Download sexy lela star ass fuk sex stories story

Download sexy lela star ass fuk sex stories story
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I was walking down the street one day and I heard a load noise behind me. I turn quickly and saw the grill of a BMW coming right for me. There was no time for anything. I didn't even have time to scream. I thought "HOLY SHIT!!" as loud as I could in my mind. That's when it happened. Everything stopped. There was no sound, no movement, no nothing. The car was about one inch from me. I walked out of the way of the car and looked around. A kid across the street was playing with a ball and it was suspended in mid air.

I figured I had to be dead or something. I walked up to the drivers side of the car that was about to hit me. I expected to find some rich kid talking on a cell phone not paying attention to what he was doing.

Instead I found a middle aged women. She looked a little blue and puffy. Her eyes were rolled back in her head. Her right hand was reaching for her purse.

I could see an Epi-Pen in it. Then I figured it out, she must be allergic to bees or something and was stung. She went into anaphylactic shock and passed out. Well this still doesn't help explain what was going on to me.

I realized that I must have somehow stop time. Wow. How the hell did I do that and more importantly, how do I start it again? I started thinking about the moment just before the accident. What had I done? "Well I almost shit myself" I said out loud.

"I do remember saying "HOLY SHIT!!" very liz honey and susanne brend suck dick in my head.

I wonder if I somehow triggered a buried talent. Let's find out" So I once again thought "HOLY SHIT!!" as loud as I could in my head. That's when I heard a loud crash.

The BMW it the wall and the world started again. People were screaming and running towards the car. Two men came to the car door and opened it. "She's not breathing, someone call 911" They pulled her out of the car and started CPR on her. "It no use she's not breathing." One man said. "Don't stop, just keep going" the other replied. That's when I remembered the pen. I reached into the car and found her purse.

I pulled out the pen, walked over to her and jabbed it as hard as I could into her thigh. She almost immediately started breathing. I got up and walked away, still a little stunned by all that had happened. Chapter 2 I read in the paper the next day how the two men had saved the dying women. No mention of me. I figured it would be for the best.

I was in my house all day thinking about the events that had happened. I was tempted to try and stop time again, but it was a little scary. I was looking out the back window when I saw my neighbor in her yard.

Samantha is a little older than me, I think she is about 40. She has blond hair and great body and is about 5 foot 9. She has 3 kids (two girls and a boy) and is divorced. She has a tight body for someone her age. Nice long legs, a nice ass and medium sized, but firm boobs.

She was wearing a one piece bathing suite and was talking on the phone. I could overhear her side of the conversation. "Yes, Amy I'm going to get take a shower, get dressed and come meet you." I've always wanted to see her naked and I figured hear was my chance. She went inside. I waited about 10 minutes and decide to try now "HOLY SHIT!!" I thought.

It happened again. Everything had stopped. I walked out of my house and went next door. I rang the bell (just to make sure). Nothing happened. I opened the door and quietly walked in. Near the door there was a table and her cat was jumping off. The cat was stuck in mid air.

I guess it really worked. I walked upstairs looking for Samantha. I found a closed door and opened it. It was the bathroom. There right in front of me Samantha with her back to me. She had her hands up to her head tying her hair back.

She was arching her back. I couldn't have timed it better. Walked up behind her and admired her firm ass. I reached a touched her skin. Nothing happened. She was big tits hot sex squrting soft.

I ran my hand over her ass and then move down her leg. I walked around to admire her from the front. Her tits were perky and showed no sign of sag and her blond pussy was trimmed nice and neat.

"You should really sunbath in the nude. I would be the luckiest neighbor in the world." I said outloud. I fondled her some more and I was tempted to fuck her, but did not want to push my luck. I left and then started time again. The next day I was sitting by the window again when I saw Samantha in her back yard.

She was completely naked. She was sunbathing nude for the first time. I thought back to what I had said out loud. She did exactly what I asked her too.

Well this was too good. I had to test this further. I stopped time again and walked into her yard. I decided to check out the house first. I found her oldest daughter (I think she is 17) in her room sitting on the bed reading a magazine. My god Samantha was sunbathing in the nude with one of her kids home. She must have to do what I ask without question. Her oldest, I think her name is Tammy, was not like her mother.

She is only about 5 foot 2. She has a full figure, but not fat. She has a flat stomach, wide hips and large breasts. "You will not leave your room for 30 minutes and you will not hear anything outside" I said to her. "You will start thinking about Joel next door more and more and you will start masturbating." May as well lay some ground work I walked out to the back yard and sat next to Samantha.

"Samantha you will masturbate until you cum. You will imagine that Joel next xn xxx teen gital black cock mana is fucking you. Once you orgasm you will go inside and not sunbath in the nude again." As much as I enjoyed the view I can't have her drawing attention to herself.

I went back to my window and started time. Samantha was laying in her chair and her hand slipped between her legs. Within minutes she was pumping her pussy for all it was worth. Then flipped over and was laying on her stomach.

She stuck her ass in the air and she brought her one hand between her legs and resumed pumping herself. She soon stopped got up and went inside.

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Oh my god I could make people do whatever I wanted. This was going to be great. First I definitely was going to fuck Samantha, or more to the point make her fuck me. Her oldest daughter was also going to make my list. I also had about 10 other women that I know I would have to have fun with.

But Samantha was going to be first and she was going to be now. I stopped time and went back to their house. I found her in her bedroom still naked and picking out clothes. "Samantha you will decide you really need to come over and see me. Once in my house you will seduce me and find any way you can to fuck me. You will also from now on do and believe everything I say" I was about to leave when a sinister thought entered my head. I decided to go see Tammy and see how my previous instruction worked.

She was laying on her bed, but the magazine was gone. She had her T-shirt lifted up and her tits were pulled out of her bra. Her left hand was brining her left nipple to her mouth and her right hand was down her shorts obviously playing with her pussy. The sight was great. That's when an idea struck me. "Tammy, when your mother leaves you will look to see where she goes.

When you see her come to my place you will decide to spy on her. You will find my back door unlocked and you will watch what we do. Watching will make you so horny you will have to masturbate while you watch. You will not be able to orgasm until I say you can. You will also from now on do and believe everything I say" With all set I left and started time again. About 15 minutes later the door bell rang, I answered it and there was Samantha wearing a nice sun dress with 3 inch black heels.

"Hi My big sister and brxxx Samantha, what can I do for you?" "Can I talk to you for a moment?" "Sure, come in, can I get you something?" "Funny you should ask.

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I don't normally do this but I was wondering, do you find me attractive?" "I don't understand" "Am I pretty" "Well, actually you are very pretty" "Am I too old to be sexy?" "No, actually I would call you a MILF." "What's that?" "Mother I'd Like to Fuck" I said while laughing. She also laughed. "Well in that case… Listen Joel I'm going to come right out and say it.

I'm a little horny today and I was wondering if you would like to have sex with me. No strings." "Really, just like that" "Yes" "Well I guess I'd have to see what I'm getting first, how about losing the dress?" She reached behind her and untied the back of her dress and let it fall to the ground. She was standing there in nothing but black heels. She had not worn any underwear at all. "Do you like?" "Very much" "Enough to fuck me?" "I would have to say yes." "Great, let's go to the bedroom" "No, I want you right here." "Ok" she said as she walked up and kissed me.

My hands went right to her ass. As I squeezed her ass she kissed me harder. Her hands reached down and undid my pants. As she pulled them off I took off my shirt. My 8″ cock was rock hard by now. I sat on the couch (I had planned on fucking here so I could see into the kitchen).

She started to climb on. purn hub full sex stories vi, not so fast.

How about a blow job first." "Sorry sweety, but I don't do that" "Why not?" "I can't stand the task. I did it once in high school and not since." "Well you don't come over here, beg me to fuck you and then set limits. It's just not done. Now if you want me to fuck youI want a blow job." She looked torn. She looked at my cock, then the door and then my cock again. Finally she got down on her knees and slowly started licking the head of my cock. "Fine. I must really be horny. Just please don't cum in my mouth." "Don't just lick, you have to suck on it too." Finally she put the head in her mouth and started giving me a proper blow job.

Then I heard the back door. Tammy was here. I pretended to have my eyes closed while enjoying Samantha's attention, but I could see into the kitchen. There was Tammy spying while her mom was blowing me. I did not take her long to move a hand into her shorts.

She had her face against the door jam while she rubbed her crotch. "Ok, that's good enough, I'm ready now." Samantha got up and straddled my cock. With her back to her daughter she grinded my cock. I was sucking on her tits. She was bucking on me widely. Tammy had one hand on her tits now and was rubbing herself furiously. "I want to fuck you doggy style. Get up." She got off my cock and I directed her to assume the position facing away from her daughter.

I got behind her and slipped my cock in. I fucked her this way for about 10 minutes. She was playing with her clit, while I fucked away.

Asian masturbates in a corset and stockings started bucking harder and harder. She was now cuming and that put me over the top. I pulled my cock out and let loose all over her ass. She reached around and gently rubbed my cock over her ass. Once we both caught our breath she got up.

"I bet you really need to get back home now don't you" "Yes I do." With she gave me a very passionate kiss. "Thank you Joel, that was just what I needed." She got dressed and left. I was still sitting on the couch naked. "Tammy, she's gone, you can come out." "How did you know I was here?" Tammy said as she walked in to the living room while doing up her pants.

"Why didn't you say anything?" "What and have you mother stop, no way" "I'm sorry Joel, I just saw her come over and wanted to know what she was doing" "I see. Did it bother you to see me fuck your mom like that" "A little yes" "Then why didn't you leave?" "I was curious" "Did you enjoy the show?" "I don't know, I guess a little" "Really, what were you doing while you watched?" "I was playing with myself" she said with a quite voice.

"I didn't hear that, say it louder" "I was playing with myself" she said out loud "Did you have an orgasm?" "Not yet" "Poor thing. You know your mom would be very angry if she found out that spied on her. Maybe I should tell her." "No, please don't" "Why shouldn't I?" "I'll never do it again.

I promise." "Well you don't think it's fair that you have seen me naked and I haven't seen you do you?" "I guess it's not fair really?" "Well tell you what if you take off your clothes I may not tell your mom?" She slowly started taking off her shorts and then top.

Standing in her underwear she said to me "If I do this you won't tell her promise" "I said maybe. No you're not naked yet. Finish" With that she took off her panties and then her bra. She tried, unsuccessfully to cover herself with her hands. "I have to say Tammy you have a lovely body. How big are your boobs" "36 DD" "Are your nipples sensitive." "Yes very" "I don't think is was right of your mom to come here, fuck me and leave my cock all wet like this, do you?" "No it's not" she said as she looked at my cock covered in her mother's juices "You know it's only right that you should clean me up." "It is?" "Well yes she is your mother" "I guess so.

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Where are you towels?" "No, no. After sex the women always has to lick the man clean. That's how it's done." "Really, I didn't know that. But that's my mom's juices on you. That's gross" "No it's not. Actually I've read that licking another women's juices triggers orgasms and you did say that you still haven't gotten off right" "True.

Well if that's how it works then ok." The little brunet got on her knees and started licking all around my soft cock. Then took my cock in her mouth and sucked it like a popsicle. "If you masturbate now you'll cum" She started rubbing her pussy and convulsing. She started screaming as she came hard.

My cock was now clean but hard again. She got up and said "Well I guess I'll be going now?" "Wait, you gave me a hardon and the law says you have to help me lose it" "Really, I didn't know that either.

How can I help?" she asked with an air of innocence. "Are you a virgin" "Yes, I only gotten to second base, well third now" I had no desire to be her first "Do you see the hand lotion over there, rub some on your boobs." She walked over, pumped some cream on her hand and rubbed it all over her boobs and then came back.

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She looked so hot standing there with her big boobs all wet and shinny. "Now what?" "Has your boyfriend ever tit fucked you before?" "No, but he wants to. I just won't let him." "Well your going to let me aren't you." "Yes I guess, since I am the one who gave you the erection. So what do I do?" "Lie on the couch and push your boobs together. Then I will slide my dick i want to have sex with my stepmom between them until I cum" "Where does the cum go?" "Usually on your next and face?" "Ewe that's gross" "Actually you want that.

Eating a man's sperm will trigger an orgasm." "Really" "Trust me." She laid down and I got on top of her. I was pumping away on this young girls chest and the sensation was incredible. She may not have known what she was doing, be she was blessed with a great set of tits. I felt my orgasm coming so I pulled out form between her tits and pumped my load on her boobs, next and face.

She caught some in her mouth and as she tasted it she started cuming. Wanting more of the sensation she started scooping up the sperm on her next and licking it off her fingers. Then she brought her boobs up to her mouth and sucked them clean.

She orgasmed the whole time.

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"Oh my god you were right. I'm going to have to try that with my boyfriend" "You know you really should let him fuck you. It's not healthy for a young boy not to have sex." "I guess your right" "Now why don't you head home. Listen your mom will probably be back for more.

Feel free to spy on us anytime" "OK Joel thanks." With that she dressed and left. I started thinking about the possibility of having mother and daughter together. I had a visual of fucking Samantha from behind while she ate out Tammy.

Yah I think I may have to make that happen.