momma Ellie speaks up walking in. " I'll stay the night with Heath. You all need your rest and in comfortable beds." Momma Ellie says looking at them all " Momma Ellie we are all ok." Diamond says seeing Renee shake her head " No but's about it Diamond.

Look you and the others need to relax and rest in a bed. Those babies you carry need to be comfortable instead of being pushed against a railing of a bed. I know you all want to stay, but you need to trust me." Momma Ellie explains stating her point " She's right baby you four need a bed." Jessie says stepping up behind Diamond who leans back against our wife " Ok, but keep us informed Momma Ellie." Diamond says getting a nod " I will so who else staying?" Ellie asks as my mom raises her hand " I'll stay the night also.

I want to enjoy seeing my sons eyes again." Mom says with tears in her eyes as Tessa goes up to her " Ok baby we will make sure the house is ready for him tomorrow." Momma Tessa says getting nods The rest of the afternoon and evening go by with family coming to see me a few at a time.

When it's time for them to go home my wives and kids give me hugs and kisses before going home. At 9 o'clock that night it's mom, momma Ellie, and I. They each have a hand showing me love. I look at them horny french wife sucking her hubbys dick housewives and cumonwives feeling their love as I did those years ago. " So what do you both want to talk about?" I ask getting grins from them both " Well baby we could do what we did in Florida." My mom asks while my eyes go wide " Oh what did you both do in Florida?" Momma Ellie asks with a smile " Oh um Faye, Jacqueline, and I might of gave our bodies to Heath for one night." My mother says answering getting a gasp " Wait you mean you three fucked him?" Ellie asks as my mom slowly nods with worry It's at that time Ellie looks from mom to me before she giggled.

" That is so rich. Verna, Kiko, and I did the same after Florida." Ellie says as my mother gasps this time " Wait you mean you three did too?" Mom asks getting a nod with a smile " Yep and it was so amazing. I came so many times I was so sensitive to the touch." Ellie says getting a giggle " I know that feeling. Both my holes were sore for days." Mom says as I look for something " Wheres that call button erotic kitten gapes juicy slit and gets devirginized I can get help." I say only to see my mother holding the call button " Help is here baby now just relax and get that beautiful sexxxx black guy and girl com hard for your mommy and mommy Ellie." My mother says gangbanged redhead devours a ton of rock solid cock I see Ellie walk to the door to only lock it when she reaches it I watch as my mom and momma Ellie start stripping down taking their two pregnant ebony sluts bang each other off showing their breast then their denim shorts.

I am wide eyed as both have no panties on. " Um you sure about this?" I ask before my beautiful mom pulls the sheet down as momma Ellie raises my hospital gown up Both look at my hardening manhood before licking their lips.

" Oh yes baby we are sure. Now who's pussy you want to eat while the other sucks your first load." My mom asks with a smile " Um tough call as I remember you both are sweet to the taste." I say seeing smiles from both of them " Aww baby that's so nice of you to say." Ellie says slowly stroking me " I don't mind going last baby." My mom says with a grin " Actually baby eat your mom out I want to watch while I suck you off." Ellie says getting up on the bed between my legs " Well I guess I get to get my baby boy's tongue on my pussy." My mom says getting on the bed She positions her legs on either side of my head.

I smile as I look up and see her beautiful swollen labia lips staring back at me. I do see she has trimmed her pubic hair. I place my hands on up on her sexy ass lowering her down. I sporty and brunette sara luvv gets her pussy destroyed by lex interracial pornstars her outer lips before licking down her slit. She lets out a moan placing her hands on my thighs. " Oh god I have missed you baby.

Now please make your mommy cum." My mom says as I smile licking through her labia lips " Mmmm I have missed this cock. Damn baby did you get bigger?" I hear momma Ellie ask I shake my head as I licking my mother's inner lips.

" He.shook his.head no.oh yess right there baby." Mom says relaying my answer " Well something changed for he is 11 inches." Momma Ellie says before I feel her lick the underside of my manhood I can't believe this is happening again, but this time it's the two women I felt so close to when I was younger. I feel my heart warm up so much that I just dig in licking my mother to her first orgasm.

Her pussy is getting very wet from my tongue sliding it's way into her. " Oh fuck.our baby is.tongue fucking me." My mother says moaning as Momma Ellie takes me into her mouth before mom continues " Mmm suck that cock.make him cum." I stop for a moment having mom raise up for a second. " I hate to tell you, but I can't cum from a blow job usually and when I do it takes three or four.

I can only cum in a pussy or ass." I say making mom lower back down I feel momma Ellie take me out of her mouth, but she keeps stroking me. " Well damn now what?" She asks sounding disappointed " Ride him.Ellie baby.yes baby lick me." Mom says while I feel Ellie move around " Heath baby I love you honey so much.

You are the only other man that will ever have me." Ellie says as I feel her lower down on my manhood before she continues " Oh yesss you feel so good in me." It's at that moment that the room fills up with moans from all three of us. Ellie slowly rides me working all my dick into her.

She lets out a moan while going up and down upon my cock. " Mmmm I have.truly baby boy." Ellie says placing her hands on my mother's Ellie started up and down at first letting me feel her wet, warm, tight pussy.

I was so in heaven that my mother moaned watching her best friend riding her son. I heard kissing noises as both of them were making out. I attached my lips to my mothers erect clit as she started to grind on my mouth. " Oh yes.suck my clit baby.make me cum." Mom says before moaning loudly " Cum for our son.cum on his face.I want to lick.your juices off." Ellie says rocking back and forth using her kegal muscles to grip my cock " So close." Mom says with a intense moan " That's it.cum baby." Ellie says as her juices flow down my balls " Mmmm this feels so good." Mom says while I suck more on her sweet clit After both my mother and Ellie showed such love to me I felt my heart warm up.

I never thought they would do this again, but at that moment I didn't care as I knew they loved me nonetheless. " OH GOD.I'M CUMMINGGGG!" My mother says flooding my lydia lust hot anal fuck perfect butt and perfect ass that was over her pussy I swallowed all I could as some flowed down the sides of my face and neck.

She shook from the intensity of her orgasm. I smiled knowing I gave her all I could with my mouth. After her orgasm subsided mom moved off the bed taking a seat. I watched as she spread her legs with a smile. Ellie although leaned down on me placing her hands on either side of my face. Looking in my eyes while rocking back and forth on my dick she smiled before speaking. " Fuck me baby.fuck you godmother." She says feeling my hands go to her hips She stays laying on me as I use all the strength I have to pound in and out of her.

She is moaning so much that I get turned on even more. I hear my mother moan knowing she is deeply watching. Ellie meets my thrust with a smile. " I Heath.I son." She says to me moaning as her pussy clamps down " I too cum for I am.about too." I say moaning back seeing a nod with a smile She raises up placing her hands on my chest.

Her eyes stay focused on mine as Ellie starts riding me to orgasm. I look over out the corner of my left eye to see my mother masturbating with a big smile. " Yes ride our son.fuck him good Ellie baby." My mother says moaning with her right hand between her legs and her left on her breast " Oh I am.shit baby.I'M CUMMINGGGG!" Ellie says impaling herself at the last second as I feel myself erupt " OH FUCK.!" I say loudly as I hold Ellie down " Yes cum in me baby.mmm your cum is so warm." Ellie states moaning to our orgasms " Mmmm that is so sexy watching you both cum." My mother says with loving eyes After a few minutes of catching breaths.

Ellie and I kiss deeply until she grunts getting off my manhood. Mom gets up to help her sister off the bed. Ellie quickly goes for her purse to pull a pair of panties out. Putting them on with a smile. I watch my mom lean over taking my dick in her mouth cleaning it off.

I smile as I love her blow job she gives me with eyes locked on mine. Ellie comes over after dressing to take over while my mother dresses. " Mom I thought." I say getting her attention " No baby not tonight. I want you in a real bed so I can be on bottom while you pound my pussy that is yours only and my wives and lovers." She explains looking at Ellie " Oh ok.wait.what do you mean." I ask getting giggles as Ellie raises up lowering my gown " Heath baby you are the only man I will be with.

I know that sounds bad being your mother, but your so much like your father. And don't worry about the other's as Faye and Jacqueline know. I love you Heath always have. I never want to lose my loving son." My mother says holding my hand with tears " I never want to lose you either. I love you mom always did." I say caressing her hand " Awww I know the feeling. Heath we all love you so much. After that first time it was to get our son back in our lives, but now it's like a drug from time to time.

We need to feel you baby boy." Ellie says taking my right hand " Well American businessman fucked latina hooker in his hotel room am glad there is love behind everything.

I would hate to see myself as a piece of meat." I say letting out a chuckle " Never baby boy as you will never be just a piece of meat to be abused." Mom tells me with a smile They sit in the chairs next to me after Momma Ellie unlocks the door.

I comment about the sheet and my face as momma Ellie gasps to do as she said earlier lick my face clean. I chuckle while she hits japanese daughter in father in law sex scandal son few ticklish spots.

After my face is clean we all three talk of Karen's upcoming birthday in March. I make the comment that I want it to be nice. In which my mother says it will be her first to with her granddaughter during her birthday.

Ellie told us she was sorry for never telling my mother who nods accepting the apology. It's about 2 in the morning when I finally fall asleep feeling the love from my mothers.

It's been a fun last week in February just out of the hospital. Jaime has been coming to the door wanting to talk, and every time I tell him to get lost. He took it upon himself to camp out on my front lawn. I don't know why as he has a long way before earning my trust again. Renee has been helping me get my body back to what it was. We take walks on the beach talking about what the future may hold.

She has been so protective of me also. When Jaime tries to butt in on our talks she tells him to get away as he did enough damage. I don't feel sorry for him especially after all that I was told. He would look at both of us especially at Renee who at that moment took my right hand in her left.

He shook his head just to walk away without saying a word. I began to feel my body return to the way it was just weeks before the incident with Tyrone except better. I enjoyed that week with Renee as she was a very interesting young woman.

I would just listen to all she would say learning about her everyday. I have to say she is a beautiful amazing woman as Jessie Lee was. ==================================================================== Jessie POV: I am standing in the bedroom while my wives are getting the moms and godmoms. Renee is already in here sitting on the bed. Heath and the guys took the kids out shopping for spring clothing.

Sierra, Mandy, Selena, Kaye, Allison, and Michelle went with them as we didn't want our daughters in boys clothing. I hear footsteps before the bedroom door opens. I watch as they all come in finding a place to sit on the big bed. I am pacing back and forth until I hear momma Maggie speak up. " What's wrong honey you seem stressed? Doesn't my son relieve your stress any more?" She asks getting giggles " Yes he does mom, but that the problem." I say getting confused and concerned looks " Um ok and what do you mean that's the problem?" Momma Jackie asks holding momma Faye and Maggie from behind " Well I am the only one of the wives that can have intercourse with our husband.

My anus and vagina are so sore that it hurts to sit. I love my husband, but I need some sort of break." I state explaining seeing concern look's on the mom's faces " Damn I guess we never thought of that." Momma Verna says getting everyone's attention " So what are you wanting to do honey?" Momma Kiko asks me holding momma Ellie " Well I was wondering if I could get a favor." I answer seeing some confused expressions except from my loves " And what is this favor baby girl?" Momma Ellie asks while looking at me intently " Well I know you all have well been with Heath in a way that some would see bad, but I need help.

It hurts to wear panties as they rub me raw." I say with a sadness " Honey are you trying to ask us to sleep with Heath?" Momma Verna asks getting a nod " Yes I am as I don't know how much longer I can take being the only one getting it 7 times a night." I say getting gasps from the mothers " Wait Heath can go 7 times in one night?" Renee asks getting nods from us wives " Yep he sure can and that is when he isn't interested in getting any." Diamond answers with a smirk " Well hell I will help." Renee says getting my loves attention " Wait what?" Jasmine asks very concerned " Look every since that fight on the beach that caused Heath to go in a coma.

I have started to see Heath with new eyes. I want what you five have.

Big tits blonde teen blowjob on webcam

I know that may sound off the wall, but I care for him so much. I.I love him for all that he has done. Look I will respect if you five say no, but I can not lie to my heart or self. What Jaime did crushed what I felt for him. I want Heath as the love that fills my heart." Renee says exclaiming with tears while looking down at her lap I look at Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany to see them looking at Renee then at me. They stand up coming to me. We huddle to talk about what Renee just confessed to.

There are concerns until we each confess to being in Renee's shoes. Diamond states the heart can't help which direction it points too. That in itself makes the decision for us. They break the huddle going back to sit in the places they were. I go over to Renee who has been a sister to me and more. I get on my knees taking her hands in mine.

She looks into my eyes before I speak. " Sissy are you sure about this? Are you very sure about being with us and um me?" I ask getting a nod " Yes I am sissy as I love him, my sisters, and you.

God Jessie you and I have been through so much together. You were there for me when I miscarriage my baby. Jessie I am very sure about this. Give me a chance to be with all of you and Heath." Renee says with tears as I caress her hands " Do you have a juicy pussy?" Tiffany asks getting giggles from our loves and the mothers " You nympho slut this isn't the time to scare her away." Hannah says tugging on Tiffany's left breast " Hey they're sore don't do that." Tiffany says as Renee giggles " Actually I do Tiffany.

Why you like a juicy pussy?" Renee asks with a sexy grin " Yes and so does Heath that's why I asked." Tiffany answers getting nods " So mothers what do you say of helping our wife and husband?" Jasmine asks as they all get up and gather in a circle I get up to sit between Jasmine and Renee as we each hold hands.

As we wait Renee let's go of my hand to only get behind me. Her arms come around me as I get pulled between her legs. She wants to hold me as we use to when we were little. After about 5 minutes the mothers all turn to face us. I see smirks and grins as momma Maggie steps up to speak.

" We will help, but we have some conditions." She says in which we each look at each other then back at them " And what are these conditions?" I ask seeing grins from the mother's " That the family don't know except our husbands of course, but our kids are not to know." Ellie says getting nods agreeing while momma Faye and Jackie talk next " And we can have Heath anytime we want him." " And we get to do all we want to Heath.

Suck, lick, and fuck him until you four are healed after giving birth." Momma Verna cute babe with tan lines fucks hard again getting agreements " Since we agree just one more thing. Renee, Jessie you have to be there. We don't want Heath thinking he is cheating on his wives." Momma Kiko states to us with a smile " Understandable, but I am not a wife." Renee states to the mothers getting giggles from us " Just hang in there you might be." Irresistible hottie gets to ride a pecker says before I feel Renee hold me tight The mothers come back to sit holding a lover or sister.

We all talk of the coming night as I smile feeling the love of all those around me. Jasmine was right asking never hurt a thing. What I was scared of was what would my love think knowing he would be with others that normally wouldn't be in our bed. I place my hands on Renee's to just tilt my head back on her right shoulder.

I turn my head to look in her eyes. " I love you Renee so much." I say getting a big smile " I love you too Jessie always have and always will baby." She tells me before I feel her lips on mine " Awww sibling love always a taboo, but yet very loving to see come from both hearts." I hear momma Maggie say as Renee and I passionately kiss for the third time in our lives " Wait.where is momma Tessa at?" I hear Tiffany asks while Renee snakes her right hand down into my sweats cupping my wet pussy " She went to see the doctor.

She has well had a hard time getting wet." Momma Maggie states as I let out a moan " Awww maybe the doctor will give her something to help." Diamond says while I spread my legs " We hope so especially if she joins us." Momma Jackie says when Renee slides a finger over my clit to get me to break the kiss " Renee you sure about this?" I ask getting everyone's attention " Yes I am Jessie. I love you and I want you and I to be like Sierra and Mandy.

I have been wanting you again since we were younger." Renee tells me getting awws " Jessie honey never deny love for it will never deny you." Momma Faye tells me as I feel Renee press hard against my clit " Hot booty latina mounts like a bitch won't mom I just don't want to lose what Renee and I have." I say with a smile " You won't lose me baby.

I am yours and my sisters." My new lover says as I place my hands up around her neck " Ladies I think we should give them some privacy, and make sure no one walks in on them." Momma Verna says getting agreements " True I hate to explain to our baby why Jessie is between Renee's legs before he gets a chance to be in her." Hannah says hearing laughs My loves each give Renee and I a kiss on the lips. Diamond tells Renee welcome to the harem as they all get up to leave.

Renee makes me get naked as she does. I have to been waiting for this moment again to be with my sister twin. I lay down in the bed as Renee takes my legs pushing them up to my chest. I see her smile before feeling her lips natural huge titted lady banged in elevator my nether lips. I have missed her touch for so long.

It's at that moment I come her lover again. ================================================================= It's been a long afternoon. After the godfathers, my brothers, and sisters took the kids out shopping it was good to be home. Around 6 o'clock in the evening we eat dinner which was pizza.

The kids then afterwards did a fashion show for their moms, and grandmothers. It was funny as Karen and Lindsey walked like runway models. Karen and Lindsey had matching outfits to make them show everyone they were sisters. I was glad the kids loved their new clothes. I noticed something that evening Jessie and Renee were clinging to one another. I asked Tiffany about the sudden change.

All she told me was Jessie was helping Renee get over Jaime. I thought for a moment after that to understand why.

I still couldn't get it out of my head that Jaime would betray me in such a way that hurt so damn much. I wanted to fight him maybe knocking some sense into him, but I knew he was a bit quicker then I was.

So I would let it go for now as I had my family to keep together. I was tired so around 10 o'clock that night I headed to bed, but not before giving my wives a hug real femdomme mature mistress sophie talking dirty masturbates kiss each.

I gave the mom's, godmoms, and sisters a kiss also on the cheek. Allison and Renee each surprised me by kissing my lips. I stood stunned before making my way to the bedroom. I stripped down to nothing getting on the bed. I laid there thinking of all that has happened.

The good and bad with the only constant thing in my mind that my family has always been there to pull me up facing everything together.

It was not long that the bedroom door opened. I looked in the darkness to see figures come in. It was dark with only the moonlight coming through the window. I felt the bed move with hands touching me. I felt one take my manhood, and started to stroke me.

I felt lips on mine as I gave out a moan breaking the kiss. It was nice having my loves surrounding me. I felt two bodies lay on each side of me placing hands on my chest. All I could say was wow to the mouth that took me inside the warmness. ============================================================ Tessa POV: I was in the bathroom that joined to our bedroom. I wanted to use the new cream that the doctor gave me. She told me to insert some into me before intercourse.

So I stripped down before sitting on the edge of the tub. I spread my legs then place some of the cream on my two fingers. I reach down to my vagina inserting my fingers. At first it's cold until I start working my hole. It feels so good as I masturbate a little to get ready for my loves tonight. I make sure the cream is on all my vaginal walls before standing putting my Maggie's robe on.

I step out of the bathroom to see my wives not in the bedroom. I find it weird as I step out to look for them. I walk down the hall making it to the stairs. I look down to only see my kids all watching t.v Turning back towards the hallway I walk back to the bedroom. It's when I get to the door I hear a moan.

Not any moan, but Faye's. I take a few steps to Heath and my daughter's bedroom door. Placing my ear to the door I hear Heath and Faye moan. I feel my heart race as I slowly turn the doorknob. I quietly open the door.

I hear groans followed by moans of love while my eyes adjust. I feel along the wall finding the light switch. I flip it on to only see my wives, my granddaughters, and my daughters all in a orgy. Maggie the woman of my heart has Heath's dick in her month before looking up at me to see a few tears. I am so stunned that I can not move.

She gets up coming to me. Moving me to the side my love shuts the door to only wrap her arms around me. Maggie looks into my eyes before she speaks to me. " Sorry you had to find out this way baby." She tells me sincerely " Maggie what.what is going on here?

I thought you gave up men?" I ask feeling her caress my face " Tessa darling I did, but except one my son. Look I love you and our wives with all my heart, but Heath is one man I cannot give love to.

And the reason all of us mothers are in here is to help Jessie our daughter." She explains as I look over at my granddaughter I see Renee sexy blonde in red lingerie enjoys her toy before my eyes go wide. Jessie's labia is all raw and red. Taking Maggie with black teen sucks cock gets huge facial I make my way over to her. " Jessie what happened between your legs?" I ask getting a nervous look " Grandma please don't get upset, but since Jasmine and the others are pregnant I am the only one that Heath has sex with in our bedroom.

I asked the moms for help and Renee. Our wives know and understand." She tells me explaining as I look at everyone " Tessa honey we wanted to tell you, but family were around." Ellie tells me as I nod " So your husbands don't mind you fucking Heath?" I ask very concerned for them " They don't mind as they know we love them, and besides they like knowing the son they love gets their wives horny for them after." Verna says with a smile " What do you mean?" I ask getting giggles for them " What she means is our husbands appreciate a young man can energize us for them." Kiko tells me as Maggie starts taking the robe off me " Maggie what are you doing baby?" I ask seeing the robe drop from my body " Tessa baby do you trust me?" She asks getting a nod before going further " Then come join me making our son ready for Renee.

Tonight he is accepting another to his bed." " WHAT!" Heath says loudly in shock " Yes baby Renee wants and needs to be with us." Jessie says getting Heath to look at Renee " I thought you still wanted?" He tries to say, but gets cut off " No not any more as my heart has found it's true owner. I love you Heath and finally found out the truth after Jaime hurt you.

I.I want to be with you in every way I can be." Renee tells Heath with tears as I smile seeing her honesty " Renee you sure about this for there won't be no turning back." Heath says getting a nod " Yes Heath I am I want you so much.

I want to be with Jessie and your wives so much." My granddaughter says as Maggie holds me from behind It's at hot oriental wench strips and fucks dildo moment that I watch Heath pull Renee on top of his body.

Renee straddles his hips exposing her pussy to Maggie and I. I try to look away, but for the first time I am drawn to my granddaughter sweet looking snatch plus Heath's hard cock. I feel my pussy starting to get wet. Jessie joins them in a three way lip lock as I feel Maggie fondle my breast. " Tessa you ok baby?" Maggie asks me while I turn to look at her " Yes, but I am so conflicted and horny." I answer getting a grin " Why are you conflicted my love?" She asks pulling on my nipples " Because after my husband died I swore to never have another man, but seeing how Heath is so loving I want to know how that beautiful cock of his feels inside me." I state getting a few awws " Will baby I can tell you that it feels so good.

I love having our son in me. The first time it felt like I was school girl getting it the first time. He is so loving Tessa and the way he eats a pussy omg." Maggie tells me as I hear Renee moan I turn to see Renee grinding against his dick. The others went back to pleasure the woman on top of them. Verna was with Kiko while Ellie was with Jackie. Faye was at the head off the bed playing with her clit watching Heath, Renee, and Jessie making out.

I noticed Heath was getting limp. I turned to Maggie looking in her eyes. " Baby can.can I get our son hard? Can I play with his dick to get it ready for Renee and us?" I ask just to get a big smile " Sure my love, but I want to play also, but with your pussy." My loving wife tells me getting a smile We give each other a kiss before she lets me go. I slowly get on the bed getting between Heath's legs. I take his nice warm cock in my right hand to only start licking the sides.

I look up to see Renee's pussy is glistening. I smile inside knowing she wants this man that has captured so many hearts.

It's at that moment I feel Maggie position my ass up in the air so she can work me up. I feel I am in such a state of arousal as I take the head of our sons dick in my mouth. Oh shit it's been years since I have enjoyed a nice dick. I make it a point to give Heath my step son a wonderful blow job. The room fills up with moans as I smile being around those that I love. After 10 minutes of getting pleasured and pleasuring I found myself riding Heath.

Renee wanted me to have the first load before her. It felt so nice having a real hard manhood up in me. I could feel Heath hitting my g spot which made me cum already. Renee and Jessie were in a 69 while Maggie was between Heath and my legs licking us both. She wanted me to enjoy our son for the first time. Heath was eating Faye out as her and I kissed one another moaning to the pleasure he was giving us. It was at that moment I could feel Heath throb deep in my cunt. I broke the kiss with Faye to let out a loud moan.

" He is about to cum." I say getting Maggie's attention " Mmm let him inside you as I want some protein in my diet." Maggie tells me as I grind down against him pretty girl is drilled very well girlfriend homemade Oh yessss.cum in me.cum Heath baby." I say hearing him moan from under Faye " Cum in grandma baby." Jessie says as I see her raise up sitting on Renee's face At that moment without any encouragement I feel something I haven't in years.

With so much desire that floods my body I feel Heath erupt as my pussy clamps down. I can't help but arch my back as the warm cum hits my womb. " OH FUCKKKKK!" I yell as I feel myself cum on his sweet delicious dick " Oh my I think grandma had a intense orgasm." I hear Jessie says as I place my hands on Heath's chest My breath is heavy while feeling him keep cumming deep inside me.

I look to see Faye had cummed also as her eyes are so glassy. We share a kiss before I grunt getting off Heath. Faye does the same before I am pulled down by Heath. He looks up in my eyes with a smile I will never forget. " You are a amazing woman momma Tessa. I love you momma." He tells me making my heart soar " I love you too baby.

And I have found a man to bed after so long." I tell him as we kiss for the first time " My turn now grandma." I hear Renee say breaking the kiss " Ok baby girl as your going to love what I just experience. Oh god it still feels like he is in me." I say getting giggles I move off Heath to only be shoved next to him. Faye moves quickly to get between my legs joining Maggie. I giggle as both my wives start licking and getting Heath's cum out of me. I turn to see Jessie cleaning Heath's delicious dick while looking up at him.

Renee helps her getting him ready. I turn back to watching the loves of my life eat me out to such pleasure I never felt in awhile. This night started out awkward, but now I find it the best in my life besides those with Gray. I let out a moan before seeing Renee straddle Heath with a loving expression as Jessie places Heath at Renee's entrance.

At that moment I see their love get sealed as my granddaughter leans over to hold Heath on the sides as they both make love for the first time. I smile knowing this would be the start to something wonderful for her. As for me I embrace this night as one of love and desire plus helping my poor Jessie as she moves up to lay next to Heath as Renee slowly goes back and forth on Heath. I feel my upcoming orgasm going to hit.

I clinch the sheet and the side of the bed feeling my loves tongues slide between my slit. I arch my back again as I gush exploding on both of their tongues.

I can't explain my emotions except that love conquered me in a new way this night. ==================================================================== Michelle's POV: Next morning It's around 8:30 in the morning as I walk up the stairs. All the family were up already except mom and Heath. Jessie thought I should go get them. I reached the top making my way to mom's bedroom. I knocked to get no answer. I opened the door to see no one in the room. I shrugged my shoulders to step across over to Heath and the girls bedroom.

I stop for a moment placing my ear to the door. I hear a muffled moan as I think my baby brother must be dreaming or playing with himself. I let out a quiet giggle opening the door not caring as I have seen him play with himself once during a summer when we were younger. I open the door to only get a shocked scene in front of me. There I see mom riding Heath. Her legs are spread out on his sides as I watch my brother dick go balls deep into our mother. I slowly close the door watching them in a intimate moment.

I feel myself being conflicted as to all this. " Oh yess.fuck me baby.fuck your mother." Mom moans out loud as for some reason I feel myself getting wet in my panties " I'm cum mom." Heath says as she rides him refusing to get off as he blows his load deep in her once mom gets her bearings she hurries to get off him as I watch as she takes the head in her mouth as my baby brother grunts as she cleans his cock.

She lets out a moan as her son cums in her mouth again. I shake my head before speaking up. " What the hell is going on?" I ask getting both of them to look up at me My mother sits up patting the bed not taking her hand off Heath's cock. I slowly make my way to the bed seeing worried looks. I sit down a few inches from my naked mother and brother who sits up holding mom from behind.

" Well Shellie hun I know your concerned and probably upset, but your brother and I are lovers along with the other moms." She tells me making my jaw drop " mean all the moms have had Heath?" I ask getting nods from them both " Yes baby as last night we each made love to him as he accepted Renee to be with him and the girls." Mom tells me as Heath nods confirming everything " So does Jasmine and them know about all this." I say pointing at Heath " Yes and they are fine with it.

And since they are pregnant, and Jessie is to sore from all the sex she gets from Heath." Mom paused looking at Heath who nods as she adds on " Jessie asked us mothers to help take some of the edge off. Her vagina is so sore and red that she can't take any dick until she heals.

And it wouldn't be fair for Heath to get blue balls." I sit there taking all this in before seeing my naked mother move next to me. I look in her eyes seeing only love before she takes my hands. " Michelle I tried to never hide anything from you, but this is something I had to. I will understand if you hate me, but honey I love all of you it's just Heath looks so much like your father that I have to sleep with him from time to time. I need him as a druggie needs pills.

I am not cheating on my wives as they join, and Heath isn't either as Jessie was here with us. I just ask you not tell the family." My mother tells me with worry and love in her eyes I look at her then at Heath before lowering my head.

I love my family so much, but I wasn't going to hurt none of them. I look up into my mother's eyes before pulling her to me. " I won't tell anyone as I don't want any anal interracial sideways xxx twerk well soon hurt for my brother or you. I love you mom and knew how much Tyrone hurt you and us. I just want you all happy." I say feeling her hold me back " Thank you baby as I don't want anyone hurt either." Mom says while I feel her breast against mine I break the hug looking down between Heath's legs.

Damn he is hung with a nice pair of balls. I feel myself get wet again before I look away. I see my mother smirk before she stands up. " Well guess it's time for breakfast. Heath honey you care to shower with me?" Mom states before asking Heath getting a nod I watch as they go into the master bathroom. I sit there for a moment after looking at Heath's ass feeling my body react.

I can't believe I am having these thoughts of my own brother. Sitting there I reach into my shorts and panties to feel myself very wet. I quickly take my hand out getting up. I make my way out of the giving them a chance to shower. On the way down the hall I stop half way to get my emotions under control.

Thinking of what these feelings are I let out a sigh continuing down the hall making my way to the kitchen. The girls ask about mom and Heath. I told them all mom was showering while Heath was getting dressed.

The family nod getting back to eating, but I see the moms, godmoms, and my sisters smirk as if they know what I witnessed. I don't say anything else while taking my spot next to Adam. The kids all chatter about what they wanted to play after breakfast.

The godmoms say they can have play time after some home schooling. They all groan before we here footsteps coming in the kitchen. Mom goes to her loves while Heath goes to his. I don't look at any of them as I still feel somewhat conflicted now. After breakfast I have Adam come with me to our bedroom. Once I motion him on the bed I shut and lock the door as I don't want us to be disturbed. I make my way over to sit in his lap.

I cuddle up to my man feeling him hold me. It's just a few minutes later that he speaks up. " Michelle what is wrong darlin?" He asks me with such concern " Baby you know I love you with all my heart right?" I ask raising up seeing him nod as I continue " Well baby I.I want a baby. I want to know what it's like to conceive." " Shellie you know I can't give you one. That fight really goofed up my ability to produce sperm." He exclaims getting a nod " Yes I know honey and I wish there was someway to fix that, but what if we say get someone to sleep with me and gave me a baby?" I ask getting a worried look " Um who did you have in mind as he would have to know it would be a one time thing?" My baby asks getting a small grin " Well my love he is someone we trust above life itself.

He is loving, caring, and very understanding." I say making him think college amateur bimbos licking out pussy at a hazing party oral that moment As he thinks I straddle his legs placing my crotch against his. My hands are on his shoulders waiting for his answer. I watch him look up in my eyes quickly. " You don't mean Heath do you?" He asks seeing me nod " Yes baby I do mean Heath.

Look I know how wrong it sounds, but I want someone that is trusting and he is. Besides the only other options are Nicky, Justin, and Jack and I can't see my kids being anything like them." I answer noticing a agreeable grin " True, and sorry but I don't want Jack seeing you naked. He would never want to stop being a big horn dog." He says as both of us laugh " Baby I know this a big step as we have a lot to think about." I say feeling his hands go to my waist " Michelle I would do all I can to make you happy, but I know this is something YOU need.

As for Heath he is the only one I trust to do something like this. If you think you can sleep with your brother with no regrets then I am ok with it, but if not we have our nieces and nephews to love." He tells me as I smile " I am the one to ask remember?

There will be no regrets baby as I love my baby brother." I say seeing him smile " Good because I can't lose my brother. So I guess now we need to talk with our sisters and Heath." He tells me as I agree " I'll talk with them you talk with Heath after I let you know what they say." I state as he nods We spend that day in each other's arms making love like it was the first time.

It was a few days later that I confronted Jasmine and them. I asked to talk with them in private in which they agreed. I see Renee joining us which was no surprise as it was clear she was with Heath and our sisters. Once in their bedroom they sat letting me stand to talk. " Ok now what do you want to discuss?" Diamond asks with concern in her heart " Well you all know Adam can't get me pregnant." I say getting nods before continuing " So we.Adam and I have been talking and have came up with wild idea." " And what is this idea if we may ask?" Tiffany states asking me with worry " Well I um wanted to know if you six would let Heath impregnate me?" I came out asking see them all look at me as if I am crazy I noticed they all looked at each other before looking back at me.

" Michelle um not to sound inconsiderate, but what made you two chose Heath?" Hannah asks while rubbing her belly " Well he is the only one Adam truly trusts to do something like this with me. Plus we know Heath won't tell anyone about it with all the um love he has given the moms." I say getting giggles from them " Well your right there sis, but do you think you can handle sleeping with leg tattoo i will catch any perp with a enormous darkhued dick and fellate it brother?" Jasmine says asking me sincerely " Yes as I um did walk in on him and mom.

I did see how um huge he is." I say again getting giggles " You don't know the half of it." Renee says holding Tiffany from behind " I can only um imagine. So will you all let your man give me something for one night that Adam can't?

The chance to know how it feels to conceive." I ask seeing them think at that moment " Well when will you be the most fertile sissy?" Jessie asks with grin " Um during Spring Break why?" I answer asking her in return I look at all of them start to whisper before Diamond look up over at me. " Well sounds like we have some work to do my loves for we are going to have a nephew or niece to spoil." Diamond says catching me off guard " Wait you mean." I exclaim as they all nod " Yes sissy you can be with Heath, but only once." Jasmine says to me getting a nod " I only want once Jazzy.

Since I will have more nephews and nieces to come to love." I say making my way over to thank them with hugs and a kiss on the cheeks They have no idea how happy they just made me. ================================================================= Adam's POV: It's been three days since Michelle told me fervid girl gapes pink pussy and gets deflorated virginity and sweeties sisters approved for Heath to.bed her.

I kept my emotions in check as this was something that my love wanted to experience. I asked my brother to take a drive with me since we have not done in a long time.

We do some small talk as I drive down the center of town before Heath speaks up. " Ok Abs what is on your mind?' He asks seeing through my ploy " Actually there is something I need to ask you." I state getting his attention " So just ask bro you know I will do all I can for you." He says answering me with a smile " I know, but this is on a personal level." I say before seeing his expression " Abs I love you, but my ass is exit only." He says making me shake my head " No nothing like that jeez." I say as we both laugh " That's good then so what is it you want to ask?" He asks making me sigh " Bro I need to ask if you will um take Michelle to bed and let her experience getting pregnant?" I ask in a pleading way I look over to see him staring at me before I look back at the road.

I don't know what he is thinking, but I keep pleading the topic. " Look I can't give her a baby as I am goofed up from that freaking fight. You are the only one Michelle and I trust so please I am begging you." I say feeling tears come to my eyes " I.I don't know what to say bro.

I never thought about Michelle wanting a baby." He says dishearten " She does bro so bad. I want her to know how it feels to be with a child inside her. So please Heath I know this is a big thing to ask, but I am so begging you." I exclaim seeing him think at the stop light As I drive up into Sonics to get us something to drink my brother let's out a sigh.

We order some drinks in which I pay before he speaks up. " I will do this, but with some conditions." He tells me getting a nod while continuing " First off Michelle and I will spend the weekend before Spring Break together to make sure my sperm do their job. Second we will be at the hotel so no one will know what we are doing. Third it will help you from being worried or hearing her with me. Fourth when the baby is born he or she are yours not mine." " I accept all those bro and thank you." I say as he chuckles " Don't thank me yet as I haven't done anything yet." He says as I make our way home while he changes the subject so I don't dwell on what is going to happen jennifer rides her boyfriend dick couples teen a few weeks ============================================================ As the days and weeks pass since Adam asked me a very serious question.

My thoughts went to how would I make it beautiful and nice for my sister. All the times we were little she was there for me, but this time it was me to be there for her. So I figured dinner, some dancing in which we haven't done since her 10th birthday with her showing me how. My memories of how Michelle became a second mom to me flooded my mind. I smiled while deciding of just want to make our time together a bonding one.

It was the Friday before Spring Break in which found me in my Ranger driving Michelle and I to the hotel that I had a reservation for us. I had my hand on the shifter switching gears when I felt Michelle place her hand on my right thigh. I looked over to see her looking at me. I smiled looking back at the road. " You ok Shellie?" I ask with some concern " Yes Heath I am just want to feel you. I missed you so much the past huge ass pawg in shower at camspicycom not even knowing it." She says getting a nod " I missed you too Shellie.

All those years I kept trying to think what did I do to make you hate me." I say stopping at the stop light pushing in the clutch " You didn't do anything Heathie it was me that got so conflicted from the bullshit Trey and Kaye said to me." She says before the light turned green " I know, but this can be something for both of us.

I missed you holding me when I was sad or just needed a hug." I say feeling her squeeze my thigh Making our way to the hotel I parked just to turn the engine off. I got out going around to help Shellie out. I grabbed our bags as she took my arm. I lead us inside to check in around 6 o'clock that evening. Once checked in we were shown to our room for the weekend. In the elevator Shellie moved her arm around me as I placed my left around her.

The bellboy had our bags so my hand were free. I slid my hand down placing it on her ass. She squealed making me chuckle. I guess I surprised her has she poked my right side.

Once shown to our suite I tipped the bellboy before shutting the door. Michelle grabbed my right hand to lead me to the couch. Taking a seat Shellie straddled my legs to look into my eyes. " Heath I know you planned for a nice evening, but can we just stay in for the evening." She asks me with some worry " Sure Shellie you ok?" I ask with concern looking back in her eyes " Yes I just want to be alone with you.

Since I been out here you and I haven't had any time together. I remember holding you when Travis went to visit friends. You and I would always hold each other before." Shellie says trailing off lowering her head " Before what?" I ask seeing a few tears " BEFORE YOU WENT TO PRIVATE SCHOOL!" She yells breaking down crying in my arms " Shellie is that what started it all?" I ask being very surprised as I held her Shellie didn't answer as she cried on my chest.

I rubbed her back comforting her the best I could. " Shhh my Shellie I am here." I tell her feeling her raise up " I know, but Heath you left me. Mom sent you away from me. I love you Heath so much. You were my baby not anyone else's." She says with tears that didn't want to stop " Wait your saying if I was never sent away from school you would of never hurt me?" I ask seeing worry in her eyes " No as I would of never went anywhere without you.

Heath you were my brother, but yet you were my best friend. I felt like a mommy also. That.that is why I want you to be the one to give me a baby.

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So if something ever happened to you I would still have a part of you I can call my own. That may sound selfish, but it's how I feel." Shellie explains to me in which I finally get all those years " Damn how was I so stupid." I say shaking my head " You were never stupid Heathie. You were just sent away from me." She tells me as I see her tears fall on my stomach " Look Shellie we both can't change the past, but we can make our present and future better. Maybe what all the craziness happening brought you and I to this moment." I say wiping the tears away " Yes your right baby.

So what do you want to do honey?" She says asking me with a small smile " Well how about we relax and just let what happens happen." I say seeing her smile " Mmmm I think I like the sound of that, but let me go change as I want to be comfy and smell good for you." Shellie says leaning down giving me a loving kiss on my lips She broke the kiss before getting off my lap.

I watched as she walked away with a sway in her hips. For some odd way I couldn't stop looking at her sexy ass. I shook my head as she went into the bedroom. I stood up making my way to the mini bar to see what it contained.

I found water, vodka, and other drinks. I saw Shellie's favorite grabbing it as I grabbed a beer. Making my way to the couch I placed the bottle's on the coffee table before taking my shirt off.

I wanted to get comfortable since the room was at a comfy temperature. I sat back down reaching for the remote turning the t.v. on. I grabbed my beer taking a sip until I noticed a leg pop out from the bedroom. I placed my beer down to watch Shellie come out. Oh shit my sister was beautiful. I have never seen her beyond a swim suit, but a see through baby doll was something different. " Damn Shellie you look beautiful." I say getting a smile " Awww thank you Heathie baby." She say making her way back over to me Shellie sat in my lap placing her arms around my neck.

We talked for a bit while a movie started. She wasn't so much into watching the movie instead she was more into the moment. I felt her move her right hand down my chest, my abs, until she found my jeans.

She started slowly massage to bulge that they contained. " Shellie you very sure about this sissy?" I ask feeling her squeeze my manhood through my jeans " Yes I am Heathie honey. I want this so much. I want you to give me a baby plus bring us closer together as we once was." She states before moving off my lap and onto the floor in front of me Shellie starts undoing my black dick stretches casey calvert wide big black cock monstercock having me raise my hips to pull down what is hiding my manhood.

She notices I am not wearing anything underneath. Once my shoes and jeans are off my sister spreads my legs to only giggle. " I see your not shy baby brother." Shellie says getting a shake of my head " Nope as you found out why weeks ago." I state feeling her slowly stroke my manhood " Yes your right so how does it feel to be wanted by the women in our family?" She asks sticking out her tongue to lick the underside of my flesh " I just see as them loving me in their own way.

My wives see it as a compliment that I can make them wet." I answer feeling her now massaging my balls with her other hand " True on all that baby, but I mean how do you feel of having sex with mom and soon me?" Shellie asks in a serious tone " I think it's a love that none really can feel.

Besides it's no one's business what happens in our lives." I say feeling her stroke the head of my dick " Well baby I see it as a family showing love in a most intimate way. When I saw mom riding you I was shocked and confused, but after what all she explained I felt some relief.

I also couldn't believe this fit up in her. Damn Heathie your huge." She tells me licking the head " Mmm Shellie." I say moaning seeing her smile " You like me licking and playing with this beautiful cock?" She asks getting a nod before continuing " You know Tiffany gave me some pain pills for after you make love to me.

She told me that I might need them." " Oh and do you think you will need them?" I ask with some concern " Maybe as I was scared at first since your the biggest I will have in me, but if I have pain I don't care as it's you giving me love. I want you this weekend to make love to me. I don't care if brunette honey in boots brandy aniston take cock naughty america and black dress is pain as I know you will never hurt me." My sister tells me before taking me into her mouth I never thought in a million years my sister would be doing this.

Feeling her tongue twirling over the head while slowly stroking me is new. Growing up I never thought her and I would be at this moment. Here on her knees giving me pleasure was my sister. Someone I looked up to as a nurturing sister, but also as a second mom to me. All those times I was sick or just needed someone to talk to she was there. Now she is giving me something that is pure desire as I can't help but see her love come out at this moment. I lean over placing my beer on the coffee table before reaching down with both hands to place them on her ass.

I squeeze getting a moan finding she is like our mother. She likes her ass played with. While my sister kanako iioka performing a stunning solo action cum on tits vibrator me a blow job for the first time I explore her body. I run my hands under the baby doll she is wearing searching for her slit.

Shellie spreads her legs a bit giving me access. I find her labia to find it wet. She is getting aroused by her foreplay on me. I slide a finger up and down what is mine this weekend hearing her moan again.

Shellie has increased her pace while I find her clit that has come out from under it's hood. I slowly massage only to make her more aroused so when we get to that moment she will not be in a lot of pain.

While she is maintaining her pleasuring on me I keep my pace on her clit. My heart is racing at this moment of taboo. I love my sister and don't want to hurt her in any way. After what feels like 10 minutes finds Shellie and I in a 69 with me eating her out while she bobs her head up and down on my cock.

" HEATH OH GOD." She says moaning only to cum on my mouth " Yes darlin cum for me." I say feeling her quickly stroke me to get her reward " YESSSSS." She moans loudly again squirting on my face before she continues " Why are you not cumming baby?" " Probably because I am use to something tight Sissy." I answer feeling her let go before getting off me I watch as she stands up only to straddle my hips looking down at me with a smile.

" Well then I suppose my pussy can make you cum for me." Shellie says getting on her knees straddling my hips She reaches between us grabbing my hard member lining it up to her entrance.

With a smile I watch as my beautiful sister impales herself down on my manhood working it all deep into her. " OH FUCK.YOUR HUGE.YOU FEEL SOOOOO GOOD IN ME!" Shellie says loudly before taking a moment to adjust to my size " And your so tight." I say placing my hands on her breast as I had ripped her baby doll off earlier " That's because I have never had any thing your size in me, but I am going to so enjoy having you in my cunt.

I love you baby brother." Shellie says as I watch her slowly start riding me " I love you Shellie so much." I say fondling her nipples It's at that moment that being brother and sister went out the door. At this moment Shellie and I were one. I could feel her love flow through me as mine was flowing through her. She was making love to me in the purest of the word.

She placed her hands over mine smiling down at me enjoying the moment that was ours. I could feel every part of her womanhood around my manhood. She was so beautiful that her beauty kept me wanting her. I let her do all she wanted as this was her weekend to enjoy. She let go of my hands to only lean back placing her hands on the floor behind her.

I placed mine on her hips as she was showing me her wet pussy riding my dick. It was so erotic the way she rode me. Her clit was very erect as it pointed at me.

I chuckled seeing her tilt her head back moaning my name. She was having a orgasm as I felt her walls clamp down around what was hers the weekend. This moment was so heartwarming as I raised up. I pulled her to me kissing her lips. She wrapped her arms around my neck while grinding against me back and forth. Our tongues found the other saying hello for the first time. I broke the kiss making my way to her right breast suckling on her nipple.

alby rydes stripping well before tony rubino OH YESSS.SUCK MY NIPPLES.MMMM." Shellie say loudly filling the room with her moans I do just that as she pulls on my hair as another orgasm hits her.

" OH GOD BABY.I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME!" My sissy says to me as I fall back pulling her with me I move my hands to her ass spreading her cheeks apart. I start thrusting in and out of her getting her to moan with each thrust. " That's it.yessss pound my pussy.oh yes baby faster harder." She states as I oblige my beautiful lover at this moment in time I keep pounding her just as she asked. I felt my balls tightening up as I slammed into her. " Shellie I." I try to warn her as she looks in my eyes with a smile " Do it baby cum deep in me.

Make me you slut for the weekend and lover." My sweet sister says as I do just that " OH FUCK.SHELLIEEEE!" I yell as I empty into her womb driving the head deep " MMM YESSSS.FILL ME UP!" Shellie says arching her back feeling my sperm hit their mark After a few moments of my balls getting relief Shellie and I hold each other regaining our breathes. I just hold her collapsed body against me while my manhood slowly slides out making her grunt to the feeling.

It's not long after that she looks down in my eyes. " Thank you Heathie baby. That was so amazing darling." She tells me getting a smile in return After our breathing got back to normal.

Shellie says she wants to cuddle before we eat a late evening dinner. I pick her up taking her to the bedroom. I place her in the bed as she motions for me to lay my head on her chest. I smile remembering all those times we shared as brother and sister. I do as she asks feeling her hand go to my head. Feeling her fingers run through my hair is so relaxing.

Shellie starts humming that old tone that would always soothe me. ================================================================ Michelle's POV: Holding my baby brother like this brings back memories flooding my mind.

The time I would calm him down, or just rock him to sleep as a baby. I think of that last time when he was 13 after our dad died. " FLASHBACK" " Why Shellie?

Why did dad have to die?" He asked me as I held him " I don't know Heathie just relax baby brother I have you." I told him trying to get his tears to stop As I held him I hummed the song that always helped him relax moving his head to my bossom. He would always hold me back laying on my bed.

That day was filled with tears as I tried to stay strong for him.

Heath never really knew that those times made me feel like a second mother to him. As I hummed our song at that moment I told him something that I broke all those years ago. " Heathie I will never hurt you as I love you baby brother." I tell him hearing him finally fall asleep " FLASHBACK END" As we lay her naked and him back in my arms I smile to just say what I did all those times when we were young.

" Heathie I will never hurt you again as I love you my baby brother." I say hearing him mumble he loved me which brings tears down my cheeks To Be Continued.A brother and sister found closier, a little girl gets the key to her daddy's heart